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Australian electoral system still plagued by fraud, solutions ignored

A sample how to vote card from Cowper electorate. A voter (below) who followed the Nationals card had their vote made informal because of what appeared to be two “1” marks. However a reasonable ruling could see the angled “1” mark next to the Greens candidate was most likely a 7. The only question is how the top of the 7 disappeared. It could quite easily have been erased with a rubber.

ELECTIONS analyst and former NSW senior public servant Lex Stewart believes some three per cent or possibly more of the votes in the recent Victorian election were fraudulent.

Stewart has been investigating vote fraud for many years and in October this year, in a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, went over the problems that repeatedly occur.

“Based on history and my experiences, I would guess that a significant amount of vote frauds, perhaps up to 3% of votes, were frauded in the Victoria state election – more than 3% frauded if some Sctyl or Dominion voting machines were used,” Stewart wrote in an email to Cairns News.

He said his investigations of this year’s federal election in the seat of Cowper confirmed the widespread problems including vote fraud, that still affect the Australian electoral system and that electoral authorities repeatedly fail to fix.

Although Cowper was not a marginal seat and safely held by the National Party for many years, some basic scrutineering by Stewart revealed the same problems in that seat.

“I attended the Prepoll counting centre in Port Macquarie from 4pm on 21 May 2022 till 2am to observe the processing of about 45,557 ballot papers from the PrePoll Voting Centres (PPVCs) of Cowper,” he wrote in his submission.

“Among all Cowper ballot papers, 4.93% were informal. During the processing of the approximately 2245 informals among the prepolls, I was able to observe and write down the patterns for 244 ballot papers.”

  • 122 were blank, perhaps indicating a determination not to vote, or total confusion.
  • 26 would have been formal under NSW optional preferential voting.
  • 20 ballot papers were ruled informal due to having two “1”s, having been filled in as per the How-to-Vote (HTV) leaflet of Pat Conaghan (see HTV below), but where there was a “1” instead of a “7” opposite the Greens candidate (see example of a ballot paper below).
  • 11 eleven had one blank square, and four had the 6 beside Caz Heise converted into an 8.

Although 244 ballot papers is not a big sample, the errors, when extrapolated into percentages of the entire informal vote, can easily mean a candidate winning or losing a seat. Even the numbers in that small sample could win or lose a seat.

Stewart’s submission pointed out that overnight security of storage of pre-poll ballot papers was a problem. “While these are stored in sealed ballot boxes, it would be possible, though difficult, to use long tweezers to pull ballot papers up out of the ballot boxes, and then to use an eraser to rub out a pencil number and write a new number,” he wrote.

He said if the statistics (20, 11 and 4 out of 244) could be scaled up from the sample of 244 to apply to the approximately 2245 informals among the pre-polls, then (Nationals candidate and eventual winner) Pat Conaghan missed out on 320 votes due to pencil marks being erased or altered.

“I think that the lesson is do not vote in pencil because a ballot paper might be altered.”

Stewart noted that previous government inquiries recommended a national roll-out of Electronic Certified Lists and/or ‘ECL Lite’, to be fully funded and implemented prior to the 2019 federal election. This has not happened.

On the basic question of whether vote fraud occurred Stewart cited some quotations and examples:

3.1.1 “That the electoral system is open to manipulation is beyond question… Fraudulent enrolment is almost impossible to prevent.” (NSW Electoral Commissioners, Messrs R. Cundy and Ian Dickson, in the NSW Government Inquiry 1989) [A side comment 19/9/19 from Lex Stewart – i.e. almost impossible to prevent under the system as it then was, but it can be prevented by implementing recommendations 12 and 25 above]

3.1.2 “Electoral fraud, malpractice and errors are a common feature of the Australian electoral system,” Alex Howen, Metropolitan Vice-Pres of the NSW Liberal Party 11/9/1999

3.1.3 78% of several thousand people voted “Yes” on in year 2001 to the question “Should a Royal Commission be held into Electoral Fraud?”

3.1.3 The Shepherdson Inquiry in Queensland found that ALP members had done vote frauds in 1986, 1993 and 1996. This was a finding by a judge, based on evidence

3.1.4 Dr Amy McGrath OAM has written several books about vote frauds. She first discovered vote frauds when she was a member of the ALP and was working during World War 2 in the Balmain branch of the Ironworkers’ Union, and was given a list of dead people’s names and told to go and vote in those names. She made 17 Submissions to the JSCEM during 1993 to 2014, and was largely ignored. Her books are:-

1. “The Forging of Votes” ISBN 0 9591879 3 6 – published in 1994, it describes Vote Frauds that happened during WW2 and subsequently

2. “Corrupt Elections” (with sub-title:- Ballot Rigging in Australia) circa 1997 ISBN 0 9587104 0 6 summary of a seminar with 15 speakers, including Sen Nick Minchin and Marshall Cooke QC.

