Australia Day Facts

The first ever official national day that was actually named ‘Australia Day’ was on July 30 in 1915, which was to raise funds for the World War I war effort.

This happened after Ellen Wharton-Kirke, from Manly NSW, made the suggestion to Premier Sir Charles Wade, reportedly due to the enlistment of her three sons.

According to the Australian War Memorial website.

Mrs Wharton-Kirke had seen the generosity of the Australian people during other fundraising days and saw an ‘Australia Day’ as a way of drawing on the pride of Australians in their soldiers’ recent achievements at Gallipoli.

30 July 1915 was the date agreed upon, and events were held across all of Australia to raise funds.”

In 1916, the Australia Day committee that had formed to organise the war effort fundraising determined that it would be held on July 28.

Previous to 1888, New South Wales was the only place that celebrated Australian patriotism by having the ‘Anniversary Day’ on January 26.

These celebrations were all Sydney-centric (other states had their own celebrations to mark the founding of their state) – for example, Governor Lachlan Macquarie held a 30-gun salute at Dawes Point to mark 30 years as a colony in 1818.

In early colonial times, the 26th January was usually called ‘First Landing Day’ or ‘Foundation Day’, and would be celebrated by European immigrants (particularly ex-convicts) by holding anniversary dinners.

Some would begin their festivities the night of the 25th, with records existing of ex-convicts participating in “drinking and merriment” to celebrate their new home from as early as 1808.

Victoria adopted 26 January as a day to celebrate in 1931 and by 1935 all of the states and territories of Australia were celebrating the invasion – although it was still known as Anniversary Day in NSW, and Foundation Day in other areas.


The Australia Day holiday across the continent began in 1984. From the 1940s most states and territories had a holiday for Foundation Day but it wasn’t until 1984 that the National Australia Day Committee was federally funded.


First Nation Peoples have been protesting on the 26 January for many years, and the first official ‘Day of Mourning’ was held in 1938.

Other popular names now used by First Nations people are Invasion Day and Survival Day.

War Memorial Website

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Common Law courts to adjudicate replacing Labor and Liberal star chambers

by staff writers

Political parties have usurped Constitutional government in Australia over at least the past four decades replacing it with corporate governance by removing the Crown and replacing it with the Queen of Australia.

Common Law courts or Grand Juries are the only lawful method of getting justice in Queensland

There is no such lawful entity. Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1972 started the rot and successive Prime Ministers both Labor and Liberal completed the treachery without referendum.

More and more Australians have discovered what has gone down around them aided and abetted by an equally treacherous media and the Bar Association incorporating the Inns of Court and the Law Association with its lawyer members.

Law faculties at universities staffed by socialist-left professors over many years have indoctrinated literally thousands of graduates to believe Parliaments are supreme and there is no recourse for litigants who have been reamed by this asset-stripping, banking industry- orientated court system developed by the party duopoly.

So much so that the Australian Banking Association employed as CEO former Queensland Labor Premier Anna Bligh who qualified for the position by borrowing $60 billion when Premier from Rothschild Bank and mortgaging the assets of the state for collateral.

Queensland’s system of law has degenerated into an asset-stripping operation for the banks, attested by the Labor-appointed judge in the recent taxi industry claim for compensation for now worthless taxi licences after the Labor gang allowed Uber ride sharing to jump the queue.

The Supreme Court judge gave Uber a free ride to the bank while taxi operators lost their mortgaged homes and suicided at a similar rate to cattle producers during the Labor-induced live cattle export embargo.

In Queensland the party duopoly has ensured there is no lawful remedy.

But there’s more….

Litigants are advised to check out the newly formed Common Law Courts of Queensland where proper justice will be served in deference to the unlawful so-called courts of Queensland Inc.

Australian political party members of parliament should be mindful of what is soon to transpire in the United States affecting the traitors of Constitutional government. Corporate nemesis is coming to Australia……….

Eat your heart out Peter Beattie.

Upload Statement of Claim



Compulsory vaccination and associated penalties for refusal are unlawful

Kick out the fascists of the Liberal and Labor Parties for promulgating a false Covid pandemic

by TrueBlue Observer|

The Commonwealth Constitution of Australia states categorically that Political Party ‘Governments’ cannot force compulsory vaccination upon the public. This section cannot be altered and any penalties such as banning kids from school or a loss of social security payments to parents are unlawful.

