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Putin to usher in a change of the guard for Elites of the NWO

Putin Declares Victory Over New World Order: ‘Change Of Elites’ Coming Because Humanity Has ‘Woken Up’ + Facts And Opinions Suppressed By The Corrupt Mainstream Media & New Zealand: A Surveillance Society
June 27 2022 | From: NewsPunch / PrincipiaScientific / NZCPR / A / Various

Global elites who have been running the world in recent decades, working in concert to usher in a New World Order, have been defeated according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin used his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday to warn that a “change of elites” in the West is just around the corner.

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Disastrous liberal policies undertaken by EU and US leaders are exacerbating inequalities and divisions in their societies, not just in terms of welfare but in terms of values and orientations of various groups, Putin said.

“Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites,” the Russian leader said.

  • from Kev Moore

Putin ignoring urgent calls from NATO

Update 9

Two diversionary teams comprising foreigners including Georgians, Polacks, Americans and Canadians were encircled in Belogorodskaya region, as of today they have been defeated 10 were captured.

Military Correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyski near the Ukranian front line

They were being watched for a significant period of time. There were 48 individuals, Georgians in the group renowned for their war crimes posting on social media where they were filmed cutting the throats of Russia PoWs. There will be no leniency for them.

Within the Azot industrial complex now under the control of the RF an interesting discovery has been made. We observed 2600 Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren enter the cauldron. Typically, the group was split into smaller groups and removed with the help of artillery and air power. Upon completing of the operation and the body count we could not account for 450 militants. It would appear that 450 bodies together with their western weapons have been incinerated in underground chambers. These bodies were placed on rows of steel shelving and set alight. Based on the observed remnants these bodies were former mercenaries most likely of American origin. A pile of partially burnt American issued identification documents confirm this. It appears that the Ukro-Nazis were covering their tracks or simply were not in a position to take the wounded with them. Some of the remnant militants have been taken captive in the Baxmyt region, it will be interesting to see what they have to say. As it turns out the Ukrofascists are supporting the RF.

The fighting along the southern front has been reduced allowing a greater focus on the northern line. Numerous cauldrons have developed in the north and we are currently being sedated. Numerous small towns and villages are being taken daily in the Lisichansk region. When the town of Borovoya is taken then the Ukrofascists will be trapped in a double cauldron. The Ukrainian forces are generally withdrawing along the front line. The cities of Kharkov, Odessa and Nikolaevka are taking a steady barrage of intense shelling.

When asked about G7’s proposed cap on the oil price, when someone’s hungry and the price of bread goes up 20% they’ll still buy it as they simply don’t have an alternative. The French have stepped away from the G7 stance that Russia be designated a terrorist organization. I’ve observed that anyone whom doesn’t bend the knee to NATO and friends they tend to be labelled terrorists. The Bulgarians and the Hungarians are also opposed to these sanctions as they are heavily dependent on Russian resources.

The Polish people are starting to panic, they are requesting the Polish government provide information about their missing relatives. There are at least 450 Pollacks that are unaccounted for and essentially missing in action. I believe that many of them may have been wounded and could not be moved with the retreating forces, hence they were silenced by the Ukrofascists.

When asked about NATOs proposed 300,000 plus military buildup on the eastern front, he said let them come, “we’ll chew through them.”

Putin’s phone is ringing hot, NATO keeps calling but the Russian Federation has had enough of their empty words, the interest has waned. As far as Moscow is concerned NATO and their friends have crossed the red line, now the cannons can do the talking. The west was warned in 1997 and subsequently thereafter.

All hydrocarbons transit to the pre-Baltic states has been ceased and rail road access closed. Previously a large percentage of hydrocarbon deliveries to the EU was by rail road thru these countries. That is no longer an option and as such the productivity of their ports has been heavily impacted. The hydrocarbon supplies to Poland have also been completely cut. Previously they were still burning Russian gas that was supplied thru one of the other EU countries thru reverse flow. The Russian government has cut the supply of both the Nord stream pipelines (North and South). The west has reached out to the Azerbaijanis for hydrocarbons, but at best they can only meet the needs of two EU countries. But to do this they need to tap into the Turkish pipeline as they do not have their own. Russian has indicated that anything over 20% would not be tolerated. The Azeris are aligned with the Turks as they have the same ancestral origins, currently they maintain neutrality. All parties are focused on the development in the Ukrainian conflict, their future actions will be based on this outcome.

