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Kuranda Freedom Rally spills the beans on Army and police intimidation of Yarrabah Aboriginal community near Cairns

by staff reporters

More then 400 people attended Saturday’s Freedom Rally in the park at Kuranda campaigning against Covid segregation of vaxxed, un-vaxxed and medical choices belonging to the people. These residents were just as determined as every other rally crowd we have seen in North Queensland. They mean business and never before have we seen such a public outpouring of animosity towards the ALP/LNP duopoly government.

The Greens were loudly denounced and coming from an alternative community such as Kuranda the radical environmentalists will in big trouble at the ballot box.

Numerous shop keepers spoke at the rally telling Labor Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk to “shove” her vaccine mandate and that their businesses would be open to all.

Social worker Sarah Baxter warned of heavy-handed tactics being used against the Yarrabah people by the council. Health Dept, police and army

More disturbing were the revelations of coercion and medical mistrust at Yarrabah Aboriginal community (near Cairns) by social worker Sarah Baxter who described the intimidation of residents by Yarrabah Council and police who had been going house to house Territory-style, coercing occupants into getting jabbed.

This quartet of disillusioned voters warn Comrade Premier they won’t be using the people tracker on their phones.

She told the rally the methods used by Queensland Health were from the same script being used in the Northern Territory.

She said people were frightened and did not want the deadly vax which had been causing immediate adverse reactions in some Aboriginal people (as confirmed by NT elders such as Alison Timber and David Cole).

She went on to say the army had been camped in the bush around Yarrabah inlet preventing residents from going fishing in their boats or simply leaving the community for necessary trips to Cairns.

The Queensland Premier did not go near Yarrabah when in Cairns last week. Her safety could have been in doubt. She is leaving the dirty work up to Queensland Health.

First law suit for vax murder filed against Bill Gates in High Court of India

Letter to the Editor

World’s First Vaccine Murder case against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla filed in India’s High Court


World’s First Vaccine Murder case against Bill Gates, Adar Poonawalla filed in India’s High Court. [Kiran Yadav Vs. State and ors.Criminal Writ Petition (St.) 18017 of 2021]

Petitioner has sought prosecution of AstraZeneca’s (Covishield) manufacturer Bill Gates, his partner Adar Poonawalla and other Government officials and leaders involved in the murder of a 23 year old man, who lost his life because of vaccination. The deceased took the Covishield vaccine by believing in the false narrative that the vaccine is completely safe and also owing to the compliance requirement set by the Railways that only double vaccinated people would be allowed to travel.

The Government of India’s AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunisation) Committee has recently admitted that the death of Dr.SnehalLunawat,was due to side effects of the Covishield vaccine. The said report has exposed the falsity of the claim made by vaccine syndicatethat vaccines are totally safe.

Petitioner has claimed Rs. 1000 crores ($ 134 million USD) compensation and has asked for interim compensation of Rs. 100 crores ($ 13.4 million USD).

Petitioner has also sought Lie Detector, Narco Analysis Test of accused Bill Gates and others.

from Kev Moore

New Qld Covid rules for business further explained

I am not sure it’s a good thing now QLD has now moved to what SA has been using since 2020 a Covid Checkin. Which would mean that each Restricted Business in QLD would need to have a Covid Safe Plan filled out and signed which can expect fines if anything on that Restricted Business Plan was broken.

From December 17th 2021 looks like Segregation will occur in QLD:

“Easing restrictions from 17 December 2021

Restrictions for businesses are set to ease on 17 December 2021.

Some businesses must restrict entry to unvaccinated people from this date. This also includes your employees if they are not fully vaccinated.

Eased restrictions

There will be no capacity restrictions on businesses or activities where only fully vaccinated people can attend (non-essential, leisure businesses), including:

hospitality venues (e.g. hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants, cafes)indoor entertainment venues (e.g. nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres, cinemas)outdoor entertainment activities (e.g. sporting stadiums, theme parks)indoor and outdoor festivals (e.g. musical festivals, folk festivals, arts festivals)Queensland Government-owned galleries, museums or librariesweddings.

