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Aboriginal elders from across Australia tell the Labor socialists they do not want a divisive Voice referendum

On Wednesday I was proud to host at Parliament House 22 Aboriginal leaders and community members from right across the country.

They travelled far, some of them for two days, just to get to Canberra and have their voices heard.

This delegation of proud Australians, which was organised by the Fair Australia ‘no’ campaign, met with Nationals Leaders David Littleproud and Senator Bridget McKenzie.

They met with Leader of the Coalition Peter Dutton, and with Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians Julian Leeser.

They met with countless Senators and Representatives from the Nationals, the Liberals, One Nation, the UAP and a few independents who all went out of their way to speak with the delegation and hear their voices.

But where was the Prime Minister?

Where was the Minister for Indigenous Australians?

Where was anyone from the Labor Party?

They didn’t have time for these voices.

Why? Because these voices weren’t saying what the Labor Party wanted to hear.

These voices don’t support Labor’s Voice. These voices don’t support constitutional division. These voices don’t want a dangerous undermining of our equality.

You can see what they had to say here:

And a day after ignoring 22 voices that travelled days to get to Canberra, Albo unveiled his plan for the Voice referendum.

At the very first opportunity to show that the so-called voice will not ride roughshod over the Government, they folded.

Despite the internal division, despite the legal concerns, despite the community concerns, they capitulated.

One thing is clear after Albo’s announcement – the activists are running the show, and if the rule book of the country is changed, we can expect only more of this.

Albo doesn’t want to listen to the Voices of all Aboriginal Australians, he wants to give his city-based mates a free run over the government of the day.

He’s made it abundantly clear, he doesn’t want REAL change, he doesn’t care about the REAL problems, and that’s why we all have to say NO to Labor’s divisive, dangerous and costly Voice.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory

Labor has no mandate, it took government by default

Letter to the Editor

The new Labor/Greens Government appears to be in complete denial! They actually believe that THEY won the election, and have been given a mandate to do whatever they want?

The TRUTH is, the FACT is, Labor only achieved “32%” of the vote,….68% of Australians did NOT vote for Labor (36% voted for the Coalition!)!

The Labor/Greens Government, again in denial, are also claiming that it was a “Climate Change Election”, and that Australians overwhelmingly voted in favour of more action on the Climate Change conspiracy theory/myth/hoax/scam!

Once again, the TRUTH is, the FACT is, THEY only got 30% of the vote,….70% of Australians voted AGAINST the Climate Change scam,….skyrocketing electricity costs,….unreliable and inefficient electricity supply.

The 2019 election WAS the Climate Change election,….and it was a resounding/landslide “NO” vote!

During the 2022 campaign, NOBODY (Normal, decent, intelligent people) was talking about climate change, NOBODY! That is why Labor/Greens only achieved 32% of the vote!

The ONLY people who were ‘obsessed’ with the Climate Change conspiracy theory/myth/hoax/scam during the campaign, were Labor/Greens/Teal politicians, the corrupt left-wing extremist portion (90%) of the media, 90% of celebrities (all obscenely wealthy, never having lived, worked, or even breathed in the REAL world), and the obscenely wealthy ‘Yuppie-Blue-Bloods’ living in the obscenely wealthy suburbs of the major cities,….also never having lived, worked, or breathed in the REAL world!

Unfortunately, it’s those same obscenely wealthy ‘Yuppie-Blue-Blood’ suburbs of the major cities where many of Australia’s politicians live,….and like the above mentioned, have NEVER lived, worked, or even breathed in the REAL world!


CO2 makes up just 0.04% of the atmosphere.

NATURE produces 97% of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

HUMAN ACTIVITY produces just 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Australia produces less-than 1.3% of the 3% of the 0.04% of CO2 in the atmosphere!

China produces 30%,….and rising daily!

If Australia ceased producing ANY CO2 whatsoever, it would make absolutely NO difference to the CLIMATE here, or in fact, ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

Rusty Marsh,


Armed soldiers observed patrolling in Kurrajong, NSW

New Boxer armoured forward reconnaissance vehicle which reports say have several technical issues

Kurrajong – NSW

These soldiers patrolling a street have their Steyr rifles at ready it seems without red Blank Firing Attachment’s which means they mean business. The picture was posted on March 20, 2023. Unfortunately with a lot of Twitter postings there is little information attached. We have contacted Army Media for comment.

