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Kur-World resort at Kuranda not yet beer and skittles

One of the most ambitious eco-resort and housing developments seen in the Far North outside of the mooted Aquis venture in Cairns seems set to go ahead if the proponents get their way.

The proposed $650 million Kur-World resort at Kuranda held an open day at the 600 ha site on February 18, to showcase the project to local property owners and the public.

A timeline for the project recently released by the developers reveals consultants Reever and Ocean will deliver the draft Environmental Impact Statement in August this year.

Local property owners are relishing its release in September when it will be available for public consultation.

More than 70 people, many local, attended the property inspection where much interest was shown in the new dam, now full, that caused a lot of angst last year when it broke its bank during rain.

In November this year the EIS is expected to gain approval from the Queensland Coordinator General.

Kur-World executives Harry Sou; Mark Lawson and Neil Boland have a firm commitment to getting the eco-resort approved

Kur-World executives Harry Sou; Mark Lawson and Neil Boland have a firm commitment to getting the eco-resort approved

Chief Operations Officer Harry Sou said the Environmental Impact Study was the key to the project’s success indicating that their investors would be wary of any adverse findings.

“They will need surety,” he said.

Mr Sou said the development would be entirely self-sufficient and would not be a financial burden on any Mareeba Shire Council ratepayers.

“We will give preference to local tradesmen and material suppliers and do not propose to bring in any outside labour,” Mr Sou said.

In view of recent speculation after the failed 1500 pupil Standard Bearers Academy at Mareeba in 2015, Mr Sou stressed the makeup of the 500 student educational facility would be across the board, comprising Australian and international students, not from one country.

“We will lease out the faculty to either James Cook University, Central Queensland University, Latrobe or another Australian university,” he said.

“A part of the agreement with the faculty will ensure that we won’t try to market the unique courses in one country. The image is international.

“There will be boarders and day students with a focus on agriculture, green tourism, hospitality, environmental and organic courses.

“The business model has to survive, be sustainable and it would be way too sensitive to attract one group – it will be very versatile.”

Visitors toured a large organic vegetable garden growing a wide variety of normal and exotic plants watered by one of six bores on the property.

Project Manager Mark Lawson said organic farming would be a main feature of the green image, with the ability to supply vegetables for the resort.

The open day was not all beer and skittles when some pertinent questions about the adequacy of public infrastructure were directed at the Environmental Coordinator Neil Boland during his presentation.

Local residents Eva Podiadlowski, Speewah; Dr Colin McGregor, Kuranda; Cathy Retter, Kuranda and Marc Jascwok of Koah have questioned the size of the overall project

Local residents Eva Podiadlowski, Speewah; Dr Colin McGregor, Kuranda; Cathy Retter, Kuranda and Marc Jascwok of Koah have questioned the size of the overall project

Local protesters, members of the Kuranda Region Planning Group complained the strata development of 373 villas would place a huge burden on local facilities, in particular the water supply.

They maintained that residents mostly relied on bore water although there was some town supply available.

Nearby land owner Tanya Vickers warned the development was a threat to the lifestyles of all Kuranda inhabitants.

“The facilities like water, power and roads are insufficient and people will lose part of their properties to widen roads,” Ms Vickers claimed.

Responding, the Infrastructure Manager Nathan Lee Long said it was too early to predict what the outcomes of the EIS would be, and that he could not advise what effect it would have on local properties.

President of Kuranda Envirocare, Cathy Retter has long held reservations about the size of the resort and its social impact on the nearby and wider communities.

“We conducted a poll and we have had 400 responses so far. About 90 per cent were either somewhat against or strongly against the residential development,” Ms Retter said.

“These three bedroom villas will have to sell for around $750,000 and there are 373 proposed by 2023, with about 2000 residents using the Kuranda Range Road.

“The Initial Advice Statement said the resort will not have any impact on the range road, but add in 500 students and staff, of course it will.”

The developers hope to market the strata-titled villas locally, interstate and overseas and will be built in three stages over six years.

“We are going to work out what we would like to see with social and environmental outcomes,” Ms Retter said.