If you run a non-essential business, you cannot choose to keep following existing or past restrictions (e.g. using density restrictions) to stay open for unvaccinated staff and customers.

Unvaccinated people will be able to visit and attend:

essential services (e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, newsagents, clothing stores, limited retail stores, gyms)
food courts shopping centres (except for businesses within a shopping centre that only allow fully vaccinated people)
fast food restaurants for takeaway or drive-through only
accommodation providers (e.g. a hotel), except for any venues within an accommodation premises that only allow fully vaccinated people (e.g. pub, restaurant, nightclub)
markets (e.g. farmers market, craft market, community market)
attend a funeral (with occupant density limits and attendance caps)
attend a wedding (with a maximum of 20 people if anyone attending is unvaccinated).

If you run an essential business, you can choose to refuse entry to unvaccinated customers.

Checking vaccination status

Your business needs to take reasonable steps to enforce these restrictions. If you run a business where only fully vaccinated people can attend, this includes checking your customers’ vaccination status.

You must:

display the vaccination rules in a prominent location at the entry of your business premises ask for proof of vaccination from your customers at the time of check-in (this is a legal requirement) through:the Check In Qld app an immunisation history statement a COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate.if a customer cannot or refuses to provide evidence, ask the person to leave the premisesif the person refuses to the leave the premises, call the police.

More details will be available soon on arrangements that will apply for people who have a genuine medical reason for not being vaccinated, and what proof of exemption they must provide to a business.

We don’t expect business owners or staff to be the police. If there are customers refusing to comply, call the police.”

from Question 21

Editor: Supermarket Coles has said it will not refuse entry to unvaccinated customers or force its employees to get vaccinated. In the Far North, if public comments from business owners at rallies can be relied on, many will not discriminate between vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Health Department, it appears, has placed the onus on businesses to a great extent but the department is in such disarray who knows ?

Gunner is a CCP asset in place to get the communists into the Northern Territory

The UN is building a universal soviet

by Lindsey Symonds

The international SOS of the OSTF (Aborigines) , based upon true facts of matter, as I believe, is now up on all the American websites I consider to be of interest and was posted just prior to the American Thanksgiving on Nov 25 – which national holiday includes remembrance of the native American Indian legacy.

In the political theatre, timing is everything.

As an emergent Australian leadership and re-organisation of the population organises our response to the SOS, it is important to remember that CoVID-19 has been a military operation of the UN from the git-go. The policy and organisational structure of the thing has always been UN and multi-lateral partners (the Black Hat ‘Globalists’) and stakeholders [ silent partners and back-up ] acting in concert with the UN. All the state premiers signed off on this policy structure 2016.

And as Archbishop Vigano correctly states – it is a global coup d’etat.

Now with the SOS, the UN looms large on the trajectory of the ye olde problem–> reaction–> solution model. The last thing we want is UN Security Forces in Australia ‘saving us’ from our rogue military acting with foreign security under Operation Covid Shield in concert with Local Government Authorities (which all answer directly to the UN). Belyuen which has voted to enforce the mandates of the Australian genocide answers directly to the UN, not Gunner. For my money, his Handler is CCP and he is trying to get the corporate sistema set up under the CCP in the Northern Territory.. He is just the doofus suit who has to stand in front of the teleprompter, turn on the psycho eyes and look repsonsible. In this schtick – he is the bad doofus.

It looks to me like his role is to assist the Local Government Associations enforcing the mandates of the Australian genocide to get their own security forces directly from their masters

Yes, Gunner is a steaming t… but he is also an actor who is working from a script with other UN assets, agents who have their roles to play in the Australian genocide: locally, nationally and internationally. The corporate agents impersonating an Australian government are just middle management. Operation Covid Shield takes its orders from the national cabinet – a politburo created within the executive branch of our Marxist state in May 2020.

The UN is building a universal soviet. This is a Communist entity that incorporates every plank of the Manifesto in its Charter – most importantly: Plank 5 – the Central Bank.

