Report shows Pfizer knew in January its mRNA jab was killing thousands, damaging three times more women than men

Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN

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Natural News) Thanks to the efforts of a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, we now have smoking gun confidential documents that show Pfizer and the FDA knew in early 2021 that pfizer’s mRNA vaccines were killing thousands of people and causing spontaneous abortions while damaging three times more women than men.

Newly appointed Queensland Governor Dr Jeanette Young was promoted from the position of Chief Health Officer. Her husband Professor Graeme Nimmo is a consultant to Pfizer

One confidential document in particular was part of a court-ordered release of FDA files that the FDA fought by claiming the agency should have 55 years to release this information. A court judge disagreed and ordered the release of 500 documents per month, and the very first batch of documents contained this bombshell entitled, “Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports.”

The document reveals that within just 90 days after the EUA release of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, the company was already aware of voluntary adverse reaction reports that revealed 1,223 deaths and over 42,000 adverse reports describing a total of 158,893 adverse reactions. The reports originated from numerous countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain and other nations.

Aside from “general disorders,” the No. 1 most frequently reported category of mRNA vaccine adverse reactions was Nervous system disorders, clocking in at 25,957 reports.

Pfizer has withheld the total number of doses released across the world, citing corporate trade secrets. This is indicated by “(b) (4)” in the document, where specific numbers and facts are redacted.

Even these numbers — already quite shocking, given the FDA’s insistence that mRNA vaccines are “safe and effective” — barely scratch the surface of the damage and deaths caused by these vaccines. “Reports are submitted voluntarily, and the magnitude of underreporting is unknown,” says Pfizer on page 5.

Three times as many women damaged, compared to men

Shockingly, the document reveals that more than three times as many women were damaged by the Pfizer vaccine, compared to men. There were 29,914 adverse events recorded in women, with just 9,182 recorded in men. It is not known whether the same number of men and women took the vaccine, but this number exposes the very real possibility of a gender-specific vaccine damage risk that the FDA went to great lengths to cover up.

Anecdotally, most of the neurological damage we’ve seen in people who have been damaged by the vaccine — convulsions, numbness, pain, etc. — has been depicted in women, not men. It looks like the FDA knows the mRNA vaccine exhibits a disproportionate, gender-specific damage profile that also affects women in terms of spontaneous abortions (also covered in the report):

Pfizer told the FDA its mRNA covid vaccines can cause “enhanced disease” by making covid worse

Also to the shock of many observers who are just now digging into this smoking gun document, Pfizer told the FDA under “Safety concerns” (section 3.1.2) that its mRNA injection could cause, “Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED), including Vaccine-associated Enhanced Respiratory Disease (VAERD).”

This means the FDA knew the vaccine could sicken and kill patients who were later infected with covid.

Under the label of “missing information,” Pfizer also told the FDA that it has no information about “Use in Pregnancy and lactation” nor covering “Use in Paediatric Individuals < 12 Years of Age.”

“Vaccine Effectiveness” was also listead as “Missing information” by Pfizer.

In other words, Pfizer told the FDA its vaccines could kill people and that it had no information about vaccine effectiveness, yet the FDA fraudulently pushed the vaccine as “safe and effective” anyway. Pfizer even told the FDA that it had no safety information about use in pregnant women, yet the FDA (and Fauci, the CDC, etc.) all pushed the vaccine for pregnant women, despite the utter lack of safety information.

Based on this document, it appears that the FDA itself has been neck-deep in a criminal conspiracy to hide the truth about vaccine injuries and deaths while granting usage approvals to the very same corporations that openly told the FDA its products were killing people.

Note, too, that the entire corporate media complex has lied from day one, falsely claiming the vaccine has killed no one. They are, of course, complicit in this vaccine holocaust.

Spontaneous abortions, neonatal death and other effects on pregnant women

In the section labeled, “Use in Pregnancy and lactation,” the report discusses reports of the mRNA vaccine being linked to:

spontaneous abortion (23), outcome pending (5), premature birth with neonatal death, spontaneous abortion with intrauterine death (2 each), spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and normal outcome (1 each).

Notice that “spontaneous abortion” represents by far the highest number in these reports. In other words, the FDA knew this vaccine would kill unborn babies, but they pushed it on pregnant women anyway.

All mRNA vaccines must be immediately halted, and FDA bureaucrats must be indicted and arrested

This confidential document — just the first of thousands yet to be released — reveals two critical things:

1) The FDA committed criminal fraud and misrepresentation in approving mRNA vaccines as “safe and effective.” This means top FDA decision makers must now face arrest and criminal prosecution.

