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Labor cops huge bribe from Big Pharma introduces bill requiring every business in the country to instigate vaccine mandates for their staff

Readers we are waiting for a date of this speech from Senator Roberts office. This arrived in our emails on Friday. Editor

“Labor is a government of the global elites, for the global elites. And with big pharma’s $500,000 in election campaign donations to Labor, it’s a government under globalist elites—the globalist predators: BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

Welcome to the facade that they have in front of them, apparently with the consent and aid of the Greens and with the Liberal-Nationals, who scored big pharma election donations of $500,000, another half a million bucks,” Senator Roberts said in an impassioned speech.

“Four hundred new mRNA drugs are in development. Two mRNA manufacturing facilities are already under construction in Australia alone. What did the drug companies know last year when they started construction of these plants? This bill is what they knew.

“This was coming for them. Four hundred new mRNA drugs are in development. Two mRNA manufacturing facilities are already under construction in Australia alone. What did the drug companies know last year when they started construction of these plants?

“This bill is what they knew.

“Separately on today’s Notice Paper is the Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2022, which, if passed, will require every business in the country to introduce vaccine mandates for their staff, for their people. Employers who do not will face savage penalties.”

Will Australia follow the US banks collapse with a bail-in?

Senator Malcolm Roberts warns of bank collapse.

AHPRA denies threatening doctors not to oppose Covid jabs

Doctors across Australia have told us that they’re being intimidated into complying with the so-called government health advice – even against their own judgement.

AHPRA would do well to talk to doctors about the mRNA jab and in particular former Australian Medical Association President Dr Kerryn Phelps. She holds an entirely different view to that of AHPRA.

Isn’t that bullying, and more over, isn’t that breaking the law?

Why is CASA changing health guidelines for pilots?

By Lyndesy Symonds

We know the real numbers are concealed and ‘tidied up’, so they must be large indeed to break surface in the Big Jew msmedia. Yes the Gate Keeper Honkers like Tucker Carlson must initiate the controlled release of disclosure if the CoVID Regime is to retain control of the Official Narrative on the subject of : pilots and fight attendants having ‘cardiac events’ (including arrests) ‘in flight’.

So how is it even possible this type of thing is now: ‘a thing’. Given the health standards of the aviation industry this is on par with grade school kids playing sport and having heart attacks and strokes. But insurance actuaries (who deal with real numbers) are now having to change some fine print on the risks of air travel.

The true Jedi senses a disturbance in The Force.

These factoids must now be acknowledged in an appropriate way and the public mind must be guided [programmed] to process them as unrelated Black Swan events. The Gate Keepers of CoVID Correctness have become concerned that compliant sheeple getting used to the New CoVID Normal might start to wonder. Could it be The Vaxx?
See embedded Tucker Carlson video.

Cue the Big Jew msmedia Whorejobs to start the yada yada in the opeds. Get the bovines on the goy plantation to chew some cud. Gee Whiz. What about those pilots and flight attendants? What could it be? Perhaps climate change is adversely affecting them? All that carbon those jets spew into the atmosphere can not be a good thing for Mother Earth. Actually, this would be a good topic for that smirking turd Waleed to address on The Project. Let’s talk about it WHILE CASA CHANGES THE HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR PILOTS.

Cairns News wonders what the Qantas gay leprechaun has to say about this?

Senator Roberts advises the planned takeover of Australian plandemics by WHO has been dropped…for now

Qld Labor ‘inhumane’ for removing Covid remedy hydroxychloroquine from market and jailing anyone who uses it

Senator Malcolm Roberts questions, is Australia the New World Order’s testing ground? He discusses this and more with Maria Zeee on the Alex Jones Show.

Download video –

Treasurer Jim Chalmers, a Paul Keating clone, proposes more inflation, more wealth reduction, more unemployment and more misery

from Senator Malcolm Roberts

In a recent economic essay released for weekend newspapers, Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers has cobbled together some cliches about how best to run the world’s 13th largest economy. To summarise, it is a blueprint on how to destroy a $1.3 trillion dollar economy. Of course, Doctor Chalmers has learnt from a master at economic shrinkage, his PhD dissertation was on the economic and social legacy of Paul Keating.

Unfortunately for the Treasurer, his blueprint was released on a weekend when news hit that his tax on beer is set to rise sending the price of beer towards $12 a schooner. Just for the record though, and I’ll get to details soon, Chalmer’s blue print will surely classify your beer as a ‘bad’ investment, because it is full of carbon. Prices will get even higher.

