“Christian” Liberals push globalists’ green shutdown and digital ID population control plans

The socialist wrecker of Victoria Daniel Andrews shares a masonic handshake with “Brother Scotty”, a partner in the corrupt global vaccination scheme driven by global big pharma, the WHO, World Economic Forum and the Gates and Rockefeller foundations.
PM Scotty on the big screen at the Hillsong Conference with his wife Jenny.

LIBERAL Party MP Stuart Robert, a Hillsong Conference attendee along with his fellow “Pentecostal PM” Scott Morrison, are complicit in the sell-out of Australia to global elites and deceivers of both the Christian community and the population in general.

Conventional politics dictated that Morrison and Robert could shore up a huge slice of the evangelical Christian vote if they turned up at the annual conference that was attracting up to 25,000 representatives from dozens of Australian and international church denominations.

Morrison was ushered onto the main platform at the start of the 2019 event by Hillsong’s Brian Houston, who is facing court in November over failing to report child sexual abuse by his deceased father. Morrison, when asked to share a message with Australians, said they should “pray for and love one another”.

The sad face of Stuart Robert MP, now pushing the mark of the beast-style digital ID tyranny on behalf of the Liberals’ globalist puppet masters.

What an exercise in gross hypocrisy by a prime minister who, in a previous ministerial role, introduced for the first time in Australia “no jab, no pay”, otherwise known as coercion of families to get their children vaccinated or lose support payments – in direct violation of Section 51: 23a of the Constitution. Not that PM Scotty and his Liberals could care about the Constitution unless it suited them.

Now the same Morrison is presiding over coerced vaccination of the entire nation with dangerous mRNA experimental genetic therapies that have killed tens of thousands of people worldwide and maimed millions of others. The official EudraVigilance figures from the EU confirm the extent of this disaster with more than 27,000 Europeans dead following vaccination and more than 2.5 million injuries.

Morrison also used the Hillsong platform to voice “concern” about attacks on religious freedom, another vote-winning pitch at the conference. He had already been advised to put up a religious freedom bill to under-gird Section 116 of the Constitution and force the states to come into line. Two years down the track he has done nothing and his good mate Dan Andrews (apparently a Masonic lodge buddy) has actually criminalized prayer in Victoria that dares encroach on LGBTIQ ideology.

Robert, who had been forced to stand down from a previous ministerial role because of improper use of taxpayers funds to attend a business deal signing for a mining company friend in China, had another stage at the 2019 conference, preaching a message about how the Apostle Paul was followed by one of the civic leaders of a city in the New Testament. Apparently this was to encourage the conference attendees to look favourably upon the Liberal Party’s influential evangelical wing.

As it turns out Morrison and Robert, no doubt under the direction of their public service mandarins and the power broker Jane Halton, are selling out their country to the godless, communistic and fascist digital agenda of the World Economic Forum and the heinous global vaccination/global depopulation scheme of the Gates and Rockefeller foundations. Scotty and Robert might protest that they don’t have any choice but to follow the dictates of the global uber rich corporate elite, but they’re not honest enough to admit to the obvious and it would spoil their political gaming of the population to boot.

ScoMo, to add insult to the grievous injury of his country, is heading to the COP26 climate conference in Scotland to please his “green” corporate sponsors like Deloitte and PriceWaterhouseCoopers who are strangling investment our coal, oil and gas industries so we have to buy even more solar panels and windmills from China – the biggest global burner of coal by far. ScoMo is so far down the climate change rabbit hole he believes it is “a matter of national security”.

You bet it’s a matter of national security ScoMo. Take away this country’s base load energy capacity from coal and try to replace that with windmills, solar farm and battery supply and you have serious economic problems, regardless of what the so-called “economists” at PwC Australia dream up.

Robert, now now the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, is pushing digital ID, the very agenda of the globalist cabal as represented above, in the draft of the so-called “Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments”.

Robert, in the typical political corporate-speak of Canberra, says the plans are all open for “public consultation”. In fact the digital ID stuff has been on the drawing boards of ID2020 since at least 2016. The Rockefeller Foundation also foreshadowed a digital dictatorship in it’s notorious 2010 report “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”.

ID2020, a partnership of Gates’ Microsoft, the global vaccine pushing organisation GAVI and the woke global Accenture corporation, are pushing vaccine passports they so lovingly call the “Good Health Pass”. ID2020 says they’re all about “restoring the global economy and restarting global travel”. Where have we heard that narrative before?