I recently heard that an American hydrocarbons tanker has caught fire in the Atlantic Sea (UK side). Seeing as the majority of oil tankers (~80%) are either of Russian or Chinese ownership and to lesser extent south Korea. The west really does have a serious logistical problem to solve, perhaps they are planning to deliver hydrocarbons via planes, just a thought he says.

This week there have been 12 attempts to retake snake island, each time the Ukrofascists have been repelled.  As a thought Poland / Romania and others have surrendered a large portion of their sovereignty to NATO. These slave states can no longer act independently and in fact every arms delivery, military flight etc. must be authorized by NATO. These countries are effectively extensions of NATO doing their bidding. 

The Bulgarian pro-NATO government has lost the no-confidence vote, early elections are looming. Historically Bulgaria have always been with Russia. Ninety percent of Bulgaria uses Russian resources to manufacture goods for Russia. This has always been Bulgaria’s best customer. Bulgaria made efforts to develop the markets for the with the EU but the terms were so appalling, the margins so low that it made no commercial sense. They tried the same with the US and received the same result.

The Russian federation is now in the process of resurrecting the military industrial complex. This will ensure unlimited military supplies. It’s interesting how the Ukrainians have voiced 3 times via the media that the Russians have run out of ammunition. I think the dead Ukrofascists would argue differently. I cannot say how many personnel are in the Russian armed forces. But I do know that we do not have any shortage of military personnel. We do not need to conscript people as we have sufficient volunteers. Many are under contract and we take only experienced fighters, we have returned to the old ways, if a fighter does not have children to carry on his line then he will not be accepted into the RF. 

I watch various media outlets Russian, American and Ukrainian. The American media is generally aligned with that of the Russians (one needs to be selective here); however, the Ukrainian information is almost entirely falsified. Western supplied medical aid is being stolen and resold within the Ukraine as stated by the Telegraph

The Russian electronic warfare systems either listen or jam all Ukraine radio signals. As such the Ukrofascists are using foot soldiers to deliver messages between the fighting forces and often unable to call in support.  The Russian РАССУХА system kills all NATO signals, taking out radio communications, guided rockets, planes, in some cases the circuitry of the enemy’s equipment fails irreparably.

It is interesting to note that both Iran and Argentina have applied to join the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, S. Africa). Combined BRICS accounts for 3.21 billion people, this is larger than the combined G7. This group is expected to counterbalance the G7.

Russia starts rebuilding Mariupol in Ukraine

Time has come to establish an Anti-Globalist Alliance

by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò,  addressing a Reawaken America Rally in Salem, Oregon

Praised be Jesus Christ. Dear friends, General Michael Flynn asked me to speak with a message for your rally. I gladly accepted his proposal, because I wish to greet you and encourage you in this re-awakening of consciences. If you are re-awakening, it is because until now someone has forced you to sleep, drugged you, and distracted you from what he was plotting, in order to continue undisturbed in his criminal action. But the slumber of Americans and all peoples has lasted far too long: it is now the moment to open our eyes, to wake up, and to understand what has happened and what is happening. It is the moment to act.

Archbishop Carlo Vigano urges the world to take positive action against the deep state

The threat of a third world war is weighing on all of us. They have told us that President Putin invaded Ukraine to support his expansionist ambitions, but in reality the main purpose of Russia’s military operation is to prevent the aggression of the deep state and NATO. Putin is fighting against the same globalist elite that holds us all hostage. On March 6, the Russian Ambassador to the UN denounced what you have been advocating for two years: he declared that Donald Trump is the legitimate President of the United States, and that the election was falsified, with the complicity of European nations, using the Dominion apparatus. And we know that, in order to advance the agenda of the Great Reset, it was necessary to get rid of Trump, who would never have allowed either the pandemic farce or the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

This is not a war of the Ukrainian people. It is not the Ukrainian people who are persecuting their Russian brothers, but a puppet government supported by neo-Nazi military militias. A corrupt government, desired by the globalist cabal, which today finds itself with a cocaine-addicted President, a former actor and dancer who hides billions in tax havens while the Ukrainian population is among the poorest in Europe.

