Ethno-environmentalist fascists demand permits to draw Uluru rock

The Mark Knight cartoon that Parks Australia demanded to be taken off the web and a permit for the rock sketch be applied for.

THE Aboriginal land rights movement is again revealing its neo-Marxist and fascist underbelly with a Federal Government department demanding a newspaper cartoonist apply for a permit to draw the world-renowned rock outcrop Uluru, previously known as Ayres Rock.

When the outcrop was handed over to Anagu “traditional owners” (custodians would be a more accurate designation) on October 26, 1985 and leased to the director of National Parks, to be jointly managed under a board made up of a majority of “traditional owners”, few Australians would have imagined it would one day require a permit to be sketched.

But the rock, once a natural wonder and national symbol, has instead become a symbol of the separatist and totalitarian agenda of the indigenous land rights movement exposed four decades ago by former Communist Party of Australia member Geoff McDonald in the early 1980s.

Up until October 26th, 2019, the custodians had only requested visitors not to climb the rock out of respect for the spiritual significance they claim it represented for them, although an increasing number of visitors continued to do so. But on that date a ban on climbing was enforced under National Parks regulation. Australia’s national wonder had now become an off-limits “sacred site”. This is increasingly becoming the case at other mountains and outcrops, especially in the Grampians in Victoria where rock climbing was banned at three sites in 2019.

Now in 2022, the trend is continuing at pace with both Victorian and NSW governments locking the public (ie non-Aboriginals) out from national parks and popular rock climbing spots such as Castle Crag in the Arapiles and Mt Warning in northern NSW.

The Spectator reported that once the Mt Warning “management plan” was in place “the act of respectfully walking to the summit on the 110-year-old track built by locals will constitute ‘harm’ and attract a fine of up to $550,000”. The is straight out corporate fascism imposing unlawful and unusually severe fines on the right of movement in one’s own country.

“Where on earth does this seem a reasonable and proportionate response to someone bush walking on a long-established track? In comparison, damaging or desecrating a Western Cultural place attracts a maximum penalty of a mere $4400,” wrote reporter Marc Hendrickx.

Parks Victoria regional director Jason Borg told the ABC they were moving towards “a more formal protection” called a ‘set aside’ under the National Park Act, “and that precludes anyone from going into that area”. The site is being assessed by Parks Victoria and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, one of the many land councils around Australia growing in power and influence in league with corporate government environment departments.

And then came the outrageous demand on December 1st, from an agency of the Australian corporate government, Parks Australia, ordering Herald-Sun cartoonist Mark Knight to take down a cartoon of Uluru and demanding he apply for a permit to draw the rock.

Parks Australia accused Knight of breaching “media guidelines” with his cartoon and the letter from a media officer demanded the drawings be removed from the web. “These artworks do not have media permits and breach media guidelines,” the letter said.

“To comply with the EPBC Act, (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) media guidelines, ICIP (Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property) laws and show respect for Anangu land and culture, we ask that you remove any artwork breaching these conditions and showing Uluru.”

The Herald Sun refused to comply with the request, engaged legal counsel to fight the claim and contacted Parks Australia about the demand. Parks Australia maintained their stance, citing a 44-page government-authorised media handbook which states that organisations wanting to use the rock for commercial purposes must apply for a permit, with the guidelines in place to “protect Anangu against inappropriate use and benefits to others from the commercialisation of their Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property”, the Herald-Sun reported.

These totalitarian impositions would not come as a surprise to Geoff McDonald, who wrote that as a Communist Party member he “learned about communist opposition to the ‘White Australia’ policy and plans of making Australia a Communist country by establishment of black republic areas of Australia inhabited by Aboriginals”.

McDonald said Red Over Black was “above all … a call for action for the defense of Australia against the psychological warfare being waged upon us. My own original concern has naturally stemmed from what I learned about communist strategy and tactics through a lifetime in the Labor and Trade Union movement, and intensified by the years I spent inside the Communist Party.”

In a follow-up book titled The Evidence, McDonald referenced a “psychological war” hotting up against Australia with tormenting propaganda about Australians being ‘racists’. “The Federal Labor government and its opposition cannot find a word to defend the good name of Australia against the charge of racism,” he wrote in a foreward.

