United [Communist] Nations Regime of Australia is building a black insurgency – make civic life impossible, drive out citizens of Alice Springs

By columnist Lyndesy Symonds

As Albo and the Gates Entity stitch up Australia, the feral ‘kids’ problem has gone off the dial in Alice Springs. On the face of it, this is Black Entitlement to Crime with the ‘kids’ being indigenous, xerox copies of the ‘youths’ of African gang Entitlement to Crime problem that rampages the Southern States.

NB. This is the very age group of male ‘youths’ that the Australian government continues to fly into Australia from every failed Marxist state in Africa. We are talking the age group of the best soldiers of any gook cadre anywhere in the world – aged say 17 – 21 years. If they can pass for 13 – 16 in the Big Jew msmedia photo-op so much the better.

The Sky News interviews with Darren Clark should should tell us everything we need to know about where Alice Springs fits into the synoptic picture.


Points to note. These rampages have been going on at this level of intensity for three years. The police are overwhelmed and/or stood down by covert order. Whenever the media spotlight is shone on the ‘feral kids’ problem, the feral kids go to ground. [Kind of like they are either bussed in [read inserted] for these rampages or they were ordered to stand down]. This is at odds with the ‘senseless behaviour’ that is so well documented on Darren Clark’s FB page.
When the federal or state politicians visit, suddenly The Alice is tidy town of the NT. Nothing to see here. The federal and state leaders who could take these matters smartly in hand in the Southern states and in Alice Springs refuse to do so. The media censor the hell to which an Australian town is being subjected and sanitize the reports that filter through. Anyone demanding action is of course a racist, a white supremacist ( probably a Nazi) .

What are the Australians looking at here? What is going on?

Short answer: Together with its multi-lateral partners circling like vultures, the United [Communist] Nations Regime of Australia is building a gook insurgency. It is being cherry picked and flown in and home grown units are training in Alice Springs. The idea here is to do whatever is needed to make civic life impossible and drive out the Australians – the majority Anglo-Celtic demographic. Crime, chaos and corruption is not incompetence, it is the underpinning sistema of every Marxist state. This is the method they use to destroy the White population, the private business sector and the social infrastructure that is built on this productivity. These are the class enemies of the Revolution.

Alice Springs is not ‘crime riddled’. It is being subjected to insurgency. Anyone who happens to notice this, is (of course) racist. And there will be payola involved for all the bad boyz who are running amok, not least their entitlement to crime.

Want to see where this is going? South Africa July 2021. ‘Kill the Boere. Kill the farmer’ is the solution to the systemic failure of every branch of government, most notably the failure to even keep the lights on in major cities.

Burning, looting, murder, mayhem, Black entitlement to crime is the way the criminal cartel behind the ANC keeps the minority White population and the Black constituency in line. And that is exactly the way United [Communist] Nations Australian Regime intends to break the class and racial ‘enemies’ in Australia. This is a tried and true formula of the Revolution on at least four continents.

Reclaiming Rhodesia covered July 2021 in SA with an on-the-ground podcast

Emergency Broadcast The Real Story of the Worst Riots in South Africa that are Happening as we speak!
July 19 2021.

Sights and Sounds: South Africa

Sights and Sounds: South Africa Burns

We asked Senator Jacinta Price to comment on this article 10 days ago. She declined yesterday. It seems it is too hot to handle. Editor

Marxist senator Dodson calls Aboriginal Christians “a type of virus”

Tongan missionary Ana Makahununiu has struck a chord with the indigenous people of the Kimberley, getting them off alcohol and drugs and finding freedom from the bondage of animist religion, much to the disgust of Senator Pat Dodson (below), a campaigner for Aboriginal separatism. Pictures: ABC News

AUSTRALIANS of all creeds and colours should be thankful for an obscure Tongan woman whose Aboriginal congregations in the Kimberley are throwing away and even burning “spiritually significant” objects of their culture.

The young Tongan preacher Ana Makahununiu arrived in the Kimberley in 2015 and has upset the likes of Marxist priest and WA Labor Senator Pat Dodson, and others like him who are in the process of cynically and “legally” dividing Australia according to race.

Dodson and his fellow Marxist fanatic and senator Lydia Thorpe, while claiming to be the great protectors of indigenous culture, are nowhere to be seen in Alice Springs where Aboriginal people are decimated by grog, child sexual abuse, youth crime and family breakdown – despite the money thrown at them by governments.

Many Aboriginal Australians have known for much longer than the cultural Marxists would dare to admit that their answers do not lie in their traditional culture and “being connected to the land”. They know it lies in the Christian religion that lifted other cultures worldwide out of domination by tribal spiritism and animism.