2) The mRNA vaccine was known by Pfizer to be deadly even in its first three months of emergency use. This means Pfizer is also complicit in the continued deaths of innocent victims, as Pfizer itself should have pulled its deadly vaccine and halted all sales and distribution.

Find even more details in today’s Situation Update podcast which also covers Alex Baldwin’s magic gun, left-wing abortion pill gobblers protesting SCOTUS, Dr. Oz. running for the US Senate, Australia’s covid death camps and much more:

Mareeba shire residents tell Comrade Annastacia “no mandate for us”

On Thursday Mareeba Shire Council, in response to immense public pressure passed a motion informing the Premier that ‘some’ people of Mareeba did not agree with any un-vaccinated persons mandate.

Medical sources revealed that the vaccination rate for Mareeba Shire is one of the lowest in the state and that public sentiment was clear in its distrust of the Labor government.

Here is the motion:

Aborigines want a united Australia – narrated by David Cole

Powerful! Essential Viewing! IN an age of information, Ignorance is a choice. Challenge Cognitive Dissonance, & raise the awareness of the collective consciousness. Aboriginal elder David Cole has been fighting the Covid scam since it started. He has done a tremendous job awakening Australia and the world about the New World Order and their depopulation plan using gene therapy inoculations.

It is them or us!

Letter to the Editor

“They” – a great word which generally divides “them” from “US”.
The only problem here is they are also us while making decisions against us for the support of a new hierarchy which is exactly as the old one, only trying to squeeze more blood out of stone that has no blood at all. Australians are still hanging on and treasuring “fake” memories and glories of the past, which includes a Senate as part of a Government on strings in a system which from the beginning was installed and overseen by glorious colonialists which “decedents” are now stepping in to harvest what was sown by their forefathers of the hidden hand.

Chaos and dependency always will go hand in hand.
Hanson, another Australian career politician, who has spend most of her life in the political sewer that is called Australian democracy is plainly part of “them” that have been present since decades lubricating the process of demise in a country that never was. Elections (fake or not) never were a remedy to cause equality in “us”. On the contrary. “WE” are not “them” some say. “WE” vote “them” out to save “us”. A very nice dream is still a dream!!!

Elections can and will not stop the sinking of the “Australian Titanic”. Gravity will. Only a process of sorting “them” from us will bring results but it still will not stop the ship from going under as the vessel itself was never designed as sea worthy in the first place. It is global business as usual (as it always was throughout the centuries) and it eventually will devour itself into a new beginning which than should only include US without any of “THEM” – if humanity finally manages to learn from mistakes of a misguided past and ultimately grows together as ONE and US without any of THEM, that are willfully causing harm to others.

from Jo


Mild ‘Omicron’ could be savior for Covid and Delta infections

Natural News) Yesterday I interviewed Steve Kirsch, a highly intelligent, data-driven analyst who has been making huge wave on Substack with his articles on covid vaccines (and their long-term effects on humanity). That full interview will be posted today on my channel at

In that interview, Kirsch dropped a bombshell. He explained that omicron so far appears to be very mild but highly infectious, following a rather typical path of viral host adaptation. As a result, he explained that if a person had to choose which variant to be infected with, they would vastly prefer omicron, since it has so far killed no one (to our knowledge at this point) and yet provokes the body into producing a powerful immune response that confers immunity against all covid variants (including Delta).

Kirsch was right on the money: Omicron is spreading quickly but producing no serious symptoms in those who are said to be “infected” with it. It appears that omicron, despite being widely hyped by the scientifically illiterate corporate media, may have finally reached “seasonal flu” status in terms of its relatively mild impact on human health.

And that means omicron might be the cure for covid. It could end this entire pandemic without the need for vaccines, masks, social distancing or lockdowns. By simply allowing omicron to sweep through the human population — producing almost zero deaths — the entire world could become immune to covid and we could end all the global madness, including Australia’s totalitarian “covid concentration camps” that are making global headlines.

Pfizer would miss out on billions in new variant vaccine revenues, of course, which is why Fauci and the entire criminal cabal of Big Pharma corona con artists will fight against natural immunity in every way possible.

If omicron is the cure, that would explain why governments are cutting off world travel to prevent it from spreading

Does this realization explain why governments of the world are suddenly banning flights from South Africa and cutting off travel? Maybe they don’t want omicron to spread and replace the “delta” variant because delta produces far higher fatalities that feed into the media’s pro-vaccine fear narrative.

If omicron takes over the world, the pandemic is essentially over and they can’t drive people into the depopulation vaccines. Compliance is based on fear, and without the deaths, the fear can’t be maintained.

