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Russian forces start shelling Kiev

Ukraine update 7

In response to the shelling of civilians in the liberated city of Donetsk the RF has been shelling Kiev. The continuous bombardment of Kiev these last two days has given cause for the politicians there to pay heed. The Ukrainian’s do not know where to run to.

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyenko

In Lisichansk the Ukrainian troops are surrendering  en masse, thirty, fifty at a time, they do not need much encouragement. Of the original party of howitzers supplied by the Americans, the last 10 were destroyed, however more are being shipped into the Ukraine through Poland. On the 20.6.22 two Polish tactical battalions crossed into the Ukraine; they were immediately liquidated by Belarus missiles.   

Snake island was being hit by Howitzers  based on the mainland, the positions of these 4 units were identified and the position destroyed, using long range incendiary weapons. This was the 4th attempt to take the island. The Ukrofascists lost 12 drones and the control base located in the Achakova region.

In the last 24 hours 40 command bunkers were wiped clean using Caliber rockets as well Onyx rockets (with a range of 1500+ klm). Previously I mentioned that 50 plus high-ranking officers were killed in a surgical strike. The current count is that there were at least 70 or more that perished and still counting. As it turns out our reconnaissance is doing a wonderful job. The meeting included not only Ukrainians but also high-ranking military personnel from England, Poland, France, US and Germany. The RF has warned that any spy plane that is spotted will be shot down, disregarding its location.

A friend of mine that works in the space industry mentioned that the RF had taken offline 3 US satellites, and impaired the functioning of several others. Other NATO satellites were forced to change their orbits while they were still able. We have now introduced our S500 systems into the mix. They are able to destroy satellites in low orbit and planes at high altitude.

My understanding is that the US is rather upset after they tried to launch 5 satellites into space using a Russian space engine but failed. NASA has written to the pentagon concerned that they were unable to acquire titanium and aluminum using in the construction of rockets and other space equipment. It turns out that Russia was the supplier of these particular specialty items.  I expect this will have a detrimental impact upon the American space industry.

Russia has ceased transporting hydrocarbons through Ukraine and Turkey. Seems Canada’s Trudeau believes that blocking the return of the Siemens equipment destined for Russia is a grand idea. I doubt the EU thinks the same about this. As such we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons to the EU, these items are critical to the safety of the plant and its operators. Even in the event that Trudeau decides to release the units it will take months to install and commission them, perhaps winter will arrive later as opposed to sooner. 

In the Lozovaya region a group comprising approximately 800 militants were hit by the RF’s artillery. Within a short time, the Ukrofascists started contributing to the operation by using air support against the militants. Once the fireworks subsided, we discovered that approximately half of the combatants had been liquidated. The interesting thing is that most of the combatants turned out to be Canadians.  

The RF officers gathered for a meeting in their command center. They made it very clear that they expected the full support of the Russian authorities and that there will be no half measures when it comes to the distribution of penalties against the Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren.

Recently I watched the wife of a Ukrainian soldier tell her husband’s story. The Ukrainians were instructed to drop their troops off at a designated location. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that the Russians were already there. They lost 80 fighters and two armored personnel carriers (БТР).  The RF have lost patience with the Ukrainian forces, we now simply state surrender or die, we are not here to negotiate.  

The Polish are now arresting their Ukrainian guests and returning them to the Ukraine in handcuffs.  It is becoming more common place for the Ukrainian military to tell their commanding officers to go to hell. They are now stating rather frequently that Zelensky should go to the front himself and shoot at the RF himself.  He has essentially lost all respect, assuming he had any in the beginning, which is highly doubtful. I believe Kiev may be waking up, they are demoralized and are struggling to find fighters. The Ukrofascists are digging in deep between Kiev and the Belarus border, they are roughly 150klm apart. We can see their activities with our satellites, trucks delivering logs and other construction items. These fortifications will not save them.

The American switchblade drones are falling out of the skies on a very regular basis. We have been collecting them and I expect our tech savvy lads will be able to tweak them so that we can send them back in the same spirit in which they were given. They carry a pay load of 4/5 kg of explosive generally for use against tanks. However, our T72 tanks are generally able to withstand 5 to 10 hits before they expire.