“Lie after lie is thrown at Australia but politicians will not muster the strength to answer on behalf of the people who elect them. Liberal and Labor politicians whose perception is asleep, reach a level of self-abasement in placing themselves as decoy ducks to those who are, in broad daylight, promoting the independent nation objective.

“Even when Left controlled United Nations agencies multiply their slanders against Australia this abuse is still met with stone silence. In September, 1983, a joint parliamentary senate committee of Labor and Liberal politicians brought down a recommendation to the Federal government that they should enter into negotiations with ’representatives’ of the Aboriginal people of Australia for a treaty or ’Makaratta’ to make peace with the Aborigines.

“We are not at war with the Aborigines. As the white man’s Treaty Committee headed by Fabian Socialist Dr. H.C. Coombs admitted on a number of occasions, the call for a treaty was a white man’s invention.”

COVID Fanatics Melt Down Over Twitter Removing Censorship Rules

By Kathleen J. Anderson – December 1, 2022

The left-wing Twitterheads have got to be exhausted because it has been one epic meltdown after another thanks to Elon Musk’s push for a transparent and free speech social media platform. Oh, the humanity!

Most recently, the hyperbole-laden tweets from the left establishment have been focused on a recent change to Twitter policy regarding COVID-19. Ah, COVID. Do you remember when we used to call it The Rona? 

COVID seems like that ex-boyfriend you wish you could erase from your memory but likes to keep popping up on your memory feed, reminding you about your past poor life decisions. Unfortunately, for the left, it’s more like that bad boy ex-boyfriend they can’t seem to quit.

Now, that Twitter ended ‘Covid misinformation’ policies, let’s review the Experts™ misinformation: 1. 15 days to slow the spread 2. Masks work 3. Lockdowns work 4. Natural immunity is a myth 5. mRNA shots are vaccines 6. Covid shots stop transmission 7. ‘100% safe & effective’

Read the full story [HERE]

Died Suddenly – Stew Peters Video

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Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.


Chinese freedom fighters rise up against Xi’s Covid dictatorship

The circled cities were shut down in response to the unrest at the massive iPhone factory in Zhengzhou (below) where thousands of workers confronted police goons covered in white protective suits.

PROTESTS and riots have erupted across China in almost every major city across the nation, according to reports in both mainstream and alternative media.

Chinese people have been out on the streets tearing down the barricades set up to lock them into zones and races to literally herd them like livestock to mass testing centres staffed by zombie-like characters covered from head to toe in white plastic protection suits.

There are also massive quarantine camps, where many people are sent just because they are one member of a family deemed likely to have Covid. Things came to a head last week after a dozen people were burnt to death in an apartment building in Urumqi, the capital of Xianjiang Province that had been locked down for three months. Fire engines were blocked by pandemic control barriers and cars stranded after their owners were put in quarantine.

White the globalist powers of the West tell us how bad is Vlad and Russia, the world’s most powerful dictator in the form of China’s President Xi Jinping, whose CCP is driving the lockdown, was breezing around the recent G20 meeting taking curtsies from the “social democrat” leaders like Anthony Albanese and Justin Trudeau.

Albanese bragged to media that he had 35 minutes with Xi, no doubt licking his highly polished black shoes in the hope of getting the dictator to lift punitive tariffs on Australian exports. Also at the G20 was Klaus Schwab, who gets an audience despite him not representing any of the G20 countries.

Schwab, coincidentally, was also at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Council) CEO Summit singing the high praises of China as a “role model” for other countries, although he admitted the “China vay of doing things vas not necessarily the vay other countries might do it”. Schwab was doing his own form of bootlicking while talking to state-run Chinese media.

The globalists have been on full throttle recently, holding a swarm of their gatherings in South East Asia following the G7 meeting in Germany, The G20 and health and finance ministers summits were held in Indonesia and APEC in Bangkok, Thailand. Schwab and Xi, of course, have huge stakes in these goings-on, as do all big multinational companies.

But back home in China, things have not been going too smoothly for Xi and his CCP hordes of faceless bureaucratic yes men. Up to a third of Chinese population has been locked down in an insane attempt at “zero Covid”, which is about as scientific as a government declaring a Zero Bacteria Month.

