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The truth about Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews, you little dictator, it is reported you suffer from a highly inflamed imagination coupled by delusions of grandeur and that is exposed in this video.

Chairman Dan returns to work amid a flurry of staged media

Chairman Dan Andrews has no problem bouncing around on a chair next to his wife after sustaining alleged serious spinal injuries 12 weeks ago. Why did he release only two photo-shopped pictures of himself over 12 weeks?

Great news for the rogue communist state Victoria and return of Premier Dictator Dan who explains his ‘fall’ down the stairs at Sorrento three months ago.

Why didn’t he do interactive media about his fall two months ago?

Why wouldn’t he do a TV interview over the three months since his ‘fall’?

Why did he release only two photos while recuperating which experts found to be photo-shopped?

Why did he release a photo a month ago of himself supposedly having a haircut in which his face was hidden?

Why did a young girl from a prominent family known to Andrews allege on Facebook she had

been raped by an un-named perpetrator?

He has a huge media team but not good enough to cover up whatever happened. His stage-managed interview above with his wife was carefully choreographed for the camera.

Sorry Dan we remain unconvinced!

The rise and fall of Dubious Dan

Premier Dan Andrews can end the assault speculation now

Cairns News sparked a burgeoning, national narrative about exiled Victorian Premier Dan Andrews after we published the scant details of his accident which led to his hospitalisation allegedly because he fell down the stairs.

A detailed description of his injuries published in the Melbourne Age immediately after his fall raised flags.

Cairns News smelled a rat and asked the opinion of one of its friendly medicos who also noticed an odour saying the injuries were entirely consistent with having been severely kicked while in a prone position, leaving injuries often seen after wild brawls.

We posed the question, ‘why would an assailant have kicked Dear Dan half to death’. Then after receiving emails allegedly from Labor insiders, we published details of an alleged sexual assault with Dan being the perpetrator.

Finally here is the answer sent to us allegedly by none other than former Victorian Labor Minister, branch stacker and voting fraudster extraordinaire, Adem Somyurek (left). It came from an encrypted email server.

“OFFICIAL: The person who bashed Daniel Andrews (and good on him for doing so) is
Luke Sayers. Luke is a former CEO of Price Waterhouse Coopers. Andrews got beaten
up for sexual assault on Luke’s daughter’s friend while at a high flyers party at the Portsea (Mornington Peninsula Victoria) mansion of Lyndsay Fox. Andrews is
currently in hiding in his parent’s farm in Mansfield. (Country Victoria). His wife
Kath has left him, his kids dont want to know him. The State and Federal Labor Party
will go into meltdown real soon when they are accused at both levels of politics for
trying to conceal the truth. They knew about this but didn’t want to get rid of the
“Favourite Son Of The Left”. Here comes an early election when the Governor dissolves
both the upper and lower houses of parliament. The Labor Party are now in a position
where they cannot govern with the confidence of the state.”

The Deputy Premier, James Merlino, says he has regular contact with Andrews, yet no legitimate photograph or footage of Andrews has been published anywhere in Australia since his alleged accident.

If the message from Adem Somyurek is real, then James Merlino (below) is a liar. He would know that Andrews has been hiding out at his parents’ Mansfield farm and for what reason.

Do you want to give us a statement James? The Facebook warriors have run this story and sooner or later the controlled, lying Victorian media will have to deal with it and so will you. has its two bobs worth:

“Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has broken his weeks-long silence to Victorians as they endure another week stuck in lockdown.

Mr Andrews, whose last public statement was in April, has been on sick leave as he undergoes rehabilitation from a serious fall down steps which left him with five broken ribs and a compressed vertebra fracture.

On Wednesday night, Mr Andrews said he wanted to “send a message” to Victorians after news the state’s “circuit breaker” lockdown has been extended.

The lockdown was originally set to end at 11.59pm on June 3, but now the tough restrictions will remain in place in Melbourne for another seven days.”

Labor Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s strident, stupid attacks on the Prime Minister about who knocked off a staffer in a parliamentary office will fade into insignificance when the Andrews’ story emerges in the compliant MSM.

The ALP leads the way in Australia with deviant sexual misconduct and Andrews puts the icing on the cake.

Mr Somyurek has been contacted for more comment.


Letter to the Editor

Daniel Andrews is evil to the core. He must be stopped.