Senator Roberts warns ALP policies of’ ‘çlimate taxonomy’ is sending inflation sky high and will finish off the faltering economy

We have to take our hats off to the spin doctor in the Treasurer’s office who released the essay to coincide with the increase in beer prices. 

Schooners of beer are exactly what the Treasurer’s blueprint boils down to. Prices of goods are inflating exponentially, and it is the main topic for discussion at kitchen tables right across Australia. Families are now having to choose between new school shoes or eating; getting the roof fixed or having a holiday at the beach.

A basket of goods that only cost $100 in 1990 set you back $217 in 2022. With sky high inflation, that $100 basket now costs us an eye-watering $234 in 2023, a nearly 8% increase in just one year. Unfortunately, prices will continue to go up. Much of Australia’s price rises in groceries and the bills we can’t avoid are even worse than the headline inflation rate.

Meanwhile in Canberra, the Treasurer is writing new short stories about how to add more pressure to our inflation cooked economy and what he can do to make life even harder for Australians.

Chalmers references the polycrisis of converging pressures. What we really have though in Australia is a pollie-crisis, due to politicians in Canberra making terrible decisions.

Australia’s inflation hasn’t been this high since the Keating days. Families should be terrified, because for those of us who can remember, Paul Keating sent mortgages to 19% and much of the country went broke.

Treasurer Chalmers is a Keating addict whose PhD was on the economic and social legacy of Paul Keating and his trademark 19% mortgages

The Treasurer’s neo-Marxist catch-phrase ‘sustainable finance architecture, including a new taxonomy’ to label the climate impact of different investments, has been a topic of much discussion in recent years. Soviet extremists on the left argue that this system is necessary for their fight in the climate change scam and promoting ‘sustainability’. Others, including One Nation, argue that it is misguided and ultimately harmful to economic growth and people’s prosperity.

First and foremost, using a ‘new’ taxonomy to label the climate impact of different investments is the worst and most damaging form imaginable of government intervention in the market. In short, Chalmers says he wants to classify all investments made, including in your superannuation, into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Ergo, beer full of carbon will be a ‘bad’ investment and need a higher price, while a tree (which is actually made of carbon like much of everything else) will be ‘good’.

This market intervention is the most serious and concerning idea that a government has offered since Ben Chiefly dabbled with communism in the late 1940’s.

The federal government classifying an Aussie family’s assets into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is a terrifying intervention. Firstly, it creates a level of uncertainty for investors, including you, as they may be unsure of how investments will be classified under the new system. Labor has a track record of changing the goal posts at any minute to suit any Greens, union or factional deal on the table. The classification system is purely subjective and cannot be based on evidence or data.

Secondly, it will lead to market distortions, as certain investments are favoured over others simply because of their classification as good or bad, rather than any economic, financial or productive merit. This will lead to a misallocation of resources, as investments that may not be the most economically efficient or profitable are chosen simply because they are classified as more ‘environmentally’ friendly. For example “this model of car (an Electric Vehicle) is ‘good’, while that diesel 4WD is ‘bad’”, even though Australia is not a country suitable nor ready for the forced uptake of 100% electric vehicles in any way.

The good or bad decisions are made based on the Treasurer’s mood as he gets out of bed in the morning. It is simply a chaotic system that is being proposed.  The Soviet-level bureaucracy necessary to write, disseminate and enforce this controlled economy will result in significantly higher taxes and lower economic growth – an inevitable result of bigger government. Higher taxes and debt will continue to be the Labor way.

Not even the Treasurer Jim Chalmers can afford a $12 schooner thanks to his own policies which affect ALP voters much more than any others

These plans will trash our economy. When the Government tries to pick winners, the country loses.

All realistic thinkers will reject and debunk the idea that we can accurately classify and label the ‘climate impact’ of different investments . Any policy setting Australia makes with the aim to ‘adjust’ the world temperature will barely be a drop in the ocean, even if you believe we need to do anything, which the science clearly says is neither necessary nor possible.

The emphasis on ‘sustainable finance’ and labelling the climate impact of different investments as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ misses the point that the issue confronting Australians is inflation and a lack of economic advancement. Controlling and directing the economy to favour only climate-friendly projects from ALP donors will not deal with inflation. Instead, concentrating economic power in the hands of a woke few, it will increase inflation.

One Nation proposes, and has always advocated for, systemic economic reform with the primary objective of reducing government waste to reduce the tax burden on families and eliminate government debt.