“So what we’re seeing going in China is mass protests in almost every major city across the country from east to west to north to south,” journalist and ex-US naval intelligence officer Jack Posebic reported from Washington.

Posebic said the protests were kicked off by two situations, firstly the massive zero-Covid lockdowns for the past three months across China. He noted China had been open from the end of 2020 all the way to the National People’s Congress held until October this year. “That was the coronation of Xi Jinping as the CCP’s pre-eminent chairman for life, whose Covid-zero strategy is what created the new lockdowns,” he said.

“Municipalities, neighborhoods, local leaders, were cracking down more and more and more and they were competing to see who could show more fealty (loyalty) to Xi Jinping by cracking down the most and enforcing the strictest lockdown. It became a challenge and a test fealty of the local CCP commissars to see who could get away with the most stringent lockdown,”

The protests and riots have also hit Foxconn, the world’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, with violent clashes between police and some 20,000 factory workers angry over lockdowns and the company reneging on a bonus deal. The government has been recruiting CCP cadres and army veterans to fill in the thousands of vacant positions.

China Insights reported that on November 23rd, the government began shutting down shopping centres and entire cities and imposing more strict controls on movement. The CCP allowed broadcasts of the Soccer World Cup, but blurred out the crowds because masks were not being worn. Many Chinese are unaware that restrictions have been lifted elsewhere.

Climate change is all about robbing the planet by transferring your tax dollars to kleptocrats abroad

by Jim Rickards

Showing that the Green New Deal is actually the Green New Scam has always been easy.

All you have to do is refer to scientific facts rather than pseudo-science and phony models. Then you’re on the right track.

There are now so many polar bears some countries are considering hunting.

For example, did you know that polar bear populations have tripled in recent years and some countries are considering allowing a polar bear hunt?

That’s quite a contrast to the last lonely polar bear swimming for a melting piece of drift ice in Al Gore’s 2006 book and movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Did you know that the climate models used by the UN can’t even backtest correctly with actual data let alone forecast with speculative data?

Did you know that CO2 is not a pollutant? It’s actually plant food and we could use more of it if we really want a green planet.

Did you know that hurricanes, tornados and blizzards are neither more frequent nor more severe than in past decades?

Did you know that forest fires in California are caused by gross mismanagement of forests rather than climate?

This list goes on, but you get the point.

Most of the data thrown around by climate alarmists are either false or not nearly as troubling as it sounds when put in an empirical context.

To the extent the climate does change over time, it has nothing to do with CO2 and methane and much more to do with sunspots, ocean currents, volcanoes, the jet stream and other natural forces we cannot control.

That much is easy.

The difficult part in my mind has always been, why?

Why do so many elites and other supposedly smart people repeat scientific garbage ad nauseum to hypnotize large populations who lack the data or skills needed to tear the alarmist claims apart?

At the recent climate summit conference held in the luxury resort of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt called COP27, the parties agreed to transfer over $230 billion to poorer countries as “climate reparations” for damage supposedly done by wealthy nations.

Never mind that the delegates mostly arrived by private jets that spew more CO2 in a few hours than an automobile does in years.

Never mind that the largest polluter in the world, China, will not be contributing to the fund.

Never mind that the entire basis for claims of damage from CO2 emissions is bogus.

None of this can be allowed to stand in the way of the agenda.

The entire green new scam is just a device to transfer wealth from rich western nations to poor nations all over the world.

It’s a financial hijacking conducted by people who hate America and love wealth transfers to socialist and corrupt nations around the world.

That’s the dirty little secret behind the climate alarmist agenda.

It’s not about saving the planet. It’s about robbing the planet by transferring your tax dollars to kleptocrats abroad.

Forget about global warming. Just get your checkbook out and hand over the money.

Thank you for being a member of our community and have a great weekend. All the best,

Australian electoral system still plagued by fraud, solutions ignored

A sample how to vote card from Cowper electorate. A voter (below) who followed the Nationals card had their vote made informal because of what appeared to be two “1” marks. However a reasonable ruling could see the angled “1” mark next to the Greens candidate was most likely a 7. The only question is how the top of the 7 disappeared. It could quite easily have been erased with a rubber.

ELECTIONS analyst and former NSW senior public servant Lex Stewart believes some three per cent or possibly more of the votes in the recent Victorian election were fraudulent.

