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NATO’s Operation Hedgehog 2022

by Kev Moore

In the wake of Finland and Sweden’s decision to end their neutrality and join NATO, the world has suddenly stepped up the pace toward World War 3. I think we have already been in World War 3 for many years, but so far it has only been fought through proxies. The proxy war in Ukraine apparently has not been going well for NATO, so they feel it necessary to do some saber-rattling in Estonia, a Baltic state.

“Hedgehog 2022” is one of the largest exercises in Estonia’s history. Some 15 000 soldiers from 14 countries are participating in what could be a forerunner to WW3

NATO has hurriedly started a massive military drill in Estonia on the Russian border. Such drills are always perceived as warnings to enemy nations.

According to NATO, “Hedgehog 2022” is one of the largest exercises in Estonia’s history. Some 15 000 soldiers from 14 countries, including members of the U.S.-led military bloc as well as their partners, will take part in the drills.

As reported by the Finnish public broadcaster Yle, all branches of the armed forces will be involved in the drills, including air, sea and land exercises and cyber warfare training. A NATO statement said that the U.S. Navy’s Wasp-class landing ship “Kearsarge” will also partake in these exercises.

Not surprisingly, Russia is now sending nuclear missiles to Finland’s border.

Russia has reportedly moved missiles capable of firing nuclear warheads close to its border with Finland amid heightened threats over the latter’s bid to join NATO.

A fleet of more than a dozen military vehicles moved down a highway — including seven that are thought to carry Iskander missiles, a video clip shared by Reuters Monday shows.

They were taken to Vyborg, a Russian city on the Finnish border, “as soon as the president of Finland said they were joining NATO,” the unidentified narrator of the clip said.

As a last-ditch measure to stop its full collapse, Babylon is pushing for a war with Russia. They use their subservient media to provide the people with justification for their actions, but in reality, it is the Babylonians who are fighting an existential war. Ukraine holds too many financial and biological warfare secrets that the Russians are now uncovering. So the corrupt Babylonian politicians want their unwitting pawns to fight to save the world from Jesus and His Universal Empire.

Personally, I have decided to follow Jesus.

Biden wants an additional $40B slush fund for Ukranian mafia

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) demanded on Thursday what many Americans were thinking about in regard to sending aid to Ukraine: fiscal accountability.

“We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the United States economy,” Paul reasoned. “This bill under consideration would spend $40 billion. This is the second spending bill for Ukraine in two months, and this bill is three times larger than the first,” he said.

Paul is not against sending aid to Ukraine just because he wanted to make sure the money was being used appropriately. He insisted on having an inspector general oversee the distribution of the aid. Other senators did not agree.

Senator Rand Paul wants to monitor any more funds handed to Ukraine

But Paul’s demand makes a lot of sense. It is not a bad idea to have someone ensure accountability. All one must do is look through the recent omnibus bill to observe how the country wastes money on excess programs that are of little importance to how the country functions. Not wanting to replicate such an issue with billions of dollars allocated to Ukraine is a good thing. The fact that there was such resistance to Paul’s request should worry every taxpayer. Their objections raise the question of what exactly the Senate wants to hide about how the funds are spent.

Additionally, as part of his concerns, he noted that one of the main reasons the Soviet Union fell apart was not its defeat on the battlefield but reckless spending. He warned of a potentially similar fate and highlighted the excessive expenditures of the United States over the past few years.

“We should not forget that the Soviet Union collapsed in large part, not because it was defeated militarily, but because it ran out of money,” Paul said.

With the country enduring record inflation, the government should be more mindful of its financial commitments and, more importantly, where these funds are going. All things considered, Paul’s request was not in any way unreasonable.

“In an attempt to save Ukraine, will we doom the United States to such a future?” Paul asked. “In the past two years, the U.S. has borrowed more money than at any time in our history. We are already experiencing the greatest rate of inflation in over four decades. The assault on monetary discipline is untenable, and it cannot go on forever. Unless we put an end to this fiscal insanity, a day of reckoning awaits us.”

Paul also highlighted how the U.S. would get the money necessary to send to Ukraine. It is the elephant in the room that politicians frequently ignore or try to sweep under the rug.

“And it’s not as if we have that money lying around,” Paul emphasized. “We will borrow that money from China to send it to Ukraine.”

