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Says it all

by great cartoonist Steve Hunter

COVID is a psyop designed to change you and your nation – Part 2

FORMER Royal Navy officer Brian Gerrish has provided documented evidence on the conspiratorial origins of the COVID pandemic and the groundwork laid for the manufactured crisis by psychological warfare experts working within the UK and French governments.

Gerrish recently explained the background of this to German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is initiating a massive class action against the pandemic promoters who have seized upon the RT- PCR testing system to fraudulently create millions of so-called “cases” of COVID-19. It is now public knowledge that the testing doubled the detection cycles to pick up common corona virus DNA fragments and then label the tested person “positive”.

Canadian Amazing Polly (Polly St George), long censored by YouTube, put togeether this flow chart early in the scamdemic. We added Jane Halton in later to highlight her key role.

The COVID response of psychological torture is reflected accurately in the Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.

Gerrish said he first became aware 20 years ago of an organised plan to subvert European Union member states outlined in a book titled The European Union Collective: Enemy of its Member States by Christopher Story. “… and in that book there was a table which purported to be a table of the psychological attack on Western nations. It involved a period of demoralisation; it involved a period of destabilisation; and the ultimate five years was that there was going to be complete chaos and collapse.”

“And as I read that table – and I had not long been out of the military at that stage – my mind said ‘some of this is happening around us. I can think of examples!’ And I have given public talks on part of this idea – I will call it an idea – that a psychological attack, a demoralising attack, is being unleashed on our respective nations. I believe that that is the case.

Gates and his circle of paid operatives in the global health cabal.

Jane Halton (bottom right) and her CEPI team of vaccine pushers.

“And I believe that when you see how the policy for this Covid scam, this lie, is being mirrored in the UK, inFrance, in Germany, and across all the other countries, then we can see that clearly, the power base that’s injecting this is not democratic in any form. It’s hostile to us.”

Cairns News and many other independent researchers have long known that two of the key criminals in this destructive deception are tech and pharma billionaire Bill Gates and Dr Anthony Fauci, head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci could eventually face criminal charges after US Senator Rand Paul recently exposed his attempt to cover up US funding he approved for virus gain of function research at a Wuhan, China, laboratory.

Gerrish says Gates has been exposed in deception around his role in an organisation called CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for several hundred million dollars. Cairns News reported last year that CEPI is chaired by Australian Jane Halton, a former Senior Executive Service bureaucrat, former WHO chairwoman and board member of the ANZ and Crown Casinos.

“Well, by a ‘miracle’, CEPI ended up funding the very biological testing laboratory that the MHRA in the UK was going to use, and is using, to tell us whether the vaccines are safe,” said Gerrish. “So, Bill Gates’ money goes into CEPI and from CEPI it goes to support the very laboratory that is being used to tell us that vaccines are safe – on the basis that they’ve recorded 860,000 side effects, officially. But they haven’t done any correlation as to whether there’s causation there with the vaccines themselves. That research has not been done.

“So it’s obvious that what you have is a system that has been set up in order to deceive the public about what is truly happening with these vaccines. And I think they want (to vaccinate) the children because they are now quite scared to see the right questions being asked, and they know that if they want to get the children vaccinated, they’ve got to hurry.

So Ms Halton, the offshore organisation you head up took a few 100 million from Uncle Bill and then funneled it to a lab to tell us the vaccines are “safe and effective” despite the fact that at least 10,000 people in Europe have died after getting it and hundreds of thousands injured in varying degrees. Oh yes, we’re sure you’re a great humanitarian.

Halton, as we reported, is on Scott Morrison’s “COVID advisory commission” that is made up of corporate business leaders who have been sitting, nodding their approval while shutdowns in Victoria and other states decimate the small business sector. It is more than likely that the destruction of this middle class of wealth generators is deliberate in the big scheme of things detailed by Gerrish and his investigators.