Stewart has been investigating vote fraud for many years and in October this year, in a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, went over the problems that repeatedly occur.

“Based on history and my experiences, I would guess that a significant amount of vote frauds, perhaps up to 3% of votes, were frauded in the Victoria state election – more than 3% frauded if some Sctyl or Dominion voting machines were used,” Stewart wrote in an email to Cairns News.

He said his investigations of this year’s federal election in the seat of Cowper confirmed the widespread problems including vote fraud, that still affect the Australian electoral system and that electoral authorities repeatedly fail to fix.

Although Cowper was not a marginal seat and safely held by the National Party for many years, some basic scrutineering by Stewart revealed the same problems in that seat.

“I attended the Prepoll counting centre in Port Macquarie from 4pm on 21 May 2022 till 2am to observe the processing of about 45,557 ballot papers from the PrePoll Voting Centres (PPVCs) of Cowper,” he wrote in his submission.

“Among all Cowper ballot papers, 4.93% were informal. During the processing of the approximately 2245 informals among the prepolls, I was able to observe and write down the patterns for 244 ballot papers.”

  • 122 were blank, perhaps indicating a determination not to vote, or total confusion.
  • 26 would have been formal under NSW optional preferential voting.
  • 20 ballot papers were ruled informal due to having two “1”s, having been filled in as per the How-to-Vote (HTV) leaflet of Pat Conaghan (see HTV below), but where there was a “1” instead of a “7” opposite the Greens candidate (see example of a ballot paper below).
  • 11 eleven had one blank square, and four had the 6 beside Caz Heise converted into an 8.

Although 244 ballot papers is not a big sample, the errors, when extrapolated into percentages of the entire informal vote, can easily mean a candidate winning or losing a seat. Even the numbers in that small sample could win or lose a seat.

Stewart’s submission pointed out that overnight security of storage of pre-poll ballot papers was a problem. “While these are stored in sealed ballot boxes, it would be possible, though difficult, to use long tweezers to pull ballot papers up out of the ballot boxes, and then to use an eraser to rub out a pencil number and write a new number,” he wrote.

He said if the statistics (20, 11 and 4 out of 244) could be scaled up from the sample of 244 to apply to the approximately 2245 informals among the pre-polls, then (Nationals candidate and eventual winner) Pat Conaghan missed out on 320 votes due to pencil marks being erased or altered.

“I think that the lesson is do not vote in pencil because a ballot paper might be altered.”

Stewart noted that previous government inquiries recommended a national roll-out of Electronic Certified Lists and/or ‘ECL Lite’, to be fully funded and implemented prior to the 2019 federal election. This has not happened.

On the basic question of whether vote fraud occurred Stewart cited some quotations and examples:

3.1.1 “That the electoral system is open to manipulation is beyond question… Fraudulent enrolment is almost impossible to prevent.” (NSW Electoral Commissioners, Messrs R. Cundy and Ian Dickson, in the NSW Government Inquiry 1989) [A side comment 19/9/19 from Lex Stewart – i.e. almost impossible to prevent under the system as it then was, but it can be prevented by implementing recommendations 12 and 25 above]

3.1.2 “Electoral fraud, malpractice and errors are a common feature of the Australian electoral system,” Alex Howen, Metropolitan Vice-Pres of the NSW Liberal Party 11/9/1999

3.1.3 78% of several thousand people voted “Yes” on in year 2001 to the question “Should a Royal Commission be held into Electoral Fraud?”

3.1.3 The Shepherdson Inquiry in Queensland found that ALP members had done vote frauds in 1986, 1993 and 1996. This was a finding by a judge, based on evidence

3.1.4 Dr Amy McGrath OAM has written several books about vote frauds. She first discovered vote frauds when she was a member of the ALP and was working during World War 2 in the Balmain branch of the Ironworkers’ Union, and was given a list of dead people’s names and told to go and vote in those names. She made 17 Submissions to the JSCEM during 1993 to 2014, and was largely ignored. Her books are:-

1. “The Forging of Votes” ISBN 0 9591879 3 6 – published in 1994, it describes Vote Frauds that happened during WW2 and subsequently

2. “Corrupt Elections” (with sub-title:- Ballot Rigging in Australia) circa 1997 ISBN 0 9587104 0 6 summary of a seminar with 15 speakers, including Sen Nick Minchin and Marshall Cooke QC.