Of course Robert says there’s been “extensive consultation – including two completed rounds of public consultation – to understand public expectations for the legislation”. Really Mr Robert? Did you do a public forum in your Fadden electorate? Or was it just the usual corporate sector “stakeholder consultations”.

He says the legislation (guaranteed to pass with the support of their Labor Party bedmates) will “enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector”.

Who, Mr Robert, in their right mind wants more participation by governments in the private sector? Are you insane or just completely bought and paid for? You claim to represent “small and family business”. No you don’t, because you and Scomo and the premiers are in the process of destroying it on behalf of your puppet masters at the WEF who say by 2030 “you will own nothing but you will be happy”.

Robert claims the digital ID will “enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal information is safe and secure”. Really Mr Robert? Safe and secure like the digital passport system that forces people to disclose their medical status in contradiction of current Commonwealth privacy law and that has now created an actual class of “untouchables” otherwise known as the unvaccinated?

Are you proud at what you have done for Australia ?

These Australians also ask “What have you done ? and what are you doing about fixing your treasonus actions?

Digger at chats with a boy in the crowd 1937

If the foundation is wonky the building shall surely fall!

By Allison

Will Hillsong Church’s representative be in charge when the national flag changes over Australia?

The Minister’s foreword “Australians are keen and willing to adapt to challenges” (https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/have-your-say/phase-3/ministers-foreword) – is surely an overstatement of the fact.

Most Australians have not a clue of just how they have been led along the Global Governance pathway by our politicians.

On Dec 15, 2015, The Age newspaper scribbled at the end of an article, “Fairfax Media is a partner of United Nations Foundation”.

So much for an independent news source!

For one example, Australians have been forced and purposefully driven to get the covid19 injection put into their bodies, which is a bio-weaponized injection containing bio-technological and bio-engineered poison.

Now this SAME Govt is going to legislate for a digital ID system so that every Australian citizen will be hooked into the production and consumption processes of the new economic international order. The digital ID system means that human to human communication will diminish. Data will be managed and controlled according to the evolving dictates of the global system. Eventually, the Revelation of God to apostle John tells us, the system will enslave your soul. The beast is the final world dictator before the return of Jesus Christ, and to buy and sell under his rule, a person must take his “mark”.

UN has been spreading its Global Citizenship agenda into the nations for almost a decade now. This is yet a further development in the plan for universal control of all resources on earth, inc human ‘resources’. Because Digital ID will be able to track, monitor and control personal and economic behavior we will have to find other ways to interact with others.

The Digital Identity Factsheet p1 says: In 2015, the Australian Government took the first steps to develop a digital identity system after a financial inquiry highlighted the benefits of digital identity for the economy. From the AFR Oct 20, 2015, “David Murray’s financial system inquiry recommended: Develop a national strategy for a federated-style model of trusted digital identities.” Outcomes were The Digital Transformation Office, a Trusted Digital Identity Framework, and Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda. https://www.afr.com/technology/how-the-tech-changes-from-david-murrays-financial-system-inquiry-rated-20151020-gkdnuz

The Digital Identity Factsheet p4 says: “We’re working to develop a fair and transparent charging framework that will support the expansion of the system and ensure it is sustainable in the long-term. While this isn’t included in this legislation, it will be enabled by it.” The “it” refers to expansion of the Digital ID system for sustainably protecting Mother Earth, goddesss of the Earth Charter.

The Identification for Development (ID4D) uses Australian Aid. To accelerating the ID4D work at global, regional and country levels, the ID4D Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) was established with catalytic contributions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation followed by the UK Government, the French Government, the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT and the Omidyar Network. This MDTF provides a platform for partners to cohesively advance progress across ID4D’s three pillars with a common vision and shared actions; and shapes global approaches and a shared vision on identification.

I think we could say a lot in any Submission to this draft Trusted Digital Identity Bill .

Thanks for the notification Cairnsnews.

Patrick Wood’s Technocracy News and Trends is a good source of information too.

Aboriginal elders speak out against government Covid criminals

Across Australia Indigenous communities are being coerced and bribed into taking experimental covid injections.

The corporate Australian governance has sent police and military into these communities to administer these injections.

This is a warning message from four Indigenous Australian leaders to all Original peoples around the world.