Halton also played a key role in Event 201 in 2019, pushing media and government manipulation of a “theoretical” corona virus pandemic on behalf of the Gates-Rockefeller cabal. “Flood the zone (with our message),” said Halton in one discussion, referring to the lockstep media strategy of spreading the official narrative of panic and fear. Halton’s actions as a “point man” in bringing the totalitarian COVID lockdown response to Australia are treacherous. She comes across as a greedy, power-driven globalist who doesn’t know when to get off her merry-go-round of influence and highly-paid positions.

Fuellmich’s associate Viviane Fischer asked Gerrish whether masks, the bogus testing, vaccination and social distancing all had “foremost a psychological aspect, of being that you’re power-struck or that you have to show obedience?” She also wondered if the plan, technologically and pharmacologically, aimed to get people sick due to substances in test and swab materials and masks actually helping people get infected more easily with a virus or the flu. “So could it be that it’s also really elegantly orchestrated on a medical basis?”

“Yes. I think what you are saying is correct,” Gerrish responded. “It’s difficult for people [to imagine]. If we say that we are reasonable people – we, the assembled people here today, are not perfect, but we’re reasonable people and we’re concerned about our fellow man and woman; that’s what’s in our heads – when you have that in your head, it’s very difficult for you then to look at somebody who is unleashing an utterly brutal plan on people.

“If even [just] tens of thousands of elderly people were deliberately killed in the UK (and I believe the evidence for that is overwhelming), then the people who took the decision to kill the elderly people are also capable of taking the decision to kill off other members of society that they don’t believe are worth anything.”

Gerrish referred to a WHO-recognised paper on non-physical techniques of torture called the Biderman’s Chart of Coercion. “Virtually every Covid pandemic measure can be ticked off against one of the entries in Biderman’s chart.” Gerrish said he had just been sent a document where in the UK, medical circles were now saying that if a baby was born and there was any suspicion that that child may test positive for COVID, there should be no skin contact.

– To be continued

The rise and fall of Dubious Dan

Climate change judgement in Federal Court says Minister must protect young people


Federal Court judge Mordecai Bromberg delivered a landmark judgement 27 May 2021 that federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has a duty of care to avoid harm to young people as a result of climate change.

The litigants, eight Australian high school students Anjali Sharma, Isolde Shanti Raj-Seppings, Ambrose Malachy Hayes, Tomas Webster Arbizu, Bella Paige Burgemeister, Laura Fleck Kirwan, Ava Princi and Luca Gwyther Saunders and a catholic nun, Sister Marie Brigid Arthur acted as their representative.

Respondents were federal Minister for the Environment and Vickery Coal Pty Ltd.

After reading the judgement I query who paid the students’ surmountable legal costs. A three day hearing represented by senior counsel, Mr Noel Hutley, junior counsel Mr E Nekvapil, Ms K Brazenor, Ms S Brenker and solicitor David Barnden of Equity Generation Lawyers. Unless this legal team appeared pro bono their fee would keep the North Shore for a year.

Spokeswoman for the high school students, Ava Princi, (pictured) a pivotal member of ‘School Strike 4 Climate’, a high school group of mislead environmentalists and climate change activists said “I’m thrilled because this is a global first,”

“We understand it is the first time a Court anywhere in the world has ordered a government to specifically protect young people from the catastrophic harms of climate change.”

This judgement could have flow-on consequences for projects seeking to increase Australia’s production of coal.

Fortunately most serious scientists across the world say climate change or global warming is nonsense.

Labor politicians will seize on this dodgy judgement and it could affect the neglected majority which is often denied constitutional protection. However governments could challenge the Federal Court finding in the High Court.

One example of failed constitutional duty of care by government is out-of-control young Aboriginal thugs and ethnic youth gangs which rampage with immunity around the nation when non-Aboriginal Australians are subject to the full weight of law.