The BMPT, it is a tank support fighting vehicle, these units essentially replace supporting infantry. We have introduced into the fray our Terminators. These are twin auto cannons each capable of firing 10 30mm round per/sec. the guns can be loaded with multiple types of shells, including enriched uranium ammunitions. In other words, one explosive shell can punch a hole through a concrete wall while another hardened armor piercing round can enter the same hole to do its work.

Both cannons are synchronised with each other, the operator is housed in the underbelly of this beast, generally out of harm’s way. They Ukrofascists were able to incapacitate one of these units but not before it took out 2 Ukrainian tanks, 3 armored personnel carriers (БТР), 2 amphibious combat vehicle (БМД) and 1 all-terrain infantry transport (ЛТМБ). My understanding is that the unit ran out of ammunition. These units can engage 16 targets simultaneously including airborne. They were found to be extremely effective in Syria, they were used against snipers in Syria. The RF were able to retrieve the unit which is destined for repair.

Currently access to Kaliningrad can be achieved by sea, however the Latvians have heavily restricted the flow of goods through their territory. The RF has indicated that this path could lead to serious consequences not dissimilar to that of the Ukraine, I can only hope they heed our message.

It appears that the last Ukrainian visit conducted by the heads of state of Germany, France, Poland was more to do with reminding Zelensky about payment as opposed to providing more weaponry. We believe that the Europeans are interested in receiving grain in exchange for goods and services. As it turns out in the last 3 years the Ukrainian farmers have not been paid for their harvest. It seems that the Ukrofascists have been helping themselves to the farmers crops. The farmers want Russia to take over, the man on the land is supporting the RF.

Decarbonising, terraforming of planet Earth is underway in US to destroy civilisation

A must view video, The decarbonization terraforming of planet Earth is now under way. A new project has already been launched that will install mega machines across five U.S. states to harvest “life molecules” out of the atmosphere in an effort to shut down photosynthesis and unleash global food crop failures that destroy human civilization.

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Germany found 80 percent of Omicron cases occurred in fully vaccinated people

(Natural News) A research paper found that people who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine had a lower rate of suffering a severe case of the virus amidst the pandemic.

(Article by Natalie Winters republished from

The article, which has been uploaded to the preprint server ResearchGate, relied on data from over 18,500 respondents across 175 countries. Analysis revealed that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 reported fewer instances of hospitalization in comparison to their vaccinated counterparts.

MSN – a news website launched by vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates’s Microsoft in 1995 – covered the study, titling its article “Severe COVID-19 ‘Rare’ In Unvaccinated People,” but appears to have taken down the story since its publication. Archived versions of the article are still available, however.

The survey – “Self-reported outcomes, choices and discrimination among a global COVID-19 unvaccinated cohort“– was conducted from September 2021 through February 2022. Data collected for the survey was analyzed by an independent, international team of scientists led by Robert Verkerk, Ph.D., the founder and executive and scientific director of Alliance for Natural Health International.

“It is important to recognize that because the cohort represents a self-selected, as opposed to randomly selected, sample, the findings cannot be directly compared with other observational studies based on self-reported data based on randomly selected subjects,” emphasized the study.

Many of the unvaccinated individuals included in the analysis opted for natural treatments such as vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, and drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

The study also found that people unvaccinated against COVID-19 faced discrimination for their decisions, with between 20 to 60 percent of people per country reporting being personal targets of “hate or victimization.”

“Respondents reported feeling even more victimized by their respective states, with rates among respondents being greatest in Southern Europe (61%), Western Europe (59%), Australia and New Zealand (57%) and South America (57%),” explained the paper.

The survey follows additional studies reaching similar conclusions about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. A Koch Institute report assessing data from the German government, for example, found that 80 percent of cases of the Omicron variant occurred in fully vaccinated people in the country.

Read more at: TheNationalPulse.cofrom Gil May

Info fascists: Butt out of our messages and web content!

WEF attendee, e-Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant reckons our freedoms need to be “recalibrated”.


MEET ACMA (the Australia Communications and Media Authority), who, in league with Australia’s eCommissioner Julie Inman-Grant, are all part of a global drive to control and censor media outlets like Cairns News, that dare to challenge official narratives around big issues like Covid-19 or the rigged 2020 US election.