Can I ask how a drug peddling hotdog seller that sold hotdogs as a front, covering his selling of cocaine and speed outside the tunnel night club in the early nineties became Premier of Victoria and even after himself admitting it, is still the Premier. Honestly what the f#*@ is going on. He has devastated Victoria and has his personal security contractors (the Victorian Police) running amok and causing absolute mayhem to all Victorians regardless of any of them committing any crimes. Stupid new rules implemented that would see the rest of the world laughing at us all are created daily. If rumours are correct about these 2nd Pfizer vaccines having microchips in them, then the Victorian Police must of been among the first to have them. Listening to them speak is robotic like.

For example, I watched a video taken by a guy that got followed home in Victoria by six black Public Response unit SUV’s. He pulled up his driveway got out of his car and asked a Senior Sergeant, what was the reason for this. The senior Sergeant realising that he is being filmed, stammered, the guy asks again, and the Senior Sergeant replies,” Because you were driving on a highway”. It was like his robotic memory bank had a minor melt down when quizzed, obviously a flaw that would need to be repaired. That’s not all either. They have every single cop focused on the roads with booze/drug buses , camera cars, marked police cars out everyday and night with more road blocks than anyone would ever of seen.

Thousands of people are being fined and or losing demerit points to a degree where there will be no-one left driving on our roads. I said that to a few people recently and bugger me three days later it was reported that the Victorian Police have flooded our trains network , fining people for not wearing masks, but best yet, arguing. Even the people that were wearing the masks being fined for arguing.

Its totally out of control here in Victoria and I knew The Victorian Police are a registered business as to declare their incoming funds but since when did they become Contractors for the Victorian Government ? I thought they were employed to uphold the law and protect the innocent but now I see they are no more than a private security company being paid by the Victorian Government who are the biggest crime syndicate in Victoria if not Australia.

We need a coup as nobody is helping us.

from T Mitchell, Melbourne

Andrews & Co. have another headache on the way in $50m damages lawsuit

VICTORIAN premier Dan Andrews, chief health officer Brett Sutton and others may regret the day they crushed a Melbourne food manufacturing business after a slug was planted in the building and hygiene investigations were misrepresented. Two retired senior Victorian police officers have amassed several thousand pages of evidence in a $50 million civil damages case against the City of Greater Dandenong Council and the Victorian Department of Health over the incident.

“Slug-gate” has been described by the police officers as the worst case of corruption they have ever seen in their policing careers. The case revolves around a slug planted in the iCook Food manufacturing plant by Dandenong Council health inspector Elizabeth Garlick on February 18th, 2019. The slug “discovery” and earlier factory samples were used by the council’s health department as a reason shut the  factory down.

A police investigation into the matter listed Sutton as a “person of interest’’ in a briefing note. He was among six public officials named in the inquiry which recommended an investigation into the firm’s shutdown and whether it was the target of a malicious prosecution. But no charges were brought against any official and Prof Sutton was found to have “no knowledge of the alleged iCook sting”.

The investigation was shut down early in April much to the disgust of iCook owner Ian Cook and the investigators. However, on April 22 a “review” was ordered by Victoria Chief of Police Shane Patton. The matter has received extensive media coverage in recent weeks.

It was somewhat of a replay of the 2003 Australian TGA shutdown of Pan Pharmaceuticals, then Australia’s biggest manufacturer of herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements and some over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. It turned out to be little more than a corrupt big pharma-government operation to kill competition, as described by health writer Eve Hillary. Justice eventually prevailed with a $55 million settlement awarded to Pan Pharmaceuticals owner Jim Selim.

But the Pan Pharma lesson was apparently never learned by the Dandenong mega-council, Andrews in his former job as Victorian Health Minister, chief health officer Brett Sutton and others involved in iCook’s shutdown.

In 2009 Victorian councils received $9 million from the then Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese and $6m from the Victorian Health Department to set up food delivery businesses. The funds were part of the federal Labor government’s billions of dollars being spent on stimulus projects. “That is when 14 Victorian local councils decided to create Community Chef. It was to be a commercial catering company just like mine, but Community Chef would be ratepayer funded,” Cook told a June 17, 2020 Victorian Parliament inquiry into the forced closure of his business. Community Chef began trading in 2010.

Cook told the inquiry that despite the massive support received by Community Chef, it continued to lose tens of millions of dollars, prompting the Department of Local Government (then under the former and now sacked minister Adem Somyurek) to offer to buy out Community Chef from each of its council shareholders for $1 per council. “In other words, Community Chef is now worthless. I should make it clear here one of those councils that is a shareholder in the failing business is the City of Greater Dandenong,” Cook said.