When the Supreme Soviet was dissolved in 1993 they elected their praesidium. That is Mikhail Gorbachev – currently in residence at the Praesidio in San Francisco, the birthplace of the UN and the home of its Charter. This makes the UN the de-facto supreme soviet – no longer based in the USSR but in San Francisco with its governing structure in New York.

Now Dr. Igor Shepherd is one of the few people who immediately understood this military operation and its bioweapon from the beginning. Shepherd is a former Soviet toxicologist and a director of public health in Wisconsin (at the time Event 201 launched Operation Corona on the world). He was laying all this out in November of last year.

While the US fell to a Communist coup d’etat in the Nov 2020 election, the world’s financial institutions turned on the tap for money. Nov 2020, the Australian Reserve Bank decided to just print money. Your XYZ picked up the story. . And as we later would learn, the World Bank partnered with WHO to convene the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board for Operation CoVID. All Coronavirus aid to UN member nations (corporates owned by the Fifth Plank – rhymes with bank) comes with terms and conditions for imposing extreme lockdown and the bioweapon – namely the vaxx.

Gunner has a tarnished reputation among NT Aborigines

Letter to the Editor

Gunner has always been dirty. He thinks as he said he’s a born and bred Territorian, if he was he’d have more respect and gratitude compassion towards us indigenous people.
They the Government want to take away our dignity, health, land, kids. They have painted a big picture of Aboriginal communities as if we are the bad people lowest of the low. We have to face coercion, stereotyped racism everyday of our lives. This time Gunner you have gone too far you and your buddies are all gunner have to get out of the territory. Don’t bother coming back.

Alison Timber

Aboriginal Elder


Queenslanders have had a huge win as the Labor Government revokes most Covid restrictions

Exclusive report by Cairns News

The Queensland Labor and Liberal duopoly has buckled under extreme pressure from most of the state and from November 19 revoked nearly all Covid restrictions they had imposed on business to take effect from December 18.

Queensland Labor Premier revokes most Covid restrictions

“Restrictions on businesses have been eased due to the great job Queenslanders have done in limiting community transmission of COVID-19. There is no longer a requirement for restricted businesses to operate under a COVID Safe Industry Plan or any of the ‘industry specific’ COVID Safe Checklists,” according to the website.

‘COVID Safe Industry Plans and industry specific checklists have now been replaced by the COVID Safe Checklist for Restricted Businesses (the Checklist).’

Hundreds of thousands of citizens protesting from Cairns to the Gold Coast have told the Labor Party they will not tolerate any discrimination between vaccinated and non-vaccinated residents in day-to-day activities.

The Health Department has revoked restrictions on most activities after industry threatened to stonewall the government and ignore them.

‘The revoked COVID Safe Industry Plans are available for businesses to refer to, should they wish to implement some, or all, of the measures in the plans. However, it should be noted that compliance with these plans is no longer mandatory,’ the website reads.

It is now up to individual businesses to decide on what if any measures they will take to allow customers to enter their premises.

The website is quite ambiguous but it seems the QR Code requirements remain. Vaccination status is required to enter a restricted business.

Restrictions on sports, fitness, food. Churches, racing. tourism and accommodation, health and beauty, weddings, hotels, clubs and numerous other activities have been revoked.

The Premier obviously is doing it tough by comments we have received from members of the media and other onlookers when today she opened a new multi-million dollar overpass built in a Cairns suburb.

Instead of travelling to the site some 8 klms from the Cairns CBD the Premier opted, undoubtedly on security advice to conduct the ceremony from the confines of the Convention Centre in the CBD.

She looked worried and worn out according to some of those present.

The people of Queensland who voted for the incompetent Labor Party communists have had enough and the Premier’s days are numbered.

Well done Queensland and Australia and don’t stop now. Grind the duopoly into the ground for what they have done to you, your family and your business.

We will have a clean sweep to make way for more honourable, practical parliamentarians from a business and agricultural background who are not socialists or members of the Lodge.

Editor: It seems this article based on information on the Health Dept website has been disputed by several readers some whom could be Masons. We can only publish what is on the government site.

Requests for more information other than on their website are usually ignored and their information sites are a dog’s breakfast.

The link is published check it for yourself. And there is an update provided by a reader.