“There should be standards they are adhering to and a level of responsible stewardship.”

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by John F Howard in Townsville

Netherlands-based bank Rabobank with the aid of an armada of government-paid enforcers arriving in government vehicles along with grubby receivers Ferrier Hodgson heavied Noeline Bradshaw and her son Neil to get off their cattle property, Ballabay north of Pentland.

Noelene and Neil were arrested by several violent officers and marched off to the paddy wagon

Although the receivers and Rabobank representatives indicated they would go to the negotiating table after a court appearance on Thursday, in order to avoid a welcoming party at the property they did not arrive on Monday February 20 as they had indicated.

Instead they arrived in military style on Wednesday, with enforcers blocking the entry road and threatening any media or supporters with arrest if they tried to enter.

Ferrier Hodgson were supposed to remove the family on “voluntary terms” as they had suggested.

It appears they did not wish to have any other parties present when removing the entire family.

Neil Bradshaw owns cattle on the property that are not mortgaged to Rabobank. He previously circulated descriptions and brands of his cattle to all livestock agents and meatworks warning them not to deal with the cattle.

This sorry saga of a foreign bank dispossessing honest, hard-working Australians from their properties is completely sanctioned by the LNP and Labor Party.

Banking industry sources believe Rabobank is acting in league with coal and gas companies to remove land holders in order to easily access known coal and gas reserves in the Pentland district.

“Rabobank will have token buyers lined up ready to buy the properties at discounted prices, leaving the Bradshaws holding the bag with a $1 million or more deficit, which without any means of income they will never be able to pay off,” the source said.

Yesterday Member for Kennedy Bob Katter weighed into this disgraceful episode, contacting the Labor Polce Minister(whose husband is a police inspector) then arriving at the Charters Towers police station to get the Bradshaws out of the watch house.

He was told the Bradshaws had been released just before he arrived.

The clearly upset Bob Katter told Cairns News that the lending practices of the banks are designed to allow foreclosures.

“In this case the bank loaned the family too much money because of droughts and poor cattle prices then the government-instigated live cattle export ban which placed them in an unviable position,” he said

“The banks are a law unto themselves and there is no power on earth to control them.

“I have got hundreds of similar cases on file where farmers have not been able to get any relief from any of the so-called government watchdogs like ACCC, courts, the Reserve Bank ASIC and others that are supposed to offer financially stressed businesses relief.

“Banks like Rabobank continue to flagrantly break the law.

“The Bradshaws are devastated after a lifetime’s work to lose their possessions to a foreign bank or any bank.

“The bank will make a profit of half a million or more from these seizures and the Bradshaws will have to carry a $1 million or more debt for the rest of their lives.

“This assault on an Australian farming family clearly demonstrates the urgent need for a Royal Commission into banking practices.”

Islam should watch out for Jesus

By Arley Steinhour

Over my years of longevity,
I thought Australia just might be,
Down Under, where, Freedom Rules,
And Folks, ‘up over,’ were the Fools

To, take in Refugees, that want to Kill,
Any and all, that won’t take ‘Bitter Pill,’
Subscribing to Satan, called ‘Refugee,’
Who’d pillage and plunder, out-back for free.


Christian, or not, all be a target,
Conversion, or Death, like at the Market,
They’ll Shiver your Timbers, take down your Sail,
Without guns or ammunition, you can only Wail.

You’d kiss Eternity, good-bye in a flash,
Taking their ‘Mark,’ plus giving some cash,
Then they would have you, your Soul quite dead,
For throwing it away, from Jesus, Eternities, Head.

Remember, your heritage, from the Condemned,
Turn to Lord, Jesus, and your Sins, He’ll Amend,
Repent your ways, and Accept His Redemption,
Your Sin-life erased, as His Just, Compensation.

The Time is quite short, before our Departure,
In Twinkle of eye, Gone, like Arrow from Archer,
High, into the Sky, to Find Jesus Awaiting,
Arms Open, to Hug, without any Debating.