Dodson, a grandaddy of the Marxist land rights movement going back decades, has the gall to denigrate the activities of Ana Makahununiu, who is leading a Christian revival in the Kimberleys. Dodson called the movement “a type of virus that has really got no credibility.” “If they really understood the gospel then the gospel is about liberation.”

Dodson called the destruction of traditional culture “an act of bastardry”. “It’s about the lowest act you could perform in trying to indicate to a fellow human being that you have total disdain for anything they represent,” he told the ABC. In fact the Kimberley people weren’t told by missionaries to burn “sacred objects”, the local people did it willingly.

But Dodson’s gospel is not the biblical gospel. It’s Marxist “liberation theology”, well known to South Americans where Marxist-Jesuit priests have run rampant for many years, agitating for all the pet causes of the new left. The current Pope Francis, a notorious globalist, is one of them.

The fact is many Aborigines, since the days of European settlement, accepted Christianity, regardless of whether they were mistreated, killed in armed confrontations with settlers or taken from their families by the colonial church and state.

As one Kimberley woman Olive Knight told the ABC: “The spiritism that I grew up with, it was so restrictive, there was lots of fear, retribution all the time. Would it be better to live in a culture that … there’s nothing but fear and retribution, or go to someone who’s loving, a loving God?”

But for Dodson and his comrades the answer is to leverage billions of dollars off Australian governments to fund their own separatist shadow state, which is the long-term aim of the Aboriginal activists converted to the cult of Marxism by academics and their fellow travellers in the Australian Communist Party. The long-term strategy was documented back in the early 1980s by former CPA organiser Geoff McDonald in his books Red Over Black and The Evidence (Veritas).

A key step along the way is the Labor Party’s proposed body called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, essentially a tool for the UN backed Marxists to push ahead with the creation of their indigenous state or states within Australia.

Already settlements worth billions of dollars are flowing into Aboriginal coffers, such as the $1.3 billion out-of-court settlement signed in 2018 and being paid in tranches by the government of Western Australia to the Noongar people, who claim “spiritual links” to the entire southwest of the state including Perth.

A perpetual trust called the Noongar Boodja Trust is raking in a handout of $600 million over 12 years ($50m a year) for the trust to manage up to 320,000 hectares of land for “development and cultural purposes” while the Noongar Land Fund is getting up to $47 million over 10 years.

Also in this indigenous bureaucratic network are six Noongar Regional Corporations and a Central Services Corporation that are receiving a handy $10 million a year for 12 years. The corporations will “coordinate policy with government and other agencies, as well as manage land and promote culture”. It’s jobs for the boys or at least the young Aboriginal boys and girls smart enough to snag a certificate in something or a degree or two.

The top layer of this bureaucracy is the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC), which represented six claimant groups in the original deal. These land councils across Australia are flexing their muscles and making all sorts of demands against other Australians, such as removing access to to Uluru rock, rock climbing sites in western Victoria and access to famous spots such as Mt Warning in northern NSW. These organisations shout “racism” whenever they are questioned or challenged but practice racism themselves.

In 2019 the chief executive of the Kimberley Land Council, Nolan Hunter, warned there would be thousands of compensation cases to come. The movement is basically extorting governments, mining companies and others with the threat of endless court cases if they don’t settle out of court with “realistic offers”.

“What it would actually cost a government to litigate could be in the millions and billions across Australia,” Hunter told the ABC. “You’re far better to respond to those groups that want to settle. But with something that is reflective of a good agreement because to go to litigation will cost even more.”

The question might be asked, where do these various indigenous groups get endless millions of dollars themselves to fund perpetual legal actions? Largely from governments and mining royalties or even the growing network of Aboriginal businesses such as KRED Enterprises in the Kimberley, run by the Ambooriny Burru Charitable Foundation, a tax-free income operation with an offshoot legal firm Arma Legal, formerly KRED Legal.

How ironic that these groups endlessly beating the “Aboriginal culture” drum are quite happy to adopt European corporate culture running on the generosity of governments and taxpayers. Dobson and Thorpe don’t care and would laugh it off because for them it’s nothing more than payback for the alleged “illegal invasion” of white settlers some 230 years ago. Neither do Marxists care if they are called out as hypocrites or liars. It’s all part of the game for this cult whose ultimate objective is power and control.

The 2019 ABC report noted that compensation claims for land had to be “deemed eligible” such the Timber Creek case where only 6 per cent or 127 hectares of their native title land was compensated. At that time native title has been determined over some 280 million hectares of land and waters nationally.