3. “The Frauding of Votes” published circa 2002 ISBN 0 9591879 9 5

4. “The Frauding of Votes”, second edition with a 30-page powerful Introduction by famous crime-fighting journalist Bob Bottom OAM ISBN 0-9587104-3-0

5. “The Stolen Election, Australia 1987” (with sub-title:- according to Frank Hardy) circa 2005 ISBN 0 95871045-7

6. “The Frauding of Elections?” published in 2003, with Appendix by Peter Brun

7. “Wolves in Australia” published in 2013. It covers many topics other than vote frauds, which are mentioned as she predicted a new type of vote fraud to be implemented by GetUP on pages 451-455. (I discovered GetUp workers doing this type of activity in Macquarie in the 2016 election in which Liberal Louise Markus narrowly lost her seat).

3.1.5 Karen Ehrmann went to jail in year 2000 for electoral fraud. She said she was just the ‘patsy’ and that many others in the ALP were doing what she did.

3.1.6 The case of Alasdair Webster losing Macquarie in 1993 by 164 votes is described in Appendix 9. In brief there had been lots of deliberately false enrolments made e.g. on vacant blocks of land, plus many other types of deliberate vote frauds.

One conclusion is that the process for appealing to the High Court a faulty election is very difficult and expensive (perhaps deliberately so).

A far better solution to electoral problems would be as advocated by Dr Amy McGrath OAM and accepted by the Sydney Morning Herald which published her proposal for an Electoral Ombudsman – refer to appendix 4.

3.1.7 UK Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC has sent people from both sides of politics to jail in the UK. In year 2005 he published a good book, “Fraud at the Elections” ISBN 0 85124 708 3. I assisted in arranging his brief speaking tour in Australia, when he came here for other reasons. He was aghast at Australia’s voting systems and said “Australia’s postal voting system is a recipe for voting frauds” and “If the avenues for vote frauds exist, then one can expect that they will be used, due to the incentives of political power.”

Remember the ALP, LNP and Greens when you vote

Labor MP Adem Somyurek blows whistle on Dan Andrews’ corruption

Dan’s PR ponces panic as gallows sends message to a dictator in denial

The gallows that arrived outside Victoria’s Parliament on Monday night.
The moment that brought cheers.

DICTATOR Dan’s loyal Labor minions and professional Tweeting twerps think they are seizing the high moral ground by making a song and dance about protesters using gallows as props during the biggest anti-Andrews demonstration yet.

And more demonstrations are happening this weekend in all major Australian cities.

The first prop they started to howl about was a scaled-down gallows on wheels used at last Saturday’s huge demonstration in Melbourne. The paid-for Andrews cheer squad, led by one “@PRGuy” and @DiscoDan sprung into action, creating a #QanonCult hashtag linked to the gallows photos to keep the Twitter twits occupied.

This was the Aussie version of “the January 6, Washington DC Insurrection” they screamed. It was a “shocking culture of right wing extremism and violence” they declared, conveniently forgetting Andrews’ armed riot squad shooting demonstrators at the Shrine of Remembrance in the back with rubber bullets or pepper spraying faces with abandon.

But the protesters would not be falling for this silly emotional blackmail. The media was already jumping on board asking Liberal-National Party politicians if they “disassociated themselves” from this “outrage”. called it “disturbing footage” and a “vile act”.

“Protesters in Melbourne have taken their opposition to new pandemic legislation to a new extreme by cheering and chanting around a gallows,” a Murdoch media girl scribbled.

And then “veteran 7 News reporter” Nick McCallum got an angry earful when he dared venture into the crowd and was driven away by protestors shouting “shame on you”. McCallum tried to appear stoic and unmoved by the verbal dressing down, but he is totally deserving of the reaction, given his and other big media’s channel’s corrupt role in promoting mass vaccination as “the only solution”.

The demonstration out the front of Victoria’s Parliament House continued into Monday when “the real gallows” – a solid timber construction towed by a ute – arrived. The actual “hanging” was of a wooden cross-like structure with “Treason” painted on it. But the big cheers erupted when someone thrust a blow-up Dan doll on to the hanging platform.