Any amendment to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 MUST be voted on in a referendum before the Constitution can be changed.

State legislation is always subordinate to a Constitutional Act. All state legislation imposing covid restrictions are NULL and VOID. We, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, can lawfully refuse to obey any state legislation that is against the constitution.

In 1946 Australians voted in a referendum that asked if they would authorise the so-called political party governments to force anyone to undergo a medical or dental procedure without their consent.

Here is what the referendum asked, and the voting result:


Question 1.
Do you approve of the proposed law for the Alteration of the Constitution, entitled Constitution Alteration (Social Services) 1946?



New paragraph to be added to section 51 of the Constitution:

(xxiiiA) the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;

Q1. The referendum was carried.
All six States recorded a YES vote. Nationally 54.39% of electors voted YES

The question was approved, but with a condition:
medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription)

This means that the People of the Commonwealth of Australia denied the government any power to force people to undergo any medical or dental procedure without their consent.

You do not have to consent!

Download and print out the PDF and carry it around with you at all times. If you are stopped by the police or the covid cops show them this document and explain to them politely that they are also men / women of the Commonwealth of Australia with one vote each. They do not have any authority to break the law.

Forcing people to wear a mask, or undertake any test (including for covid or RBT) is a crime under the Crimes Act 1914, as codified in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 S. 51 (xxiiiA)

Inform them that if they continue to demand that you submit to their unlawful orders you will citizens arrest them and summon them to appear before a Common Law Court.

If they continue to demand that you submit to their demands, utter the words:
I hereby arrest you under my common law power to citizens arrest anyone I observe committing a crime. By insisting that I submit to your demands you are committing an indictable crime against me. You are hereby required to supply your name, badge number and police station you are working from.

Make sure you get as much information from them and inform them that they will be required to appear before a Common Law Court when they receive the summons, and that if convicted by a jury of 12 of their peers they will be held personally responsible for any harm they have caused.

Then upload your complaint here and we will advise you on how to take these criminals, liars, thieves and traitors to a real court before 12 of their peers sitting on a properly constitution jury.

Click here to download the PDF, print it out and carry it with you everywhere. If you are challenged by the police be polite, ask them if they are aware that they are the ones committing a crime, and hand them this document….

Do you trust government with your life?

Letter to the editor


Rushed vaccine production for corrupt political expedience leads to a death sentence.

When the New and unproven technology used in these Vaccines has been proven to be safe, when the Vaccines have not been rushed to market without adequate trials and have been tested over several years-

When the Law is changed and vaccine manufacturers,who are presently exempt from product liability by the Law and can not be held responsible for their products side effects-

When every politician and Public Servant have been vaccinated for at least two years without serious side effects arising from the vaccine- then, and only then I would be happy to consider vaccination for myself and my family.

I wish to clearly state that I am not an Anti Vaxer and have had all the standard vaccines of the past offered in Australia and for overseas travel, however, since the early 1980’s the Law was changed to protect Vaccine Manufacturers from Product Liability suits, things have changed.

When the Gov is talking about Mandatory Vaccinations, then things have changed.

In summary, the changes, as advocated by our politicians, do not provide Australian Citizens with any guarantees, or protection, nor the ability to sue for injury or death from the Vaccines whether forced upon them or taken voluntarily by them, is tantamount to dereliction of duty.

This issue of vaccination should be resolved after open and public debate, by a National Referendum as the Politics of today can not be trusted to act in our best interests.

from P Steding


US baseball hero Hank Aaron trusted vaccines then dies after Moderna shot

Baseball legend Hank Aaron gets his “promotional” COVID vaccine. Sadly, it was his last.

DO NOT trust any COVID vaccine! People worldwide who trusted government assurances that vaccines would save them from COVID-19 are dying after getting the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Germany and Norway have reported a combined 43 deaths among elderly people who received the Pfizer vaccine, prompting China health officials to call for the vaccines to be suspended, especially among the elderly.

86-year-old US baseball hero Hank Aaron, was so trusting of the vaccine, he received it publicly. Robert F. Kennedy Jnr’s Children’s Health Defense website The Defender reported Aaron received the first of two doses of Moderna’s vaccine on January 5, in an attempt to inspire other Black Americans to “step up to the plate and get the vaccine”.

