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Germany found 80 percent of Omicron cases occurred in fully vaccinated people

(Natural News) A research paper found that people who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine had a lower rate of suffering a severe case of the virus amidst the pandemic.

(Article by Natalie Winters republished from

The article, which has been uploaded to the preprint server ResearchGate, relied on data from over 18,500 respondents across 175 countries. Analysis revealed that individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 reported fewer instances of hospitalization in comparison to their vaccinated counterparts.

MSN – a news website launched by vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates’s Microsoft in 1995 – covered the study, titling its article “Severe COVID-19 ‘Rare’ In Unvaccinated People,” but appears to have taken down the story since its publication. Archived versions of the article are still available, however.

The survey – “Self-reported outcomes, choices and discrimination among a global COVID-19 unvaccinated cohort“– was conducted from September 2021 through February 2022. Data collected for the survey was analyzed by an independent, international team of scientists led by Robert Verkerk, Ph.D., the founder and executive and scientific director of Alliance for Natural Health International.

“It is important to recognize that because the cohort represents a self-selected, as opposed to randomly selected, sample, the findings cannot be directly compared with other observational studies based on self-reported data based on randomly selected subjects,” emphasized the study.

Many of the unvaccinated individuals included in the analysis opted for natural treatments such as vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, and drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

The study also found that people unvaccinated against COVID-19 faced discrimination for their decisions, with between 20 to 60 percent of people per country reporting being personal targets of “hate or victimization.”

“Respondents reported feeling even more victimized by their respective states, with rates among respondents being greatest in Southern Europe (61%), Western Europe (59%), Australia and New Zealand (57%) and South America (57%),” explained the paper.

The survey follows additional studies reaching similar conclusions about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. A Koch Institute report assessing data from the German government, for example, found that 80 percent of cases of the Omicron variant occurred in fully vaccinated people in the country.

Read more at: TheNationalPulse.cofrom Gil May

Labor Prime Ministerial aspirants never had a real job but want to run Australia – God help us if that happens

Anthony Norman Albanese born 2 March 1963) is an Australian politician serving as Leader of the Opposition and leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since 2019. He has been member of parliament (MP) for the division of Grayndler since 1996. Albanese was deputy prime minister of Australia under the second Rudd Government in 2013 and a Cabinet Minister in the Rudd and Gillard Governments from 2007 to 2013.

Labor Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has never had a job in his life. He wants to run Australia. Our remnant manufacturing industry would close overnight due to climate change nonsense and every Australian aged 2 to 100 would be forcibly vaxxed.

Albanese was born in Sydney and attended St Mary’s Cathedral College, before going on to the University of Sydney to study economics. He joined the Labor Party as a student, and before entering parliament worked as a party official and research officer. Albanese was elected to the House of Representatives at the 1996 election, winning the seat of Grayndler in New South Wales. He was first appointed to the Shadow Cabinet in 2001 and went on to serve in a number of roles, eventually becoming Manager of Opposition Business in 2006.

After completing his economics degree, Albanese took on a role as research officer to the then-Minister for Local Government andAdministrative Services, Tom Uren, who would become a mentor to him.[13] In 1989, the position of Assistant General Secretary of the New South Wales branch of the Labor Party became vacant when John Faulkner was elected to the Senate. The election to replace him was closely disputed between the Labor Left’s Hard Left and Soft Left groupings, with Albanese being elected with the backing of the Hard Left, taking on that role for the next six years.[12] In 1995, he left the position to work as a senior adviser to New South Wales PremierBob Carr.[5]

– Wikipedia

Deputy Opposition Leader Richard Marles, a solicitor, would go along with Albanese filling up detention centres with un-vaxxed people and climate change deniers. He has not had a real job either.

Solicitor Richard Marles was elected to Federal Parliament as the Member for Corio in November 2007.

Marles is the Deputy Leader of the Australian Labor Party, Shadow Minister for National Reconstruction, Employment, Skills and Small Business, and Shadow Minister for Science.

Born and raised in Geelong, Marles is an avid Geelong Cats fan. Marles was educated at Geelong Grammar School and has an LLB (Hons) and BSc from Melbourne University.

He began his career with Labor legal firm Slater and Gordon. In 1998, he became Federal Assistant Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union where he was responsible for bargaining with national transport companies and managing the union’s activities in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

In 2000, he became Assistant Secretary of the ACTU and ran the Working Hours Case, which gave workers the right, for the first time, to refuse unreasonable amounts of overtime.

