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‘Outright lying’; Australian scientist hits out at TGA after ‘life-changing’ Covid vaccine injury


The Grim Reapers apprentice and Minister for Health NSW, Brad Hazzard, continues reflecting his schoolboy politics, his idiotically conceited face and his self-generated importance .

There was a predicted COVID-19 vaccine failure, government’s daily reports of serious medical problems and vaccine deaths occurring. General research has revealed a serious problem with the vaccine, the plandemic agenda was introduced by all Australian governments accompanied by massive promotion from the complicit trained seals of mainstream media.

Source: – June 13th 2022 – by Frank Chung

A man left unable to work for eight months after his Covid jab says thousands are suffering “life-changing” neurological symptoms he dubs “long vax”.


An Australian scientist, left unable to work for eight months after a debilitating neurological reaction he blames on the Covid shot, has likened the treatment of people suffering vaccine injuries to that of returning veterans with health issues after the Vietnam War.

Dr Rado Faletic has slammed the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) adverse event reporting process, saying the medicines regulator tasked with vaccine safety surveillance was “simply uninterested” in investigating his symptoms despite submitting multiple reports.

“I’m similar to thousands of Aussies. After the vaccine I had a huge constellation of symptoms from head to toe,” the 46-year-old said, describing it as similar to “mutant long Covid”.

“The worst has been an oppressive brain fog. I’ve had headaches, chest pains, abdominal pains, unbelievable muscle twitching, issues focusing my vision. Basically I’ve been unable to work for eight months. I’m only now just starting to feel a little bit normal. This is not a mild side effect – this has been life-changing.”

Dr Faletic said doctors and specialists were unable to find anything obviously wrong with him.

“You go to the hospital, they take your blood, do an echocardiogram or X-ray or MRI and don’t find anything,” he said. “They say, ‘Well you look fine, go home and rest.’”

He added, “I don’t necessarily blame the doctors. The problem is there hasn’t been a test to find out what’s wrong. I know some people are getting misdiagnosed with anxiety or functional neurological disorder – that’s not what’s going on. It’s a physical injury.”


Dr Rado Faletic

Dr Faletic, who earned his PhD in hypersonic technology from the ANU and now runs an international research consulting firm based in Canberra, says his faith in the scientific and medical community has been badly shaken by his experience.

He received his first Pfizer dose on October 19 last year and his second on November 9. He had a bad reaction to both “within hours”, but says the second was “dramatically off the charts”.

“I waited a little while [to take the vaccine] – I work with technology and have a science background, so I understood that with a new product, new technology, there could be some things we don’t know about,” he said.

“I thought, enough time has passed, surely our government would have flagged any reactions of concern. I took it and all this stuff happened to me. It’s not a matter of it being a coincidence – it all happened within hours of the shots. Then I thought, surely the government would be interested in what’s happened to me? Nope.”

Dr Faletic says it soon became clear to him that the TGA wasn’t interested.

“I’ve done 50 rounds with the TGA on this,” he said.

“They’ve said, ‘We can find no safety signals,’ which I think is disingenuous if not outright lying. In my small personal circle I know over a dozen people with different long vax problems, [ranging from] ongoing headaches, memory problems or brain fog to some people who were basically bedridden for months.”

When he went searching for answers, he found “hundreds of people” in online groups who had experienced similar symptoms and submitted reports themselves.

“The TGA still claims there is nothing to see,” he said.

“We are being treated with the same type of derision and condescension as Vietnam vets when they came back damaged. The government doesn’t want to acknowledge us, people in the community look down on us. There are a lot of parallels.”

A health worker receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Chile. Picture: Javier Torres/AFP

A health worker receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Chile. Picture: Javier Torres/AFP

In the 1970s, Australian troops who had returned from Vietnam began to experience high incidences of cancer and other illnesses, with the government initially denying exposure to Agent Orange and other chemicals sprayed by the US military was to blame.

While health regulators and drug manufacturers including Pfizer have previously denied any causal link between the vaccines and neurological symptoms, the tide appears to be slowly turning as a growing number of experts call for more investigation.