“According to the New York Times, the Atlanta Braves confirmed the 86-year-old Hall of Famer’s death today, but did not provide further details,” he website reported. “CNN reported that Aaron died “peacefully in his sleep,” and that no cause of death was disclosed.”

Aaron made headlines earlier in January when photographed getting the Moderna vaccine. He told the Associated Press at the time that getting vaccinated “makes me feel wonderful.” He added:
“I don’t have any qualms about it at all, you know. I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this. … It’s just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country.”

“Aaron was vaccinated at the Morehouse School of Medicine health clinic in Atlanta, in what news reports said was an attempt to inspire other Black Americans to step up to the plate and get the vaccine,” the AP reported at the time.

“Rolling up their sleeves to take the first of two doses, these octogenarians, their spouses and several other civil rights leaders who received the shots in a brand-new health clinic at the Morehouse School of Medicine acknowledged the legacy of mistrust that many African Americans have toward medical research, stemming from the infamous Tuskegee experiment in which U.S. health workers left syphilis untreated in Black men without their consent, making them suffer needlessly.”

In December, VOX reported on the launch of a global campaign using influencers and celebrities to help overcome “vaccine hesitancy,” stating that it “will be unprecedented” and many institutions will have a role, including government and public health authorities.

However, health officials continue to encounter pushback, including from healthcare workers. Adverse events and post-vaccination deaths have been reported worldwide.

Covid-19 vaccine survey poll

Your opinion is important for a positive or negative vote to compulsory vaccination of the COVID-19 serum.

Government hype and knee jerk reaction for development of a vaccine is a worry to many and to others of no concern.

Please vote.

Arizona about to release voting data to prove voter fraud on a grand scale

Sign the petition on this site in appreciation of Trump’s four years of presidency:

Meet Creepy Joe Biden’s new Assistant Health Secretary

Trannie goes by the name of Rachel Levine is Joe’s latest health appointment. She/he is a  pediatrician that examined countless children. 

Biden said: “Dr. Rachel Levine will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people through this pandemic — no matter their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability — and meet the public health needs of our country in this critical moment and beyond. She is a historic and deeply qualified choice to help lead our administration’s health efforts.”

Wow get ready for the ride ahead….


Send those in Covid quarantine to beautiful Dunk Island

Federal MP Bob Katter is proposing the government invest in rebuilding the derelict Dunk Island Resort located off Mission Beach in North Queensland as a slam dunk solution for international quarantine rather than mine sites which pose significant risk of exposure to the industry.

He says the island’s existing, operational air strip, the vicinity to Cairns International Airport, distance from local community and the island’s resources, space and capacity make the project a no brainer.

Beautiful Dunk Island off the Far North Queensland coast

“Why do they want to quarantine people in the cities where there are rabbit warrens just perfect for viruses to get out of control, or mining camps which are located so close to our nation’s biggest money makers.

“You need to find ways to get the economy working again effectively and from what I am told, the locals near the mine sites don’t want it. If it got out, the local hospitals couldn’t cope and it would do untold damage to the indigenous population not to mention the more than 3000 [1]FIFO workers.”

Mr Katter said that discussions have already taken place with the island’s current owners and had also spoken with general aviation businesses that back his proposition to get Dunk Island operating as a quarantine centre.

“These discussions have already taken place and I would be confident there will not be any difficulty in getting an agreeable outcome.

“Getting places like Dunk Island working again changes everything. Backpackers think that they can’t travel anymore. Well, this arrangement means we can provide you with safe access to Australia for both backpackers and Pacific Island workers so they can get back out on our farms where they are so desperately needed.”

“Dunk can take 200 people every two weeks, and with demountables we could step this up to even more. You could do hundreds every month without any difficultly at all.

“All the essentials are there. There are functioning kitchens, existing staff quarters and an operating air strip. It would mean construction of the main resort which would boost the local economy that haemorrhaged more than 200 jobs when the Island closed after Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

“For the arrivals, it would mean having a good time at a premier resort in paradise. For the locals, they will still have access to the popular Spit area as it is separated from the main resort. What more could you want!

“Plus, the resort would be fully restored and ready to go after quarantine. It’s a slam dunk.”

The Labor Party Chief Executive Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk said today she was not in favour of using the island for quarantine but preferred to spend money on quarantine measures for international travelers in Labor-held electorates.


