Dan’s PR ponces panic as gallows sends message to a dictator in denial

The gallows that arrived outside Victoria’s Parliament on Monday night.
The moment that brought cheers.

DICTATOR Dan’s loyal Labor minions and professional Tweeting twerps think they are seizing the high moral ground by making a song and dance about protesters using gallows as props during the biggest anti-Andrews demonstration yet.

And more demonstrations are happening this weekend in all major Australian cities.

The first prop they started to howl about was a scaled-down gallows on wheels used at last Saturday’s huge demonstration in Melbourne. The paid-for Andrews cheer squad, led by one “@PRGuy” and @DiscoDan sprung into action, creating a #QanonCult hashtag linked to the gallows photos to keep the Twitter twits occupied.

This was the Aussie version of “the January 6, Washington DC Insurrection” they screamed. It was a “shocking culture of right wing extremism and violence” they declared, conveniently forgetting Andrews’ armed riot squad shooting demonstrators at the Shrine of Remembrance in the back with rubber bullets or pepper spraying faces with abandon.

But the protesters would not be falling for this silly emotional blackmail. The media was already jumping on board asking Liberal-National Party politicians if they “disassociated themselves” from this “outrage”. News.com.au called it “disturbing footage” and a “vile act”.

“Protesters in Melbourne have taken their opposition to new pandemic legislation to a new extreme by cheering and chanting around a gallows,” a Murdoch media girl scribbled.

And then “veteran 7 News reporter” Nick McCallum got an angry earful when he dared venture into the crowd and was driven away by protestors shouting “shame on you”. McCallum tried to appear stoic and unmoved by the verbal dressing down, but he is totally deserving of the reaction, given his and other big media’s channel’s corrupt role in promoting mass vaccination as “the only solution”.

The demonstration out the front of Victoria’s Parliament House continued into Monday when “the real gallows” – a solid timber construction towed by a ute – arrived. The actual “hanging” was of a wooden cross-like structure with “Treason” painted on it. But the big cheers erupted when someone thrust a blow-up Dan doll on to the hanging platform.

Not even the weak Victorian Liberal-National leadership could disassociate itself from the mass public protest. Opposition leader Matthew Guy backed away from condemning his outspoken MP Bernie Finn who spoke passionately at protest.

Neither was Guy impressed by Andrews’ two-steps forward, one-step backward superficial changes to his pandemic powers Bill, like halving the outrageous $90,000 fines against “recklessly breaching health orders” given by the Fuehrer or doing away with the clause in the Bill that would have allowed pandemic orders to be made against classes of people based on attributes as defined in the Equal Opportunity Act.

Whatever changes he makes, it’s superfluous to the overall objective of giving himself even more direct power over the people of Victoria. For instance, the amendments put a little bit more power in the hands of a “scrutiny of acts and regulations committee” which is government controlled.

Isn’t it the role of the parliament to scrutinise acts and regulations? Not for Andrews. He is running a “Strong City” state, not just Melbourne, although in reality anything outside of Melbourne doesn’t matter to the myopic Victorian Labor Party ideologues.

According to Andrews, the scandal is that the Opposition is “standing with people who are anti-vaxxers, sharing a podium with people who are anti-science”. Sorry Dan, that worn-out old political correctness strategy is failing.

Andrews’ only option now is the predictable political course of digging in, getting his expanded powers and then switching to Mr Nice Guy nearer the next election, during which he and his cronies will employ every dirty trick in the book to get themselves across the line.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Can a Secondary student alter our digital votes?


  2. As long as police and military fight politicians battles they have the power if the police just watched protests instead of instigating violence and the military went back to protecting this country instead of attacking unarmed civilians all this crap would be sorted and politicians wouldnt have dictator powers


  3. A Mighty Fortress is our God
    Martin Luther proclaims his confidence in God and rallies all Christians to war against evil. Basing his words on Psalm 46, he victoriously states “We will not fear, for God has willed His truth to triumph through us.”


  4. Cracks appearing after massive protests!

    Thu 18 Nov 2021
    The Victorian government’s controversial pandemic bill is in disarray after former minister Adem Somyurek announced he would vote against the legislation in its current form.

    The legislation was set to narrowly pass parliament this week with the support of three key crossbenchers, but a Victorian government motion to delay the vote for MPs to consider amendments passed 20 votes to 17 in the upper house on Thursday morning.

    This came after Somyurek, who was forced out of the Labor party over a branch stacking scandal, said he would return to parliament to oppose the bill after belatedly proving his vaccination status on Wednesday.

    The Coalition voted against the adjournment.

    Somyurek’s intervention would see the bill face a deadlocked vote, meaning it would be effectively defeated and could not pass except by the use of obscure parliamentary mechanisms.

    Now the vote has been postponed, the government will have to enter critical negotiations with crossbenchers to pass the bill by 15 December.



  5. Loved the gallows, it was only the ABC and the mainstream media slagging it off!


  6. I am intrigued by the Andrews doll. For people who can make this stuff, I think we need dolls for all the CHOs, premiers and the Federal gov’t. It might be fun to dress them in T shirts with their most infamous quote. As I get around on my mobility scooter, I would like to have the Comarade CHO sitting next to me with a particularly offensive quote on the T shirt.