Earlier this year, Sydney woman Daniella Lenarczyk, 34, spoke out about her persistent symptoms that included migraines, tinnitus, neck pain and numbness in her arm.

In the US, the National Institutes of Health conducted a small observational study last year of patients who reported neurological problems within one month of Covid vaccination, including pins and needles in the face or limb, orthostasis – sudden decrease in blood pressure when standing or sitting – heat intolerance and palpitation.

That paper, currently in pre-print, concluded that “a variety of neuropathic symptoms may manifest after SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations and in some patients might be an immune-mediated process”.

“There doesn’t seem to be a majority theory,” Dr Faletic said.

“Whilst we’ve all been damaged in the same way, our cluster of symptoms vary from person to person.”

In a statement, the TGA said it “monitors the safety of Covid-19 vaccines using information from a variety of sources, including analysis of adverse event reports submitted to the TGA, emerging published literature, worldwide safety data submitted by vaccine sponsors and information shared by international regulators”.

“If the TGA identifies a safety concern it will take regulatory action to address the safety issue and promptly provide information to the public,” a spokeswoman said.

“The recognised adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines are included in the approved Product Information (PI). These are updated as new safety information is identified. To date, the TGA has undertaken 26 actions with the sponsors to include new safety information in the PIs for Covid-19 vaccines.”

Those have included the addition of hypoaesthesia (reduced sense of touch or numbness) and paraesthesia (an unusual feeling in the skin, such as a tingling or crawling sensation) to the PIs for Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca).

More than 59 million vaccine doses have been administered in Australia. Picture: Brendan Radke

More than 59 million vaccine doses have been administered in Australia. Picture: Brendan Radke

Handful of injury claims approved

Meanwhile, new figures obtained by reveal the federal government’s vaccine injury compensation scheme has approved just 16 payouts in six months of operation.

The Covid-19 vaccine claims scheme allows people to claim a one-off payment ranging from $1000 to $20,000 for lost wages or other expenses if they suffer a bad reaction, and in cases of death the family may be able to claim funeral costs.

But the scheme has been criticised by legal experts and victims as overly complex and narrowly targeted towards a very limited number of officially recognised adverse effects.

Services Australia confirmed it had received 2225 applications as of June 2. Of these just 16 have been approved, 49 have been withdrawn and 671 are “waiting further information from applicants”.

“The assessment process can be complex, and claims may also be reviewed independently by medical and other appropriately qualified experts,” a spokesman said.

“In many cases, Services Australia has had to seek additional information from applicants in order to further progress consideration of their application. In other cases, applications have also been withdrawn. If found eligible, applicants are given up to six months to accept an offer of compensation, therefore finalisation of claims may also take some time.”

Services Australia declined to provide any data on the amounts of payouts or types of claims, citing privacy concerns due to the small number involved.

Just 16 vaccine injury claims have been approved in six months. Picture: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP

Just 16 vaccine injury claims have been approved in six months. Picture: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP

According to the TGA’s most recent safety update, there have been 129,995 total adverse event reports from 59.4 million vaccine doses administered to June 5.

Eleven deaths have been ruled as likely linked to vaccination, all after AstraZeneca.

No deaths have been officially linked to Pfizer in Australia from around 41 million doses administered.

In New Zealand, three deaths have been ruled as likely due to vaccine-induced myocarditis after Pfizer, from around 11 million doses.

Last month, the family of one of the 11 Australians who died after receiving AstraZeneca spoke out for the first time.

Victorian woman Robyn, a “fit and healthy” 77-year-old, died in September last year from Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Speaking to ABC Radio, her children said while they still supported Covid vaccination, they felt let down by the lack of government support.

They said they believed they were entitled to a lump-sum payment of $70,680 plus funeral expenses, but were critical about the complexity of the application process.

Her son Ross said reading through the vaccine claims policy, it felt callous.

“It’s a policy that’s designed to protect medical professionals from legal repercussions if something happens, like to my mother,” he said.

“My understanding is that it is to facilitate the actual vaccine rollout, so the doctors aren’t scared to administer vaccines. But for people who have suffered from the side effects, it feels like we’re just an afterthought to that.”