But law firm MinterEllison noted that if the Timber Creek award of $20,000 per hectare was applied to just 1 per cent of Australia’s total determined native title area, it would lead to an overall compensation figure of $56 billion. But if 5 per cent of land was deemed eligible, that would climb to $280 billion.

So the indigenist-Marxist managers of land and culture now have Australian governments over a barrel. Don’t do what they say and they’ll have the entire global media, the UN and every anti-racist, indigenist NGO in the world condemning the “white invaders”. It’s the same game plan playing out in New Zealand and Canada.

One might wonder if the indigenous corporations will one day invite the blue helmets in to “keep the peace”. Or will it be the People’s Liberation Army of China? After all, those fellow commie-capitalists would only be too willing to carve out some nice chunks of Aussie land and property for the party officials.

The awful truth is that such a drastic scenario is possible. Nothing has changed in the objectives of the Marxists who think and act long-term in their objective to break up strong, capitalist, nation-states developed in the western constitutional tradition and to subjugate them to regional and global bodies like the UN or European Union, dominated by unelected technocrats.

Geoff McDonald wrote in Red Over Black in 1982. “A conference of the Federation of Aboriginal Land Councils in Alice Spring on November 27, 1981, gave a full airing of the Marxist objective of a sovereign Aboriginal nation. No-one had heard of the Federation of Aboriginal Land Councils until the Alice Springs meeting. It was a self-appointed organisation falsely claiming to represent the Aboriginals. The radical activist of the North Queensland Land Council, Mr Mick Miller and the controversial Father Pat Dobson (Dodson) were reported to be the organisers.”

Senator Dodson today is chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and is actively campaigning for “the Voice”. But the bearded senator is silent on how this so-called “Voice” is going to help things in places like Alice Springs, where the degeneration of the Aboriginal community has shocked Australia.

Note the three sentences that Anthony Albanese could propose to be added to the constitution as a “starting point” for dialogue alongside the yes/no question:

  • There shall be a body, to be called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice may make representations to parliament and the executive government on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • The parliament shall, subject to this constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

“These draft provisions can be seen as the next step in the discussion about constitutional change,” Albanese says. “This may not be the final form of words – but I think it’s how we can get to a final form of words.” This is an open door for the neo-Marxists to use constitutional power to eventually declare a separate Aboriginal state, run by them.

The Uluru “statement from the heart” asserts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ sovereignty regardless of whether such a concept existed in Aboriginal lore, stating: “Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tribes were the first sovereign Nations of the Australian continent and its adjacent islands, and possessed it under our own laws and customs …

“This sovereignty is a spiritual notion: the ancestral tie between the land, or ‘mother nature’, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who were born therefrom, remain attached thereto, and must one day return thither to be united with our ancestors. This link is the basis of the ownership of the soil, or better, of sovereignty. It has never been ceded or extinguished, and co-exists with the sovereignty of the Crown.”

So the activists claim they want sovereignty (self rule) as the concept exists under English legal tradition. But they redefine it to claim it is a “spiritual notion” involving a “special relationship” with the land and ancestors with whom they “must one day return thither to be united”.

The Aboriginal Christians in the Kimberleys have a starkly different take on “spiritual ancestors” and the “reconciliation” as spouted by Dodson.

DARK SECRETS of the United Nations revealed by a senior UN insider

The United Nations are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious “sustainability goals”. This worldwide project aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything! This will supposedly put an end to poverty, hunger, inequality, sickness, and other bad things. A former executive director who worked at the UN for two decades, tells a different story. He explains that the UN has been captured by the criminal WEF cartel which uses it to enrich themselves, and enslave humanity.

Pressure on Senate now to reveal ‘biggest corruption scandal in Australian history’

John Adams (left) is a fanatical researcher and is pictured as he usually appears with Martin North on Interests Of The People. The ball exposing Australia’s biggest ever corruption scandal is now in Canberra’s court.

FEDERAL politicians have been asked to use their parliamentary privilege powers to expose what has been called the biggest corruption scandal in Australian history and a “Mr Big” at the centre of it.

Investigative journalist and economist John Adams passed his 608-page corporate crime investigation on to the Federal Parliament on January 30th in the hope that it will be exposed under parliamentary privilege.

The report has been sitting in the lap of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) for the past seven months. It was handed to them in April 2022 after Adams spent an astonishing $50,000 on the investigation into serious corruption involving Australia’s “political and business elite”. It was formally acknowledged in July and again in December, but ASIC has had no correspondence with Adams.

