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Minor parties united can break the political duopoly on Saturday

Senate candidates address the Gold Coast forum held in front of a packed Croatian Club last Friday night. Speaking is Jason Miles (Great Australian Party) with Debra Yuille (, Campbell Newman (Liberal Democrats), and George Christensen and Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation).


THE preferential voting system, which is designed to benefit the Labor-Green/Liberal National political duopoly, could finally work against the establishment parties this Saturday.

That’s because of unprecedented unity and preference swapping as the minor parties put the majors last in the 2022 federal election.

While preferencing is ultimately In the hands of the individual voter, the minor parties are showing more unity than ever and presenting a united front against the Canberra political duopoly.

In Queensland, from Cairns to the Gold Coast, the minor parties have not only worked out mutual preferences but have gathered together

at several forums to rally volunteers and lay down the essential issues, which mostly revolve around the freedom agenda.

An example is the gathering at the Gold Coast Croatian Club on Friday 13th where representatives of One Nation, United Australia Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Great Australian Party, the Australian Federation Party, Australian Values Party and appeared on stage together.

On the following Sunday most of the same local candidates for the same parties were invited to a local church where prayer was offered for their campaigns. The “scandalous” congruence of “right wing politics” and religion apparently escaped the local media, although the church invited all candidates regardless of party affiliation.

On the Saturday the freedom coalition gathered at a Put the Majors Last rally at a rain-drenched Broadwater Park on the Gold Coast.

The common theme at the gatherings was freedom, hence the tag “freedom parties” for the small parties standing up against the political establishment. This freedom coalition clearly represents a threat to “safe” Gold Coast Liberal seats like Moncrieff, held by the leftie Angie Bell, and McPherson held by Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews.

Bell and Andrews have been busy dishing out money to local community organisations as part of their vote buying strategy. Andrews has also been seen doing the rounds of pre-polling stations in her ministerial BMW, followed closely by an armed Federal police security team of three and a campaign bus.

One of her polling support team caused an uproar during the week when she threatened to take “Federal Court action” against a woman representing Senate candidates Len Harris and Debra Yuille. The woman moved Liberal election signs out of the way to put her own ones in to the limited space.

The threat instantly raised a loud chorus of rebukes from all the other parties (UAP, One Nation, Liberal Democrats, Australian Values Party, The Greens, ALP) represented at the site as the embarrassed Liberal lass jumped on her phone for backup.  

The threat was seen as symptomatic of the power games played by entrenched mainstream parties.

Meanwhile the ABC is giving special coverage to the so-called Teal Independents, the leftist group of climate alarmists funded by Climate 200, a group funded by woke West Australian aristocrat Simon Holmes a Court.

While the Murdoch media has been relentlessly slamming the Teals because of their direct threat to sitting Liberals, almost all media has basically ignored the freedom parties led primarily by One Nation, UAP and the Liberal Democrats. They have been mentioned but only occasionally and reluctantly by mainstream media. However, patriots can be encouraged by the fact that ABC’s election guru Antony Green and others have actually raised the possibility of a hung parliament.

In a recent ABC appearance, Green ran with a poll claiming Labor would win but conceded a hung parliament was a “possibility”. If the freedom parties gain the mass protest vote seen during the plandemic, it will be more than a mere possibility. We can only wait and see.

Sack them all rally around Australia

Australian main stream bulldust media quote:

“Just a few hundred conspiracy theorists in Sydney”

How many conspiracy theorists can you see in Sydney here?

Expanding on the thousand + crowd in Sydney are the state by state pictures published by the DailyMail below.

We now await polling booth reports after May 21 to see how the duopoly terms of reference to the Australian Electoral Commission turn out PLUS their vote manipulation programme to secure government at any cost.

Prof John Wilson,Royal Australasian College of Physicians, resigns from Victorian Hospital

A Senior Victorian Doctor Resigns over Health Crisis –

by Angela Ryan

Professor John Wilson resigns as deteriorating conditions escalate in health care

Professor John Wilson, a senior doctor at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital major trauma centre has resigned as deteriorating conditions escalate in Victoria’s healthcare system.