Dr Faletic said he had also looked over the scheme carefully and “it’s absolutely clear they’ve written it to not include people like me”.

“From a philosophical point of view we had these massive, broad, sweeping economic sanctions on all of us – lockdowns, travel shutdown – all done because someone may transmit Covid, the precautionary principle,” he said.

AEC should demand ID then we would have somewhat reliable election results

On Thursday 2 June 2022, Mr Cheng Fan was convicted and sentenced for a number of offences relating to a series of spam emails circulated during the 2020 Eden-Monaro by-election.

Cheng Fan while on bail after authoring fraudulent emails. Photo: Jane Dempster/The Australian

Australian Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said that the case marks Australia’s first successful prosecution of a person for breaching electoral laws that prohibit misleading or deceiving Australians about the act of casting a vote.

“Yesterday’s sentencing of Mr Fan demonstrates that those who seek to undermine the integrity of Australia’s electoral system will be brought to account,” Mr Rogers said.

“A result like this draws a line in the sand as it provides precedent for any similar misbehaviour in the future.”

Mr Fan’s sentence included a penalty for breaching section 329 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 by distributing matter that the court considered was likely to mislead or deceive an elector in the relation to the casting of a vote.

“This result is also a credit to the Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce, to which the AEC referred this matter in 2020,” Mr Rogers said.

“The work of the Taskforce is one more reason Australians can be confident in the integrity of our elections.”

Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce

The Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce is constituted by relevant agencies across Federal Government, working together to provide information and advice to the Electoral Commissioner on matters that may compromise the real or perceived integrity of the federal election.

The Taskforce was first in place for the federal by-elections held in 2018 and again for the 2019 and 2022 Federal Elections. It also operated during the 2020 Eden-Monaro and Groom by-elections.

News from George Christensen – Nation First

Source: Alison Ryan

First of all, the good news…

All is not lost. There was some good news out of the election:

  • Freedom parties (e.g. One Nation, UAP, Liberal Democrats, Australian Federation Party, IMOP, Katter’s Australia Party, etc) scored more than 12% of the nationwide vote, which — if voters preferenced every minor party on the ticket — would be enough to score a freedom party Senator in each State.
  • Pauline Hanson — a key fighter for freedom — is likely to be re-elected to the Senate.
  • A lot of left-wing Liberals have been given the boot all over the country.
  • Labor’s Kristina Kenneally — who continually tried to paint the freedom movement as domestic terrorists — has been removed from office. She was set to be Home Affairs Minister (and in charge of ASIO and the Australian Federal Police) and would’ve come after us.
  • A government that not only didn’t stand up against vaccine mandates but was complicit in enacting those mandates has been defeated.
  • We still have good people like Senator Malcolm Roberts, Senator Gerard Rennick and Senator Alex Antic in the Federal Parliament fighting for us.

Now for the bad news…

I don’t want to kid you. There was plenty of the bad news out of election night:

  • The freedom parties’ votes were not consistent around the nation and it is likely that voters didn’t preference other freedom parties. This could mean Pauline Hanson may be the only pro-freedom Senator elected to office this election.
  • Freedom fighter Craig Kelly has lost his seat.
  • I also did not succeed in my bid to become a Senator.
  • Labor — who have been worse than the Liberals on issues like vaccine mandates — appear to hold majority government.
  • A bunch of ‘Teal Independents’ won office who will pursue an aggressive agenda of control based around the so-called threat of ‘man-made climate change’.
  • The Senate will not be controlled by freedom parties, but by the Greens who are pro-mandate and also seek an aggressive agenda of control based around ‘man-made climate change’.

· What does this all mean?

  • What the result means is that things are going to get worse before they get better. There are imminent threats to national sovereignty and freedom on the not-too-distant horizon.
  • I’m talking about threats like the World Health Organization’s proposed International Health Regulation Changes, its Pandemic Treaty, the Digital Identity agenda and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset program to name but a few.
  • We cannot rely on a LaborGreens government to do the right thing when it comes to these threats. In fact, their socialist instincts will probably just make things worse.