‘Pillow Man’ has the smoking gun to challenge rigged election results

Manchester millionaire Mike has smoking gun evidence that shows beyond doubt the international hacking of US voting systems on election night. Below: A print-out revealing web traffic on US election night.

MIKE Lindell, who most Australians probably never heard of, is the most hated businessman in America among the Democrat and media crowd. Lindell took time off from selling pillows to gather evidence of election fraud involving voting machines. He personally showed a smoking-gun example to President Trump just before the Inauguration.

The evidence, a log of online computer transactions, shows beyond doubt that the US election system was hacked by foreign players. Election authorities, those elected and courts will have to deal with this.

No longer can the media and Democrats claim there is no evidence. A legal process involving a common law writ of Quo Warranto could be used to get this evidence in the court. This prerogative writ requires the person to whom it is directed to show what authority they have for exercising some right, power, or franchise they claim to hold.

J.D. Rucker, editor in chief of The NOQ Report, writes: “A writ of quo warranto … doesn’t require a new piece of bombshell evidence. It takes the accumulated bombshells, affidavits, videos, and other pieces of evidence and consolidates them into one legal case. There are a few things that make this play completely different from what Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and others have attempted through our corrupt judiciary. With a writ of quo warranto, the clock starts after inauguration because it challenges a sitting government official’s authority to be in office based on actions, such as voter fraud, that aided in that situation.”

Mike Lindell, a converted ex-crackhead-turned-Manchester millionaire, hit the jackpot this month when he and his investigating associates came across the document provided by the operators of the website The American Cairns News was able to get a copy of the print-out showing a computer transaction log.

Lindell has been chasing voter fraud in the key states since early in November after the election and believes the providential hand of God is at work. He says the first miracle was that the massive Trump vote broke the vote manipulation algorithms in the election counting software in the key states that all had installed the Dominion machinery and election software. That is what led to the counting shutdown late on November 4th when the vote tallies had to be backfilled for Biden – a process that took weeks in some cases.

“If they hadn’t broke those algorithms we would’ve all went to bed at 3am because Biden would’ve won … and we wouldn’t have realized that all the fraud that went on. We would’ve thought it was mail-in voting and that was the reason why, but no it wasn’t,” Lindell told the FlashPoint show on the Victory Channel.

“So … we all did this big investigation, and here’s the second miracle. All these states where you had evidence, of ‘hey 6000 people voted that died; 20,000 voted that don’t even live there, they’re non-residents’, and nobody took that as evidence … ‘so can you at least take these off the pile and Donald Trump wins’? But they didn’t do that. But this gave us one thing: If we had have overturned all them then…. we would’ve never found the big problem – and that’s the machines.”

Lindell said the evidence of voting machine fraud came up on Twitter in a document shared from The American The website was attacked and taken down but is back online now. “I’m going wow, what is this? Anybody who retweeted it, it just got shut down.”

American administrators and Lindell then reached out to each other. “They had one page … they showed this forensic evidence. Its like a footprint inside … a computer, a timestamp in cyberspace. You look on there and it shows the time, the time it happened, the date 11-3, 11 o’clock at night, ChinaNet, it went over to China. It kinda shows the chain of where this stuff went.

“It goes over to China and shows the longitude and latitude then it comes back and shows which computer was hacked, the exact IP address, how many votes were flipped.” He said the log paper came from Fulton County, Georgia, and there are 10,800 such sheets in that state alone.

Lindell also happened to meet a mathematician and cyber expert who was able to confirm the data movements and had been working on the voting number anomalies in Georgia since November 4th. His calculations showed 24,000 votes had flipped inside the voting machine.

When the media learned that Lindell had been to see President Trump and started to talk to him, they drummed up a story falsely claiming Lindell told the President to declare martial law. He was ridiculed all over Twitter and other media. He also received a letter from Dominion Voting Systems threatening a defamation suit. Lindell welcomed it as an opportunity to air the evidence.

US now faces a corrupt, looming tyranny – but is the revolution cancelled?

This corrupt politician who oversees a family business built around his political influence is now US President. He immediately reinstalled the globalist program to take down America.

THE inauguration of Joe Biden has come and gone without the intervention we had all hoped for. Yes, we were wrong to think that a “Q plan” to deny the corrupt Biden the presidency would automatically spring into action. But was that too easy a fix to hope in? Now is when the rubber meets the road and the real battle begins.

