COVID Fanatics Melt Down Over Twitter Removing Censorship Rules

By Kathleen J. Anderson – December 1, 2022

The left-wing Twitterheads have got to be exhausted because it has been one epic meltdown after another thanks to Elon Musk’s push for a transparent and free speech social media platform. Oh, the humanity!

Most recently, the hyperbole-laden tweets from the left establishment have been focused on a recent change to Twitter policy regarding COVID-19. Ah, COVID. Do you remember when we used to call it The Rona? 

COVID seems like that ex-boyfriend you wish you could erase from your memory but likes to keep popping up on your memory feed, reminding you about your past poor life decisions. Unfortunately, for the left, it’s more like that bad boy ex-boyfriend they can’t seem to quit.

Now, that Twitter ended ‘Covid misinformation’ policies, let’s review the Experts™ misinformation: 1. 15 days to slow the spread 2. Masks work 3. Lockdowns work 4. Natural immunity is a myth 5. mRNA shots are vaccines 6. Covid shots stop transmission 7. ‘100% safe & effective’

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About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Alison cant get links to work. Ed


  2. It seems that I’ve been blocked from posting links to your site. I keep getting message from WordPress duplicate comment BUT that’s not true.


  3. Extreme Government Censorship has made it almost impossible to post information differing from corrupt and Tyrannical Governments. I type up some information and post to a website where I know at least someone will get to see it. It shouldn’t be like this it’s absolutely Destroyed All our Freedoms Rights and Choices.

    Find some important information on link below.
    Thank you. Diane



  4. Alison – “Last week Australians were witness to one of the most irresponsible reckless acts of poor governance in modern memory”

    Thanks for the info.

    I am 100% sure that well before any proposed legislation is tabled for submission, discussion, amendment, review, etc, the outcome is already known and agreed upon by the main parties and their lackeys.

    The process for passing the legislation is in reality no longer needed, it is now a pretence, a show put on for the gullible people.

    Not just the elections are rigged.


  5. “Classic divide and rule? ”

    You guessed it! Small groups are more manageable than large gatherings.

    But since according to some we are now supposedly a “communist” country under the control of Communist China it is a mystery that we have an “indigenous class” in a “classless” society which promotes a hierarchy of separate “nations” in the one Australian nation.

    Confused enough to throw your hands up and call it all too hard? You’re meant to be! lol

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  6. The Twittersphere is trending towards the social credit score.
    Senator Antic maps it out

    Senator Antic exposes Australia’s plan for digital currencies, digital ids and social credit scores


  7. Seems to me the indigenous people are becoming more racist against the whites! Classic divide and rule? David Hodgen 0411595322

    There is no shelter for evil.


  8. News from One Nation:
    “Last week Australians were witness to one of the most irresponsible reckless acts of poor governance in modern memory. Anthony Albanese’s Labor party, with help from their obedient Green lackeys and one rookie Senator forever to be known as “Doormat” Dave Pocock, rushed through some of the most radical changes to Australia’s IR system we have seen in decades.”

    “Labor allowed for little over a month for an investigation into their legislation. Hardly enough time for struggling small business owners to put together a submission. When the legislation was introduced into the Senate it came with pages of amendments, none of which had been examined by the Senate. Then after a few hours of debate Labor, Greens and the hapless Doormat voted to end the debate and rush this reckless legislation through. They also chose to vote down One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts’ amendment to the legislation that would have ended COVID-19 vaccine coercion.”

    “Labor/Green/Doormat coalition also teamed up to vote down a proposal by Senator Hanson for an inquiry into the huge increase in Australian children being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and treated with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.”

    More: Labor and Greens deny inquiry into gender dysphoria @

    “We’ve had a huge increase, now parents teaching their own children at home because they don’t like what’s being taught in the classrooms,” Ms Hanson told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

    Watch: Australia education system needs saving: One Nation Leader @


  9. Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey Australia!

    Credit: American patriot twitter


  10. Yes: Implosion creates a problem for primitive contemporary physicists/biologists, as it simultaneously equates to de-materialisation: a concept which they fear due to a lack of corresponding intelligence. What people must realise, is that the implosion can be halted at different stages of the operation. Obviously, you don’t want a complete implosion: as there’s no return. It needs to be controlled.