If Australians think it’s a rough deal that the Treasurer must raise tax on beer this weekend because beer is ‘bad’, they are best reminded that the cost of beer will be small fry compared to other cost of living pressures Chalmers will soon unleash.

The Treasurer can take away one important lesson from this battle, One Nation will fight the Labor party every step of the way. We will fight for lower prices, better working conditions and a safer economy. The Liberals may have abandoned the field to socialism, but we haven’t. When I ran on as a rugby and league halfback as a teenager and young adult, the job was clear; get that ball and drive it up the middle.

So Labor had better realise it won’t get away with trashing the economy just because of a fractious, demoralised Liberal party destined to become totally irrelevant. The Australian political landscape is now far more pluralistic as One Nation’s continuing growth demonstrates.

The Orwellian use of catch phrases like ‘sustainable finance architecture’ and a ‘new taxonomy’ to label the ‘climate impact of different investments’ is designed to hoodwink the public while winning back Labor’s Green voters, who already exist in this world of doublespeak and concocted reality.

Chalmers is proposing an unnecessary and frightening intervention in our economy that has already been screwed over thanks to years of government COVID restrictions. These measures have had questionable impact on our health, and have certainly decimated our economic well-being. Investors can no longer invest with certainty. Banks have introduced their own version of the Treasurer’s “worthiness” index that is forcing the closure of critical industries in mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

Chalmers is promising more of the same. More wealth reduction, more employment loss, more unemployment and more misery for everyday Australians.

One Nation is having none of this Soviet-style economic management. Let businesses get on with what they do best – creating jobs, creating wealth, and creating a future for workers and for all everyday Australians.

In our beautiful country the best method of providing a future for everyone has always been personal enterprise.

At last two emerging statesmen, both senators whom it seems will support Lang Hancock’s and Joh Bjelke Petersen’s Project Iron Boomerang

by Alison Ryan

Motion for Inquiry into Iron Boomerang passes Senate! A Report by the Australian Alert Service.
On 5 September One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts moved a motion for an inquiry by the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee on Project Iron Boomerang—an Australian transcontinental rail infrastructure corridor and steel manufacturing complex which will revolutionise global steel production. The motion passed, notably with resounding support from Labor Senator from Western Australia Glenn Sterle, deputy chairman of the committee charged with the inquiry (with Nationals Senator Matt Canavan as chairman).

Project Iron Boomerang has been on the drawing board for decades and it might just happen unless the Krupps Steel board moguls are able to continue manipulating Australian politicians to prevent any large scale steel manufacturing in Australia.
Pic News Ltd

According to the terms of reference, the committee will examine the employment created by the project; the benefit to Australian GDP and balance of payments from increased productive capacity; the capital, energy and resources required to build and operate the project; feasibility of design; environmental benefits or impacts and impacts on Aboriginal communities; the project’s relevance to national security; and any related matters. The committee will report by the first parliamentary sitting day of 2023.

Senator Roberts outlined the proposal in some depth: “Project Iron Boomerang is an exciting and visionary project that can make our country’s north and can make our whole country.

Project Iron Boomerang’s main elements are a 3,300-kilometre transcontinental railroad with heavy duty axle capacity connecting existing rail networks in the iron ore region of the Pilbara to the existing rail networks in Central Queensland, on the way linking with the existing Darwin-Adelaide rail line to improve freight movement nationally.

“The essence of this project is that iron ore will be transported from west to east, and those carriages will be then backloaded with coal to transport coal to Western Australia—hence the boomerang name. Steel blast furnaces and steel parks at both ends—in the east in the Bowen Basin of Queensland and in the west in the Pilbara in Western Australia—will in turn the iron ore and coal into steel slabs for export from Port Hedland in Western Australia and from Abbot Point and the Port of Gladstone and Queensland. Fibre optic, water, power and potentially gas lines can be laid along the rail alignment for additional commercial benefit.

If Labor senator Glenn Sterle from Western Australia can get the Labor Party and unions on board the project could happen in the next 10 years provided large Australian companies do the construction. Another emerging statesman.
One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts a former mining engineer is one of a few emerging statesmen of Australia

“Project Iron Boomerang will strengthen Australia’s balance of payments. It will lift our gross domestic product, and, with that, lift our whole economy, restoring our national security, restoring opportunity. We have allowed too many industries to be closed and sent overseas. Too many jobs have been exported. It’s time to turn that around. …

