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Right on cue comes the monkey-pox amazingly arriving in Melbourne

Letter to the Editor

Yet again, further evidence of meticulous planning and what *they* have had in store for us for some time.

$119 million spent on another ‘vaccine’, expressly Jynneos, which incidentally, Monkeypox was mysteriously added to the smallpox ‘vaccine’ – and approved in 2019 by another Big Pharma giant Bavarian-Nordic.

Bavarian-Nordic have been involved all along with the Convid ‘vaccine’. Flying under the radar.
They are also a member of the Alliance for Biosecurity.

Another ’vaccine’ which they have approved for manufacture transfer was in place for 2020 – 2025.
Yes, through to 2025.
This ‘vaccine’ is for none other than TBE (Tick-borne Encephalitis). BOOM!

As with Lumpy-Skin-disease-Littleproud’s Japanese Encephalitis, this is a disturbingly recurring word.

from D Johnson


Newcastle to join in Smart Cities Alliance

by Alison Ryan

Klaus Schwab makes inroads to uniting Municipal (local council) and National governments, private sector partners and city residents, for delivering his solution of global governance, via his G20 Smart Cities Alliance.

This will be a Global Policy Roadmap for city policies on data and technology usage for the global smart city market.

Schwab’s WEF has chosen Melbourne and Newcastle to join in this G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.

Strong Cities has already tagged Melbourne and dictator like Premier Dan Andrews for the last 7 years who has had access to the SCN membership and:
Access to SCN restricted library content
Access to SCN training modules
Access to a global network of mayors and municipal-level policy-makers and practitioners
Participation in the SCN Global Summit and Regional Working Groups

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says Australia must leave the UN. We need an Aus-exit. UN and WEF piggyback together.

Link: One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts calls for ‘Aus-Exit’ …

Farmers gather at Victoria Parliament to protest against AusNet transmission line project


Hundreds of farmers have rallied outside Parliament House in Melbourne to demand the Victorian government refuse to approve energy company AusNet’s proposed Western Victorian Transmission Network Project (WVTNP).

Key points:

  • More than 300 people gathered on the steps of Parliament House to protest against the WVTNP
  • AusNet has proposed a corridor for a 190-kilometre electricity transmission line from Melbourne’s north-west to Bulgana, near Ararat
  • A government spokesperson says the project is currently going through a full EES process

The controversial project proposes 500-kilovolt high-voltage transmission lines that, if installed above ground, could be 85 metres high and would transport renewable energy from Bulgana, north of Ararat, to Melbourne.

Emma Muir, who farms at Myrniong east of Ballan, organised the protest via the Stop AusNet’s Towers lobby group.

“We’ve brought our tractors, we’ve brought our horses, fire trucks and our community to say this is no good and we want another solution,” she said.

“We’ve come to Melbourne today because the politicians won’t come to us.

“We’ve asked repeatedly for the Premier and for the Minister for Energy and Environment to meet with us and discuss this project.

“They’ve refused to come, so we’ve come here.”

Hundreds of farmers protesting in Melbourne.
Hundreds of farmers who oppose the WVTNP gathered at Parliament house.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

‘Wake up, you dickheads’

Ballarat Potato Growers Association chairman Chris Stephens said the project put the region’s ability to produce food in jeopardy because of restrictions on machinery and irrigation near easements and under transmission lines.

“The WVTNP means the loss of over 1,000 hectares of the most productive land in Australia,” he said.

“The loss of our overall efficiency and profitability — we’re going to loose several highly productive industries.

“Wake up, you dickheads.

“Where is the justification in building 1960s technology infrastructure — a cheap and nasty transmission line? There is none.”

A man holds up a protest sign outside parliament in Melbourne.
Potato farmer Chris Stephens says Victoria’s food production will be at risk if the WVTNP goes ahead.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Mr Stephens said the region’s potato industry alone was worth $1.3 billion annually.