Marles was a member of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission and led the ACTU’s work on OHS. Richard also led an innovative program of co-operation between the Australian and Papua New Guinea union movements.

During the Rudd-Gillard Governments, he served as Minister for Trade, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Industry.

He lives in Geelong with his wife Rachel and has four children.

Government to pay funeral costs for COVID-19 vaxx deaths

Federal Government admits to COVID -19 vaxx killing fields

Why is the federal government paying funeral expenses for COVID-19 vaccine deaths instigated, administered and maintained by combined State Governments and territories with their compliant, and now accountable media death squads promoting that deadly vaccine?

How it works

In cases involving death you may be eligible for payment and support for funeral costs. We’ll make this payment to the deceased’s estate.

on this page

What proof you need

Before you can claim, you need to get your doctor to complete a COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme medical report. You need this as proof when you submit the claim. We need your doctor’s responses to help us assess your claim.

You need to provide the following documents with your claim:

  • the deceased’s death certificate or medical cause of death certificate
  • proof that you’re acting on behalf of the deceased
  • proof of any funeral costs and who paid, like receipts
  • proof of any amounts you got or will get from third parties, like funeral insurance.
  • proof of the deceased’s partner and children dependent on the earnings of the deceased at the time of death, if applicable.

How to calculate payments and funeral costs

You need to show your actual costs for the funeral. Remember to deduct any amounts you got or will get from third parties.

If your claim involves death, find out what you can claim in the COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme policy on the Department of Health website.

Website reference source:

Gold Coast Covid ward empty for months while vaxx casualties stream in

Previously posted Dec 3, 2021

Letter to the Editor
A QUEENSLAND nursing whistleblower broke down in front of a meeting on the Gold Coast on Thursday night, telling of the horrors of vaccine adverse events including stillbirths, deformed babies, blood clots and cancer remissions reversed.
The 30-year nursing veteran Debbie Jane Harris, who has resigned from her profession, said there had been thousands of adverse events while Gold Coast University Hospital had seen only six Covid-positive cases in the ICU in 20 months. “All of those patients survived and were discharged and some were double vaccinated,” she said.
Harris went on to describe how a special Covid ward at the hospital been locked up and left empty for “months and months and months”. At the same time health officials, politicians and media in Queensland were claiming hospitals were being overloaded with Covid cases.
Harris said she declined to get a vaccination because she could not give informed consent due to a lack of data. Dr Camm, a recently retired doctor from Logan, also said there was insufficient data on the vaccines.
Dr Camm also spoke on the censorship of doctors by the Australian Health Practititioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA), which has threatened disciplinary action, including deregistration, against doctors who speak out against the vaccine rollout policy. At the same time governments say people with questions about vaccines should see their GPs.
Harris said nurses had received the same directive and were also told their social media would be monitored. They had also been encouraged to dob in any colleagues involved in spreading anti-vaccine information.
The Gold Coast church venue in Carrara was packed to the rafters on Thursday night as business people and others gathered to fight back against the Morrison-enabled Palasczcuk vaccine mandate by rallying businesses that are determined to follow a non-discriminatory path.
The organisers, Undivided Gold Coast, also made available an employment network for unvaccinated people who had lost jobs. A special app will also allow people to locate non-discriminatory businesses.
The meeting also heard from an organisation called the Red Unions, which is a group of legally established alternative unions for teachers, doctors, police, and independent workers union. A small business union is also being considered.
Senator Malcolm Roberts told the meeting he was aware of four Queensland councils who were rejecting the vaccine mandate. He said he had put a series of questions on Covid response issues in a letter to Palasczcuk. She sent a two-page letter back but failed to answer any of the questions.
He also accused TGA head Skerritt of covering up post-vaccination death statistics. He said when he asked Skerritt about the 564 reported post vaccination deaths, he “exploded” and claimed the actual number was nine. Roberts said Skerritt, in a letter, tried to bully him into not speaking about Covid treatments by threatening to use some obscure power.
Roberts wrote back telling Skerritt to stop illegally threatening his right as an Australian Senator to political communication. He also told Skerritt “the government has blood on its hands for refusing ivermectin (treatment).”
Gold Coast Undivided can be contacted on Facebook or by email at .
See >

from Diane Drayton Buckland


More bureaucrats of the Australian medical mafia


We checked names on the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS) and they are different to those on the international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness. The ACMS is under the Health Products Regulation Group of the Dept of Health. The Treaty has the influence of the Dept of Health Strategic Evidence and Research Group with Agastya Bharadwaj leading the team managing Australia’s relationship with the World Health Organization.

