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WHO concedes the Covid disease is just like the common flu! 500,000 Americans dead from vaccine!

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The globalists will fall says Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich with 500,000 Americans already dead from the experimental vaccines.

Are you an obedient thinker or out-of-the box operator?

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Are you awake?

Get to Brisbane rally and tell the ALP/LNP duopoly you have had enough

US site to record and track Covid conspirators

by D Weldon

As an example, this is a site that US lawyer Sidney Powell set up to track evidence for the stolen US 2020 presidential election. It also has a lot of statistical evidence and now has evidence for Covid. I believe the evidence is submitted to her site and her legal assistants update the database. There may possibly be evidence that has not been made public for privacy reasons or because investigations are still under way and the information could tip off the suspects.

The site is using using airtable to host the data.

The info gathered should not just about who mandated what, but also about evidence to prove that the TGA and the state goverments and CHOs had knowledge of effective treatments but ignored them. Submit FOI requests to garner as much information as possible.

Take snapshots of web sites and download videos using Video DownloadHelper in case they are taken down.

Some questions I would like answered:

Who is doing the full genomic sequencing to detect strains and please FOI the data and let’s get that independently verified/audited and/or even better, have whoever is doing it watched over the shoulder so the process can be verified.
What access does the Govt health authorities have to location data from the Covid Checkin and/or CovidSafe apps? Eg. to determine if they are able to manufacture clusters.
FOI on the protocols being used in hospitals to treat Covid.
FOI on numbers of Covid deaths having a co-morbidity vs not, broken down by hospital.

Here is some evidence from Craig Kelly’s Youtube channel for a start:

(Craig Kelly has warned the TGA about the dangers of vaccinating young men)

The Australian Parliament votes AGAINST debating mandatory injections 1 Dec 2021
Around the 12 minute mark, Kelly calls for a division so it can be made known very clearly who voted against the debate.

The Australian Parliament votes AGAINST free & informed consent for medical interventions.
Kelly called for a division in this one as well.#

One of the most profound interviews ever published on Cairns News featuring Riccardo Bosi leader of Australia One Party

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Aisling O’Loughlin of “The Irish Inquiry” produced this extended interview with the inspirational leader of AUSTRALIAONE Party Riccardo Bosi who has big plans and high hopes for Australia’s future.

AUSTRALIAONE is committed to strengthening Australia as a sovereign, self-reliant, Judeo- Christian western democracy which is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, culturally vibrant, and socially cohesive.

Gympie pistol club bans un-vaxxed

The Covid scamdemic and medical propaganda has engulfed the Gympie Pistol Club which has banned the un-vaxxed. Cairnsnews is probably the most pro-gun site on the internet but it won’t support the stupidity and ignorance of the Gympie members who voted for the lockout.

When their members start feeling the dangerous effects of the deadly jab, as tens of thousands of others across Australia have already suffered, they might change their tune.

Any smart shooter who is locked out can easily take criminal legal action against the club and sue for damages starting with the Privacy Act 1988, the Anti-discrimination Act and Commonwealth Constitution Section 51,

  (xxiiiA.)  The provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances:

Just research this site and the message is clear. The Emperor has no clothes.

Gympie Pistol Club Minutes

December 19, 2021, a committee vote was undertaken which resulted in a split decision and the President was called upon to cast a deciding vote. The vote was conducted in accordance with the Gympie Pistol Club’s constitution,. The motion to allow un-vaccinated members and guests to be able to attend the pistol club or not was passed, and the decision was made NOT to allow the attendance of un-vaccinated persons at the club, unless there is a genuine medical reason for not getting vaccinated against Covid 19. As of 1am Tuesday 28th December 2021, no un-vaccinated are to attend the club premises.

Address: Belvedere Road, Veteran, QLD, 4570 Contact:

Also on Facebook Web:

We encourage our many readers and those who are members of the shooting fraternity, to report on other clubs or bodies which have banned the many un-vaxxed, free and natural citizens of Queensland or elsewhere.