“If there is one thing I thought the pandemic would have made clear it’s that food doesn’t magically just appear on supermarket shelves or in the window at the drive-through,” he said.

“In Victoria we have some of the best dirt, the best climatic conditions, the cleanest water and the most dedicated farmers in the world.

“Why would we want to risk our food sovereignty or our ability to provide for ourselves?”

People holding banners ride horses down a city street.
Farmers rode horses down Spring Street to voice their opposition, which they say has been ignored.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Consultation process slammed

Victorian Farmers Federation chief executive Jane Lovell said producers whose businesses would be affected by the transmission lines were an afterthought in the consultation process.

“It seems like a lot of decisions have been made and it doesn’t seem like farmers have actually been invited to the table to have their concerns heard,” she said.

But it’s not just farmers who oppose the project — tourism operators as well as people living in the region for the lifestyle also attended the rally.

People speaking at a protest.
Actor Stephen Curry’s “castle” is in the path of the proposed power lines.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Actor Stephen Curry lives in Gordon, 25 kilometres east of Ballarat, and says his home is in the corridor of the project.

“AusNet and the state government plan to knock down our entire property, including our house, and 3,000 native trees,” he said.

“And that’s all in the name of sustainability, which is rubbish — it’s all in the name of saving money.

“I’m disgusted.”

An angry farmer in tractor protesting at Parliament House in Melbourne.
Tractors, horses, fire trucks and agricultural vehicles formed a procession along Spring Street on Tuesday afternoon.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Plan to keep fighting

Ms Muir said Stop AusNet’s Towers would rally again if the state government did not reject the WVTNP application.

“We’ll come back if we need to — we need to be heard and we need to be listened too,” she said.

“We in the regions want the people of Melbourne to have renewable energy, but it doesn’t have to be at our cost by ripping up our beautiful land.”

Tractors driving down Spring Street in Melbourne.
Farmers say large farming equipment is unable to be used under powerline easements.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

A government spokesperson said the Minister for Planning had determined that an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) was required and would assess the comparative effects of different feasible routes, alignments, design and operational alternatives for the project.

The effectiveness of the proposed measures to avoid, minimise and offset any environmental impacts will also be examined.

“This project is currently going through a full EES process — the most transparent and rigorous environmental and planning assessment framework available,” the spokesperson said.

“The EES process gives communities the chance have their say on the impacts of the projects and see the studies which inform the panel’s assessment.”

An AusNet spokesperson said the companyfully understood the concern and uncertainty a project of this size could create for local communities and families.

“We are continuing to engage and consult with communities and landholders, right along the route,” they said.

“We are actively seeking their feedback and listening to their concerns.

“We have met with the Curry family, including Stephen and his father, and visited their property to discuss their concerns, as well as conduct a series of studies, including ecology and cultural heritage, on the land.”

Dangerous Dan’s Red Shirts scam coming to bite him

Daniel Andrews’ political manoeuvres and ‘catch me if you can’ haughtiness may be coming to an end.
A motion to refer Victorian Labor’s 2014 red shirts scandal to the Ombudsman and potentially the state’s anti-corruption watchdog passed in Victoria’s Upper House – 19 votes to 17 – when Labor MP, Kaushaliya Vaghela, sensationally crossed the floor to vote against her own government on 9 February, 2022.

Former Labor minister Adem Somyurek put forward the motion into what he has described as a “gold-standard rort”.

Ms Vaghela was initially part of Mr Somyurek’s Moderate Labor faction before he was kicked out of the party for branch stacking in 2020. Following the vote, Ms Vaghela posted a statement on social media, telling her followers that branch stacking was “endemic” in the Australian Labor Party and that it has been for decades.
She told that she was a former staff member for the Socialist Left faction and knew all about their branch stacking activities and their electorate officers being used for factional purposes. She stated that if branch stacking and factional operatives working in electorate officers is corrupt, then the Socialist Left and all the other factions must be investigated.