The war in Ukraine is a worldwide emergency, and many innocent Ukrainians are dying because of the whims of a totalitarian madman. The U.S. recognizes this and provides more financial aid than any other country. However, taxpayers deserve to know how this $40 billion is spent. While much attention has been placed on Paul holding up the aid legislation, the more important issue is why are so many senators against ensuring that billions of taxpayer dollars aren’t being misused? – Washington Examiner

Petrodollar on the way out

The Editor (The Australian)

Reports indicate that the FIAT United States of America Dollar and Petrodollar are finished. Your woke journalists are failing to report on Ukraine in an unbiased way with very well qualified military experts saying Russia is well and truly grinding the Ukranians down. Ukraine has lost so many troops to superior air power, that middle aged conscripts are being thrown into battle and being slaughtered by the 10 to one Russian superiority in Artillery.

No army without air superiority can ever beat one that has it and the Russian SU 25 Frogfoot is an awesome Ground Support plane. Back Channel word is that air power has trashed the Bushmasters Morrison sent to Yelenski.(all but two survived)

The Russians are denying the Ukranians fuel for their tanks food and ammunition, and Ukranians are surrendering in their thousands as they run out of ammunition and food.

Why don’t you get an opinion from Jim Molan. The word on the News services you do not control is that the new Gold Backed USTN and Gold Backed Dollar was officially launched on the 1st May 2022 and it is only sophistry on the part of Morrison and Albanese that is having them pretend the Aussie Dollar will not have to follow. You ignored the huge protests in all the capital cities and the massive one in Canberra so your polling is almost certainly flawed.

The one Poll that matters is one week away. No matter who wins, if Gesara-Nesara is true it will be a Pyrrhic victory and very short lived, People are slowly identifying criminal elements in the Federal Court of Australia and the High Court  has not been a Federal Supreme Court since 1979.

But whatever happens we are in for a very exciting 2022. Covid19 is a scam and the governments are murdering swine for pushing the vaccines. The Australian people are slow to anger but when they do, look out.

Attempts to have the Federal Court of Australia do its job between elections as a receptacle of the judicial power of the Commonwealth were frustrated by Judicial Registrars after Miranda Devine exposed the cure of Covid19 that Professor Thomas Borody has found in Five Dock eighteen months ago and your Chris Kenny exposed it on Sky News.  We all know that the Jab is killing people, and more so than Covid19.

We will see what happens next Saturday but expect some surprises.

Yours sincerely

Peter Alexander Gargan


This letter was sent to The Australian

US and Ukraine refused to condemn Nazism in UN resolution vote, Britain, Australia, Canada and the EU abstain

by Kev Moore

The US sends funds and weapons to Ukraines Azov Nazis

The cover-up in Ukraine is getting worse | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The Truth About Nazism in Ukraine: And Why the Media is Covering It Up

Remember what C14 leader Yevhen Karas ( said in the video from earlier: ‘We have fun killing, we have fun fighting…’

Jew Zelinsky’s demonic army, – the Tornado gang.

Since the Bolshevik Revolution, it’s been standard Khazar practice to release dangerous criminals, arm them and set them onto the public.

This gang of violent and perverted demons are a classic example.

Russia bans 287 lying, British politicians from entering the country for promoting “unwarranted Russophobic hysteria”

by Alison Ryan

The truth of NATO provocation against Russia still needs to be stated amidst the plethora of USA and UK and European propaganda.

Putin promised to finish what he called the “special military operation” to seize territory from Ukraine, which Moscow considers historically to be Russian. He blamed NATO nations and their allies for instigating the battle currently under way in Ukraine.

“The countries that have historically tried to contain Russia don’t need a self-sufficient, massive country such as ours. They think it is dangerous to them just by means of its existence. But that is far from the truth. They are the ones threatening the whole world,” said Putin. He said, “By launching the offensive in Ukraine, Russian forces neutralised “a real danger of … a major conflict that would have unfolded on our territory according to other people’s scripts”.

In Moscow, Putin and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres met to discuss the situation at the Azovstal steel plant, where the last Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol (NATO troops included) are holed up after months of Russian siege and relentless bombardment. President Putin has called what’s unfolding in Mariupol a difficult and tragic situation. Putin said to UN chief: ‘You’ve been misled’ about Mariupol’s situation. Putin has agreed “in principle” to UN and International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) involvement in the evacuation of civilians from a besieged steel plant in Ukraine’s southern city of Mariupol, according to the UN.

Meanwhile Russia has imposed personal restrictions on 287 British members of parliament and banned them from entering the country, accusing them of fuelling “unwarranted Russophobic hysteria”, the country’s foreign ministry has announced.

