For years now, all the key players in our well-orchestrated domestic violence sector have been singing from the same page, happily accepting government money to promote the idea that domestic violence is all about dangerous men terrorizing their partners. Malcolm Turnbull is on record boasting that the government is spending “hundreds of millions” of dollars on domestic violence – a tribute to the grip this powerful lobby group has on this country.

But now a few cracks are appearing. Recently an extraordinary article was published in The Daily Telegraph, written by Nina Funnell who has built her career on being a domestic violence “survivor.”

In her article entitled: “Why you should never give a cent to White Ribbon,” Funnell took issue with the suggestion that Eddie McGuire should be required to donate $50,000 to White Ribbon as penance for his remarks about Caroline Wilson. Funnell said that she and many other survivors won’t give a cent to White Ribbon which is just a “fundraising club that made some blokes and a whole lot of politicians feel good.”

It’s just a redemption industry, suggests Funnell. “The reality is that much of White Ribbon’s $3.7 million revenue is spent on self-congratulatory feel-good talk-fests and various other empty virtue signalling initiatives.”

Very little of the White Ribbon’s “sorry money” is spent on services like domestic violence shelters says Funnell who has served on the boards of organizations supporting the shelters.

Given that such shelters continue to cry poor, it’s about time someone asked where all Turnbull’s hundreds of millions are going. The answer is not just White Ribbon but the multitude of government-funded domestic violence organizations like OurWatch, DV Connect, ANROWS, Domestic Violence Victoria. The list is endless. What started out as a sensible campaign to raise money for an important cause – providing support for battered women – has morphed into a huge propaganda industry determined to promote a simplistic male-blaming perspective on this complex social issue.

Support for the shelters gets remarkably little attention from the powerful female bureaucrats running these thriving organizations which downplay statistics demonstrating women’s role in family violence and promote the myth that the only way to tackle domestic violence is through teaching misogynist men (and boys) to behave themselves. Never mind that this flies in the face of the huge body of research showing most family violence involves aggression from both partners and that sexist attitudes are not a major risk factor for DV in Western countries like Australia.

The femocrats face a herculean task denying the reality we see all about us about the real issues which underpin domestic violence in this country – including alcohol, mental illness and poverty. “Violence against women does not discriminate, regardless of ethnicity, social status and geography,” pronounced Natasha Stott Despoja, Chair of OurWatch, a lobby group receiving up to two million annually in government grants.

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We are researching the plethora of available whistle-blowers about this feminazis organisation headed from a obvious engineered all male Board of Directors, hosting a new chairman, the well documented dictator of NSW Department of Public Prosecution, Nicholas Cowdery [pictured].

More to be published from an ongoing investigation into the destructive testicles of this agenda driven octopus leaching fund from taxpayers under a false flag.

A free trade agreement with Great Britain enslaves us as an “economic colony”

Bob-Katter-006When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull met British Prime Minister Theresa May two weeks ago he hoped to secure a “strong” free trade agreement between Australia and Britain. KAP Member for Kennedy believes Australia will only end up worse off and “political interference” is not required to take advantage of #Brexit trade opportunities.

Mr Katter said, “We are the weakest trading nation on earth and we should despise free trade deals. Free trade deals are the ceding of our sovereignty.

“Free trade deals have proved disastrous for Australia. Every single report that’s come out indicates Australia comes off second best.

“Our leaders are so mind numbingly stupid they actually think that a free trade deal wins them votes in Australia. When Prime Minister Abbott stood up and signed a free trade deal with China, he was gone within five or six weeks. Hardly the stuff of winning the hearts and minds.

“The British have made their statement with #Brexit. We as a nation have to grow up and cease to be an economic colony.

“I think the UK offers splendid opportunities for our beef our sugar and to a lesser extent our dairy products.

“Effectively sugar was not allowed into the EU. I will be seeking discussion with Queensland Sugar Limited to move aggressively to capture this market. The deal should not be with government, the deal is with purchasers of sugar in Great Britain, and the soft drink manufactures, the supermarket retailers, the confectionary manufactures. We don’t need political interference.

“Britain joining the EU saw around 25 per cent of Australia’s beef exports vanish overnight, collapsing our beef market to the point where I missed the sale day in Julia Creek where a competitor of mine bought 1000 cows for a dollar a head, they’d been $70 the year before. That was the damage of Britain going into the EU, whilst the benefits won’t be as great with them coming out; it is still wonderful news for the consumers of Great Britain. They’ll get their sugar at half the price they’ve been paying and their beef with a very formidable drop in price indeed.”




Katter: Over the next 20 years most of Australia’s farmland will be foreign owned

07 September 2016 KAP Member for Kennedy would like to remind people that the last disclosure of foreign ownership released by the Government in 2013 showed 12.4 per cent foreign ownership of all agricultural land.

Mr Katter said, “The 2013 report said 12.4 per cent so we’ve had an increase to 13.6. Over the next 20 years most of Australia’s farmland will be foreign owned. Nearly a 1.2 per cent increase in two years.”