NT Aboriginal Traditional Owners call on all tribes to ‘unite to stop the bioweapon’

What does the defence force and NT Chief Administrator Mr Gunner say about this SOS?

Cairns News cannot confirm anything until it has been officially denied.


 NITV: Senior Territory Aboriginal leaders have rejected claims the army is
vaccinating Aboriginal people against their will within their

Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory have denied claims the
Australian army is physically forcing remote residents into taking the
COVID-19 vaccine and removing children from communities.

A number of posts on social media claimed that the defence force was
holding down Aboriginal people, including children, and vaccinating
them against their will, with mentions of the communities Ramingining,
Oenpelli (Ganbalanya), Wadeye and Binjari.

The posts also said there was no confirmation of the events occurring
as “the government is controlling the communications.”

Traditional Owners in Binjari and Rockhole expressed their
disappointment in the allegations.

“People are very hurt by the untrue comments being made in the media
and social media about their situation,” they said in a statement to
NITV News, provided via the Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service.

“We are in lockdown because we’re in the biggest fight of our lives.
We don’t need people out there creating another flood for us.”

“People on social media saying that our people are being mistreated
need to realise their comments are hurting the very people they claim
to care about.”

Kunwinjku man Andy Garnarrandj, a local council chairman in
Gunbalanya, also flatly denied the claims.

“It’s not happening here. I don’t see any military around this
community,” Mr Garnarradj told NITV News.

“This is the first time I heard that when I happened to be watching
Tiktok this morning.”

Mr Garnarradj said the only people driving around during the town’s
lockdown are the local police.

“There’s no army trucks driving around or removing people or forcing
people to get the vaccine,” he said.

NITV News has also reached out to the communities of Ramingining and Wadeye.

NT Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy, a Yanyuwa woman from Borroloola
whose family members are among the Territory’s infected, called for a
stop to “disappointing” negative messaging.

“I’ve not heard of anything other than people being assisted in the
right way,” she said.

“There is no segregating of people here in a way that hasn’t been
talked about with all those people involved.

Ms McCarthy said the spread of unconfirmed information is creating
division in a situation that is “traumatic enough” for families who
know that COVID is in their communities.

“They need support in the right way in working together in bringing
people together, not dividing them and terrorising them with messages
that are just simply untrue,” she said.

Border breacher confirmed as source of NT COVID outbreak
All 19 cases in the current outbreak are Aboriginal people, who have
been transferred to the Howard Springs quarantine facility.

A Defence spokesperson also denied the claims in a statement to NITV News.

“Defence is aware of social media posts claiming the Australian
Defence Force (ADF) is forcibly vaccinating or detaining members of
the Australian community,” it read.

“These claims are false.”


Opposition leader Albanese worried about the gallows scalded the PM for not doing something about it

Labor Opposition leader Anthony Albanese who wants to vaccinate the entire population by any means got quite twitchy when PM Morrison did not outright condemn the gallows after it made an appearance at the huge Melbourne Freedom Rally

“It is the role of political leaders to explain why health measures are necessary. When the Prime Minister gave an answer in which he went through the violence that had been exhibited in Melbourne and correctly said that that was not appropriate he then always goes on to say ‘but’,” Mr Albanese said.

“And he then goes on to speak about choice and various issues that he tries to say that the objections are about, but of course the key to more freedom and opening up is people getting vaccinated.

“What we need when you have things like gallows being dragged through the streets of Melbourne you need to be able to just say ‘I condemn it full stop’.”

Murdoch media as unbelievable as can be found in the world, except perhaps for the ABC

by Diane Drayton Buckland

Doctors Speak Out
Thousands of eminent physicians, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, molecular geneticists, and medical researchers around the world have called for the immediate withdrawal of all the COVID-19 genetic-based “vaccines”.
But their voices are blacked out by the news media.
The Big Pharma-paid “fact checkers” smear and distort their findings.
Big Tech censors—including Facebook, Twitter, and Google—remove their articles, interviews, comments, and videos instead of allowing the public to hear what they have to say.
Healthy, unvaccinated people are getting sick just by being around Covid-vaccinated people……..
Shedding and spreading
In nation after nation, wherever the genetic-based Covid vaccine is introduced, there has been a dramatic rise in deaths and in Covid-positive cases…
As vaccination campaigns spread worldwide—even to countries where Covid was not present, a huge spike in new infections and deaths is occurring….
The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation is the principal funder of the WHO.
*Gates funded the Imperial College in London which used computer models to create the ridiculous, vastly exaggerated projections of COVID-19 deaths.
This led directly to the imposition of lockdowns, masks, and Emergency Authorization of untested, highly experimental genetic “vaccines”
Continue >

