Clive Palmer’s best kept secret hidden in MSM

Palmer’s media people have little idea of media management or how to get a message to people who might actually read it. Any wonder his election campaign failed so miserably. This does not detract from Palmer’s philanthropic programs which will benefit people who think by reading the Courier Mail or watching the ABC they know what is happening around them.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “As we have learned, in under 2 minutes – directly from his WikiPedia page, McCullough supported social distancing,vaccination and drug treatments forCOVID19. This is because McCullough is a Germ Theory zealot who believes in an invisible, magical, contagious pathogen called the SARS-COV-2 virus, which nobody on earth has proven exists…,%20SOFT%20OPPOSITION%20AGENT.pdf?dl=0

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  2. The lack of proof of virus is the most important thing. It’s the root for every single thing that’s happened. So many people are ripping off branches. They’ll grow back elsewhere. We’re trying to uproot the entire tree from the ground so the whole thing stops growing and dies.


  3. Dandy… I see you do your homework. Thank you for making those points.


  4. To TonyRyan43,

    When noting big name Americans some don’t take too kindly to the negative press.
    Dr Robert Malone, as I understand, is suing Dr Jane Ruby for mentioning his little known mRNA Manufacturing Company which has done very well during covid-19.
    Or maybe she called him out?
    Dr Malone does get accused of ‘tagging’ along with the right side.
    I’ll leave that with the Americans.

    From there you look at associations between all the big names.
    They do seem to go off in different directions.
    All the public want is the truth.

    Dr Yeadon has been consistent however. He worked for a Pharmaceutical Company is opposed to mRNA injections. That’s good enough for me. He was one of the first to warn about the risks to pregnant women. Long before the injections arrived on our shores.

    Many Health professionals are quick to say they are not antivax.
    In the same way one might say they are not Nazi.
    The consequences are both similar.

    The vaccination program of all vaccinations, particularly in children, has been challenged for years as you elude.
    That is another whole issue.
    Dr TenPenny as an Osteopathic Doctor has been one of the most extensive researchers on the contents of vaccines in America and has voiced her concerns.
    Notably, Dr Suzanne Humphries, a renal Specialist who wrote the book in 2015 about ‘vaccines, the hidden history’ was also banned from Australia due to her stance.

    The pattern emerges.
    If you are antivax, you are not welcome in Australia.
    You are not good for business.

    If you are anti mRNA or have some ‘covid’ solutions, then they might think about it.
    It seems these Doctors are going to get their pass after all.


  5. QI and Dandy… I share your reservations, which don’t make this controlled opposition.

    Except for Sheri Tenpenny, almost every one of the thirty or so medical experts from Mike Yeadon and Robert Malone onwards, who have led this rebellion since September 2021, continue to support vaccinations. Most are, in fact, vaccination experts. Sheri, however, opposed vaccinations way back in 2007 when, newly alerted, I was campaigning through the Sunshine Coast Daily. The movement towards evidence-based medicine was an embattled embryo back then and continues to be just that. The truth is almost all doctors are elitist and stupid. You last at medical school if you have these two qualities.

    But public communication is not like algebra. it is not a direct formula application. The real message to people is that “top medical scientists are condemning the mRNA jab”. Having created that crack of confidence in the medical model, the crack always gets longer as more people commence to think.

    In point of fact, way more people suffer from immediate neurological injury than from myocarditis, and most of these are women and, therefore, easier to hide from view. They will observe the rebel scientists and, angered, renew their attempts to get their suffering recognised. Kerryn Phelps was only the first of these. This is the real value in the conference.

    Meanwhile, Sheri is permanently banned from Australia.

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  6. Dandy, I have a similar view on Dr McC.
    He wants to cling to and elevate the allopathic system of health care, at which he is very good, while at the same time ignoring the malicious intent overwhelming the very same system.
    He can’t have it both ways, not without the destruction of the fabric of life.
    He’s done the first good thing and stepped away from the pharma-criminals agenda, but then bemoans his loss of accreditation. He’s one large step ahead of the 95% of doctors who continue in cowardice to mistreat, injure and effectively murder patients via mRNA toxins.
    Unless say 50% of doctors take a stand against regulators and call out all the unscientific BS nothing is going to change because the bulk of the public look to drs for guidance. Doctor cowardice really is one of the major hurdles to ending this genocide.