This brings us to the realization that the vaccine IS the pandemic. When people are vaccinated and injected with spike protein bioweapons — or the mRNA instructions for their bodies to manufacture those spike protein nanoparticles — they often suffer adverse reactions or even death. These deaths are blamed on “covid” when the real culprit is often the vaccines themselves. Without the vaccines, this pandemic would flame out all by itself.

As the American Heart Association’s Circulation journal recently published, mRNA covid vaccines “dramatically increase endothelial inflammatory markers” and, “may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

Furthermore, the recently released Pfizer postmarketing experience document — just released by the FDA under court order — reveals that both Pfizer and the FDA knew in early 2021 that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was killing people by the thousands, affecting three times more women than men. (See my coverage of this “smoking gun” document here.)

Natural immunity is the only permanent solution to covid, and vaccines simply can’t replace the human immune response

Ultimately, natural immunity is the only real solution to the covid plandemic. Vaccines are proving to be so disastrous that the EU is now recommending booster shots every 3 months… thereby proving that their vaccines stop working in about 3 months. The 3-month schedule will apparently continue indefinitely… or until you’re dead from the spike protein injections ripping your vascular system to shreds.

Covid vaccines don’t stop covid transmission, and they don’t prevent people from becoming infected with covid variants. Right now across the world, most of the people hospitalized with covid infections are vaccinated. Yet the only response from the tone deaf “science” community is to scream, “More vaccines!”

What we really need is more natural immunity, which means we need more exposure to a “mild” version of covid that kills almost no one.

Omicron now appears to be precisely that. It’s the globalists’ worst nightmare: Their bioweapon has adapted to become non-scary and easily beaten without vaccines. It means the Fauci fraud may be approaching its final chapter, and the scourge of covid vaccines and media lies may be coming to an end.

What the world’s leaders should actually be doing right now, in my view, is promoting vitamin D, zinc and other nutritional immune boosters, ending all mask mandates, lockdowns and vaccine mandates, and allowing omicron to invoke natural immunity across the populations of the world. Tear down the covid concentration camps and let the children finally have recess without masks.

We could all emerge from this with new, global immunity against covid. From there, we can begin the process of indicting and arresting all the covid criminals who took part in the covid “scamdemic” and put humanity through sheer hell over the last two years.

Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast, which also covers mob looting, Italy’s “March of the Vaccine Dead,” and an update on laser cutting for hydroponic grow systems.

Hanson’s anti-mandate bill voted down by treacherous senators Lambie, Griff, Labor, Greens and Patrick – remember these grubs

Today the Senate had one last chance to support an inquiry into legislation to protect Australians from coercive jab mandates. They had the opportunity to support basic democratic principles and they failed.

Labor, The Greens, Griff, Patrick and Lambie have colluded again to silence and deny the Australian people any opportunity to be heard on their opposition to vaccine coercion. 

A petition signed by more than 200,000 Australians in just 22 days was tabled in support of a call to Parliament to pass legislation that will stop the COVID-19 vaccine discrimination which is dividing Australia and causing so much harm.  

There is no excuse for denying Australians this opportunity.

As Senator Hanson said today, “For the second time, they’ve colluded to prevent my legislation being referred to an inquiry and ultimately it’s the third time they’ve knocked back the bill.

“But while they’ve made every effort to silence us, what they cannot do is prevent the Australian people having their say at the next election. Ultimately, we are all accountable as elected lawmakers and the next election is the best opportunity for Australians to choose representatives who will stand for their rights.

“Those representatives who support these most fundamental rights will be standing for election as candidates for One Nation. I have absolute confidence in the Australian people to make the right choices for themselves, their families, their communities and their nation.”

In a Facebook post today, Pauline Hanson explains that she did her best to convince them to see reason, but her words fell on deaf ears.

Gunner’s police state of the Northern Territory, Australia all with the blessing of the federal government

Michael Gunner’s son allegedly threatened by NT freedom group. 400 NT public servants lose jobs over mandated jab

by NT Aboriginal Elder, Rosemary Timber

Yesterday’s front page in the Northern Territory Newspaper claimed Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s son was threatened by NT Free group.

Rosemary Timber says NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner and the ABC are discriminating against indigenous people of the NT
It comes after 3 indigenous boy’s from Binjarri ran away from quarantine in Howard’s Spring. The 3 boys’ results were negative and are now remaining in the facility for another 14 days isolation. They did not commit a crime only being held for just being related to the ones that were tested positive for the virus. It all seems like Gunner is feeding the public another load of BS again just for sympathy.
Because he knows what he has done is wrong.
Binjarri isn’t in lockdown now all these boys want to do is go home, and to facilitate them they could of got dongas to put them in their homelands instead of being hundreds of kilometres from home. What Michael Gunner isn’t understanding is that this so called threat is the way people feel about their children
when they are being forced to get the vaccine injection.