It is not a war of the Russian people. For years the Russian Federation has been demanding respect for the Russian-speaking minority, and the international community has always turned the other way.

It is not a war of the European nations. It is the leaders of the European Union who want a conflict in order to justify implementing the Great Reset and imposing a dictatorial regime made up of limitations on freedom, an impoverishment of the population, the elimination of small businesses, the imposition of an inhuman and technocratic model of life, and the cancellation of the identity of nations, their history and their religion.

It is not a war of the United States. The Americans fought against Nazism, and it is scandalous that today Biden is helping a government that supports and collaborates with extremist groups that hoist the swastika and propagate Nazi ideas. It is the deep state, with its servants now infiltrated into all institutions, that wants war in order to extend its dominion over the whole world under the pretext of “exporting democracy,” while in reality it is thinking only of selling weapons, enriching itself, and appropriating the resources of the invaded countries, sowing destruction and death. P/2

Russian forces start shelling Kiev

Ukraine update 7

In response to the shelling of civilians in the liberated city of Donetsk the RF has been shelling Kiev. The continuous bombardment of Kiev these last two days has given cause for the politicians there to pay heed. The Ukrainian’s do not know where to run to.

Military correspondent Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyenko

In Lisichansk the Ukrainian troops are surrendering  en masse, thirty, fifty at a time, they do not need much encouragement. Of the original party of howitzers supplied by the Americans, the last 10 were destroyed, however more are being shipped into the Ukraine through Poland. On the 20.6.22 two Polish tactical battalions crossed into the Ukraine; they were immediately liquidated by Belarus missiles.   

Snake island was being hit by Howitzers  based on the mainland, the positions of these 4 units were identified and the position destroyed, using long range incendiary weapons. This was the 4th attempt to take the island. The Ukrofascists lost 12 drones and the control base located in the Achakova region.

In the last 24 hours 40 command bunkers were wiped clean using Caliber rockets as well Onyx rockets (with a range of 1500+ klm). Previously I mentioned that 50 plus high-ranking officers were killed in a surgical strike. The current count is that there were at least 70 or more that perished and still counting. As it turns out our reconnaissance is doing a wonderful job. The meeting included not only Ukrainians but also high-ranking military personnel from England, Poland, France, US and Germany. The RF has warned that any spy plane that is spotted will be shot down, disregarding its location.

A friend of mine that works in the space industry mentioned that the RF had taken offline 3 US satellites, and impaired the functioning of several others. Other NATO satellites were forced to change their orbits while they were still able. We have now introduced our S500 systems into the mix. They are able to destroy satellites in low orbit and planes at high altitude.

My understanding is that the US is rather upset after they tried to launch 5 satellites into space using a Russian space engine but failed. NASA has written to the pentagon concerned that they were unable to acquire titanium and aluminum using in the construction of rockets and other space equipment. It turns out that Russia was the supplier of these particular specialty items.  I expect this will have a detrimental impact upon the American space industry.

Russia has ceased transporting hydrocarbons through Ukraine and Turkey. Seems Canada’s Trudeau believes that blocking the return of the Siemens equipment destined for Russia is a grand idea. I doubt the EU thinks the same about this. As such we cannot guarantee the uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons to the EU, these items are critical to the safety of the plant and its operators. Even in the event that Trudeau decides to release the units it will take months to install and commission them, perhaps winter will arrive later as opposed to sooner. 

In the Lozovaya region a group comprising approximately 800 militants were hit by the RF’s artillery. Within a short time, the Ukrofascists started contributing to the operation by using air support against the militants. Once the fireworks subsided, we discovered that approximately half of the combatants had been liquidated. The interesting thing is that most of the combatants turned out to be Canadians.  

The RF officers gathered for a meeting in their command center. They made it very clear that they expected the full support of the Russian authorities and that there will be no half measures when it comes to the distribution of penalties against the Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren.