Exit right, Cory Bernardi

by Don Aitken

I have not met Senator Bernardi, but I’ve read  some of his writing. From what I have read in the media and on line, it might surprise some people to learn that in fact he is a published author. His seven books include two for children, the rest being about politics, collections of his own opinion pieces, and a book that did well in the review sections, The Conservative Revolution. Thus far the talk has all been about how his defection from the Liberal Party is another destabilising factor for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Since Bernardi is unlikely to vote for anything that Labor or the Greens would put up, there’s no likely loss of support for the Government on the floor of the Senate. There may be trouble in the next South Australian elections, and more widely, if Senator Bernardi manages to arouse people like him around the country to form another party of the Right. The Australian Conservatives movement he set up is said (by Wikipedia) to have 50,000 members. We will have to wait to see.

Senator Corey Bernardi of South Australia believes the two- party system of government  is finished

Senator Corey Bernardi of South Australia believes the two- party system of government is finished

I think his departure is important because it demonstrates further the weakness in the current alignments in Australian politics, about which I have written a few times. All political parties are coalitions, really, united on not much more than the importance of their forming the next government. Labor  is the best example, as we see again and again when the factions clash, or when high-flyers like Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard injure each other. So who is Senator Bernardi, and where does he sit in it all?

Since most of us don’t come from South Australia, here is a potted biography. Bernardi is 47, his father an Italian immigrant. Bernardi was a rower of real class, having been an AIS graduate, the member of a winning crew at Henley, and a member of an Australian representative eight. He did his back in, and that ended his rowing career. He’s worked as a labourer, a finance person and probably in his family’s pub. He’s been a Liberal Senator from SA since 2006, and was the youngest ever Federal Vice-President of the Liberal Party, as well as State President in South Australia. What has got under his skin? His short speech to the Senate, with a full attendance and press gallery, presented a man who spoke simply and well. He thinks the political class has failed Australia, that the tone of politics is much worse than it was ten years ago, and that Australians everywhere deserve better than this. His Australian Conservatives show the way, he thinks, and he hopes those who agree with him will join them. He didn’t raise his voice once. It was courteous and cool. Its was the first time I had seen or heard him, and I was impressed.

What is he about? He doesn’t like 18c, he thinks Islam is a threat, he is opposed to abortion, and strongly dislikes the Safe Schools Program. And, unsurprisingly, he is a sceptic about the imagined threats from global warming. What is he for? His website says that As a member of the Liberal Party of Australia for over 30 years, Cory fought to support Sir Robert Menzies’ vision of stronger families, fostering free enterprise, limited government and supporting civil society of the ‘forgotten people’. How does that make different from a lot of other Liberals? It doesn’t. Why then is he leaving? Is he disgruntled because he’s not part of the ministerial team? I don’t know. But he may not have been considered for the ministerial team because he is seen as a person of views that are out of the current Liberal mainstream. Then he has been writing unpopular pieces for a long time. He wrote a sceptical piece about ‘climate change’ in 2007 — that’s ten years ago. And Malcolm Turnbull distanced himself from it at once. If you want more about him, Michelle Grattan has a thirty minute podcast where he answers her questions. Again, he comes across well, thoughtful, quiet, reflective.

In that podcast he pointed to the revolving door for prime ministers over the past decade, and argued that the tendency of both political parties to shiver about the polls and go for short-term engineering solutions (replace the bloke in charge) is indicative of a lack of real purpose in Australian politics. I tend to agree. It was much easier in the 1950s and 1960s, when the economy was growing, there was a lot of infrastructure to create, and governments (both Federal and State) had jobs to do, for parties to look and stay united. Today things are very different. Australia is a lot wealthier, and in all sorts of respects it is a better society to live in than was the case half a century ago.

But the parties are baffled by contemporary circumstances. There is a half-trillion national debt for the parties to deal with. The economy is not growing in a steady way. Industries are dying, jobs are changing, the population is growing, houses are unaffordable for young people, there are insistent demands from every side for measures to deal with this or that problem, and there are no quick fixes for any of this. Indeed, there are no slow fixes, either, that would have long-term support.