Bogan response floors cops at Melbourne COVID checkpoint

WE don’t know the name of the driver who recorded a stop at one of Melbourne’s COVID lockdown check points but we’ll call him Bogan because of the no-nonsense, street level response to the illegal and nonsensical questioning.
After Saturday’s shameful show by Victoria Police in provoking and brutally attacking small business protesters in Melbourne CBD, the video provides some valuable and appreciated humour and relief to the rampant, evil fascism going on in Victoria.

Cairns News thanks Bogan, because his response actually exposes the unlawful nonsense around the Andrews’ regime’s latest lockdown, whose effects are essentially to destroy the small business sector and the middle classes so hated by the Victorian Labor communists and the Davos elite who bankroll them.
Bogan’s questioning of the actual existence of a pandemic and the never-ending lying from the government and media hits the nail on the head. Enjoy the video. If the Facebook fascists remove it, we hope to have a copy at our related site.

Video is dark when it starts playing

Do not buy Australian made Akubra or American Stetson hats

A warning to Australian manufacturers who sup with the devil

A gutsy and loyal American hat shop owner has upset precious Australian owned hat maker Akubra and it seems local Jewry by designing a badge resembling the Star of David stating ‘Not Vaccinated.’.

The shop owner, Gigi Gaskins of Nashville, Tennessee rightly is warning Americans she has not been vaccinated and does not intend to be, instead ensuring those who have had the deadly mRNA gene therapy keep a social distance from her because many cases of deadly virus ‘shedding’ have been identified by researchers causing significant injuries or even death.

hatWRKS owner Gigi Gaskins(below) does not support the ongoing world Covid tyranny

Airline companies world-wide discussed this week possible sanctions against those who have been vaccinated because the are concerned non-vaccinated passengers could be infected with a virus from shedding.

Akubra is owned by the Keir family. It was founded by Benjamin Dunkerlay since 1897. Akubra is a footwear and clothing line found in Kempsey, New South Wales, and Australia.

It seems the Keir family supports the Covid plandemic that has devastated the world economy as it was designed to do making way for the Deep State’s great reset. Stetson in the US has also joined in with Akubra not to supply hats.

Covid vaccinations in Australia have begun to kill many hundreds and maim several thousand adding to the world death tally of over 14,000 according to official medical data. World-renowned epidemiologists like Dr Judy Mikovits warn there will be millions of deaths at the hands of US medical adviser to President Creepy Joe Biden, Dr Anthony Fauci.

It has just been proven, due to the release of thousands of emails written by Dr Fauci that he in concert with eugenicist Bill Gates financed research into deadly viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from where the Covid 19 virus emanated.

Ms Gaskins, who is a vocal Trump supporter and does not support America’s pandemic mask rules, took to Instagram to defend her stance.

“People are so outraged by my post? but are you outraged with the tyranny the world is experiencing? if you don’t understand what is happening, that is on you, not me,” read a post.

“At the least, all unvaccinated people will be segregated from society, marked & must wear a mask. What comes next?”

Why an Australian family firm such as Akubra would jump into bed with the Deep State program to depopulate the world is a mystery.

Cairns News never thought it would advise Australians to boycott a significant national manufacturing company with an iconic brand such as Akubra felt hats worn by many thousands of our regional readers including staff at Cairns News.

Other Australian companies have reacted to anti-vaxxers in a similar fashion and we will out them in due course.

Victorian government’s response to the Andrews dilemma

by ‘Nola’ a Victoria Government media adviser

What an absolute load of rubbish. Whilst you are referring to Dan Andrews and China, why not tell the entire story – why are you trying to undermine a Labor Premier? That entire article about DA and Fox is so obviously lies, but here do some more on the China aspect.


