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Covid patients successfully treated with hydroxychloroquine – Professor Borody

by Alison Ryan

This is an interesting article published 30 January 2020. One of the authors is Thomas Borody, Centre for Digestive Diseases, Sydney, Australia

December 2019, the virus, which would cause a worldwide pandemic, was first identified in the city of Wuhan, China. In January 2020, it was implicated in various pneumonia cases, and was rapidly isolated from a bronchoalveolar lavage sample, analyzed via next-generation sequencing (NGS), and identified to be a novel betacoronavirus, the same family of viruses responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS).

This new virus, named the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) on February 11, 2020 by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), has now been implicated in over 13.4 million cases worldwide, and over 580,000 deaths. Over 138,000 of these deaths have been in the United States alone.

Patients tested PCR positive by nasopharyngeal swab were treated by their primary care physicians with Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Azithromycin (Zpack), vitamin C (3000 mg), vitamin D (3000 IU), and zinc (50 mg) for 10 days…5 and 6 days respectively after therapy regimens were initiated patients reported symptom clearance.

Coronaviridae is a family of enveloped, single-stranded, positive-sense RNA viruses. The total length of the genome is 30 Kb, consisting of a 5′-terminal noncoding region, an open reading frame (ORF) 1a/b-coding region, an S region encoding the spike glycoprotein (S protein), an E region encoding the envelope protein (E protein), an M region encoding the membrane protein (M protein), an N region encoding the nucleocapsid protein (N protein), and a 3′-terminal noncoding region. Among them, the poly protein encoded in the ORF1a/b region of the nonstructural protein can be cut by 3CLpro and PLpro of the virus to form RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and helicase, which guides the replication, transcription, and translation of the virus genome. The M and E proteins are involved in the formation of the envelope, while the N protein is involved in assembly. The spike protein which binds to the receptor of the host cell confers specificity for viral invasion into susceptible cells.

Once decoded, the SARS-CoV-2 genome was found to share high sequence identity with the bat coronavirus, BatCoV RaTG13 (96.2%). Upon further investigation, it was discovered that SARS-CoV-2 harbored significant sequence homology with the viruses responsible for SARS and MERS, with a notable exception found in the receptor binding domain (RBD). Shang et al. elucidated the RBD structure of the human of the human ACE2 receptor (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2), demonstrating that the replacement of several residues within the protein caused it to have a much more compact hydrophobic pocket. This change increased the binding affinity of SARS-CoV-2 to ACE2 as compared to SARS-CoV.

While this has contributed to its greater virulence, it also represents a potential therapeutic target…the therapeutic effect of CQ may be a result of its ability to neutralize the endosome-lysosomal acidic pH and block the protease activity necessary for viral entry – possibly evidenced by the HCQ treated patients in this study that appeared to have cleared the virus.

SARS-CoV-2 appears to be mutating at an alarming rate, as reported in the Icelandic study which identified the presence of 291 sequence variants that were not present in the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID) reference database as of March 22, 2020.

Thomas Borody is one of the authors for this study.
Centre for Digestive Diseases, Sydney, Australia
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 from patient fecal samples by whole genome sequencing | Gut Pathogens | Full Text (

Barcelona Games opening ceremony 1992 was Covid predictive programming

The world has fallen for Deep State’s decades-long massive campaign to depopulate its citizens and the incredible ability of the perpetrators to effectively condition the minds of so many to commit hara-kari.

Television started the mindset, then cell phones finished it off. Coupled with Telstra’s 5G network the mRNA gene manipulation and graphene oxide concoction, will the vaxxed transform into Hollywood ghouls?

RAT tests just as inaccurate as the PCR test

Letter to the Editor

Vaccine crimes were/are only possible due to criminal misuse of
Corman/Drosten PCR test.

Now the German PEI has determined that 9 in 10 RAT tests are useless.

Unless the effective tests are named by the AU government and others, published Covid infection statistics cannot be trusted. Again.

Germany: Useless rapid antigen tests under the magnifying

“The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), the German medical regulatory body and research institution for vaccines and biomedicines, which is also a WHO Collaborating Centre for quality assurance, has found out that 92 percent of rapid antigen tests are useless.
Among them are bogus products like Absology Co. Ltd. ACAR-020, a rapid antigen test that has a sensitivity of 0 (zero) percent. This means that it is unable to correctly identify even one of the samples. The same applies to the “New Coronavirus Protein Detection Kit” from Beijing Savant Biotechnology. This test is also wrong 100 percent of the time. And the two tests are not the only complete failures.
The Paul Ehrlich Institute describes an antigen rapid test as useful if it has a sensitivity of over 30 percent. According to the website ScienceFiles, this is highly problematic because a rapid antigen test with a sensitivity of 30 percent means that it will give incorrect results 70 percent of the time.

from Kev Moore


Warning against Novavax

Novavax COVID-19 vaccine provisionally approved for use in Australia
It is hoped the approval will convince some vaccine-hesitant > (read, no vax, thankyou) < people to finally get inoculated.

