Australian electoral system still plagued by fraud, solutions ignored

A sample how to vote card from Cowper electorate. A voter (below) who followed the Nationals card had their vote made informal because of what appeared to be two “1” marks. However a reasonable ruling could see the angled “1” mark next to the Greens candidate was most likely a 7. The only question is how the top of the 7 disappeared. It could quite easily have been erased with a rubber.

ELECTIONS analyst and former NSW senior public servant Lex Stewart believes some three per cent or possibly more of the votes in the recent Victorian election were fraudulent.

Stewart has been investigating vote fraud for many years and in October this year, in a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, went over the problems that repeatedly occur.

“Based on history and my experiences, I would guess that a significant amount of vote frauds, perhaps up to 3% of votes, were frauded in the Victoria state election – more than 3% frauded if some Sctyl or Dominion voting machines were used,” Stewart wrote in an email to Cairns News.

He said his investigations of this year’s federal election in the seat of Cowper confirmed the widespread problems including vote fraud, that still affect the Australian electoral system and that electoral authorities repeatedly fail to fix.

Although Cowper was not a marginal seat and safely held by the National Party for many years, some basic scrutineering by Stewart revealed the same problems in that seat.

“I attended the Prepoll counting centre in Port Macquarie from 4pm on 21 May 2022 till 2am to observe the processing of about 45,557 ballot papers from the PrePoll Voting Centres (PPVCs) of Cowper,” he wrote in his submission.

“Among all Cowper ballot papers, 4.93% were informal. During the processing of the approximately 2245 informals among the prepolls, I was able to observe and write down the patterns for 244 ballot papers.”

  • 122 were blank, perhaps indicating a determination not to vote, or total confusion.
  • 26 would have been formal under NSW optional preferential voting.
  • 20 ballot papers were ruled informal due to having two “1”s, having been filled in as per the How-to-Vote (HTV) leaflet of Pat Conaghan (see HTV below), but where there was a “1” instead of a “7” opposite the Greens candidate (see example of a ballot paper below).
  • 11 eleven had one blank square, and four had the 6 beside Caz Heise converted into an 8.

Although 244 ballot papers is not a big sample, the errors, when extrapolated into percentages of the entire informal vote, can easily mean a candidate winning or losing a seat. Even the numbers in that small sample could win or lose a seat.

Stewart’s submission pointed out that overnight security of storage of pre-poll ballot papers was a problem. “While these are stored in sealed ballot boxes, it would be possible, though difficult, to use long tweezers to pull ballot papers up out of the ballot boxes, and then to use an eraser to rub out a pencil number and write a new number,” he wrote.

He said if the statistics (20, 11 and 4 out of 244) could be scaled up from the sample of 244 to apply to the approximately 2245 informals among the pre-polls, then (Nationals candidate and eventual winner) Pat Conaghan missed out on 320 votes due to pencil marks being erased or altered.

“I think that the lesson is do not vote in pencil because a ballot paper might be altered.”

Stewart noted that previous government inquiries recommended a national roll-out of Electronic Certified Lists and/or ‘ECL Lite’, to be fully funded and implemented prior to the 2019 federal election. This has not happened.

On the basic question of whether vote fraud occurred Stewart cited some quotations and examples:

3.1.1 “That the electoral system is open to manipulation is beyond question… Fraudulent enrolment is almost impossible to prevent.” (NSW Electoral Commissioners, Messrs R. Cundy and Ian Dickson, in the NSW Government Inquiry 1989) [A side comment 19/9/19 from Lex Stewart – i.e. almost impossible to prevent under the system as it then was, but it can be prevented by implementing recommendations 12 and 25 above]

3.1.2 “Electoral fraud, malpractice and errors are a common feature of the Australian electoral system,” Alex Howen, Metropolitan Vice-Pres of the NSW Liberal Party 11/9/1999

3.1.3 78% of several thousand people voted “Yes” on in year 2001 to the question “Should a Royal Commission be held into Electoral Fraud?”