That may be because of two possibilities: Adams’ investigation was so thorough that ASIC can find nothing to query and decided to just get on with investigations, or, that ASIC is simply too gutless to challenge the powerful figures involved.

Adams’ investigation was framed in such a way (with the help of some leading lawyers) that ASIC could not give it the flick, as they do to 99% of complaints. In fact Adams has concurrently produced another investigation into ASIC itself based on the shocking statistic that they only pursue less than 1% of complaints. That particular report has also been given to some 30 MPs.

Adams airs his work mostly on a YouTube program called Interest Of The People, hosted by Martin North, a financial analyst and media commentator.

Cairns News is not privy to the details of Adams’ 600-page investigation because he has kept it under tight wraps. All we know is that it involves serious high-level corruption in sport and media businesses and as North says, “Australia’s governing elite”.

In a recent video Adams and North noted ASIC had started 2023 with “an extraordinary attack on the Federal Parliament” on the eve of a major inquiry about to examine ASIC’s investigation and enforcement performance i.e. Adams’ smaller report into ASIC itself.

Both outgoing Commissioner Sean Hughes and ASIC Chairman Longo  attacked Parliament’s oversight as “inefficient and waste of time”. ASIC will  appear before Senate Estimates either on the 15th or 16th of February 2023.

Martin North updated the situation in a video on January 31, which features a misleading, supposedly funny heading. To save time, go to the 2m 52sec on the video to hear North’s comments re the document which he says contains “highly damaging information about Australia’s ruling elite”. it was previously referred to on a broadcast the pair did on September 21, 2022 and called “The Package That Will Shock Australia”. North says the package “is unlike any other investigation in Australian history”.

“Many people within this audience believe that our system of government is compromised and protects the rich and powerful,” North said. “The Adams document goes to the very heart of this proposition, thus I can confirm that Adams today submitted his confidential document to the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into ASIC, where he names one individual within Australia’s ruling elite who posses immense power.”

North went on to state that the report includes a series of “compromising photographs and images of this individual”. He said the report goes to some length to explain the significance of the photos. “Adams has provided the inquiry with a series of questions which he suggests the committee should explore about this particular individual and whether this individual should retain their power or not,” Adams said.

North says Adams was advised by legal professionals within his camp he shouldn’t take this course of action and they would disassociated themselves from him. But North says such threats and ultimatums “never have worked with Adams, and never will”.

North says the report will put the Senate inquiry to the test and deal with the allegations or just sweep them under the carpet. Cairns News urges readers to share this report and let their MPs and media know that they will be watching.

He said if Adams produced this inquiry in North Korea or some other dictatorship he would certainly face summary execution.

A plethora of white blackfellas has engulfed the media screaming for the Voice and sovereignty

Dodgy polling might help

Senator Lydia Thorpe scooped the pool as the whitest blackfella in federal parliament attracting mass media attention when she resigned form the Greens, screaming for Aboriginal sovereignty instead of the much maligned Voice which is losing steam by the day. Thank God.

Greens leader Adam Bandt was obviously relieved when he appeared on television saying the motor-mouthed Victorian had dumped his party.

Nearly every news broadcast by the ABC has featured white people claiming to be black all demanding the Voice be passed.

There are so many white people clamoring to get onto the black gravy train it has become a case of ‘spot the blackfellas’

The wishy washy Liberals, who never made any important decisions while in power, other than Covid jabs, have been unable to make up their minds about the dangerous Constitutional amendment being driven hard by a faltering PM Albanese who by now realises the race is lost.

National polling is around 50/50 with falling support, leaving the only hope of the Voice getting up at referendum to the dodgy Australian Electoral Commission which fudged the result in the national poll about same sex marriage which in reality was lost according to research by Australians for Honest Elections.

All ballot papers in the marriage poll were posted to voters using mailing lists provided by the AEC. At least 248,000 letters were returned to the AEC endorsed ”addressee unknown” Before there could be an inquiry or investigation into this anomaly the AEC shredded the returned letters, but would have recorded the details beforehand.

Prior to the marriage poll scam, the AEC had approximately 400,000 roll entries across the nation whose identity had not been verified.

Combined with the 248,000 dud names at correct addresses, the AEC, GetUp, unions, Konnech and the ALP have a potential warchest of 648,000 false names at correct addresses with which they can manipulate the result of any election, no ID required.

That should be sufficient to ensure the Voice gets up, no pun intended with GetUp!


Rent-a-crowd has been prolific comprising mainly white university students, professional agitators and crisis actors usually organised by GetUp and trade unions leaving real Aborigines out of the picture.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data revealed as of June 30, 2021 there were 984,000 identifying as Aboriginal and Islanders representing 3.8 per cent of the total population.

