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University law school tries to head off milestone Covid litigation conference – Covid lawsuits the next growth industry

From Steve Kirsch Newsletter

The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire

ATLANTA, GA – In what appears to be a direct response to the long-planned Covid Litigation Conference (CLC 2023) on March 25-26 in Atlanta – the Georgia State University (GSU) Law School, in conjunction with state agencies, has suddenly announced a rival conference to take place two days prior.

Titled “The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire,” the agency seminar appears in sharp contrast to the CLC 2023, which plans on sharing successful legal strategies for suing some of those agencies.  The GSU Law School seminar was publicly launched shortly after a Rolling Stone piece covered CLC 2023.

Over the next 10 years, Covid lawsuits are expected to see tremendous growth. This unfortunate development reflects the need to bring justice in the courts for hundreds of thousands of people negatively impacted by harmful Covid-19 policies.  

CLC 2023 will be an opportunity for lawyers both in the Atlanta area and nationally to gain expertise in best-practices for litigating these cases. Participants will also have a chance to network and cooperate on Covid lawsuits with experienced attorney panelists. CLE has also been requested.

More than 20 attorney panelists include Sujata Gibson (Gibson Law Firm, PLLC), a civil rights attorney and Cornell lecturer who just defeated the NYC healthcare mandate, and Ralph Lorigo (Law Offices of Ralph Lorigo), who has litigated over 200 hospital negligence cases during the pandemic.  Other featured attorneys include Robert Barnes (Barnes Law, LLP), Mary Holland (Chief Counsel of Children’s Health Defense), Tom Renz (Renz Law),  Mark Meuser (Dhillon Law Group), Tricia Lindsay (Tricia Lindsay Law), Warner Mendenhall (Mendenhall Law Group), Jeff Childers (Childers Law), Bobbie Anne Flower Cox (Cox Lawyers, PLLC), Tracy Henderson (Founder of California Parents United), and Ryan Heath (The Gavel Project).

CLC 2023 is sponsored by the Mendenhall Law Group and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), supported by ticket sales and participant sponsorships, whereas Georgia taxpayers will foot the bill for “The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire.”  

“I’ve got to say it’s pretty shocking that Georgia taxpayers are having to pay for what looks like a petty game of one-upmanship – especially when it comes to the health and safety of so many injured by the Covid-19 vaccine,” said Steve Kirsch, philanthropist and President of the VSRF.  He continued, “The equivalent would be a university-backed seminar in the 1990s featuring government agencies telling the personal injury bar why lawsuits against Big Tobacco would never work.”

Various taxpayer-funded bodies and organizations heavily promote the GSU Law School seminar.  The purpose of “The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire” appears to be to defend Federal Health agencies’ failed Covid policies, discourage those harmed from seeking redress, and to mandate continued harmful policies through civil litigation.

The CLC 2023 welcomes an open dialogue within the law profession on the growing field of Covid cases and notes that no GSU seminar speaker has experience representing a single Covid-19 plaintiff, whether injured by employer mandates, education mandates, the mRNA products, hospital negligence, or other harm.  

“As someone injured from taking the Covid vaccine, I welcome this conference and am grateful to groups like the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation are out there,” said Jonnetta Poythress. “Many injured have spent years ignored by the FDA and CDC, who pretend we don’t exist,” she added.

Robert Malone, MD will be a keynote presenting prior to the censorship panel. Pierre Kory, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC, Paul Marik, Chief Scientific Officer of the FLCCC, and Ryan Cole, MD, a Mayo-trained Board-Certified Anatomic/Clinical Pathologist, will also be speaking as medical experts.  Lt. Col. (Ret.) Doctor Pete Chambers will be weighing in with his expertise on military mandate cases and Meryl Nass, MD, will be speaking on the medical licensure panel and is a defendant in a suit against the Maine Medical Board for issuing safe, repurposed drugs to treat Covid-19.  Attorneys will be joined by plaintiffs in current Covid lawsuits within nine panels covering the following areas of litigation:

  • Employer Mandates: State/federal, ADA, worker’s compensation, individual & class action plaintiffs
  • Education Mandates: Public & private K-12 schools, public & private universities, Title 10, coercion, informed consent, fraud, conflicts of interest. 
  • Medical License: Medical board certification, tortious interference, First Amendment, fraud, libel, violation of Administrative Procedures (APA or equivalent)
  • Fraud: False Claims Act, pharma fraud, VAERS fraud, SBA and PPP fraud, whistleblower protection
  • Civil Rights: Public access/accommodation, ADA, informed consent (state agencies), due process, religious liberty, First Amendment
  • Censorship: First Amendment, collusion, racketeering (federal agencies)
  • Vaccine Injury: Includes liability, informed consent, mandates by institutions, VICP, CICP
  • Hospital Negligence: Includes Remdesivir, denial of early treatment protocols, vaccine coercion
  • Future Litigation: Includes Mass Torts and other malfeasance.

While the conference is presented with lawyers as the primary audience, the public is also welcome to purchase tickets and attend.

Learn more:

Federal DPP wastes $5.1m chasing whistleblower then drops case on orders from Attorney General Dreyfus

from ABC

The Commonwealth has racked up more than $7.6 million in legal fees pursuing whistleblowers, with the bulk of that bill relating to a now-dumped prosecution. 

Officials from the Attorney-General’s Department revealed the cost under questioning from New South Wales Greens senator David Shoebridge, who labelled it as a “lavish use of taxpayer funds”.

  • NSW Greens senator David Shoebridge said it was a “lavish use of taxpayer funds”
  • The case against Bernard Collaery and Witness K cost the Commonwealth $5,510,829
  • Whistleblowing advocates have criticised the government for pursuing David McBride and Richard Boyle.

In July last year, Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus ordered prosecutors to drop the case against Canberra lawyer Bernard Collaery.

Respected Canberra solicitor and former ACT Attorney General Bernard Collaery

Mr Collaery had been charged with helping his client, an ex-spy known by the pseudonym “Witness K” with revealing classified details of a secret mission in Timor Leste.

The Attorney-General’s Department confirmed that by the end of January, the case against Mr Collaery and Witness K had cost the Commonwealth $5,510,829.

Senator Shoebridge also sought details of prosecutions against David McBride and Richard Boyle.

Mr McBride is being prosecuted for allegedly leaking top-secret defence information to the ABC, while Mr Boyle is before the courts after lifting the lid on unethical debt recovery practices within the Australian Taxation Office.

Officials revealed the cost of the McBride prosecution had reached $1,875,348, while Mr Boyle’s case had reached $233,171.

The Commonwealth’s spending in Mr McBride’s case was higher, according to Attorney-General’s Department officials, because of the extra work needed to protect national security information.

Senator Shoebridge described it as using taxpayer funds for “monstering whistleblowers”.

“Is there some point at which … your department reviews the lavish use of public money to jail a whistleblower,” he asked.

“I’m not sure I would agree with your characterisation of lavish, it’s a significant amount of money,” Attorney-General Department Secretary Katherine Jones responded.

The Department’s deputy secretary, Sarah Chidgey, noted it was up to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, as an independent agency, to decide whether to continue pursuing the two men.

“They continue over time to have regard to the prosecution policy of the Commonwealth, and whether it continues to be satisfied — and that includes consideration of the public interest,” Ms Chidgey said.

The federal government has been criticised for pursuing Mr McBride and Mr Boyle by whistleblowing advocates, particularly as it reviews Commonwealth whistleblowing protections.

Former Magistrate Heilpern told porkies that Covid fines cannot be challenged and thrown out – this one did not even start

Dean of Law at Southern Cross University, David Heilpern claims it is a waste of time challenging fines in summary jurisdiction.

In this audio of a Melbourne prosecution for ignoring a health directive, the prosecutor applied for the charges to be dismissed after hearing from the accused who challenged the authority of the court. What does the Dean of Law say about this? He has been telling porkies to News Ltd. How did he get to be Dean of Law at Southern Cross University?


Court orders CDC to release frightening Covid vaxx damage statistics

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)  just recently won a major lawsuit brought against the US Centre for Disease Control, requiring the agency to turn over its V-safe COVID Vaccine Injury Data.