3.1.3 The Shepherdson Inquiry in Queensland found that ALP members had done vote frauds in 1986, 1993 and 1996. This was a finding by a judge, based on evidence

3.1.4 Dr Amy McGrath OAM has written several books about vote frauds. She first discovered vote frauds when she was a member of the ALP and was working during World War 2 in the Balmain branch of the Ironworkers’ Union, and was given a list of dead people’s names and told to go and vote in those names. She made 17 Submissions to the JSCEM during 1993 to 2014, and was largely ignored. Her books are:-

1. “The Forging of Votes” ISBN 0 9591879 3 6 – published in 1994, it describes Vote Frauds that happened during WW2 and subsequently

2. “Corrupt Elections” (with sub-title:- Ballot Rigging in Australia) circa 1997 ISBN 0 9587104 0 6 summary of a seminar with 15 speakers, including Sen Nick Minchin and Marshall Cooke QC.

3. “The Frauding of Votes” published circa 2002 ISBN 0 9591879 9 5

4. “The Frauding of Votes”, second edition with a 30-page powerful Introduction by famous crime-fighting journalist Bob Bottom OAM ISBN 0-9587104-3-0

5. “The Stolen Election, Australia 1987” (with sub-title:- according to Frank Hardy) circa 2005 ISBN 0 95871045-7

6. “The Frauding of Elections?” published in 2003, with Appendix by Peter Brun

7. “Wolves in Australia” published in 2013. It covers many topics other than vote frauds, which are mentioned as she predicted a new type of vote fraud to be implemented by GetUP on pages 451-455. (I discovered GetUp workers doing this type of activity in Macquarie in the 2016 election in which Liberal Louise Markus narrowly lost her seat).

3.1.5 Karen Ehrmann went to jail in year 2000 for electoral fraud. She said she was just the ‘patsy’ and that many others in the ALP were doing what she did.

3.1.6 The case of Alasdair Webster losing Macquarie in 1993 by 164 votes is described in Appendix 9. In brief there had been lots of deliberately false enrolments made e.g. on vacant blocks of land, plus many other types of deliberate vote frauds.

One conclusion is that the process for appealing to the High Court a faulty election is very difficult and expensive (perhaps deliberately so).

A far better solution to electoral problems would be as advocated by Dr Amy McGrath OAM and accepted by the Sydney Morning Herald which published her proposal for an Electoral Ombudsman – refer to appendix 4.

3.1.7 UK Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC has sent people from both sides of politics to jail in the UK. In year 2005 he published a good book, “Fraud at the Elections” ISBN 0 85124 708 3. I assisted in arranging his brief speaking tour in Australia, when he came here for other reasons. He was aghast at Australia’s voting systems and said “Australia’s postal voting system is a recipe for voting frauds” and “If the avenues for vote frauds exist, then one can expect that they will be used, due to the incentives of political power.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. nasho23 – “Each Vote SHOULD have an ID Number, which SHOULD be recorded against the Voters Roll Listing. VEC/AEC needed this as a Suggestion, for Accounting for Votes.”

    Good idea Nasho.

    Also, get rid of the AEC and put in place a system where the people count the votes, and/or at least be present at every stage of the voting and counting and any challenging of the results. Most importantly, no party politics – no parties, only reps from the communities.

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  2. Each Vote SHOULD have an ID Number, which SHOULD be recorded against the Voters Roll Listing. VEC/AEC needed this as a Suggestion, for Accounting for Votes.


  3. “Ben-Gvir, a settler from Kiryat Arba in the occupied West Bank, has been convicted of incitement to racism, destroying property, possessing a “terror” organisation’s propaganda material and supporting a “terror” organisation. Ben-Gvir also wants to expel “disloyal” Palestinian citizens of Israel.

    Bezalel Smotrich, chairman of the Religious Zionism Party, called the deal a “historic step” that will “develop the settlement enterprise”.

    Smotrich is a leader of the West Bank settlement movement and is seeking a massive increase in the construction of Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands.”


  4. “We never see our votes again; they are mixed with hundreds if not thousands of others; and they don’t have identifying marks on them..”