This is an increase of 185,600 (23.2 per cent) since June 30, 2016. Prolific breeders on good country.

Get bowled over by crickets added to food without public knowledge

From the new year 2023, the EU has given permission to add insects (domestic crickets) to baked goods, pasta and other semi-finished products “for the general public”.Although there is too little published knowledge about possible allergies and anaphylactic reactions, the European Commission is of the opinion that no specific labeling requirements regarding possible allergic reactions should be listed.However, people allergic to shellfish, molluscs and mites are very likely to also suffer allergic reactions when consuming products containing household crickets.

Crickets or cockroaches? The WEF will ensure red meat is removed from supermarkets, will Australians eat insects? The NSW Government later this year will introduce an experimental mRNA jab into the cattle herd with unknown consequences but if this experiment is compared to the human trial disaster then red meat will be inedible and dangerous to health.

This can also lead to further allergic reactions to the substrate that is fed to the insects.Therefore, there is only a labeling requirement if the product contains “Acheta domesticus” powder.This means that people have to find out for themselves that “Acheta domesticus” is powdered and added to domestic crickets and have to check for themselves if they could be allergic to it.

The admission starts on January 24, 2023. Responsible for the approval:Ursula VON DER LEYEN,

The following “consumer” products will soon be marketed with the addition of crickets (Acheta domesticus):- Multigrain bread- Multi-grain rolls- Crackers and breadsticks- Cereal bars- Dry premixes for bakery products- Cookies- filled and unfilled dry pasta products- sauces- Processed potato products- Legume and vegetable dishes- Pizza- General pasta and whey products- Meat substitutes (vegetarian alternatives to meat)- Soups and soup concentrates, soup powder- Cornmeal-based snacks- Beer-like beverages- Chocolate products, nuts and oilseeds- Snacks (excluding chips) and meat preparations.

Let everyone read the EU newspaper for themselves, here is the source – Official Journal of the European Union, 01/04/2023 https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/DE/TXT/PDF/…

This Vietnamese company raises domestic crickets :https://www.cricketone.asia/…Whatever brand that decides to add crickets to their products should be a brand we boycott. Lists will be made, consumers will be educated and we will boycott. Just because the dish it out, doesn’t mean we have to eat it. I’m going to start making homemade sauces, bread, pasta and etc.

You can’t trust what they put in these products anymore. People will now eat insects without knowing it.

From the new year 2023, the EU has given permission to add insects (domestic crickets) to baked goods, pasta and other semi-finished products “for the general public”.Although there is too little published knowledge about possible allergies and anaphylactic reactions, the European Commission is of the opinion that no specific labeling requirements regarding possible allergic reactions should be listed.

However, people allergic to shellfish, molluscs and mites are very likely to also suffer allergic reactions when consuming products containing household crickets.This can also lead to further allergic reactions to the substrate that is fed to the insects.Therefore, there is only a labeling requirement if the product contains “Acheta domesticus” powder.This means that people have to find out for themselves that “Acheta domesticus” is powdered and added to domestic crickets and have to check for themselves if they could be allergic to it.

The admission starts on January 24, 2023.Responsible for the approval:Ursula VON DER LEYEN, The following “consumer” products will soon be marketed with the addition of crickets (Acheta domesticus):- Multigrain bread- Multi-grain rolls- Crackers and breadsticks- Cereal bars- Dry premixes for bakery products- Cookies- filled and unfilled dry pasta products- sauces- Processed potato products- Legume and vegetable dishes- Pizza- General pasta and whey products- Meat substitutes (vegetarian alternatives to meat)- Soups and soup concentrates, soup powder- Cornmeal-based snacks- Beer-like beverages- Chocolate products, nuts and oilseeds- Snacks (excluding chips) and meat preparations.

Let everyone read the EU newspaper for themselves, here is the source – Official Journal of the European Union, 01/04/2023

https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/DE/TXT/PDF/…This Vietnamese company raises domestic crickets :https://www.cricketone.asia/…

Whatever brand that decides to add crickets to their products should be a brand we boycott. Lists will be made, consumers will be educated and we will boycott. Just because the dish it out, doesn’t mean we have to eat it. I’m going to start making homemade sauces, bread, pasta and etc. You can’t trust what they put in these products anymore.

Editor: This was extracted from Telegram which we dislike intensely so apologies for the links that don’t work.

Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Australia

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The right to own and bear arms guaranteed by the 1689 Bill of Rights, has been trampled by Australian, egregious, corporate political parties over the past three decades aided and abetted by psyops such as Port Arthur that the Jew John Howard orchestrated with the help of the Jesuits and implemented by Israeli Secret Service Mossad and a small cadre of Australian elite troops.