Not even the weak Victorian Liberal-National leadership could disassociate itself from the mass public protest. Opposition leader Matthew Guy backed away from condemning his outspoken MP Bernie Finn who spoke passionately at protest.

Neither was Guy impressed by Andrews’ two-steps forward, one-step backward superficial changes to his pandemic powers Bill, like halving the outrageous $90,000 fines against “recklessly breaching health orders” given by the Fuehrer or doing away with the clause in the Bill that would have allowed pandemic orders to be made against classes of people based on attributes as defined in the Equal Opportunity Act.

Whatever changes he makes, it’s superfluous to the overall objective of giving himself even more direct power over the people of Victoria. For instance, the amendments put a little bit more power in the hands of a “scrutiny of acts and regulations committee” which is government controlled.

Isn’t it the role of the parliament to scrutinise acts and regulations? Not for Andrews. He is running a “Strong City” state, not just Melbourne, although in reality anything outside of Melbourne doesn’t matter to the myopic Victorian Labor Party ideologues.

According to Andrews, the scandal is that the Opposition is “standing with people who are anti-vaxxers, sharing a podium with people who are anti-science”. Sorry Dan, that worn-out old political correctness strategy is failing.

Andrews’ only option now is the predictable political course of digging in, getting his expanded powers and then switching to Mr Nice Guy nearer the next election, during which he and his cronies will employ every dirty trick in the book to get themselves across the line.

So you want to be a Stasi-style COVID fascism enforcer? Sign up today!

The Spectator UK asked the question “Will there be more COVID marshals than East German Stasi secret police?” These new bureaucrats have essentially become the behaviour police, enforcing social distancing and other such nonsense.

DAN Andrews’ and his Labor Party regime in Victoria have a nasty new surprise for the people under his so-called road to freedom – East German Stasi-style state supported snitches to harass the unvaccinated and enforce COVID tracking and tracing.

They are to be appointed everywhere – at gymnasiums, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga and dance studios, indoor basketball courts, at golf and tennis clubs, basketball centres, rifle ranges, community facilities, theatres, cinemas (including drive-in cinemas), art galleries and museums, arenas, stadiums, amusement parks, aquariums or zoos, convention centres, casinos, brothels, nightclubs, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, funeral homes or crematoriums, real estate inspections and auctions.

They’re already in the UK and they’ll be coming to every Australian state, unless the people – employers and employees and the general public – boycott them. But no doubt there are legions of lily-livered employers and power tripping employees to fill the roles.

Cairns News has received reports of a Victorian regional library barring unvaccinated people and others being refused medical procedures such as ultrasound or other treatments for serious illnesses. “Today we counted 10 COVID marshal cars all coming from the same direction. They are the Brown Shirts of the current age. Poor businesses get harassed and patrolled regularly,” a woman posted on social media.

“I was not even allowed to sit outside at a cafe the other day because I have only had one jab!” a woman from Bendigo posted. “They’re asking all over Lillydale (a Melbourne suburb),” another said. “Got turned away four times because my next jab isn’t due until Friday.”

This from people who are not even refusing shots, but who have been forced – against the federal Privacy Act 1988 – to disclose their medical status and denied entry to public facilities based on that status.

So who makes up this new Brown Shirt army of Andrews dictatorship enforcers? You the employer and you the employee. Both are being forcibly co-opted into this bureaucratic terrorist network.

Employers must appoint one or more workers as a COVID marshal who is responsible for monitoring compliance with the work premise’s “COVIDSafe Plan” as dictated by state bureaucrats and other “industry specific obligations”.

The employer must ensure the COVID marshal completes training in accordance with Victorian Department of Health guidance, have the COVID marshal at the work premises whenever workers are on-site and keep records of duty rosters for the COVID marshal.

A background article from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on vaccination and privacy rights as an employee is very clear that medical status is protected by privacy law. “Consent must be freely given and constitute valid consent. This means that your employer cannot pressure or intimidate you to provide information about your vaccination status where they are relying on your consent as the lawful basis for collecting it.

“Your employer should provide you with adequate information about what information will be collected, why it is required and what it will be used for, prior to you giving consent. Your employer should also tell you whether the information will be disclosed to any third parties.”