Omicron largely infecting vaxxed people as Biden’s mandate collapses

Dec 15, 2021• A couple of weeks into the Omicron hysteria – where Europe has gone full totalitarian out of fear – some uncomfortable (for the lockdowners) truths are emerging: early data shows that Omicron is infecting those who are “fully vaccinated” at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated. “Experts” say that a third shot of the same stuff will do the trick, but amid the ongoing collapse of Biden’s vax mandates in the US, the uptake is understandably anemic.

UN now a weapon for seizing power over nations

by Lyndsey Symonds

All branches , tiers of corporate agents impersonating a government constitute a Marxist State running the Australian zone of an international military operation under the UN. All of this coordinated out of the National Cabinet (Politburo) which was formed within the Office of the Prime Minister to ENSURE a coordinated response across Australia that relate to the MANAGEMENT of the CoVID 19 Regime and the ‘pandemic’ mandated by the WHO / World Bank. March 13, 2020. The Politburo consists of the PM, the premiers and leaders of the states and territories and is advised by the National Corordination Commission (gov’t leaders and NGO leaders) and the Australian health Protection Prinicipal Committee and the CoVID 19 Information Hub (CoVID impacts on agriculture, trade and environment. They even have a section that deals with corona virus fuelled racist attacks.
Details the extent and scope

This is a microcosm of the way a Joint Operations Command (JOC) integrates the international corporate sistema – designated ‘multi-lateral partners’ by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (convened by WHO / World Bank) to oversee ‘the pandemic’ WHO mandated March 11 2020.

This is the Manifesto of the Fourth ComIntern – now acceeded to world power through the UN.
“We have made the UN a weapon for seizing power over all kingdoms, nations….”

Small , independent business are in the top five CLASS ENEMIES that stand in the way of building a communist system (a soviet). Along with Kulaks (Boers), those who have ‘Kulak sympathies’, anti-Semites, racists ( term invented by Trotsky to criminalise White , ethnic Russians who perceived that the ‘Russian’ revolution 1917 was not being run by Russians) and all the Marxist list of horrible oppressors, racists, cis-genders, classists, phobics etc. Form in your mind a picture of the White, toxic, Australian mail enjoying his bar-be-que with family and friends and I think you will have the picture.

Now. When the ‘pandemic’ was first rolled out with military precision across many lines of operation – who were the first people they targeted? The typcial CLASS ENEMIES of the Revolution: small independent, family businesses. They destroyed entire sectors of the economy and tanked business across all states. In my shire, the unemployment lines of people who had lost home, livelihood and business stretched around the corner. They had targeted the Kulaks, the farmers and property owners with the bush fires the previous year.#

Police flying squads coming to terrorise small business


by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

The Queensland Labor Party corporation is preparing a 200 man flying squad of former police officers and existing police volunteers to terrorise private businesses across the state which are not complying with the Premier’s Covid mandate.

Those making up the squads have been undergoing a three week training course in preparation to hit the streets on December 17.

SS Commander Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Hitler have been giving the Queensland Premier bad ideas. Will Comrade Annastacia inspect her troops before being unleashed on a beleaguered small business sector?

We assume the course would cover urban warfare.

While hard-hit small business clamours for customers to simply exist Comrade Annastacia has been busy plotting their demise.

Police sources have told Cairnsnews retired or other officers who have quit the police force have been approached over several months to form fly-in hit squads to attack hotels, clubs and coffee shops to snatch and grab outlaw patrons who have not had the deadly jab.

Comrade Palaszczuk it seems has been studying the biography of SS commander Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi Party trying to emulate their dirty, deadly tricks to round up the un-vaccinated.

Can we see any historical parallels here?

‘Who, me?’ Queensland Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk learning new tricks

It is unknown as yet if the hapless pure bloods will be frog marched to the ALP’s new concentration camps, alluded to by Comrade Annastacia in an interview several weeks ago or will be taken away in black marias to re-education centres.