National gun laws are coming, yet there is no Constitutional avenue that allows for federal gun laws to which the illegitimate National Cabinet agreed on Friday. Since when has the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia ever resonated with political parties except when convenient for example, to implement the black Voice?

The ALP has claimed it needs a referendum to get more Aboriginals into parliament, which is a ruse for the introduction of an Aboriginal treaty and ensuing sovereignty which would see every Australian become tenants of blackfellas who make up just 3.5 of a population of nearly 26 million.

When the states, without a referendum, can hand over firearms administration to the feds who needs a Constitution?

Aboriginal sovereignty would ensure all property owners would be forced to pay rent to a multitude of blackfella bureaucracies for ever more on top of the annual $35 billion taxpayer handout.

Fear was the only way in which Howard et al could get away with the Port Arthur sting, and the corrupt media’s bona fides really shone out during the Covid scamdemic introducing more fear, cowering the normies into getting a dangerous jab that Big Pharma now admits doesn’t work against a virus that doesn’t exist.

Australia, being a lawful political subdivision of the United States of America since at least 1966, https://cairnsnews.org/2023/01/30/petition-of-right-to-queen-elizabeth-to-restore-constitutional-government-in-australia-ignored-by-charles/ can have access to US courts where any intelligent Aussie could mount a challenge to restrictive gun policies under the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Cairns News will help with any publicity for anybody who steps up to run a challenge in the US Supreme Court.

From Jim O’Toole

Qld Labor Premier Annastacia says she will lock up the unvaxxed

Not new but a stark reminder for voters in NSW.

Qld Labor ‘inhumane’ for removing Covid remedy hydroxychloroquine from market and jailing anyone who uses it

Senator Malcolm Roberts questions, is Australia the New World Order’s testing ground? He discusses this and more with Maria Zeee on the Alex Jones Show.

Download video – https://rumble.com/v28glmi-wake-up-world-senator-malcolm-roberts-exposes-death-squad-duopoly-governmen.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi

Britons take direct action against council people-control scheme

CCTV footage shows a bollard being cemented in by someone taking direct action against Oxfordshire’s controls of traffic movement. Below: How the woke Twitterati see this.

THEY call them “LTNs” which stands for low-traffic neighbourhoods, which are council-imposed controls on traffic movement – part of a bigger Agenda 20-30 scheme of municipal councils worldwide to control the movement of people and traffic, and ultimately the amount of carbon you generate.

In Australia, on streets where neighbourhood traffic movement is too fast, speed humps are the standard solution to slow down traffic and discourage “rat runs”. But UK councils are now taking it one big step further by putting bollards up in the middle of streets and telling people they should ride a bike or walk (for their better health of course).

And as reported previously by Cairns News they are also imposing punitive control on vehicle and people movement by employing traffic camera networks to fine people who dare drive through designated suburbs outside their 15 or 20-minute city zone.

The reality of municipal councils is that they are run by corporate bureaucrats who operate under corporate rules that require public liability insurance, which according to some researchers is their real legal vulnerability. Cairns News is aware that the Lawful Notice process appears to have worked in several instances in Australia against the imposition of bicycle lanes – another element of the Local Agenda 20-30 program.

Oxfordshire Council in the UK decided to forge ahead with it’s 15-minute city project and simply ignored the widespread public opposition. These same members of the public then had no choice but direct action to take down the bollards.

The Telegraph reported that bollards on Howard Street, Oxford, had been vandalised 20 times in the past three weeks. One person was captured on CCTV setting the bollards alight, another was seen ripping them out of the ground, and numerous car and van drivers were filmed ploughing through them. Cement is also used to stop them popping up

“The controversial traffic calming measures have been installed across the city by Oxfordshire County Council as part of the LTN scheme. The LTNs are designed to stop motorists using residential roads as rat-runs and to encourage walking and cycling.”

A female resident said in an interview she didn’t condone the direct action but she understood it because councils were not listening to people “and that’s where the anger is coming in”. So what has been the reaction of Oxfordshire Council? Put stronger steel bollards in, of course. After all, they are the rulers and what people want is irrelevant.

But ask a compliant citizen who is “concerned about climate change” what totalitarian restriction of movement has to do with 15 minute cities and you’ll get an answer like this: “A 15 minute city is a residential urban concept where most daily necessities can be accomplished by walking or cycling from residents homes. There’s no enforcement component. Just more people-oriented, less car centric communities.” The green bureaucrats will be self-righteously nodding their heads in assent. “Thank you citizen Jane. You said exactly what you’re expected to say.”

