Westpac Bank shaky, refuses to hand over cash, get your money and run

Letter to the Editor

Today I was told by a friend that there could be some hassle with the banks and there was the chance of a bail-in.  As I was in Busselton town when she rang on my mobile, I went to Westpac where I have an account and said to the teller I wanted to draw out $20,000 in cash but if they didn’t have that much, could I please order it and pick up next week.The teller said because of all the scams, she would have to ask me some questions, to which I said OK.  She then asked me what I wanted the money for and I said why would you want to know that?

She said because they had lost 6 million dollars replacing scam money from customers and I said well I’m not sending it to an online lover in Africa.  She then asked if I was buying a washing machine or some appliance or a car etc and did I have the receipt to show her, and she would give me the cash.  

Westpac refuses to hand over depositor’s cash

I said I’m not buying anything so there are no receipts, I just want to draw out the money which is my money and my business.  She said she would have to go and get the Manager so after about 5 mins back they came – and the Manager showed me a tick list of Q I had to answer.  So we start the process again!  So I say I just want the money and I’m not buying anything and jokingly said I’m putting it under my bed.  The Manager then suggested we go into an office as all this talking had taken place outside the teller’s booth.  Once in the office with the door shut, she proceeded to tell me about all the scammers and how a lady had pulled out cash and bought a dodgy caravan etc and I said I am not buying anything, I am not sending the money to anybody, I am putting it in a friend’s business safe.  This still wasn’t a right answer to release my cash.  

She said I could have a bank cheque and I said no, I wanted the cash.  She said I couldn’t have it because of their protocol in place to safeguard their customers, so I said well I’m happy to sign an affidavit to say I won’t come looking for a refund if the money has an accident somewhere.  So she then said I would have to talk to one of the guys in the Scammers department and got him on the phone.  She spoke to him first and he then asked her for my Medicare Card.  Without thinking to say no, I handed it over and she wrote the number down and handed it back.  As she had already had my drivers licence, don’t know why they wanted the Medicare card and was cross with myself for refusing to give it as was nothing to do with me wanting to draw money out!!  

So we went through the whole thing again and me saying the cash was going in a friend’s business safe wasn’t good enough so in the end I told him what my friend had said about the banks being broke and there could be a bail in so I was playing safe in case this happened.  At that he said the banks have plenty of money and asked to be put back to the Manager.  They spoke for a few minutes and I said well just give me $5000 then in cash.  He apparently said no to her re this, she hung up and said I could take $1000 out from the ATM, but that was all.  So I said that means I have to come up here every day for 5 days to get $1000 out each day because you won’t now even give me a lump sum of $5000 cash?  (and I live 11kms out of town) She said yes that’s right.  

So I got quite vocal and said how disgusting it was and this was Australia for heaven’s sake and it was my money and they had no right to refuse to give it to me. So I said as far as I am concerned, the bank can stick its protocol up its arse and I will close my whole account and take out all the money in it and I want it in 2 cheques and I will be taking this matter further. The Manager typed all my complaints which was sent to HO Complaints Dept – she said they wouldn’t be contacting me but they held round table conferences re all the complaints and discussed how they could improve.  We then moved to the teller and she organised my 2 cheques which I then deposited in 2 different banks where I have accounts.
I am sending this around as a warning to others.  Maybe I played it wrong and should have just gone in and withdrawn $5000 today and done it again 3 times next week so that I flew under their radar.

from Jill Ilott, Abbey, Western Australia (80 years old)


We have received a torrent of similar complaints since we published the first story about Westpac. Perhaps the bank has started to remove cash from circulation before the Liberal/Labor coalition makes it compulsory?

SHOCK! Protective Detail of France President ALL Resign over COVID Restrictions; will no longer protect President Macron

French 1st Infantry Republican Guard

The Republican Guard, a security detail established to protect the President of France, have ALL resigned, and will no longer protect President Macron!

The mass resignation comes on the heels of his Presidential Decree requiring French citizens to have and use a “Sanitary Passport” (i.e. Vaccine Certificate) or be denied access to stores, bars, even DENIED VOTING!

Citizens are taking to the streets in almost every major city, literally battling with police over enforcement of these new Presidential Decrees. Mass-Media is mostly IGNORING the civil uprising, reporting almost nothing as the country erupts in protest. Read more

US military may be preparing for ‘big event’ but scenarios still unclear


US military are reportedly on the move in a big way internally, with larger and more frequent than normal convoys of flatbeds carrying APCs and other equipment westwards. High-level officers have also reportedly been warned to “get their houses in order” and stock up for something coming in August.