Music: Creation Song feat. Jarmbi by FIRE MANE

RUMBLE Cairns News Link: https://rumble.com/vnx6mu-aboriginal-elders-speak-out-against-government-covid-criminals.html?mref=qnz9d&mc=6f8oi

Some of what people have to say

Letters to the Editor

Woolworths Enforcers

Hullo Folks! I walked out of Woolworths today because I demanded to sign in with paper. The young bully told me “To get with the digital Age” I said I was still in the paper age” Well ,he was not going to budge,so I asked for a refund to get out of there and they told me that they did not offer refunds.So I said again I would sign on paper as the other shops gave choices. He refused rudely and so I berated him for being rude to an older Australian(he being a younger Australian approx of 25)

I put my goods ,paid and all on the counter and I left saying to him I hope that he would feel guilty at how they treated me.

He replied”I never feel guilty!”

I proceeded to shop at another shop and thankfully there was an other choice but I feel very saddened at this rudeness. If this is how the young treat us while we are still capable,heaven help us when we become very old!

I feel that Victor Dominello has gone “over the top” with this Digital stuff!He is the Minister for Digital Communications.in NSW liberal government.

A RELY: Hey Mate – yep I shopped at Woollies for years but when they put the guard ( lady) on the door checking papers – no more. We should all start supporting our local shops/businesses and using CASH!! I do.. Coles is ok for now but really they are all owned by the same people – they implement their crap incrementally..And yes – we older people are in their sites for removal – The forced injection of these poisons on sick frail people in homes will haunt me to my (imminent as they would have it) death..disgrace..

Diminishing Nurses – No Jab No Job

Yes they are stupid, So many nurses are now vaccinated, this shows why we now get real poor service. I was a Nurse for 24 years and I walked out 6.5 years ago because of bullying.

If qualified nurses don’t know what Gene therapy is then they are lost.

Also any one wearing a mask for protection is a fool but remember there may be mask wearers who wear them to hide from crap scrutiny and to blend in, so not all mask wearers are stupid.

“That’s how it was done by the Nazis in Germany”

It’ll work better than in Nazi Germany. No need for executions or force or violence, You’ll be begging for your right to exist, own nothing and be happy as Larry after every brainwashed Tom, Dick or Harry shuns you in solidarity with the Fearless Leader.

Australian is a nation full of Sheeple

They have had the wool pulled over their eyes by corrupt, traitorous, politicians and the media, been fleeced in the process, of their savings, jobs and businesses, as they meekly allow themselves to be led to slaughter. Sheep are herded and controlled through fear, and that is what is happening here.

Once the sheeple wake up and realize they have been betrayed and are now trapped, they will proceed to bleat and may stampede. Woe betide those friendly family physicians who jabbed them with a poisonous vax – they may need to hide.

Some doctors have predicted that those who have been jabbed will die within 2-5 years.

Besides the threat of blood clots, the ‘vaccines’ so compromise the immune system that the body is open to all pathogens. Can you imagine life in 5 year’s time with 70-80% of the population gone?

Is that the worse case scenario?

Are you still awake, Australia?

Total surveillance and total population control in action. Soon enough you’ll have to have a passport to go to the toilet. A passport for anywhere you go and for everything you do.

When you refuse to toe the line, they’ll simply cancel you. No money, no food, no access to anywhere or anything. Simple, just press the DELETE key.

Can’t wait till I am happy and thrilled to bits by owning nothing and depending on the whim of some fashionably woke moron for survival.

Big Brother ID

What is the world coming to? A digital ID? Why don’t you just throw us all in the gas chambers and be done with it? That’s the control the government wants. I will slit my throat outside of parliament house before I do this or have the ‘vaccine’.

“This is your Australia Today”

Time for action when kill-shot government have reached this level

Letter to the Editor

Aboriginal children at the local Tweed Heads schools are being rounded up today and tomorrow to go on a bus to the Minjungbal Aboriginal Cultural Centre for a jab. 12 yrs old and older.

No parental consent needed. Apparently they are coordinating with Schools, Police and Aboriginal Health representatives.

Please share to all parents.

Keep children home as attendance at school = Consent!!!

12 year olds do not know what they are allowing into their own bodies. ( is this the beginning for all children)


Revelations warned humanity

Letter to the Editor

Alternative energy a big con

Cons and conned! More on the vaccine scam. I listened to this video below and this expose does indeed show a terrible bridge to bio-technology has been forced upon people by the covid19 poison-vaccine. The rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places seem to have brought – or are bringing – into fruition their diabolical plans for a one world by changing life forms, to fit their own deluded agenda.
If you listen, you will be able to correlate many things in the last book of the Bible, The Revelation, with the things that the CelestialReport is sharing with us.

