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Health Minister to fund pandemic preparedness established by World Bank and WHO

by Alison Ryan

Health Minister Mark Butler and Treasurer Jim Chalmers have just committed Australia to funding pandemic preparedness. At the G20 Joint Finance and Health Ministers’ meeting, Health Minister Mark Butler and Treasurer Jim Chalmers committed Australia to supporting the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for pandemics that will be established by the World Bank.

New ALP Health Minister Mark Butler swooning at the feet of WHO and the World Bank

The World Bank President David Malpass says that following approval from the World Bank’s Board by end of June, and together with donors, the WHO, and other stakeholders to develop the detailed scope and design of the FIF, they expect to launch the FIF in the third quarter of 2022.

With the global goggles on, all is done and dusted at the World Bank and the WHO. The FIF comes as a result of a January 2021 Report of the G20 High Level Independent Panel on Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response which was termed A Global Deal for Our Pandemic Age.

One conclusion stated that COVID-19 was not a black swan event. It may also constitute a dress rehearsal for a far worse pandemic, which could come at any time.
It appears that there is absolutely no soul searching from these international groups over the WHO’s failure to save lives during the covid regime.

Vaccine Free not taboo anymore

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As they fall off the perch from contaminated vaccination to complete the sheeple agenda, we of the unvaxxed move to the front line it now seems.

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‘Outright lying’; Australian scientist hits out at TGA after ‘life-changing’ Covid vaccine injury


The Grim Reapers apprentice and Minister for Health NSW, Brad Hazzard, continues reflecting his schoolboy politics, his idiotically conceited face and his self-generated importance .

There was a predicted COVID-19 vaccine failure, government’s daily reports of serious medical problems and vaccine deaths occurring. General research has revealed a serious problem with the vaccine, the plandemic agenda was introduced by all Australian governments accompanied by massive promotion from the complicit trained seals of mainstream media.

Source: – June 13th 2022 – by Frank Chung

A man left unable to work for eight months after his Covid jab says thousands are suffering “life-changing” neurological symptoms he dubs “long vax”.


An Australian scientist, left unable to work for eight months after a debilitating neurological reaction he blames on the Covid shot, has likened the treatment of people suffering vaccine injuries to that of returning veterans with health issues after the Vietnam War.

Dr Rado Faletic has slammed the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) adverse event reporting process, saying the medicines regulator tasked with vaccine safety surveillance was “simply uninterested” in investigating his symptoms despite submitting multiple reports.

“I’m similar to thousands of Aussies. After the vaccine I had a huge constellation of symptoms from head to toe,” the 46-year-old said, describing it as similar to “mutant long Covid”.

“The worst has been an oppressive brain fog. I’ve had headaches, chest pains, abdominal pains, unbelievable muscle twitching, issues focusing my vision. Basically I’ve been unable to work for eight months. I’m only now just starting to feel a little bit normal. This is not a mild side effect – this has been life-changing.”

Dr Faletic said doctors and specialists were unable to find anything obviously wrong with him.

“You go to the hospital, they take your blood, do an echocardiogram or X-ray or MRI and don’t find anything,” he said. “They say, ‘Well you look fine, go home and rest.’”

He added, “I don’t necessarily blame the doctors. The problem is there hasn’t been a test to find out what’s wrong. I know some people are getting misdiagnosed with anxiety or functional neurological disorder – that’s not what’s going on. It’s a physical injury.”


Dr Rado Faletic

Dr Faletic, who earned his PhD in hypersonic technology from the ANU and now runs an international research consulting firm based in Canberra, says his faith in the scientific and medical community has been badly shaken by his experience.

He received his first Pfizer dose on October 19 last year and his second on November 9. He had a bad reaction to both “within hours”, but says the second was “dramatically off the charts”.

“I waited a little while [to take the vaccine] – I work with technology and have a science background, so I understood that with a new product, new technology, there could be some things we don’t know about,” he said.

“I thought, enough time has passed, surely our government would have flagged any reactions of concern. I took it and all this stuff happened to me. It’s not a matter of it being a coincidence – it all happened within hours of the shots. Then I thought, surely the government would be interested in what’s happened to me? Nope.”

Dr Faletic says it soon became clear to him that the TGA wasn’t interested.

“I’ve done 50 rounds with the TGA on this,” he said.