· We need to keep fighting.

  • All of this is why the freedom movement is going to have continue the fight. While it might not seem it to many, a national vote of more than 12% is good for a movement that’s only just emerged. It’s something we can build upon.
  • But we can only build upon that base if the movement continues to fight, and puts petty differences — and party allegiances — to the side.
  • The other thing that’s going to be needed in this fight is solid, reliable information.
  • That’s where I come in. As a former journalist and now a former politician, I’m going to put those twin evils of media and politics to use for the forces of good.
  • Tomorrow, I will be emailing you with MASSIVE news on the future of Nation First. I’m going to share with you my plans to get you the right information to ensure that freedom prevails.
  • I don’t want to give anything away just yet but we are going to be going after the globalists, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, BlackRock, Vanguard and the like, and exposing the topics that the fake news mainstream media won’t touch.

Urgent election update!

“WHO” – are you

The WHO released its White paper for consultation on 4 May 2022 calling it Strengthening the Global Architecture for Health Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience.

The Executive summary shows how the unfolding plan of WHO intends to pull all nations in the world under its health emergency preparedness, response, and resilience (HEPR) architecture.

They say this will be achieved under the aegis of a new overarching Pandemic Accord. Their use of the word aegis comes from the world of mythology, and it has various meanings including a violent windstorm, a divine shield, and a goatskin garment. The WHO logo depicts a staff with a serpent coiled around it, which many health organisations use as well. Is this the serpent deity that will encircle the world? The serpent’s ability to periodically peel the outer covering off its entire body without harm and immediately regrow a new body covering has mythologized the serpent even to the extent that it encompasses the whole of nature and existence. The UN is a body of agencies that covers everything, fully intent on transforming the world yet under the aegis of a violent windstorm.

The writer of The Marshall Report, Dianne Marshall, penned these awesome words describing the UN.

“Remember their creepy display of school backpacks…lined like grave markers…this was all a part of their enchantments…today the children are targeted for death jabs. Coincidence? …Just take a good look at WHO and their involvement with world mandates and toxic bioweapons.”

Link:  United Nations New Statue… – The Marshall Report (

The WHO says that the Pandemic Accord will be the overarching of the nations.

 Its architecture has three tiers:

  1. Governance:
  2.  Global Health Emergency Council and World Health Assembly (WHA) Committee for Emergencies
  3. Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005)
  4. Scale-up universal health preparedness reviews and monitoring
  5. Systems:
  6. Global health emergency workforce that is trained to common standards, interoperable, rapidly deployable, scalable and equipped
  7. Network of health emergency coordination hubs
  8. Standardize approaches to strategic planning, financing, operations
  9. Monitoring of health emergency preparedness and response
  10. Partnerships for a whole-of-society approach for collaborative surveillance, community protection, clinical care, and access to countermeasures
  11. Financing:
  12. Co-ordinating platform for financing domestic investment
  13. Direct existing and gap-filling international financing
  14. Establish Financial Intermediary Fund for pandemic preparedness and response
  15. Expand WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies
  16. Make WHO strong at the centre of the global HEPR architecture

This Pandemic Accord is currently under negotiation. A final version of the Director-General’s proposals will be provided ahead of the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly scheduled for 22 May – 28 May 2022.

Link: White Paper Consultation: Strengthening the Global Architecture for Health Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience (

Russia distributes food aid to Ukranians

Карта военных действий и ситуация на фронтах вечером 6 апреля

Сегодняшняя военная повестка началась того, что стало известно о бое, произошедшем вчера на русско-украинской границе (между Сумской и Курской областями). Позиции российских пограничников обстреляли из минометов в Суджанском районе. «Ответным огнем российских пограничников огневые точки были подавлены. Жертв и разрушений с нашей стороны нет», — заявил губернатор области Роман Старовойт.

Также сегодня Министерство обороны провело большой брифинг касающееся наших солдат в плену. «К российским военнослужащим на Украине применяются пытки, насилие, издевательства, которые своей бесчеловечностью копируют действия карателей в годы ВОВ, и все это широко распространяется в сети Интернет и средствах массовой информации», — заявили в ведомстве.