BREAKING NEWS: Former FEMA operative Celeste Solumn on what’s in the virus and the Gates vaccines

From Alison


How dumb is the general Australian population?

From lewrockwell.com:

While it would now appear from Mainstream Media’s propaganda and the relaxation of some of the draconian restrictions on freedom, that the war on the COVID pandemic war is being won, however I believe that this is a ruse, reinforcement part of a larger PSYCOPS to complete an ongoing Eugenics agenda. Features of the COVID-19 pandemic are very worrying as follows: –

COVID-19 disease has now been overwhelmingly proven to be just another treatable cold / Influenza which was medically mis-managed by denying early treatment which caused premature deaths in very elderly and people with underlying health conditions, this gave the misconception that there were excess deaths occurring and created mass hysteria.

Mainstream Media coverage of a possible Wuhan Lab virus leak heightened the fear that a perceived sudden increase in deaths could have been the result of a deadly bioweapon escape and caused further panic to develop a vaccine to stop the spread of COVID, it was stated that this would take at least 10 years further raising public fears.

The use of the now debunked real-time PCR test to diagnose COVID produced large numbers of positive results, dubbed “cases” without any symptoms, i.e. asymptomatic infections which is known not to exist, and this further terrorised the population. We now know that at least 97% of those positive results were false due the excessive cycle thresholds used in testing labs. Real-time PCR was developed as a research tool and is considered not suitable for diagnostic purposes.

New COVID mRNA and Viral Vector gene therapy technology “vaccine” injections were hastily developed, These injections were administered in a frenzy, in a mass global unlicenced experiment, without informed consent, causing many adverse reactions including symptoms similar to haemorrhagic fever i.e. bleeding and clots, The clots and bleeding have been found to be caused by the spike proteins generated by the body in response to the injections, and this is compounded by an undisclosed ingredient, Graphene Oxide, in the injections which is also known to cause clots and bleeding.

The first and second doses of the COVID injections have now weakened the overall health of the population as can be seen by the current situation in hospitals which are well above capacity during the summer months with patients suffering adverse reactions from the injections, many patients have symptoms similar to haemorrhagic fever.

From Crisscross


AEC denies Dominion plan for Australia so media repeats its ‘no US election fraud’ lie

Australia has a long-running issue with election fraud but the AEC says “trust us” and the mainstream media repeatedly lies that it doesn’t exist.


THE Australian Electoral Commission says it has no association with the Canadian-based vote trafficking company Dominion Electoral Systems following comments by former One Nation senator Rod Culleton (now leading the Great Australian Party) raising the possibility that Dominion had plans for Australia.

The denial is welcome, but it has given the Australian media the chance to once again repeat their big lie that “allegations of election fraud in the US 2020 election are baseless” and “a conspiracy theory”.

The AEC categorically denied Dominion had plans for Australia and that’s good. Neither Cairns News nor Culleton want them here because Dominion’s CEO John Poulos flat out lied that their machines were not connected to the internet during the US 2020 election “because they don’t have that ability”. But investigations have shown they definitely are capable of being connected to the internet, as shown in video evidence from the mouth of a whistleblowing Dominion employee.

Culleton told one media outlet “I make no claim” and that he was “simply sharing unrevoked information currently on the parliamentary website”. But it was enough to send the media into a spin about “unfounded US election fraud claims” and to push the AEC’s “anti-disinformation campaign”.

But Dominion has many serious questions about it’s conduct. For instance Eric Coomer, Dominion’s former head of security, was apparently recorded on a Zoom call telling Antifa members he’d be making sure Trump didn’t get back in. Coomer’s lawyers are disputing this in his defamation lawsuit in the Federal Court in Denver, against the Trump campaign, Rudi Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

But other evidence presented to the court shows Coomer posting anti-Trump messages on Twitter and a lengthy open letter to the media defending Antifa. Coomer now makes the ridiculous claim that the letter was “satire”. Coomer’s claim was jumped on by a defence lawyer.

The AEC has been under pressure over the vote fraud investigations in the US, particularly the Maricopa County forensic audit run by the Arizona State Senate. Despite the blatant lying of big US media channels that the audit found Biden won by more votes and Trump lost my more (based on a recount of the official hand count), the audit has found issues with as many as 700,000 votes. Biden won by less than 11,000 votes.