Dr. Fleming Warns Against Novavax

Ray Hadley a ‘rabid anti-vaxx hate peddler’ listened to by sheeples

Letter to the Editor

Another tragic death of a innocent child from the population culling program of Scomo and Albo on behalf of the psychopaths who run the globalist masonic/ Jesuit “new world order”. 

I doubt the figure quoted is 6 little children. At least 2 were killed five months ago in Hazzard’s criminal forced injection of school kids in Sydney. One ward in Perth Royal hospital is entirely filled with sick and dying young people with myocarditis after the kill shot. Nearly 40. Adelaide is just as bad. Doctors are threatened against talking about it by their psychopath Premiers.

I have sympathy for the poor little boy,  very little for his parents. No  doubt they have ignored the huge street protests of over 1.5 million people across Australia in  the last six months as just a few irresponsible Anti Vaxxers. 

No doubt  like so many sheep in our doomed country they followed faithfully the mainstream media lies about this deadly scamdemic and the need to be made “Safe”. With a “safe, effective vaccine”. Baa.

The same corrupt lot who have just got a $100million reasons to lie. The tax free dollars oils the lying mouths of such sociopaths as radio 2GB Hadley. A rabid “anti vaxers” hate peddler. 

The term Anti-Vax was created as a policy to silence real scientists and reputable Doctors who began airing concerns about what big pharma’s vaccine cash cow was doing to kids a decade ago. Anyone who uses the term is a payed agent of big pharma. A whore. A mouth for rent!

Just like the CIA invented “conspiracy theory ” as a loaded epithet  to negate real evidence that the Rockefeller/ Jesuit/ paedophile network better known as the CIA were involved in murdering, compromising or simply taking over the Government of many once Independent Nations.  

I bet these parents had happily dismissed the alarms concerning these lethal gene altering toxins, by Anti- vaxers as just rubbish. The father said he “trusted the Government,  that they were “necessary and safe”. Baa.

Firstly these injections aren’t vaccines.  They are experimental gene therapies also containing some very toxic substances. Years ago they were tested on animals with a 100% death result. Now they are safe??

Why did you not listen to those of us who have been warning about Agenda 21 for the last 3 decades. Did you just dismiss this as another “conspiracy theory “? 

You are in good company.  A million idiots also ignored all this. Now many will pay with with their lives in the next few years. Baa.

How can you trust a Government that has signed a binding International agreement to kill off 11 out of twelve of us by 2030 to “keep you safe”? Baa. Baa.

Why didn’t you hear alarm bells, when we were told that this deadly virus could kill off half the population. Where were the mounds of dead lying in the streets?

What did you think, when you were told by the media lackeys that just one shot would stop you catching or spreading the sniffles? 

Then it was 2. Now you became one of the dreaded “Un-vaxxed” if you haven’t had three.

Now the good news we are told,  is that we can get a “booster” every 3 months, or until you are dead, whichever comes first. Didn’t alarm bells ring?

These criminals invented the story of  “variants” to continue the lie to explain why the last 1,2,3,4,or 20 shots didn’t help. Do you understand that OMICRON Is a anagram of moronic.  The virus was never the focus. It was the vehicle to get sheep to submit to blackmail and the kill shots. Baa.Baa.

What did you think when the corrupt AMA and TGA banned the very effective treatments of Ivermectin and HCQ and threatened doctors who had been successful prescribing them. So they could push their lying narrative of “safe vaccinations ” as the “best way forward”. Didn’t alarm bells ring? Baa Baa

 So don’t try and shift blame to the criminals in Government, which is nothing more than a private company and the TGA . Your stupidity and need for a keeper so you can avoid the personal responsibility of a citizen, killed your son. Just like millions across the world. Baa.

Nothing can bring him back. This is a terrible loss and one which is going to escalate massively in the next couple of years as the consequences of playing God with our DNA begins to unravel. 

No doubt you and your wife rushed in to get the kill shot. You don’t have many years left if the advice of hundreds of good scientists is reliable.