    Implosion physics is synonymous with centripetal force, de-materialisation, and levity [i.e. anti-gravity]: they are all inseparable phenomena of a single phenomenon.

    As a simple theoretical example: watch a slow motion video of a jet plane exhaust [explosion], then reverse the footage [implosion]. It is now easy to see, the exploded, diffused and visible exhaust substance, withdraw and revert back to its source.

    In a real empirical example, although appearing to visually de-materialise, what actually occurs is a material retraction and condensation into a ‘perceived invisibility’ [like a collapsed star].

    Conversely, after the application of the controlled partial implosion, the process is followed by an equally controlled ‘re-activation of the explosion process,’ which causes the de-condensation and re-materialisation of the temporarily imploded substance, etc.

    Moreover, when applied to the human body [which is still non-public knowledge], what eventually becomes obvious, is the implosion of bodily substance, simultaneously causes a corresponding ‘reversal of time.’ As the imploded bodily matter effectively reverts back to its previous, or shall we say, – earlier state of pre-manifest existence: i.e., a former state in time. After a period in this condition, the centripetally imploded biological matter is allowed to return to its former centrifugally diffused condition: the long term effects of the process should now be relatively easy to determine.

    Best leave it there.


  11. ….could be an interesting Christmas.

    Credit: Bridgitte Gabriel Twitter


  12. Perfect Dr.! Thank You!
    “to un-manifest and revert back into former gaseous state” and “the further the implosion, the further the de-materialisation” applies also to the body/mind and its “life force connection within” as the “return into its own origin” – if it is so willed in a “natural” scenario/environment.

    Though Popper’s honest statement “Science should attempt to disprove a theory, rather than attempt to continually support theoretical hypothesis” will naturally slide into conflict within itself especially when it comes to “de-materialisation” and “nothingness” that can not be proven scientifically.


  13. “$cience” is only as good as the prevailing ideology attached to it. Ask Karl Popper about that. And if anyone doubts Popper’s thesis we have ample evidence of the fact in both the capitalist and the communist worlds.

    People like Tesla and Emoto and the like already have considerable experience of that reality. Real scientific knowledge and breakthroughs are indisputably subject to approval by the ruling echelons. The truth is always relegated to ridicule and obscurity if it conflicts with their purposes and interests.

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  14. A “cashless” society? Great! Once the power goes out so do all our assets.

    I also can’t wait for the bank to tell me WHEN and WHERE and on WHAT to spend my money on.

    That’s assuming I’m a good boy and that the woke government bureaucracy deems me fit to access any of it.

    And that’s further assuming no one has hacked the computers and wiped out my digital existence beforehand. lol

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  15. Video comes up “unavailable” on previous post, but I just watched it on YouTube


  16. Missed adding the link
    State Of Control documentary/ English Version from Ewout van Mansom


  17. A documentary for the “unbelievers”, if they can pull their heads out of the sand for about hour & a quarter. Good arguments & warnings against “Digital ID” & “Cashless Society”


  18. Yes the science Schauberger touched upon has many ancient origins. In one such school, the procedures of implosion were well known millennia ago [as certain texts testify], although in this case, the implosion is conducted within the human body, in what I personally define as a department of bio-physics. Similar to your mentioned Japanese studies, due the body consisting of around 8O% gas, mostly in its fluid, or liquid state, the process of biological implosion naturally causes the fluid gas to un-manifest and revert back into former gaseous state, and so on, dependent upon the specified degree of the applied biological implosion.

    What most fail to realise, is that true implosion results with the de-materialisation of the subjected substance.

    In the supreme scenario, what really happens is the imploded substance condenses into a collapsed point of ‘apparent invisibility.’ Implosion is identical with centripetal force: the further the implosion, the further the de-materialisation, etc.


  19. David, the government really needs to introduce urgently an intensive education campaign for themselves on how to pull their thick, self praising but utterly numbed empty heads out of their own rears. All the rest don’t really matter that much.

    Dr, – Victors son (to my knowledge) jumped onto the “healthy water” commercial train making use of his name “Schauberger”. He was in the land of the free at times accompanying his father and must have gotten some clue on what to touch and what is officially verboten.