    That simple, isn’t it?


  5. Surely we can all excite ourselfs with pro and contra discussions about voting in democracies, BUT let’s first have a good look at DEMOCRACY itself. What better example could the “first” (and only) Nation in the history book of mankind be that was a DEMOCRACY from the very right beginning – the day of its birth! A supreme democratic star was born by the FREED Nations of the world – The nation of an ever expanding democracy, Israel.

    As “the free world” just had liberated the old continent (and the rest of the world) after WW2 from the “greatest evil” that had befallen humanity it naturally took possession as a role model of a global democratic design and “common” wealth, spiked with freedom and peace under guidance by “Western global Democratic forces” and their think tank as brains – for a shining, stand out Global Democracy. The land that was taken from the natives to make room for mostly (white eastern) European citizens with “ancestral roots” to the land of “their forefathers” was attacked from within by those “now homeless Semite expatriates” resulting in a “flawless democratic expansion of territory” liberating more jurisdiction for the HOLY LAND of David. The beacon of Democracy and human rights was constantly growing (not so very peacefully) and prosperity and “peace” was always paid for by the neighbors that could not be loved – ever.

    Jumping forward in time again, to the present day and hardly noticed by the soooo distracted democratic voters of the world, Israel committed to Democracy once again and VOTED for “the worlds most loved and favorite PM”, who always stood up for world peace and the fight against terror that threatened global democracy. Netanyahoo, a “native” of his land, was voted back into the parliament, backed by the hard line Religious Zionism Party, craving for “liberating” some more neighbors land for free and the famous and powerful Religious Zionism Party that stands for total “Semitic” freedom sprinkled by massive liberated profits from anyone – above all else. World Democracy will expand again while stamping down on their enemies that hate world peace and DO NOT VOTE! Though, as always there is a price to pay!

    As Israel’s borders soon will “improve security through expansion” the current negotiated contract of joint natural gas and oil projects agreed upon by Israel and Palestine will need to be re-settled as territories shrink or grow and should be constantly reconsidered during actual “change of ownership”.

    Another “democratic beacon of this world” and a great $uccess story of free doom further north: “A US convoy of 66 tankers loaded with stolen oil from Syrian al-Jazeera and the eastern region, headed for northern Iraq via the illegitimate al-Mahmoudiyah crossing,” local sources in al-Ya’arubyia countryside told SANA reporter. The US forces are plundering resources in eastern Syria, and they are not only stealing oil but also wheat, in cooperation with affiliated QSD militias, bringing out these quantities via the illegitimate border crossings between Syria and Iraq.

    Global Democracy, yeah baby!!! It’s free! It pays well (for some)! Let’s vote for another expansion of free doom and global profits till the lights go out and there are no pockets left to fill for “democrats”! Support your local politicians! Your armies! Your native oligarchs! The AEC! Stand proud democratic citizens of the nations of the world! “We” are the free world that our enemies are so ridiculously envious about and hate!

    Time has come to free oneself first and if that works out alright free the world from “tribal global Democracy” and the multitude of DJ’s proverbial but very heavy albatrosses wrapped around the necks of liberated thinker constantly parroting “DEMOCRACY” into their ears.


  6. Hi Paul Hogan, LOL it seems someone totally didn’t ‘get’ your 🤦 comment. F1 11 !!

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  7. nasho23 – “The Non Voters make it easier for the Red Commos to get into Power & to Stuff up our Country.”

    The mere act of providing a vote base (for Federal, in the millions) for the main parties, provides a means for them to manipulate the votes. Participating in the thoroughly rigged elections, guarantees that we will continue to be governed by private corporate governments, WEF, WHO, UN,etc.

    That is one main method of allowing your “Red Commos” to get into Power & to Stuff up our Country.
    It means that, as you say “Standing Up as a Real Australian, who loves their Country & who realy Cares who is Running it.” those voting Australians are in fact supporting the system that is “stuffing up” our country.