“There is a strong case for adding a water pipeline along the alignment to add potable water to the services that Project Iron Boomerang will offer remote communities. Lake Argyle in Western Australia is part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. At 5,600 gigalitres, it is mainland Australia’s largest dam. The Ord River irrigation network extends close to the start of Project Iron Boomerang. A connection could be made to bring potable water, which is town, stock and station water, to remote communities. …”

Sen. Sterle added these important words of support: “I hadn’t heard of Project Iron Boomerang, but I sat down and got a briefing from Senator Roberts. It comes back to when I was a kid growing up. I remember in the great state of New South Wales we used to do all of this sort of stuff. We actually used to make our own steel. We used to have proud steel cities, where there were communities, there were bonds and there were families, before all this ‘fly-in, fly-out’ nonsense took over. It was before the farm was sold—if I can use the terminology of a farm. It breaks my heart to think, as I’m watching my grandchildren grow up, how disgusted they should be with the politicians before us who thought it was a good idea to contract out work we used to do and we did well. I hear conversations like those I’ve picked up in Senate inquiries on the Inland Rail, where there are concerns about cheaper steel coming from China, nowhere near the Australian standard. Regardless of who’s in government, I always have a fear: Who are the ones who are supposed to be out there monitoring this stuff? Are they doing their job properly? That’s not a blue-versus-red conversation or blue-versus-red argument.

“So I want to support this. I know the Labor Party and Prime Minister Albanese—the Albanese government—support you, Senator Roberts, for bringing this to us. I think it’s a magnificent thing, and I also think this is what we should be doing. These are the big-ticket items that, when I first came into the Senate, lo and behold, I thought we would be discussing on a daily basis. How tricked I got! But, anyway, at least let’s get back to the big stuff about building a better nation, as I said in my first speech, and leaving it better than how we found it. …

“I want to support this, and we will support this, Senator Roberts. I understand the opposition are, hopefully, getting behind this too, because this is the stuff we need to do. The beauty of speaking after Senator Roberts is you’ve heard the whole guts and crux of the matter. I can’t pick an argument there. There’s not a downside that I’ve seen. … Let’s try and put these two great industries together: iron ore in my state of WA and coal in your state of Queensland. It just makes too much sense. I’m starting to get a headache because it’s sounding too easy.”

Welcome to Country is divisive, patronising and promotes racial tension

by Cairns News contributors

Red flags are being raised over Prime Minister Albanese’s pledge to hold a referendum to include Aborigines in the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia.

Already indigenous bodies are drawing battle lines between supporters and those against a token gesture by the socialists of the Labor Party when Aborigines already are included in the Preamble of the Constitution:

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

And whereas it is expedient to provide for the admission into the Commonwealth of other Australasian Colonies and possessions of the Queen:

Be it therefore enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:”

by Pauline Hanson

A great deal has been said this week about my leaving the Senate chamber as the ‘acknowledgement of country’ was recited.

A lot of it was predictable nonsense from the usual suspects. A lot of it was very supportive.

Real aboriginal stockmen branding cattle in the Northern Territory. These are real blackfellas, not the ‘coconuts’ referred to by full blood Aborigines. The ‘coconuts’ infest halls of power, control indigenous media and land councils. Real Aborigines say the ‘coconuts’ are dividing Australia for their own selfish means and denying any benefit to struggling communities.

Like many Australians, I’ve had enough of token gestures and symbolic nods to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people which do nothing to address the real disadvantages they continue to face. I’m sick and tired of being welcomed to my own country.

We’re all Australians, indigenous and otherwise, and we all share sovereign ownership of this country equally.

And like many Australians, I think these useless gestures only perpetuate racial division in our country. This week’s move to display the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in Parliament was a step too far, and what prompted me to take a stand and leave the chamber that morning.

Senator Pauline Hanson correctly predicts the proposed Constitutional amendment to enshrine Aborigines will promote more racial division than ever before and unlikely to be carried in any case.

We are one people living in one nation under one flag – the Australian national flag. It’s the only flag which should be displayed in the seat of our democracy.

I’m never going to sit still in Parliament for an ‘acknowledgement of country’ again. I’m not going to recognise foreign flags displayed in Parliament. I’m never going to support an indigenous ‘voice to Parliament’ being enshrined in the Constitution. I will never support any idea or proposal which seeks to divide Australia on racial lines once again. That sort of thing was rightly consigned to the dustbin of history decades ago.

What I will do is continue to work with all Australians, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, on the solutions which will end violence and poverty in indigenous communities and empower indigenous people to fully participate in the opportunities which come with living, learning and working in this great nation.

Watch Senator Hanson’s video on the acknowledgment of country protest…


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