Belgian-made Minimi 5.56mm light machine guns will be prominent in a new military program of exposure to the public.

Meanwhile Brisbane ADF sources advise a host of new commanders has ordered the deployment of armed patrols in cities and towns and to be noticeable among the public in vehicles with mounted Minimi 5.56mm machine guns.

Troops now would be trained in heavier 7.62mm Mag 58 and a special forces training program has started. The military is ramping up.

The public should be ready for many more military movements in the suburbs and towns around Australia. –contributed

Above: Belgian FN Browning 7.62mm Mag 58 general purpose machine gun

Will you keep paying tax to an unlawful foreign corporation?

Letter to the Editor

Australians are too busy, read distracted, with how the house collapsed; “Why did it fall”? “Who did what”?…..All while Australia is a ship that is sinking fast under its own weight of :DEBT: and Excess printing of Funny Money to “fund” all manner of schemes that NEVER come to fruition; Just have a peek at how much “money” has exchanged hands for Submarines that we will NEVER own and actually have yet to reach the drawing board; Or how about the amount of “money” and ADF assets that have been sent to Ukraine in “foreign aid” while there are tens of thousands (if not more) of Australians who can not afford to keep food on the table, let alone a roof over their heads;

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, All STATES and TERRITORIES and all the Bureaucracies within them, are listed within as Corporate entities, REGIS-STERED with USSEC and are TRADED on the STOCK-EXCHANGE; American (Jew) Financial market says boo, Australia runs and hides hoping THEIR DEBT won’t get called in;  AUSTRALIA is also listed on the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a ‘Political Subdivision’ of the USA.

Who owns this :DEBT:?

Not only is the Reserve Bank Australia a PRIVATELY owned Rothschild subsidiary of the Bank International Settlements, but the ATO is also a PRIVATE CORPORATION owned by a majority shareholder, BLACKROCK

( );

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT owns this DEBT, not you, The People Of Australia; Do you have a CON-TRACT with the Corporation AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT that allowed you a vote at the Board Meeting to decide if the Company should borrow (print) more “money” when it is already over 3 Trillion Phoney-Dollars in the Red?

Are you prepared to keep paying TAX for a DEBT that it is not yours to a Company, ATO, that is NOT Australian owned?; Are you a Shareholder in the Company ATO that is supposed to use your TAX to build and maintain Australian Owned assets?; Are you happy to see your TAX sent to a Foreign Corporation so It can decide the dividends to be shared, if any?;

Australians NEED to start looking in their own backyard instead of looking over the fence to spy on the neighbours.

From Wontbedenied


Cashless system not going well for besieged Cairns council

Cairns Regional Council is under fire from ratepayers for introducing cashless payments for some council services.

A petition containing 1500 signatures has been presented to the council CEO demanding cash payments be restored.

Mooroobool ratepayer Frankie Hogan who gathered the signatures told the Cairns Post the decision to go cashless was discriminatory, impacts the vulnerable and was controlling.

“A lot of people are not happy about it. I meet elderly people who tell me ‘I only use cash,’” Ms Hogan said.

“Council need to realise we the people want to keep cash in society.”

A separate online petition to keep using cash for council services has gained 1000 signatures.

Cairns councilor Brett Olds said the decision to go cashless was made by un-elected operational staff and had nothing to do with the council.

“It beggars belief that a controversial move like this would be made at operational level and not voted on by the elected council, without proper community consultation,” he said.

“ We work for the people of Cairns, we don’t lord over them.”

This saga, removing legal tender from the hands of the people, does not augur well for the federal Labor and Liberal parties which have been manouvering in the background for several years to get rid of cash.

So-much-so that the former LNP government instructed the Reserve Bank to investigate the implementation of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) in line with World Economic Forum policy to introduce digital currency world wide.

The RBA, as previously reported in Cairns News will soon release a paper detailing how best to remove legal tender to be replaced by plastic transactions for all commercial activity.

Deposed  Liberal PM  Scott Morrison introduced the cashless transaction bill in 2021 but it did not make it to the floor of parliament after extremely nervous Liberal and National backbenchers refused to support it.

The Labor government has said it will examine the RBA investigation’s finding with the view of re-introducing the cashless transaction bill later this year.