On February 1, before the slug episode, the council, under orders from the Victorian Department of Health, sent health inspector (later to become whistleblower) Kim Rogerson to test samples and surfaces at iCook after an elderly woman had tested positive for listeria mono and died at Knox Private Hospital. iCook came through the tests without any problem, but the results were withheld by the Department of Health. Rogerson has stated that senior Dandenong council figures tried to force her to alter her statement for a brief-of-evidence against Dandenong South-based iCook.

Only a few weeks later the then acting chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton, the man seen throughout much of 2020 often joining the daily COVID case announcements by Dan Andrews, executed the shutdown order on iCook and condemned three tonnes of food worth $700,000 to the tip. He also defamed the iCook brand when he falsely named it as the source of a serious listeria outbreak “which could kill thousands of people”.

That was the end of Mr Cook’s business and the jobs of more than 45 workers. “At the time this defamatory claim was aired by this representative of the Victorian government, the department already had the test result which proved my business did not kill anyone, and yet the falsehood was broadcast. Some people still falsely believe that I am a negligent killer. I cannot begin to describe how devastating that radio interview was to my workers, my family and myself,” Cook told the parliamentary inquiry.

Two swabbing reports in fact showed I Cook Foods was not the source of any listeria connected to the deceased and that the source was actually a smallgoods manufacturer, yet no smallgoods manufacturers were ever targeted or tested by the department. “The first report showed that our food was safe, and it was not released until two weeks after the department had ordered the destruction of all I Cook Foods stock,” Cook told the inquiry. “And this delay forced all of our contracts into default.”

The second report from the Doherty Institute proved iCook was not the source of the listeria mono but was withheld for a full month by the department. An employee then lied to Cook about the contents of the reports, claiming the information contained about the genetics of the listeria was beyond dispute.

Sutton and (then Health Minister) Dan Andrews should now be worried men because Ian Cook, with the help of retired Detective Sgt Paul Brady and Detective Inspector Rod Porter are going to seek $50 million in civil damages from those involved. The two ex-cops have dedicated their skills and time pro bono to seeing justice done.

Sutton’s response will be interesting to watch, as he moves in the circles of the global health network currently seeking to suppress national governments and individual liberties worldwide under the guise of the wildly misrepresented pandemic. Sutton is a current Associate of Melbourne’s Burnet Institute Centre for International Health, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Sutton also sits on the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, a Fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine and a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM). He is also Adjunct Clinical Professor at Monash University member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine. A family company that manufactures food for delivery is probably of little concern to public health super bureaucrats like Sutton. Perhaps he was simply given bad advice by his government advisers.

Cook has called on Elizabeth Garlick to come clean on who put her up to the slug planting. He finds it hard to believe she carried it out on her own initiative. In Victoria, councils that prosecute food businesses for health offences can claim the massive fines as revenue, which is certainly an incentive to do that. But Rogerson said there was a conspiracy to shut down iCook. She took leave to avoid being complicit as a health inspector in the evidence tampering.

Cook told Sam Newman’s podcast (“You Cannot Be Serious” April 21st) that Community Chef was desperate to survive as the last food delivery business standing in the market. Greater Dandenong Council CEO John Bennie sat on the board of Community Chef.

Rod Porter first spoke with Ian Cook for four hours and was given details of the corrupt actions of various individuals and entities including the City of Greater Dandenong and its health department. “These departments and individuals are entrusted with statutory powers that they have just straight out abused. They’ve deliberately behaved criminally and in doing so have shown a total disregard for the law,” Porter told Newman.

“I’ve got to say this, in my 26 years as a police officer I’ve never seen anything so disgustingly corrupt and evil as what has been happening here and the people involved in bringing this innocent family and his business down, have absolutely no morals and no soul,” Porter added.

Brady said it was the worst corruption case he had ever encountered, considering that those involved were paid public officials trusted by the public and behaved in “such and evil, disgraceful and reprehensible manner”. “Bear in mind these health inspectors are actually investigating officials under the Crimes Act, so they have the same obligations as police officers.”

Cook, assisted by Brady, had made complaints to Dandenong detectives who spent many hours studying videotape of the factory inspection and investigating generally. A brief was written, and Cook was told action would be taken against the officials involved. However, the detective about to do that was placed on forced leave and the brief moved to Moorabbin police. The Moorabbin detective given the brief also ended up on forced leave after suggesting Dandenong should just get on with the job.