But does Andrews respect Commonwealth law? Not at all. He only respects law that cements power to himself and his circle of quislings, such as the universally condemned Pandemic Powers Bill that he will push through the Upper House with sleazy pork barrelling deals with The Greens, The Reason (Treason?) Party and the Animal Justice Party.

Psychopath Andrews will kill this man’s sick daughter rather than give her a vaccine exemption

This sick menace to Australian society must go.


DAN Andrews and his gang of vaccinazis seem quite happy to let sick Victorians die rather than allow them to get medical exemptions from the shots. One brave country doctor was risking his profession by issuing exemptions regardless, but has already faced a knock on the door from the Andrews gestapo and patients blocked from consultation.

Cases are being aired on social media of people with serious illnesses being denied vaccine exemptions because doctors fear the consequences of doing so. Others are being denied surgery because they don’t have proof of vaccination. In other words, you can just go and die if you don’t get your Covid shots.

We don’t know who man on the Cafe Locked Out video is, but we have no reason to believe he is making up stories. His daughter appears to be one of many people who are being denied medical exemptions from vaccines by the thug Andrews and his thoroughly corrupted circle of quislings.

The man interviewed on the video says his 29-year-old daughter suffered from a burst cyst of the brain six months ago. While receiving medical attention she was told that because of her condition, a vaccination might kill her and advised against it.

But according to her father, doctors fear they will be deregistered if they give her a medical exemption. There are a number of “guidelines” for medical exemptions issued by federal government agencies, but they are highly restrictive.

“They’re not giving exemptions to anyone, at all,” the father said. “So basically she has to take the vaccine, even though she could die and if she doesn’t die and she gets observed with a really bad reaction, they’ll consider it, maybe.”

So Victoria’s health policy is as good as someone holding a revolver pistol with one bullet in the chamber to someone’s head and if you don’t get the bullet, then they will give you some medical treatment. It’s murderous, evil and against any semblance of the rule of law.

Watch the video here

ATAGI, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, which provides medical advice to the federal government on COVID vaccines, has released “expanded guidance” on which conditions may warrant a temporary medical exemption, and even that agency seems highly reluctant to offer exemptions – not that they should. An exemption should be between a patient and their doctor.

Meanwhile, Cafe Locked Out has run an interview with a Melbourne man who says he attended a doctor’s surgery in Colac in western Victoria in order to get an exemption. The surgery was swamped with a waiting line of some 50 people at 9.30am.

And then some 10 members of the local police force arrived and asked to see the doctor, described by the visitor as Polish or Eastern European. After an hour or so he announced “sorry people, it’s all over. I’ve tried my best”.

At that stage police, acting on the orders of their Andrews-appointed thug chief commissioner, simply lined up in front of the surgery to block entry. What an absolute disgrace and affront to freedom. If courts do not deal with Andrews lawless regime then Victorians and all decent, freedom-loving Australians need to punish the Australian Labor Party at the Federal election in May.

That said, Morrison is complicit with the demon premier of Victoria and must be punished too. It is time to drain the swamp.

Political hero Monica Smit to appear in Melbourne court this Wednesday

Meet the mother of Victoria’s political prisoner Monica Smit. Lise Smit has given a moving message of support for her daughter.

DAN Andrews’ gaggle of fascists in Melbourne have painted themselves into a corner. They have created a political hero and lightning rod in the global fight for freedom against global pharmaceutical tyranny.

That “heroine” is Monica Smit, who will appear in the Supreme Court of Victoria this Wednesday (September 22nd) to answer two spurious charges of “incitement” and three of breaching the chief health officer’s so-called directions cooked up under so-called emergency powers with “medical advice” hidden from the public.

Her mother Lise has given a moving tribute to Monica, who she described as “the only true-blue, dinky-di Aussie of the family” who will have spent three weeks in isolation in a Melbourne women’s prison, described by lawyers as “the roughest and toughest in Australia”.

Political protest is in fact a protected right under Section 83:4 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 and to hinder the exercise of a political right or duty is a criminal act in itself. Andrews and his flunkies fool themselves into thinking only state law prevails in Victoria and the rest of the nation, its Constitution and federal laws can go to hell.

Section 83:4 of the Crimonal Code Act 1995 states that “a person commits an offence” if “the person engages in conduct” involving “the use of force or violence, or intimidation, or the making of threats of any kind” and “the conduct results in interference with the exercise or performance, in Australia by any other person, of an Australian democratic or political right or duty” which “arises under the Constitution or a law of the Commonwealth”.