ACMA chairwoman Nerida O’Loughlin

In February 2021 ACMA welcomed the new Australian Code of Practice on Disinformation and Misinformation released by the Digital Industry Group (DIGI). It was Australia’s nod to the dictatorial practices of big social media networks to censor and “correct” disinformation, i.e. stories from alternative media that challenged officially approved narratives.

Cairns News challenges Inman Grant and ACMA chairwoman Nerida O’Loughlin to deny that their primary, essential mission is censorship and control of information that challenges the official, manufactured narratives of global, entrenched networks of power.

Cairns News also awaits a response from O’Loughlin as to what exactly are the “incorrect views” about the US election and Covid 19 and to deny that her primary agenda now is censorship and control of information.

Grant spent nearly 20 years working for Microsoft, Adobe and Twitter. She also works with the current US administration’s Gender Policy Council and WEF’s Global Coalition for Digital Safety. No surprise then, that this bureaucrat should be talking at the recent WEF about “recalibrating human rights”. Grant’s office can already penalize internet service providers who fail to comply with its orders to remove content.

Of course the ACMA folk, like all federal bureaucrats, are “very smart” with all the right corporate qualifications from both public and private sectors – and that’s where their problem lies. They are corporate automatons, brainwashed into corporatist thinking taught by the likes of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

They don’t think too much about lofty concepts such as “life, liberty and the pursuit” of happiness, as contained in the US Declaration of Independence or similar principles as upheld in the Commonwealth Constitution. Their concept of “human rights” is narrowly confined to socialistic UN “principles” e.g. “gender and racial equity”. Some of them even talk about “climate justice” as if “the climate” is crying out for a fair go too.

On that 2020 US election issue we are repeatedly told by mainstream media that Trump’s accusation of vote fraud is “false”, “baseless”, “debunked” and even “the big lie”, even though no media or anyone for that matter, can say there was no organised fraud because investigations into that allegation are still ongoing. Recent vote fraud investigations and prosecutions in the US, as reported by Cairns News, also point to organised fraud on a large scale.

But somehow, Australian bureaucrats now feel it is their duty to enforce the mainstream media narrative because only mainstream media can be trusted to report the facts without fear or favour from entrenched government and corporate interests – if you can believe that.

In fact, it is the entrenched relationship between governments and big business corporations that prompts Cairns News to use the word “neo-fascism” to describe these bureaucracies. Historically, fascism is defined as: “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” (Merriam Webster)

But, you might object, our Australian PM Albanese and most bureaucrats are neither racist, nor nationalists, nor dictators. True, but all certainly are captive to a system in which all industry and commerce is regimented into something like George Orwell’s “Groupthink”.

More accurately this is a “corporatist” system, which is closely related to fascism. In America this system is known as the military-industrial complex, warnings against which were made by presidents Eisenhower and JFK back in the 50s and early 60s.

The modern form of fascism (neo-fascism) has merged with global New Left anti-racism, feminism and environmentalism and in the present corporate world this is expressed in the coerced regimentation of business into the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) system.

“Groupthink” is what all the alphabet agencies of Australian government and industry practice on a daily basis. Those who don’t think like the group thinks are singled out for ridicule, discrimination and public shaming as was practiced in the past by totalitarian regimes.

Today we see examples in the corporate sports world. Naïve young sports stars who misbehave are singled out for public shaming and apologies. Apologies should only be made to people who may be injured by misbehavior, not the entire populace.

In one notable incident, the Wallabies rugby union star Israel Folau had his contract cancelled by the Australian Rugby Union for “homophobia” because he expressed a religious view on homosexuality. That was a brazen attack on Folau’s freedom of speech and religion, which are synonymous.

The LGBTIQ+ crowd tell us what brave, rugged individuals they are for “coming out” on one hand and then tell us on the other that religious views like Folau’s deeply offend them. Then they demand special legislation to protect them like they are some sort of endangered species.

Corporatist group think is also practiced by Aussie Rules football, whose teams and supporters were encouraged to give public support to the neo-Marxist radicals Black Lives Matter and the LGBTIQ crowd.

The AFL has since broadened its ‘Vilification Framework’ from racism to include sexual orientation, meaning teams are now co-opted into public shows of support for “pride days” and the like. The AFL has also produced an 11-page Gender Identity Policy which makes for entertaining reading.