Южный фронт. Украинская сторона сообщает о боях на границе Николаевской и Днепропетровской областях. Также заявляют о каких-то «окруженных русских в Херсонской области», которым предлагают сдаваться (ага-ага, хорошее предложение, учитывая отношение нацистов к пленным) и анонсируется наступление на этом направлении. Фактически, никаких окруженных россиян в деревнях херсонщины нет. Более того, сегодня получили подтверждение, что недавнее заявление Арестовича о том, что армия РФ покидает Николаевскую область было ложью. Сегодня получили фотодоказательства, как в Снигиревку Николаевской области при поддержке Вооруженных Сил России прибыл очередной конвой с гуманитарной помощью. Доставлено 20 тонн продуктов питания и 8 тысяч литров бутилированной воды. Украинские военные, стоящие на блокпостах, западнее запугивают местных жителей: «Мы скоро войдем и всех сук вырежем». Очевидно, что мы стоим достаточно плотно на этом направлении, но сплошной линии фронта, как таковой, тут нет. Все попытки ВСУ что-то либо предпринять на этом направлении терпят поражение, принося большие потери.

Восточный фронт. Вслед за призывами к эвакуации мирных жителей из Славянско-Краматорской и Лисичанской агломераций, объявлено о подготовке эвакуации из Днепропетровской области. Попутно мы видим пополнение и работу новой техники и на Северодонецком направлении и в других местах. Тут везде идут бои: в Рубежном зачистка промзоны, в Попасной в городской застройке. В ЛНР также сообщают, что взяли штурмом 29-й блокпост (позиция стала известной за весь период войны на Донбассе — за 29-й и 31-й блокпосты бои велись с конца 2014 года).

Изюм сегодня снова находился под огнем украинской реактивной артиллерии. Опять «кассеты» рвутся над центром города. Наши войска продвигаются в сторону Барвенково и Славянска, на этом направлении с боями заняли село Бражковка, Малую Камышеваху и отбивают контратаки ВСУ. Нанесены удары высокоточными ракетами по важному для снабжения ВСУ железнодорожному узлу в Лозовой — уничтожено большое скопление техники иностранного производства. От Угледара до Горловки продвигаемся медленно, но, верно. ВСУ снова обстреляла мирные районы Донецка и Харьковской области. Пострадала школа в Донецке и жилой квартал в Макеевке.

Мариуполь. Центр Мариуполя, как и другие котлы зачищаются. Российский флаг развевается над зданием областного СБУ. Боевиков «Азова» и прочих неонацистов оттесняют к набережной и морскому порту. Вечером появились фото корабля управления «Донбасс» ВМС Украины, дымящийся после ударов.

