Electric cars another government sham

Australia mines much of the world’s lithium needed for car batteries. The much-heralded renewable power grid proposed for Queensland will fail if more than 50,000 electric vehicles plug in for a recharge. If Rio’s Gladstone alumina plant s switches on its kilns simultaneously with two electric powered export coal trains and car re-chargers, the state’s power supply will shut down because wind and solar cannot provide peak power.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Pat from Vic

    I’ll see you after the rebirth. If we restore tariffs, provide tax-free status for three years industrialisation, introduce an electronic debit tax, nationalise our oil and gas fields and remove the fuel taxes, we will have the healthiest economy in the world inside four years. There are whole factories and distilleries in mothballs just waiting to go back to work.

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    Was riding along on the battery bus, bopping to the 6G beat and happily eating a mealworm and lettuce sanga, snorting on mandated Molgramostim thanks to a pollie’s itchy finger, til on entering razor wired 15 minute compound 404 the Voice Trumpets in my head asked, ‘Hey, are those mealworms halal?’ ffs, ‘Blasphemy number 543216, that will be 20 credits deleted from your e-wallet.’ Was riding along on the battery bus, pissed off with the 6G beat, unhappily eating a fresh food people’s long life lettuce leaf and drinking regurgitated waste water, while receiving brain wave activated ultra high frequency shockwaves therapy for my pissedoffness.

    Happy days, the good old days.

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  3. green energy all based on junk science, and all the normies that are full of koolaid love it, go you mob of vegetables your electric cars are going to burn, you need to be in them though when that happens , and pretty soon we might fix things up.

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  4. Three systemic problems here…

    1. Reliance on a power grid under centralised control with lack of resiliency, redundancy and overload tolerance, and demonstrably vulnerable to single-point failure and systemic collapse.

    2. Shifting from proven efficient, economically viable, scalable and responsive power sources to inefficient, uneconomic, limited and unreliable “renewables”.

    3. Denial / suppression of viable low-cost sustainable energy technologies – both well-known and understood by the general public, and also deliberately hidden from the general public.

    The first is an issue of poor (unprofessional, inadequate, sloppy, lazy, short-sighted) system design – nothing more or less. This will never change as long as we have governments (albeit fake “governments” at that) perpetually focused on three-year election cycles.

    The second is a fatal civilisation-killing disease, a deliberate fake “science” delusion which has been meticulously brainwashed into dumbed-down societies by the f*cking genocidal Satanic Globalists who incidentally want to kill all of us – no matter how long it takes. Rest assured, they know what they’re doing – just look at the mayhem the clowns in Europe have gotten themselves into lately.

    The third – well, many people understand that nuclear power CAN be harnessed safely and responsibly – probably not something that’s viable in Australia, given the f*cking psychopathic MORONS who’ve got control of the joint and the self-serving WOKETARDS now infesting our society. That would be like handing a jerry can full of gasoline to a retarded chimpanzee and tossing in a few boxes of matches just for good measure. Or maybe like handing control of an automobile factory to a bunch of three year olds and hoping for a synergistic outcome. No, Australia probably needs something of a REBIRTH before we have the national maturity to go down that path.

    But there ARE a whole bunch of OTHER technologies that could and should be delivering cheap abundant energy to communities all across the nation, wherever it is needed. Many of our readers will be aware of this – most all of that has been deliberately swept under the carpet and hidden from us by our very own fake “governments” for a couple centuries now. We might suspect that, once they REALLY start turning the screws to make us all suffer, some people are going to be sufficiently motivated to “rediscover” some of that shit and finally start putting it to practical use.

    God already gave us everything we need – NO-ONE had any right to take it all away.

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  5. Cairns News is sure a mine of information LOL. It is already a better source of enlightenment than all the universities in Australia put together.

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  6. lindesymonds… Agreed. And Nelson Mandela and Thabo M’Beki sold out South Africa to the Zionist-owned corporations, with the result that poverty is now worse in South Africa than it was before its “liberation”. Little wonder that Mandela was the darling of the Clintons and Blair, and was idolised by the Murdoch media. Until the day he died, Mandela sang the ANC song of killing every white.