Wasting $7B on Olympics and $235m on the Voice instead should be spent on defence

By Gil May

The Chinese military have been on high alert war footing for over a year, they spend 293.35 billion U.S. dollars a year on defence, THEY DO NOT DO THAT JUST TO DEFEND CHINA. The make border incursions into India testing their ability to respond, they killed an estimated 120 India soldiers with microwave beams. They have been flying large numbers of planes into Taiwan airspace practice runs, to test their defence and to provoke US and identify where they will respond from, giving them the target to take out before attacking Taiwan. The have surveyed the deep ocean trenches around Australian and other countries where they can safely hide nuclear submarines to attack as they choose.

ADF are unable to defend Canberra let alone Australia while Marxist Premiers disarm the states

They have had spies all over Australia for decades and the governments did nothing, they own land near every major facility ready to take them out, they have mapped every bit of Australia, tourists found them in many out of way areas, with short hair, regimented sharp staunch manners from years of military training.

Senior US and NATO Generals, top US House Foreign Affairs officials and UN Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, have all seriously warned China is about to start a major nuclear war, probably in 2025. The spy balloons and ocean spy-buoys that float just below the surface are just a small part made public, they had their practice run with covid, under that guise they vaccinated their population against the big one they are about to release genetically targeted.

While total stupidity reigns supreme here in Australia, with little preparation, run down defence ability and the ignorance of all it a government too stupid to build our defences as a matter of urgent top priority and bring in conscription military training, if you want to live in a free country be repaired to fight for that right.

They are going to waste $235 million urgently needed for our national defence on a stupid unnecessary Voice referendum that will further divide us making an easier target for the Chinese knowing we have no defence. The spend $7 billion on Olympics that may never be held in three years when China start WW3. This money should be going into defence, conscription and arming the population.

When The Voice people and mixed gender folk, Greens and TEALS march in protest after the Chinese take over, they will only do it once — as the Tibetans learnt, most are too young to remember the brutality to the peaceful Buddhist Tibetans’, monks and civilians raped, tortured, body parts cut off and thousands forced over cliffs.

The ignorance and attitude of those in government are destroying our country, with the threat of war looming. A wise government would cut all grants and public wastage to consolidate funds for defence.

CO2 will not mater in time of war, stop wasting urgently needed defence money — stop the US, when under attack they will have to defend their homeland not ours — wake up to that fact.

We are being handed over to the Chinese invasion, and NO, they will not honour any agreements, why should they, we lost. We hear they refer to our PM as Abbonese, Gaybonese etc — He appears a laughing stock to the old-world morals of Chinese and other people.

They have fully infiltrated all aspects on industry and defence as I wrote to the Government about 35 years and was ignored ago, with detail of how inside photocopiers was a component when opened it had inside a computer that sent everything you copied and your computer files somewhere. These were in offices all over Australia, including government and defence offices. No one want to know about it — Typical eh!

Today Chinese spy ware is in many electronic operated home and business appliances, security cameras, TV, work equipment and vehicles.

As explained the Marxist infiltration into the education department, bureaucracy and other organisations encourage such.

Due to apparent incompetent governments, Chinese own land near most strategic infrastructure, electricity, water, rail, roads, defence establishments, Govt Department, airports and sea port. They have been reported by grey-nomads sighting Chinese neatly dressed, short hair with regimented stance and walk, in many far away out of usual reach places.

This proof today shows what a bunch of incompetent people we have had in parliament, has anything changed?

Clearly there need a very BIG change of political party’s pre-selection system of apparently electing low level mediocrity with big egos and little else of national benefit?


World military leaders and analysts advise China will start a World War within 3 to 5 years if not sooner, China cannot wait until AUKUS is established with Japan wanting membership, and Australia gets armed with nuclear Submarines: And a new powerful President is elected in America. The war has already begun with the Covid attack upon the west killing millions and directing finance away from defence, their national vaccination program contained the antigen to protect Chinese from the next one to be released.

US and Western defense forces have dispersed worldwide (The Australian 11/2), Norwegian intelligence advise the Russian nuclear fleet has left bases for world dispersant. It is China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan verse the West, defenseless Australia is lost, in part due to educated stupidity being common, and the media not being honest with the people and keeping hard pressure on governments to build our defense systems and introduce conscription. Editors, media owners and officials will be early purge targets of elimination as stated by the CCP.