Also, Moscow says it is expelling eight Japanese diplomats in a tit-for-tat response to expulsions by Tokyo. Russia’s foreign ministry accused Japan of pursuing an “openly hostile anti-Russian course” and said the country’s envoys must depart by May 10. It accused Tokyo of “taking steps that were unprecedented in modern Russian-Japanese relations” and “abandoning friendly, constructive relations with Russia”. Earlier this month, Japan expelled eight Russian diplomats and announced it will end imports of Russian coal.

Russia is investigating the “installation of explosive devices by neo-Nazis in Mykolaiv,” state news agency TASS has reported, citing a Telegram post of The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. “According to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, in Nikolaev [Mykolaiv], near an aircraft repair plant, neo-Nazis have installed radio-controlled explosive devices with damaging elements that they plan to detonate in a mass gathering of people and blame the Russian military for this,” the report said.

Putin’s approval rating at home never been higher

by Alison Ryan

The Australians get the ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021’ and the Russians get a leader.

Putin’s Approval Rating Soars Since He Sent Troops Into Ukraine, State Pollster Reports. The proportion of Russians who trust President Vladimir Putin has risen to 81.6% from 67.2% before he ordered troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, according to a survey by the state-run pollster VTsIOM published on Friday. The conflict has displaced more than 10 million Ukrainians from their homes, killed or injured thousands, turned cities into rubble and led to sweeping Western sanctions that will push down Russian living standards. VTsIOM said 78.9% of respondents in its latest survey said they approved of Putin’s actions, compared to 64.3% in the last poll before the start of what Russia calls its “special military operation”. The proportion who disapproved of his actions fell to 12.9% from 24.4%.

Malcolm Roberts tells us that this government did not come up with the Trusted Digital Identity on their own, but that it is the brainchild of the WEF and their global digital identity roadmap. He also says that the government quotes “Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and New Value Creation” directly from the WEF in their Digital Identity Consultation Regulation Impact Statement.

So therefore, Malcolm has put us on guard. Please read more what Malcolm Roberts has uncovered about this Bill.

Many peoples’ eyes are open wide now to the governments’ lies and deceits. These Lib/Nat and Labor governments have implemented the WHO health regulations and jabs through enforcement which should never have happened. This NWO puppet government can never be trusted. Sadly, many Australians have (or were coerced or forced) to get the jab. This Lib/Nat government is on the wrong track with the ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021’ as well.
You can sign a petition at the link below.
Closing date for signatures: 27 April 2022 10:59 PM (AEST) 2 days left

Petition EN4090 – Stop The Digital Identity Legislation (Trusted Digital Identity Bill).

Russia is fighting all of NATO, collecting evidence of US biolabs in Ukraine

Cairns News world exclusive from the front line

By Robert J Lee

NATO and the United States have been supplying arms “by the trainload” to fascist Ukranian troops who are now into their third and last wave of soldiers and almost out of ammunition and food supplies while battling crack Russian troops..

There are at least three United States’ bioweapons labs yet to be destroyed.

Russian Cossack, Colonel Yuri Komiyenko near the front line at Kiev

From the front line in a video hook up last night Cairns News reporter Robert Lee spoke through an interpreter to a Russian Cossack, Colonel Mr Yuri Komiyenko at Sakhalin near Kiev. He is based in Russia.

This first-hand information flies in the face of the blatant propaganda being forced upon the western world by the ABC, BBC and NBC which the Colonel said is mostly lies.

“Russia essentially is fighting all of NATO comprising Germany, Poland the US and France are supplying arms to the Ukra-Nazi troops by the trainload and plane load,” Colonel Komiyenko said.

“Last night 47 French mercenaries surrendered, they were hiding underground in the Azov-steel industrial complex, the heart of Mariupol. The underground complex comprises eight stories and 24 klm of tunnels. The original Ukranian fighting force in Mariupol was 14,000 military personnel, it comprised the standard Ukranian forces, the fascist Ukro-Nazis and various NATO personnel from numerous countries.

“Many of the Ukranians have been trained by NATO since 2014 and carry with them certificates of completion issued by NATO trainers. It took the Russian forces approximately 60 days to win this fight.

“The complex is now under the complete control of the Russians. This complex also housed a bioweapons lab bought to you by Zelensky a Ukrainian Oligarch, Hunter Biden and his friends. The Russians are now collating further proof of western war crimes against humanity.” 

Fresh in this morning  …..

Last night during the interview an additional “52 French Foreign Legion troops crawled out of their sub-surface hiding places surrendering to the Russian forces.”