Oh by the way his wife is the head boss for the ABC news, who are the ones who deny the rights of the public citizens seeking media attention to get justice against the Northern Territory Government for neglect.

His brother in-law is also his Media advisor.
So we would like our side of the street to be known to the public eye, not just people who have money. We may not have money that can buy our way through lies but we have a life to live as much as they do. Michael Gunner is worried about his child why don’t he have compassion for the people who voted for him to be in the position he is in now.

Gold Coast Covid ward empty for months while vax casualties stream in

Dr Camm speaking with whistleblower nurse Debbie Jane Harris and Grace Harrison of Undivided Gold Coast.
More than 1200 people attended the meeting to organise forces against the vaccine mandate.


A QUEENSLAND nursing whistleblower broke down in front of a meeting on the Gold Coast on Thursday night, telling of the horrors of vaccine adverse events including stillbirths, deformed babies, blood clots and cancer remissions reversed.

The 30-year nursing veteran Debbie Jane Harris, who has resigned from her profession, said there had been thousands of adverse events while Gold Coast University Hospital had seen only six Covid-positive cases in the ICU in 20 months. “All of those patients survived and were discharged and some were double vaccinated,” she said.

Harris went on to describe how a special Covid ward at the hospital been locked up and left empty for “months and months and months”. At the same time health officials, politicians and media in Queensland were claiming hospitals were being overloaded with Covid cases.

Harris said she declined to get a vaccination because she could not give informed consent due to a lack of data. Dr Camm, a recently retired doctor from Logan, also said there was insufficient data on the vaccines.

Dr Camm also spoke on the censorship of doctors by the Australian Health Practititioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA), which has threatened disciplinary action, including deregistration, against doctors who speak out against the vaccine rollout policy. At the same time governments say people with questions about vaccines should see their GPs.

Harris said nurses had received the same directive and were also told their social media would be monitored. They had also been encouraged to dob in any colleagues involved in spreading anti-vaccine information.

The Gold Coast church venue in Carrara was packed to the rafters on Thursday night as business people and others gathered to fight back against the Morrison-enabled Palasczcuk vaccine mandate by rallying businesses that are determined to follow a non-discriminatory path.

The organisers, Undivided Gold Coast, also made available an employment network for unvaccinated people who had lost jobs. A special app will also allow people to locate non-discriminatory businesses.

The meeting also heard from an organisation called the Red Unions, which is a group of legally established alternative unions for teachers, doctors, police, and independent workers union. A small business union is also being considered.

Senator Malcolm Roberts told the meeting he was aware of four Queensland councils who were rejecting the vaccine mandate. He said he had put a series of questions on Covid response issues in a letter to Palasczcuk. She sent a two-page letter back but failed to answer any of the questions.

He also accused TGA head Skerritt of covering up post-vaccination death statistics. He said when he asked Skerritt about the 564 reported post vaccination deaths, he “exploded” and claimed the actual number was nine. Roberts said Skerritt, in a letter, tried to bully him into not speaking about Covid treatments by threatening to use some obscure power.

Roberts wrote back telling Skerritt to stop illegally threatening his right as an Australian Senator to political communication. He also told Skerritt “the government has blood on its hands for refusing ivermectin (treatment).”

Gold Coast Undivided can be contacted on Facebook or by email at

Dictator Dan carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy in Victoria

Victoria is in real trouble and has been for quite a while. Maybe a look at some history of the state will show why.  Victoria was built more on free settlers, miners, manufacturers and small farmers,  rather than convict labour and huge land holdings such as was held by personage of the NSW rum corps and privileged aristocracy of many other states.

Confederate General Albert Pike, a murderer who pillaged America in the Civil War. His legacy has defined modern day Victoria

From it came the early political movements that resisted  what was then called The Venetian,  City of London Rothschilds power structure. This didn’t escape the notice of this criminal fraternity. Early on they began to undermine any Nationalist development in Australia. 

They imported a war criminal and occultist by the name of Albert Pike from the Uniter States of America.  Albert Pike was a Confederate General who organized a group of guerrilla fighters during the Civil War. They conducted raids way deep into the US mid west States.

They raided small towns, robbed, raped and murdered the inhabitants, mostly women, children and a few old men too feeble to fight in the Union Army. Unfortunately for Albert, a couple of survivors identified him as leader of the group. 