    In regards to “water studies” and far deeper knowledge than Victors “surface scratching” by utilizing waters natural power there was a Japanese professor, Masuro Emoto who in life long studies “dived” into the molecular structure of water and its “invisible but very real memory” which always will force water to recuperate into its original state of being a “living entity” under normal earthly conditions that are not too messed up by humanity. That includes the liquid state, the evaporated state and the solid/frozen condition but also its effects on the human body, which apart from some solid matter is also fairly “watery”. As usual, Emoto’s work was shunned by $cience as well but is still partly available online and “commercialized” by some that really care (for themselves and their wallets).

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  20. Jo: Interesting essay, thank you for posting


  21. Hi daviddd2, re: “Is he by any chance talking about the Ukraine show…” Yes, I made that connection also, re their flagrant usage of swastikas. Not detracting from his Ye smackdown – it most certainly is hypocritical. But then that seems to be goin’ round in abundance these days lol


  22. A couple of the thought provoking lunar images.


  23. “Musk was quoted saying “I think posting swastikas in what is obviously not a good way is an incitement to violence.”

    Is he by any chance talking about the Ukraine show and its infamous Bandera and Azov brigades for which he is supplying allegedly free satellite links? It’s little known that Glory to Ukraine rates on a par with Sieg Heil when it comes to recalling the Nazi period of the 30s and 40s.


  24. Yes I read Schaberger’s works many years ago, his water studies were phenomenal, especially the energy currents that exist within unadulterated mountain water, and how it changes depending upon the pipe material, etc. His family were continuing his work if I recall correct?

    Any one whose done a detailed analysis of photographs of the hidden side of the Moon, and the very common unexplained aerial activity, will realise that maybe Musk and co will not be welcome on the Moon, let alone Mars.

    Their understanding of applied physics is simply too primitive.

    Tyler at SecureTeam 10 posts many good images and clips of thought provoking lunar photographs. Many which NASA forgot to erase [as they do]. At the end of the video below [15:30 mark]. Tyler thinks that due to the increased unexplained aerial activity now being witnessed and captured on people’s devices, the Government via Musk, may be sending vast amounts of worthless junk into space, through which to deliberately clutter and obfuscate the genuinely unexplained phenomena. Again, this is designed to control the narrative.


  25. Love or hate ‘Emperor Elonicus’ – you’ve gotta hand it to him for his candid expression of distaste for yapper Ye…

    In Elon Musk’s most recent Twitter Space, Musk shared how he felt about Ye’s recent Twitter ban.
    The usually calm and collected Musk let out a rare burst of raw emotion and shared he wanted to hurt “Kanye” after he posted a Swastika.
    While speaking about Ye’s ban, Musk was quoted saying “I think posting swastikas in what is obviously not a good way is an incitement to violence.”
    He would follow up his comments by saying “I personally wanted to punch Kanye so it was definitely inviting me to violence”.
    (Excerpt from TGP article)


  26. jo: “The government really needs to introduce a an intensive education campaign for people to wear masks indoors on in crowded venues, shops, public transport and to improve air quality,” Dr Read said.”

    Oh! Speaking of toxins, masks and air quality did the Green guardians of our atmosphere omit the massive CHEMTRAILS scandal yet again?

    There’s nothing like avoiding the reality of a bull in a china shop, is there!

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  27. Too right, jo! “Once the “Musk’s” chip or the electronic extension of the human brain is installed in the skull of man” … we won’t actually need to go to Mars to become Martians. But they may need to remove the recent bans on “conversion” therapy, eh?

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  28. auntieet… Somebody has to replace the arseholes who are on the way out. Adrenochrome has its limitations you know.

    Interestingly, it seems they’re finding it a little more difficult than the previous generations to hide their cult memberships. Either that or we plebs are getting savvier. 🙂

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  29. Hi daviddd2, Re: “What are they doing in the “no words needed” pic? Sharing matzo?” Yeah exactly. Highly illuminating and informative. Maybe should’ve come with a recipe lol. I have viewed a number of Nutritruth link postings here on CN – and have yet to see anything of informative substance or value. Their ‘revelations’ are invariably obtuse – and “need no words” is the best example of this so far! Essentially click bait. And rather in conflict with their mission statement:
    “Dots are connected so you will see the truth unveiled.”
    Personally, I discard them into the same waste basket as Nesara Gesara, et al.