The anti-Trump Republican-run Maricopa County has continually fought against the forensic audit, twice ignoring subpoenas issued by the Senate for information and access to machinery. The Biden-controlled US Department of Justice has also threatened prosecution against canvassers who have also found serious statistical anomalies in votes failing to match addresses. Based on their sampling, canvassers projected statistically more than 173,000 lost votes and more than 96,000 ghost votes. Such evidence is of course ignored or attacked by the jackal, deep-state controlled big media.

Culleton had been referring to a recommendation in the Third interim report on the inquiry into the conduct of the 2016 federal election: AEC modernisation, made four years ago following the 2016 election, but the electronic counting trial never occurred. That report recommended “a trial to test the scanning and electronic counting of House of Representatives ballot papers”. The AEC said current Australian electoral laws did not allow for such a trial.

In July the AEC said it was considering deregistering the Great Australia Party, under section 137(a) of the Electoral Act which gives the AEC the power to deregister a party if it is “satisfied on reasonable grounds” a party “has ceased to exist”, potentially due to lack of members.

The AEC says it is worried about “growing levels of political misinformation online”, and will run anti-disinformation campaigns on social media, including a series of YouTube videos on election integrity measures. “Ill-informed (and often flat-out wrong) speculation about the integrity of the electoral process harms Australia,” a spokesman told The New Daily.

But Cairns News is far from convinced by the AEC’s protestations, given the depth of international vote trafficking and the presence in Australia of the Spanish “election managers” Scytl, who oversaw the last WA election campaign with the help of Kiwi IT subcontractors fresh from Jacinda Ardern’s miraculous win.

The WA Liberals allegedly won only two seats and the Nationals four, and were virtually destroyed as a parties in the election despite their decades of generational representation going back at least half a century.

The vote swings were off the charts such Labor’s David Scaife picking up 12.5% and Jandakot’s Yaz Mubarakai getting an unbelievable 19% cent swing against the Liberals’ Mihael McCoy MP. The swing against the Liberals was an unbelievable 9.7% across the state, supposedly because the sleazy dictator Mark McGowan was so incredibly popular.

This is the same McGowan regime that simply legislated to make itself non-liable for criminal prosecution because they ratted on an agreement with Clive Palmer to settle a dispute over his plans to mine iron ore in the Pilbara.

The Law Society of WA said the McGowan Parliament had passed a law which challenges fundamental legal principles. “The law unilaterally amended a state agreement for the first time in some 60 years. It exempted the [state] from defined liabilities, removed potential appeal and review rights and excluded principles of natural justice,” the Law Society stated. Yeah, sure we can trust McGowan and state dictators others like him to run free and fair elections.

Mark of the Beast – digital identification is being legislated right now in Canberra

Minister’s foreword to ‘Your guide to the Digital Identity legislation’

As we have seen during recent years, Australians are keen and willing to adapt to challenges (Scamdemic). In recent years, our nation has transformed the way we go about our daily lives – and it all revolves around digital. From shopping to banking to accessing government services, Australia has turned to digital in droves.

Federal Liberal Minister Stewart Robert is going to have you producing your ID before purchasing any item including food. Submissions for this bill close on October 27, 2021

With this comes great benefits – a thriving digital economy drives growth by enabling businesses to prosper, providing more job opportunities for Australians, and connecting us with emerging industries and technologies across the world. However, Australians and Australian businesses must have trust and confidence that the system and their personal information is safe and secure.

A safe, thriving digital economy is the best way we can grow the Australian economy.

A safe, thriving digital economy is not possible without digital identity – that is, a safe, secure and convenient way for Australians to prove their identity online.

This is the focus of the proposed Digital Identity legislation. The Trusted Digital Identity Bill, once passed by Parliament, will establish permanent oversight and governance structures for the Australian Government Digital Identity System, and enshrine in law important privacy and consumer protections. It builds on strong safeguards already in place, providing the authority for a consistent set of rules that will protect Australians and Australian businesses. The work achieved in this space, and the future opportunities that legislation will enable, are critical parts of the Morrison Government’s ambition for our nation to be a leading digital economy and society by 2030.

The release of this exposure draft of the Bill and supporting materials is the next step in a multi-year journey of consultation to ensure the legislation is robust, fit-for-purpose, and meets public expectations. My sincere thanks to those who have contributed their views to date. I encourage you all to review the materials and provide your feedback to help us ensure this important work is done right.

The Hon. Stuart Robert MP
Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business

Here it is

On 1 October 2021, the Hon. Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business released the exposure draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments for public consultation.   