What is hilarious is that while the AFL is crowing about “inclusivity” its gender identity policy makes it clear that trannies won’t make it into the AFLW or first grade because of rules against testosterone treatments. Trannies take testosterone if moving from female side to male but the policy sets testosterone levels at or below 5 nmol/L for at least two years prior.

There is a popular revolt against this nonsense, and sports administrators and their big corporate sponsors are feeling the heat from below to the point now where some opportunities for tranny intrusions into top-level competition are being cut off.

ACMA, the e-Commissioner and the Australian Human Rights Commission bureaucrats are squirming over such developments in their board room chairs. How dare the common folk revolt! Even worse, how dare they express their views on social media!

Russian update: US, UK, Aussie mercenaries trapped, killed in eastern Ukraine

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Update 20.6.22

The Chechens have commandeered an Australian bushmaster and now use it to fight Ukrofascists.

In the southern Donetsk region, there is ongoing intense fighting. A sufficiently large group of foreign mercenaries mostly comprising Americans and some British were liquidated by RF and LPR forces. Almost all were killed a few managed to cross back over into the south west where the Ukrofascists control the territory. This is supported by a video message posted on social media by the American mercs, stating that the situation was critical. The RF estimates that there are 20,000 mercs and associated volunteers in the Ukraine, this number is shrinking.

Another large group comprising 3000 foreign mercenaries (we believe largely NATO) has been completely encircled in the southern Donetsk region, AZOT chemical plant. This group has been reduced to 800 mercenaries; some mercenaries were taken captive. The situation at the site is similar to that of Azovstal. 700 are believed to be of American origins the other 100 are Polish. The mercenaries are trapped and they have indicated a willingness to trade. I don’t know where they were taught to fight but I get the feeling they think they are in a market place, as they seem to believe they can trade their way out of this situation. The mercenaries’ released approximately half of the civilians (500), mostly the males but retained the women and children to use as a human shield and bargaining chip. I don’t see how they are able to visualize any alternative other than surrender or die. Mind you we get the sense that they are surrendering at a faster rate.  

In another cauldron in the Donetsk region the RF encircled an 8000-man contingent. It has now been reduced to 2600 Ukrofascists and their foreign mercenary brethren. Those that weren’t killed or captured are now scattered throughout the local forests. We aren’t particularly interested in chasing them down, eventually they’ll have to surface. All the roads are blocked and our border posts are numerous. The thing is, the Ukrofascists destroyed most of the bridges and roads themselves, they have nowhere to retreat, no boats, flotilla anyway out. They might be able to find a shallow crossing here and there but with the rain season setting in its just a matter of time. Some of the rivers do not lend themselves to being crossed easily.

Similarly, a large Azot fighting force comprising roughly 2000+ are trapped in another part of the southern Donetsk region. Of these it is assumed that approximately 25% are foreign mercenaries. These men made the right choice by surrendering, the RF will not be freely releasing information pertaining to the individuals and their current situation in order to protect their families from Ukrofascists vendettas.

A caliber missile launched from the sea struck a Ukrofascists’ command post in the Dnepropetrovsk Region killing 50 high ranking officers and approximately 16 generals. Panic is setting in for the Ukrainian forces, they are critically low on human resources. Poland has started deporting Ukrainian men of fighting age back to the Ukraine. For these men it will be straight to the front line. Currently we are fighting on two fronts the Ukrainian’s are incurring losses of at least 1000 men per day, the loss of men on the other front is higher. The Donetsk Republic was taken by the RF yesterday 19.6.22.

The RF has superior fire power and are better equipment. In fact, we have so much captured NATO / western armaments we are experiencing logistical issues with their transport and storage. But in reality, we now use their own weapons against them. The Chechens have commandeered an Australian bushmaster and now use it to fight Ukrofascists.

Biden has indicated his intent to supply the Ukraine with half of Americas MLRS’s (vehicle mounted multiple rocket launches) approximately 300 units. Perhaps it’s a good time for China to make its move.