Recently I watched the wife of a Ukrainian soldier tell her husband’s story. The Ukrainians were instructed to drop their troops off at a designated location. When they arrived, they were surprised to find that the Russians were already there. They lost 80 fighters and two armored personnel carriers (БТР).  The RF have lost patience with the Ukrainian forces, we now simply state surrender or die, we are not here to negotiate.  

The Polish are now arresting their Ukrainian guests and returning them to the Ukraine in handcuffs.  It is becoming more common place for the Ukrainian military to tell their commanding officers to go to hell. They are now stating rather frequently that Zelensky should go to the front himself and shoot at the RF himself.  He has essentially lost all respect, assuming he had any in the beginning, which is highly doubtful. I believe Kiev may be waking up, they are demoralized and are struggling to find fighters. The Ukrofascists are digging in deep between Kiev and the Belarus border, they are roughly 150klm apart. We can see their activities with our satellites, trucks delivering logs and other construction items. These fortifications will not save them.

The American switchblade drones are falling out of the skies on a very regular basis. We have been collecting them and I expect our tech savvy lads will be able to tweak them so that we can send them back in the same spirit in which they were given. They carry a pay load of 4/5 kg of explosive generally for use against tanks. However, our T72 tanks are generally able to withstand 5 to 10 hits before they expire.

The BMPT, it is a tank support fighting vehicle, these units essentially replace supporting infantry. We have introduced into the fray our Terminators. These are twin auto cannons each capable of firing 10 30mm round per/sec. the guns can be loaded with multiple types of shells, including enriched uranium ammunitions. In other words, one explosive shell can punch a hole through a concrete wall while another hardened armor piercing round can enter the same hole to do its work.

Both cannons are synchronised with each other, the operator is housed in the underbelly of this beast, generally out of harm’s way. They Ukrofascists were able to incapacitate one of these units but not before it took out 2 Ukrainian tanks, 3 armored personnel carriers (БТР), 2 amphibious combat vehicle (БМД) and 1 all-terrain infantry transport (ЛТМБ). My understanding is that the unit ran out of ammunition. These units can engage 16 targets simultaneously including airborne. They were found to be extremely effective in Syria, they were used against snipers in Syria. The RF were able to retrieve the unit which is destined for repair.

Currently access to Kaliningrad can be achieved by sea, however the Latvians have heavily restricted the flow of goods through their territory. The RF has indicated that this path could lead to serious consequences not dissimilar to that of the Ukraine, I can only hope they heed our message.

It appears that the last Ukrainian visit conducted by the heads of state of Germany, France, Poland was more to do with reminding Zelensky about payment as opposed to providing more weaponry. We believe that the Europeans are interested in receiving grain in exchange for goods and services. As it turns out in the last 3 years the Ukrainian farmers have not been paid for their harvest. It seems that the Ukrofascists have been helping themselves to the farmers crops. The farmers want Russia to take over, the man on the land is supporting the RF.

Ukraine mercenaries could face death penalty

First court hearing for British mercenaries in Ukraine held Monday in Donetsk Court –

by Alison Ryan

British mercenaries were charged at a court hearing in the Donetsk People’s Republic, which took place on Monday, June 6. This was stated by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

Head of DPR Denis Pushilin

“Foreign mercenaries – in this case, these are the British, who committed quite serious crimes – today, as part of the first meeting, the charges were announced and brought,” Pushilin told TASS.

Capital punishment for the men who travelled to Ukraine to fight has not been ruled out the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin said.–british-mercenaries-charged-at-a-court-hearing-in-the-dpr.rylFqHTsdc.html

Earlier news regarding the foreign fighters at:

Hollywood arrives in Ukraine making fake war movies for western news media

It should be noted lead bullets do not create sparks when hitting concrete. Hollywood effects have created this myth and a stage hand can be seen with an gel pistol firing into the set to make dust.

Schwab’s carbon footprint bigger than a Mt Etna blast

by Lindesy Symonds

I don’t have a television so when I am enjoying my recreational substance I watch a bit of the WEF.