Mr Somyurek claimed the red shirts scandal was designed by Mr Andrews ahead of the 2014 election. It centred around Labor’s misuse of $388,000 in taxpayer funds by paying casual electorate officers to don red shirts and campaign for the party in marginal seats. Daniel Andrews was desperate to win. (Daniel Andrews) did something well beyond what he should’ve – he crossed the line; he designed this system.
“He told me personally that you’ve got to take part in this process whether you want to win or not.”

The Premier was called corrupt and faced questions over the police investigation into the red shirts scandal, during Parliament question time.

Thankfully, on the 15 Feb 2022, the Victorian Ombudsman confirmed a review into red shirts investigation referral amid internal Labor turmoil.
Victorian Ombudsman confirms review into red shirts investigation referral amid internal Labor turmoil | Sky News Australia

Let’s keep high hopes for the demise of political corruption in Victoria.

Police THREATEN jail unless Rebel News Avi Yemini REMOVES this video

The Victorian police came knocking at reporter Avi Yemini’s home to THREATEN him with JAIL if he doesn’t take down a news video that we recently published. But Avi’s refusing to cower: WATCH & SHARE what they’re so desperate to hide.

Desi Freeman arresting Magistrate Dunn and Police in Myrtleford Court video

Reported December 17th by the Melbourne “DAILY BIAS” (formerly The AGE) headlined a 250 strong rally at Myrtleford court as the “Circus comes to Myrtleford for the doomed case against the Premier”. Myrtleford is where privately filed charges by Anthony Herman against Premier Daniel Andrews for fraud and misappropriation were being heard by Magistrate Peter Dunn.

This video recorded by the court is of the hearing charges laid against Desi Freeman shows Magistrate Dunn dismissing statements by Freeman without once asking for evidence while the sergeant prosecutor seems to be visiting another planet. It was a Golden Logie and Academy Award Oscar winning Kangaroo Court case of the first order.

From this official recorded video, you will be able to form your own opinion if we continue living in this political duopoly controlled democracy or not at the next election.

Video link to pass around –

Dictator Dan carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy in Victoria

Victoria is in real trouble and has been for quite a while. Maybe a look at some history of the state will show why.  Victoria was built more on free settlers, miners, manufacturers and small farmers,  rather than convict labour and huge land holdings such as was held by personage of the NSW rum corps and privileged aristocracy of many other states.

Confederate General Albert Pike, a murderer who pillaged America in the Civil War. His legacy has defined modern day Victoria

From it came the early political movements that resisted  what was then called The Venetian,  City of London Rothschilds power structure. This didn’t escape the notice of this criminal fraternity. Early on they began to undermine any Nationalist development in Australia. 

They imported a war criminal and occultist by the name of Albert Pike from the Uniter States of America.  Albert Pike was a Confederate General who organized a group of guerrilla fighters during the Civil War. They conducted raids way deep into the US mid west States.

They raided small towns, robbed, raped and murdered the inhabitants, mostly women, children and a few old men too feeble to fight in the Union Army. Unfortunately for Albert, a couple of survivors identified him as leader of the group. 

After slaughtering nearly 200 civilians in a town in Illinois and then scalping and dismembering the bodies to make the massacre look like Indians had done it, President Lincoln put a price on Alberts head. Wanted Dead or alive.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews carrying on with Albert Pike’s legacy with the blessing of the LNP/ALP duopoly federal government

Pike had been a lawyer, and was a business partner of George Bush’s grandfather until the Civil War began. Prior to that,  Pike had constantly traveled to and from London. He also was responsible for spreading the Jesuit front, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the South of the USA.

He became Grand Master of these lodges.

When the war began to go badly for the Confederate rebellion, Pike fled to Canada.

As a war criminal with a price on his head for murder, he was given refuge by the British.