3. “The Frauding of Votes” published circa 2002 ISBN 0 9591879 9 5

4. “The Frauding of Votes”, second edition with a 30-page powerful Introduction by famous crime-fighting journalist Bob Bottom OAM ISBN 0-9587104-3-0

5. “The Stolen Election, Australia 1987” (with sub-title:- according to Frank Hardy) circa 2005 ISBN 0 95871045-7

6. “The Frauding of Elections?” published in 2003, with Appendix by Peter Brun

7. “Wolves in Australia” published in 2013. It covers many topics other than vote frauds, which are mentioned as she predicted a new type of vote fraud to be implemented by GetUP on pages 451-455. (I discovered GetUp workers doing this type of activity in Macquarie in the 2016 election in which Liberal Louise Markus narrowly lost her seat).

3.1.5 Karen Ehrmann went to jail in year 2000 for electoral fraud. She said she was just the ‘patsy’ and that many others in the ALP were doing what she did.

3.1.6 The case of Alasdair Webster losing Macquarie in 1993 by 164 votes is described in Appendix 9. In brief there had been lots of deliberately false enrolments made e.g. on vacant blocks of land, plus many other types of deliberate vote frauds.

One conclusion is that the process for appealing to the High Court a faulty election is very difficult and expensive (perhaps deliberately so).

A far better solution to electoral problems would be as advocated by Dr Amy McGrath OAM and accepted by the Sydney Morning Herald which published her proposal for an Electoral Ombudsman – refer to appendix 4.

3.1.7 UK Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC has sent people from both sides of politics to jail in the UK. In year 2005 he published a good book, “Fraud at the Elections” ISBN 0 85124 708 3. I assisted in arranging his brief speaking tour in Australia, when he came here for other reasons. He was aghast at Australia’s voting systems and said “Australia’s postal voting system is a recipe for voting frauds” and “If the avenues for vote frauds exist, then one can expect that they will be used, due to the incentives of political power.”

Homeschool your kids and teach them hunting and fishing

by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

We have jiggy-jiggy elections and a United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime government that is running a standard issue communist genocide with a bioweapon. We have laws that enable school programmes to castrate your children. We have a bio-metric, DNA database control grid shaping up which will simply triangulate and ZOT any sheeple who says or thinks this type of social engineering is NOT a good thing.

Get your kids out of state schools, where they will be forcibly jabbed, castrated, kneel for BLM or know more nonsense about blackfellas than blackfellas themselves. Start homeschooling, teach them about God, how to read and write, shoot and fish because they will need it soon. Pic Domain

Of course, it is the socially responsible thing for O2 breathers / CO2 expirers, useless eaters and space taker-uppers and carbon footprints to do the right thing and co-operate with our genocide. Let’s save Mother Earth and flatten the human curve.

Government / Big Corporate relentlessly instructs us: ‘People who own firearms are the baddies who shoot up schools and shopping malls. They are not on mantra and message with the sponsors. They are not singing the happy sheeple song and following the Handlers into the holding pens and through the on-ramp into the abbatoir’.

In the homeschools all children should be taught boating, camping, hunting and fishing and that includes the responsible use of firearms.

ABC Song But with Guns.

Firearms industry calls on all ANZ Bank customers to cancel their accounts for stopping on-line firearms trading

Cairns News echoes the call by Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia and gun dealers Australia wide to cancel their ANZ accounts and to urge their customers, families and friends to do likewise.

While few people like the Big Four banks, this time around they have hit a raw nerve in regional areas where buying guns or ammo online is a necessity.

The Australian firearms industry called on all shooters to cancel their ANZ Bank accounts for discriminating against those whose livliehoods depended on firearms.

Roo shooters, farmers, rangers and sport shooters will be affected by having to make long trips to towns to purchase guns and accessories.

A joint venture between ANZ Australia and European payments provider Worldline has cancelled essential banking services for dealers.

Worldline’s CEO Petr Ryska said each merchant application was reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Although reaffirming that this week, a company spokesperson said that when it came to the sale of firearms, they “worked with merchants whose customers purchase weapons in-store, based on appropriate licence and permit checks, as is required by law”.