The reports have come from the American Patriots Movement via America News24H and the BekTV show The Right Side with Doug Billings. Billings has a reasonable level of credibility, running interviews in recent weeks with General (Ret.) Michael Flynn and Lieut. General (Ret.) Thomas McInerney, who referenced a World War III of irregular warfare.

On a recorded hook-up posted on July 26th, an unidentified contributor from South Carolina reported seeing the convoys every five to ten minutes heading west on a major highway. Large military convoys are not unusual in the US, and reports of “unusual military movements” have been around for years, but these were said to be unusually frequent.

“It was convoys of six or eight vehicles, most of them crowd control vehicles (APCs) …. we ran into them every five to ten minutes.” He called a friend about the sightings, who suggested it was an exercise between Greenville and Columbia South Carolina. But when they drove through Columbia the convoys continued from the east to west.

The man said there were military tankers, Humvees, APCs then back up and supply trucks. “If this was an exercise it was the biggest exercise that any of my friends have seen,” he said.

Similar sightings were also reported from Salt Lake City, Utah. Tactical vehicles were being stockpiled in unusual locations also. Other military vehicles were off transport and heading east under their own power.

The hook-up group then played a video (not visible on the YouTube version) of a person calling himself ex-military who said his source was in close contact with active and retired military. “As I’ve been telling you for a long time, things are getting really nasty. You see what’s happening with the supply chains … with the ships offshore and containers not getting materials transported to them and the railway lines being slowed down or even stopped. In other words ladies and gentlemen they’re turning off the economy.”

The contributor went on to describe the soaring price of petrol over US$4 a gallon, cyber attacks on the grid and energy pipelines. “In other words they’re attacking us on multiple fronts, in-depth and with full spectrum dominance.”

He further stated: “I don’t know about the enlisted ranks, but apparently amongst the officers, especially among the higher-up officers – 04, 05 etcetera – they’re being told to get their houses in order for what’s coming. What they’re saying is they need to go out and get food and water and supplies now.” The second contributor could not suggest any specific scenario ahead except to say that officers and their friends were now stocking up at the big stores.

Suggested scenarios range from a military-backed return of Trump and even a deep state assassination of Biden and Harris, which would carry serious political implications for conservatives and Republicans. A China move or a massive financial collapse are also suggested.

In fact there’s a rabbit hole of scenarios made difficult by the split in the US military between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces such as General Mark Millie, the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is pushing the globalist/socialist critical race theory in the military. Tucker Carlson called him a lunatic who deserves to be fired.

And then there’s the Q scenarios supposedly playing out, with White House empty and Biden operating from the White House replica in Georgia, and various key players in the global pedophilia ring like the Clintons being taken to Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba and executed. We are unable to confirm those reports at this stage.

The warnings correlate with those made on the same channel recently by Lieut-Gen. (Ret.) McInerney, although General Flynn has not specifically backed those comments, despite appearing on the same show with McInerney. Flynn has instead focused on the election fraud battle but has dropped Q-like references such as this one: “We are in a battle between darkness and light… move toward the light.”

Westpac Bank asking customers what withdrawals are to be spent on

Letter to the Editor

Earlier this evening I did an online payment of five k to someone I know in australia. Westpac decided it was a scam and called me, left a message and asked to call them back as the payment had been suspended. After waiting twenty minutes online I answered all their security questions, assured them the payment was gong to someone I know and there were no problems as far as I was concerned. What is the money for she asked? That’s none of your business I replied. It’s my money and how I choose to spend it is my business no one else’s. It went down hill from there fairly quickly…she refused to put the payment through and said any further payments would just bounce back into my account. I have now been suspended from accessing my account online. A couple of other women have said recently that they have been questioned by branch staff when withdrawing cash as to what it was for and not being allowed access without giving a reason. Has anyone else had this problem…is it a certain demographic they are targeting…what is going on?

from Jacinta

Melbourne – beginning of the end for Comrade Premier Dan as his Covid cops lose control of 50,000 protesters

Click this picture to view the video

Rebel News Avi Yemini has great video coverage of the Freedom Day rally in Melbourne, Australia. It was HUGE.

