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It is the first responsability of every citizen is to question authority ~ Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

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“If you play by their rules -YOU WILL LOSE”


Rule No1: Never trust any government.

Rule No 2: Continue never trusting any government.

Rule No3: Refer to rules No1 & 2

Note: Politicians only mislead and lie when their lips are moving ?

Political hero Monica Smit to appear in Melbourne court this Wednesday

Meet the mother of Victoria’s political prisoner Monica Smit. Lise Smit has given a moving message of support for her daughter.

DAN Andrews’ gaggle of fascists in Melbourne have painted themselves into a corner. They have created a political hero and lightning rod in the global fight for freedom against global pharmaceutical tyranny.

That “heroine” is Monica Smit, who will appear in the Supreme Court of Victoria this Wednesday (September 22nd) to answer two spurious charges of “incitement” and three of breaching the chief health officer’s so-called directions cooked up under so-called emergency powers with “medical advice” hidden from the public. Read more

Melbourne rally show Andrew’s enforcers again in attack mode Sept 18 2021

Andrew’s enforcer hero’s at work on this elderly lady in her 70’s dropped crashing to the ground and coated with pepper spray

This is how our two-party preferred system of government protects the elderly – Do you think it’s time for change? – Had enough yet? – AUSTRALIA 2021 Read & view more

Brisbane turns on protest power again as the awakening rolls on

10,000 attend Queensland rally – no masks – no jab

SOUTH-East Queensland people turned out in their droves again on Saturday to show the people of Brisbane that there’s movement out there that cares for our future.

As some 10,000 protesters marched through the streets Saturday shoppers, most wearing masks in stark contrast to the marchers, stood in amazement that such a thing was actually taking place. Cairns News was there to capture the moment.

Tristian Triccy and his team from The People’s Revolution again did a brilliant job of running the event and keeping Queensland Police at bay. An incident with cops involving a couple of arrests was eventually cooled down and the boys in black kept their distance for the rest of the day. Read more

Palmer exposes corrupt big pharma politics and blackmail in NSW

Clive Palmer Press conference video

CLIVE Palmer has exposed the corrupt role of big pharma companies Pfizer and AstraZeneca behind Gladys Berejiklian’s frantic push for vaccines in NSW.

In a press conference on Tuesday Palmer dropped a bomb on the NSW Liberals and the corrupt role of a political lobbyist being paid tens of millions of dollars by Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. The same lobbyist, says Palmer, controls the Liberal Party in Sydney and is using the threat of the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s (ICAC) inquiries into Gladys Berejiklian to pull her strings and push the vaccines. Read more

Is the Q Plan coming to fruition right now? Is Trump’s return imminent?

New York cops and firemen were all out on the Trump “campaign trail” in the Big Apple for the 911 memorials. Mask and social distancing were out the door. Meanwhile the dark side (below) donned their black masks and put on a show of fake mourning.

COULD Trump soon resume the White House as the illegally elected, totally corrupt and incompetent fake president Joe Biden and his administration stumble around like a drunken clowns throwing firebombs in an oil refinery?

As the global deep state makes a desperate last grab for power with its worldwide plandemic lockdowns, vaccine passports and imposition of Chinese-style techno-fascism, have they in fact been trapped in an elaborate sting operation by “Trump and the patriots”?

Even deep state media itself has been talking about a Trump “shadow presidency”, noting how he is not acting like “defeated” or end-of-term presidents normally do. Trump knows very well the 2020 election was rigged, although the same old guard media still pushes the nonsense that Biden won it “fair and square” regardless of the mounting evidence of vote fraud across the six key states. Read more

Plastic COVID nannies torture toddler with PCR test

PUSHING a stick up a child’s nose while holding that same child down by force is abuse, even torture. And that’s just what two callous, plastic-covered female goons did on a short video that’s gone viral and which has been received by Cairns News.

Senior Qantas Pilot speaks out about mandate vaccine

Qantas very senior captain delivers this great video exposing government mandatory vaccination of all Australians with a trial serum hosting serious side effects employers disregard that have capabilities of serious safety issues especially on pilots and aircrew.

This true Australian patriot’s lifetime of service to the nation is most likely to be dismissed by the miniature CEO leprechaun running Qantas into the ground as he dances the covid government boogie opting to enforce mandatory vaccination for all Qantas personnel

NSW vaccine apartheid is a lawless con job – time for people to take a stand

AUSTRALIA’S power-crazed, corrupt and off the rails political elite is driving the country into hell and now they want to take the churches with them by dividing vaccinated believers from unvaccinated believers and making them have separate services.

This hare-brained scheme of Gladys Berijiklian and her fascist regime (they no long deserve the title ‘government’) is pure bluff. It has no basis in law and is almost certain to fail in the courts if they have not fallen prey to the globalist cabal.

Read more

Monica Smit arrested in Melbourne for “incitement” – but of what?

Andrews Gestapo arrest peoples activist Monica Smit by Jackboot enforcers in Melbourne Street

THE leader of the Reignite Democracy Australia, Monica Smit, has posted her own arrest in Melbourne.

The leading figure in the Melbourne anti-lockdown protests was in her car, parked by the side of the road on Tuesday, after being pulled over by a police patrol from suburban Springvale. The cop, who was polite in manner, said he was arresting her for “incitement” and asked her to get out of the car. Read more

Darwin protesters placed under tribal law – tell Covid cops to go jump

Seven News journo goes online to expose his vaccine-induced heart injury

A JOURNALIST who works with the vaccine-pushing Australian TV channel Seven Network has posted a photo of himself in hospital after suffering post-vaccination pericarditis, a heart injury frequently being experienced by people after receiving Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

Denham Hitchock, a well-built, very fit outdoors-type, went on Instagram to show himself in a Gold Coast hospital, covered in electro-cardiogram (ECG) monitors. He wrote he had “battled over whether to send this post from hospital or not, but decided after 27 years of being a journalist whose primary goal is to discover the truth – it would be hypocritical not to.” Read More

Port Arthur 25 year anniversary spin doctor free video of shameful facts

Cairns News video in 2016 (view above) reveals Channel 7’s Port Arthur anniversary special as mostly fictional and again this week the station jumped into the government sewer with unsubstantiated venom targeted at the incarcerated Martin Bryant

Kerry Stokes, Executive Chairman of Seven Group Holdings has revealed his ties to the Deep State (hidden parallel government) by airing a program that further demonised Port Arthur massacre patsy Martin Bryant. Read more

Channel Seven clearly being managed by Deep State after unbelievable Port Arthur segment

Port Arthur Cover Up

No reply from Tasmania Police Commissioner Darren Hine which makes him, like former PM John Howard, complicit in Australia’s first government sanctioned terror event… [HERE]