Who signed the Australia China Free Trade Agreement? Who leased the Darwin Port? In 2015, the Liberals agreed to lease the Port of Darwin to Chinese company, Landbridge, which says it was part of Belt & Road. It was the wrong call. During this time, Frydenberg was Minister for Northern Australia, Morrison was Treasurer and Andrew Robb was part of photo op and then took a job with China. “The Victorian agreements certainly pale in importance compared with the deal the Northern Territory government did a few years ago to lease the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company. “

Premier Dan Andrews (below) signs up to the Belt and Road thus creating a rogue China state. Nola says the Liberals and other Labor States are bigger China sycophants than Dan. We couldn’t agree more. Editor

And you might want to check out the NSW Strategy?

or this

Or this;

or this; “Aug 27, 2020 — Of the agreements found on public record there are 19 by the NSW government, 31 by Queensland, 29 are with South Australian authorities …”

Australia’s biggest and oldest farm sold to China, and sale approved by none other than Scotty from Marketing.

The federal government also signed this in 2017. The Victorian document was negotiated by the previous Liberal government and Labor signed it only a couple of weeks after taking office.

In 2018 Simon Birmingham declared “we welcome the fact that Victoria has shown their enthusiasm and initiative. The Australian Government welcomes the fact that through the Belt and Road Initiative China invest more across our region.”

Back in 2019 Scott Morrison had this to say about the Belt and Road Initiative, “We would be mugs to not accept the Belt and Road Initiative with China – mugs!”
And Abbott welcomed PowerChina’s investment into The Australian market after it signed a MOU with Victoria. He said, “ They are looking to invest in infrastructure in Victoria and obviously the East West Link offers them a very big opportunity in the months and years ahead.”

Denis Napthine was also pleased that PowerChina was looking at bidding on stage two of the East West Road Project, the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel and the Port of Hasting.

Of course, the Turnbull Government refused to release the agreement it had signed with China that detailed the terms of the Belt and Road Infrastructure Initiative saying China did not want the details of the agreement released to the public.
This occurred after Federal Government Trade Minister Steve Ciobo signed the memorandum of understanding, agreeing to cooperate with China building Bridges, Roads and dams in Australia.

Then a hawkish Scott Morrison in 2021, tears up two Belt and Road Initiative agreements between Victoria and China.
Why? Because Victoria has a Labor government. Morrison is all about politics, nothing else.

Editor: Cairns News has already published much of Liberal and Labor’s China escapades mentioned above.

Nola should read Cairns News more often. Why not ring Dan at his parents Mansfield property ask him to send a selfie mug shot next to Monday’s Age newspaper. No more photoshop please.

Our Mansfield correspondent advises she has another article ready to go. Watch this space.


Letter to the Editor

Daniel Andrews is evil to the core. He must be stopped.

Can I ask how a drug peddling hotdog seller that sold hotdogs as a front, covering his selling of cocaine and speed outside the tunnel night club in the early nineties became Premier of Victoria and even after himself admitting it, is still the Premier. Honestly what the f#*@ is going on. He has devastated Victoria and has his personal security contractors (the Victorian Police) running amok and causing absolute mayhem to all Victorians regardless of any of them committing any crimes. Stupid new rules implemented that would see the rest of the world laughing at us all are created daily. If rumours are correct about these 2nd Pfizer vaccines having microchips in them, then the Victorian Police must of been among the first to have them. Listening to them speak is robotic like.

For example, I watched a video taken by a guy that got followed home in Victoria by six black Public Response unit SUV’s. He pulled up his driveway got out of his car and asked a Senior Sergeant, what was the reason for this. The senior Sergeant realising that he is being filmed, stammered, the guy asks again, and the Senior Sergeant replies,” Because you were driving on a highway”. It was like his robotic memory bank had a minor melt down when quizzed, obviously a flaw that would need to be repaired. That’s not all either. They have every single cop focused on the roads with booze/drug buses , camera cars, marked police cars out everyday and night with more road blocks than anyone would ever of seen.