I wrote warning of this four years ago. Their intention has been made very clear to the world, and stupid Australia’s love of the holy dollar keeps sending them material to build their military equipment, tanks, and navy to conquer and destroy us.

General Chi Haotian made their intention very clear He openly states they may need to kill 2 to 300 million Americans (and Australians) to enable Chinese expansion. They want our resources for free and there is nothing we can do about it as we have never developed a satisfactory National defence preferring to parasite the US, they will NOT be here when defending US from nuclear attack.

Understand China now has spies all over Australia and own land near most strategic areas including

Merredin Aerodrome south of Perth they were given a lease by the WA government as perfect spy base and control centre for invading planes, and Darwin Sea Port compliments of the government who refused to restrict ownership.

Too late when Chinese knock on your door — Bang — thanks for the house.

Current world news advise the Chinese nation is on a war footing — Wake up Australia or die.

I said before and I say again, no one knows the awful truth of Port Arthur, they only got the sanitised press version to form and opinion on; thinking people ask why so many glaring errors the gullible would never see, why were we banned from writing a historical treatise and a 30-year military secrecy ban put in place now increased to 70 years, when the military wanted to do a ballistics test in the Broad Arrow café, the government quickly demolished it. But they did disarm Australia just like Hitler disarmed Germany. WHY? (CN has published probably the most complete dissertations of Port Arthur available on this site)

A minimum of intelligence would predicted a future attack, so easy, a rundown military, no conscription, the population disarmed and incompetent governments — the mineral rich resources prize is there for the taking. A nation of stupidity overwhelmed by theoretical baloney, gay rights, and terrified of a few tough words and strong debate, big footballers devastated because they were called a perceived racist word by a kid, if they were called blue, purple or other no offence would have been taken.

If the Chinese drop millions of leaflets with a few strong racist, sexist, discriminatory, misogynist, and CO2 real descriptives — many in the population will be too devastated to be able to defend their homeland.

People often get snarky when you present facts because they do not understand and don’t want too. It interferes with their sport, beer and social life — the real sadness is in so many young people who say they are here for a good time and a short time. The end result of education that failed to teach

Wilful stupidity of Labor politicians accepting climate delusion despite opposing, overwhelming scientific evidence

Under the bus with Pauline Hanson

The Voice is a ‘Trojan Horse’ warns Senator Jacinta Price

From Senator Jacinta Price

It’s clear The Voice is not just a singing competition, it’s a Trojan horse that threatens to undermine the very fabric of YOUR country.

And that’s exactly how its proponents want it to be. Marcia Langton said so herself last week – they want the Voice to have teeth.

They’re trying to sneak it in with some good vibes and a bit of casual racial division, but take a closer look at this Trojan horse and you’ll see an expensive attempt to permanently divide Australians and undermine our democracy.

The Voice is about promoting one group over others based on their race or ethnicity. It’s about dividing us along racial lines and turning us against each other.

That’s not what democracy is about.

Democracy is about treating everyone equally, regardless of background.

It’s about giving everyone a fair go and a level playing field.

The Voice does the exact opposite.

It’s a constitutional declaration that some people are more important than others, that they need more help than others, that they’re different from others only because of their skin colour or cultural background.

It’s a dangerous ideology, one that our ancestors fought hard against, and it has no place in Australia.

If you say hello to the Voice, you can say goodbye to a fair Australia.

The Voice is dangerous and divisive, and that’s before we get to what a massive waste of taxpayer money a referendum and new bureaucratic body is.

While the cost of living skyrockets, prices on the basics are going through the roof, rental increases are off the charts, and yet this government is busy spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a dangerous campaign to divide Australia.

So I’ll say it again: If you say hello to the Voice, you can say goodbye to a fair Australia.

You can say goodbye to unity, goodbye to equality and goodbye to a fair go.

We must reject this divisive and dangerous ideology and instead focus on what unites us as Australians: our shared values and our commitment to a fair and just society.

That’s why you must stand with me in saying ‘NO!’ to the Voice to Parliament.

Introduce the rattan and exit rampant car theft and property crimes

Rampant car theft in Cairns and elsewhere could be stopped dead in its tracks if Australia adopted the Singapore criminal code which allows for public caning instead of jail sentences, suspended sentences and fines for theft or destruction of private and public property.