The Chechen forces are becoming renowned in the battle field. If the Ukrofascists get wind that the Chechens are on their way, they tend to drop their weapons and run. The Chechens reputation precedes them. The RF forces are giving the Ukrofascists a little reprieve while they regroup and swap out their fighting forces. The Ukrofascists are pulling back to reform a new front on the western flank of the Dnieper River and have moved the line roughly 5klm west.  The RF has encircled the Ukrainian stronghold in Lysychansk and the surrounding area. The Ukrofascists are currently retreating to the fortified stronghold there. Kiev also received a work over as reminder that we have not forgotten it. The fighting in the Nikolaevka area is intensifying. One hundred and eighty Australian mercenaries’ have fled the battle field and the Ukraine, this occurred two days ago (18.6.22), the RF considered these men to be cowards.

Today the Ukrainians started firing at an oil platform within Russian held territory. In response Odessa received a barrage of artillery and other shelling. A section of the sea has been cleared of mines; the RF now has access to the inland water ways. There is a significant battle at Snake Island, it is being shelled. This is a strategic point that boasts a military advantage and it has been officially declared as part of the Russian federation.

The EU and the US are talking about a protracted war, I believe we can accommodate them for any amount of time that suits them, we are in no rush. The Moldavian cabal appear to want to join NATO but today there were 40,000 people protesting this, if anything it would appear that the people’s preference would be to join the RF. The fuel price in Europe is becoming critical people now need to decide whether to spend their pitiful wages on food or fuel. It appears that China managed to buy all the gas and oil surplus from the Arabs. The Arabs will have no surplus for the next five years, seems the EU has missed out. In a recent MSM publication I noticed China stating that the unipolar world order is finished. It was stated very pointedly and seemed to imply don’t push us.

During Macron’s recent visit to the Ukraine, he gave Zelensky an extremely warm welcome, the best of friends. But upon return to France, he stated that Zelensky is a wonderful chap, but there is nothing more we can do to help him.  The Ukraine is pulling the entire EU top to the bottom, commenting that it’s not up to him alone. Further adding that the EU needs to meet, discuss, agree, consider, draw up contracts, acquire signatures etc., in other words Macron seems to have dumped Zelensky.

It is my opinion that the American aircraft carriers are compromised, they have no defense against our squall torpedoes which have the ability to travel 340 klm/hr under water.  Essentially, they are unstoppable and the west has no defense against them. Personally, I believe the RF is completely justified in taking all of Ukraine, time will tell.

The dirty underbelly of the January 6 Democrat-RINO show trial

Chairman Thompson with Rep. Zoe Lofgren and the Republican reject and Trump hater Liz Cheney.


A SHOW trial is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a trial (as of political opponents) in which the verdict is rigged and a public confession is often extracted”, and so it is with the US Democrats’ so-called Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol.

Democrats have teamed up with their lapdog friends at the major media networks to give their show trial of President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the January 6 riot all the pomp and status of a serious public investigation of an attempted coup against the US Congress.

As revealed by investigative reporters from the Revolver media site, the so-called January 6, 2021, coup (riot) was riddled with FBI provocateurs, whose role on the day was exposed and who even appeared on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list in relation to the riot, but who later disappeared from it.

The central claim that Trump incited or even planned the riot is pure baloney because Trump’s administration offered to send National Guard to the rally when they were tipped off about potential violence. But the request was refused by the House and Senate sergeant at arms, who report to Pelosi.
Democrat Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, also rejected the idea.

These essential facts have been omitted from evidence by the committee of nine who spout self-righteously about the big bad Trump and how he sought to overthrow the election and the Congress meeting on the day to approve Biden’s rigged result.

Meanwhile hundreds of Biden’s political enemies, those arrested by the FBI in a massive national operation held in the wake of January 6th, remain in a notorious Washington jail without bail being viciously punished before being convicted of any crime.

A report titled Unusually Cruel released by US congressmen last December, has revealed beatings, psychological torture, forced denunciations of Trump, and denial of basic human needs like hair care, access to religious services and family visits.

Rep. Louie Gohmert cited the case of a prisoner who was put in two weeks “quarantine” (solitary confinement) for daring to ask to see his lawyer in person.

Rep. Majorie Taylor-Greene said the prisoners were being denied bail and were treated worse than terrorist prisoners at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay prison). She said she and other congressmen had been twice denied access to the jail by its Democrat deputy warden Kathleen Landerkin, which was highly unusual for congressional visits to such facilities.