    How about we use our very own communities to put in place our very own reps who can be recalled for various reasons. So simple, but no, we keep putting back in those that want to harm, kill or enslave us. I do not see any positive benefits for those who love our country (has not been our country for decades) and care who is running it.

    It is no longer (just) the old threat of the Red Commos (I got that message in the Regular Army in the 70’s) it is the WEF spread across our federal, state and local governments, and the WHO, UN, central banks, etc,


  8. Thank Paul Hogan – for Standing Up as a Real Australian, who loves their Country & who realy Cares who is Running it. The Non Voters make it easier for the Red Commos to get into Power & to Stuff up our Country.


  9. “IF you love your Country, it Should be Worth Your Vote & don’t go to the bother of finding Excuses, NOT TO”


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  10. A Supreme Court Case in Victoria has taken place to challenge the invalidity of the Victorian State Election without a valid writ from the purported Governor of Victoria, Linda M. Dessau.

    “Supreme Court of Victoria – The concealment of treason”



  11. Thank you Alison. Yeah well, totally no surprises yet again. Sadly some or most of us have been asleep at the wheel too long. Off into the ditch…barely conscious and no tow truck or ambulance coming…….


  12. And furthermore, Glenn Druery, ‘The Preference Whisperer’, boasts how he manipulates State and Federal Politics in Australia.
    He takes credit for keeping the Victorian State of Emergency going.

    In a leaked recording Glenn Druery says,
    “a minor party has had the balance of power in this country at a state or
    federal level for nearly 25 years and my fingerprints have been on almost all of them and that’s pretty good’
    “and on and on and on it goes my opponents would say a state of emergency in Victoria…(laughing) you kept it going well yeah Rod Barton and Andy Meddick voted for it they did.”

    LEAKED RECORDING: Glenn Druery Controls State and Federal Policy in Australia

    #What A Rotten State of Affairs in Australia.

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  13. Thank You for your Valued Comment – ALL I mean, in all of those Words is this – IF you love your Country, it Should be Worth Your Vote & don’t go to the bother of finding Excuses, NOT TO.


  14. “IF Australia is NOT Good Enough for YOU, please move elsewhere”.

    Thanks for the reply “proud” Aussie. Much appreciated but unfortunately not possible due to the Australian governmental wish to scrap my native nationality once I became Australian. Just for your information Nasho23, before migrating down under it was crystal clear to me that I would rather enlist with Australian forces than with that puppet on a string military where I was born. And nothing in that prospective has ever changed even now. If an Australia that believes in sovereignty, justice for ALL, independence and freedom for its own people is calling I will gladly join the ranks of proud Australians that put AUSTRALIA first but will not fight for some American kosher oligarchs that pretend to have a quarrel with “communist” Russia and another one with “communist” China and call upon Australia’s forces.

    What herrings are you talking about? That SA Senator Antic, an Australian politician, asks for transparency in Australian government or that democracy should be democracy but without a communist flavor to either vote or to be thrown into the gulag when criticizing/not voting?

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  15. To Jo – I do not see the Point you are making – in regard to Voting.
    My, perhaps “Oversimple” View is this – IF you are a Proud Australian Citizen, YOU should have NO Problem, with Voting for someone to be the Head of our Government, as Someone has to do that Job. Stop throwing in a heap of Herrings to Confuse the Issue. IF Australia is NOT Good Enough for YOU, please move elsewhere. Our System of Government & those who are selected for the position of Prime Minister, may NOT be the Best in the World, BUT, that is what we have now & always will have – What We Do NOT Want, is Communism/Socialism, turning what was a Great Country, into an African Dung Heap, as they have done in the majority of Republics, in the World. IF that is what YOU want, then YOU are Welcome to go & live there. Cheers, from a PROUD Australian, who will Always Stand for His Country.