Mr Katter does not think the findings of the report tell a story of modesty as some elements of the Government are trying to frame it, “30 per cent of NTs farmland is foreign owned, 22 per cent of Tassie – that’s extraordinary!

“Forget about your grandkids getting on to the land, that can’t happen, they can’t compete. In most of these countries buying into Australia, they can borrow money at 2.5 to 3.5 per cent. In Australia, it is impossible to borrow money for agriculture for less than 8 per cent, which gives our competitors a massive advantage.”

Mr Katter thinks it is irrelevant if the UK, US or China own more of Australia, “Ted Theodore’s Government took all the land off our British Landlords and Masters and parcelled it out to Queenslanders both in the sugar industry and in the cattle industry. He was known as “Red Ted”

“With Australian owner operators, owning and working their own land, Australia’s production went through the roof and in fact the sugar industry rescued Australia from the Great Depression.

“Robert Ardrey’s landmark books show the enormous benefits for owner operator agriculture compared with the land being owned by Corporate Absentees.

“We ran out entire campaign on Australia “Not for Sale” and got a near record for majority in the Kennedy Electorate. There is a message there for our politicians, and politics seems to be the only language they understand.”

Authorities admit they are concerned an active terror cell is operating in New York and New Jersey

News Updates from CLG
19 September 2016 –


Previous edition: Furious Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS after airstrike kills 62 Syrian troops Which Google relegated to the sp_m bin. Here are the key stories that Google didn’t like:

Furious Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS after airstrike kills 62 Syrian troops 18 Sept 2016;

Israel has ‘200 nukes all pointed at Iran’, former US secretary of state Colin Powell says in leaked email that has Washington on edge 16 Sept 2016;

As American Infrastructure Crumbles, U.S. Announces $38 Billion Israel Military Aid Package 13 Sept 2016;

Massive sinkhole leaks more than 200 MILLION gallons of RADIOACTIVE water from fertilizer plant into Florida’s main source of drinking water 17 Sept 2016.

Authorities admit they are concerned an active terror cell is operating in New York and New JerseyFive terror suspects questioned as a bomb explodes at New Jersey train station: FBI stops men in SUV ‘packed with weapons’ on New York bridge as cops blow up IED that was planted hours earlier –Authorities have admitted they are concerned an active terror cell is operating in NY and NJ –Five people were apprehended on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn near to New York’s Verrazano Bridge –They were heavily armed according to the FBI who also said they discovered bomb making equipment –Police and FBI said that three pipe bombs and two smaller explosive devices were found in Elizabeth, NJ –All Amtrak and NJTransit trains were being held in Penn Station in Manhattan after the discovery at station 

19 Sept 2016  A bomb was detonated by a police robot at a New Jersey station on Sunday night as the FBI conducts a manhunt for a suspected terrorist cell behind the Manhattan bomb blast on Saturday night. The robot accidentally cut the wrong wire on one of five IEDs dumped in a trashcan at the train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey late on Sunday night, resulting in a huge explosion. Hours earlier, the FBI stopped an SUV with five armed men inside on New York’s Verrazano bridge in connection with Saturday’s Manhattan bomb. They are currently questioning those men but say there could be more suspects at large and a terror cell may exist in the area.

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Greens parliament funding activist thugs

This email was sent to the Greens on 6th June 2016 yet to receive a reply.

Dear Senators Lee Rhiannon and Richard Di Natale,

It has come to my attention that there are TWO community groups in Australia that are currently being supported financially (via poster printing) by Senator Lee Rhiannon that could be considered unworthy of any style of support in a civilised society.

The activities of these groups, which share the same logo and most likely the same people, fall so short of community expectations as to be regarded as scandalous.

The activities of these two groups are -slander, theft, assault and attempted murder.

Posters bearing the words “authorised by Senator Lee Rhiannon” & “printed by Senator Lee Rhiannon – Parliament House, Canberra ACT…..” have been seen and photographed around numerous suburbs, not only myself and people I am associated with but also by members of the general public for both groups.

The posters from the second group I have only recently had confirmation of, which is the reason in the delay in dealing with this matter.

The first group is anti fascist action sydney, who have a web page which is comprised of smear and rather feeble attempts at Alinsky style ridicule.

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American-Australian-Queensland government tyranny and spying on citizens


Number plate readers are rampant in Queensland thanks to the former LNP Corporate Government. Every time you drive, every time you pass a stationary or mobile camera your car, its occupants, its direction and time are photographed and recorded in real time in a massive data bank monitored by Qld Police Inc. and the Main Roads Dept Inc. What are our elected representatives going to do about it?  

Here’s an A-to-Z primer to spell out exactly what government tyranny means post 9/11.

A is for the AMERICAN POLICE STATE. A police state “is characterized by bureaucracy, secrecy, perpetual wars, a nation of suspects, militarization, surveillance, widespread police presence, and a citizenry with little recourse against police actions.”

