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Electric vehicle pollution

This video exposes the myths of electric powered vehicles including trucks. In short these cars are just another very expensive scam and exacerbate the climate CO2 myth. There will never be enough natural resources to manufacture enough lithium batteries to run these vehicles. The cost and environmental damage of mining and smelting is far in excess of any benefit.

Switch off the electric cars and stay with petrol and diesel which is far better on the climate and your pocket.

Electric cars another government sham

Australia mines much of the world’s lithium needed for car batteries. The much-heralded renewable power grid proposed for Queensland will fail if more than 50,000 electric vehicles plug in for a recharge. If Rio’s Gladstone alumina plant s switches on its kilns simultaneously with two electric powered export coal trains and car re-chargers, the state’s power supply will shut down because wind and solar cannot provide peak power.

Free energy for the entire world

Australia has gone down the path of wind and solar, the most expensive and unreliable ‘green’ energy on Earth. In Queensland the Labor Party is ignoring all the warnings from economists and science that this pseudo green energy cannot power the state as a stand alone source.

Power prices according to the Labor Party Corporation will rise by up to 50 per cent in 2023-24 to cover the cost of useless renewables. Pensioners, small business and the majority of householders are unable to afford present power costs. What will be left of business and struggling families by the end of this year?

The new technology generators in the video will gradually replace all current power generation. The video mentions a universal wage for every citizen including workers displaced from the hydrocarbon fuel industry. The dialogue is hard to understand so listen closely.

Most electric vehicles take days to charge on household power

by Gil May

Electric vehicles will be taxed to make up for lost fuel exercise a major government income, the extreme shortage of power will force rationing and massive price increase, the electrical grid is old and cannot handle every third house charging an EV — that you will not be able to afford to charge, it will eventually be either charge the EV or have power for you home, you will not be able to afford both.

As intelligent people know the policies of the ALP, Greens and TEALS are going to shut down coal fired power stations — while hypocritically still exporting coal to hundreds of others operating. If they had any sincerity and really wanted to reduce CO2 they would stop all exports and force a reduction.

But the money God will not allow that, so the Australian people’s right to affordable electricity and amenities of life are sacrificed.

These fools in government have not taken the result to the final degree of analysis, when more coal fired power stations are closed and demolished, there is no turning back. It takes years to build a new one, that will hit home when the wind turbines and solar panels fail to produce the required amount of power, there are many reasons they WILL fail, too long to write here.

Anyone old enough to remember the cyclone seasons — Just one major cyclone can take out the wind turbines and many solar panels — as most of the population are grossly ignorant of how global and celestial events control all our weather, they have no ideal of what is coming, weather events run in cycles and we know the damage, destruction and deaths they cause, it is all recorded for you to read.

When extreme weather events arrive as they will as we are still in the Quaternary Glaciation from 2.6 million years ago — the few thousand years of warmth civilisation has enjoyed will soon fade back into an ice age in the close future, but here will be no affordable coal power for future generations and they will not have or be allowed to burn wood.

Electric cars in Australia as handy as an ashtray on a motorbike

This is a boneyard near Paris, France with hundreds of electric powered cars. Mind you these are only cars used by the City of Paris and not personal vehicles. All of these have the same issue,…. the battery storage cells have given out and need replacing Why not just replace them you ask? Well two reasons. First the battery storage cells cost almost double what the vehicle cost when new, and second no landfill or disposals will allow the batteries to be disposed of there. So these green fairy tale electric cars are all sitting in vacant lots while their batteries drain toxins into the ground.

Useless electric cars with a range of 200 kilometres only useful in major cities provided there is a power point. Using home mains power takes all night to recharge if you are lucky, but then mains power is generated by coal – thank God!

Still think we need to go green???

Shorten one sandwich short of a Birdsville picnic

In a hurry to Birdsville to charge the car on the solar charger before the sun goes down and causes a blackout at the pub


Racing to the Power Point in Birdsville

When 2,000 electric cars towing caravans descend on the Birdsville races, where do they charge their batteries overnight?

Take a ticket and join the queue?

Viv Forbes

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