Cairns News- This site is not linked to the Katters Australia Party in any shape or form but we support the common sense KPA policies because they represent the wishes of the majority.

  1. Hi & thank you 😉
    We are in the huon valley Tasmania . We are wondering if we could get a transcript or contact for some of your stories and run them in our local Huon News .
    Keep up the great fight . 👏💪


  2. Another self-styled expert who knows nothing. How do you know it is wrong? The good doctor was threatened long before we published anything. Have you had your booster yet….don’t forget. Ed


  3. Where did you pull this information about 2 girls killed by a Cov vaccine on the Gold Coast? Dr Chin has been threatened with injury and death as a result of what you published. I cannot believe the complete irresponsibility you display with this unsubstantiated and fake story.


  4. Only new to your “real news site”,via a mate, its fantastic. Keep up the good work and get the message out! Thanks


  5. Maybe it’s time to leave as we seem to be upsetting you .. ED2


  6. i am just wondering if i can believe anything more !
    i am deluded


  7. I will make a note of that Richard being the first to complain from 287,000 subscribed readers.. Thank god for freedom of speech, well at least it is here ..ED


  8. Why does you’re website look like it was made by school children


  9. Hi ,

    Chris here.

    I posted the below comment,

    “Abbott, a Jesuit trained fellow-concealer of the (W.A.) treason revelation – which has afforded both his arch-enemy Gillard AND his mentor Howard potential life-imprisonment charges (pending) – wearing a halo??
    I don’t think so, but hey, let’s put the question to the only legitimate jurisdiction remaining in this “Lucky Country” of ours – the People.
    Summon the fully-informed jury, it’s common law time Trial by Jury time!

    p.s. That unfortunate-looking Ostrich above is the only creature on this page that hasn’t been charged with breach of allegiance (treason)…. yet.”



    What criteria determines whether comments get posted, and which of those criteria applied in respect of the above comment?

    Is there provision on your site to allow people to identify the author or contact you directly?

    If not, why?




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