Из интересного: сообщается, что в Мариуполе на «Азовстали» находятся офицеры НАТО из Франции, ФРГ, Британии и «нейтральной» Швеции. Они, вроде как, даже пытались через посредников договориться с нашими силами о предоставлении им коридора для эвакуации. Прямо сейчас поступают неподтвержденные данные, что российская армия захватила командующего сухопутными войсками НАТО генерал-лейтенанта Роджера Л. Клотье под Мариуполем. Другие источники сообщают якобы о его гибели, США и НАТО пока не прокомментировали.
Map of military operations and the situation on the fronts in the evening of April 6   Today’s military agenda began with what became known about the fighting that took place yesterday on the Russian-Ukrainian border (between the Sumy and Kursk regions). Positions of Russian border guards were fired at from mortars in the Suzhansky district. “The Russian border guards’ return fire suppressed the firing points. There were no casualties or destruction on our side,” said regional governor Roman Starovoit.         Also today, the Ministry of Defense held a big briefing concerning our soldiers in captivity. “Russian servicemen in Ukraine are subjected to torture, violence, bullying, which in its inhumanity replicate the actions of the punishers during the WWII, and all this is widely spread on the Internet and in the media,” the ministry said.         Southern Front. The Ukrainian side reports fighting on the border of the Nikolayev and Dnipropetrovsk regions. They also claim some “encircled Russians in the Kherson region,” who are offered to surrender (aha-ha, a good offer, given the Nazis’ attitude toward prisoners) and announce an offensive in this direction. In fact, there are no encircled Russians in the villages of Kherson region. Moreover, today received confirmation that Arestovich’s recent statement that the Russian army was leaving the Nikolaev region was a lie. Today we received photographic evidence of another convoy with humanitarian aid arriving in Snigirevka, Mykolaiv region with the support of the Russian Armed Forces. It delivered 20 tons of food and 8 thousand liters of bottled water. The Ukrainian military standing at roadblocks to the west intimidates the locals: “We will soon go in and cut all the bitches out. Obviously, we are standing fairly tight in this direction, but there is no solid front line, as such, here. All attempts by the AFU to do anything in this direction are defeated, causing heavy losses.                     Eastern Front. Following calls for the evacuation of civilians from Slavyansko-Kramatorska and Lisichanska agglomerations, preparations for evacuation from Dnipropetrovsk region were announced. In the meantime, we see new equipment being added and working in the Severodonetsk direction and elsewhere. There are battles everywhere: in Rubizhne the industrial zone is being cleaned up, in Popasna in the urban development area. The LNR also reports that they stormed the 29th checkpoint (a position that has become famous for the entire period of the war in Donbass – for the 29th and 31st checkpoints were fought since the end of 2014).   Izyum was again under fire from Ukrainian rocket artillery today. Again the “cassettes” were tearing up over the center of the city. Our troops are advancing towards Barvenkovo and Sloviansk, on this direction they occupied the villages of Brazhkovka and Malaya Kamyshevakha with fighting and repulsed counterattacks by the Ukrainian armed forces. High-precision missile strikes were carried out against a railway junction in Lozovaya, which is important for supplying the AFU – a large accumulation of foreign-made equipment was destroyed. From Ugledar to Horlivka we move slowly but surely. The Ukrainian Armed Forces again shelled civilian areas of Donetsk and Kharkiv region. A school in Donetsk and a residential area in Makeyevka were damaged.     Mariupol. The center of Mariupol as well as other cauldrons are being mopped up. A Russian flag is flying over the regional SBU building. Azov militants and other neo-Nazis are being pushed back to the embankment and the seaport. In the evening, photos appeared of the Ukrainian Navy’s Donbass control ship, smoking after the strikes.     Of interest: it is reported that there are NATO officers from France, Germany, Britain and “neutral” Sweden at Azovstal in Mariupol. It seems that they even tried to negotiate through intermediaries with our forces to provide them with a corridor for evacuation. Right now, there is unconfirmed information that the Russian army has captured Lieutenant General Roger L. Clothier, commander of NATO ground troops near Mariupol. Other sources report his alleged death, the U.S. and NATO have not yet commented.           Translated with (free version)

WHO IHR treaty will override constitutions of Australia and America

IHR will implement universal vaccination mandates and digital vaccine passports as we step into One World Government‘s Pandemic Treaty

by Alexandra Bruce, US correspondent

This interaction between Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick and a local health minister reveals that the reason why the Australian government, like the Canadian government isn’t letting unvaccinated people fly on commercial airlines has nothing to do with health policy but with the fact that these countries, like the US and all other UN members are signatory to the International Health Regulations accord of 2005 or IHR.

Most people, like me had never heard of the IHR. These regulations override and supersede the US Constitution.

The treachery of retiring Health Minister Greg Hunt, the LNP, ALP and Greens knows no bounds. The LNP has a committee set up to sign the WHO treaty which would allow the UN’s IHR body to shut down Australia for any alleged pandemic without reference to the Australian Parliament. No doubt dopey Aussies too busy at the football or golf will be worried about the destruction of our sovereignty.

While everyone is looking at Ukraine, the WHO is planning a power grab to give it legal powers over the pandemic response in 190 countries.

James Rogusky has put together this amazing resource on his Substack, informing us about what’s happening and a call-to-action and what we can do, parts of which I’m sharing below.

On January 12, 2022, the United States submitted a number of amendments to the IHR that will give away even more of our sovereignty and greatly empower the World Health Organization (WHO) to restrict YOUR health related rights and freedoms.