Professor Wilson is responsible for the treatment of patients with different lung disorders, including cystic fibrosis, asthma and pneumonia. 

“We’ve got absolutely unacceptable ambulance ramping, staff that are burnt out and unable to service the needs of the community,” he said.

“We’re talking about hospitals that have no beds to put people in who’ve got acute injuries and acute illnesses. We have a terrible and dire situation that is unprecedented.”

The doctors are saying they are in the midst of the worst overcrowding and ambulance ramping in years as they deal with a rising tide of seriously ill patients.

awaiting resuscitation in corridors and overflowing emergency department waiting rooms

Increasingly, the ill and injured are being ferried to hospitals in the back of private cars because there are no ambulances available, as queuing at overcrowded hospitals has at times severely limited paramedics’ ability to respond to new callouts.

Other critically ill Victorians are being resuscitated in corridors and overflowing emergency department waiting rooms.

News that an eight-year-old child has died 21 hours after attending Monash Children’s Hospital’s emergency department with stomach pain is under review.

A man from country Victoria who suffered a cardiac arrest in a hospital bathroom, died after waiting more than three hours for admission into the emergency department at the Bairnsdale Regional Health Service in East Gippsland last month.

“It is a systematic crisis impacting every hospital in the state,” Professor Wilson said, “I love my patients and I love my team, so I feel very sad and struggled with the decision for many months. But if we keep accepting this and nobody makes a stand, then it’ll keep going and get worse. It has to be said that enough is enough.”

He will step down from his role as president of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.


Daniel Andrews continues to ignore the triple-zero crisis. The Victorian Premier has refused to reveal whether he had read Graham Ashton’s report into the failings of ESTA, despite it sitting on his desk for weeks.


Editorial by Harry Palmer

Vaccinated bodies count for 9 out of 10 COVID-19 deaths

Australia’s largest funeral provider, Invocare, whose brands include Le Pine and White Lady, fast-tracked the opening of a storage facility and mortuary in Melbourne’s north that can house 150 bodies.

Tullamarine facility of Invocare fast tracked 150 body cold room construction

Australian government data shows fully vaccinated people account for nine out of every 10 COVID-19 deaths in the country.

Despite real-world data consistently showing that COVID-19 vaccines dramatically reduce rates of death and severe illness due to the disease, a social media post claims Australian government figures reveal 90 per cent of fatal cases are among the fully vaccinated.

The statement is false; the Australian government does not publish national figures on deaths by vaccination status. The post also misrepresents New South Wales data, to which the claim can be traced, which in fact shows the unvaccinated continue to be significantly over-represented in COVID deaths.

Foreign ownership is killing Australia

by Alison Ryan

In World War II, UK, USA, and Soviet Russia, teamed up as the Axis powers against Germany. Soviet Russia was then under Stalin’s international Marxist–Leninist movement.
In the end, UK and USA were outwitted by Stalin, and condemned Eastern Europe to years of Soviet domination.

Likewise, almost solely respon­sible for China’s ascendant rise as a world power came from the impact of the Rockerfeller/ Tri­lat­er­al Commission policy of 1979. The West aided the technocratic development of Com­mu­nist China.

China has become a super power. And the globalist policies have come back to bite us in Australia.

It is the AUSTRALIAN politicians who have sold Australia out to overseas buyers with the help of corporations.

How can we as Australians complain about China when politicians have endorsed and mismanaged our economy? How can this be restored? Surely we can negotiate with diplomacy and good will towards our neighbours?

We need to have dedicated politicians loyal to Australia’s sovereignity in Parliament, and good economic advisers.