  30. “Today, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others are in this category, firms that could not possibly have attained their extent of market control without both heavy financing and intense planning originating elsewhere”. – “The Richest Man in the World”

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  31. In matters of “sickness is health”:

    In a conference on Saturday, Dr Tim Read, the Victorian Greens spokesman for health, called on the re-elected Andrews government to introduce an “intensive education campaign. The government really needs to introduce a an intensive education campaign for people to wear masks indoors on in crowded venues, shops, public transport and to improve air quality,” Dr Read said. @

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  32. 100 years ago Nicola Tesla was a REAL scientist working HONESTLY and OPENLY on free energy. These days “Tesla” stands for the complete opposite. Greed, exploitation, bribery of political hierarchies, black mail and censorship of science itself, open arrogance telling mankind that any government of this world can be toppled if it not agrees with future $peculation or on sustainability or to “colonize and exploit Mars” beside dreams to annex “the rest of the (human) universe” for further destruction of ALL that can be commercialized.

    Among Wernher v Braun and other highly decorated/educated scientists being “im/exported” from Germany to USA was a “simple” forest ranger called Victor Schauberger, who would have revolutionized agriculture if not IG Farben had intervened by discredit him as a uneducated simpleton and surrealist – but Victor was in fact the exact opposite. Victor also had several patents registered based on “natures designs” resulting in “free energy”, harvested and applied directly to the “source” with only few natural occurring ingredients as resources and the simple gadgets that he had built. Before the end of the second world war Victor was ordered to work with a selected team of German scientists on anti gravity devices and it came as no surprise that Victor Schauberger also was ordered to USA for “screening”.

    A few years later after massive interrogations and psychological abuse on American soil Victor Schauberger returned home as a broken man while several patents of his disappeared or were hidden. He died shortly after his return home. (For those who believe that water is just H2O, Victor Schauberger would be a great start to expand ones own mind)

    In a world where science has become profitable exploitation of everything without benefits for the rest of mankind, sickness is health; ugly is beautiful, false is true, injustice is justice, hate is love, misery is bliss and black is white one can see exactly how Elon Musk and his buddies slithered out of the kosher script book – just to “save US” all. So, Elon and his cabinet on future Mars could be just a little more than a novel written by a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. Once the “Musk’s” chip or the electronic extension of the human brain is installed in the skull of man – the world will not smell musky anymore. Just a scent of roses in a surreal creation that has become our “virtual home”.

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  33. CnsNews, contributors & commentators, thank you.
    ron, Paul, DJ, daviddd2, blisskitt & you other ‘switched on’ darlings, couldn’t agree more, no fools. Great for me & others to read we’re not completely cactus going against “the planned game”, shows not all are blind to the bs from every angle imaginable & then some, from those that think they’re ‘elite’, we’re not alone & the crowd’s getting bigger, thanks to those willing to stand up & call it for what it is as I for one get ebb & flows with this fight. For if ‘everyone’ said nothing, did nothing… word, alternate & critical thinking just wouldn’t get around, we all know the expression (if it ain’t fck’d don’t fix it), obviously a lot of folk are looking at, (it’s fckd, fixing to fix it!). Not all hope is lost I see, this show ain’t over, good site to refer others to that are doubting a win by opposing & taking the mongrels on.
    Yes blisskitt, where the hell ‘did’ ElonMsk come from, space junk that fell from the sky, who knows, maybe not even an earthling, some sort of artificial nutcase, appeared out of nowhere spruiking himself, first time I seen it, it didn’t look human to me, I don’t care who says what bred it, or where it came from, it just doesn’t look real. I’ve had people try to convince me that I’m wrong not to trust him, that he’s one of the ‘good guys’, I think not, he’s as bad as the rest of them, another freak

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  34. Blisskitt: “Bil Gates mother was a Maxwell?? Ring any bells? some of you probably already know this, just sharing.

    You mean Microsoft wasn’t really started in the back of someone’s garage? What are they doing in the “no words needed” pic? Sharing matzo?

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  35. As for Elon I came across this article today. Interesting read. Elon playing a role maybe??