In order to collect health evaluations following vaccination against COVID-19, the CDC developed a tool called V-safe that runs on smartphones. Over 10 million participants signed up and submitted their health data.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Fox News @ Night” with Chase Gallagher, human rights and vaccine attorney Aaron Siri discussed the CDC data on vaccine risk and impact.

It took 463 days and two lawsuits for CDC to turn over the data to Aaron Siri.

“Of the 10 million users within V-safe, 7.7% of them had to seek medical care after vaccination. That is an incredibly high percentage, it appears to me,” Siri said.

According to the data, Out of the 10 million people who used v-safe, 3,353,110 were hurt.

And 6,458,751 health impacts were reported by v-safe users.

Options for health impacts were:

  1. unable to work or attend school;
  2. unable to do your normal daily activities; and/or
  3. get care from a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Download data:

-from Gateway Pundit

Jordan Shanks reveals NSW Clubs money laundry

This video is some 12 months old now with a trail of legal corruption and judicial manipulation exposed by Shane Dowling of Kangaroo Court of Australia. Watch this video first, then click on the link below to read and watch the impact and investigations Shane has uncovered.

Source Link: Kangaroo Court of Australia

Whistleblower Troy Stolz and Friendlyjordies YouTube channel publisher Jordan Shanks have been hit with contempt of court proceedings by ClubsNSW because they shone a light on alleged corruption in the NSW gambling industry.

What is very disturbing and points to judicial bribery is that the contempt charges were only made public on Friday (2/9/22) after suppression orders were lifted and no evidence has been published to suggest any justification for the suppression orders. What makes it a thousand times worse is that the suppression orders were issued on the 29th of July by Justice Yates at an ex parte hearing which is a secret hearing that Troy Stolz, Jordan Shanks or their lawyers were never told about.

Legal system in dire need of overhaul

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor Herald Sun

You recently reported my appearance in the Bairnsdale Magistrates Court. Since that appearance I have discovered a High Court conversation had on the 7th December 1995 between Sir Maurice Byers and a Justice Dawson regarding S 79 Constitution. I told Magistrate Walsh that he was not entitled to sit without a jury. He disagreed and found against me, but if I had known of that conversation in the High Court I could have convinced him that S 79 Constitution means each and every Magistrate in Australia who sits without a jury is a serious Commonwealth offender, offending against the “Kable Principle” and S 43 Crimes Act 1914 (Cth). This attracts ten years imprisonment for any summary judgment with the transcript of proceedings admissible in evidence against the Magistrate under S 129 9(5) Evidence Act 1995 ( Cth). This is so important an issue it warrants an article on its own. This is a huge story.

Peter Gargan


South African people seek to hold President and bank liable for Covid crimes

by Kev Moore

A covid lawsuit in South Africa threatens the president and the central bank

This is the biggest case in the world right now. Not only are the People of South Africa seeking a ruling to hold their President and Parliament liable for the damages inflicted by the Globalist’s Covid-Crime Against Humanity, but they are also seeking a ruling that will liquidate their Central Bank in order to pay damages suffered by the People.

Where South Africa goes, so does the entire Continent. This victory will free the People from the Debt Slavery imposed by the Central Bank fiat-currency system, establish a gold-backed dollar [rand?], eliminate corrupt political parties, and establish Africa as the home base from which to begin the Nuremberg 2.0 trials for the Crime Against Humanity that’s been inflicted upon the entire world.

This could be the big breakthrough event that the world has been praying for. If the South African Constitutional Court was completely corrupted as the rest of the world, this case would never have gotten to where it is.

For further information, see this 17-minute video.

Aussie Cossack arrested and thrown in NSW caboose for 6 weeks

by Peter Gargan

Simeon Boikov AKA Aussie Cossack was remanded in custody by a Magistrate at the Burwood Magistrates Court in Sydney on Thursday May 19, 2022.

Aussie Cossack thrown in jail Thursday for as yet unknown charges

So far Cairns News has not been able to discover what offence he committed if any and the charges he faces.