Perhaps freedom fighters can take comfort in words spoken by modern-day Christian prophets like Hank Kunneman, that God has not given America over to the new communism, that Trump will serve a second term and that

His plan is not dictated by man-made dates and times? But that requires faith and we might have to ask ourselves, do we have faith for the battle ahead? Kunneman, who appears on the Christian TV show FlashPoint, is standing by his prophecies.

On Wednesday night, US patriots were arguing on Alex Jones and other channels about why Trump left the White House and why he did not act on the evidence of the election crimes and other information that came forward in the declassification documents that Cairns News has made available. QAnon followers countered by suggesting “The Plan” was still in play. Who really knows right now?

It would seem insane to allow a corrupt globalist Democrat who cheated his way into the White House when you had the power to hobble him and those around him. This was the big last-minute hope that we were denied.

And now that globalist Democrat Biden is completely reversing the Trump agenda – rejoining the Paris Accord and the WHO, taking down the tough border controls and starting national programs to implement cultural Marxism.

Speaking the day before the inauguration on a Zoom conference with 1000 participants (they crashed Vimeo with 30k on an earlier call) General (Ret.) Thomas McInerney foreshadowed the situation of Trump failing to act.

He also said World War 3 had already begun with the pandemic or perhaps earlier with the Russia hoax attack on Trump. “It was a deliberate biological attack on the USA and the rest of the world that came from China to take down our economy and affect the election,” he said. “The legislatures, the judiciary have all failed … they knew nothing about cyberwarfare.” He said Trump had actually won 11 million more votes than Biden.

He agreed with prosecutor Sidney Powell that the battle could “still be won tomorrow” (Inauguration Day). “Either Trump is the great president in history or the greatest betrayer.” He called on Americans to “act by themselves”, that is stand up to fight the Marxist takeover of America.
Georgia attorney L Lin Wood expressed his belief that God was not going to turn America over to communism. “No, that’s not what is going to happen. The light is shining bright still.” He said his faith told him that was not God’s plan and Trump’s plan was God’s plan.

Major General (Ret.) Paul I. Vallely said if Trump simply took no action and returned to Florida “we’ll have to plan for 2021”. He said the Stand Up America Foundation was looking at an entire new news organisation and a new political party called The Patriot Party to replace the GOP. “We can pray but we have to do something,” he said.

US Chief Justice John Roberts straight out of the swamp

Biden scrapes bottom of the barrel with Lady Gaga singing Stars and Stripes perhaps wearing her red human skin shoes at inauguration ceremony

by Alexandra Bruce

At noon today, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is scheduled to swear-in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United States, respectively.

US Chief Justice John Roberts right out of the swamp swears in fellow swamp creature and family crime boss Creepy Joe Biden as President

 This video gives us some background about Chief Justice Roberts. It was posted on Telegram yesterday morning by superlawyer, Lin Wood in 8 parts, which I strung back together again, uploaded and transcribed, below.

 It’s an interview with a government whistleblower known as JohnHereToHelp (JHTH), in which he describes how Chief Justice Roberts adopted his children with the help of Jeffrey Epstein and then he proceeded to use his children to sexually entrap and blackmail powerful people.

 He says, “Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are.

 “So you provide children to them. Your children, adopted children, whatever. This is how they trust you and you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed, because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you, if everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.

 “And this is a way for them to buy your way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.”

 JHTH also details how Roberts helped with some logistics in a plot to kill several Supreme Court Justices during Hillary Clinton’s first term, so that she could then pack the Supreme Court with Globalists/Communists. She wasn’t supposed to lose.

 This FBI false flag operation was foiled when JohnHereToHelp was hired by someone at the office of the Supreme Court to infiltrate them. However, those trained and armed by the FBI to commit mass-murder fell back to a Plan B, to execute Justice Anton Scalia, who was seen as Hillary’s “greatest threat”.


 Interviewer: …Epstein and Supreme Court Justice Roberts initially would have met or how that relationship would have developed?

 JHTH: How they would have met. I think they met when he was under Bush, not too long after he was appointed, somewhere along there, just basically meeting powerful people, something like that.

 [Epstein] did help him with his adopted children. From what was said there and what was discussed openly in this little dirty tricks squad, the children are not genetically related but they’re raised that way, that’s more valuable to them.

 One, if not both were born in Wales but they were in the Epstein channels and they were easily removed from their version of foster care to Ireland, which has much more open adoption-type records.