In October 2015, the Chinese-owned Landbridge Group won the bid for a lease of Port Darwin. The then COUNTRY LIBERAL – controlled Northern Territory Government under then Chief Minister Adam Giles granted the company a 99-year lease for A$506 million

China Investment Corp owns 14 per cent of the East Link Freeway in Melbourne and 20 per cent of the Port of Melbourne.

The Port of Newcastle was owned since 2014 by China. It has been privately owned since 2014 by The Infrastructure Fund and China Merchants Port Holdings Company (CMPorts).


The United States and United Kingdom are the biggest investors in Australia, followed by Belgium, Japan and Hong Kong (SAR of China).

China is our ninth largest foreign investor, with 2.0 per cent of the total. However, the levels of Hong Kong (SAR of China) and Chinese investment in Australia have grown significantly over the past decade.

What Australian companies are owned by China?
Construction and materials

Atlas Arteria, roads and infrastructure.
Leighton Asia (ASX: CM), infrastructure contractor.
Lendlease (ASX: LLC), infrastructure.
Woods Bagot, architecture consulting.

Source: Australian companies in China – Wikipedia

IN THE DECADE TO 2020 – according to ATO Register of Foreign Ownership of agricultural Land. Foreign ownership of land in Australia shows 26.2% is in Tasmania, NT has 25.8%, WA has 17%, Qld has 11.8%, NSW has 5.1%, Vic has 5.6%, SA has 10.7%

Global investment powers Australian mining, manufacturing and finance. Some figures of
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI):

35.3% of FDI (worth A$360 billion) is invested in our mining industries.
12.9% of FDI (worth A$131 billion) in invested in Australian manufacturing.
11.1% of FDI (worth A$113 billion) is invested in financial services and insurance.

The European Union (EU) and North America have contributed almost half of all the FDI to arrive on Australian shores over the past decade.

The UK remains a major investor in Australia. Japan and the UK have jostled for second place over the past decade.

China is now Australia’s sixth largest direct investor .

FDI from other Asian economies in the decade to 2020 show:

investment from ASEAN countries (including Singapore) rose by 9% per year
investment from Hong Kong by rose by 10% per year
investment from Korea rose by 15% per year.


About 10.9 per cent of water entitlements on issue in Australia were owned by foreign persons (as defined in the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975) at 30 June
By country, the top three sources of investment at 30 June 2020 were:
• Canada, with 1.8 per cent of the total volume of Australian water entitlements
(16.2 per cent of the volume of foreign-held water entitlements)
• China, with 1.7 per cent of total entitlements (15.4 per cent by volume)
• USA, with 1.7 per cent of total entitlements (15.4 per cent by volume).

Source: Inquiry Report – Register of Foreign owned Water Entitlements

Canada is the foreign nation that holds the most overseas-owned Australian water, ahead of China, USA and the UK. Water is able to be owned because the water reforms over the past 30 years have supported the development of markets for water.16 Aug 2021

China owns 1.9 per cent of Australia’s water, which is the equivalent of one and a half Sydney Harbours worth (pictured on June 20).

Just over half of all water entitlements on the issue in Australia are located in the Murray-Darling Basin. Of this, 9.4%, or 1800GL, are foreign-owned.


New York Times, testosterone and Tucker the terror of the liberal left


“Tied to the anxiety over testosterone is another hotly disputed assertion: that sperm counts have been declining among men in the Western world for decades. Huge numbers of studies have been done, and there is no scientific consensus on the scope of the problem or whether it exists at all.”

THE New York Times probably got that statement right in its recent articles attacking Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who went a little bit over the edge in a commentary championing a red-light treatment at the crotch for those who lack the essential hormone in masculinity.

It’s true that studies, including at least one in Australia, suggest a rising fertility problem among males. But other studies apparently contradict that. It’s the same with the climate change issue, but on that subject The Times only acknowledges those studies which support the alarmism scenario.

The red-light therapy for infertility may or may not work, and the outfit that sells it even admitted to The Times there’s very little evidence it does. But the rare breakout of truth was remarkable because everything else the NT Times says about Carlson is not only leftist but quite laughable too. It’s mostly the snooty-nosed drivel you would expect from Democrat Party media hacks.