Taylor-Greene said the jail had a notorious reputation going back to the 1970s for despicable conditions and had been denounced by a string of visiting authorities. She said the January 6 prisoners were being beaten by guards, called white supremacists, denied religious services, haircuts, shaving and even fingernail trimming.

“They are denied time with their attorneys, they are denied time with their families, they are denied time and the ability to even see their families and have their families visit there. They are denied bail … many of these people have never been charged before. Some of them are veterans and the treatment is unbelievable. They are told they are to denounce Trump and told their views are the views of cult members even though these are men that every single night at 9 o’clock they put their hand over their heart and sing the national anthem voluntarily,” Taylor-Greene said.

The deputy warden Landerkin has been called a “raging leftist psychopath” who has placed hundreds of bitter, anti-Trump posts on Twitter, such as quote: “F….. everyone who supports Trump”. That’s a bad public performance for any medium level public servant but for such a person to preside over cruel and unusual treatment of prisoners not yet proven guilty of a crime, and then try to cover it up is an appalling abuse of power.

The FBI’s post-riot investigative sweep across the US targeted people identified on camera as merely being present at the building. Some 840 were arrested in dramatic anti-terrorism style operations. Many were army veterans or just ordinary Americans without convictions who were visiting the big Trump rally in Washington on the day. Most of them simply wandered in after the Capitol Police were overwhelmed and the doors were opened.

The violence involved very few of them – the FBI provocateurs and those hot-headed radicals they were handling from groups like Proud Boys and The Oathkeepers. None were armed except one who was caught with a stun gun and another who had a weapons cache in his truck but was carrying nothing. Only a quarter of them have received criminal sentences, and 80 have received jail sentences.

Rep. Greene said America had two-tier justice system which came down heavily on those seen as conservative or right wing while prosecuting only a few of the thousands of Antifa and BLM supporters who took part in more than 500 riots across America in the summer of 2020 causing over $2 billion in damage. The Capitol riot caused $1.5m in damage, although mainstream media continually cited it as $30 million.

Video of the event is intriguing, showing fit young men rappelling expertly down the walls around the Capitol and another small group smashing a window while the doors nearby were being opened. People on the site started yelling “feds, feds” when they realized a well organised core group was whipping up the hysteria.

Several of the FBI provocateurs have been identified as organisers but ignored in the investigations by the FBI, the January 6 Committee and its subsequent “hearings”, with special production assistance of a former ABC (US) TV producer.

Australian media have been reporting the event as run by a “bipartisan committee” which is an outright lie. There are only two Republicans on the 9-member committee and both are avowed enemies of Trump. The committee itself has been snubbed by the majority of Republicans and is only supported by the RINO Republicans around Vice President Mike Pence.

Notable of the two Republicans is Liz Cheney, the deputy chairwoman of the House Select Committee on the January 6th  attack. Cheney is the entitled daughter of the slimy Dick Cheney, reputed to be “the most powerful vice-president in US history”, who is a suspected key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks and principal spreader of the big lie about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”. He is a former chairman and CEO of the war-profiteer Haliburton.

Cheney was basically a crypto-fascist, a ruthless supporter of “enhanced interrogation techniques” and national wiretapping by the NSA. His arrogant and privileged power-mongering politics were apparently taken on board by his daughter, who, like other RINO or neoconservative Republicans, found themselves in conflict with the nationalist, populist President Trump.

Liz Cheney hated in particular Trump’s foreign policy, which basically rejected the warmongering of the Bush-Cheney administration. She and nine other anti-Trump Republicans also voted in favour of the second impeachment attempt now underway. Cheney, naturally, was a mover and shaker in Republican circles, being chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, but opposition to her anti-Trump role grew and after two attempts she was removed.

This was a bitter blow to the powermonger Cheney and led to an approach from the sly old Californian Democrat witch Nancy Pelosi, who appointed her to her January 6 committee – the ideal platform for Cheney to extract revenge upon Trump and by default, his followers.

So now we see Cheney right up where she wants to be: In front of the cameras of the national TV networks and plastered over all the old media newspapers, directing another political assassination of Donald Trump while the media drools – ignoring the economic crisis engulfing America.

Vaccine Free not taboo anymore

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As they fall off the perch from contaminated vaccination to complete the sheeple agenda, we of the unvaxxed move to the front line it now seems.