The brief was then taken from him and sent to Casey police, where the senior detective said he would act after approval from higher ranks. He then came back saying “nothing to see here”. “It was quite evident they (unknown officials at a higher level) were out to kill the brief from whoah to go,” said Brady.

The council charged Cook’s business with 48 breaches of the Food Act and 48 mirror charges against Cook personally. He subsequently filed a contest mention at the Dandenong court where all the evidence was subpoenaed. The charges were suddenly dropped.

The slug planting operation was caught on factory security cameras and Michael Cook’s phone camera. The council, when confronted with the evidence, tried to worm their way out by producing their own version of the slug-on-the-floor photo – but it was photoshopped without a piece of tissue dropped nearby by Ms Garlick. The slug was also noted by an expert to be foreign to the locality and nocturnal and would not have moved across a floor cleaned with chlorine in daytime hot weather.

Deadly Dan sends out another dodgy picture to keep up the pantomime

Who is he looking at? Another dodgy photo from Victorian Premier Dan Andrew’s creative team, this time in black and white. Our experts say it is photo-shopped and not well done at that. Each time we publish a story about Dan his controllers release another suspect picture. Our technicians have offered to produce the next public image of Dan to allay confusion but leave the political rhetoric to his handlers. His alleged assailants obviously left his face in a mess.

Andrews gestapo bodycam video captures jackboot enforcers at work in Melbourne

Andrews Melbourne Covid Cops caught on their own bodycam video displaying disgusting harassment bullying as you view this government endorsed violation of human rights as these enforcers surround this grandmother like a pack of ravaging wolves.

Just when will Australians wake up? How much more of this dictatorship third world people control will it take for you to vote out these self appointed masters. They rely on your polling day support maintaining their unaccountability continuance of misconduct totally unacceptable in any real democracy.

Thanks to Rebel News for the great work they are doing

Andrews opens up Victoria under threat of legal challenges – lockdown and fines illegal

Barrister calls out Andrews: The lockdown is a bluff and illegal

A “MESSAGE from a barrister” circulating on social media on Monday has confirmed what various people have been saying for weeks: Daniel Andrew’s so-called health directives for lockdowns and the fines that supposedly enforce them are a sham, a deception and a bluff.
The “case” presented by the barrister purports to prove that Andrews’ hefty fines for enforcing COVID rules and directions from the chief health officer simply would not stand up in court.
Interestingly, Andrews backed down on much of his COVID lockdown on Monday, but still has petty nonsense rules about mask wearing that apply to some businesses and not to others.
The statement kicks off: “Know this. Lockdown orders have zero legal standing. Why did Daniel Andrews desperately want the Omnibus Bill detention powers? He had the existing fines mechanism to enforce directions orders which are the basis of the lockdown. So why the need for new powers. This answer is because people are waking up.

The barrister then pointed to page 106 of The Public Health and Wellbeing Act Division 1 Section 111 which states the spread of an infectious disease should be prevented or minimised with “the minimum restrictions on the rights of any person”.

“The clause doesn’t say ‘the restrictions on the rights of any person will be minimum to contain the spread of an infectious disease’. If the clause’s construction read this way, it would attempt to give the chief health officer arbitrary power to decide what’s minimum to get his job done as he sees fit, and with no consideration or reference to what the person, whose rights being restricted, thinks.  This is not how the law works or what the clause says.

“The legal drafting and clause construction is very clear. It says the chief health officer can do his job to stop the spread of an infectious disease, but a person’s rights restrictions must be minimal. He has a qualifier and restraint. He doesn’t decide what’s minimum. So who does decide what’s minimum?

“If a person, whose rights are being restricted, has no say in the matter, there would have been no need to include the clause in the legislation. The Parliament sought to preserve and protect civil liberties. It’s a check on unfettered powers. That is the purpose of the clause, otherwise, why have it in the legislation if the chief health officer has unrestrained powers? It’s a reminder and constraint on the chief health officer.”

The barrister’s message notes that the Westminster system constrains, separates, checks and contains power, through a mechanism known as the Separation of Powers, which means that the legislature (that makes laws), the Executive (Premier and Ministry) who execute law, and the Judiciary who interpret laws, remain separate. “This is a check on power so it’s not concentrated as we seem to have in Victoria at the present.”