The 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly will be held in Geneva, Switzerland this May 22-28, 2022. The Assembly will vote on the amendments to the IHR. They are very likely to pass and be enacted into International law unless “We the People” stand up against this attack on our sovereignty.

These amendments to the International Health Regulations do NOT need to be approved by two-thirds of the US Senate. We have already agreed to obey the IHR by virtue of our membership in the United Nations and the World Health Organization. We have already given away some of our sovereignty. These amendments will give away even more.

In addition to the proposed amendments to the IHR, the WHO has also set up an Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) that is actively negotiating an international “Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.” The proposed “Pandemic Treaty” is separate from, and in addition to, the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations I just mentioned.

The “Pandemic Treaty” is being drafted and negotiated as we speak.

While everyone is looking at Ukraine the WHO is planning a power grab to give it legal powers over the pandemic response for 190 countries. 

A summary of the proposed treaty could legally empower the WHO to do the following:

  • Increased surveillance
  • A “One Health” approach
  • A direct attack on sovereignty via outside data
  • The WHO may unilaterally decide
  • Enable health care workers to be brought in.
  • The deliberations of the Emergency Committee are shared with states, but not necessarily with the public.
  • The “Compliance Committee” will have investigatory powers within each country – another loss of sovereignty.
  • Amendments come into effect more quickly (in 6 months instead of 18).
  • Change the definition of a pandemic (again) in order to declare unjustified pandemics. The WHO could declare almost anything to be a pandemic – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, etc.
  • Impose lockdowns worldwide, centrally from the UN.
  • Enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments against the will of the individual people of the world.
  • Implement universal vaccination mandates and digital vaccine passports.
  • Develop norms and standards for digital technology related to international travel for international contact tracing.
  • Develop surveillance systems that would link into each country’s national health system.
  • Give incentives for countries to report new viruses or variants, keeping up the ongoing fear.
  • Promote untested medicines and vaccines developed against new viruses that only feed the profits of drug companies.
  • Mandate the sharing of data and genome sequences of emerging viruses.
  • Institute guidelines on how each member country would pay fees to the World Health Organization in addition to the annual membership fees each member country is already paying.


Basically, the power that the WHO currently has under the declared State of Emergency (which is completely bogus, there is no pandemic) they now want to keep forever. With this treaty, they intend to cement and expand their centralized control of world governments.

The World Health Organization wants sovereign nations to sign a treaty that would grant additional legal authority to the WHO which would enable them to force their “One Health” decisions upon every country of the world. 

In addition, the WHO wants more money ($10-$31 billion dollars per year!)

The WHO’s priority is NOT public health. The WHO’s real priority is capturing more power and money for itself and its corporate and its Non-Governmental Organization accomplices. 

The WHO needs to be disbanded, not given any more power!!!

The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body is currently accepting comments from the general public to determine the topics that may be included in the “Pandemic Treaty”.

The time to speak out and stand up for your rights is NOW – but they’re not making it very easy.

The WHO website says that the first round of hearings will be held through a webcast on 12-13 April 2022. Sessions times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

12 April 8AM-11AM  •  2PM-5PM 

13 April 9AM-12PM   • 3PM-6PM 

A second round of hearings is planned for 16-17 June.

It doesn’t provide a link or anything, it just says, “more information will be added to this page when available.”

In the meantime, research to find out who represents your country in the World Health Assembly. 

For the US, that person is Xavier Becerra, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who leads the U.S. delegation to the World Health Assembly

You can share your opinions with him directly via email at: or on Twitter at @SecBecerra

Americans can also reach out to Loyce Pace, Assistant Secretary of HHS for Global Affairs. Her Twitter handles are @HHS_ASGA and her personal account: @globalgamechngr


Rogusky proposes:


To Preserve Our Health Related Human Rights

All people eventually die. Health is not guaranteed. The law can and must guarantee and protect health related freedoms.

Article 1

Governments do not get to suspend human rights because of “emergencies.”