In fact, there are many issues where “huge numbers of studies have been done and there is no scientific consensus”, but seldom do media admit so. As we saw recently with “COVID”, this same media told us vaccines were the only viable and safe treatment, despite thousands of medical practitioners worldwide disputing that.

The Times recently dedicated a team of 10 or more journalists to probe Carlson and his nightly reports. “A New York Times analysis of 1150 episodes reveals how Tucker Carlson pushes extremist ideas and conspiracy theories into millions of households, five nights a week. He’s done so since the beginning but the show has gotten darker. Mr Carlson, 52, has one of the largest megaphones in all of cable television. When President Donald J. Trump left office, Mr Carlson filled the void on the right.”

So say the Times journalists who Carlson calls “obedient little establishment defenders”. On COVID, climate change, racism and sexual politics, The Times’ writers are guaranteed to push the prevailing acceptable narrative churned out by the establishment think tanks, policy writers and their global neo-liberal media apparatus, in which The Times is a leading player.

Journalist Nicholas Confessore’s naivety, or willful blindness, regarding the big issues of the day is illustrated in this passage: “Night after night, hour by hour, Mr. Carlson warns his viewers that they inhabit a civilization under siege — by violent Black Lives Matter protesters in American cities, by diseased migrants from south of the border, by refugees importing alien cultures, and by tech companies and cultural elites who will silence them, or label them racist, if they complain. When refugees from Africa, numbering in the hundreds, began crossing into Texas from Mexico during the Trump administration, he warned that the continent’s high birthrates meant the new arrivals might soon “overwhelm our country and change it completely and forever.” Amid nationwide outrage over George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer, Mr. Carlson dismissed those protesting the killing as “criminal mobs.”

Confessore apparently thinks the idea of a “civilization under siege” is some sort of mythology or conspiracy theory. Even Blind Freddy knows that when powerful forces attempt to redefine gender and break down all societal norms, you have a civilization under siege. The French, Russian and Chinese revolutions are historic examples of this. The most recent book on the subject is War on the West by Douglas Murray, which addresses what we now know as the “culture wars”.

Confessore goes on to refer to “violent Black Lives Matter protesters” in American cities. Try “rioters” who literally destroyed city centres across America after the highly politicised George Floyd murder. BLM publicly stated on their original web page their objective is to overthrow American society, but the NY Times insists they are merely “protesters”. Their naivety is mind boggling.

Like the leftist radicals who habitually use the term “racist” to discredit their political opponents, the New York Times tries to smear Carlson with the same term. Why? Because Carlson has become more outspoken against the woke ideology spread by The Times and other big media channels.

How is it that refugees from Africa were crossing into Texas from Mexico during the Trump administration? Carlson apparently warned that their high birthrates meant they might soon “overwhelm our country and change it completely and forever”. A bit overstated? Consider that during the Biden administration about a million illegal immigrants (the Times calls them “migrants”) have crossed the border, overwhelming the border patrols. And the Democrat-controlled agencies have had them flown off to cities in key electoral states across the US. In total there are some 22 million illegals in the US.

Looking after illegal border crashing migrants is a vote catching business for the Democrats, aided by left-wing Catholic social action networks. They not only sign them up for government social services but also register them as potential voters, while pushing so-called voter’s rights legislation allowing voting without IDs.

But don’t worry that these poor souls were trafficked across the border by Mexican drug cartels and crashed the border illegally. To The Times, NPR, CNN and other like-minded media, they are simply “migrants”. They don’t even call them “illegals” anymore.  But you, dear reader, fly to the US and try to sneak past the immigration desks at the airport and see how far you’ll get before you’re roughed up, cuffed and put behind bars.

Such is the world of the US “liberal media”. It’s dirt cheap to subscribe to for obvious reasons and somewhat informative, if you filter out the propaganda. Meantime, you can listen to Tucker Carlson on YouTube for free on your phone, PC or smart TV. Even YouTube can’t afford not to have the millions who listen to the leading populist voice for freedom and truth.