And to adapt some themes from my last essay, Australian political discussion is now a mixture of two rather incompatible perspectives on the good society and how to attain it. People want to hang on to what they have, and what they have earned, and they also want governments to solve problems, but without increases in taxation. The old-fashioned British preference for limited government, and the Continental elevation of principles above practice, are mixed up in an awkward way.

I think that Senator Bernardi has found that mixture less and less to his taste. He sees (this is my view) the Turnbull Government is trying to occupy the middle ground in Australian politics, to be a sort of better, more experienced and more sensible Labor Party, and he thinks that is both wrong and unsuccessful. It is certainly the latter at least at the moment, with a large gap between the Government and the Opposition in the opinion polls. There must be many in the Coalition today who see the rejection of Tony Abbott by the Liberals, in retrospect, as a disastrous move. Bernardi is probably one of them. Why did he leave now? Well, there is always a last straw, but I don’t know what it was.

I am not going further down the leadership path, other than to suggest that Mr Abbott had the same kind of problem Julia Gillard had earlier. If you set out to be different from your opponents, you have to be extremely persuasive at selling the difference. Neither leader was. Senator Bernardi believes that he will get significant support in building his Australian Conservatives, and that he and they will offer a different way of painting the future from Pauline Hanson and One Nation. All that is ahead of us. Mr Turnbull is not very effective in persuading us that his ‘we can do it better than Labor’ position is a real winner.

What we may be getting to, I think, is a state of politics in which the major parties cannot govern by themselves. They will in time need the support of minor parties simply to form a government, just as they now need minor party and cross-bench support in the Senate to get legislation through. Julia Gillard’s Government followed negotiation with the Greens. Maybe our two-party system, which started in 1910, is reaching its use-by date.That wouldn’t worry me, as many other countries have multi-party systems where coalitions and compromises are required before anyone can form a government.

Senator Bernardi is at the beginning of a six-year term, and he is most experienced, not simply in the Senate but also in the grassroots business of gaining and keeping support. So I wouldn’t write him off at all. Yet I do wonder how many ‘real’ Conservatives there are out there, and how many of them will support a new party.


Video reveals bank illegally evicting farmer condoned by QLD police and receivers

Receivers accompanied by “19 armed Qld police” with an armada of vehicles swooped on the farm to evict the Bradshaw family for the Netherlands bank Rabobank on an outdated and illegal warrant from which they arrested one farmer. A bloody disgrace and yesterday is too late for an unrestricted FULL inquiry into the banking system in Australia …

Soros and GetUp set to agitate Bernardi

GetUp Australia is billionaire George Soros’ puppet cult. It is one of the most dangerous pressure groups (naïve students and Greens  disciples) in Australia today.  Canada and Hungary right now are moving to ban all George Soros funded organisations in their countries. Soros backed and funded Hilary Clinton’s disastrous campaign to become US president. Soros has been found by US authorities to fund left-wing violent campaigns against Trump and the powerful firearms lobby.


Soros directly funded demonstrations to disrupt Trump’s inauguration and also contributed towards the ‘womens march’ in the US, attended by hairy armpitted, hairy legged, pseudo-intellectual, chardonnay-sipping left-wing feminists who hate men with a passion.Below is the latest tirade from the Bolsheviks of GetUp:

George Soros funds violent left-wing demonstrations, Hilary Clinton and GetUp Australia


Right-wing Senator Cory Bernardi just announced he’s leaving the Liberals to form his own ‘Australian Conservatives’ Party. Modelling himself on Donald Trump, Bernardi’s agenda is one of hate, climate destruction and increasing inequality. His policies hurt people. And he’s starting off with 50,000 followers and his “very close friend” Gina Rinehart, who joined Bernardi in meetings with Trump’s campaign team in New York.1 Like Trump, we can’t underestimate Bernardi or the damage he can do. We have a community of 1 million members, who proved last election we can take on the far right and win. If there’s any group of committed, passionate people who can counter Bernardi’s Trump-inspired politics of division, it’s us. But to keep countering that far right agenda, we need to fight harder and longer than any election campaign. That means more people joining the GetUp Crew — the team of GetUp supporters who make a regular donation to fund our collective power.