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Doctor tells snooty AHPRA medical bureaucrats where to go

Dr Bay (left) with Michael Gray Griffith of Cafe Locked Out, during their interview at Mt Tamborine.


BRAVE Queensland doctor William Bay has told the corrupt bureaucrats at AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioners Agency) “screw you”, in a live interview with activist media outfit Café Locked Out.

Dr Bay is among many Australians outraged by the antics of AHPRA members, who were key players in the pandemic deception and the deregistration of doctors who dared question their dictatorial edicts framed by the WHO, corrupt big pharma executives, the Gates Foundation and the lackey bureaucrats and ministers inhabiting Australia’s state and federal health departments.

In a highly-emotionally charged interview at a Mount Tamborine protest rally, Dr Bay virtually resigned on the spot from the bureaucratic, dead-headed automatons running AHPRA. “Today is probably the last day I can use the word doctor in front of my name, because AHPRA, screw you. I don’t care what you do to me, what you do to my family, I have God in my heart and he will protect me, because I’m here now to tell the people of Australia on your show that the vaccine is killing them. The vaccine is killing you, it’s harming you,” Dr Bay declared.

During the vaccine mandate push, AHPRA descended to the low level of monitoring doctors’ and nurses’ social media to check that they were not saying anything against the vaccines or the mandate. These are the tactics of the state committees of totalitarian communist regimes that monitored suspected political dissidents.

AHPRA does exactly that, enforcing the corrupt manipulation of health care by “The Party” i.e. big pharma, the WHO and health bureaucrats, far removed from health issues at the local level as dealt with by family doctors like Dr Bay.

Dr Bay’s warnings against the vaccine are not an exaggeration. As reported by Cairns News’ Harry Palmer, an Australian scientist, left unable to work for eight months after a debilitating neurological reaction he blames on the Covid shot, has likened the treatment of people suffering vaccine injuries to that of returning veterans with health issues after the Vietnam War.

But raise these and numerous other incidents with health ministers like Brad Hazzard and you will hit a brick wall. Hazzard, his advisers and AHPRA simply take a denial stance and are pushing Australians to get ever more shots on the basis of some COVID variant showing up somewhere. Viruses mutate all the time and most often the mutation is fatal for the virus.

Dr Bay apologized to the public for the inaction by his profession in speaking out about vaccine injuries and deaths. “I have seen people dying … and injured and it breaks my heart and broke my heart having to stand there and pretend I was a good person and I didn’t say anything. It was a terrible struggle for me because I had to balance the merits of being ‘a good person’ in the system, or leaving the system and leaving my patients to doctors who were trying anything.

The fact of the matter is that AHPRA is a bunch of academic bureaucrats with no experience at the GP level. Only one of the nine members, Dr Susan Young, has a background in nursing. The chairwoman is a high-flying femocrat named Gill Callister who was secretary of two Victorian Government Departments from 2009 to the end of 2018 – the Department of Human Services and the Department of Education and Training. “Her legacy is a strong reputation for person-centred reform in social policy and an active advocate for gender equality and women’s leadership,” her bio states. Woke, PC twaddle at its best.

And then there’s one of the three male board members Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg who was previously Dean of the Law Faculty at Monash University and was a member of the interim advisory board of the EPA in Victoria.

He is also (yawn) “the academic adviser to the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s National Regulators Community of Practice and is the author of the textbooks The Tools of Regulation and Regulation in Australia”. Prof. Freiberg, like most of the others, is far removed from the reality of GP-level medicine. They are robots who live in a world of corporate government command and control.

AHPRA members are the quislings of the medical industrial complex. They have no connection with the realities of GP medicine, yet are given powers to control the doctors, restrict their creativity, censure dissent and interfere with the doctor-patient relationships.

Aussie Black Hats exposed being tied up with Big Pharma and just about every corrupt done deal

Gesara teller machines?

The long-awaited Gesara-Nesara monetary scheme where all debts are forgiven seems to have some steam. The White Hats have been busy and for anyone who has viewed Charlie Ward videos will know of the world-wide scheme based on a new currency which has been planned for a decade or more.

This has nothing to do with Klaus Schwab or the WEF. Soon we will know.

WA Police seize 3D printed gun

West Australian police just can’t help themselves. While we know WA, like its Victoria counterpart has become a communist enclave both led by megalomaniacs they have been conditioned by socialist main stream media to hate guns.