Many more however, such as this Twitter poster, don’t buy into it: “It is entirely about control, herding people like cattle into manageable segments that can effectively be fenced off and policed so you cannot leave your small open air prison without proper (likely digital) authority from those who control the prison. Why can’t people see this?!”

The Telegraph quoted a resident who supported the LTNs, saying taking away the bollards (they call them “filters”) “put vulnerable road users like kids cycling to school in danger as they don’t expect a car barrelling towards them where they expected a filter”.

“Protesting is one thing, but these mindless thugs have cost taxpayers £100,000 to replace the barriers with steel bollards and many hours of police and council workers’ time which could be better used,” she whined.

“We’re really pleased that councillors are now installing steel bollards that will be much harder to destroy but we’d like to see some official cameras installed that could catch and fine those that flout the rules and the thugs that destroy public property and endanger lives.”

Oxford has one of the most ambitious LTN networks in the country, and the county council has brought in 20mph (30km/h) speed restrictions in several areas.

A council spokesman offered a predictable corporate blah-blah response: “Damage to highways infrastructure presents a significant safety risk to all road users. Oxfordshire County Council is working closely with Thames Valley Police and with highways engineers to monitor and respond to the unprecedented level of incidents targeting low traffic neighbourhood filters.”

If councils and governments really wanted to deal with the rising traffic problem without imposing authoritarian and unlawful restrictions on freedom of movement they could use a carrot and stick approach – for instance drastically reducing registration fees on small urban vehicles that in recent years have been pushed aside for giant-sized SUVs and utes. They could even encourage use of vehicles like golf carts and small-engine scooters or urban-adapted four-wheelers.

Be the judges of The Voice

Download: https://rumble.com/v27k562-referendum-to-be-a-second-voice-in-government-for-aboriginals-only.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi

All Australians have a voice in our so called democracy. The government now is to present to we the people a referendum to give indigenous Australians who already have the voice of 11 sitting members along with every other Australian, to now get a second exclusive say in government agenda … VOTE NO

America’s primary export commodity is ‘war’

Letter to the Editor

Pentagon’s prediction of ‘inevitable’ conflict with China in 2025 shows war is America’s primary ‘export commodity’

Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst:

For a country constantly chest-thumping about the size of its economy, the United States is remarkably over-reliant on one form of “export” – war. For decades, the American-led political West used proxy wars to hurt its geopolitical adversaries. While most of these weren’t a direct existential threat to US rivals and were relatively limited in scope, recent years brought a major shift to this strategic approach.

Washington DC has become more bellicose than at any point in its history, aggressively attacking the very heartlands of its opponents. In the case of Russia and China, the only reason America isn’t directly attacking either of the superpowers is their ability to immediately “return the favor”. And yet, the US keeps fanning up conflicts that are pushing the world ever closer toward another global conflict.

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From Kev Moore


Labor, Greens and Teals delivering Australia to China on a platter

Letter to the Editor

The Chinese military have been on high alert war footing for over a year, they have spent massive billions on defence, with incursions into India testing their ability to respond. They have been flying large numbers of planes into Taiwan airspace practice runs, to test their defence and to provoke US and identify where they respond from, giving them the target to take out before attacking Taiwan. The have surveyed the deep ocean trenches around Australia and other countries where they can safely hide nuclear submarines to attack as they choose.

They have had spies all over Australia for decades and the governments did nothing, they own land near ever major facility ready to take them out, they have mapped every bit of Australia posing as tourists. They have been found in many out of way areas, with sharp, staunch manner from years of military training.

Senior US and NATO Generals, top US House Foreign Affairs officials and UN Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, have all seriously warned China is about to start a major nuclear war, probably in 2025. The spy balloons are just a small part made public, they had their practice run with Covid, under that guise they vaccinated their population against the big one. They are about to release genetically targeted viruses against the west.

While total stupidity reigns supreme here in Australia, with little preparation, a run down defence ability and the ignorance of all of it and a government to stupid to build our defences as a matter of urgent top priority and bring in conscription military training.

If you want to live in a free country be prepared to fight for that right.

They are going to waste $235 million urgently needed for our national defence on a stupid unnecessary referendum that will further divide us making an easier target for the Chinese knowing we have no defence.

When The Voice people, mixed gender folk, Greens and TEALS march in protest after the Chinese take over, they will only do it once — as the Tibetans learned, most are too young to remember their brutality to the Tibetan monks and civilians, raped, tortured, body parts cut off and thousands forced over cliffs.