“Where consumers are looking to buy firearms online, we do not offer ecommerce, mail order or telephone order services for the sale of those items”, she said.

SIFA said that regardless of how a payment was made, every legal firearm transaction in Australia was registered, and must be done so via a licensed firearms dealer to a police-checked firearm license holder, who has the appropriate permits in place.

“By de-platforming our industry, ANZ has ignored Australia’s strong and robust firearms legislative regime that mandates how a firearm transaction takes place,” SIFA CEO James Walsh said.

He added that removing the ability for licensed dealers to accept certain payments by credit card made it harder for businesses to transact with their customers, meaning they would need to source other, often less secure, payment alternatives.

“Regardless of what ANZ purports, this decision is simply a social restraint of trade on a legal and highly regulated industry, as firearms dealers who bank with ANZ will now be unable to take payments from remote customers or have the ability to service any customers who do not live in the local area,” Mr Walsh said.

The NSW dealer said they’d been advised by their local branch to move their business to another banking service, as there was nothing they could do to influence decision-making.

Labor wants an Aboriginal-only parliament

by columnist Lyndesy Symonds

The United [Communist] Nations declarations like UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People UNDRIP, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Earth Charter, Global Compact on Migration (Open Borders) are all of one piece of geo-social engineering. And it is being driven by the highest international agencies.

I guarantee you, there is no way that European people living on their ancestral European lands will have any rights under UNDRIP.

Meanwhile UNDRIP and its local Commissars are the spearhead of the Communist Revolution in Australia to prevent the Australian people as an entire population from dealing with the Australian Corporate state which has hijacked our sovereignty and exercise of our jurisprudence under the 1901 Constitution.

Start of Apartheid: Labor’s Push for an Aboriginal Only Parliament

Land Court swallows anti-coal, indigenous-commie climate claptrap

Murrawah Johnson with an unnamed associate from the so-called Youth Verdict group that has spent three years in court fighting Clive Palmer’s Galilee Coal Project.

AT a time of record coal prices and soaring demand from countries with good reasons to burn it to generate inexpensive, on-demand electricity needed to run a modern economy, Queensland Land Court has accepted the bizarre nonsense peddled by a group of Aboriginal activists and recommended against Clive Palmer’s Galilee Coal Project.

In a three-year court battle the so-called “First Nations activist group” Youth Verdict was able to convince Queensland Land Court president Fleur Kingham that the mine “unjustifiably limited the right to life, cultural rights of First Nations peoples, the rights of children, the rights to property, privacy and home and the right to enjoy human rights equally”.

The Galilee Basin, a sparsely-inhabited zone in inland central Queensland, with vast coal deposits.

Palmer’s Waratah Coal company argued that the Galilee Coal Project would contribute $2.5 billion in economic benefits over its 30-year life span. Such a project would help strengthen the economy of inland central Queensland, a region of small, struggling townships where scattered Aboriginal families live, many reliant on welfare.

People with the mere ability to reason can see that such an argument against a mine defies logic, science, economics, and plain old common sense. Climate change is normal, but the global environmentalist cult blames human activity for it. To blame this theory and coal mining for infringing the right to life, cultural, property and privacy rights of “First Nations people” is just pure woke baloney of the highest order.

“The importance of preserving the rights weighs more heavily in the balance of the economic benefits of the mine and the benefits of contributing energy security for South-East Asia,” the Land Court president said. That a Land Court official would accept such a spurious argument is truly a worry for the future of Queensland and its people including Aboriginals. We can only hope that the government wakes up and gives the green light eventually.

The ABC reported: “It is the first time a group has successfully argued coal from a mine would impact human rights by contributing to climate change.” The reported reactions from the leaders of Youth Verdict and environmental groups were predictably vacuous and misinformed.

The ABC carried a photo of Youth Verdict “lead campaigner” Murrawah Johnson who said the decision brought “tears of joy”. But Johnson has a look of privileged arrogance about her, typical of the well-funded professional activists seen in left-wing indigenous political circles.