The Russians estimate that the original French foreign legion fighting force was at least 300. The number of subterranean die-hards remaining is approximately 400 fighters and these are mostly Ukro-Nazi fanatics.  

The primary subterranean entry point (there are multiple) was bombed using thermal explosives that generate heat to 2500C. Many of the Ukro-Nazis wouldl never be identified, unless relatives are able to identify skulls.

The Ukrainians started to acquire fuel and other supplies from neighbouring countries such as Moldovi. These convoys became easy targets for precision strikes using orbiting satellites and drones to destroy convoys.

Unfortunately there have been numerous civilian casualties, many shot by the fascists when they flee their positions which are frequently buildings occupied by the civilian population such as apartment blocks, schools and hospitals. Often the Fascists herd the civilian population into the basements of such buildings and use them as human shields.  

Upon fleeing they have been known to murder these civilians, Bucha is such an example. They will also gun down civilians in the street, people simply looking to find water or fire upon buildings containing civilians the Colonel said.

“Both the Ukranian armies are shooting civilians after they hide in apartments and schools.”

After taking Azov-Steel, the Russian armed forces are now engaging the Ukrainians on a larger scale in the Donbass region. When the fighting started in the Donbass region recently, there were initially 40,000 Ukranian fascist troops which have been reduced to 29,000.

They are now encircled by Russians and the Nazis have little food or ammunition. This large force is being systematically destroyed and the Ukrainian’s are taking heavy losses.

Nikolaev city is surrounded by artillery and Russian troops are attempting to push the fascists out of there into Odessa similarly the Russians are pushing the Nazis out of Kharkiv towards Kiev.

“Every day the Russian and Donesk Republic forces gain three kilometres of territory,” the Cossack explained.

Russian forces are compiling evidence after they destroyed a large US underground biolab at the 11 square kilometre Mariupol Azov steel facility. Another biolab in Mariupol has been destroyed.

Known biolabs at Odessa, Suma and Kiev are yet to be destroyed.

The fascists are using trains to move military equipment, the same trains also carry civilian hostages. Yesterday alone 29 targets were bombed, destroying bridges, sidings and associated electrical infrastructure such as signal systems, but not the carriages to avoid casualties.

Ukranian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy is faring as badly as his diminishing troops when a huge protest was staged in Kiev yesterday calling on the gay, former entertainer to resign.

“Eastern Ukranians are lining up against him because everything he promised during the election has not eventuated,” the Colonel said.

When asked about the possibility of a ceasefire, the Colonel said, “No chance.”

“Russia twice offered a ceasefire and actually stepped back from Kiev as a gesture of goodwill, but the Nazis used this to regroup, while killing civilians at Bucha where there were real corpses and some crisis actors too.”

Contrary to disinformation being peddled by Australian correspondents in the battle zone, Russian troops have moved convoys of food relief for starving civilians and Russian soldiers have many times handed out their ration packs to civilians after being locked in basements for two weeks.

“We look at certain (TV)channels and just laugh at the disinformation,” he said.

At least 1.3 million refugees have fled into Russia and another 6.5 million have crossed into Poland and further. The Ukranian population before the hostilities started was 40 million.

“This war and western sanctions has united all of Russia because we are being seen to save Ukraine,” he said.

Many Ukranian soldiers were on drugs and had no real fighting spirit. Some were dressing as women attempting to get out through Russian lines, “but we busted them,” he said.

Some captured facilities were found to contain huge amounts of European military armaments enough to equip all the Russian soldiers. The Colonel laughed, ” we don’t need to bring any of our own equipment, we just pick up what’s been left and send it back to the Ukrainian forces at high speed.”

Russian soldiers were armed mostly with AK47 assault rifles while the fascists complained the US M16 rifles they had been given often jammed and were useless.

Americans had also handed out thousands of 1958 vintage M14 carbines to Ukraine, many of which had been found in bombed out warehouses while the packaged RPG anti-tank weapons were 10 years old and most had flat batteries and were inoperable.

The Cossack said his troops collected some RPG’s then “hot-wired” them and destroyed Ukranian tanks.

“In some of the Ukranian strongholds we have taken we found man-sized nappies for soldiers.

“This is now a standing joke among the Russian forces and their allies.”

Cairns News will present another segment hopefully next week.

Last straw for Ukraine is witchcraft against Putin

by Kev Moore

On March 31, 2022 a group called Witch Cauldron, based in Kiev (Ukraine) engaged in spiritual warfare, using witchcraft against Russian President Putin. You may recall that they did the same with US President Trump.