Critically important major Vaccine Manufacturer Tied To, Causing Biased “Facts”

Informed Consent Action Network
ICAN Fact Checks
A Compilation of Individuals and Entities that Spread Misinformation About Vaccines

Mainstream Media a bloody disgrace to the world – you will be remembered in history with fury and shame for what you have done – all for the filthy dollar – you are all truly disgusting – wake up to yourselves now !

Here’s Exactly How Far Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Stretches In Australia And Beyond

What does Rupert Murdoch own? A little bit of everything

Keith Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch’s big investment headache: Australia

Bill Gates Gives $319 Million to Buy Influence with Media Outlets
New documents revealed by Mint Press News show that the vaccine-pushing billionaire oligarch Bill Gates has given over $300 million to influence various fake news outlets.

Murdoch Media Demonises Australians Walking for Their Freedom in Melbourne
by Independent Researcher Elizabeth Hart
See the article below in the Murdoch media, which seeks to demonise the largely peaceful protestors in Melbourne yesterday, many of whom are likely to be CFMEU members.
This is despicable reporting by the deeply conflicted Murdoch media… News Corp Australia is a corporate partner with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which is involved in vaccine research, including Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute. It’s ‘modelling’ produced by the Doherty Institute (April 2020 and August 2021) that has kept Australians under restrictions for the past 19 months, ‘until the vaccine is ready’. The Murdoch media – The Australian, the tabloids, Sky News – pumps out a torrent of biased media supporting the Morrison and State Governments’ covid-19 injection rollout, without disclosing its serious conflict of interest, i.e. that it’s associated with covid-19 vaccine research.

Murdoch media group’s influence on vaccination policy in Australia / conflicts of interest

Murdoch media’s continuing campaign for the GSK Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine product

Challenging Murdoch influence on Australia’s coercive vaccination policy – the example of meningococcal B vaccination

Conflicts of interest influencing Australia’s vaccination policy – Murdoch media/News Corp

The Murdoch media is a propaganda machine for the vaccine industry, and has serious conflicts of interest…
“How to spot an anti-vaxxer: the most dangerous people on the planet”

Murdoch media demonises Australians walking for their freedom in Melbourne

About the ABC – Up to seven Directors are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Government – SO NO independent/impartial news whatsoever to be seen here !
? Maximum benefit to the people of Australia NUH
? Maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation NUH
? Board is responsible for ensuring gathering and presentation of news and information is accurate and impartial NUH
Up to seven Directors are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Government. The Managing Director is appointed by the Board. Bad Idea
The Australian Government has established a merit-based appointment process for non-executive directors to the ABC. Oh Dear !

Anyone who watches TV breakfast shows would be mentally unbalanced

This pair of idiots at Kerry Stoke’s Channel 7 are Deep State assets paid to divide society. Boycott their advertisers. If there was ever a case to make voting non-compulsory this moron Koch has provided it.

There are a lot of viewers who believe this rubbish and to make it worse they vote. It begs the question – has Koch been vaxxed or did he get a placebo too? Doctors have warned the mRNA gene therapy can have an adverse effect on the brain.

We are at war and the attack is brought to you by Pfizer & Co. Time to shut down Australia’s TGA by any means

by Alexandra Bruce

Right after getting approval to inject everyone’s children, Pfizer has secretly added the drug, Tromethamine to the already-dangerous gene-editing concoction.

So-called vaccines that appear to be causing heart attacks in otherwise young, health recipients, including pro athletes.