China’s military airstrip in Western Australia

Labor and Liberals have allowed China to establish a substantial beachhead in WA which would allow CCP fighter jets from an aircraft carrier to land and be re-fuelled for military action against Australia.

Biden wants an additional $40B slush fund for Ukranian mafia

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) demanded on Thursday what many Americans were thinking about in regard to sending aid to Ukraine: fiscal accountability.

“We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the United States economy,” Paul reasoned. “This bill under consideration would spend $40 billion. This is the second spending bill for Ukraine in two months, and this bill is three times larger than the first,” he said.

Paul is not against sending aid to Ukraine just because he wanted to make sure the money was being used appropriately. He insisted on having an inspector general oversee the distribution of the aid. Other senators did not agree.

Senator Rand Paul wants to monitor any more funds handed to Ukraine

But Paul’s demand makes a lot of sense. It is not a bad idea to have someone ensure accountability. All one must do is look through the recent omnibus bill to observe how the country wastes money on excess programs that are of little importance to how the country functions. Not wanting to replicate such an issue with billions of dollars allocated to Ukraine is a good thing. The fact that there was such resistance to Paul’s request should worry every taxpayer. Their objections raise the question of what exactly the Senate wants to hide about how the funds are spent.

Additionally, as part of his concerns, he noted that one of the main reasons the Soviet Union fell apart was not its defeat on the battlefield but reckless spending. He warned of a potentially similar fate and highlighted the excessive expenditures of the United States over the past few years.

“We should not forget that the Soviet Union collapsed in large part, not because it was defeated militarily, but because it ran out of money,” Paul said.

With the country enduring record inflation, the government should be more mindful of its financial commitments and, more importantly, where these funds are going. All things considered, Paul’s request was not in any way unreasonable.

“In an attempt to save Ukraine, will we doom the United States to such a future?” Paul asked. “In the past two years, the U.S. has borrowed more money than at any time in our history. We are already experiencing the greatest rate of inflation in over four decades. The assault on monetary discipline is untenable, and it cannot go on forever. Unless we put an end to this fiscal insanity, a day of reckoning awaits us.”

Paul also highlighted how the U.S. would get the money necessary to send to Ukraine. It is the elephant in the room that politicians frequently ignore or try to sweep under the rug.

“And it’s not as if we have that money lying around,” Paul emphasized. “We will borrow that money from China to send it to Ukraine.”

The war in Ukraine is a worldwide emergency, and many innocent Ukrainians are dying because of the whims of a totalitarian madman. The U.S. recognizes this and provides more financial aid than any other country. However, taxpayers deserve to know how this $40 billion is spent. While much attention has been placed on Paul holding up the aid legislation, the more important issue is why are so many senators against ensuring that billions of taxpayer dollars aren’t being misused? – Washington Examiner

Another test cricketer bites the dust

Former test cricketer Andrew Symonds, 46, was killed yesterday in a single vehicle rollover on Herveys Range, 50 klm NW of Townsville.

Test cricketer Andrew Symonds, played 26, tests for Australia

Just like two other former famous cricketing colleagues, his death should be questioned. There should be an autopsy held and honest results made public.

Without a doubt mRNA vaxx caused the untimely deaths of fellow cricketers Shane Warne and Rod Marsh and it is unlikely that Symonds remained un-vaxxed.

An autopsy with truthful results should reveal the cause of his death.

LNP and ALP want you to forget the Covid warfare they waged against Aussies

Cairns freedom rally picture gallery from today

Nearly 1500 fed up Cairns residents turned up today for a rally along the Esplanade finishing in the CBD with election candidates speaking from a podium.

There are 11 candidates contesting the seat of Leichardt held by Liberal Warren Entsch, the architect of gay marriage laws.