Andrews’ “health” officers and cops have clearly been in breach of this law since early in the pandemic with their repeated use of threats and intimidation against Melbourne people who questioned the COVID response and came out on the streets to express their disapproval. Instead they try to turn “incictement” to protest into some sort of serious offence.

Monica’s cause has apparently been raised internationally in Amsterdam where her father and grandparents were born. Her father emigrated to Canada, and then later to Australia, where Monica was born the youngest of five children.

Dangerous Dan’s tumble down the stairs made him totally insane

Letter to the Editor

Dan Andrews(Victoria Premier) needs to be fitted with a straight jacket under the MENTAL HEALTH ACT and removed from society for good – as clearly, Dan Andrews has just proven that he is mentally ill and has no capacity left to sanely govern and is endangering society, more so since Dan somehow tumbled down some stairs thus affecting adversely his brain capacity and sanity!

Despite more people with the toxic jabs globally are shedding toxins and are ending up in hospital beds dying from their toxic generated alleged Covid NWO Covid inflicted variants.

Dan Andrews is complicit in evil crimes as Dan still chooses to spread toxic political lies to get inflicted undue harm, injury and premature toxic jab deaths which sins are evil acts of NWO insanity or criminal intent as an NWO evil agenda inflicted by him and his government’s parts.

Indeed grounding direct flights to and from Melbourne and other interstate capital cities. Not to mention forcing pilots to get toxic jabs putting more lives at risk from pilots dying mid-air from blood clots or heart attacks inflicted by toxic alleged Covid jabs, does demonstrate further just how deadly insane Dan Andrews really has become since tumbling downstairs?

from Ken Clyde-Ivory


Echuca hotelier and 50 locals fight Andrews’ health fascism orders

HOTELIER Trevor Andrews at Echuca on the Victorian side of the Murray River knows something is seriously wrong when a state government orders thousands of small businesses to shut down while leaving the big corporate businesses open.

On July 17th, after the fifth lockdown of Victoria was announced by the lawless, corrupt dictator Dan Andrews and his circle of COVID con artists, Trevor Andrews decided it was time to take a public stand on behalf of the small businesses sector, the economic lifeblood of the state, and announced on his social media that his Pastoral Hotel was staying fully open for business. In earlier lockdowns he also refused to shut the doors.

Locals were only too happy to support Andrews and rocked up for meals and drinks. Word soon spread and 12 local cops and three health inspectors from Melbourne arrived at the hotel. Andrews was handcuffed and taken away to the local station. He was subsequently charged and bailed on a good behaviour bond to appear before a magistrate on December 14th.

The local cops also leaned on the locals who supported the “open for business” hotel and fined 50 of them $1817 for failing to comply with a health order. Cairns News understands most, if not all of the fines will be challenged. Many fines against Melbourne people for disobeying so-called health orders or directives were thrown out because of various legal flaws.

Andrews was reluctant to speak to Cairns News because of his good behaviour bond, but insisted someone had to take a stand for the states decimated small businesses. He believes he can raise constitutional arguments against his $22,000 fines and has taken on legal advice. He said the reports that he would use Section 51 23(a) of the Constitution were not quite correct and he was looking at other provisions. A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover the costs of an expected legal fight against the fines.

The Pastoral Hotel is just one of 3000 licensed premises in Victoria, and two other hotels in the state reportedly opened up in support of Andrews. “I was hoping other businesses in town would open up as well. I guess I’m the one taking the rotten tomatoes but I’m glad I did it anyway,” he said. “If these COVID cases were deaths on a daily basis we’d have something to be worried about.”

“Coles and Woolies can have 100 people go through their supermarkets just in an hour. But you won’t even get 100 people in some of these small businesses in a week,” he said. He also noted there had been no reported case of COVID-19 in Echuca, although official reports had 10 “cases” in the Campaspe Shire with none “active” on July 29.

Trevor Andrews is not the only small business operator in Victoria to defy the unjust and fraudulent lockdown orders. Cairns News has heard of others around the state doing or considering doing the same, but many more are needed to join the resistance to make it effective.

Victorian woman has had a gutful of Andrews and his rampant, cruel lockdown treachery

THE fury and frustration shows on the face of this 35-year-old businesswoman, Carly Söderström, a photographer from Torquay, Victoria, Australia, who says she’s on the brink of breakdown because the power-crazed and corrupted premier Andrews and his gang of bureaucratic thugs has locked Victoria down for a fifth time.

