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Government payments to employ workforce is now greater that all the private sector of our 25M Australians

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Poll question:  Do you intend to have a Covid vaccination within the next three months?   Do you support a government vaccination passport that records all of your personal data to be carried by you at all times to be eligible for entry into public transport, places, venues and for domestic flights ?

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Something to ponder

Uncovering radical prejudice venom delivered to students at Victoria’s “Parkdale Secondary College” against white Christian youth by an unnamed employee of Kingston Council is blatant discrimination and defamation requiring legal action. Boot on the other foot would have Christian’s in court yesterday. Read our story [HERE]  

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Media, Democrats in denial as vote audit finds election database deleted

THE bells are tolling for the dirty US 2020 general election with the forensic audit of Maricopa County Arizona not only looking at 250,000 flawed and fraudulent ballots but the deletion of the main database for the 2020 election. Cairns News tips a major “third wave” COVID outbreak to shut the state down.

Mainstream media late in the week was trying desperately to ignore the bombshell that points to the criminal offence of spoliation of evidence. Read more

Melbourne council forced to apologize after youth worker calls students “white Christian oppressors”

THE political landscape of Victoria has turned even more delusional, woke and leftist. A council has been forced to apologize after a council social worker belittled school students for being “white, Christian oppressors” in a talk about “intersectionality”. Read more

COVID cabal’s bribes and threats falter as courts expose PCR testing fraud

REINER Fuellmich, the German lawyer going after the WHO and other parties over the fraudulent, panic-inducing COVID PCR tests and related matters, says a “Nuremberg II” court may be needed to prosecute the key players in the global scam.

He says the offenders are among a group of several thousand “super rich” people including Klaus Schwab, chief of the World Economic Forum and people associated with him. “They bribe doctors, hospital workers and politicians. People who do not cooperate are threatened. Read more

Katter says tear up Darwin Port lease to China now – he has the numbers to make it happen in parliament

Minister for Northern Australia Josh Frydenberg, Trade Minister Andrew Robb with Landbridge Chief Ye Chang, supported the takeover of the Port of Darwin in 2015, adding to China’s ‘String of Pearls’. Robb picked up an estimated $2 million from the deal. Pic ABC

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How many politicians will turn up at this nation-wide rally?

Do you support corruption or correction to remove the duopoly dictatorial power controlling your freedom or will you help to remove this juggernaut ?

Aussie rights advocate Serene battling for clients as deep state bites back

CAIRNS News believes the deep state has dealt a dirty hand by using legal profession regulations and associated law to hobble one of the country’s leading freedom fighters – Melbourne advocate and lawyer Serene Teffaha and her practice AdvocateMe.

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Washington operatives join assault on Arizona forensic audit as media cheers

US Democrats are in panic mode over the Arizona forensic voting audit and are sending several corporate-funded, lawyer-laden, dirty-trick, attack-dog lobby groups to the state, supposedly to “monitor” the audit. Joe Biden allegedly won Arizona by 10,457 votes, the narrowest margin of any state in the country. Read More

Shocked Katter says $500M federal funds for Olympics should be used for irrigating food crops in the west

Bob Katter says black cracking clay soil, some of the best in Australia, is ready for irrigation water near Hughenden North Queensland, all that is needed is federal funds which to his horror have been diverted to prop up a bankrupt Queensland Labor Party for Olympic Games which may never happen. pic Qld Times

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Proposed Bill to crack down on the Social Media Giants censoring political speech

Independent Member for Hughes, Craig Kelly plans to introduce a Bill in the Australian Federal Parliament to crack down on the market power of the foreign controlled social-media giants and their unilateral censorship of political speech.

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Andrews & Co. have another headache on the way in $50m damages lawsuit

Victorian premier Dan Andrews, chief health officer Brett Sutton and others may regret the day they crushed a Melbourne food manufacturing business after a slug was planted in the building and hygiene investigations were misrepresented. Two retired senior Victorian police officers have amassed several thousand pages of evidence in a $50 million civil damages case against the City of Greater Dandenong Council and the Victorian Department of Health over the incident. Read More

Doctor demonstrates masks are futile preventing COVID-19 spread

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You will be just as protected from COVID-19 wearing a ZORO mask.

People asked for a communist police state and now they have got it

Heading for the polling booth near Brisbane to vote for the Marxist ALP. Cairns News knows this letter does not define our readers but it covers many others. Please send this letter to people you think are in need of a reality check.

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Absent Victorian Premier now has more wounds to lick

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Port Arthur 25 year anniversary spin doctor free video of shameful facts

Names and locations of thousands of kids captured for Adrenalin harvesting worldwide

This data dump video is not for the fainthearted. Big business, big money, government purchases and is very sickening.

Not one person with a brain would take a Covid test or vaccine after watching this disturbing video produced by doctors

Prime Minister Scomo and Health Minister Greg Hunt and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese want to kill you with a toxic DNA-altering Covid vaccine

Military sent without guns

Australian soldiers are maintaining regular patrols throughout the far north Torres Strait. During exercises throughout the islands earlier this year local inhabitants and reservists themselves complained they were not allowed to bring their Steyr rifles or other armaments while on active duty…[HERE]

Port Arthur

No reply from Tasmania Police Commissioner Darren Hine which makes him, like former PM John Howard, complicit in Australia’s first government sanctioned terror event… [HERE]