Thank you Australians, one and all on Saturday’s Voice Referendum result!

Congratulations Cairns News, your readers, Aussie patriots and freedom fighters everywhere!  You have done Australia proud, for tonight, the results of your combined actions have multiplied our little one’s and two’s exponentially to come together in a huge NO to dividing us racially; and a whacking big NO to the UN and it’s snivelling usurping of our Constitution and continual undermining and chipping away at our freedoms, economy and God-given rights.

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You Australian people, who have put up signs, phoned radio stations and talk-back radio, penned letters to editors,  used social media, letter-boxed, made up leaflets to distribute, written articles, distributed information, talked to people, made pod-casts, gathered people, held meetings, funded meetings, and even turned those 110 km signs into a big fat NO, have won out!

We’ve won the battle, and deserve to pat ourselves on the collective back – BUT we can’t afford to be complacent because the war rages on.  Burke told us All it takes for evil to prosper is that good men do nothing.  Tonight is the culmination of good people DOING SOMETHING!  Be proud of yourselves.  WE CAN do this when we need to, but we can’t afford to take our foot off the throttle.

We need to not be Missing In Action when it comes to understanding what’s happening in our country; understanding the control the UN have already got and covet more; understanding that the Big Corporates, Big Pharma, Big Money don’t want us to know their game – and doing what it takes to understand their games.  For, we are many, they are few, and we need to understand that by acting as all those who have done their bit to defeat this referendum have done, we can beat them at their own game!

The voting dog, we were told, used a biro, and would have more intelligence than any of those who framed and pushed for the referendum

Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Corporates and the UN wanted this.  We didn’t.  They threw mega-bucks at it.  Aussies saw through their greed, their power-grab, their racism and their divide and conquer agenda.

We don’t have to take it any more. 

Now, the WHO wants to take over our health laws giving themselves total control to call and run a global pandemic, scare us witless and jab us all once again with yet another bio-weapon.  We’ve signed up to this and the outcome will be decided in May next year.  We need to undo it.  Perhaps we need to put our politicians under scrutiny by insisting we have a referendum whenever they sign ANY agreement under the external affairs power of our Constitution.  The WHO fight is on now, it’s crucial, and it’s a big one.  We can’t stop now Aussies.

Do not look to your politicians for leadership – they let us down all the time.  We must take the lead and hold them to account.

On Saturday we came together as little Aussie battlers sticking it to the big end of town.  We’ve rejected the activist elites creaming money off instead of putting it where it’s needed.  What’s needed is an audit, but no government has wanted to do that ever, because there are too many kick-backs lining elite’s pockets.  Use this as our spring-board, and keep taking it up to the so-called leaders leading us astray, or down the gurgler.

This quote from JFK comes to mind:  Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

When we begin to break out of jail, like we have today, we are on the way to re-gaining our freedom and growing a real economy.   Aussies, YOU have done yourselves and our nation proud today through all our collective little actions.   Stand tall Aussies, and keep standing.  We must.  We just must.

From Jeanine Bird