 And he facilitated this for Roberts so he could adopt them both at the same time. There was a little gap but it was just paperwork and Epstein had done that for him. So, they had met, they had worked together and he was doing favors at some point.

 Interviewer: Was this something that Supreme Court Justice Roberts would have paid for? Or is this a favor exchange to Epstein, to link up with these children, or…?

 JHTH: I don’t know, at that point. It’s possible. It could have been either one. I don’t think there would have been a payment, at that point. I was for his position, there may be some type of favor. I don’t know that either was done. He facilitated it. Was there a payment? Was there a favor? I can’t say.

 Interviewer: Can you go into any more details on Supreme Court Justice Roberts with these children and the circles that he ran in, as far as you’re aware?

 JHTH: Children are often used as a commodity, a way to buy yourself into certain inner circles. And these people are all wealthy, they’re all powerful and they won’t trust you unless you’re as compromised as they are.

 So you provide children to them. Your children, adopted children, whatever. This is how they trust you and you’re as dirty as they are. You cannot be exposed, because you can’t expose them, they can’t expose you, if everybody’s just as dirty, you know you’re safe.

 And this is a way for them to buy your way into these inner circles, then get access to whatever. Children are the payment and the dirt and the control.

 Interviewer: Now, who else would we want to talk to or is there any additional documentation that we can pursue to solidify what you’re saying here today?

 JHTH: The FBI has copies of the videos from the FISA surveillance. It was discussed but I can’t prove it that Roberts had a copy. Rod Rosenstein certainly has a copy. Sean Henry of CrowdStrike, who was FBI at the time, he took two copies back to the FBI with him.

 The copies were made and then, it was actually Sean Bridges who encrypted them and gave them the keys. So there are copies out there.

 Interviewer: And who would be on these tapes, most likely? As far as from your conversations in the trick squad?

 JHTH: From just those tapes and talking about the copies? Those would be Roberts – excuse me – those would be Pence and his two lovers and the younger ones. There were also – they would do the same thing; illegal surveillance or sometimes FISA but this was mostly in the country. Illegal surveillance with Roberts’ children – and whoever they were with.

 They’d set it up. They knew that they weren’t going to be exposed, because these were Chief Justice Roberts’ children. And please keep in mind that these children have been abused since birth and I don’t want anything else happening. They’ve already lived through Hell, they don’t need anything else.

 They were, again, loaned-out for these different groups and they did surveil many of them.

 Interviewer: Now, you also have said, in past discussions that there was a plot that Roberts was allegedly a part of, where they discussed murdering other judges on the Supreme Court under a Hillary Clinton administration, can you give me any details on that?

 JHTH: This was something the FBI set up, under their guidance from their political people. It was going to be a false flag. This was going out 2 years, almost before the election. And it was a Sovereign Citizen group. Obama did not want any terrorism unless it was white terrorism. So, this was a Sovereign Citizen group that the FBI had infiltrated and armed and instigated against other targets.

 They were, for the most part pro-America but they were racist in some of their origins. A lot of them were divorced fathers with a grudge against the court system, anyway and the FBI people had infiltrated and exploited this.

 They moved them up to the level of assassinating Federal judges, political people, things like that. You want the names? I can tell you.

 So, anyway, part of their plot was various types of attacks on the Supreme Court, to take out as many judges as they could and Roberts was aware of this. He actually provided some scheduling, because apparently, the justices are not all there at one time, they come and go as they please – and, “These three will be working something and these three…” and he provided this to the group, so they could finalize their plans.

 They were very, very close in what they were trying to do. They had explosives, all types of automatic weapons, they had rocket launchers and they were very close to it.

 They were going to assassinate F Dennis Saylor, he’s a Federal Judge in Massachusetts and Martha Coakley and Lisa Monaco and her family. They were going to make it look like a home invasion and film it until later, when they needed it.

 And this was their initial attack plan and then, the Supreme Court got infiltrated, at their request. And when I found out what they were doing, that they were going to attack these judges and they were going to pack the Supreme Court, I tried to end-run them.

 I had minders, people kept tabs on me. I had FBI minders but I tried to end-run and expose it and I took all the evidence, I went to Homeland Security, who were overwhelmed and they called in the FBI and then the DOJ, which came right back on me and they picked me up just a few weeks later, when they found out who I was.