Thousands of people are being fined and or losing demerit points to a degree where there will be no-one left driving on our roads. I said that to a few people recently and bugger me three days later it was reported that the Victorian Police have flooded our trains network , fining people for not wearing masks, but best yet, arguing. Even the people that were wearing the masks being fined for arguing.

Its totally out of control here in Victoria and I knew The Victorian Police are a registered business as to declare their incoming funds but since when did they become Contractors for the Victorian Government ? I thought they were employed to uphold the law and protect the innocent but now I see they are no more than a private security company being paid by the Victorian Government who are the biggest crime syndicate in Victoria if not Australia.

We need a coup as nobody is helping us.

from T Mitchell, Melbourne

Electric buses

Letter to the Editor

Electric Busses made in China

Brisbane has bought electric buses from China that are possibly and most likely loaded with Spyware and potentially miniaturized military explosive devices to disable them when needed.  Aluminum/magnesium and other alloys can be triggered to flash burn, we learnt that 60 years ago; modern science can explode specific materials by simple devices.

Four of these buses go on trial on June 14.

Very sophisticated Spyware appears to have been in many other devices manufactured there, phones, photocopiers, coffee machines etc, for over twenty years. Strange devices appeared in early photocopiers etc. the repair man did not understand, they do now. Now it appears phones are taking photographs and recordings that are automated and sending them.

Many programs have other activities, it appears if using Ticktock of Huawei your data can be manipulated, forwarded, copied, or deleted — wonder why UK, France, US and Australia object to Huawei.  

We should have brought Australian made electric buses; we refuse to travel on them and so should you.

Readers should look up the speech to Officers and Generals given 15 years ago by General Chi Haotian Vice-Chairman of China’s Military Commission and Défense Minister 1993 – 2003.


G J May

Forestdale 4118

Documents show COVID is a psyop designed to change you and your nation (part 1)

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column during his recent video conference with Reiner Fuellmich and his team. BELOW: One of the key players in UK-France-EU and now global psychological operations against general populations.

COVID-19 is a massive psychological operation designed to manipulate the way populations act and think. That’s the message former Royal Navy officer and independent journalist Brian Gerrish has given German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich in a recent video conference.

Gerrish, who founded and fronts the popular online news site UK, linked up with Fuellmich to discuss the lawyer’s series of cases to bring down the fraudulent RT-PCR test. Fuellmich has filed a defamation lawsuit against corporate media fact checkers who called Professor Wolfgang Wodarg a liar for exposing the inability of PCR testing to detect actual COVID infections.

Gerrish explained that a widely available UK government report named “Mindspace – Influencing behaviour through public policy” detailed a joint British-French government project employing behavioural psychology. At the time Gerrish’s team began to see “very, very serious things happening in the UK”.

“If I just focus immediately on the Government’s use of applied behavioural psychology, back in 2010 and 2011, we as the UK Column were warning that the Government had set up a team which was called the Behavioural Insights Team … a team of psychologists who were working directly alongside not only the political process, but the policy-forming process within the British Government,” Gerrish explained.

In the “Mindspace” document the government admits to using applied behavioural psychology in designing and implementing policy. On page 66 the authors boast they can change the way people think and behave, and that people will not be aware that this has been done to them. But it adds the caveat that if they do realise that their behaviour is changed, they will not know how it was changed.

“We read this document and we were shocked, and we then started to research further. That then led us to discover that, around that time and of course a little bit earlier, the British Government had been conducting meetings with the French, in which we were bringing the political psychology teams together to produce joint plans with the French.” The key Frenchman present in the meetings was Olivier Ouillier who was working directly then for Sarkozy’s private office.

Gerrish said the all the meetings “were essentially held in secret” but the UK Column team, by carefully researching along specific routes understood to be important, discovered they had taken place. “For example, most of these meetings were conducted under the guise that they were part of a charity, the Franco-British Council, which said it was simply set up in order to improve relationships between Britain and France.