A group of witches in Ukraine is planning to hold a three-part ritual to punish and stop Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Taking to Instagram, Kiev-based Witch Cauldron shop put out a statement, saying the ‘witches’ will perform the ritual in collaboration with their foreign partners….

“On March 31, on the 29th lunar day, the day of corruption and curses, we, the witches of Ukraine, in collaboration with foreign partners, will perform a ritual of punishing the enemy of the Ukrainian people – Vladimir Putin,” the shop said on Instagram. 

A few days later, the Russian Orthodox Church confirmed this.

The Russian Patriarchal Church believes that the Ukrainian government is using “witches and satanic rites” against the occupiers.
Archpriest of the ROC Andriy Tkachov made such a statement quite seriously.
The priest stated that Ukraine allegedly has nothing left but to ask for help from demons, Satanists and sorcerers. Tkachev addressed the Russian audience:

“Obviously, all human means have run out, demonic means have begun … Arestovich’s appeal was to witches, to the sorcery community of Ukraine. They responded to him and announced some rites,” Tkachev said.

Some special forces also wear Satanic insignias. The head of Baphomet can be seen on the insignia here:

The Truth About Nazism in Ukraine: And Why the Media is Covering It Up…

“Remember what C14 leader Yevhen Karas said in the video from earlier: ‘We have fun killing, we have fun fighting…’

Ruach Raah – Under The Insignia of Baphomet (War Arts Productions)

Ruach Raah – Under The Insignia of Baphomet (War Arts Productions)

In the faith of Judaism, the Ruach Ra’ah is the manifestation of evil that comes to rest upon the living during sleep. The spirit, reckoned to be one sixtieth fraction of death, can only be removed by ritual washing of the hands. In the faith of black metal, Ruach Raah is a Portuguese duo dedicated to the promotion of hatred and fanatical opposition to ‘society’. Thus the modern aim lives comfortably with the ancient threat.

Ruach Raah deal in primitive brutalism, nothing more, nothing less. There is little variation in the material offered for consumption. Each track is mid to fast paced, with buzzing, saw-like guitars and propulsive drumming. Vocals are rasped and delivered with no concession to melody or to legibility of lyrics……………..”

The fake news strategy by the west against Russia

by Alison Ryan

The world should wakeup to the foolhardy lies and reckless propaganda being reported in the West because US Officials Admit They’re Literally Just Lying To The Public About Russia. Australians, please take note.

NBC News – Russia-Ukraine Conflict:
“In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid.”

“It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence,” one U.S. official said. “It’s more important to get out ahead of them [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something.”

“It was an attention-grabbing assertion that made headlines around the world: U.S. officials said they had indications suggesting Russia might be preparing to use chemical agents in Ukraine.”

“President Joe Biden later said it publicly. But three U.S. officials told NBC News this week there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine. They said the U.S. released the information to deter Russia from using the banned munitions.”

“It’s one of a string of examples of the Biden administration’s breaking with recent precedent by deploying declassified intelligence as part of an information war against Russia. The administration has done so even when the intelligence wasn’t rock solid, officials said, to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin off balance. Coordinated by the White House National Security Council, the unprecedented intelligence releases have been so frequent and voluminous, officials said, that intelligence agencies had to devote more staff members to work on the declassification process, scrubbing the information so it wouldn’t betray sources and methods.”

Then Moscow’s Embassy in Washington put the USA straight. “We took note of the provocative statements made by Press Secretary of the US Department of State Ned Price at a briefing on April 12 that our country could possibly use chemical weapons in the light of the alleged failures of the special military operation in Ukraine.”

“Ned Price once again distinguished himself by his idle talk, not substantiated by a single piece of evidence, the embassy added.”

“The diplomats noted that the Russian armed forces “do not and cannot have any chemical warfare agents” at their disposal, because Russia eliminated all chemical weapons stockpiles back in 2017.”

“The information confirmed by the Russian Defence Ministry on the preparation of provocations by Ukrainian radicals with the use of chemicals is disturbing. We also have questions about the origin of these substances,” the statement says.”

“We call on Washington to stop spreading disinformation. Instead, colleagues should have intensified the process of chemical demilitarization of their country. The United States remains the only state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention that has not fulfilled the international commitments it made,” the statement adds.”

“The American arsenal of weapons of this type poses a real threat to humanity,” it continued.

“Russian Defense Ministry’s Spokesman, Major Gen. Igor Konashenkov stated earlier that Ukraine’s security service SBU was staging a provocation with the use of toxic substances against civilians. He stressed that the Russian armed forces, engaged in the special military operation in Ukraine, have no chemical weapons at their disposal.”