“The default ‘Mentis’ (mind) of Parliament, in a liberal democracy, is to preserve freedoms, particularly the freedom of movement and association which the High Court has protected over and over and now Daniel Andrews thinks he can extinguish.

“The person who decides what’s a minimum restraint on a person’s rights is the person who has the rights. If that person has no say on what’s a restraint, the person would be deemed to have no rights, so why mention them? In this event, the person at best, has privileges which can be limited or extinguished. Like a driving licence.

“True rights can only be suspended or limited by the right’s holder. These are known as inalienable rights – God-given which cannot be extinguished by the state, the chief health officer or Daniel Andrews.

“Division 1 Section 111 was drafted in acknowledgement of this liberal democratic principle. The Section is even referred to as the Principle of the Act, against which all Directions Orders must be measured. Case closed,” the barrister notes.

“What I have just set out is a legal argument by a barrister might make before a magistrate, who is usually ill equipped to handle such arguments. Now you understand why the last thing Daniel Andrews wants is fines to be challenged in court. Push the problem into the future. Maybe, even forgive fines so they never see a courtroom. The podium have zero standing and will never stand up in court when the BS fines are challenged. They’re all a big bluff. The lockdown is a bluff.

“It’s no wonder the Magistrates Court has adjourned all Covid challenged fines well into 2021.

If one illegal fine gets before a court, Andrews will buckle like he did with the Curfew when it was uncovered as a fraud. The Directions Order will be found to be as illegal as the Curfew. The day before the Curfew was challenged in the Supreme Court, it was quickly ended by Andrews.”

The barrister says the 5km restraint is equally illegal as an excessive restraint on the rights of Victorians. “I remind you. If Victorians have no rights, as Andrews asserts, then why mention them in the Act?

“While Andrews can’t be removed as Premier, he is subject to the Westminster system Separation of Powers, which means the Parliament or courts can clip his wings and stop his tyranny. As he has the numbers and Parliament and it’s not sitting, it’s useless to try a no confidence motion against Andrews, so we’re left with the judiciary and the courts. Spread this across social media.”

“Being awake and informed will set you free,” says the barrister. “With the legal illusion of fines swept away, so is lockdown. We decide when the lockdown ends, not Daniel Andrews. The police will run out of ink in their pens writing fines if we don’t cooperate.

“It was for this reason Daniel Andrews wanted detention powers in his Omnibus Bill. He feared someone would write a post like this and wake up Victoria. Repost this as far and wide as you can.

“Victorians don’t know or understand the law and Andrews feels omnipotent whilst Victorians are oblivious and kept in the dark. The average police member in the street is even less well equipped to handle these matter, so don’t try to enlighten them or argue whilst being issued with an illegal and worthless fine.

“They have no idea. They’re just following orders. In any event, fines are only allegations and not findings of fact or guilt. Fines become an admission of guilt when you pay them.”

Bird flu news pushes Covid aside in Victoria – Andrews must have kicked a Chinaman

From ABC

At least eight countries have temporarily banned the import of Victorian poultry products as the state’s outbreak of bird flu continues.

A strain of the virus was first detected at a free-range egg farm in Lethbridge, north-west of Geelong, in late July.

Infected birds, which included emus, turkeys and chickens, have since been found in six poultry farms across Victoria.

Agriculture Victoria said three different strains of differing severity have been detected, which meant that the outbreaks were not all connected.

Bird flu outbreaks on six Victorian farms have pushed aside Covid in the news. What has the communist Victorian Government done to its comrades to deserve this?

To date, about 400,000 farmed birds have been euthanized to contain the spread of the virus.

That includes 2,000 emu chicks at a farm in Kerang.

The Victorian Farmers Federation Egg Group president Brian Ahmed told ABC Statewide Drive that the loss of flock would be devastating for both large and small producers.

“Not just emotionally but financially as well,” he said.

The department confirms Australian poultry trade with at least eight countries is impacted by the outbreak.

It would not name those countries, except for the Solomon Islands.

“The department is working closely with the Solomon Islands and other countries to restore trade,” the statement said.

“The department has now received agreement that the Solomon Islands’ ban only applies to poultry products sourced from within Victoria; a similar outcome has been achieved for seven other countries.”

Luv-a-Duck’s export of duck feathers to China has been impacted by the outbreak of bird flu in Victoria.(ABC News: Jane Cowan)

Major company Luv-A-Duck told the ABC its trade with China was impacted.