It would seem that Mr Conservative JudeoXtian Vlad has sacrificed extra children to Bauphomet to get the Soviet Union excluded from the Davos nuthouse. Why should he have to listen to the Chinese promo for their individual carbon tracker / sustainability social credit score system? Naturally these Insectoids want the international WHO certificate of vaxx ID, genetic data base and social credit score all integrated into one control grid. it will probably even ding you two weeks before your organs are due for harvest with some fan tan music.

Vlad’s UN CoVID Regime already has cut a deal with the WHO.

In the Soviet Union’s UN CoVID Regime, the Fauci double is a Yid (wouldn’t you know it) – Mr Sputnik V Clot Shot Alexander Gintsburg. He’s the big hero in the Soviet Union with a 100% approval rating because he saved the Russians under Vlad’s absolute vaxx mandate during the Corona Hoax 2020. Prior to that the Vaxx Oligarch eradicated Ebola in Ebola free Guinea . He’s on track for the Order of Lenin.

Klaus has put on his Darth Vader suit and banned these bad actors from the Davos Coffee Klatsch and yada yada ‘world government summit’. The real world rulers have cast Klaus as a Toon and scripted him accordingly. He is Mr NWO evil, globalist, satanist ‘unipolar’ power in a Yiddish schtick. His private jet has a carbon footprint the size of a Mt Etna sulphur emmission. Ditto for Vlad. Meanwhile bicycles, fresh air, bug diet and Co2 polluter warehouse is our prospect.

Ukraine update

Kyiv, Ukraine, May 23, 2022


Cairns News military correspondent Colonel Yuri Komiyenko of Russian forces said yesterday approximately 1970 Ukrainian military personnel and foreign troops hiding below ground at Azovstal in Mariupol, have surrendered to the Russians. They are being processed for a war tribunal. The Ukrainian government is referring to the surrender as an evacuation.  

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko displays a Russian PPSh-41 sub-machine gun near the front line in Ukraine

He said of the large number of NATO personnel captured, 54 were high-ranking, that is above officer status, colonels and generals. Another 12 of the captured personnel are high ranking NATO Generals, they are from a variety of NATO countries such as Canada, the United States and numerous other countries including one Israeli General. 

Through an interpreter Colonel Komiyenko said: 

“The Russian Forces were surprised to find a Chinese national within the group, as well as an African who was unable to speak any of the local dialects or English. An interpreter studying foreign languages was located.

“Seems the man spent his life savings to get to the Ukraine to fight as he was under the impression that he could earn USD $1000 per day.” 

The Chechen forces have vowed to stay until the last is caught. Some of the tunnels are heavily mined and it is the opinion of Russian Forces that other military personnel are hidden deeper underground.

“President Putin’s phone has been running hot with offers of large cash payments if he releases some of the captured military personnel, but he no longer answers his phone,” Colonel Komivenko said. 

“We have learned that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky since becoming president is now worth $850M USD, and he recently bought a house in Florida for $37M.” 

As Russia continues to gather evidence of bioweapons labs, the colonel stated that the proof is indisputable and points directly at the US and its partners.

Attempts were made to remove note books and paperwork from the Azovstal bioweapons lab by civilian cars. These activities were filmed and the data retrieved.  

The Russia forces continue their offensive against the fascists within the Ukrainian army and politburo, determined to remove all bio-security labs near its border with Ukraine. 

“Roughly one week ago Russians were able to film the Ukrainian forces making an example of a Ukrainian Captain. It would appear that he had a differing opinion to his command so the Ukrainian military chained him to machines and then used the machines to pull the man apart.” he said.

“In a earlier event the Ukrainians were removing their wounded from tunnels to the surface, then they shot the wounded and dumped their bodies. The Russian Forces were able to video this crime prior to taking down the criminals.” 

He further added that of the consignment of Bushmaster armoured cars sent to Ukraine by the Australian Government, only two survived when a train carrying them to the front line was destroyed by a Russian air strike.  # 

Putin’s approval rating at home never been higher

by Alison Ryan

The Australians get the ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021’ and the Russians get a leader.