B is for our battered BILL OF RIGHTS. In the cop culture that is America today, where you can be kicked, punched, tasered, shot, intimidated, harassed, stripped, searched, brutalized, terrorized, wrongfully arrested, and even killed by a police officer, and that officer is rarely held accountable for violating your rights, the Bill of Rights doesn’t amount to much.

C is for CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE. The latest governmental scheme to deprive Americans of their liberties—namely, the right to property—is being carried out under the guise of civil asset forfeiture, a government practice wherein government agents (usually the police) seize private property they “suspect” may be connected to criminal activity <> . Then, whether or not any crime is actually proven to have taken place, the government keeps the citizen’s property.

D is for DRONES. It is estimated that at least 30,000 drones will be airborne in American airspace by 2020, part of an $80 billion industry <> . Although some drones will be used for benevolent purposes, many will also be equipped with lasers, tasers and scanning devices, among other weapons—all aimed at “we the people.”

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Mareeba newspaper’s selective court reporting

Voice your oppinion

Voice your opinion

from contributing editor Robert J Lee in Cairns

A reader has advised Cairns News the local newspaper at Mareeba in FNQ, the Tablelands Advertiser, owned by Rupert Murdoch has been selectively publishing court cases involving drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We are advised as many as 10 or more DUI cases could be heard each week in the Mareeba Courthouse yet staff of the newspaper arbitrarily or otherwise select which case will be reported. Only a few of the full list of court cases have been published in recent editions.

This practice is contrary to the unwritten, long-standing rule of responsible regional publishers to either publish full details of every court case or not to disclose the name of the accused and selectively report on the merit of the case, or in many cases not to publish court news at all.

This small weekly newspaper that is supposedly reporting for the northern Tablelands communities, not dissimilar to most other News Ltd publications, is doing the community a disservice by discriminating against those whose name has been published.

There have been cases of suicide caused by indiscriminate publishing of DUI cases where the driver was charged while under the influence due to innumerable personal reasons some of which have been depression, family deaths and in a recent case the loss of a custody battle in the Family Court.

The ‘one size fits all’ .05 blood alcohol content limit in itself is woefully discriminatory. Those with a large body mass react much differently to those of smaller bodies or the ability of others to handle larger amounts of alcohol.

We advise readers affected by the Advertiser’s (or any other newspaper’s) selective reporting to contact us at to get assistance for making a complaint to the Press Council or how to seek a legal remedy.

We should note the Press Council is largely a toothless tiger which has been accused of having News Ltd patronage.

A complaint can be sent to:

A local complaint can also be sent to the editor at

Kindergarten Cop and the 45th Parliament of Australia

Senate maiden speech by Pauline Hanson & Malcolm Roberts

Pauline Hanson 14th September 2016 maiden speech to the Senate….

Malcolm Roberts 13th September 2016 maiden speech to the Senate….


YES – you are still funding engineered global warming nonsense

Climate Cargo Cult Circles the Pacific


By Viv Forbes

Greens Fiction Engineer

Greens Fiction Engineer

The World Economic Forum in 2015 had a prophetic vision that unless the world mends its wicked ways “global warming will become catastrophic and irreversible”.

In July 2016 the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, claimed that global warming was as dangerous to the world as Islamic terrorism.

At the recent G20 summit in China, the world leader of the Global Warming Religion, Ban Ki-moon, canonised two new cardinals – Cardinal Obama (who seeks political sainthood in his after-life), and Cardinal Xi Jinping (who seeks to crucify western industry on the climate cross). Both signed the Paris Pledge.
Then at the ASEAN Economic Forum, ordained Minister Turnbull of Australia joined worshippers to pray for a Saviour from Global Warming.

 Global warming to hit Asia hardest – “Hundreds of millions of people are likely to lose their homes as flooding, famine and rising sea levels sweep the region.”

Finally, at the Pacific Island Forum in Vanuatu last week, the Global Warming service commenced with a rousing rendition of the hymn “Repent and Pay, or the Seas will Devour Us”.
As a sign of his devotion, Australia’s Global Warming Minister Turnbull dropped a cool $80M into the Global Warming Collection Plate. Islanders who truly believe will now receive total donations of A$300M from the pious Australian government.

John Kerry was right – this new Global Warming religion is spreading faster than radical Islam. It is the new Cargo Cult.


Vote on petition to reclaim your freedom of speech

Senator Cory Bernardi launched a petition to challenge Australians freedom of speech.

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

We support freedom of speech, expression and opinion in public debate and are concerned by the provisions of 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to allow the prosecution of individuals for voicing an opinion that may insult or offend.

Your petitioners ask that the Parliament:

call on the Federal Government to remove the terms “offend” and “insult” from section 18C(1)(a) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

This petition was tabled in the Senate on Wednesday, 31 August 2016.

Over 15,000 Australians stood up for free speech by signing.

You can still add your name to the thousands defending free speech below.

Click [HERE] to join the petition.