Regardless of the scope and/or severity of any disease outbreak or pandemic, human rights remain inalienable and may not be abridged.

Article 2

The good of a nation is the sum total of the benefits enjoyed by all its people.

The rights of nations, states, provinces, groups and organizations are subservient to inalienable human rights.

Article 3

Bureaucrats do not have the right to deny potentially life-saving medications to anyone.

The right to try is an inalienable right. Each and every human being, alone, or in consultation with the healthcare practitioner of their choice, has the inalienable right to choose the form of treatment that they wish to utilize in order to maintain or restore their health.

Article 4

The right to refuse treatment is an inalienable right.

Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct and must ALWAYS be respected. No person, no organization and no governmental body has the right to demand that another person consume, inject or apply any treatment to their body.

Article 5

Discrimination based on medical status is wrong.

No person, no organization and no governmental body has the right to place any form of restrictions that require healthy people to subject themselves to any form of treatment or test in order to enjoy their inalienable right to travel, work, seek education, or gain access to public spaces or businesses.

Article 6

Lockdowns and/or quarantines of healthy people are wrong.

All people who are ill with diseases that are transmissible have a moral obligation to separate themselves fro other people, but other people must be allowed to visit with the ill person so long as proper personal protective equipment is utilized.

Article 7

We demand complete transparency.

All depersonalized data from all clinical studies should be immediately available to everyone in the world to review in real time.

Article 8

Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Every person’s experience is a valuable scientific observation. All human beings have the inalienable right to publicly express their opinion regarding the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of any treatment.

Article 9

Guilt cannot be legislated or contracted away.

All manufacturers, distributors, sellers and administrators of health care products and/or procedures must be held liable for any and all damages caused by their products and services.

Article 10

Government officials may start emergencies, but the people must be able to end them.

Speed can be an important factor in reacting to an emergency, but democratic principles demand that “We the People” have the right to determine when we believe the danger has passed.

For more info, visit:

Funeral home whistleblower exposes vaccinated children’s deaths

Sydney funeral home whistleblower exposes massive baby and children’s Covid vaccination deaths and many others, all quickly cremated without a funeral or service and death certificates issued reading “death unknown”. A TGA statistical chart is shown of children’s diagnosis from Australian hospitals. Cold room containers for bodies now needed to cater for the mounting dead

Link to video to passing around:

Rebel News Canberra rally update

The Twelve Doses of Christmas

Doctors paid $1000 to euthanise COVID patients in NZ hospitals

The New Zealand government has approved euthanasia for COVID patients if doctors decide that they are unlikely to survive.

NZ Doctors Paid to Euthanasia

The Ministry of Health determined that people have a “right” to die by lethal injection.

New Zealand claimed that “in some circumstances, a person with COVID-19 may be eligible for assisted dying,” according to a report from the Catholic Herald. In 2019, they had passed the End of Life Choice Act, which is one of the most extreme euthanasia laws on the planet.

“Doctors receive a New Zealand government fee of $1,000 plus expenses for every euthanasia death they perform,” the Catholic Herald noted. Only 96 doctors out of approximately 16,000 in New Zealand have agreed to participate.

DefendNZ website for FOI details about the euthanasia laws that returned frightening results.

Behind those duopoly government closed doors to exclude the Australian people’s rights, may reside redacted damning documentation requiring decryption.

It is difficult to comprehend when a majority of New Zealanders and Australians remain content supporting blatant government death squads forcibly administering an experimental vaccine, crippling small businesses, and generating unheard of unemployment for those who do not comply,

We united as ANZACS for WWI and WWII to defend our nations from outside tyranny and invasion of our freedom. Today we face the same problem, this time from an enemy within.

Are you ready ANZACS to again defend your rights?

Australian COVID testing team disregard health issues with Hazmat suits

Testing team Infected Hazmat suits go straight into the back of a Toyota Corolla not put into any sealed container. What next, the groceries on the suits? Some inappropriate language


We are repeating this video previously published to freshen up your keep informed folder for the next election.

First published on August 1st, 2020, this video reveals Australian government owned and funded, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO est 1916) and their Covert Covid operation involving Bill Gates and more …

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