Like Queensland the unintelligent WA cops think only they should own and carry firearms. Communist Premier Mark McGowan invited the CCP to build a large military-styled airstrip in the desert ostensibly to service their extensive mining interests.

It is just a hop, skip and a jump from a CCP aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean for Chinese military aircraft to land and commence their planned Australian offensive.

It seems the cops are of the same ilk as their beloved Premier. They will soon find out their .40 calibre Glock pistols will be as useful as an air rifle when the Chinese troops come knocking on their doors.

Last two Ukranian frigates sunk, Russia has complete control of sea lanes

Ukranian women 18 – 60 being conscripted to fight

Latest Ukraine Update 5

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko

Three Ukrainian battalions destroyed in counteroffensive. The Ukrainians tried to push the RF out of Southern Donetsk. The Russian forces stepped back allowing the Ukrainian battalions to enter the strike zone at which point the RF launched its artillery, the battalions were obliterated. “The Ukrainian forces are now pulling back somewhere between 67 and 120klm to reform the front line,” military correspondent Colonel Komiyenko said through an interpreter.

Two Swiss howitzers were destroyed, one damaged using satellite guided rockets (needles), two planes and 2 choppers were destroyed today. The last two Ukrainian frigates were sunk today, the RF now has full control of the sea and will be able to traverse the Dnieper to strike enemy targets or deliver troops/supplies at will to predetermined destinations of their choosing. The ships will now essentially have unrestricted access to Odessa and will be easy striking range to Nikolaevka. The Ukrainian’s will soon need be fighting on 5 different fronts. The colonel said we’ll soon see how they handle that.

In the Donbass region the RF have encircled approximately 12,000 Ukrainian troops and their mercenaries, there situation is dire. Ukrainian fighters are surrendering in droves. The Ukrainians would like a prisoner exchange, the Russian forces say it would take months to return the POWs they currently have in their custody.

Elon Musk was informed that if his satellites were not relocated, they would be dealt with. His satellites have since vacated their orbital positions over the conflict zone. The Russian satellites are now dominating the space over the conflict zone. Two strategic Polish battalions took heavy losses and have stepped back. There is intel that suggests  Ukraine and Poland consider their two countries amalgamated, as the borders between them are becoming obtuse. Ukrainian saboteur groups are attempting to take Transnistrian weapons silos (arguably the largest weapons stores in Europe) however the RF has placed significant reinforcements there. Gagauzia an autonomous territorial unit of Moldova, has declared support for Russia.

In the southern regions of Donetsk, the RF provided an opening to the Ukrainian forces. They made it appear that their focus was in a different sphere. It appeared to the Ukrainians that the Russian front was weakening Zelensky mobilized his elite forces from their Kiev locations to strike at the apparently weakened Russian forces. The Ukrainian elite force was decimated it is estimated that between 70 to 90% of the force was crippled. The forces currently protecting Kiev have been reduced to a minimum. It appears that checkmate is on the horizon.

Zelensky passed a new law two days ago, women between the ages of 18-60 can and will be conscripted to fight. This was made public today. Currently the Ukrainian’s are conscripting all and any male old enough to fight. You could enter a shop to buy a bottle of milk and end up in the back of a truck heading to the front. Zelensky passed a law 3 months ago that no Ukrainian male between the ages of 18 and 50 can leave the country.

Bulgaria has officially declared that it will not support Ukraine. They are currently experiencing huge protests as the fuel price has hit USD 3.60 per litre previously unheard of. The US currently has serious issues with China, and Iran attacked a US base on its border last night.

The Ukrainians want the US to enter the conflict zone as peace keepers. In this case it will be highly probable that WWIII will break out as the US will not be permitted to enter the Ukraine. As a last resort weapons of mass destruction may be used.

As of today, China and India have stopped using USD to conduct oil/gas trades with Russia. They are transferring to ruble payments. Recently the African nations met to discuss international relations. They are of the opinion that the US has been cheating them for decades and that their intention is to conduct all international trades in local currencies. It would appear the USD is being abandoned at a great pace. It appears that the African countries have refused to provide the Germans and the French their countries’ resources and have stopped supplying coffee to the US.

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