    “Using Elon Musk as an example, the man appeared to come from literally nowhere and yet suddenly “owns” the world’s largest auto manufacturer. Musk at the same time began an aggressive program of launching tens of thousands of communications satellites, and then SpaceX, “Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company”, the maker of the Starship, planning International Space Station missions, no less. Then we have Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion.”

    “In the last 100 years, anyone attempting to create a new auto company and brand has met with disaster, but Musk apparently experienced not a hiccup with the Tesla that is suddenly a world favorite. This would have required perhaps ten years of planning and design, the planning of factories and production, the creation of supply lines, the testing and certification, and so much more, but with Tesla this apparently all occurred overnight in a vacuum. Are we to believe Elon Musk designed the Tesla? There is no evidence Musk has the ability to design even a dipstick, much less an entire car, so how did all this occur and what was the source of the background billions required to bring this project to fruition? Musk played no part in the creation of the Tesla. He just somehow showed up at the end, “owning” the company.

    Similarly, the aggressive program of communication satellites that “Elon Musk” has launched; this as well would require many years of planning and design, to say nothing of arranging the launch facilities and obtaining the necessary thousands of paying customers. This again would require years and billions of dollars in financing but, like Bezos’ space flight program, this one suddenly appeared in full bloom, operating, launched, and ready to go. Who did the planning for this? It certainly wasn’t Musk, so who was behind it? And the money for all this came from where? “Musk’s” Tesla has never made a profit, so where would he obtain the billions for a pie-in-the-sky system of tens of thousands of communications satellites? Nothing like this can happen without a decade or more of intensive planning and an enormous investment, and obviously none of that came from Musk.”

    The picture is clouded because the political ambitions of the Khazar Jews cannot be separated from their financial intentions. “Musk’s” satellite system is eventually to consist of 35,000 communication satellites – military, not civilian – some of which are already being used in Ukraine. The Khazar Jews in the City of London are desperate for World War III, but they have no military of their own and must depend on the US (as the Bankers’ Private Army) maintaining military supremacy. If it hasn’t already occurred to you, the reason for this development was that the Chinese proved they can shoot down US surveillance and communication satellites, thus presenting an existential threat to US warmongering with China and Russia. The solution is clever, and also obvious: you cannot shoot down 35,000 tiny communications satellites, thus maintaining US battlefield communication supremacy. The financing is interesting because normally the Jews push the US to make all these military investments, but the US no longer has the money for all these efforts and thus they had no choice but to finance this themselves – and channel it through Musk to disguise the origin. There is no other source for the financing of such a massive project. It is obvious the financing didn’t come from “Elon Musk”, since “his” Tesla still cannot turn a profit, so where would he obtain the money for satellite development? The Jewish bankers in the City of London are the only source.

    This is the same as “Mark Zuckerberg” a few years ago buying and forming companies to manufacture military drones and high-altitude balloons, the latter because dear Mark wanted everyone in the world to have Internet access. Not quite. The high-altitude balloons were not for Internet access but for military communications with the drones that “Facebook” was manufacturing, drones carrying warheads that could communicate by means of the balloons if China destroyed all the US military communications satellites. So far as I could tell, nobody wondered why “Facebook” was manufacturing military drones and their communications systems. Again, not possible to push this cost onto the US military so the Jews in the City of London ran it through Facebook to disguise it as a civilian venture and hide the true source – and intention – from scrutiny.

    Back to Tesla. lf you take the time to read Musk’s high-school level treatise on hyperloop transportation[69]
    or listen to his media blurbs, it’s obvious the man hasn’t the intelligence to have attained his position independently. It’s not apparent, at least not to me, that he knows anything about anything, and I would say the same for Zuckerberg and the Google twins. These people are merely fronts for someone who really does have all the money. And the plans. But we are supposed to believe that Elon “focus-on-my-cute-8-year-old-smile-and-my-adorable-3-year-old-sideways-looking-eyes-so-you-don’t-realise-how-stupid-I-am” Musk, is suddenly The Richest Man in The World from designing cars and satellites and space ships and heaven only knows what all. What rubbish.”

    Author Larry Romanoff.

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  36. Bil Gates mother was a Maxwell?? Ring any bells? some of you probably already know this, just sharing.