“They’ve said, ‘We can find no safety signals,’ which I think is disingenuous if not outright lying. In my small personal circle I know over a dozen people with different long vax problems, [ranging from] ongoing headaches, memory problems or brain fog to some people who were basically bedridden for months.”

When he went searching for answers, he found “hundreds of people” in online groups who had experienced similar symptoms and submitted reports themselves.

“The TGA still claims there is nothing to see,” he said.

“We are being treated with the same type of derision and condescension as Vietnam vets when they came back damaged. The government doesn’t want to acknowledge us, people in the community look down on us. There are a lot of parallels.”

A health worker receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Chile. Picture: Javier Torres/AFP

A health worker receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Chile. Picture: Javier Torres/AFP

In the 1970s, Australian troops who had returned from Vietnam began to experience high incidences of cancer and other illnesses, with the government initially denying exposure to Agent Orange and other chemicals sprayed by the US military was to blame.

While health regulators and drug manufacturers including Pfizer have previously denied any causal link between the vaccines and neurological symptoms, the tide appears to be slowly turning as a growing number of experts call for more investigation.

Earlier this year, Sydney woman Daniella Lenarczyk, 34, spoke out about her persistent symptoms that included migraines, tinnitus, neck pain and numbness in her arm.

In the US, the National Institutes of Health conducted a small observational study last year of patients who reported neurological problems within one month of Covid vaccination, including pins and needles in the face or limb, orthostasis – sudden decrease in blood pressure when standing or sitting – heat intolerance and palpitation.

That paper, currently in pre-print, concluded that “a variety of neuropathic symptoms may manifest after SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations and in some patients might be an immune-mediated process”.

“There doesn’t seem to be a majority theory,” Dr Faletic said.

“Whilst we’ve all been damaged in the same way, our cluster of symptoms vary from person to person.”

In a statement, the TGA said it “monitors the safety of Covid-19 vaccines using information from a variety of sources, including analysis of adverse event reports submitted to the TGA, emerging published literature, worldwide safety data submitted by vaccine sponsors and information shared by international regulators”.

“If the TGA identifies a safety concern it will take regulatory action to address the safety issue and promptly provide information to the public,” a spokeswoman said.

“The recognised adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines are included in the approved Product Information (PI). These are updated as new safety information is identified. To date, the TGA has undertaken 26 actions with the sponsors to include new safety information in the PIs for Covid-19 vaccines.”

Those have included the addition of hypoaesthesia (reduced sense of touch or numbness) and paraesthesia (an unusual feeling in the skin, such as a tingling or crawling sensation) to the PIs for Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca).

More than 59 million vaccine doses have been administered in Australia. Picture: Brendan Radke

More than 59 million vaccine doses have been administered in Australia. Picture: Brendan Radke

Handful of injury claims approved

Meanwhile, new figures obtained by reveal the federal government’s vaccine injury compensation scheme has approved just 16 payouts in six months of operation.

The Covid-19 vaccine claims scheme allows people to claim a one-off payment ranging from $1000 to $20,000 for lost wages or other expenses if they suffer a bad reaction, and in cases of death the family may be able to claim funeral costs.

But the scheme has been criticised by legal experts and victims as overly complex and narrowly targeted towards a very limited number of officially recognised adverse effects.

Services Australia confirmed it had received 2225 applications as of June 2. Of these just 16 have been approved, 49 have been withdrawn and 671 are “waiting further information from applicants”.

“The assessment process can be complex, and claims may also be reviewed independently by medical and other appropriately qualified experts,” a spokesman said.

“In many cases, Services Australia has had to seek additional information from applicants in order to further progress consideration of their application. In other cases, applications have also been withdrawn. If found eligible, applicants are given up to six months to accept an offer of compensation, therefore finalisation of claims may also take some time.”

Services Australia declined to provide any data on the amounts of payouts or types of claims, citing privacy concerns due to the small number involved.

Just 16 vaccine injury claims have been approved in six months. Picture: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP

Just 16 vaccine injury claims have been approved in six months. Picture: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP

According to the TGA’s most recent safety update, there have been 129,995 total adverse event reports from 59.4 million vaccine doses administered to June 5.

Eleven deaths have been ruled as likely linked to vaccination, all after AstraZeneca.

No deaths have been officially linked to Pfizer in Australia from around 41 million doses administered.