Youth Verdict Ltd is in fact listed as a company on Dun & Bradstreet. Its area of activity is described as accommodation and food services. But the group’s website says nothing about food and accommodation business, which might be a good thing for Aboriginal youth. On its events page, the group states “no upcoming events at the moment”, which points to the group being a mere front group for the broader Aboriginal separatist movement.

On its main web page Youth Verdict throws out the typical separatist slogans: “We acknowledge that wherever we are in so-called Queensland, we are on the stolen lands of First Nations people and sovereignty has never been ceded. We pay our respects to elders past and present; and to the customs, law and traditions that have existed on this continent for thousands of years.”

Again, this is the long-running Marxist-influenced Aboriginal separatist movement that essentially plans to hand Australia over to a political elite identifying as “indigenous” and who run land corporations covering most of the nation. These corporations, currently government financed, will also be funded by payments of tribute from big business and every person and entity deemed non-indigenous – regardless of whether you are born in the nation or not.

This indigenous industry is global and on a scale of the climate change scam, with which it is closely associated. The group further states in its “UN Statement”: “When called upon to do so, we stand in solidarity with First Nations people, committed to their fight for cultural rights and the protection of Country – of their traditional territories. As young Queenslanders we have experienced the climate impacts of extreme floods, drought and bushfires firsthand. We are witnessing the global warming-fueled destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.”

That latter statement about the Great Barrier Reef is a straight-out lie, disproven by 30 years of research by James Cook University professor Peter Ridd. That some indigenous youth may have experienced floods and fires has nothing to do with anything apart from the fact that floods and fires have been frequent climatic events in Australia for centuries and affect many Australians, regardless of their age or ethnicity.

The communist cult’s long-standing objective, as warned of by former Australian Communist Party member Geoff McDonald back in the 1980s, is to break up nation states. Communist objectives morphed into the Socialist International formed in 1951 and the agenda items of the latest SI meeting in Spain run parallel with those of the UN and World Economic forum, namely “Securing peace and strengthening democracy; Working for equality between women and men; Halting and reversing climate change; Achieving a fair and inclusive economy; Labour rights and digitalisation.”

COVID fines dumped in NSW Court


Minister for COVID misinformation and head of the government “Dream Team”, Brad Hazzard was not available for comment to CairnsNews.

Remembered for his media spin doctoring during that government generated pandemic, Mr Bradley Ronald Hazzard, minister for NSW health, member for Wakehurst since 1991.

Good news for NSW, he is retiring from politics next election with that golden handshake and totally unaccountable as pending fallout of government COVID scam is on the Horrison.

Story from New Daily

Millions of dollars worth of fines issued in NSW for breaching COVID restrictions have been withdrawn by the states’ revenue agency.

NSW Revenue said 33,121 fines would be withdrawn following a landmark decision in the Supreme Court, on Tuesday.

A total number of 62,138 COVID-19 related fines were issued.

Refunds will also be given to those that have already paid the fines, which total millions of dollars.

The announcement came roughly an hour after Justice Dina Yehia told a NSW Supreme Court hearing in Sydney she would order refunds be given for two fines (one of $1000 and another of $3000) issued during 2021 public health lockdowns.

Justice Yehia said she accepted evidence given on Tuesday that the fines were not valid because they did not include a description of the offences.

Earlier, David Kell SC, who was representing the NSW Commissioner of Fines Administration, warned the court that the two infringements did not meet requirements of the NSW Fines Act.

But he warned the court should be “cautious” in throwing them out, as it would set a precedent in the area.

Katherine Richardson SC, who appeared for the plaintiffs, called for an immediate refund of the fines value.

“It’s accepted that the two penalties don’t contain a description about the substance of the offence. We were in furious agreement over that,” Ms Richardson told the court.

“It’s only at the 11th hour the Crown has finally accepted that these were invalid.”

Revenue NSW said the decision to withdraw the fines did not mean the offences had not been committed.

“The Commissioner of Fines Administration is able to independently review or withdraw penalty notices,” it said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

“In this case, he has decided to exercise his statutory power to withdraw two types of Public Health Order fines.”

The decision relates to fines issued to individuals and businesses for the infringement, “fail to comply with noticed direction in relation section 7/8/9 – COVID-19”.

The case was launched by the Redfern Legal Centre on behalf of three men – Brenden Beame, Teal Els and Rohan Pank.