  37. ‘Emperor Elonicus’ finally starts spilling on dirtbag Hunter’s laptop from hell – Part One…


  38. Hi jo, Geez! well they’re definitely a good place to avoid at all costs…bad enough with the morons shedding their spike proteins all over us. May be worthwhile investing in a still to procure ‘medicinal/sanity fortification’ lol


  39. Hi DJ, yes it surely has something to do with “brain fog”. A short while ago one of the CN commentariat (pcw..?) measured electromagnetic radiation at Dan Murphy which was around 10 as I imagine to remember. The guys must get cooked there beside their jabs and it shows.


  40. Hi jo, Great story. Have also had many such similar and infuriating “moronism” experiences of late in my dealings with people. Like trying to reason with robots. My theory being that they are jabbed and boosted within an inch of their useless lives.


  41. David, “Something has gone seriously wrong with our education system for quite a number of years. It doesn’t lift people up, it dumbs them down.”

    The other day at Dan’s I bought four of the same products which were reduced (for being a member of Dan Murphy’s reward system for discounted alcoholics) to $51.95. At the register a 25year old newbie, scanned the 4 items without the “membership” and came up with $223.80.

    When asking him for the result of 4×52, he looked at me like an alien and said BUT its here look while pointing wildly at the screen. A supervisor came (male in his 30ties) and a “price checker”. He detected that membership was not scanned, voided the sale and started again with the membership.
    Something like $218.8 was now the result Dan’s cash register came up with.
    As I was still not happy with their mathematical skills (incl the cash registers) the price checker went off to check the product.

    Again I asked for both still involved to use their own brain for a simple calculation and multiply 4×52. Again both looked at me, the supervisor saying “Oh I have a blank today” and the other “I am not good at mathematics”. “Do you have a calculator or a piece of paper?” I asked, getting slightly aggravated by moronism. Confusion again in their faces, “BUT, the cash register makes no mistakes!” Again asking “how much is 4 times by 50, four times by 2”?

    Than the store manager a end of 40ties lady came and stood smirking in a safe spot in the background, so I asked for a calculator and my two Dan employees looked clueless at each other but the manager pointed to the first cash register. And finally a calculator arrived and the supervisor calculated 4×51.95 and hurrah there was the amount I (and maybe Pythagoras as well) was looking for.

    Considering the fact that the majority of Commonwealth or “New world rising” educated customers pay and leave while trusting the life they live, leaves quite a room for speculation of all sorts including but not limited to EDUCATION and its BENEFITS of those who educate. A “smart” watch installed into the people’s heads will make a lot of sense – at least in “job terms and productivity”

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  42. Controlled Opposition is better than no opposition. The only question is: can the sponsors of the CO turn their CO figure into a judas goat. With Ye I tend to think not.

    During the course of his interview Ye ran the JQ on every subject from the Jewish control of the Western music industry to the historical fact that the Kabbalistic 6 million constitute the investment capital in the entire Marxist Long March industry of: holocaust shakedown/reparation/guilt etc). This does not make Adolf a good guy btw. However, it does suggest that Ye’s script calls for brand association of ‘good guy Nazis’ [Ye’s heroes] with holocaust denial [which is the equivalent of taking the name of the sacred J_w in vain] – so in that sense he is definitely CO.

    Looks like J-Force took a gamble and lost on Ye. They will relying on CO Alex to point the Nazi brand-association arrow at Ukraine and America’s most deadly threat – all those white supremacists (all heiling Hitler and wearing swastikas) which the FBI is assiduously organising. ‘Yes children, these are [cover your ears]: ‘holocaust deniers'”. But I digress.

    The XYZ again parses our torah portion for the day (latest outrage against poor persecuted Jews) and Ye as controlled opposition. Grab a fried pork spring roll and Chu the Phat.


  43. Think the eloquent Ice Cube summed up the perennially narcissistic attention-seeking yappper Ye perfectly – after he had “tried to drag me into his Drunk Champ bullsh*t”… adding “I didn’t put the batteries in his back.” Priceless.
    Yapper Ye may presume his hateful juvenile antics are ‘smart’ but no one has ever really cared what he thinks. Although the number of people he’s alienating right now might just earn him a “drive-by”. With any luck.


  44. Ye ‘s interview with Alex Jones on his Christian exposure of Jewish Power now massively trending on Twitter. XYZ has embedded the whole interview.