The ignorance and attitude of those in government are destroying our country, and with the threat of war looming a wise government would cut all grants and public wastage to consolidate funds for defence.

You are being handed over to the Chinese invasion, and NO, they will not honour any agreements, why should they, we lost.


Gil May,

Forestdale, Queensland

Zelensky ordered destruction of all state docs associated with Biden’s Ukraine company METABIOTA

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Newspaper apologizes for its poor COVID coverage, what about News Ltd and the ABC?

Ekstra Bladet, one of Denmark’s largest newspapers, gleaned one of the most important lessons in journalism during the pandemic. – Monday, January 24, 2022

A Danish newspaper has apologized to its readers for not questioning the government’s data and narratives more throughout the first two years of the pandemic.

The Ekstra Bladet, founded in 1904, said it should have done more due diligence in examining the government’s data and conclusions before reporting them:

“For ALMOST two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronatal,” wrote Bladet journalist Brian Weichardt. “THE CONSTANT mental alertness has worn out tremendously on all of us. That is why we – the press – must also take stock of our own efforts. And we have failed.”

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Normies should get involved in governance to help remove criminal elitist usurpers from power

By Ron Chapman

Australia has no constitution and no law. Since Australia became a sovereign nation over a century ago a covert cabal of insider elitists have pretended our British colonial constitution still applies. It doesn’t. Australians need to undertake a proper constitutional creation process to produce a Constitution accepted by all Australians in a properly conducted Constitutional Convention and national approval process. All Australians need to consider and endorse a sovereign national Constitution.

Our current national dystopia is due to endless repetition of disinformation by governments, the MSM and our educational and cultural institutions.
Our unelected ruling elite has concocted a series of pretend federal, state and local governments designed to increasingly centralise power into fewer and fewer hands. Those pseudo democratic governance arrangements have unlawfully imposed myriad laws and a multitude of taxes, licence fees and charges on the general population. Those taxes, fees and charges constitute unlawful extortion. Worse yet, those laws are only enforced against the general population and not against the elite and its senior political, judicial, bureaucratic, corporate and cultural minions; except in egregious cases that cannot be whitewashed or concealed.

Our covert rulers have also unlawfully granted exclusive free licences to private corporations to create and emit about 97% of the currency we use to exchange goods and services. Giving private banks the exclusive right to emit currency and fraudulently call it money and using the judiciary and Police to enforce exclusive use of that currency by Australians, is a crime that has created poverty scarcity and want in a nation that used to be among the richest on earth. See eg: What a Government Can Do With Its Own Bank – https://truthout.org/articles/ellen-brown-what-a-government-can-do-with-its-own-bank/

The policy of our pretend governments to unconscionably subsidise and elevate the rights of the 2-3% of our population who claim some aboriginal DNA should be the final straw that wakes up Australians to the need to become involved in our governance so that they organise themselves to remove our criminal elitist usurpers from power. IF Australians don’t wish to do that they deserve what they get in the same way that those who accept medical rape because doctors and government officials tell them they should, can be said to accept the consequences.

As Australia has no lawful constitution, pretending to amend it for any reason including to give a special “ Voice” to those claiming some Aboriginal DNA is absurd. Every ensouled Australian is a sovereign human being. Attempting to give special treatment to Aboriginals is divisive and undemocratic.

Attempting to legislate to give special treatment to Aboriginals is a recipe for destruction of the nation. Every special interest ethnic group in this multi-cultural nation could use it as a precedent justifying the seeking of similar privileges. For instance, the progeny of the Irish convicts who were enslaved by British aristocrats and forced to build the physical foundations of this nation’s current prosperity account for more than 3% of the national population. Why shouldn’t they get together and modestly and graciously request reconciliation via having a “Voice”for their special interests in Australia’s governance? And so on.

The narrative that Aboriginals are ‘noble savages’ with a superior culture and morality is absurd. While it is true that Talmudic influences have substantially corrupted and degraded the teachings of Christ Jesus, never-the-less the vestiges of his message were responsible for the superior civilisation that developed in Europe and formed the backbone of the Australian nation.

The truth about the primitive nature of Aboriginal culture here is obvious despite attempts by governments and Talmudic activists to pretend otherwise. See eg: Australian History: Settlers and Aboriginals part one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5QKAZPOypE&t=448s

Moreover, the libel that the British governance of the Australian colonies prior to Australia becoming a sovereign nation after WWI was genocidal is totally unsupported by the facts. British governors generally treated aboriginals and whites equally where possible. See eg: Australian History: Settlers and Convicts part two – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roulbMrE0HM&t=7603s

Peace and Blessings

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