Check out our video about what Bernardi’s move means for Australia — and join the GetUp Crew today.

What will we do? Everything GetUp does best. We’re going to counter and frustrate Bernardi’s mining-backed right-wing agenda with bigger, deeper and more far-reaching campaigns — just like we did to stop Tony Abbott’s extreme agenda. We’ll hit the streets, airwaves and online. And we’ll counter his 50,000 followers with 1 million passionate GetUp members, like we’ve done time and again on the issues that matter. But we won’t stop there. We’ll also work with members to mobilise in their own communities, and get their neighbours and friends involved to organise for lasting, long-term change that combats hate and division with unity. And we’ll drive the political narrative with cutting-edge, media-grabbing policy research that takes back the agenda from Bernardi’s denial of science and fact. All to be backed in by the creative ads and viral videos that reach millions and stand out from the political pack.

Australia not under the Crown of the UK

Letter to the Editor



Australia is NOT UNDER THE CROWN of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as thieves and traitors have been telling everyone for the last 116 years, and the so-called “Acts of Parliament” have been a SHAM since the day Australia became a COMMONWEALTH by Proclamation issued by Queen Victoria pursuant to “An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, 63 & 64 Victoria. Chapter 12. 9th July 1900” that took place in Sydney’s Centennial Park on the 1st of January 1901.


The High Court of England acknowledges the fact that “As soon as Australia became independent, the 1900 Act ceased to have any effect as an exercise of sovereign power of the United Kingdom” (Fitzgibbon v HM Attorney General. Case No: CH/2004/APP/0447. 09/02/2005).


Australia is NOT “a Constitutional Monarchy”. It is a Commonwealth. A Monarchy and a Commonwealth are mutually exclusive. With a Monarchy, the Crown owns the land. With a Commonwealth, the People own the land. The British Crown had already taken possession of Australia in 1788 and was not going to surrender it because Australia is incredibly resource-rich. Queen Victoria wrote in 1900 that Australia was “the said Our Commonwealth”, knowing full-well it was a lie. And that lie has been perpetuated, ever since, and enforced by a subtle but ruthless tyranny of a fraudulent Judiciary conspiring with rapacious profiteers, such as bankers and other international cartels who even have the “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” listed as a corporation of the US Securities and Exchange Commission- naturally for their benefit and the disenfranchisement of the People of Australia.


Oh yes, the AUSTRALIAN LIE will continue with fireworks in Sydney Harbour on the 26th of January and the ignorant masses will have their barbeques and beer and sing “Advance Australia Fair”.


And woe betide anyone who attempts to say, “But the Emperor has no clothes!”


Yours sincerely,

John Wilson


Overseas travellers will need iris scan, facial recognition and fingerprints to leave Australia


Australia is maintaining its ‘guinea pig’ status for the world by enforcing facial recognition and iris ID scans for its citizens, aided and abetted by the Liberal Party. If it works other countries will follow.

We suggest you contact Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s office and tell him you will not participate in such draconian ID measures

New technology will mean many travellers will soon not need to present their passports when entering or leaving Australia.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is seeking tenders for a self-processing system to be introduced later this year.

The Liberal and National Parties will make you take facial recognition, iris scans and fingerprints before you are allowed to leave Australia. This is in line with the final Chapter, Revelation found in your Holy Bible. Will you comply?

The Liberal and National Parties will make you take facial recognition, iris scans and fingerprints before you are allowed to leave Australia. This is in line with the final Chapter, Revelation found in your Holy Bible. Will you comply?

The system will use fingerprints, iris or facial structure recognition at major air and sea ports.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the aim was for more than 90 per cent of passengers to avoid paperwork or manual processing by staff.

“In many cases that will mean people, whilst they’ll still have to carry their passport, may not have to present their passport at all in the long term,” Mr Dutton said.

“But in the immediate term, this will make it easier, it will make it quicker, for people going in and out of our airports.”