Only a mentally deranged state leader would relentlessly attack and cause serious harm to some 10,000 businesses, described by Bill Lang of Small Business Australia as “bleeding”. He says some 100,000 business owners across the nation have been forced to sell their homes to keep afloat.

Victoria’s power-drunk premier who is systematically destroying small business and the middle class, generally.

But Dan and his crew of state-wreckers personally pick and choose who can stay open and it’s mostly those activities that employ people under the control of his union thug mates. People like Carly don’t matter, or those who she works for, like the young couples getting married.

The Liberal Party, whose traditional constituents are the small business operators, has been caught flat-footed by this organised war on the middle class by the CCP, the World Economic Forum, the Gates-Rockefeller crowd and so on. The Libs, like fools, have been running with the lockdown-and-vaccinate agenda pushed by these global corporate elites. They’re scared of challenging the narrative and the best they can come up with is welfare like ScoMo’s tax breaks of special “COVID support”.

Carly is furious with the hypocrisy and double standards of the criminally negligent Andrews, Australia’s spearhead destroyer of small business and the families that run them. She is bitterly betrayed by a government running a giant social engineering project based on a bunch of lies that half the population is now aware of.

This is not the first time she has spoken up for the plight of the small business community that Andrews is deliberately trying to destroy on behalf of his big corporate bosses including the Chinese Communist Party. You want products and services? Andrews and his corrupt circle keep the big guys like Woolies and Coles and a few other big corporates open. His union buddies get to keep mowing lawns for councils or keeping big building projects alive, while successful private franchises like Jim’s Mowing are maliciously shut down.

Cairns News has heard of union officials saying “we don’t give a stuff about the rest of them” because they got a good deal with their boy Dan. Jim’s Mowing, understandably, is suing the Andrews regime for $60 million. The sane regime is also being pursued for a similar amount by Ian Cook, whose food manufacturing and supply business iCook Foods was destroyed by a brazen lie spoken out on media by the despicable little grub Bret Sutton who continues to make a fantastic living telling lies.

All this, as the power-drunk Andrews, back from a three-month “recovery”, has just kicked the people of the state of Victoria in the guts again. They were on a recovery path from 10 months of crippling lockdowns but are now back in so-called “Snap Lockdown” on the basis of some fraudulent PCR-tested “case”.

But did the power and money-corrupted lunatic learn anything during his enforced holiday? Apparently not. He’s back, drunk again on his dictatorial powers to cripple a state simply by issuing a decree, faithfully repeated by his media sycophants at the ABC, The Age, the Herald-Sun and the TV channels. Yes, “Snap Lockdown”. You get the idea? The Glorious Leader snaps his fingers and the state shuts down. Oh ain’t that sort of power sublime eh Danny Boy?

Small businesswoman Carly meanwhile, was encouraged for a while when her last letter to the Victorian government went viral. What else does a decent citizen do but write to the political leaders of the state when things are desperate. But Dan, like his union big shots, doesn’t give a stuff.

Carly soon learned the reality. “Whilst I’m incredibly grateful and if I’m honest, a little overwhelmed with how viral my own letter to the Vic Government has gone, it doesn’t change my circumstance. I’m still out of work, without support and desperate to build momentum in my business again,” she wrote on her social media page.

“My voice is just one of countless Victorians suffering right now. My inbox is full of stories from others in a similar circumstance to me. I refuse to sit back and watch this government run our incredible state into the ground. We have one of the most diverse cultural hubs in the country, full of talented creatives who have been ignored in their pleas.

“I speak for us, but also those in the fitness, beauty, entertainment and hospitality industry. This conversation must continue. This must be discussed at dinner tables across Australia tonight, because these politicians are slaves to their public image. They need to know you’re angry and they need to hear it repeatedly.”

In another reflective moment she wrote: “What I would do, to be able to jump on a plane and go literally anywhere away from this rapidly deteriorating, southern state, Victoria. I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment, but watching corruption, negligence and incompetence erode everything that makes Victoria an incredible place, whilst people delude themselves thinking it’s “for our health” is breaking my heart.”

Vic Gestapo go missing as protesters occupy MP’s office: People are winning!

Monica Smit gives a live update on the Truth Truck that has been spreading warnings across Victoria on the dangers of COVID vaccines. BELOW: Russell Broadbent is confronted by aged care workers over mandatory vaccination threats.