Fortunately her intelligence level would never fathom the intricacies of Nazi tactics but she could have found a more capable collaborator in the art of warfare emerging from under a rock somewhere.

The Labor Party corporation cares not how many small businesses will go to the wall because the ALP for generations, traditionally hates small, independent business proprietors and farmers, the only free-thinkers remaining in this crippled state.

Eminent lawyers say the mandates are completely unlawful, but when has the rule of common law ever been respected by the state’s unicameral parliament? We have no doubt the compromised Liberal National Party will support this oppressive initiative.

These independent traders are the largest employers in the state contributing the lion’s share of taxation spoils for the socialist booty.

This is the problem with the Labor Marxists; when they finish spending everyone’s money, the ideologue collapses.

All over an Alice-in-Wonderland virus!

The Police Minister has been contacted for comment.

“Industry, technology, and commerce can thrive only as long as an idealistic national community offers the necessary preconditions. And these do not lie in material egoism, but in a spirit of sacrifice and joyful renunciation.” Adolph Hitler – Mein Kampf

Lying politicians and TGA health officials will meet their maker, sooner or later

Letter to the Editor

My healthy fit 28 year son started a new job about 6 weeks ago. To keep his job he had to have the jab, which he did about 4 weeks ago. Immediately after the jab, he passed out, fell off the chair onto the floor and pissed himself. After waking up some 10 minutes later, he seemed OK. The next day he couldn’t go to work because he felt like shit – tired, lethargic and stressed to the max. Last night, he went out to visit some friends. At his friends house, he passed out, fell off the chair onto the floor and pissed himself. He got back on his feet in about 10 minutes. As he was telling me this, he looked as white as a new white sheet.

Then he said he was scared it all has something to do with the mandated jab. I could see the fear in his eyes. Then he went to lie down … and got up and lied down again and got up … all in a state of internal panic. We talked for a while and he calmed down. He went to work today. Talk with him later … The cost of the jab is not only paid by some by their lives or their total and permanent disability, but also in psychological and emotional terms. It appears our health departments and Govt. members don’t give a shit about that cost to individuals as they force these experimental shots upon us all.

from John Matrix

Editor: We are so sorry John that your son believed the propaganda spewing from party politicians and lying health officials. We pray your son will be OK and every reader will support him for sure. Please tell him of our support.

Dr Tenpenny warns parents to prepare for thousands of deaths of young children after Pfizer shot

“Maybe people will start to wake up when there are millions of dead six and seven-year-olds. When it affects them personally. It’s their own children, and we’re coming up on Christmas. Now suddenly, we’ve got millions without even 1000s or 10s of 1000s, or hundreds of 1000s of dead first graders, and second graders, and seventh graders.

So what did I tell people they need to do the most of us they need to get mentally prepared for that. Think of what our children have been through as a society in the last year and a half. With masks, social distancing, the spike of psychiatric illness and depression, suicide, their world’s devastated and destroyed in terms of going, graduating from high school, graduating from college, participating in sports. Their whole worlds have been decimated.

And now, when they start looking around at some of their classmates dead, it may be the very chill classmates who were saying I got the shot and it didn’t even hurt, and I got ice cream. You should get the shot too.

And then they say to their parents. I thought you told me the shot was okay. I thought you got me the shot, right? Am I going to die next? These are the things I think we need to get prepared for. Seriously. And if that’s planned for the worst and hope for the best, you know, maybe none of that stuff happens. But at least you’ve been psychologically, mentally, spiritually prepared.” – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Desperate Melbourne woman sets herself on fire to protest “Vaccine Mandates” but media stays silent

Incidents like this show that the New World Order Covid-Tyranny by the Australian government has driven its citizens to a state where they feel they have nothing left to lose. This poor Melbourne woman doused herself from petrol cans in her car before setting herself on fire. She was holding a sign which read: “No One Cares, The Mandates Are Killing Us”- Of course, Channels 7, 9,10 and the ABC are silent because they are complicit and willing partners in this assault against humanity.

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