It was from there he was sent to Victoria to start “Scottish” Freemasonry. He spent several years founding these treasonable witchcraft based entities whose goal is to establish Global Government. Victorians tolerated and supported this criminal in their midst and many communities opened lodges. He should have been deported to the USA for trial.

Pike wrote a book which all high masons value called “Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”. It is a ponderous tome of doublespeak, withcraft, anti Christian slander and instruction in nefarious ways.  It was a sad waste of good paper and ink.

These lodges created the Liberal Party. Pig Iron Bob Menzies was one of their favourite sons. The lodges assisted the destruction of the old Nationalist, Labor Party by infiltrating the British Fabian society into it.

 Governence only went down hill from there. Corruption became the norm. Churches were overtaken by the lodges.  One Liberal masonic Premier, Rupert Hamer went to Las Vegas on the Mafia’s check. 

After gambling, boozing and whoring for a week he returned to Melbourne. The Mafia were given the freedom of the City. They began by taking over the Melbourne produce markets, then spread out from there,  never to leave. Victorians tolerated this.  The police became their protection detail. Now the Vic cops are just thugs. Government became an arm of organized crime for the lodges. 

God has a warning,  given to old Israel. “I will bring judgement and destruction upon those who hate me, unto the third and fourth generation.  But I will show mercy to thousands, who call upon my Name and obey Me”. Herein lies the way out for our nation. Either we serve Baal or Christ.

from the part time Philosopher. 

Australia pitied internationally now known as Fruit & Nut Land

Letter to the Editor

I felt so angry when I read this. Andrews is one of the sickest most sadist psychopaths I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Australia has gone from laughing stock of the world to being pitied and people around the world shocked by Andrew’s tyranny calling for nations to help us. Now we’re becoming a hated country. with comments on various websites calling us weak, and other nasty names I won’t repeat here. Why? Because we all sit back and do nothing. The Author is right, Dimwit Dan must go, but Australian’s seem totally paralyzed by fear. Even the awake people. Such that Andrews and his cronies continue to murder innocent people. This article is yet another example of his psychopathy.

Dangerous Dan Andrews

A man who grins when he issues mandates that hurt people. A man who essentially just granted himself the power to extend State of Emergency forever.

I read an article earlier today about a cafe owner who refused to comply with mandates and is being bullied by the cops every day. He’s just one man. I’m just one woman.

Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has”.

I fear she may be wrong in this case. With Project Warp Speed in full swing Australians are going to continue to be the joke of the world and this tyranny will get much worse unless as a nation we all stand up. We can’t rely on the few to save the many – They are fighting the brave fight – but this is a war and it needs everyone to stand up.

Nazi Andrews has announced jabs will be required every 5 months. If two jabs don’t kill you he;ll make you keep coming back for more until they do kill you.

What is it going to take to motivate people into doing more than just grizzling about the situation and then taking everything dictator Dan does to them?

Victoria’s Keystone Cops outclassed by Rebel News

Victoria Police are getting DESPERATE to prevent the world from seeing their outrageous behaviour in Melbourne. Well done Avi of Rebel News.

Victorian Police thugs target Rebel News

“Avi is starting to become a bit more problematic. So we might need to look at what Avi’s role is here in the moment.”

We caught a senior police officer on video saying that to his fellow riot cops. They were trying to get me to stop reporting on the lockdown protests in Melbourne.

But they didn’t dare arrest me again. Because I’m already suing them in the Supreme Court for assault and false arrest. And they know that millions of people are watching.

So the police are doing something even worse: they’re going after the people close to me.

You already saw police showing up in the dead of night to my home, demanding that I stop my journalism. They knew that wouldn’t scare me. But they knew it would scare my family.

When that didn’t stop me, they tried something else: they brutally assaulted and falsely arrested Daniel Jones, the security guard who accompanies me on my journalism.