In New Zealand, three deaths have been ruled as likely due to vaccine-induced myocarditis after Pfizer, from around 11 million doses.

Last month, the family of one of the 11 Australians who died after receiving AstraZeneca spoke out for the first time.

Victorian woman Robyn, a “fit and healthy” 77-year-old, died in September last year from Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Speaking to ABC Radio, her children said while they still supported Covid vaccination, they felt let down by the lack of government support.

They said they believed they were entitled to a lump-sum payment of $70,680 plus funeral expenses, but were critical about the complexity of the application process.

Her son Ross said reading through the vaccine claims policy, it felt callous.

“It’s a policy that’s designed to protect medical professionals from legal repercussions if something happens, like to my mother,” he said.

“My understanding is that it is to facilitate the actual vaccine rollout, so the doctors aren’t scared to administer vaccines. But for people who have suffered from the side effects, it feels like we’re just an afterthought to that.”

Dr Faletic said he had also looked over the scheme carefully and “it’s absolutely clear they’ve written it to not include people like me”.

“From a philosophical point of view we had these massive, broad, sweeping economic sanctions on all of us – lockdowns, travel shutdown – all done because someone may transmit Covid, the precautionary principle,” he said.

Dutch Politician Simone Kerseboom calls out the WHO plandemic treaty and Bill Gates

What a great video. This lady lays out the WHO and Bill Gates world dominance gameplan utilising corrupt compliant world governments and phama companies. She demolishes the WHO reason for being in power.

The need to distribute this video is paramount. Here is the direct link:

Harry Palmer

Play by their rules YOU LOSE

Economist whistleblower Edward Dowd says ignore any mandates from the next lockdown

How vaxx shedding and the jab is making people very sick

Dr Elizabeth Eads on Shedding and effects of Vaxx

Interviewed by Greg Hunter. Cancers are increasing due to shots which disregulate FUS in the toll receptors so cancer is left unchecked. One woman had 2 shots + booster and got pancreatic cancer – her unjabbed twin sister did not. Ryan Cole says cancers are up 2000%. The Expose article of May 15 says US Govt. and CDC strongly suggest fully jabbed are getting AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is not only caused by HIV, also radiation, chemo, leukemia, malnutrition, drugs, medications and now vaccines. The U.K. and Canadian Govt studies back this up.

Adverse Events rapidly escalating In 2021 Cancer with associated AIDS up 1119%, AIDS up 1145%, herpes up 1180%, encephalopathy up 1781%, AIDS associated bacterial infections up 2247%, sepsis up 2024%, myocarditis / pericarditis up 33,715%, cancers overall up over 2000%. Fully jabbed young adults have a 73% increase in heart attacks / strokes, 92% higher mortality rate compared to unvaxxed. Dept of Defencs says myocarditis up 2800%, cancers up 900%, infertility (both genders) up 500%, miscarriages up 300%, neurological disorders up over 1000%, demyenated disorders up over 1000%, M.S. up 600%, guillaine-barre up (progressive paralysis) 500%, HIV up 500%, pulmonary embolism (blood clots in lungs) up over 400%.

 How to destroy a country? Take out their military. It’s happening.

Spike Protein studies

The Stanford surgeon did lymph node biopsies and found the s2 (spike) protein up to 60 days later. Another Stanford study showed s1 (spike) protein in the bloodstream for 29 days (Moderna). Another Stanford study showed s2 segment of the spike protein remained in cell membranes for 4 months (after 2nd dose). The spike protein is moving around in lymph, blood, organs, going to ACE receptors in lungs, heart and liver, causing inflammation (=hepatitis). It’s not infectious hepatitis it’s the T cells attacking the spike. Not hepatitis A, B or C, just inflammation of the liver causing organ failure causing children to need liver transplants. The immune system is being destroyed by these shots. CD8 counts are plummeting after 3rd and 4th shot and we need T cells and CD8 cells to attack spike, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells that are multi-drug resistant and difficult to treat.

Her Protocol: Vit D, zinc, omega 3, quercetin, NAC, glutathione, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), chlorine dioxide (CL02) for long haul / vaxx-injured and ozone gel which protects you from being bombarded through the skin with spike proteins that jump, dimethyl glycine Immune Formula 200 ( and CDS from KB Labs.