    Lithium and cobalt may be rare, but the truth is rarer.

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  7. Love her, or hate her, it was Meloni who slammed Macron in 2018, calling out a certain – ‘European elite,’ who still colonise West Africa.

    Stealing the Africans wealth to fill their coffers [which causes immigration], whilst simultaneously robbing the European working class though taxation, and still, – they ain’t got enough.


    Meloni was the first to call out the financial side of immigration- and especially the ‘Colonial Franc,’ – who knew about that one?

    Meloni was the first to open that can of worms.


    The working class Roman gal certainly rattled the pompous Euro-trash elite.

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  8. They never could. Anyone who can add knew that. The government thinks you can’t add. EV and windmills were always about controlling YOU, not the climate.

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  9. They had electric cars (and sidewalks) in the 1940s. They had electric cars in California in the early 70s but they recalled them ALL (except one non-working one in a Museum) and crushed them! If EVs were so wonderful why would they do that?
    So twice this madness has failed, yet many still believe it will work? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result!
    Have there been any tests to see the level of toxic EMFs the occupants of the EV are exposed to? If you have an accident in an EV you are pretty much dead if the batteries catch fire, and I do wonder how they can use any ‘jaws of life’ or machinery to safely cut you out of the wreck without causing a battery fire?

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  10. Once upon a time at the Berlin Conference 1878 the Europeans in Africa outlawed slavery. [These would be your evilwhiteprivilegedracistsettlercolonial powers that your children have to learn about in the govmint skool]. They outlawed tribal wars that were made for slave raiding and capturing and sale of slaves to the biggest slave buyer in the world – the Ottoman Empire. With the end of these terrible wars, once upon a time every tribal demographic in the Belgian Congo was moving ahead in social progress and development by every social index.

    Then the United [ Communist ] Nations mandated the European nations abdicate from their colonies. ( 1960 UN General Assembly Resolution 1514) Communist colonies, however, always A-OK. The ZOG governments of the nations of Europe insured they cut loose. The Communist Bloc nations then promptly invaded those former colonial populations with the standard issue alphabet soup Gook liberation forces trained in N. Korea, Cuba, Israel, China and Itumbi Reefs Dar es Salaam where they had their joint operations high command for the armed aggression of the Communist Revolution against the continent of Africa. But the terrorist leaders, like Mandela, trained in Israel. They were equipped by the Warsaw Pact and directed by the USSR and China. And they swept through to the Zambezi like a hot knife through butter setting up colonies of the Communist Bloc and one failed Marxist state after another – states owned by the Jew Bank with land, mineral and water rights sold to either the Soviet Union or the PRC. The basis of the economy is humanitarian crisis. The major export is human tsunami.

    And wouldn’t you know it, Slavery is back in Africa in a big way – Israel’s blood diamond mines, the lithium and cobalt which come out of the Oppenheimer interests like Anglo American which is neither Anglo nor American.

    As Catherine Austin Fitts likes to quip: ‘Slavery is the most lucrative business in the world and it always has been’. The new Green Tech of the 4IR (centre of which will be Moscow) is going to require a lot of slaves.

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    Travelling to Tasmania anyone?

    Electric vehicles sink ships.

    Safety is number one right?

    EV must be recalled, taken off the roads until they are made safe for the public.

    No doubt government idiots will use regulations and taxpayers money to enforce engineered modifications to passenger ferries, boxships and allocate prestigious parking away from the maddening crowd for their love of Green theatrics.

    One ferry company in Europe isn’t having a bar of EV madness.



  12. natheal@bigpond.net.au

    It’s a very complex issue but a complete sham, none the less. Cobalt is another vital component of lithium ion batteries and about 72% of the global supply comes from the Congo and is owned by the Chinese. The so called industrialised mining of cobalt is a complete lie and most of the mining is done by hard labour, utilising local people, poorly paid and working in appalling conditions. China also holds about 60% of the global lithium supply. How people can feel self-righteous about driving their “environmentally friendly “ electric vehicles is just another example of the upside down world we are now in.

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