Daniel is a complete professional. He’s licensed and insured and wears a bright vest with his name, his company name and the word “security” on it. Police know exactly who he is. He’s a gentle giant who never picks a fight, and does his best to de-escalate any situation. They had no cause to target him — other than they know I rely on Daniel to keep me safe

Which is why they attacked him, threw him to the ground, punched him, kneed him, and put handcuffs on him so tightly that even an hour later, his wrists were still bright red.

And to add insult to injury, they gave Daniel a $1,817 ticket — their way of saying if he continues to work with me, he should expect a lot more abuse.

Well, I’ve had enough. So we filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, suing the police for their illegal misconduct towards Daniel.

Please click here to read the lawsuit for yourself. It lays out exactly what the police did to Daniel, and why it’s so wrong.

Daniel doesn’t have the money to sue the police. And the police have the unlimited resources of the state of Victoria behind them.

But I told him: our viewers will help. Because the work I do is only possible because Daniel has my back.

The police think that if they can break Daniel, maybe they can break me, too.

Maybe if I don’t have someone watching my back… well, maybe something bad will happen to me. By choosing to target my bodyguard, police are telling me that I’m not safe. Just like when they came to my family home.

That’s police state stuff. Not the stuff of a great democracy like Australia.

Please help me. I know I ask for your help a lot, but this is for Daniel, not for me. We have a team of top-notch lawyers going to court for Daniel. Please click here to help me crowdfund their fees, or go to

We’re going to fight for Daniel, because he was attacked by the police. But also because we need a judge in Victoria to tell police in general that they’re out of control. Daniel’s case is the perfect one.

If you can help me, please click here, and chip in a few dollars to help cover the costs of our excellent lawyers.

Do it for me — and do it for my protector, Daniel.

Yours gratefully,

Avi Yemini
Chief Australia Correspondent
Rebel News

P.S. There were literally nine cops that jumped on Daniel. He didn’t resist, but they punched and kneed him anyways. It was their way of showing me who’s boss.

P.P.S. The proper way to fight back is in the court of law, by showing a judge what these brutal cops did, and demanding justice. Please click here, or go to if you want to help us do just that. (Thanks.)

Riot squad fires rubber bullets and tear gas to CRUSH Australian construction worker rally

This is Australia – Watch the moment and hear the gunshots of the Victorian Police counter-terror squad confronting UNARMED construction workers peacefully marching on September 24 2021 Melbourne’s streets to protest the world’s longest and harshest lockdown.

Would an Australian police officer shoot a fellow Aussie on a politician’s orders? Well here is your answer.

Video compliments of Rebel News –

Melbourne rally shows Andrew’s enforcers again in attack mode Sept 18 2021

by Dee McLachlanGumshoe News

With the biggest police presence in 20 years, the government had announced that it was going to completely lock down the city of Melbourne. So when I cycled to the city this morning I was not sure how the planned protest would unfold. Twenty minutes before 12pm I got a message saying the crowds were meeting at Bridge Road in Richmond.

A smaller than usual crowd had found its way there, and as the police advanced from both sides, the crowd took the side streets. The police seemingly backed off at first, but then attempted to block the crowd in from both sides. A stalemate developed as the protesters were slowly crushed into a smaller and smaller area. Forget social distancing.

People then began jumping a fence and this set the march off across the Yarra River towards Kew. The crowd, blocked again, detoured down Barkers street — a cutting through the hillside. For a good camera view, I took to the cycle path above to see a heavy police presence waiting at the bottom of the cutting. More police quickly blocked escape by coming up behind trapping the protestors.

I’m not quite sure what the police expected — but the whole pincer and trapping strategy could only lead to one conclusion: a charge to evade being trapped. The action was inciting ‘action’ — deliberately. You can see in the video how it unfolded.

Andrew’s enforcer hero pepper spay lady in her 70’s on the ground

Freedom to protest Australian style 2021 watch lady in her 70’s pushed to the ground and pepper spayed in this video

This is how our two party preferred system of government protect the elderly – Do you think it’s time for change? – Had enough yet? – AUSTRALIA 2021

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