HAS Dictator Dan backed down like his mate Scott Morrison on coerced vaccinations for health and aged care workers? It seems so, because the usual swarms of Victoria’s Gestapo were conspicuously absent from a small but dramatic demonstration at Warragul in Victoria on Monday.

Not a cop was seen when dozens of striking aged care workers and protesters from Reignite Democracy occupied the office of Victorian Federal MP Russell Broadbent. They were there to make sure the Liberal Party politician and his boss ScoMo got the message that they are not going to take a vaccine under threat of losing their jobs.

Broadbent stood outside and listened to the speakers who addressed the crowd and then heard their complaints again after he entered his office and donned a mask, which made much of what he had to say difficult to hear.

Cops were also absent when Monica Smit and her Truth Truck with messaging screens and loud speakers blasted shopping centres from Geelong and across the city to Pakenham with the anti-vaccine message for two days. No hovering surveillance chopper or roadblock in sight, apparently. Has the ring of steel been broken? Is the big COVID con finally tripping over its own stupidity?

The ABC reported on June 6 that “an executive update from the Department of Health” stated it was in fact “voluntary for workers to be vaccinated and to disclose if they have received a COVID-19 vaccination.” 

Smit and Reignite Democracy went ahead with the protest anyway because the Feds had already announced they wanted mandatory weekly reporting of the numbers of vaccinated workers, which implied vaccination pressure on employees.

So can Victorians now expect Dictator Dan or other Labor Party MPs in the state to open their electorate office door to protesters like Broadbent did? It’s doubtful, because corrupt, seedy dictators like Andrews make sure they are as distant as possible from the public.

Andrews’ big spin about his slip and fall down the coast also remains highly questionable, given his record of spin and cover-up in the injured cyclist episode in 2013 involving his wife who somehow avoided a breath test at the accident scene.

So some kudos to Broadbent, who certainly got an earful from the aged care workers and their supporters who rammed home the message they weren’t having vaccines. The workers might well ask who actually sent out the “executive update”. But the writing is on the wall that the COVID psyop is faltering everywhere because of push-back from a population that is just not buying the narrative.


Sutton’s SES gang happy to see your granny die from vaccine reactions

A Nine News graphic (map) of Melbourne shows a so-called ring of steel literally imprisoning the city’s entire population during the recent lockdown. The key players in the appalling fascist operation are so-called health officers Brett Sutton and Jeroen Weimar (top) and chief of police Shane Patton.

WHY did Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton ignore a science and observation-based warning from a doctor that people in nursing homes with COVID-19 antibodies should not be vaccinated for COVID-19 because of the threat of serious vaccine reactions.

And why has CHO Brett Sutton been “excused” from appearing before a committee of the State Parliament by the Minister for Health Martin Foley? And given that parliament is a type of court that makes laws, does that mean Brett Sutton is above the law?

Victoria’s Health Minister Martin Foley, another player in the national COVID scam, “excused” Brett Sutton from scrutiny by a parliamentary committee.

Sutton certainly thinks his circle of mates at the National Health and Medical Research Council are more important than ordinary people in Victoria.

He flew off to an NHMRC awards event in Canberra recently by private jet because, he said “being there in person was important”. But for Victorians locked down and forbidden from seeing other family members, even for funerals, that’s not important. One might call Sutton all sorts of deserving bad names, but is it all just “another day, another game” in the global health cabal’s psyop against Australians?

Sutton is part of an organisation called the Senior Executive Service that considers itself somewhat above the law or at least normal government scrutiny. Given what we know about the SES from US and UK sources, Sutton might even have excused himself and then ordered the Health Minister to make the announcement as if it came from him. Which ever way it went, excusing a senior bureaucrat from scrutiny by a parliamentary committee smells like high level corruption.

A whistleblower story reported by the UK Column in April confirmed the horrible truth that people like Sutton and the other CHOs and health ministers and premiers across Australia aren’t actually acting in accordance with practical medical advice from front-line doctors like Dr Hobart, but they are acting out of a script written by powers above them. This chain of command appears to run through the major departments.

In a letter to Sutton dated May 4th, North Sunshine doctor Mark Hobart stated emphatically that nursing home patients must not be vaccinated before they have COVID antibody tests because research has shown people with COVID antibodies can suffer serious reactions from mRNA vaccines. Sutton was asked by Dr Hobart to respond by May 7th, but ignored the letter without comment, forcing the doctor to go public with it.