Mr Dutton said the $78 million upgrade would also boost security at the nation’s borders by making it easier to detect threats.

“Already we know from the money we’ve invested into biometrics collections that that is a much more reliable collection than we have with people just scanning manually passports,” he said.

“So there is the ability through this technology to improve detections of people that might be coming into our country to do the wrong thing.”

Mr Dutton said cutting down processing times for travellers was also likely to boost tourism.

He said the government was keeping an open mind as to what technology may be used as it sought tenders.


-from ABC

We do not owe the blackfellas a living

Aboriginal cultural history did not begin until the end of 1945. Prior to the end of WWII indigenous inhabitants of Australia faced a grim future with Japanese imperial forces on our door step and the German army taking over Europe.

It took the US Navy to stem the Japanese tide at the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942 otherwise it would have been all over for our languishing black population.

Do indigenous agitators think the Japs would have spared their forefathers if they started their mainland push southwards from Darwin or Cairns?

The Aborigines would have been exterminated to a man, but thanks to the heroic Australian army they held off the pagan invaders at Kokoda.

Australian 39th Battalion at Kokoda fought off the Japs

Australian 39th Battalion at Kokoda fought off the Japs

Thankfully there was a scattering of indigenous soldiers in the Australian forces who fought just as hard alongside the white troops and their efforts have been formally recognised.

Violent demonstrations in Sydney about ‘invasion day’ being held on January 26 to commemorate the 1788 arrival of the first fleet have fallen on the deaf ears of mainstream Australia and repulsed while the unwashed, dole collecting, pinko rent-a-crowd clashed with police.

National conscription has again been mooted by One Nation and polling has shown it will be accepted by the rank and file population.

Pauline Hanson. One Nation has mooted a return of national conscription for 17 to 24 year olds

Pauline Hanson. One Nation has mooted a return of national conscription for 17 to 24 year olds

These brain-dead, university indoctrinated Bolsheviks need cleaning out just like the second generation of left-leaning university lecturers and the black militia that have infiltrated the so-called halls of secondary education.

The army needs beefing up, most likely with the aid of a battalion of US Marines who could assist our hopeless Generals with discipline by kicking out the gay brigade and women from front line troops.

Then our military would easily accommodate the hordes of 17 to 24 year olds sucking off the social security teat and show them there is more to life than rallying against and bludging off normal people who really run the country.

US President Donald Trump has started to drain the swamp. Australia needs to drain the swamp and flush out the malcontents as soon as possible.

US President Donald Trump has started to drain the swamp. Australia needs to drain the swamp and flush out the malcontents as soon as possible.

Trump has started with the disinfectant in the US to flush out the same mob from their once-esteemed campuses and to ‘drain the swamp’ a process we should follow as soon as possible, that is when we put the broom through the limp-wristed, politically correct bureaucracy that infests Canberra.

All jobs for the boys in the bureaucracy and judiciary should be declared vacant by the militarist Governor General from June 30, 2017 and then re-employ half the number who sign declarations of non-membership of trade unions, political parties and the Lodge.

Turnbull’s ever- diminishing ‘ruling elite’ and Shorten’s mishmash of miscreants should end up in the mop bucket along with this third generation of bureaucratic malcontents who with the aid of their ideological masters have pushed Australia to a standstill.

Australians must thumb their noses at the international ruling elite whose designs of a one world government will stop with Trump.

Unfortunately we do not yet have a political messiah emerging from the ranks but when the going gets even tougher, the Australian camaraderie historically, will shine through.

No corporate party hacks will be tolerated and in reality it is not a job for a woman.

May God help this country for right now there is nobody else!

Melbourne slaughter video

The keen eye of persons unknown have drawn attention on video footage taken revealing a man in blue seen at Flinders street railway station entrance waving and what seem directing the driver of the red car for what reason?

Conspiracy theory or not this video maybe interpreted many ways.

  • Is the man in blue waving and directing with his arm party to this carnage.
  • Is the man in blue a plain clothed police officer attempting to direct the diver.
  • Is the man in blue encouraging the driver to continue doughnuts on the road.

“What do you think”?

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