“So these meetings took place, and it was very clear that there was concerted effort to expand the use of these techniques: not only from Britain and France, but the implication at that time was that these techniques were going to be used across the wider power base of the European Union.”

When asked by Fuellmich what the purpose of this psychological activity was, Gerrish said it was about taking power. “Well, if you want to execute power, then you’re going to try and use normal, democratic politics, or you’re going to try and use force, or you’re going to try and use other means. And so, this comes to me as other means. I have to say that when I saw how cynical this was, how calculated it was, when I was using effectively my military background, I could see that this was the use of raw power.”

Gerrish said that very early in the “pandemic” he learned that the government scientific advisory group, SAGE, had an internal meeting with elements of the Government’s Behavioural Insights Team and the key person concerned with this was Dr David Halpern.

“That meeting was not properly minuted in a proper official sense, but they did put out a briefing sheet from the meeting, and in that document, which I think was dated 22 March 2020, it admitted that the SAGE team and the government’s policy on coronavirus was going to use applied psychology in order to ramp up fear in the population, in order to get the population to adhere more closely to the Government’s policy over the response to coronavirus.”

Gerrish said the SAGE document, aside from saying they were going to ramp up fear, said community members would be used to effectively police each other i.e. use people to put pressure on neighbours to wear a mask or adhere to social distancing. Cairns News notes that the South Australian government has implemented a COVID marshall system, in which government approved persons police COVID regulations.

“So it was very clear in what they were talking about that they were going to use this covert applied psychology to pressurize citizens to act against one another. And, significantly, they also said that this had to be done with some care, because they believed that it was possible that this situation could get out of control.”

Gerrish said the techniques being used on adults, the psychological techniques to induce stress and fear, were also being used on the children, and Fuellmich said every week, they changed the rules for schools, so that that teachers had to sit at their desks over weekends to figure out how to make these things work.

“And what that is, the uncertainty and the change in the rules, that is part of the psychological attack,” noted Gerrish. “Because the uncertainty immediately is putting people in a position of stress and anxiety and confusion.

“And if we go back into the professional world of applied psychology, people who are in a distressed, confused state are very susceptible to further messages and instructions. If there’s a fire in a building and people are starting to panic, the first person that starts to give clear commands to the people, those commands will be followed. And that is due to the psychological state.”

Gerrish went on to explain UK Column’s exposure of the insidious organisation Common Purpose, that had worked its way into all sectors of UK society and employed a type of brainwashing and hypnosis called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

While the technique can be used as a therapy to help people with psychological problems, Gerrish says its use by government agencies is in the realm of brainwashing and psychological manipulation.

“So, [we must] bring these two together: It is a fact that the British Government set up a specific applied psychology team. It is a fact that that team was promoting ideas to make the population fearful around the pandemic,” said Gerrish. But, on a much bigger scale, that team was using—amongst other things—NLP in order to influence virtually every document that the Government was producing

“Now, when you start to see NLP being used for political objectives, of course, the wider public is very, very vulnerable, because unless you have a little bit of training or knowledge of NLP, you won’t even realise that it’s being used on you, and it can be used in a verbal sense but it can also be used in writing.”

Cairns News recommends readers go to the full transcript of the video conference at TO BE CONTINUED

China is real time spying on every aspect of Australian life with CCTV – so is ASIO

by Gil May

We need a bit more intelligent in-depth thinking than this video. The bill referred to in this clip is the result of urgent national security requirements — think carefully about the words hereunder.


You have already been warned of potential terrorist attacks, take them very seriously.

You should know China has fully mapped Australia for imminent invasion, they know more about our country than you do.  

HIKVISION Home & Business security systems installed in many areas are owned by the CCP, all films are sent back to China. Sold by Australia Post.  Every Chinese business is ex-official of the CCP or they are not permitted to operate.

Every high rise building owned by Chinese is a security beacon and control directional unit.