Tromethamine is used to stabilize the blood in heart attack victims. Pfizer claims that Tromethamine is being added as a ‘buffer’ to replace phosphate-buffered saline, which is a water-based salt solution.

But Tromethamine is not anything like a water-based salt solution. It is another dangerous petrochemical with a long list of side effects.

It has never been tested with the so-called vaccines. And it is only safe within the circulatory system.

A known side effect is tissue damage, if any Tromethamine leaks from the vein – and every single child they inject will be injected into their muscle, not the vein, which means every single child will be at risk for tissue damage, along with ADE, autoimmune disease and death.

We are at war and the attack is brought to you by Pfizer & Co.

From the very beginning of the manufactured COVID plandemic, it was never about the children. We were always told the children will be fine. It was about the elderly and the sick.

And then they realized we will submit to anything, so why not go for our children? If we allow it, they’ve already conquered us.

And many of our children can see exactly what’s going on, even if their parents can’t. They’re all experiencing evil at the highest level, right now. Many will be deeply inspired to fight back.

So why would these barbarians let them live, knowing that we will let them inject our children with an experimental drug that has demonstrably been shown to do great damage – all under the guise of protecting us from the Common Cold?

The hospitals were empty during COVID. And they are now overwhelmed by the vaccinated.

The same company profiting off this deadly scam openly has its hand in the FDA, is immune from liability, calls anyone who questions them ‘criminals’ and is secretly adding new drugs to an already-deadly cocktail, upon approval to inject our kids.

The ACTU will fade into insignificance like climate change by the time Covid vaxx ravages its dwindling membership

This unintelligent woman, Michelle O’Neil, is just one of a long line of socialist Labor stooges put in charge of the Australian Council of Trade Unions to ensure the Labor Party gets into government.

ACTU President Michele O’Neil is flogging the dead horse of climate change while the Covid vaxx decimates her dwindling membership

The ACTU and unions generally are finished as far as being the worker’s representative in the Australian labour market.

Tens of thousands of blue collar workers have lost their jobs as a result of the Deep State’s Covid scam but not a word from compromised union leaders, most of whom are known crooks and communist sympathisers.

One has to only look at the disgraced CFMEU leader in Victoria John Setka, who is in the pocket and pay of the corrupt communist dictator Dan Andrews.

O’Neil, the intellectual pygmy and President of the ACTU is pushing climate policy as being the coming cataclysm for Australia and is terrorising Prime Minister Scott Morrison about ignoring it.

One can thank God the PM is relegating it to the bottom of the policy pile, in reality, while giving it some scant relevance to keep the Greens and Labor at bay.

Most people living in regional Australia have largely disregarded Al Gore’s thoroughly discredited climate change theory while sea levels around Australia have not increased one millimetre is one hundred years and the temperature has not yet, if it ever does, reach the higher levels of the 18th century.

The conversion of Australia’s reliable, clean, cheap, coal-power to renewables will relegate our almost non-existent manufacturing industry to the whims of the wind and sunlight

This irrelevant union boss is flogging a dead horse and her media release below reveals she is simply recanting the rubbish from the recent climate talkfest held in Glasgow:

The annual rankings from the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) rank the performance of nations on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy use and climate policy. 
Overall, taking in all the categories, we’re ranked 55th. 
But it’s not just climate policy we’re failing. 
Fourteen Governments from around the world have declared their support for a Just Transition through green growth, decent work and economic prosperity as economies move towards net-zero emissions. 

Australia is not one of them. 

The COP26 in Glasgow was a chance for our Prime Minister to show the world that Australia is stepping up and improving our efforts to fight climate change. 
Instead, Scott Morrison delivered what he does best: empty words, with a side of disappointment and embarrassment. 
As unionists, we know that the world is facing an urgent climate crisis
We cannot let our future be left to leaders who refuse to acknowledge the severity of this issue, nor take action to preserve our jobs, lives and planet for future generations. 

Can you email your MP now and demand stronger, better and fairer action?

The only embarrassment is this silly woman. If there is anything left after the vaccine ravages unionists and their families over the next three years, by then the climate change misnomer will have faded into total national and international insignificance.

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