Brazen car thieves in Cairns posing for a Facebook post

Community advocate Mr Jeff Madison from the Brisbane suburb of Wynnum said he had visited Singapore and examined its justice system which he said has seen the country reverse socialist-inspired crime waves decades ago.

Public caning of offenders would soon stop car theft, a community advocate claims

The outlawing of parental discipline saw the country decline dramatically into lawlessness and juvenile crime which was curbed when President Lee Kuan Yew introduced a new criminal code for which he was widely criticised, but in reality it turned the tables on organized and juvenile crime, today making Singapore the economic model of the world..

Drug dealers were given the death penalty and juveniles and adults were publicly caned for crimes against private and public property.

“The new criminal code thwarted the Masonic catch and release policy and today there is little crime,” Mr Madison said.

“When I walked the streets of Singapore there was no graffiti, no rubbish on the streets, no crime gangs, no homelessness and certainly no car stealing and the people were very friendly.”

He said the current situation in Aboriginal communities was a direct consequence of the abandonment of policies of assimilation of Aborigines into the wider community as equals, a guarantee they already had under the Commonwealth Constitution  of Australia.

Earlier this month anti crime campaigner Perri Conti with a burnt out car, toured Cairns suburbs displaying the faces of the socialist Labor left Member for Cook, Cynthia Lui and Cairns Labor MP Michael Healy. Pic Cairns Post

“These assimilation policies were opposed by the Australian Communist Party and the Jesuit anthropologists who were wanting to implement racial division as a means of them being able to keep Aborigines in backwardness, squalor and poverty towards achieving their goal of impeding the development of Australia as a prosperous nation state,” said Mr Madison.

“Aborigines are being used by these people as pawns as witnessed with the Voice agenda which will cripple any initiative of any future government in Australia and will allow the UN operatives to use the Aboriginal card to cripple any national development projects by implementing bogus environment initiatives such as climate change.”

Cairns police have recorded 129 cars stolen so far this year.

‘Voice’ to force acceptance of massive land grabs by Aborigines and for compulsory rental payments by land owners – object now!

Letter to the Editor

Public land access denied to and taken from the people in the Grampians VIC, Ayres Rock, NT and Mt Warning NSW — the test sites to see if they can get away with it without too much public protest — If you the people, do not object NOW — then accept the ‘fait accompli’ of your disinterest as more land lock-outs will occur as the other already planned removals from public access will be implemented — you have been warned.

Object now or pay rent for evermore

The purpose of The Voice Referendum, is force acceptance of false aboriginal ownership across all crown land and national park areas, where you will be locked out of recreation areas, mountain climbing, hiking, bushwalking, family picnic, swimming, boating and fishing. Aboriginals have land claims to 62.7% of Australia.

The federal Attorney-General Dreyfus, stated on ABC TV ‘there were other elements of aboriginal requirements of truth telling and treaty, but they come next, they come after ‘The Voice’ is put into our constitution’, to this we could safely add many more concocted restrictions and transfer of the people’s land, resources and millions of our funds to aboriginals — that we need for health and education for our families.

The Uluru Statement is the government policy, a constitutionally entrenched voice to parliament, a national treaty, a truth telling commissions and formation of sovereign states — where they will charge everyone for access where all roads across sovereign land will carry a toll fee from all uses —ruthlessly enforced by special police.

Then will come the billions of land transfers and public monies. A ‘Truth Telling Commission’, when already massive lies and distortions of history are rampant, the old traditions and history are ignored, removed and distorted by the ‘new understanding’, where everything appears now based on greed by the infusion of European genetics.


G J May

Forestdale, Queensland

Sodoms for the Voice

By Lyndesy Symonds

Not all the high-tech proactive crowd management decision making in the world could safeguard the Sodomy Parade from Lidia Thorpe and prevent her efforts to upstage the pride events of Feb 25. Lidia was forcibly removed from the Parade by police for laying down in front of a float in a lewd position.

There is Albo and Tanya but where is Penny?

She used the occasion of her removal to culturally appropriate the ‘pride’ label from the Sodoms for ‘The Voice’.

As one might imagine, this did not gel with any of the creative pronouns or unicorn genders marching in the parade.

Out of the parade, she took to Twitter: “Black and Brown women started the first pride march …” Where is Albo when you need him?

Happy #MardiGras #WorldPride 2023
Senator Lidia Thorpe (@SenatorThorpe) February 25, 2023

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