“The Pentagon’s claims regarding its “concerns” about chemical weapons are questionable in light of recent admissions by US intelligence that its own information about the Ukrainian conflict has been less than “rock solid”. An NBC report from last week featured US officials boasting about releasing misinformation in an effort to “undermine Moscow’s propaganda and prevent Russia from defining how the war is perceived in the world”. The report specifically cited rumors Moscow was plotting to use chemical weapons as bogus.”

Russia distributes food aid to Ukranians

Карта военных действий и ситуация на фронтах вечером 6 апреля

Сегодняшняя военная повестка началась того, что стало известно о бое, произошедшем вчера на русско-украинской границе (между Сумской и Курской областями). Позиции российских пограничников обстреляли из минометов в Суджанском районе. «Ответным огнем российских пограничников огневые точки были подавлены. Жертв и разрушений с нашей стороны нет», — заявил губернатор области Роман Старовойт.

Также сегодня Министерство обороны провело большой брифинг касающееся наших солдат в плену. «К российским военнослужащим на Украине применяются пытки, насилие, издевательства, которые своей бесчеловечностью копируют действия карателей в годы ВОВ, и все это широко распространяется в сети Интернет и средствах массовой информации», — заявили в ведомстве.

Южный фронт. Украинская сторона сообщает о боях на границе Николаевской и Днепропетровской областях. Также заявляют о каких-то «окруженных русских в Херсонской области», которым предлагают сдаваться (ага-ага, хорошее предложение, учитывая отношение нацистов к пленным) и анонсируется наступление на этом направлении. Фактически, никаких окруженных россиян в деревнях херсонщины нет. Более того, сегодня получили подтверждение, что недавнее заявление Арестовича о том, что армия РФ покидает Николаевскую область было ложью. Сегодня получили фотодоказательства, как в Снигиревку Николаевской области при поддержке Вооруженных Сил России прибыл очередной конвой с гуманитарной помощью. Доставлено 20 тонн продуктов питания и 8 тысяч литров бутилированной воды. Украинские военные, стоящие на блокпостах, западнее запугивают местных жителей: «Мы скоро войдем и всех сук вырежем». Очевидно, что мы стоим достаточно плотно на этом направлении, но сплошной линии фронта, как таковой, тут нет. Все попытки ВСУ что-то либо предпринять на этом направлении терпят поражение, принося большие потери.

Восточный фронт. Вслед за призывами к эвакуации мирных жителей из Славянско-Краматорской и Лисичанской агломераций, объявлено о подготовке эвакуации из Днепропетровской области. Попутно мы видим пополнение и работу новой техники и на Северодонецком направлении и в других местах. Тут везде идут бои: в Рубежном зачистка промзоны, в Попасной в городской застройке. В ЛНР также сообщают, что взяли штурмом 29-й блокпост (позиция стала известной за весь период войны на Донбассе — за 29-й и 31-й блокпосты бои велись с конца 2014 года).

Изюм сегодня снова находился под огнем украинской реактивной артиллерии. Опять «кассеты» рвутся над центром города. Наши войска продвигаются в сторону Барвенково и Славянска, на этом направлении с боями заняли село Бражковка, Малую Камышеваху и отбивают контратаки ВСУ. Нанесены удары высокоточными ракетами по важному для снабжения ВСУ железнодорожному узлу в Лозовой — уничтожено большое скопление техники иностранного производства. От Угледара до Горловки продвигаемся медленно, но, верно. ВСУ снова обстреляла мирные районы Донецка и Харьковской области. Пострадала школа в Донецке и жилой квартал в Макеевке.

Мариуполь. Центр Мариуполя, как и другие котлы зачищаются. Российский флаг развевается над зданием областного СБУ. Боевиков «Азова» и прочих неонацистов оттесняют к набережной и морскому порту. Вечером появились фото корабля управления «Донбасс» ВМС Украины, дымящийся после ударов.