We have conducted extensive consultation – including two completed rounds of public consultation – to understand public expectations for the legislation. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the proposed legislation to date. 

The purposes of the legislation are to:

  • enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector
  • enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal information is safe and secure
  • establish permanent governance arrangements and a strong regulatory regime.

Our Digital Identity legislation: What is it? fact sheet has further information [Word 124KB] [PDF 172KB]. 

We aim to provide documents in an accessible format. If you require a more accessible format, please contact us

Providing your feedback 

Your feedback on the draft Trusted Digital Identity Bill will help ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of the Australian community. 

How to make a submission

You can provide feedback by completing the short submission form, clicking the ‘choose file’ button to upload your submission, and selecting the ‘Complete form’ button at the end of the survey. 

  • We encourage you to make your submission in Word for accessibility reasons, though we will also accept other document formats, including PDFs.
  • While there are no restrictions on the content of your submission, please refer to the headings and ideas in the exposure draft of the Bill and the other documents in the package as much as possible.
  • If you have feedback on the RIS, please use one of the RIS feedback forms we have set up (available under ‘Regulation Impact Statement‘ above). Use the one that matches the role your organisation would play in the Australian Government Digital Identity System. If you’re not sure, use the RIS feedback form marked ‘General’.

Completing the online submission form should take around 5 minutes. Ensure you have your submission documents ready to upload before you begin. 

If you have any difficulty using the submission form to send your response, please email digitalidentity@dta.gov.au.

Alternative energy a big con

Letter to the Editor

It is proposed that from 2050 on, we’ll have alternative energy, solar and wind and, blackouts. We have then saved our planet, so they think. How wonderful! I will not be here then, than thank God and, I don’t have to get a wood fired stove and I don’t have to cut down my trees down in my yard for firewood to cook and for warmth.

However, we will still mine coal and gas and sent it to countries, like China and India, to name a couple who are the biggest polluters. And our myopic Greens and left-wing politicians who are pushing the above, have not been able to work out yet how to stop volcanoes in Indonesia which are producing more pollution when active as China and India combined.

The proponents of this unreliable alternative energy should be role models now, instead hypocrites and, give up driving the car, discard all electrical appliances and use candles for light. And talking of hypocrites, Al Gore comes to my mind who has unsuccessfully run for US president twice, and Prince Charles is another one.

Sincerely yours,

Werner Schmidlin


Why hire a lawyer when you can rent a judge?

NSW Supreme Court judgement on Covid mandates just proves, like Queensland, NSW has the best judges money can buy!

Letter to the Editor

“Soylent green and gold” gave insight into the arrogance of some men in wigs in this Country but no one was listening. This legal grab really needs to be sorted before they announce the coming Marburg virus. That’s the one predicted by censored Scientists. It will be hemorrhagic and deadly as a symptom of those who continue, with boosters, to be jabbed. Like an Ebola. After 9/11 Australia created new Counter-Terrorism Laws (2008) and we still have rights under the International Human rights treaties including the Covenant on Civil and Political rights. Surely Section 100.1 of the Criminal code could be argued.

In this, “an action or threat of an action, is made with the intention of advancing….a political, religious OR ideological cause….and coercing or influencing by intimidation, the Government of the Commonwealth, State or Territory or the Government of a foreign country OR intimidating the public or a section of the public….it is a terrorist act if it causes serious physical harm or death, seriously damages property, endangers a person’s life, creates a serious risk to public health or safety….” All these things have occurred in 2020/21. Suicide, bankruptcy, family breakdown and violence, death in Nursing homes…people locked up in Unit blocks.

In my way of thinking, we continue to be terrorised (by fear tactics) and harassed, not by guns but by needles. International lawyers have already called out WHO and have already won. The PCR tests are redundant. They will no longer be used after Dec. The whole pandemic was based on a false test. We know who GAVI is. We know who turned up to influence the WHO in 2015. We know what the World Economic Forum want…for the serfs to own nothing and be happy. We know they are pushing for their NWO, a One World Government ideology. We know of the Biometric Digital ID pass system that they are trying to impose by DNA collection/PCR testing and jabs. This is an ongoing assault on our lives. We the people are being terrorised.

From Seb


Justice Beech Jones is supposed to be a Common Law judge. We doubt he has any knowledge of common law at all. Maybe he was a conveyancing clerk before he was appointed to the bench at the Inns-of-Court late one night while being jolly at the festive board. Editor

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