 (Logon to and see Ivermectin successful in cancer studies as well – 10 billion prescriptions and only 4 deaths = very safe 0.4mg /kg at compounding pharmacies 1.87% Ivermectin)

Shedding – the boosters are double-dosed so those people are the most likely to shed. Lymph node studies show imaging and staining of spike proteins moving around. They are shed via fecal, oral, respiratory, breastmilk and sputum and shared with those you live with, family members, and can go into waste water. The nanolipid coating around the spike protein allow it to JUMP from person to person, enter the skin, pass into the capillaries and from there the blood.

Some jabbed people say they feel great. Not everyone who got the jab will get sick – 5-7% are kill shots. A Pfizer whistleblower told her nobody knew what was in the vials but Remdesivir was made in the same lab. The 80,000 page dump of Pfizer explains what is in the shots. There are 3 spike protein patents and the mRNA in the shot slowly releases spike (could be a week, a month, a year). We don’t know if they aerosolised the spike proteins or did they use drones like Ukraine is doing (according to the U.N. Council). People could have a delayed cancer or auto-immune system disorder (lupus, M.S.). Of those with myocarditis 5% have a very poor 5 year survival rate. So eat healthily and get well in order to keep the spike factory in check and your immune system strong. They are planning 6 shots so that is double dosing the spike. You could have a cascade of blood clots, myocarditis etc. Most studies show mild symptoms. AstraZenica and J & J are adenoviruses and they still make spike proteins. If one spouse got the shot and the other didn’t treat both. Quercetin and NAC helps with inflammation and removing spike. A healthy immune system takes care of the spike. The nanolipid covering the mRNA can move into cells and destroy the mitochondria – the cells have no 02 or energy resulting in chronic fatigue. It can also cross the blood/brain barrier and inflame neuronal brain cells which mimics dementia / Alzheimers. So we are seeing a lot of cognitive decline and encephalopathy (acute onset of inflammation that looks like a traumatic brain injury during autopsy). Car accidents are on the rise. Over the last 2 years we have lost 7 points of IQ. Another long-term consequence is a prion-like disease in the brain.

What we can do

We need people calling their Senators or Congressmen about this WHO Treaty going forward and bring it back to a vote because it is bypassing our constitutional safeguards. Please download and read your state constitution so you know your rights. Please sign a petition at – share it with your doctor, anyone in healthcare and your friends. (I signed and there are only 201 signatures)

These countries signed on to the WHO treaty: all of the EU, Austria, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, India, Japan, Monaco, Montenegro, U.K. and U.S.A.

Dr Robert Malone’s group, the Global Covid Summit (GCS) with 17,0000 doctors brought up 10 points of objection (see ). We need this pandemic to end, the Emergency Use Authorisation to end, We’ve already proven fraud on so many levels, fraud with covid, the PCR test, the patents, the covid shots and their contents, VAERS and the underreporting, CDC, advertising by the media of these bioweapon shots, and multiple RICO violations. We need our Attorney Generals and Sheriffs to step up and we need arrests NOW. We can’t wait for Nuremberg 2 indictments to be served. it’s time for this to end. 

American airline industry thrown into chaos over vaxx damaged pilots being unable to fly

The American airline industry has been thrown into mayhem by a shortage of pilots who have either been kicked out for refusing to take the deadly jab, or those pilots who have been jabbed, failed regular medical checks due to vaxx damage.

Delta Airlines sufffering badly from vaxx-damaged pilots unable to fly

Domestic flights have been cancelled, re-routed or delayed causing complete confusion among passengers throwing the entire country into disarray.

Travelers flying over Memorial Day weekend faced a slew of delays and cancellations across the country, with over 2,500 flights total canceled since In May, reported Reuters. According to flight-tracking website FlightAware, over 400 flights traveling within, out of, or into the US were canceled on one day alone, while about 2,400 were delayed. 

The carrier with the most issues was Delta Air Lines, which canceled around 700 flights over the long weekend in May. The carrier told Insider it was “enacting cancelations at least 24 hours in advance of departure time wherever possible,” and accommodated over 90% of impacted customers on later flights.

The carrier blamed the disruptions on air traffic control issues, weather, and COVID-related sick calls, according to a research note from Cowen analyst Helane Becker

Schwab’s carbon footprint bigger than a Mt Etna blast

by Lindesy Symonds

I don’t have a television so when I am enjoying my recreational substance I watch a bit of the WEF.