  7. Marvellous, a good way to protest. Next time, a mock guillotine would be appropriate.

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  8. it’s happening…5 military helicopters just headed for gold coast from brisbane way(:


  9. Desperate Refugee

    Don’t knock the gallows – they are going to be needed.
    Their bullshit Covid “pandemic” narrative is coming apart at the seams. Even Fauci has just admitted that the vaccinated are experiencing severe declines in immunity and will need regular booster shots – we were warned about this many months ago by Dr Tenpenny and others.
    The only question in my mind is whether they (the politicians and their parasites) have been bought off by big pharma and it’s all about money or whether they are part of a world-wide cabal intent on mass depopulation (AKA Mass Murder). I think it’s a mix – the low lives in the MSM and medical “professions” have definitely been bought – many of the politicians and judiciary are known Freemasons. How else can we explain the demonic drive to jab 100% – including ALL children.
    Everyone must now be aware of the deaths of athletes the world over – many in full view of football stadiums. Heart disease is becoming the new pandemic – BUT – wait until immune systems of the vaccinated fail – which is beginning to happen overseas – I think the vaccinated have a lot to worry about.
    Yes – the Gallows are going to be needed – a lot of them.

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  10. perhaps we could annex WA, and send the whole bloody lot there, and leave the rest of us in peace

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  11. Good old negative WA home of the capitulating voters who have the point on the board for dancing to the government drum ..

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  12. When the party faithful turn to reality the force will be with us and the duopoly will be no more. Could the luck dragon be with us?

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  13. Great comment Seb .. ED2


  14. The Hour of Toad looms for the stoats and weasels banqueting at Toad Hall.

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  15. You must wonder what other nefarious activities Dan is considering.

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  16. Monica Smit is clearly, and rightfully pained in this video. Tonight I’ll be spreading the link in support.


    [P.S. If link does not work, copy into search]

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  17. I think Andrews now gets the message….he is making a prison for himself…he will not be game to go anywhere in the future….good!
    Now he will know what is like to be hounded!

    For those self righteous, lily livered cowards condemning the gallows action…stop and ask yourself WHY people are driven to this extreme!
    We are fighting for our very existence! That calls for extreme measures.
    Doing it by the book using the Courts is not working…judges have been bought , bribed or blackmailed,and our wonderful nurses and police trying to put cases forwarded, have been denied justice, their evidence not even listened to!
    When Palachook in Queensland goes on air saying the so call huge quarantine camp she has had built, is for the unvaxxed, we have reason to worry.This is Australia, not Russia, China or Nazi Germany.

    The governments have raised the ante…we will match it and go further.
    We have the numbers…we have the power…let’s use it!

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  18. Does anyone else think Dan Andrew’s eyes look empty? and he hasn’t even taken the poison chalice. That’s for everyone else.

    If I recall, Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver but then he went and hanged himself.
    At least he had a conscience.

    What has happened to the people of Victoria over so many months is so outside of Australia’s mores that it feels surreal.
    Bullying and blackmailing people to participate in a dangerous injectable genetically modified Clinical trial that will harm them if not ultimately kill them.
    Telling lies about reality.
    Locking people up like caged animals.
    Letting them out on a leash.

    Did we really think we were so civilised as a Society that we would not go back to the pagan, burning witches at the stake, guillotine shows of yesteryear?

    If only they hadn’t have burned the books.
    Then we would have known what really went on through the ages.
    Maybe they too were once civilised until tyranny fell upon them.

    The reason it is hard for some to fathom is because all decency has been lost.
    Morality and ethics have been discarded.
    Care and compassion have been put aside.

    What we do know is that through the ages, people survived Oppressive rule.

    So must we.

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  19. Fnck Andrews

    Take a ticket to see who gets the privilege to pull the trap door.

    What about all the chief death officers in each state ?

    The list is extremely long, does anyone know of a good carpenter ?

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  20. Cairns News you just make the end of a days work a pleasure , keep pumpen out the truth , love the VICS YOU BUNCH OF LEGENDS AND THANK YOU CAIRNS NEWS You make my day

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  21. Dan’s vax is not “the only solution.” It is Mengele’s Final Solution.

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  22. This might not about Dan but I heard a host of an American YouTube channel say that Queensland is bringing in a new law next month that unvaccinated people cannot leave their homes at all. I lived in Brisbane and found what the guy said very disturbing. I’m already suffering from bad depression. Would like to know if it is true and maybe something I need to listen to or not.


  23. I found the gallows quite humurous but how dumb do you have to be to not realise the dumbass msm would jump all over it, so they can say ‘see we told you it was just extremists at these rallies’ and then everything good that happened is drowned out. Need to be smarter than that…the only props you need are Australian flags and placards.

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  24. ‘…getting his expanded powers and then switching to Mr Nice Guy nearer the next election’
    This is very optimistic – assuming there will ever be a next election. The bill even with the superficial amendments gives commie dan the power to hold onto power and postpone elections indefinitely by simply declaring a pandemic at any time of his choosing and locking everyone in their homes for their own safety thereby avoiding bothersome demonstrations opposing his Coup d’état.

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  25. Victorians could not possibly put this monster back in; the problem arises when people vote scumbags out they unconsciously vote scumbags in with increased power.
    WA and Qld classic examples.

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  1. Pingback: 2021/11/16th – Disturbing ??  hardly –  when we all know the laws about treason  – debtstop

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