Из интересного: сообщается, что в Мариуполе на «Азовстали» находятся офицеры НАТО из Франции, ФРГ, Британии и «нейтральной» Швеции. Они, вроде как, даже пытались через посредников договориться с нашими силами о предоставлении им коридора для эвакуации. Прямо сейчас поступают неподтвержденные данные, что российская армия захватила командующего сухопутными войсками НАТО генерал-лейтенанта Роджера Л. Клотье под Мариуполем. Другие источники сообщают якобы о его гибели, США и НАТО пока не прокомментировали.
Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts in the evening of April 6   Today’s military agenda began with what became known about the fighting that took place yesterday on the Russian-Ukrainian border (between the Sumy and Kursk regions). Positions of Russian border guards were fired at from mortars in the Suzhansky district. “The Russian border guards’ return fire suppressed the firing points. There were no casualties or destruction on our side,” said regional governor Roman Starovoit.         Also today, the Ministry of Defense held a big briefing concerning our soldiers in captivity. “Russian servicemen in Ukraine are subjected to torture, violence, bullying, which in its inhumanity replicate the actions of the punishers during the WWII, and all this is widely spread on the Internet and in the media,” the ministry said.         Southern Front. The Ukrainian side reports fighting on the border of the Nikolayev and Dnipropetrovsk regions. They also claim some “encircled Russians in the Kherson region,” who are offered to surrender (aha-ha, a good offer, given the Nazis’ attitude toward prisoners) and announce an offensive in this direction. In fact, there are no encircled Russians in the villages of Kherson region. Moreover, today received confirmation that Arestovich’s recent statement that the Russian army was leaving the Nikolaev region was a lie. Today we received photographic evidence of another convoy with humanitarian aid arriving in Snigirevka, Mykolaiv region with the support of the Russian Armed Forces. It delivered 20 tons of food and 8 thousand liters of bottled water. The Ukrainian military standing at roadblocks to the west intimidates the locals: “We will soon go in and cut all the bitches out. Obviously, we are standing fairly tight in this direction, but there is no solid front line, as such, here. All attempts by the AFU to do anything in this direction are defeated, causing heavy losses.                     Eastern Front. Following calls for the evacuation of civilians from Slavyansko-Kramatorska and Lisichanska agglomerations, preparations for evacuation from Dnipropetrovsk region were announced. In the meantime, we see new equipment being added and working in the Severodonetsk direction and elsewhere. There are battles everywhere: in Rubizhne the industrial zone is being cleaned up, in Popasna in the urban development area. The LNR also reports that they stormed the 29th checkpoint (a position that has become famous for the entire period of the war in Donbass – for the 29th and 31st checkpoints were fought since the end of 2014).   Izyum was again under fire from Ukrainian rocket artillery today. Again the “cassettes” were tearing up over the center of the city. Our troops are advancing towards Barvenkovo and Sloviansk, on this direction they occupied the villages of Brazhkovka and Malaya Kamyshevakha with fighting and repulsed counterattacks by the Ukrainian armed forces. High-precision missile strikes were carried out against a railway junction in Lozovaya, which is important for supplying the AFU – a large accumulation of foreign-made equipment was destroyed. From Ugledar to Horlivka we move slowly but surely. The Ukrainian Armed Forces again shelled civilian areas of Donetsk and Kharkiv region. A school in Donetsk and a residential area in Makeyevka were damaged.     Mariupol. The center of Mariupol as well as other cauldrons are being mopped up. A Russian flag is flying over the regional SBU building. Azov militants and other neo-Nazis are being pushed back to the embankment and the seaport. In the evening, photos appeared of the Ukrainian Navy’s Donbass control ship, smoking after the strikes.     Of interest: it is reported that there are NATO officers from France, Germany, Britain and “neutral” Sweden at Azovstal in Mariupol. It seems that they even tried to negotiate through intermediaries with our forces to provide them with a corridor for evacuation. Right now, there is unconfirmed information that the Russian army has captured Lieutenant General Roger L. Clothier, commander of NATO ground troops near Mariupol. Other sources report his alleged death, the U.S. and NATO have not yet commented.           Translated with (free version)

Metabiota, Ukranian bioweapon maker is affiliated with Hunter Biden and President Vladimir Zelensky

American Lieutenant General Roger Clothier captured in downed chopper confirms NATO and US involvement in Ukranian bioweapons manufacturing

Под промзоной “Азовсталь”, принадлежащей олигарху Ринату Ахметову, предположительно внебрачному сыну бывшего президента Украины Кучмы, находятся 24 км туннелей на глубине до 30 метров. Там же находится секретный объект НАТО PIT-404- и секретная биолаборатория НАТО с биологическим оружием. На объекте PIT-404- заблокированы офицеры НАТО. Туннели снабжены бункерной системой с броневой защитой. Внутри находятся порядка 240 иностранцев, среди которых офицеры НАТО и Французского Иностранного Легиона, а также персонал биолаборатории. Их охрана, финансировавшаяся Ахметовым, насчитывает до 3000 человек.