Names at the 8 September 2021 ACMS from the link:

Nine members from the Commonwealth, States, ACT and NT:
Dr Jane Cook – Commonwealth
Ms Vivien Bevan – Australian Capital Territory
Mr Peter Gilfedder – New South Wales
Ms Helgi Stone – Northern Territory
Dr Julie Stokes – Queensland
Ms Angela FitzHenry – South Australia
Mr Sam Halliday – Tasmania
Ms Wendy Yang – Victoria
Ms Jane Carpenter – Western Australia

And eight additional members selected through an open invitation process:

1.A/Professor Suzanne Nielsen – NHMRC Career Development Fellow, former WHO advisor
2.Ms Elise Apolloni – Pharmacy Board of Australia
3.Professor Jennifer Martin – University of Newcastle, and Rhodes Scholar
4.Dr Danielle McMullen – current President of the Australian Medical Association (NSW)
5.Associate Professor Bridin Murnion is a practising physician
6.Mr John Stubbs – consumer engagement in healthcare
7.Mrs Julie Viatos – Consumer Healthcare Products Australia
8.A/Professor Michael Ward – University of South Australia.

From the 8 September 2021 ACMS Report the standing and invited observers were:
Dr Tony GILL – Commonwealth Dept. of Health
Adj Prof John SKERRITT – Deputy Secretary, Health Products Regulation Group,
Commonwealth Dept. of Health
Ms Gillian MITCHELL – First Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Practice and Support
Division, Commonwealth Dept. of Health
Mr Benjamin NOYEN – Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Engagement & Planning
Branch, Commonwealth Dept. of Health
PLUS 2 other names blacked out.

PS: At the 8 Sept Meeting of ACMS, Conflict of Interest declarations were received from all members. Other declared conflicts of interest received from unnamed others were discussed and agreed upon that they could be present and fully participate in the committee discussions.

Proof that the un-vaccinated are protecting the vaccinated with oxidative burst says vaccinologist

Letter to the Editor

Science is showing that this pandemic might never end. There is but one way out

I Am A Research Virologist coming forward with not new nor unknown information,
Nothing that any Virologist doesn’t already know and that has already been published in
Science Journals for decades.

My background is in Vaccinology, I was referred by WHO to make a vaccine for Dengue Fever.

There is a way to end the Pandemic, but first I need to lay out some science. 60-
70% of your defense are Neutrophils which are the first to arrive at an infection.
They make hydrogen peroxide in your lungs, gut, and thyroid called Oxidative Burst.
This action can be measured by a lab as an assay. You may be able to look this up on Google, or call a lab. When they attack with Oxidative Burst they Oxidize the Virus.

When you Oxidize a virus…It Reverse Mutates ( in Journals). This means that first it becomes more contagious but the Symptoms become milder (Omicron), then people start to not become infected from other people, then humans stop becoming infected, then the virus reverse mutates through the animals it came from until it
Goes back to the animal where it began….and it stays there.

This Is Why Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, SARS, MERS all disappeared (The Longest of these lasted MONTHS Not YEARS)
This is the REAL
Meaning of Herd Immunity. Enough people have recovered from Covid to Oxidize the virus and any Variants. No one who has had Covid should ever wear a Mask. They
Should go out in public as much as possible! After they are well of course. They truly are
Walking air purifiers….oxidizing the virus for everyone else, who in catching the milder reverse mutation can then oxidize it ….etc. The Virus just disappears.

A T Cell stimulant vaccine ( as they all are for Covid) actually encourages more
Variants to form. ( this is in Journals). The T cell response actually prevents the
Neutrophils response… Oxidative Burst. Even a Covid survivor will not be
Able to oxidize the virus after vaccines. They should NOT be given Covid
vaccines!!! You will BLOCK them from stopping the pandemic.

Do you want simple proof? Look out at the people swarming Ottawa. No masks,
Close contact, lots of hugs, -25 degrees, not much sleep with the honking, how
Is their nutrition? Their Vit D ? Zinc? Selenium? Doubtful. Yet…..they are so healthy?
No 1000’s to ER or hospital……in fact in videos I haven’t heard a single cough and it is well past day 5. Oxidative Burst at it’s Finest! Proof that the unvaccinated are protecting the vaccinated!

Please research this for yourself for your people.
I am in danger telling you this…..but you must know the truth to make the right

from Mary


Comment from:

Gabriella M Marchetti (BSc hons)

From one Scientist to another, If you can prove oxidization, then why have no Scientists Worldwide been able to isolate a live sample? The only sample available is a computer generated model of the SCV-2 CV19 virus. This theory would have to be also based on a computer generated model it seems.