“This urgent recommendation is based on my unique and extensive experience as a GP treating Covid-19 positive patients in Nursing Homes in Melbourne and is also supported by the latest literature,” Dr Hobart wrote. “My urgent recommendation is also supported by some leading Australian and international immunologists and specialists.

“This trial found that if you vaccinate people who have previously had Covid-19 illness there is up to 112% increase of requiring hospitalisation due to severe adverse reactions. This was especially so with the AZ (AstraZeneca) vaccine compared with Pfizer which was less risky in this study.”
Last September Dr Hobart went public on the issue of so-called “positive COVID cases” among his elderly patients, none of whom showed symptoms of infection but were kept in isolation to their physical and mental detriment.

He also said the government’s death numbers included death from or with coronavirus and from his experience in the nursing home, the numbers dying with coronavirus would greatly exceed those dying from coronavirus. But neither Sutton, his deputy Jeroen Weimar nor Minister Foley, take advice from a mere doctor on how to save the lives of vulnerable nursing home patients, because the former two represent the SES, whose members mostly pretend to have a duty of care to the public.

Sutton and other CHOs from the SES all demonstrated their treachery, abandonment of principle and flagrant violation of law during the worst stages of the COVID-19 spread in Victoria and other states, when potentially life-saving anti-COVID drugs were not only ignored, but banned as in the case of hydroxychloroquine. The federal health bureaucracy also blatantly lies that Ivermectin has insufficient research to back it up as a COVID treatment.

Apart from research cited by the noted Australian professor Thomas Borody, who published an Ivermectin-based treatment protocol for COVID last August, the US-based group Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance published a 30-page review of Ivermectin research in January. “Our current review includes a total of 6,612 patients from 27 controlled studies [16 of them were RCTs, 5 double blinded, one single blinded, (n= 2,503)]; 11 published in peer-reviewed journals including 3,900 patients,” the group reported.

But for Sutton and his SES friends in Canberra, ignoring this sort of scientific evidence is all part of his game of being a political agent of the global health mafia’s attack on Australia’s people and economy. It is also a “family matter” for him.

As we previously reported, Sutton’s sister-in-law Jane Halton is another SES “super-bureaucrat” – a serial achiever who worked in the federal arena and was awarded the Public Service Medal in 2002 and the Centenary Medal in 2003. She was subsequently rewarded with top jobs at the WHO around 2007.

Incidentally, speaking of rewards, Queensland SES bureaucrat and chief health officer Jeanette Young was recently announced to become the state’s new Governor General, an absolute insult to the office that is supposed to uphold constitutional rule of law in the state.

Halton went on to win the Geneva Health Prize in 2013 and in 2016 became one of a small number of international members elected to the National Academy of Medicine in the United States, putting her firmly in the orbit of the global health elite including “The Don” Dr Anthony Fauci, whose picture graces the front page of the NAM website. Dare they take it down?

Halton is also the current chairwoman of CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation), the Gates Foundation-funded body that pushes vaccines globally and promotes “innovative epidemic preparedness”. Does this include locking down entire states to demonstrate the emerging new global corporate fascist order as advocated by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation’s notorious Lock Step scenario as presented in a major 2010 report?

Halton is on video mouthing off at Event 201, helping plan the plandemic response, with all the important people of the global health mafia. Their plan, essentially, was to “flood the zone” with their propaganda message that “the only way” to control the deadly “bat virus” was with “the vaccine”. Health professionals worldwide are now waking up to this big lie.
The video is instructive of the criminal deception employed by this global collection

Gates meanwhile, also pours money into Sutton’s health network in Victoria, most notably the Burnett Institute. Play the right global games and you’ll get all the global goodies, right Brett? And health? Oh that’s just a label they put on big pharma’s vaccine business and the neo-Nazi lunacy of Gates-Rockefeller eugenics and population control.

If there were a shred of credibility around the “COVID-crisis” carry-on we see being played out in Australian states 18 months after the initial emergence of the big scary virus, health authorities would have seized upon any medicine with any reasonable prospects of treating or curing COVID-19 infections.

Sutton has a very bad record in regard to nursing homes. Before the pandemic he lied to the Melbourne media that a patient at a nursing home died after eating a sandwich produced by the iCook Foods at Dandenong. The lie enabled Greater Dandenong Council to shut the factory down and impose more than 90 fines totalling $11.5 million that they would have corruptly taken in as revenue under Victorian law. It’s no surprise that iCook Foods is suing the government for $60 million.

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