It would seem that Mr Conservative JudeoXtian Vlad has sacrificed extra children to Bauphomet to get the Soviet Union excluded from the Davos nuthouse. Why should he have to listen to the Chinese promo for their individual carbon tracker / sustainability social credit score system? Naturally these Insectoids want the international WHO certificate of vaxx ID, genetic data base and social credit score all integrated into one control grid. it will probably even ding you two weeks before your organs are due for harvest with some fan tan music.

Vlad’s UN CoVID Regime already has cut a deal with the WHO.

In the Soviet Union’s UN CoVID Regime, the Fauci double is a Yid (wouldn’t you know it) – Mr Sputnik V Clot Shot Alexander Gintsburg. He’s the big hero in the Soviet Union with a 100% approval rating because he saved the Russians under Vlad’s absolute vaxx mandate during the Corona Hoax 2020. Prior to that the Vaxx Oligarch eradicated Ebola in Ebola free Guinea . He’s on track for the Order of Lenin.

Klaus has put on his Darth Vader suit and banned these bad actors from the Davos Coffee Klatsch and yada yada ‘world government summit’. The real world rulers have cast Klaus as a Toon and scripted him accordingly. He is Mr NWO evil, globalist, satanist ‘unipolar’ power in a Yiddish schtick. His private jet has a carbon footprint the size of a Mt Etna sulphur emmission. Ditto for Vlad. Meanwhile bicycles, fresh air, bug diet and Co2 polluter warehouse is our prospect.

Labor Prime Ministerial aspirants never had a real job but want to run Australia – God help us if that happens

Anthony Norman Albanese born 2 March 1963) is an Australian politician serving as Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since 2019. He has been member of parliament (MP) for the division of Grayndler since 1996. Albanese was deputy prime minister of Australia under the second Rudd Government in 2013 and a Cabinet Minister in the Rudd and Gillard Governments from 2007 to 2013.

Labor Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has never had a job in his life. He wants to run Australia. Our remnant manufacturing industry would close overnight due to climate change nonsense and every Australian aged 2 to 100 would be forcibly vaxxed.

Albanese was born in Sydney and attended St Mary’s Cathedral College, before going on to the University of Sydney to study economics. He joined the Labor Party as a student, and before entering parliament worked as a party official and research officer. Albanese was elected to the House of Representatives at the 1996 election, winning the seat of Grayndler in New South Wales. He was first appointed to the Shadow Cabinet in 2001 and went on to serve in a number of roles, eventually becoming Manager of Opposition Business in 2006.

After completing his economics degree, Albanese took on a role as research officer to the then-Minister for Local Government andAdministrative Services, Tom Uren, who would become a mentor to him.[13] In 1989, the position of Assistant General Secretary of the New South Wales branch of the Labor Party became vacant when John Faulkner was elected to the Senate. The election to replace him was closely disputed between the Labor Left’s Hard Left and Soft Left groupings, with Albanese being elected with the backing of the Hard Left, taking on that role for the next six years.[12] In 1995, he left the position to work as a senior adviser to New South Wales PremierBob Carr.[5]

– Wikipedia

Deputy Opposition Leader Richard Marles, a solicitor, would go along with Albanese filling up detention centres with un-vaxxed people and climate change deniers. He has not had a real job either.

Solicitor Richard Marles was elected to Federal Parliament as the Member for Corio in November 2007.

Marles is the Deputy Leader of the Australian Labor Party, Shadow Minister for National Reconstruction, Employment, Skills and Small Business, and Shadow Minister for Science.

Born and raised in Geelong, Marles is an avid Geelong Cats fan. Marles was educated at Geelong Grammar School and has an LLB (Hons) and BSc from Melbourne University.

He began his career with Labor legal firm Slater and Gordon. In 1998, he became Federal Assistant Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union where he was responsible for bargaining with national transport companies and managing the union’s activities in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

In 2000, he became Assistant Secretary of the ACTU and ran the Working Hours Case, which gave workers the right, for the first time, to refuse unreasonable amounts of overtime.

Marles was a member of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission and led the ACTU’s work on OHS. Richard also led an innovative program of co-operation between the Australian and Papua New Guinea union movements.

During the Rudd-Gillard Governments, he served as Minister for Trade, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Industry.

He lives in Geelong with his wife Rachel and has four children.