The Western Victorian duck producer and processor sells duck feathers to the major Asian market.

“The impact on us is restriction [in] the sale of our duck feathers into China, which is a primary market,” said chief executive James Thompson.

“At this point in time we can still export into the UK.”

Mr Thompson said he was confident that the company was keeping the virus off its farms and processing facilities.

“All our staff adhere to best practice biosecurity standards, so as long as we maintain that we should be okay,” he said.

In a statement, the Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said he was “sympathetic” to farmers and companies impacted by the loss of trade.

“The Government is working to reinstate trade in poultry products to overseas markets,” he said.

“I am very sympathetic to everyone affected by this outbreak and understand the impact of the difficult decisions that need to be made.

“The Government is cost-sharing the response, along with all state and territory governments and affected industry bodies.

“This includes a mechanism for reimbursement of certain costs to eligible producers impacted by the response.”

Biosecurity zones have been set up around the site of the main outbreaks in the Golden Plains Shire in central Victoria.

The biggest company hit is ASX-listed company, Farm Pride.

It, so far, had to euthanise 380,000 animals.

Farm Pride told shareholders this week that it was forecasting losses of $18–$23 million for the 2020–21 financial year.

This week its share price dipped to 0.170, which was almost its lowest point since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in March.

Comrade Dan Andrews’ desperate Covid cover for unravelling widespread corruption

by staff writers

VICTORIA’S political crisis will deepen, despite Premier aka comrade Dan Andrews’ attempts to exploit a so-called second wave in COVID19 infections, to deflect attention from it and buy time.

In addition to the scandal involving the foul, crooked Labor branch stacker and former Local Government Minister Adam Somyurek and two other ministerial resignations, the state has been caught in two massive fraud allegations involving the Dandenong City Council and the Department of Health and Human Services and the brazenly illegal “withdrawal” of taxi business licences in 2017.

Dandenong council, in the bullying manner typical of the bureaucratic, corporate monstrosities called “local government”, is accused of fraudulently shutting down a catering business named I Cook Foods 18 months ago.

Comrade Dan of Victoria cranks up suburban Covid panic to deflect widespread corruption about to unravel with Uber and now worthless taxi licences

The privately-owned family business just happened to be serious competition for another catering company, Community Catering, in which Dandenong council and others have financial stakes. This company was in financial difficulty and is being bought by the State Government.
Meanwhile taxi operators who were shafted by this same out-of-control China client state called Victoria, are now battling in the courts in order to get some justice after Andrews and company simply cancelled 5000 “pepetual licences” at midnight on October 9, 2017. So-called “transitional payments” of totally inadequate amounts, were offered with the new legislation.

The move smoothed the path for the entry of Silicon Valley tech giant Uber to the Australian market and no doubt paid off handsomely to Victorian Labor Party coffers.

One former taxi operator told Cairns News the government simply removed the word “perpetual” from the redrafted legislation and then let Uber into a now largely unregulated market.

“They reduced the price of the plates to zero. My business, superannuation, income and inheritance for my children is all gone.
“Licences used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per set of plates.  That’s where the wealth was in the industry. But now people have a debt on something that no longer exists.”

Dandenong Council and Red Dan hand-in-hand for dollars

Comrade Dan’s crooked corporate state also works hand in hand with the council corporations.
I Cook Foods supplies packaged food for nursing homes, Meals on Wheels and hospitals, but was temporarily shut down by Dandenong council and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). They used the death of an elderly woman initially attributed to listeria and linked it to I Cook Foods.

Ian Cook’s factory was later cleared of having contamination and documents revealed council officers knew within days of the closure that the listeria levels at the business were safe.

However, the council raised other “food safety” concerns, including a slug being found in the kitchen, and laid 96 food safety charges against Mr Cook and his company.

The closure resulted in 41 people losing their jobs and basically destroyed a $25 million business. It is still managing to survive on limited business.

A council health inspector is now accused of planting the slug on the property after video footage was reviewed.
Luckily for Ian Cook, his matter has now been widely publicized and was the subject of a parliamentary hearing this month (June).

Ian has also been given access to a commercial law process by a group of Geelong activists, which has enabled him to sidestep the courts and expensive legal obstruction by council solicitors.

He has also gained the voluntary help of two retired Victorian cops who have been supplied with extensive evidence of the misconduct.

It is hoped prosecutions may be undertaken in the near future.