 And the damage to their plots had been done. They did get close to assassinating people up there. Lisa Monaco, the judge was under 24/7 security, Martha Coakley had in-state security and I did prevent them from going after the Supreme Court, although their plans were all out, they had maps, they had the weapons, they had everything planned, so at least it prevented something like that.

 Interviewer: Now, were the teams who supposed to do the actual operations against the judges, were those Americans or were they foreign?

 JHTH: No, these were Americans. A third would be these Sovereignty groups and two thirds would be FBI people or people working with the FBI.

 They were going to get rid of them, anyway. They actually have recordings of their planning over the phone – me, as part of this group – and then, they did not hang up the phone – they did not kill the phone and we were listening to them talking about killing me and my wife. Things like that.

 Another time, they actually butt-dialed me and he was talking about – he was on the phone talking to various people – about their plans, about Hillary going after her and what they were going to do to us because we new too much and were outside, at the time.

 So, they could not do what they wanted, we got the people under surveillance, we saved them. As a credit for saving them, they were very upset that their plans had gone to crap, very upset with me, especially when they came and picked me up. But it stopped it. Their plans were written-out, they were like, they had maps, they had surveillance, they had quite a but of equipment.

 Interviewer: What was the timeline they were hoping to do this in?

 JHTH: This would be right after – within the first year of a Hillary Clinton’s presidency. She was not supposed to lose. So, this was all planned-up and it was more than just that. It was a twofold. They wanted to pack the court, they wanted to take out as many as they could. Roberts was actually helping, because he didn’t want to be one of them and he wanted some choice in who would be on the bench after that. He wanted to maintain some form of control, so he did provide information.

 But it was supposed to be done within the first year of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so that they could ban firearms, as well. And pack the Court. So, they had plenty of time to do that. That was their two main goals.

 Interviewer: Do you believe the death of Anton Scalia was part of this same plot or is that – do you know if that was separate?

 JHTH: It was the same people. He was a backup plan. He was their biggest threat; being the most Conservative justice.

 Justice Scalia, actually, I believe he found out about this; the plans and he went to the White House, like a week before his death. I believe he found out what they were trying to do.

 When they moved away from the overall attack, of where these people lived or making an attack over the holidays, when more than one justice would be in their home, things like this – and again, Roberts was providing this.

 They had to take him out. He was seen as their biggest obstacle. So, the same basic group that was involved were given access to the ranch where he was found.

 They talked about how they did it, they had a couple different options but it was discussed prior to his death; what they intended to do, where they could possibly do it, how they could do it, who they would need.

 The records are there, at the Cibolo Ranch, one person was brought in – it was three men – one person was brought in as a tent worker the other two – same team – were brought in as servants from a group that was there hunting.

 And they discussed how it was done. They used DMSO, dimethyl sulfoxide, which is a fairly inert chemical, just goes through your skin. But if you mixed it with a poison or a drug or something like that, it will go directly into your system and overload you. I believe that’s why he was found with a pillow over his face. He was struggling to breathe. He couldn’t breathe, he was choking.

 And this particular chemical, you can tailor it to the person. If they have a drug problem, you can put fentanyl in it and overdose them. If they have a heart condition, it would take very little to go directly in, it would be like a direct injection into the heart.

 And then, they talked about how they did it and Roberts was on the phone, discussing the successor. And he wanted a say in it, because now, it was only going to be one person and he wanted to pick that person and he wanted a say in who was going to take it – and of course, there was all kinds of talk about Eric Holder taking it and all kinds of people. But he wanted a say in who was going to take over Justice Scalia’s spot.

 And I don’t think he got it. I mean, obviously, he can’t, because President Trump is here. But he did want it and this is all prior to discussions and him complaining that he wasn’t getting any say prior to his death. His sudden death. It was well-known.

 Interviewer: Aside from Roberts being witting on this, did Rosenstein or anyone outside of the White House, had they been made aware of the plans, perhaps in Hillary’s camp that you could speak about?

JHTH: Oh, Hillary was one who knew about it, it was supposed to be done under her watch, her first term, so that they could pack the Court. They were fully aware of it.

 Rod has an intense hatred of Hillary, even though he worked with her when he had to. He’s not fond of Obama, really. He’s only fond of himself.

 But the plan was to be enacted through them and [Rod Rosenstein] was integral in running the Hammer system through Baltimore…