So big that police were embarrassingly overwhelmed and had to stand down, which is unprecedented so far in our dystopian COVID Era.

Many said they were coming out for their children’s future.

The jubilation was palpable and as one observer told Avi, “They’ve been afraid before. Now, when they see the numbers, they will come out. I believe from now, this government has no hope.”

It was peaceful with people from all walks of life.

Firearms registration unlawful

Letter to the Editor

The personal and private Weapons Act 1990 is a private Act of the Queensland Treasury Corporation and holds no authority over or above any person inside the Constitution Act 1867 (Qld) or  to require them to register or licence any  firearm or so named weapon as they are their own private and personal property hence no Licence is required in Queensland.

And further no person is  required to pay a fee in the electronic currency of the firm,  Queensland Treasury Corp  and the fees etc. to be paid into the Queensland Treasury Corporation for the profit of the firm, being a private Australian business registered on the New York Stock Exchange:-

                                               The Chief Executive Officer

                                               Queensland Treasury Corporation

                                              The Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

                                               C/O Queensland Treasury Corp.

                                               111 Eagle Street,

                                               BRISBANE CITY Qld 4001

                                  Queensland Weapons Act 1990

                                       Current as at December 1, 2018

                                      © State of Queensland 2018   

   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

from David Walter, FNQ


Unlawful amnesty

Treacherous politicians from July 1 implemented a national firearms amnesty hoping gun owners are sufficiently stupid enough to hand in any unregistered guns for destruction. The pollies are terrified of unregistered guns because they cannot be controlled by their corporate police enforcers. Surely citizens would not stage an armed revolt against unlawful ‘governments’?

Will you hand in your gun?

What will be the repercussions for pollies and bureaucrats when victims of Covid gene therapy start falling off the perch, as designed, in one or two years time?

Gun confiscations could start at any time because the enforcers have lists of your guns and where you live. It is the alleged half a million unregistered guns they are afraid of.

Will you be silly enough to hand them in?

In any case from where does the federal government get its authority to call a national amnesty. Are not guns the responsibility of the states?

Why are governments afraid of an armed population?

Australian Immunisation Register precursor for vaccine passports

Federal Government’s immunisation passports imminent – get off the register

from Kev Moore

For many years, the AVN (Australian Vaccination Network) has been trying to get a study done comparing the health of the fully vaccinated, the fully unvaccinated and the partially vaccinated using the information on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) which is now called the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Since 2016, this register has tracked all vaccinations given to everyone in Australia.

Australian Vaccination passports will be compulsory in two months time. Ring your federal and state members now and tell them to cease and desist

In our research, we have just discovered that there are plans to use this data to inform State Governments of who is and is not vaccinated for the purposes of bringing in a vaccine passport within the next 2 months.

What we were not aware of is the fact that we can opt-out of allowing the government to share our data with any third party including sharing it with the States (it is currently held by the Federal Government) or whomever will win the tender to operate the passport system.

Time is short since the federal government has already said they have everything ready to go for the vaccine passports and are only waiting on the States to complete their end.

Please visit this website – 


and fill in the form IM017. It cannot be submitted online but must be printed out and mailed – we recommend you do this by express post and also if you don’t mind spending a few dollars extra, paying for the proof of delivery so you have the signature of who has received it should they claim they never got it.

Please share this as widely as possible since it is urgent that we opt out now while we still can.

The AVN Team

What is really being injected into your body with Covid vax

Letter to the Editor

There are sufficient grounds to believe that we have been graphenized i.e. medicated or contaminated by the Graphene Oxide, which is present in the vaccines, masks, swabs, saline solutions, air etc.

The presence of the graphene oxide in the body after vaccination or contamination, can be detected by magnets, voltmeter and EM detector, as demonstrated here: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/la-quinta-columna-they-are-injecting-graphene-oxide-as-a-adjuvant-in-vaccines_Oroq7DWmVGt2HZi.html

The connection between the graphene oxide and COVID-19, has been explained here:

The properties of the graphene oxide: https://www.bitchute.com/video/y8tMDpzdJ4ZI/

The scientific paper showing that the Pfizer covid vaccine contains 98-99% Graphene oxide:

Presence of the Graphene oxide in Astra Zeneca vaccine: https://www.orwell.city/2021/07/graphene-oxide-in-astrazeneca-vaccination-vial.html

The Graphene oxide in Moderna vaccine: https://www.orwell.city/2021/07/absorption-signal.html