Putin’s Approval Rating Soars Since He Sent Troops Into Ukraine, State Pollster Reports. The proportion of Russians who trust President Vladimir Putin has risen to 81.6% from 67.2% before he ordered troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24, according to a survey by the state-run pollster VTsIOM published on Friday. The conflict has displaced more than 10 million Ukrainians from their homes, killed or injured thousands, turned cities into rubble and led to sweeping Western sanctions that will push down Russian living standards. VTsIOM said 78.9% of respondents in its latest survey said they approved of Putin’s actions, compared to 64.3% in the last poll before the start of what Russia calls its “special military operation”. The proportion who disapproved of his actions fell to 12.9% from 24.4%.

Malcolm Roberts tells us that this government did not come up with the Trusted Digital Identity on their own, but that it is the brainchild of the WEF and their global digital identity roadmap. He also says that the government quotes “Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and New Value Creation” directly from the WEF in their Digital Identity Consultation Regulation Impact Statement.

So therefore, Malcolm has put us on guard. Please read more what Malcolm Roberts has uncovered about this Bill.

Many peoples’ eyes are open wide now to the governments’ lies and deceits. These Lib/Nat and Labor governments have implemented the WHO health regulations and jabs through enforcement which should never have happened. This NWO puppet government can never be trusted. Sadly, many Australians have (or were coerced or forced) to get the jab. This Lib/Nat government is on the wrong track with the ‘Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021’ as well.
You can sign a petition at the link below.
Closing date for signatures: 27 April 2022 10:59 PM (AEST) 2 days left

Petition EN4090 – Stop The Digital Identity Legislation (Trusted Digital Identity Bill).

Last straw for Ukraine is witchcraft against Putin

by Kev Moore

On March 31, 2022 a group called Witch Cauldron, based in Kiev (Ukraine) engaged in spiritual warfare, using witchcraft against Russian President Putin. You may recall that they did the same with US President Trump.

A group of witches in Ukraine is planning to hold a three-part ritual to punish and stop Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Taking to Instagram, Kiev-based Witch Cauldron shop put out a statement, saying the ‘witches’ will perform the ritual in collaboration with their foreign partners….

“On March 31, on the 29th lunar day, the day of corruption and curses, we, the witches of Ukraine, in collaboration with foreign partners, will perform a ritual of punishing the enemy of the Ukrainian people – Vladimir Putin,” the shop said on Instagram. 

A few days later, the Russian Orthodox Church confirmed this.

The Russian Patriarchal Church believes that the Ukrainian government is using “witches and satanic rites” against the occupiers.
Archpriest of the ROC Andriy Tkachov made such a statement quite seriously.
The priest stated that Ukraine allegedly has nothing left but to ask for help from demons, Satanists and sorcerers. Tkachev addressed the Russian audience:

“Obviously, all human means have run out, demonic means have begun … Arestovich’s appeal was to witches, to the sorcery community of Ukraine. They responded to him and announced some rites,” Tkachev said.

Some special forces also wear Satanic insignias. The head of Baphomet can be seen on the insignia here:

The Truth About Nazism in Ukraine: And Why the Media is Covering It Up…

“Remember what C14 leader Yevhen Karas said in the video from earlier: ‘We have fun killing, we have fun fighting…’

Ruach Raah – Under The Insignia of Baphomet (War Arts Productions)

Ruach Raah – Under The Insignia of Baphomet (War Arts Productions)

In the faith of Judaism, the Ruach Ra’ah is the manifestation of evil that comes to rest upon the living during sleep. The spirit, reckoned to be one sixtieth fraction of death, can only be removed by ritual washing of the hands. In the faith of black metal, Ruach Raah is a Portuguese duo dedicated to the promotion of hatred and fanatical opposition to ‘society’. Thus the modern aim lives comfortably with the ancient threat.

Ruach Raah deal in primitive brutalism, nothing more, nothing less. There is little variation in the material offered for consumption. Each track is mid to fast paced, with buzzing, saw-like guitars and propulsive drumming. Vocals are rasped and delivered with no concession to melody or to legibility of lyrics……………..”

Putin asks Scomo: just who is crazy?

Editor: The translation is not accurate and according to Rose is a spoof, but in any case it serves the situation.

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