Australia Post is unwittingly marketing spyware on behalf of China
All footage is sent to China from these innocent surveillance cameras

The new Brisbane electric buses made in China are all likely loaded with spyware that could possibly also detonate simple looking structural materials — they could have been made here in Australia.

The list is endless.

Understand there have been some very serious foiled terrorist attacks, some best kept from the public to prevent copy-cat acts and kept out of the press..  

When the head of National Security warns the people, and very conservative and protective men of impeccable credentials like Peter Dutton take the action they have with this legislation — there is a very valid reason and urgent need.

We are under constant computer attack hacking into business and government computers, many attempts made to get into defence, national security areas and airports to crash planes; our system is being tested by criminal elements some supported by Governments, we are very vulnerable because we have never had tough laws given to government before as we have not needed them.  Laws like these have been in overseas governments for decades, many since the last war.

Our lax laws are being used against us, the illegal boat people are just a tiny piece that you might understand easier than the complex algorithms and technical silent and invisible attack weapons unseen by the public — that are seriously visible to the defence industry.

At Christmas last year we finally gave the Federal Government authority over state governments on matters of national security – they had never had that authority before, states could enter into dangerous liaison agreements that could not be stopped.  Dictator Dan had his Belt & Roads deal with China quickly stopped, others are underway, including a Defence Force investigation into the Darwin Port being controlled by Chinese thanks to the NT Govt.

We are now in a very different world to that of ten years ago, We either have hard laws or we do not survive as we know Australia today. If China wants to attack us there is little we can do without help from other countries UK & US.  Sometimes measures for our own good are hard to take, and impossible for the ignorant whose attitude encourages attacks on our country.   

Cairns economy significantly reliant on hinterland industries

Local News

The Far Northern Queensland city of Cairns owes its existence to the Atherton Tablelands and the wider hinterland’s agricultural, tourist and mining industries.

This revelation was central to a public meeting held at Mareeba on Tuesday night when respected Cairns economist Bill Cummings told a large meeting of residents the hinterland contributed $4.5 billion annually to the Cairns economy.

One of the proposed road routes to Cairns from the Tablelands which would offer significant benefits to Redlynch Valley residents by way of easy access to the CBD and increased property values.

The meeting was held to push the state government into constructing an alternative road access to Cairns, bypassing the dangerous Kuranda Range Road.

Several alternative routes were proposed at the meeting which resulted in a unanimous resolution being carried instructing the state government to begin construction of a new four lane highway by November 30, 2021.

For three generations Tablelands and Peninsula residents have had to tolerate one of the most dangerous highways in Australia that links the vast areas of the north and west to the business hub and port of Cairns.

A report commissioned by the FNQ Regional Organisation of Councils revealed the Kuranda Range Road was officially made redundant by The Main Roads in 2005.

Here we are 16 years later still suffering the ignominy of a state government   that spends billions on the pampered south-east corner of the state while totally neglecting the million or more people of North Queensland.

Cairns residents don’t have to put up with inferior, dangerous roads in the same manner as its hinterland brothers. Therefore in light of the enormous economic benefit bestowed upon Cairns residents they should have the courteousness to support an essential road upgrade for the very people to whom they owe their economic existence.

Cairns road objectors should be supporting the Tablelands’ reach for a new road which will greatly enhance their economy as more and new industry will have the ability to open and expand.

Particularly as the deliberate government sabotage of tourism and small business has devastated the local Cairns economy which now hinges on the efforts of its own and hinterland industries.

The state government for the same reasons should follow suite.

A committee of concerned Tablelands’ residents was set up earlier in the year to create public awareness of the need for a new road and has succeeded in attracting at least some awareness from the Brisbane Labor Party although no Labor representatives turned up at the Mareeba meeting.

Similarly there was no response from Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Rod Marti or any supportive response from Mareeba Shire Mayor Angela Toppin.

However Mareeba and Tablelands councils are members of FNQROC which has taken up the slack on their behalf by supporting a new road. – contributed