  7. To Thomas Hayes,

    …“more waffle to keep the distraction going”

    I’m assuming the Conference will have a strong cardiac focus and will be more suited to other Doctors looking for ways to manage a unique ‘covid’ myocarditis.

    I watched Dr McCullough’s interview with our Qantas pilot Graham Hood on Bitchute recently.
    If the general public attend with the hope of finding solutions for their own questions in relation to the why and how of covid-19 they may come away disappointed.
    I don’t think that is the purpose of the visit.

    The public may have more luck (and answers) watching Dr. Jane Ruby on rumble.
    As a Nurse Practitioner and Pharmacology researcher, she doesn’t hold back on the whys and the hows of covid-19.

    Myocarditis is just one health issue that is on everyone lips, and Dr McCullough will likely be offering solutions through his cardiology lens with the use of allopathic pharmacology.

    Looking at the speakers, there doesn’t appear to be anyone at the Conference who will be raising the issue of neurological side effects, or cancers, or the other myriad of adverse health effects that have exponentially risen since the shots were rolled out in 2021.


  8. Thomas Hayes… it’s easy to see you are new at this. Murdoch clearly wishes Palmer could become controlled opposition, but he is a maverick, utterly uncontrollable.


  9. Here is more info from Dr. Peter McCullough, “Why the Spike Protein Was Designed to Infiltrate in Your DNA.” Bonus Episode 1 (Large one almost 2 hours) – I appreciate your patience if you watch the whole video… —- DESTRUCTION:
    The Explosion of Messenger RNA Tech and its Devastation on Humanity.

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  10. Controlled opposition conference…more waffle to keep the distraction going


  11. Although I was long a detractor of Clive Palmer, I handed out his ‘How to vote cards’ in Yandina when he stood for that Sunshine Coast electorate. My reason is that, regardless of central motivation, he was the first to point out that the same power elite owns both major parties. Since then, he has been a thorn in Murdoch’s side and Rupert Murdoch is Australia’s most dangerous enemy.

    These public discussions will do more to bring the occupying cabal undone than anything else attempted thus far. Do not be surprised if Albo denies these experts entry into Australia. If Albo goes down that road, this will hasten the Australia-wide uprising that is gradually gathering pace.

    I sincerely hope his security slips away to enable the horde to lynch the traitor.

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  12. Dr Peter McCullough and John Leake wrote and published a book last year on the CoVID crimes. Title: Courage to Face Covid: Preventing Hospitalisation and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

    Theses crimes are made possible because Big Abortion, Big Vaxx, Big Bio-tech, Big Pharma, Big Organ Harvesting Combine are all joined at the hip with the subverted Western governments / Marxist states that are now all CoVID Regimes of the United [Communist] Nations.


  13. Given Clive tried to supply Oz with hydroxy-chloroquine as a treatment early in this genocidal chapter in our history, he deserves some credit.
    Will the conference go ahead or will the invited Drs McCullough & Kory get the 2022 Djokovich treatment at the border?
    TicketTek is at the minute on board with the conference going ahead but given the evil manifested in this country who can say what the Club of Hell will do in the next 2 weeks. I have near zero faith in the political herd and their goad-masters in the media.

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  14. Here, here. Well spoken.


  15. How about this for a bombshell.
    Jordan Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development caught out bragging about “Directed Evolution” research. From Project Veritas


  16. Yes unfortunately the Party has too many wannabe people who know nothing about marketing as from experience assisting them in last election, to get changes made on poor quality web sites and print material it took forever, with too many decision makers who had no idea of marketing. Badly organised campaign and started too late for any real good to be achieved.

    They need to be campaigning now and not on vaccines as for those who have had this poison, it is too late with no cure, This country is in a terrible mess and if you are not in the publics face all the time then come election time you are a nobody and just another “Have a go Poli ”

    Clive has the money, and wants to see change, but really has very bad advisors who know nothing about marketing whatsoever.

    Get rid of the hangers on Clive and get some real professionals.

    Start you own media group and deal with issues that the MSM is scared to talk about.

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