After slaughtering nearly 200 civilians in a town in Illinois and then scalping and dismembering the bodies to make the massacre look like Indians had done it, President Lincoln put a price on Alberts head. Wanted Dead or alive.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy with the blessing of the LNP/ALP duopoly federal government

Pike had been a lawyer, and was a business partner of George Bush’s grandfather until the Civil War began. Prior to that,  Pike had constantly traveled to and from London. He also was responsible for spreading the Jesuit front, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the South of the USA.

He became Grand Master of these lodges.

When the war began to go badly for the Confederate rebellion, Pike fled to Canada.

As a war criminal with a price on his head for murder, he was given refuge by the British.

It was from there he was sent to Victoria to start “Scottish” Freemasonry. He spent several years founding these treasonable witchcraft based entities whose goal is to establish Global Government. Victorians tolerated and supported this criminal in their midst and many communities opened lodges. He should have been deported to the USA for trial.

Pike wrote a book which all high masons value called “Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”. It is a ponderous tome of doublespeak, withcraft, anti Christian slander and instruction in nefarious ways.  It was a sad waste of good paper and ink.

These lodges created the Liberal Party. Pig Iron Bob Menzies was one of their favourite sons. The lodges assisted the destruction of the old Nationalist, Labor Party by infiltrating the British Fabian society into it.

 Governence only went down hill from there. Corruption became the norm. Churches were overtaken by the lodges.  One Liberal masonic Premier, Rupert Hamer went to Las Vegas on the Mafia’s check. 

After gambling, boozing and whoring for a week he returned to Melbourne. The Mafia were given the freedom of the City. They began by taking over the Melbourne produce markets, then spread out from there,  never to leave. Victorians tolerated this.  The police became their protection detail. Now the Vic cops are just thugs. Government became an arm of organized crime for the lodges. 

God has a warning,  given to old Israel. “I will bring judgement and destruction upon those who hate me, unto the third and fourth generation.  But I will show mercy to thousands, who call upon my Name and obey Me”. Herein lies the way out for our nation. Either we serve Baal or Christ.

from the part time Philosopher. 

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Christmas is a time for family,  a time for relaxing, a time to have fun with santa, presents, decorations, green trees, reindeer songs etc. Or so our increasingly pagan, materialistic culture would have us believe. 

What is the real cause for celebration?  The Apostle John said it all. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whomsoever believeth in Him might be Saved” Jn 3 -16. He who believeth Not has already dammed themselves. 

Be happy at Christmas, dont be afraid as you face the hideous evil being planned for us by Satan, we have already won.

Christmas can never be separated from Easter. The unpleasantness of Easter makes all of us aware of our guilt, no sleigh bells, no santas no drunken parties.

Christ Jesus, the Second member of the Trinity, our Creator God, became one of us in a little village of Bethlehem almost 2000 years ago.  He put His life forward as a Atoning Sacrifice, so that  fallen humanity could have the guilt of its sins taken away in the final Judgement. A rescue mission for the doomed.

 Unbelievable Love.

Why would God be born in human form and be rejected abused and tortured to death? If God suffered and died to appease His own Righteous and just requirements, His Sacrifice isn’t relevant to Us as fallen humanity.  It is God dying for God. 

If Jesus was just a good and perfect man, his Easter Sacrifice would not be sufficient to redeem more than himself. So the baby Jesus was not only true God, but also true Man, born of a woman, NOT the queen of Heaven. Just a decent, believing young woman. One of us. Mary, a descendant of King David as foretold by the Prophets for a thousand years. 

How can God become a man? Atheists often scoff. Remember, God created man in His own Image. Not as the evolutionary cult would have us believe,  just another animal. Descended from a monkey. 

No person, who is made to suffer in this fallen world ruled by Satan and his sick followers, can ever charge God with sitting in Heaven, watching suffering mankind with disinterest and detachment. 

The old Beatles song, “The fool on the hill”, was completely and blasphemously wrong. It is Buddhist despair. The baby born in Bethlehem is Gods answer.

No matter what we suffer or face in this fallen place, He has also suffered. Rejection, abuse, ridicule, torture abandonment and death. He has gone ahead of us and overcame it all for us, right to the Resurrection of His dead body to everlasting Glory.

Remember this year as we celebrate Christmas,  His love for us all. He is our Brother and we are His people. He will never abandon us in suffering and death.

Be happy, dont be afraid as you face the hideous evil being planned for us by Satan, we have already won.

from the part time Philosopher.

Wikileaks has dropped another bundle of fascinating leaks

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