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Sol’s full Speech at the May 30 2020 Sydney Demonstration against the Australian Government’s Shocking, incompetent and totally unnecessary Covid19 Lockdown which has destroyed Australia’s Economy and brought shocking personal suffering to every Australian, economic, physical, psychological and personal. All totally unnecessary. This Government has to Go.


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Military sent without guns

Australian soldiers are maintaining regular patrols throughout the far north Torres Strait. During exercises throughout the islands earlier this year local inhabitants and reservists themselves complained they were not allowed to bring their Steyr rifles or other armaments while on active duty…[HERE]

China Access

China has been given access to the entire Queensland electoral roll by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk [HERE]

PNG Drug Plane Crash

“AFP forgot to mention this part of the drug operation”

What and who is behind the July 26 plane crash at Papa LeaLea? Are government agencies in PNG progressing from mere corruption into the drug trade and international crime? [HERE]

Budget Bulldust

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is a bald faced liar. So too is his Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.. Read story

Port Arthur

No reply from Tasmania Police Commissioner Darren Hine which makes him, like former PM John Howard, complicit in Australia’s first government sanctioned terror event… [HERE]