Police Association of South Australia calls for urgent end to Covid mandates. Where is Ian Leavers from QPU?

Freedom convoy Brisbane February 18


Street Action – Sunnybank Hills State School 

THIS Wednesday 16 February 2022 @ 2:30pm (sharp!), 77 Symons Rd, Sunnybank Hills. 

Bring signs that convey a message of unity, free choice and protecting the children. Hand out literature (from reputable sources) that highlights the dangers of masks and the injections.

Candlelight Vigil

The current TGA stats are 762 deaths and 108,003 adverse events have been reported shortly after COVID injections. The stories of the dead and injured must continue to be told at our Candlelight Vigil this Wednesday outside the Queensland Children’s hospital. 

This data is the official narrative but the real number of deaths and injuries is much higher.

Covid 19 planned for a long, long time

by Kev Moore

February 1, 2022 — 2012 City of London Olympic Games COVID propaganda The Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, commonly known as Barcelona ’92, introduced the as yet unknown Covid Plandemic to the world unawares. It represented a deadly virus fighting on a sea of cells inhabited by a hydra injecting graphene into the cells – 1992 Olympic ceremony Coronavirus,

Do you remember the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 City of London Olympic Games, with the giant figure of death holding a hypodermic syringe; the nurses were dancing and all of the children were in hospital beds? It’s beginning to make a lot more sense now. This has been planned for a long, long time. And now the faux vaccine makers are trying to obtain emergency approval on faux vaccines and booster shots for five year-olds. The danger is the “cure”. Full story:

Comment: January 30, 2022 — we vaccinated four billion people . . . and you’ll never believe what happened next,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

 Daily Covid infections worldwide since the epidemic began, showing new cases/day (January 22, 2020 to December 6, 2021). “The inoculation of diseases” as per the prescient Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in Protocol 10:19; our goal is World Power. Like other apostate once Christian Western nations our elected governments have cannibalized national treasure, privatized public utilities and transformed the Police into roughnecks and thugs ( )  in open service to the alien agenda of eugenicist foundations, institutions and individuals that include Rockefeller, Carnegie, Welcome, Kellogg, Soros, Gates, Schwab, Rothschild and UN-aligned un-Australian non-Semitic, anti-Semitic Jewish interests. Full story: There is a worldwide upward trend of vaccine deaths and injuries. The latest official figures (January 2022) point to approximately: 61,654 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 9,755,085 injuries for the EU, US and UK Combined ( )

No jab for children says orthodox priest

Christ the good shepherd church in Wakefield (Fairfield) NSW priest lays it down to protect your children from any Australian government mandating of the deadly covid vaccine being forced on Australian people.

Have a look at the dozen dead vaxxed kids in the Sydney and Perth morgues Morrison and more are coming

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has joined a chorus of criticism against outgoing MP George Christensen, calling on parents to ignore his “dangerous messages” about deadly COVID-19 mRNA vaccines for children.

National Party MHR George Christensen warns parents, “do not get your children vaccinated with a Covid jab.”

The Nationals MP posted a podcast titled “Do NOT Vax Your Children” which carried an interview with outspoken vaccine expert, Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA gene manipulation, who has previously been banned from Twitter for warning against Pfizer shots for kids.

Mr Morrison instead urged parents to listen to the “world’s best medical regulators” in a statement late on Tuesday.

We have heard the best medical regulators in the world Morrison and they are not in the pay of Big Pharma unlike the TGA, you and most of your Cabinet. Like Barney Joyce said, you are a blatant liar and we know you just parrot misinformation supplied to you by vaccine companies.

Families of thousands of dead vaxx victims don’t believe you either.

PM Scott Morrison, best supporter of Big Pharma money can buy. Scomo is a good liar and hypocrite according to Deputy PM Barney Joyce

Sacked NSW Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian copped a $10m backhander from Pfizer according to UAP leader Clive Palmer.

Thank God you and your close friend Anthony Albanese, leader of the communist Labor Party won’t be in your corporate offices much longer.

And Hillsong can’t bail you out this time.

Riccado Bosi calls on all Australians to get to Canberra now, this is our last chance to fix the mess

Get to Canberra to help turn around Australia, open the borders, remove the mandates, restore constitutional government, no more masks, get jobs back, no mandates and leave our kids alone. No jabs for kids!!!! Graham Hood is doing a tremendous job, go to make the numbers count. Australian Federal Police are somewhat in control and remember the LNP corporation controls the corporate AFP.

Video link to pass around:
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