  45. The Fired Twitter Employee Applies for First Real Job.


  46. Hi daviddd2, Thanks for sharing that. Lol how bizarre!…do ya reckon it’s a chicken and egg thing – where he has deliberately styled/invented himself from the novel? Life imitating art? Geez who needs drugs!
    Was about to post the following entertaining article before reading your reply…so it’s yours now. “Emperor Elonicus” – love it!


  47. D Johnston,


    The German NASA scientist Wernher von Braun predicted in 1952 that a person named “Elon” Would Colonize Mars.

    Wernher von Braun wrote the novel “Project Mars: A Technical Tale” after the end of World War II and following his conversion from Nazi to American rocket designer.

    In one passage of his book von Braun states that “a Martian government was created led by ten men, whose leader was elected by universal suffrage for five years under the name or title of Elon. Two houses in Parliament enacted the laws that would be administered by both the Elon and his cabinet, with the upper house being referred to as the COUNCIL OF THE ELDERS and merely named about 60 people, each of whom was named for life by the Elon himself.

    The novel points out that the mission was possible because the world of the 1980s had one ruling government after the U.S. defeated Russia in World War III.

    Amazingly, Von Braun, a former Nazi who became a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, must have had a coincidentally inspired vision of Elon Musk colonising Mars. lol

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  48. Oww just take them out the back and shoot them. Give us all a break.

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  49. LMAO. Sucked in Twitter Twats!


  50. jo: ““We’re replacing a piece of skull with a smart watch, for lack of a better ananolgy,”

    Hehehe… Just as I have been waiting for a new hero Meschiah, along comes Musk! Right on cue, eh? lmao

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  51. Paul:
    “Not one of these points is even remotely true.
    1. 15 days to slow the spread 2. Masks work 3. Lockdowns work 4. Natural immunity is a myth 5. mRNA shots are vaccines 6. Covid shots stop transmission 7. ‘100% safe & effective’ ”

    “The application of a tiny, very, very, tiny amount of intelligence and even less an amount of common sense is all that is needed to prove beyond any doubt that…. we have been told the biggest lies in history.”

    A lie is as good as a truth to a moron. And there are way too many morons about who are happier to just obey and go with the flow than to risk thinking for themselves.

    You can’t do much with a moron as it obviously, and quite properly, senses that it’s too stupid to rely on its own intelligence and common sense. The worse part is that it INSISTS that you must turn into a moron too!

    Something has gone seriously wrong with our education system for quite a number of years. It doesn’t lift people up, it dumbs them down.

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  52. How will we run “our own” propaganda? With Musk’s push for a transparent and free speech and his chip implant for EVERYONE: “We’re replacing a piece of skull with a smart watch, for lack of a better ananolgy,” Musk said. All will love their new remote controlled heaven on earth and the absolute happiness it brings.

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  53. Paul – “Not one of these points is even remotely true.”

    The application of a tiny, very, very, tiny amount of intelligence and even less an amount of common sense is all that is needed to prove beyond any doubt that you are correct and that we have been told the biggest lies in history.

    How brain dead stupid does that make the sheeple, when they blindly (no experimental jab ingredients listed) follow the advice and dictates of the medical health systems and get the EXPERIMENT (the jab) and make sure their kids don’t miss out on the poisons.

    OK, early on in the plandemic nobody was 100% sure what it was all about and worried about loosing jobs, etc. That was nearly three years ago and the sheeple are still no wiser today.

    There are sheeple gladly wearing masks now, why? I have no idea, maybe it is because stupid is not fixable. Sorry sheep, not fair of me to run you down, sheep are way more intelligent than the sheeple.

    Go for it sheeple just do not try dragging me down with you, your choice, my choice, informed choice.

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  54. Saw a heading to an article just moments ago that people like us will be thrown in jail for MISINFORMATION. So, beware antivaxxers we might go to jail for speaking the truth.


  55. 1. 15 days to slow the spread 2. Masks work 3. Lockdowns work 4. Natural immunity is a myth 5. mRNA shots are vaccines 6. Covid shots stop transmission 7. ‘100% safe & effective’

    The biggest load of shit I have ever heard in my life and those who propagated this should be hung. Not one of these points is even remotely true.

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