Detection of the Graphene oxide in the flu vaccine: https://www.orwell.city/2021/07/graphene-oxide-found-in-vaxigrip-tetra-vaccination-vial.html

The Graphene oxide in the air, as magnetic dust: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fN5plldFJbOE/

The Graphene oxide in the masks: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/04/16/warnings-over-masks-that-contain-graphene/

Presence of the Graphene Oxide in the blood: https://www.bitchute.com/video/TrEIvVA9Fc9J/

The SARS 2 COV has never been isolated: https://andrewkaufmanmd.com/sovi/

At the end, there is a lot of indication pointing that the Graphene Oxide is the “virus”. When injected into a human body it can cause the blood cloths, myocarditis, pneumonia and when exposed to EM waves of the certain frequencies inside the 5G range, it is causing COVID symptoms.

from Boris, NSW

Is boofhead NSW Minister Elliott really going to arrest these patriotic Australians? We’ll see about that mate!

These Australians peacefully exercising their right to protest in Sydney last Saturday, before being insulted then targeted for arrest by the vile and vindictive NSW Police Minister David Elliot.
Just part of the protest march through Sydney last Saturday, claimed by David Elliot and his media friends to number only 3500! And the same unbalanced, power-drunk Elliot wants a squad of detectives to identify and charge them all.
This NSW minister is off his block and must resign.


THE rancid authoritarian regime now running New South Wales is going after the mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, children, teens, and adults who exercised their lawful right to protest in Sydney on July 24.

The anti-citizen NSW terrorist operation was announced by the distasteful NSW Police Minister David Elliot, after he insulted the thousands of protesters his police are commissioned to “protect and serve” by calling them “boofheads”.

But it’s Elliot who deserves the “boofhead” label. He demonstrated deep-seated ignorance not only over his ministerial obligations as an elected public servant, but in crossing the line to inflicting truly Stalinist-style tyranny on the free people of Australia. This minister is no longer one. He is a tyrant abusing the powers of office to an extent unheard of before in Australia’s history.

Elliot wants the July 24th protesters identified and reported to Crimestoppers in an operation involving 22 detectives. It’s a mirror of the Democrat-inspired FBI terrorist operation in the US to track and arrest innocent participants in the so-called insurrection at the Capitol Building on January 6 this year.

We should not be surprised at this latest act of tyranny by Berijerklian and her cabal of power-corrupted cronies. They, like her fellow terrorist premiers Andrews of Victoria, Marshall of South Australia, the law destroying thug McGowan of Western Australia and Queensland’s DNA-trading-for-the-CCP Palasczcuk family, all appear under the control of the uber-rich globalist pedophile puppet masters who have declared war on freedom and humanity in general.

It’s a shocking crisis of government in Australia. When broadcaster Alan Jones stated recently that Berejiklian had lost the right to govern, he was being polite. This COVID madness is a crisis of government in this nation that must be addressed by the people.

Elliot says the NSW police “strike force” will work to identify and charge the 3500 people (there were at least 10,000) he claimed were involved in Saturday’s “illegal anti-lockdown rally in Sydney’s CBD”. The boofhead minister also ordered them “go and get tested” because in his estimation there would be “at least one person in that crowd with COVID”.

In fact there could have been thousands of people in that crowd “with COVID” or some form of corona virus in their system because real medical experts – epidemiologists in particular – will tell you that half to 80% of the population has natural immunity. But such knowledge is typically ignored by corrupt tyrants hellbent on control of entire populations.

And as if anyone among the protesters would go line up for hours to have some plastic-covered goon stick an elongated, poison-contaminated ear bud up their nasal passage and then have the goo put through a fraudulent test condemned by courts in Europe so that they might be sent into forced quarantine. It would be hilarious if not so deadly serious.

As noted by one of the speakers at the Brisbane World Freedom Day rally, the only test required for dealing with the so-called pandemic should be an IQ test. But that might be going too far, as it could result in a massive leadership vacuum across at least four Australian states and the federal Parliament.

Minister Boofhead should apologise to the thousands of Sydneysiders he has not only insulted, but now threatened with investigation for exercising their lawful right to political protest. This is pure Stalinist-style terrorism and the people of Sydney must go out again in defiance of the ludicrous city lockdown on the basis of a couple of hundred so-called COVID cases.