  16. And another fact Nasho23 to be considered in regards to: “I am Proud to have SERVED My COUNTRY” & so called Australian DEMOCRACY:

    “Transparency should be one of Parliament’s highest priorities. Australia’s Parliament deserves freedom from foreign influence. You’ve seen that there are many international organisations which say they want to solve the world’s problems. They claim to be striving to end global poverty or saving the environment. But are they just trying to sell their agenda for change by influencing the policies of national governments? The World Economic Forum is one such body. If you as a voter had known information like this about your politicians, would you still have voted for them? Australian politicians should be required to disclose their association with these organizations.”

    (Honorable Australians as Member of Parliament IN – Australian Foreign Agents and “trained career politicians” OUT of Parliament and straight into Detention!)

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  17. Nasho23, “Fighting to Come HERE to Live and to have the RIGHT to VOTE” sounds really great!

    Though in some parts of a “democratic world” people are FREE to vote and also are free NOT TO VOTE, without being threatened with fines, the loss of license, impounding of cars and property.
    The “chance to die for ones country” might soon take on a different meaning and that naturally will include ALL GOLD CARD bearers (retired or not) along with the rest of citizens/civilians that are being a part of this country and have adopted this “democratic under cover colony” as their home.

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  18. This is a secret recording of a conversation between Glenn Druery ‘The Preference Whisperer’ and Heston Russell, the founder of The Australian Values Party and The Angry Victorians Party.

    The call was recorded on 10 Nov 2022 and reveals how Australian elections are tampered with if the admissions and allegations by Glenn Druery are to be believed.

    Secret Call recording: Australian Election Tampering

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  19. Thanks Paul! My fine for not voting on at least two occasions back then was around $370 – to be collected by a governmental debt collector (that wrote the letter) – or else.

    Yes, it might have to do with fear to comply but also has a lot to do with the loss of inner peace. Peace which definitely will be disturbed by cuckolding, rubbery foreign laws and the need of a Jewish lawyer to cut through the maze of deceit and BS trying to be an Aussie.

    When I migrated to Oz to get away from an “American” controlled and occupied Germany in the late 80ties I must have done exactly that by becoming an Aussie that is an American subject hiding beyond fake/invalid come on wealth laws and a double dutch constitution.

    How about some laws that are solely Australian and for Australians?

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  20. A Miserable $22 is NO INCENTIVE to Keep Our Country from Communism.
    It should be made at least $222, and those who choose the Easy Out of Voting, might give it more Thought. IF OUR Country is Good Enough to FIGHT & DIE FOR, then it is GOOD ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR. Those who Will NOT VOTE, are a Weak & Selfish Lot and do NOT Deserve to be Living Here. I am Proud to have SERVED My COUNTRY & I am Proud to know I have a Country to VOTE FOR – MANY in this World, DO NOT & are Fighting to Come HERE to Live and to have the RIGHT to VOTE. Cheers


  21. Failure to vote fine is $22. Twenty-two dollars 🤦‍♂️

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  22. Hi Paul Hogan, Thanks for such an astute and explanatory assessment. Soooo many people have spent their entire lives (through ‘social conditioning’ right from infancy) allowing themselves to be cowered into submission by so-called ‘authority’. And fearful of the intimated consequences if they even look like bucking the system. Nature and nurture are always components in the ability to exercise free will. You either have to enter this world as an inherent questioning Rebel – or at least undergo some form of transcendence to escape dominance and hence become one.


  23. You do not have to sign anything to be deemed consented, your attendance is consent, they call it implied or adhesive consent. If you keen to dig deeper then in fact you are giving them the Power of Attorney claiming you are not competent to manage your affairs and wish someone else you never met to do it on your behalf.

    In order to prosecute you for failure to vote they would have to prove that “Vote Registration Form” you signed long ago was fully disclosed with you in regards of terms & conditions. Offer and Acceptance. All Admiralty, in and out.

    When I signed mine I was not aware that I was offered to be an employee of COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Inc. registered in Washington D.C and have to vote for new CEO or Director every 4 years.

    I resigned on the grounds that I cannot vote without been compensated, I am not getting anything back for my vote in exchange, and when someone demands you to do anything under threats of menace, demand it for free without any consideration given then it is the slavery (voluntary servitude).