Figures obtained by the group showed COVID fines were disproportionately issued to those living in low socio-economic areas, Redfern Legal Centre acting principal solicitor Samantha Lee said last week.

Mr Pank’s fine was withdrawn before the case went to court, with the state agreeing to pay his legal fees.

Justice Yehia ordered the state refund $436 to Mr Beame and $826 to Mr Els and said the men could also file applications to have their legal costs paid.

Ms Lee said the case was about more than just two people’s fines.

“It is about the need to properly adhere to the rule of law, even during a pandemic,” she told on Tuesday.

“Today, justice has been granted to three people who took on the NSW government regarding the validity of their COVID fines and won.”

According to Revenue NSW statistics, more than 62,000 fines have been issued for COVID-related offences since the start of the pandemic.

The remaining 29,017 COVID-19 fines would still need to be paid if they were not already resolved, Revenue NSW said in a statement

Justice Yehia said she would order refunds for the other men’s fines, but likely wouldn’t publish reasons for her decision until next year.


Murdering babies is a thriving multi-million dollar industry, an Australian success story

Letter to the Editor

Yeah we have mentioned to our children what is happening.

The problem seems to be – at least here in Australia – that almost no-one wants to know.

Maybe it’s because your normal average folk can’t bring themselves to imagine, let alone accept, that there are Satanists here who have control of every level of Australian governance and who ritually sacrifice children and burn newborn babies alive, drink their blood and eat their flesh – and have been doing so for many decades.

Maybe it’s all just too hard in such a busy dog-eat-dog society where you have to hold down three jobs to afford all the luxuries and modern comforts to which we think we’re entitled.

Feminazis for abortion, simply communist tools-Pic Bendigo Advertiser

BUT it’s not so easy to dismiss the fact that “full term abortion” of new-born babies by shoving a steel tube into their skull and sucking their brains out DURING BIRTH is now legal in every Australian state. That’s the undeniable, irrefutable truth – a thriving multi-billion industry providing enormous commercial volumes of baby flesh and organs to whoever has the cash to pay for them – an Australian success story!

Dictator Dan knows all about the profit potential of butchering newborns – that’s why he blocked legislation to require painkillers for the children during their slaughter, because contaminated organs can’t be harvested and sold for profit.

Yet people still deny and just don’t want to know what’s happening in their communities, right here in their midst. It’s like an enormous “blind spot” masking the Australian reality. In one sense, I get it – all those so-called “Christians” HAVE TO BURY the truth or face up to the fact that their silence is COMPLICITY in the Australian GENOCIDE of innocent newborn babies.

Unfortunately, they can run, but they can’t hide. Even people claiming the “Christian” mantle go to Hell – as a matter of fact, by my understanding, most of them do.

In Europe it’s illegal to deny the German Holocaust of the Jews back in the 1940’s, but it’s apparently verboten to ACKNOWLEDGE the Australian Holocaust of newborn babies now underway here in the 2020’s.

from Pat


Petition to de-fund WEF

Based in Switzerland, the World Economic Forum (WEF), a corporate-dominated, unelected, independent, non-governmental group that advocates for centralised, undemocratic power and global governance through environmental, economic, agricultural, technological, and education – climate change has also been weaponised by the WEF as a pretext for enacting the ideas of its “Great Reset” doctrine. The WEF is able to push its progressive social agenda through deep partnerships and personnel overlap with the world’s leading corporations relying on the private sector to implement WEF-sanctioned policies, including social credit scores and digital banking, government officials are also crucial to the group’s mission. The annual meeting in the Swiss luxury resort town Davos, routinely attracts the planet’s top political officials, business leaders, media giants, and “thought leaders” including Nobel Prize laureates for speeches and panel discussions. This year’s attendees included Bill Gates and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Speakers through the years have advocated increased government control of the economic system or the environment. Canada Alberta Premier Danielle Smith: “Until that organisation [WEF] stops bragging about how much control they have over political leaders, I have no interest in being involved with them.” Australian taxpayers do not support the WEF’s goals. NO REFERENDUM HELD.

Australian Parliament E-Petition EN4591-
🇦🇺🇦🇺 #DefundDavos (WEF UN) 🇦🇺🇦🇺

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