The fear peddling dimwits of mainstream media and politics are also condemning the Sydney protest as a likely “super spreader event”. Did they ever wonder what “the virus” was doing when masks were off a few weeks back – for instance at the footy? Did the virus take a holiday? No, it and other viruses were spreading – that’s what they do, and the majority of reasonably healthy people with a functioning immune system simply fight them off. Zinc and vitamin D3, a supplement highly recommended by online British GP Dr John Campbell and many others, are good preventive medicine.

Others like the immune compromised or elderly with existing illnesses may need extra care. Repurposed drugs like ivermectin, budesonide (a steroidal inhalant) or hydroxychloroquine can help infected people drastically reduce their viral load, as proven in trials and clinics. But the Berejiklian cabal and their so-called health advisers don’t talk about this – they merely push the dangerous and ineffective vaccines that large numbers of Australians don’t want. It’s criminal negligence cloaked in the respectability of “public health” and people are sick of it (pun unintended).

Wayne Glew’s answer to NSW HEALTH MINISTER. You are a NUTTER. You should be locked up.

Click this picture to view video

A video by actavist Wayne Glew delivers a verbal blasting of NSW Health Minister Hazzard fear mongering interview with that ever compliant media apeasing agenda driven government

They use the state of emergency law to bypass the constitution laws all abuse of office.
Stand up to these clowns people, they are pathetic.

Massive Australian marches put rogue state COVID regimes on notice

The massive crowd at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens before it spilled out onto the streets for the World Freedom Rally march.
Creative and hard-hitting placards were out in force at the rally.

MEDIA and their government sponsors have tried to ignore a major World Freedom Day protest in Brisbane while trying to smear and understate the marches in Sydney and Melbourne over a few incidents where protesters clashed with cops. Marches were also held in Adelaide along with a vehicle convoy in Perth.

Brisbane notable because the turnout was double or triple previous rallies and estimated by organisers to be up to 15,000, indicating that the push-back against the great COVID con is gathering a massive, broad base of support. Brisbane train lines were “coincidentally” shut down for maintenance.

But the Brisbane rally was notably absent from TV news reports, or given minimal coverage like the ABC, who initially lied that only 1500 people were at the rally. Their reporter was given a tongue lashing on the street, as were others in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Queensland cops initially refused to issue a permit for the gathering when approached by the primary organisers, The People’s Revolution, a group with strong links to the local indigenous communities and well aware of the insidious nature of the COVID operation against all Australians. But when the TPR representatives said the march was going ahead regardless of their approval or not, the cops backed down and co-operated on the day.

On March 30, 150 members of the group fronted up to Premier Palasczcuk’s office to deliver a letter asking her to initiate a full inquiry into the management of COVID-19, investigating specifically the origins of the virus, accurate death and case numbers to justify the “pandemic” claim, proof of the effectiveness of lockdowns and masks and their negative effects, the banning of safe and effective treatments, and why provisional approvals were given to vaccines when there are still significant outstanding safety concerns.

As expected, Palasczcuk failed to deliver and TPR organisers promised further such action in much bigger numbers if Palasczcuk attempts another lockdown like the ridiculous but incredibly destructive lockdown charades happening in NSW and Victoria.

Unlike previous World Freedom Day rallies in Brisbane, Saturday’s one took to the streets of the Brisbane CBD before the speeches. Shoppers and residents lining the streets were staggered by the size of the human convoy filling block after block.

Unlike Brisbane, cops in Sydney and Melbourne came out in large numbers, forcing themselves onto the large marches on the streets defying the lockdown orders, resulting in some incidents with 57 arrests in Sydney. Queensland police made no attempt to intimidate or interfere with the gathering and march, and simply carried out the usual traffic control functions.

In Berejiklian kept a low profile after the march, probably sulking over the rejection of her totally stupid call for a “national emergency” and splits in the Liberal ranks by members including her parliamentary deputy and Treasurer Dominic Perrotet who are unhappy over her and Health Hazzard’s ridiculous lockdown.

This indicates the pressure is beginning to take its toll on the NSW Liberals. Even Dictator Dan down south seemed to back off and was talking about “a path out of lockdown”. Last week Alan Jones went on his Sky News program to declare that Berejiklian had “lost her right to govern”.

Rally Update including information sites

This weekend rally location UPDATE and times across Australia click here at Australian Vaccination-Network Incorporated with loads of information for you to make decisions.