Coles sacks all un-vaxxed staff, clearing the way to shop exclusively at IGA

from the Spectator

Coles sacked the last of its unvaccinated staff at the beginning of this year, long after state mandates fell and other industries began allowing the so-called mavericks of the workforce back into the office. The move, along with other supermarket giants, saw thousands of Australians unceremoniously dumped, many of them single mothers or from struggling households.

‘Are you being served?’ Shop safe at Coles it has 900 trannies to serve you, look out! This grocery cartel has tens of thousands of vaxxed shop assistants to ensure you get a good dose of mRNA vaxx shedding at the checkout, free of course!

Shop safe at Coles’ is something that looks good printed in big letters across double-page ads to those still suffering from anxiety hangovers. Just don’t ask too many questions about the health logic, given unvaccinated people can shop in the store, but not stand behind the counter.

Speaking of corporate virtue signalling.

The same company turned around this week and announced it would be offering its trans and gender-diverse employees ten extra days of paid leave for the purpose of ‘gender affirmation’. ‘Affirmation’ is a hazy term that Coles describes as ‘any process’ that relates to the act of gender affirmation including surgical, social, legal, or medical action. Leave could be granted for anything from an appointment with a lawyer through to full surgery.

Gender Affirmation Leave was timed to coincide with the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism, and Transphobia – one of the dozens of days and months dedicated to a sexual preference or pronouns.

Coles Chief Legal and Safety Officer David Brewster (r) with Pride Cup Australia founder Jason Ball. (Hawkesbury Gazette)

Coles Chief Legal and Safety Officer, David Brewster, (who also serves as the Chairman of the Pride Steering Committee), released a statement.

‘We know that we have at least 900 team members who identify as transgender or gender diverse. We need to have proper policy and education in this area so there is clear guidance around taking leave for this important transition in their life.’

Coles attached a long and bizarre ‘gender affirming’ statement that seems a little over the top for employment that largely involves stacking shelves and pushing trolleys. Its headings include ‘encouraging you to be your authentic self’ and ‘developing our Pride Team member network’ – which doesn’t sound like something employers should concern themselves with.

This move, described as ‘way ahead of politicians’ (add to that logic, reason, and fairness) is meant to be an action against ‘trans hate’. 2022 has transitioned into a world where an employer who is not constantly, publicly, and (preferably financially) ‘affirming’ an employee they must, by default, hate them. For most of human history, workers preferred their employers to keep their noses out of any private medical business.

‘You’ll be supported as the gender with which you identify, wear the clothes or uniform of your affirmed gender, use the toilets and change rooms of your affirmed gender and be referred to by the name of your affirmed gender too,’ read a statement, issued by Coles.

The statement leans heavily toward sentiments of anti-discrimination and equity – which is fine, one is simply left to wonder where this emotionally sensitive Coles hurt-feelings committee was when it was ruthlessly sacking unvaccinated staff who simply wanted to keep their jobs and their body autonomy at the same time. Coles went one step further, attempting to impose its vaccination policies on unrelated suppliers, contractors, partners, and anyone working onsite.

And no. If you’re an employee with a non-gender related medical or emotional issue, you’ll have to plan ahead and sacrifice some of your holiday leave when you run out of the standard state-sanctioned medical allotment. No one is going to give you a Woke Virtue point for a hip replacement.

New $75K fine and jail time for South Australians who breach Labor’s Covid rules

from Diane Daryton Buckland

Anyone found breaching Covid rules in South Australia could be punished with two years jail as new laws are set to sail through state parliament this week.
LABOR PREMIER Peter Malinauskas orchestrated a shock cross-bench deal with support from the Greens and SA Best, but the opposition and civil liberties groups have voiced their fury at the move.
“Labor did a quick backroom deal because Peter Malinauskas is desperate to have the power to lock up (people) and dish out huge Covid-19 fines at the drop of a hat,” a Liberal Party spokesman told the Adelaide Advertiser.
Under the Public Health Act legislation, individuals who breach isolation requirements, or ignore vaccination mandates and mask rules in high-risk settings such as hospitals or nursing homes, can be fined $20,000 or face two years in prison.
Businesses found to be breaking those rules can be hit with a massive $75,000 fine.

Morrison pushes “WHO” control of Australian health

Australian LNP in election mode, PM Scott Morrison informed people he will be handing our nation’s health over to the World Health Organisation if elected.


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