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Professor Dolores Cahill tells thousands at Dublin rally to take hydroxychloroquine for Covid

August 22, 2020

Again the Irish are leading the way in fighting the medical mafia and fascist governments for destroying economies. Timid and dumbed-down Australians deserve to suffer for allowing the Deep State to persecute the population over a so-called virus no more harmful than the common flu.

Dr Dolores Cahill, a world-eminent epidemiologist says there should be no mandatory vaccination, particularly for children. There has been only one death under age 25 in Ireland attributed to Coronavirus.

The Queensland Labor Party Government has banned the safe hydroxyhloroquine as a preventative treatment for Covid 19.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young is running Queensland and has destroyed nearly every small and medium business in the state which has one current Covid infection and a total of 6 deaths.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young and the Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who said “we are at war”, should be charged for war crimes. The Premier and Cabinet  have made it an offence to obtain or use hydroxychloroquine especially for those residing in aged care homes.

Kick out Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk



This medical offensive against the elderly is nothing other than genocide. Throw the de-populating communist bastards out on October 31.




Elect every independent and minor party. Switch off your television and radio and don’t read any of the few newspapers left in circulation. View independent internet news and Skynews.

Palmer offers $250,000 to candidates after Qld Nickel collapse left $300m in debts and 800 out of work

by Jim O’Toole in Townsville

The upcoming federal election will be a watershed for minor political parties yet Clive Palmer’s re-branded United Australia Party says it will run candidates in every Queensland seat in spite of the party scoring  4816 votes in the 2016 senate race.

The Palmer candidate in Herbert, the home of Queensland Nickel claimed just 315 votes in the Lower House.

The only attraction for potential pollies is the $250,000 enticement Clive has promised each candidate to spend on their campaign.

If you would like a cool quarter of a mil you could run for Clive

For one endorsed candidate in the far northern electorate of Leichardt, it was manna from heaven. Jen Sackley had been out of work but ‘white knight’ Clive, a life-sized remnant of the infamous ‘white shoe brigade’ rode into Cairns tossing around greenbacks like confetti.

Whatever else Clive has to offer remains obscured to the voting public except acknowledgment again he will split the conservative vote thus letting the communists of the Labor Party claw their way into government.

Like One Nation at the 2017 Queensland election, Pauline Hanson ran candidates in nearly every seat but got just one elected and handed the ALP seven south eastern seats and government compliments of her preferences.

Palmer will never attract the numbers of One Nation but even at two per cent he could affect the result in some marginals.

His candidates will be hard-pressed to recover their nomination fees which are repayable after gaining four per cent of the primary vote.

Palmer’s nephew, Clive Mensink is on the run in Europe from Interpol and Federal Police looking for Qld Nickel funds.

Clive’s recent adventures in Bulgaria visiting his fugitive nephew Clive Mensink should ensure his own campaign will be off the rails before it starts.

Two arrest warrants have been issued for Mensink to appear in the Federal Court in Brisbane over the collapse of Palmer’s Queensland Nickel at Townsville in 2016.

Mensink, the sole director of Qld Nickel when it collapsed, is the subject of an Interpol ‘blue notice’ which triggers a reporting mechanism when he crosses borders.

News Ltd last month revealed Palmer and nine others, including family members, had been making a social visit on October 1 to Mensink in Bulgaria.

News Ltd reported Mensink crossed a remote border on October 9  into Macedonia accompanied by his Bulgarian lawyer.

This border crossing, due to its remoteness was not flagged by Interpol.

Accompanying Palmer on his charter flight from Amsterdam to Bulgaria on October 1, were two witnesses in the Federal Court hearing into where Queensland Nickel’s money disappeared before its collapse.