    The only thing that stops many people around to stand the ground is the fear.

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  24. Paul Hogan, “I do not pay “failure to vote penalties”.
    Let us know how it goes. After multiple threats of the “collecting hounds” I chickened out 10 odd years ago and now shoot blanks or by writing “Australia is NO democracy” over the ballot paper – just to get my name crossed of the friggin list. I also ask the attendents for permission to “enroll” my bullocks paper directly into the waste bin but that is not liked too much.

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  25. As that famous man, has said ..

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  26. I do not vote, neither federal, state or local council elections. My consent is denied means my consent to be part of the fraud and be ruled by others is denied for now and for ever now. I do not pay “failure to vote penalties” and now AEC threatens me to escalate the matter, but I feel genuinely sorry for those who do vote and then brag about it.

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  27. Last time I went to a commonwealth voting pole the cubicles were not wide enough to fully open the paper which to me leaders to a lot of mistakes and donkey votes


  28. Europeans write both the numbers 1 and 7 with a short upward stroke before the longer downward stroke. To avoid any confusion they put a cross (like crossing a t) on the downward stroke of the seven. I would have thought the AEC would be aware of this!!

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  29. In my View, The RED COMMO was just Too SMUG, BRASH & Blase, about the Election – HE did not even Vote in his Own Electorate. Whe the First Vote went into the Ballot Box, HE KNEW HE had WON the Election – BLIND FREDDY could see throught it all. Channel 9 had Labor Back in Power, 15 Minutes after the Show had Started. Cheers.

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  30. Pen, marker or pencil? Why would it matter if the outcome of the fake election is at hand long before voting/$election day?

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  31. See, I told you this Mike the day after the VIC election; the fraud and falsifying of votes at the VIC election is TRUE. It has happened, just as I told you. More than a 20% swing AGAINST the ALP is fae ALP held seats in one part of Melbourne, but on the opposite side of Melbourne, in all of the seats that the Lib’s needed to take back in order to win the election, either no wing at all against the ALP or in a few key seats they actually had a decent sized swing TOWARDS them!!


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  32. WTF are we still being handed pencils to fill out ballot papers. I ALWAYS take a permanent marker pen or biro.

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  33. IF, we have an Organisation that will NOT listen to Complaints and will NOT take action where it is Blatantly need – WE have a Very Serious Problem, that, in itself, needs to be Fixed before anything else – otherwise we are going Nowhere – And, If I may say so, I think that this is done deliberately – I have held the view for some years now, that the AEC & VEC, Heads of Staff and Supervisors, are Tarnished with RED in their Thinking and their Lack of Actions – They need to be Rooted OUT.

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  34. There are many problems with vote tallying and especially transcription when it comes to OCR electronic counting. As a Scrutineer in the federal senate count in 2022 federal election I can assure any reader that the system and process needs an audit using a magnifying glass one every aspect of the count process…

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  35. Use pen could be one solution. Also write number 7 with a horisontal stroke as in Europe would easily eliminate 1/7 confusion. Simplicity is the winner as always

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  36. A very interesting write up on Election Fraud. WHY are the Two (2) Links Down – Rather Convenient to stop people having access to whatever info those websites contained – Like everything else that RED COMMO Labor have a Finger IN.

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  37. I don’t understand how the voter could know that it was made informal. We never see our votes again; they are mixed with hundreds if not thousands of others; and they don’t have identifying marks on them. Having said that,
    I now USE PEN
    It’s not illegal to USE PEN.
    You just need to BRING YOUR OWN PEN.

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  38. Hi Editor When do we wake up. The whole Election system is total fraud. You need a Lawful State Governor to write the writ. The Victorian Election Writ is under the Constitution Act 1975, commenced by the Queen of Australia for the Treasonous Political Parties. The Honourable Linda Dessau AC Governor sits in Treason. Daniel Andrews MP Premier of Victoria is a Traitor and sits in Treason. The Seal on the writ is a Total Fraud. Fraud in any Document voids the document. How dumb can we get. We can’t even read. Dick

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