Devote your time to stopping this genocide, try to save more little children from a similar fate. Don’t let the loss of your son be for nothing.  Fight to bringing the perpetrators to Justice. Lists are being prepared of those who organized or aided and abetted this crime.

Help with that work or something else useful. Don’t console idiots. Fight to bring justice and to protect the innocent little ones.

from James Lewis 


Covid scamdemic collapses in UK today, a major world news story not reported by the ABC

UK update

As unbelievable as it may seem, the ABC has not reported the biggest Covid news story since the scamdemic began two years ago. The United Kingdom has dropped mask and vaccination passport mandates, coincidentally after guilty verdicts were announced by the International Common Law Court of Justice against 75 international identities involved in the Covid scam.

Australian media remains tightly censored even though the NWO is in its death throes across the world.

The 5G network officially began in the US yesterday which caused hundreds of international flights into the country to be cancelled because major airlines claimed 5G EMF seriously affected large body aircraft avionics.

No mention of this either on the ABC.

World Series News (link at top) has reported on PM Boris Johnson’s statement in UK Parliament this morning.

Have any of our readers seen any of these events reported in the Australian media?

Police, health and education employees seeking judicial review of South Australian jab mandate

by Alison Ryan


A Supreme Court challenge to South Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates could be heard during the week of the state election.

Nurse and AFLW Adelaide Crows player Deni Varnhagen are among a group of four education and health workers seeking a judicial review of the mandates, which they claim are invalid.

Deni Varnhagen Adelaide Crows player wants judicial review of mandates

The Supreme Court heard two police officers want to be added to the case, challenging the mandatory vaccination policy for SA Police.

The applicants are seeking an expedited hearing and have asked for a three-day trial during the week beginning March 14, which falls five days before the state election.

A lawyer for the applicants also foreshadowed an application to have an auxiliary judge — either retired or from interstate — hear the trial due to any perceived bias arising out of the Courts Administration Authority imposing its own vaccination mandate.

The court heard the applicants would call Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky to give evidence about “technical matters relating to the vaccine”.

The group’s lawyer, Loretta Polson, said outside court that “compelling, scientific, medical evidence” would be presented “to demonstrate that vaccination does not prevent COVID-19 transmission”.

She also questioned the power of SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens — the state coordinator during the coronavirus pandemic — to impose mandates.

“We are amending the application to challenge a further mandate directed to police officers,” Ms Polson said.

“Police officers are now being advised that they need to be vaccinated at the risk of losing their livelihood and careers.

“How many more insidious mandates are to be imposed upon the workers of South Australia by a public servant?”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson removes most Covid restrictions in Parliament today

Will the Australian junta do the same?

Checkpoint Charlie could start soon

Vaccine passport please!

The Queensland Labor Party Corporation has placed these prominent, potential checkpoints at the entry to every town in the state where there are no immediate side tracks or exiting roads.

Cairnsnews asked the Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey why these points have been placed right around the state with easily detachable speed signs which can be quickly converted to any other sign or barricade.

He said it was a safety exercise to alert drivers to change of speed signs before entering towns. We omitted to ask him why new bitumen had been laid at each point averaging 150 metres in length.

The cost of this exercise would have been many tens of millions of dollars and when the Labor State is totally bankrupt and trading while insolvent, any other business would have been shut down and the directors prosecuted. Not in Comrade Annastacia’s kingdom.

The design of these checkpoints allows them to be used at the drop of a hat to erect vaccination scrutiny road blocks or whatever else Deep State has in store.

We believe superannuation accounts that had two trillion dollars in them in 2021 are being raided to fund the communist state and their upcoming plan to detain all unvaccinated people, the identities of whom are so far somewhat scant.

From where are the hundreds of millions needed for super payouts to the thousands of sacked public servants coming from?

How easy it would be to intercept and arrest the unvaxxed at these checkpoints then transport them to the Toowoomba detention centre. Comrade Premier has already revealed this camp is for unvaxxed citizens and for overseas visitors to quarantine.

International Common Law Court verdicts against Covid perpetrators

Video link to pass around:

The verdict by the International Common Law Court of Justice authorizes every man and woman on the planet to seize and destroy any covid-19 paraphernalia to prevent any further mass murders.

The Court’s verdict sentences seventy-five individuals to life imprisonment, seizes their assets and disestablishes their corporations, and lawfully prohibits the further manufacture, sale, or use of their COVID vaccines as “products of medical genocide and mass murder”.