Entsch naturally did not attend or did the Labor candidate Elida Faith. No doubt they could have held fears for their safety had they shown up.

The protest was well organised and there were no arrests for unruly behaviour. Police stopped traffic while protesters converged onto the mall area for short speeches from candidates.

All called for the demise of LNP, ALP and Greens describing them as traitors to the people for selling the country out and their police-state Covid responses.

Bob Katter said he would be investigating the prospects of prosecuting Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for killing off small business and enforcing vaccine mandates.

Every candidate spoke extremely well and it should be comforting that Cairns residents have so many capable independents to choose from on the ballot paper.

It was indeed refreshing to hear from KAP, UAP, One Nation, Informed Medical Options Party, Australian Federation Party and Fusion Party.

Geena Court, One Nation

Silvia Mogorovich, Informed Medical Options Party

A lineup of arguably the best group of independents ever seen in Leichardt electorate. Bob Katter is re-contesting his adjoining seat of Kennedy

Rod Jensen, Katters Australian Party candidate

Newcastle to join in Smart Cities Alliance

by Alison Ryan

Klaus Schwab makes inroads to uniting Municipal (local council) and National governments, private sector partners and city residents, for delivering his solution of global governance, via his G20 Smart Cities Alliance.

This will be a Global Policy Roadmap for city policies on data and technology usage for the global smart city market.

Schwab’s WEF has chosen Melbourne and Newcastle to join in this G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.

Strong Cities has already tagged Melbourne and dictator like Premier Dan Andrews for the last 7 years who has had access to the SCN membership and:
Access to SCN restricted library content
Access to SCN training modules
Access to a global network of mayors and municipal-level policy-makers and practitioners
Participation in the SCN Global Summit and Regional Working Groups

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says Australia must leave the UN. We need an Aus-exit. UN and WEF piggyback together.

Link: One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts calls for ‘Aus-Exit’ …

Petrodollar on the way out

The Editor (The Australian)

Reports indicate that the FIAT United States of America Dollar and Petrodollar are finished. Your woke journalists are failing to report on Ukraine in an unbiased way with very well qualified military experts saying Russia is well and truly grinding the Ukranians down. Ukraine has lost so many troops to superior air power, that middle aged conscripts are being thrown into battle and being slaughtered by the 10 to one Russian superiority in Artillery.

No army without air superiority can ever beat one that has it and the Russian SU 25 Frogfoot is an awesome Ground Support plane. Back Channel word is that air power has trashed the Bushmasters Morrison sent to Yelenski.(all but two survived)

The Russians are denying the Ukranians fuel for their tanks food and ammunition, and Ukranians are surrendering in their thousands as they run out of ammunition and food.

Why don’t you get an opinion from Jim Molan. The word on the News services you do not control is that the new Gold Backed USTN and Gold Backed Dollar was officially launched on the 1st May 2022 and it is only sophistry on the part of Morrison and Albanese that is having them pretend the Aussie Dollar will not have to follow. You ignored the huge protests in all the capital cities and the massive one in Canberra so your polling is almost certainly flawed.

The one Poll that matters is one week away. No matter who wins, if Gesara-Nesara is true it will be a Pyrrhic victory and very short lived, People are slowly identifying criminal elements in the Federal Court of Australia and the High Court  has not been a Federal Supreme Court since 1979.

But whatever happens we are in for a very exciting 2022. Covid19 is a scam and the governments are murdering swine for pushing the vaccines. The Australian people are slow to anger but when they do, look out.

Attempts to have the Federal Court of Australia do its job between elections as a receptacle of the judicial power of the Commonwealth were frustrated by Judicial Registrars after Miranda Devine exposed the cure of Covid19 that Professor Thomas Borody has found in Five Dock eighteen months ago and your Chris Kenny exposed it on Sky News.  We all know that the Jab is killing people, and more so than Covid19.

We will see what happens next Saturday but expect some surprises.

Yours sincerely

Peter Alexander Gargan


This letter was sent to The Australian

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