It is time we got some lawyers in the Commonwealth who know the law as well as they know the Judges and Magistrates. The Police Prosecutor and the lawyer for Simeon Boikov put the Magistrate and Police in harms way because since 2002 S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) has been doubtful among the Laws of the Commonwealth and it gives sharks teeth to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights because it makes a breach of Article 9 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights a serious indictable offence carrying seventeen years imprisonment.

Further S 268:20 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) adds another seventeen years to the charge as it is enlivened when S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) kicks in. S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) bans imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty and S 268:20 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH) bans persecution.

Simeon Boikov is being persecuted as a larrikan.

In 2016 the Federal Court of Australia with 36 Judges sitting together on the 7th November 2016 made the Federal Court (Criminal Proceedings) Rules 2016. Under those Rules are prescribed forms CP14 and CP15 which allow anyone when authorised by the Parliament of the Commonwealth in S 13 Crimes Act 1914 (Cth) to allege by ex-officio indictment in the Federal Court of Australia that an offence has been committed against the Laws of the Commonwealth and since the Judges have made those forms, it must be assumed they intended them to be used.

Attempts by various people to use those forms have so far been frustrated by people who call themselves Judicial Registrars and one has yet to be accepted. In point of fact the use of such forms on behalf of Simeon Boikov  would mean that a form of Habeas Corpus exercised by the Federal Court of Australia  has been  created that attracts no filing fee whatsoever as the accused would have to prove to the Federal Court of Australia  the detention was not arbitrary.

Further the common law declared in S 4B and S4J Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)  provides a formula for converting a Commonwealth term of imprisonment into a pecuniary penalty. The pecuniary penalty for the State of New South Wales for having its agent the Magistrate and its Police Service for seventeen years imprisonment for the Body Corporate that is the State of New South Wales is $1,070,000 for each offence. The Magistrate personally could be liable for $214,000 for each offence. So too the Police Prosecutor. As the aggrieved person Simeon Boikov would be entitled to those sums for every day he is confined by reference to S 4K Crimes Act 1914 (Cth).

So where do we get a lawyer to check this out and trot down to the Federal Court of Australia and get Simeon Boikov out of jail and handsomely compensated for his inconvenience? Where are the Bar Association and Law Society when you really need them?  

R$PCA history of tyrannical power abuse and false declarations opens new inquiries

With threats of personal defamation claims against whistleblowers, R$PCA has so far silenced the plethora of irrefutable evidence of its corruption across Australia. Not any more.

The RSPCA has been given untrammelled power by the political parties to hound and prosecute unfortunate animal owners for highly questionable crackdowns which ultimately become quite profitable for the supposed charity.

As the flood gate is opening on blatant authority given to them purportedly to protect animals the collusion and corruption between lawyers and courts have caught up to them.

The cases below are just the tip of the iceberg and we urge prospective donors to think about where your money will go with the RSPCA in Queensland and New South Wales. There is more to come.

Senator Malcolm Roberts2022

Senator Roberts reveals his research into the R$PCA with evidence of a massive coverup but the truth is about to hit home.

Farmer Ruth Downey – 2007

In February 2007, widowed NSW Pilliga farmer, 73 year old Ruth Downey after a lifetime of drought producing cattle did not expect the RSPCA stranglehold that engulfed her life.

Solicitor Andrew Wozniak was RSPCA State President and prosecutor at the same time he prosecuted Ruth Downey allegedly for not feeding cattle which experts testified were in good condition.

The R$PCA, Department of Primary Industries, Rural Land Protection Board and police on the 14th

June 2008, shot 48 head of her cows, many nursing new babies, and left those baby calves without milk, walking aimlessly around the paddock looking for their mothers.

The ensuing years saw Mrs Downey in court for animal cruelty yet expert witnesses testified the cattle were in reasonable condition and not in need of killing, only to be dismissed by the judge siding with dodgy solicitors for the RSPCA.

NSW R$PCA then President and solicitor Mr Andrew Christopher Wozniak, LL.B. (admitted to practice law 6/07/1984) along with fellow R$PCA director, Mr Paul O’Donnell LLB (Hons) – Barrister of the Supreme Court of NSW represented the R$PCA putting together a legal team considered suitable for a full murder trial.