Биолаборатория под заводом “Азовсталь” в Мариуполе на так называемом объекте PIT-404- построена и эксплуатировалась компанией Metabiota, связанной с Хантером Байденом, Ринатом Ахметовым и Владимиром Зеленским. В лабораториях этого объекта велись испытания по созданию биооружия. Тысячи жителей Мариуполя стали “подопытными кроликами” в этих страшных испытаниях. И в этих бесчеловечных опытах принимали участие в основном западные “специалисты”!!!
Офицеры разведки и специальных операций Франции не смогли вывезти своих сослуживцев из Мариуполя. Вот почему Макрон так часто звонил в Кремль и просил “гуманитарные коридоры”…
Некоторые офицеры французской разведки погибли во время спасательной операции. Глава французской разведки Эрик Видо 31 марта 2022 года был уволен за неудачи разведки Франции в войне на Украине. В подземельях Азовстали сейчас заблокированы офицеры из США, Канады, Германии, Франции, Италии, Турции, Швеции, Польши и Греции. Американский генерал-лейтенант Роджер Клотье, захваченный Народой Милицией ДНР в плен на днях из сбитого вертолёта, был отслежен ГРУ ГШ и СВР России в Мариуполе по результатам внешнего наблюдения за его любовницей на территории Турции в Измире. Гражданка Украины, известная разведке как Klute, всегда сопровождала генерала в качестве походной жены, доверенного лица и переводчицы. Как только поступила информация, что эта дама приехала в Мариуполь, Россия начала военную операцию и заблокировала город.

Вот он, настоящий “Фарматокс” из “Дела Серых”!  
Under the Azovstal industrial zone, owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, allegedly the illegitimate son of former Ukrainian President Kuchma, there are 24 km of tunnels at a depth of up to 30 meters. There is also a secret NATO facility PIT-404- and a secret NATO bio-lab with biological weapons. NATO officers are locked in the PIT-404 facility. The tunnels are equipped with an armored bunker system. There are about 240 foreigners inside, including NATO and French Foreign Legion officers, as well as biolab personnel. Their guards, funded by Akhmetov, number up to 3,000.           The biolaboratory under the Azovstal plant in Mariupol at the so-called PIT-404 facility was built and operated by Metabiota, a company affiliated with Hunter Biden, Rinat Akhmetov and Vladimir Zelensky. The laboratories of this facility were used to test the creation of bioweapons. Thousands of Mariupol residents became “guinea pigs” in these terrible tests. And these inhumane experiments involved mostly Western “specialists”!!!! French intelligence and special operations officers could not get their fellow soldiers out of Mariupol. Hence Macron’s persistent calls to the Kremlin asking for “humanitarian corridors”…         Some French intelligence officers died during the rescue operation. The head of French intelligence, Eric Vido, was fired on March 31, 2022, for the failures of French intelligence in the war in Ukraine. Officers from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Poland and Greece are now trapped in the dungeons of Azovstal. American Lieutenant General Roger Clothier, captured by the DNR People’s Militia the other day from a downed helicopter, was tracked down by the GRU of the Russian General Staff and SVR in Mariupol from outside surveillance of his mistress in Turkey in Izmir. The Ukrainian citizen, known to intelligence as Klute, always accompanied the general as his traveling wife, confidante and interpreter. As soon as information was received that this lady had come to Mariupol, Russia launched a military operation and blockaded the city.       Here he is, the real “Pharmatox” of the Gray Affair!     Translated with (free version)
A Russian report from the battlefield originally translated by Cairns News Russian contributor and confirmed by online translator

Hungary forbids NATO from sending arms through its country to Ukraine

by Alison Ryan

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban secured a fifth overall term as the country’s leader, after his Fidesz party won a two-thirds majority – a result which has rattled the ruling liberal power base in Brussels, who are now worried about Orban’s overwhelming conservative mandate.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attacked by former gay actor and now Ukranian President Zelensky for preventing arms to flow throuh his country

Orban outmatched opposition challengers, despite being repeatedly attacked by the entire mainstream media, the international left, George Soros, and even Ukrainian leader and actor Zelensky.

Under Orban, Hungary, a NATO member, has also adopted a policy of neutrality in regard to the war in Ukraine, and has forbid NATO from trafficking arms through the country en route to Ukraine. This move has angered the anti-Russian war hawks in the US and UK, as well as former comedian President Zelensky, who has heaped scorn on Orban for not being more supportive enough of NATO’s war effort.

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