Queensland Labor Corp demands state employees sign away their right to life for mRNA jab, or no job

Exclusive by Jim O’Toole

The Queensland Labor corporation has demanded state public servants sign away their Human Rights to life for the mandatory jab or get sacked for refusing.

The Queensland Labor Party has demanded public servants relinquish their right to life to keep their jobs which many thousands say is a ‘bridge too far.’

In one of the most outlandish documents ever seen by Cairnsnews, employees have been given the choice to sign up or ship out: Extract from the draft document:

‘This document sets out the consideration of the impact (limitations) on human rights of a decision to
require vaccination and to implement other controls to manage / mitigate the risk of COVID-19.
For the reasons that follow, it is considered the such a decision (as reflected in the department’s (draft)
COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure and Vaccination requirements for a is compatible with
human rights.’

‘Human rights that are affected
☒ Right to equality and non-
discrimination (section 15)

☒ Right to life (section 16)

☒ Protection from torture and cruel,
inhuman or degrading treatment
(section 17)

Section 16
A vaccination mandate, theoretically, may impact on a person’s right to life due to the potential for
adverse side effect from vaccination, however the risk of such a severe reaction is extremely low.
Section 17
A vaccination mandate and the potential consequences that flow may be considered to impact on the
right to full, free and informed consent for medical treatment if perceived that such a mandate effectively
limits choice because of a potential for termination of employment.’#

There it is readers. Now we know why there has been such an exodus of public servants in Queensland. No employee or any sane person would agree to handing away their lives to a communist state or any other entity. This is why 29,504 teachers have gone, 2000 or more police have been sacked and up to 900 ambulance staff have left the left wallowing in the biggest mess that this state has seen since federation.

We have been told out of 147 full time police officers in Mackay, only 37 remain.

Food supplies have been decimated because of a lack of staff, deservedly at Woolworths and Coles, and their shelves cannot be filled. The sheeples have not helped themselves with one Far Northern IGA store reporting two pallets of toilet paper disappearing in 3 hours.

The subliminal messages from television and its subsequent stupor has conditioned at least one half of the population to buy toilet paper. What will these feeble minded dupes do when the next subliminal order will be to get your young children jabbed with a deadly toxin or they won’t be allowed to attend school?

It has already started, albeit not in earnest yet but the TV virus will keep infecting the minds of stupid and irresponsible parents who have not done one bit of investigation into the probable terminal effects of the experimental mRNA spike proteins on kids.

And they should know they won’t get this information from the grubberment or the medical mafia that is the Australian Medical Association.

We really do have a plandemic of the vaccinated.

UK Olympic ceremony in 2012 was Covid 19 theme of Biblical prophecy – predictive programming

First published in April 2020

by Alex Bruce

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki was just on CNN, boasting to Brian Stelter about how quickly they’ve been able to take down videos with information that isn’t “medically substantiated,” such as the association between 5G with COVID-19 and advice to take Vitamin C. She says anything that goes against the WHO is a violation of YouTube policies and will be removed by the platform.

With Trump withholding payments to the WHO, Bill Gates is now their largest contributor, followed by the “One World: Together At Home” virtual fundraiser that was held online over the weekend, raising $127 million with the livestreamed performances of a gaggle of Faustian performers who’ve sold their souls to the Globalist god.

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones and Billie Eilish were just some of the 70-plus acts who took part, accompanied by Globalist luminaries, like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Laura Bush.

This has left some asking, “Where’s the fundraiser for America’s 22 million small business owners and employees who are out of work?”

We’re in the middle of a medical 9/11 being run by the Big Pharma wing of the Deep State, which will result in billions of dollars of government contracts in countries around the world, to build out the medical security state envisioned by Bill Gates and his puppeteers – that is, if it doesn’t utterly and irrevocably collapse the global economy first.

It seems that a majority of the local jurisdictions of the world are reading from the same lockdown script, clamping down excessively on their constituents, many of whom who are, on cue, protesting for their God-given rights. I saw videos of highly-organized, in-car protests in the Brazilian outback a few days before they hit Michigan.

This worldwide lockstep automaticity for an illness that has killed less than the seasonal flu is disturbing. Are local authorities around the world reading from a Globalist script? Maybe.

The opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics appears to be a massive predictive programming exercise for this epochal psyop and massive looting that’s happening right now, complete with a swarm of dancing nurses that perfectly prefigures the hundreds of Tik Tok videos of hospital staff in elaborate choreography, wearing masks and scrubs. Even the top of the Millennium Stadium was lit to look like a coronavirus – check it out!

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