Wozniac was the prosecutor and the RSPCA State President at the same time he had Mrs Downsy in court.

The NSW-RSPCA prosecution team from Smythe Wozniak Solicitors consisted of;

Senor Counsel (King – 1week)

Instructing Solicitor (Wozniak)

Senior Counsel (Sutherland – 2 weeks)

Junior Counsel (O’Donnell)   

The Wozniak RSPCA expenses account presented to Ruth Downey and approved by the judge was $267,577.27. RSPCA paid the legal bill to Wozniac from public donations.

Since then the R$PCA NSW placed a caveat over her property so when she passes away the R$PCA get the farm.

Read this book.

Farmer John Hertslet – 2007

This video is 100% filmed by the R$PCA NSW showing the damning evidence of how unaccountable this public organisation was back then to how well they remain immune and entrenched today. It is your donations that support this so-called charitable organisation.

3.5 million hits were recorded on Facebook of this John Hertslet video

R$PCA medical experiments on dogs in Shelter

  • contributed

Police Commissioner claims she is above the law and cannot be charged with any criminal offence in her position

Labor Magistrate throws out charges

Charges against the Queensland Police Commissioner for failing to provide regular tyre-spike training to her officers have been dismissed.

Katarina Carroll had been charged with two counts of failing to comply with her health and safety duties between January 1, 2012, and June 30, 2019. During this 7½-year period, 26 officers were injured on the job while deploying tyre spikes.

Qld Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, from Herberton, says she cannot be prosecuted for any offence in her position

She sought to have the charges, brought by the Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor, thrown out because she was not in the top job during the period alleged, and she claimed she couldn’t be charged with criminal offences in her position.

The charges were filed on February 1, 2021. The first charge relates to officers being put at risk by the Commissioner’s actions, while the second relates to risks to members of the public.

Magistrate Stephen Courtney handed down his decision at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday afternoon.

He said that after reading through the Work Health and Safety Act and The Police Service Administration Act, he found the police commissioner herself could not be a defendant.

Police Inspector John Bosnjak, brother to Commissioner Katarina Carroll, hails from the Herberton district of FNQ. He is able to be charged and was fined $500 for drink driving in 2019

“Ultimately, I am satisfied section 248 does not authorise the office of the commissioner of the police service to be named as a defendant and a complaint will be in breach of the work health and safety act,” he said.

“I am also satisfied the office of the commissioner of the police service is not otherwise a legal personality capable of being so named.”

Judge Courtney also said the particulars around practical measures of spikes were at times “inconsistent” but followed legal obligations overall.

“The particulars read together tell the commissioner what duty owed, when it failed to comply with the duty, what it did in attempting to comply with duty, what additional measures were practical … I am satisfied the particulars read as a whole satisfy those requirements,” he said. – Brisbane Times

Wayne Glew’s WA court case adjourned until May 5

from Alison Ryan

Wayne Glew is a retired police officer from Geraldton, Western Australia.
News of Wayne getting arrested has outraged Freedom Convoy Activists. (February 10, 2022)

According to the video that was released on Twitter, Wayne was arrested for inciting others to commit an indictable offence. His wife recorded the video of him questioning the officers who came to arrest him, which resulted in the flow of news. The video shows him questioning the officer about the reason for his arrest and the evidence. The officer showed him a copy of a statement that had been issued for a search warrant, as well as his arrest.
However, he claimed that the warrant was not signed, and that they were doing it to shut him out. The team responded by explaining that the original copy of the warrant is only signed, not the copy that is to be given to the perpetrator.
And the video abruptly ends with the officer attempting to grab the camera

ABC news reported on Friday 11 Feb 2022: It is alleged Mr Glew posted a series of videos on social media where he used threatening language and incited others to arrest government ministers and public officials after documents claiming to be arrest warrants were handed in at Perth Police Station in January. He was granted bail and will face the Geraldton Magistrates Court in March.

Listen to Interview with Wayne Glew beginning at 6:10 on video Warning Over The 75 Arrest Warrants.

Update on Wayne Glew’s court case. The Magistrate adjourned the case until May 5.

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