Victoria’s new femocrat premier Jacinta Allen, is going to have to bring her “indigenous” Red Guards under control.

JACINTA Allan, the new premier picked by Victoria’s Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party, should send “indigenous” bureaucrats on to your property without your permission to see whether you are offending “indigenous cultural values”, according to members of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council (VAHC).

These privileged neo-Marxist activists, who identify as “indigenous”, want special “heritage protection” officers to do the job, and the new premier is naturally sympathetic to their cause. Already she supports this same indigenous elite imposing more bans on rock and mountain climbing around Victoria. After all, how dare “non-indigenous” people climb a rock, swim in a stream or walk in some bush where some invisible entity is said to dwell according to animist folklore.

The VAHC represents 11 Victorian Aboriginal corporations, who are being given enormous amounts of money from state and federal sources that allow them to exercise control over the wider population of Victoria and its institutions through land rights agreements, as we have previously reported.

The hard-line activist members of such organisations probably couldn’t care less about the result of the Voice referendum, because they are already doing what the Voice to Parliament would have endorsed anyway. The only difference is that they don’t have the instant access to the High Court that Constitutionally entrenched recognition would have given them.

As it is, the type of privilege they are seeking to literally trample on private property rights would be highly unlikely to survive a High Court or even a lower court challenge, due to previous cases supporting the common law right of people to use and enjoy private property. But various state heritage protection acts are chiselling away at this.

Joel Jammal, the prominent freedom fighter, is sending warnings across social media against this proposal and is urging people to use an MP email list at his website. Jammal reckons there are enough aware people who voted no in the Voice referendum to send another massive “no” to state politicians pushing this attack on property rights and large numbers have already responded.

It is no accident that “culture” is at the centre of this indigenist operation. Readers might recall some Chinese history where the Maoist Red Guards rampaged across the country denouncing educated, property owning “bourgeois” types not following the party line. It was called The Cultural Revolution.

Of course the modern neo-Marxists are much more subtle in their approach. If no opposition is mounted, private property owners will be progressively targeted by Mz Allan and her Victorian “Red Guards” if they dare dig a hole or cut down a tree without the heritage commissar’s permission. Allen and her comrades also have a big stake in the judiciary, and like their US Democrat partners, know how to use it for their political purposes.

Regardless of the Voice defeat, this campaign will be given strong symbolic weight under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – one of the spearhead actions of Klaus Schwab’s “great reset”. Across the ditch in Kiwi Land this same campaign is called co-governance, and it is happening regardless of the fact that most of New Zealand’s Maori chiefs willingly ceded sovereignty to the British Crown under the Treaty of Waitangi way back in 1840.

The sheer gall of the indigenous radicals in Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia in launching this attack on property rights could lead one to believe that “the Voice” was just one big sideshow designed to distract from the real subversion taking place at state level.