The gallows that arrived outside Victoria’s Parliament on Monday night.
The moment that brought cheers.

DICTATOR Dan’s loyal Labor minions and professional Tweeting twerps think they are seizing the high moral ground by making a song and dance about protesters using gallows as props during the biggest anti-Andrews demonstration yet.

And more demonstrations are happening this weekend in all major Australian cities.

The first prop they started to howl about was a scaled-down gallows on wheels used at last Saturday’s huge demonstration in Melbourne. The paid-for Andrews cheer squad, led by one “@PRGuy” and @DiscoDan sprung into action, creating a #QanonCult hashtag linked to the gallows photos to keep the Twitter twits occupied.

This was the Aussie version of “the January 6, Washington DC Insurrection” they screamed. It was a “shocking culture of right wing extremism and violence” they declared, conveniently forgetting Andrews’ armed riot squad shooting demonstrators at the Shrine of Remembrance in the back with rubber bullets or pepper spraying faces with abandon.

But the protesters would not be falling for this silly emotional blackmail. The media was already jumping on board asking Liberal-National Party politicians if they “disassociated themselves” from this “outrage”. called it “disturbing footage” and a “vile act”.

“Protesters in Melbourne have taken their opposition to new pandemic legislation to a new extreme by cheering and chanting around a gallows,” a Murdoch media girl scribbled.

And then “veteran 7 News reporter” Nick McCallum got an angry earful when he dared venture into the crowd and was driven away by protestors shouting “shame on you”. McCallum tried to appear stoic and unmoved by the verbal dressing down, but he is totally deserving of the reaction, given his and other big media’s channel’s corrupt role in promoting mass vaccination as “the only solution”.

The demonstration out the front of Victoria’s Parliament House continued into Monday when “the real gallows” – a solid timber construction towed by a ute – arrived. The actual “hanging” was of a wooden cross-like structure with “Treason” painted on it. But the big cheers erupted when someone thrust a blow-up Dan doll on to the hanging platform.

Not even the weak Victorian Liberal-National leadership could disassociate itself from the mass public protest. Opposition leader Matthew Guy backed away from condemning his outspoken MP Bernie Finn who spoke passionately at protest.

Neither was Guy impressed by Andrews’ two-steps forward, one-step backward superficial changes to his pandemic powers Bill, like halving the outrageous $90,000 fines against “recklessly breaching health orders” given by the Fuehrer or doing away with the clause in the Bill that would have allowed pandemic orders to be made against classes of people based on attributes as defined in the Equal Opportunity Act.

Whatever changes he makes, it’s superfluous to the overall objective of giving himself even more direct power over the people of Victoria. For instance, the amendments put a little bit more power in the hands of a “scrutiny of acts and regulations committee” which is government controlled.

Isn’t it the role of the parliament to scrutinise acts and regulations? Not for Andrews. He is running a “Strong City” state, not just Melbourne, although in reality anything outside of Melbourne doesn’t matter to the myopic Victorian Labor Party ideologues.

According to Andrews, the scandal is that the Opposition is “standing with people who are anti-vaxxers, sharing a podium with people who are anti-science”. Sorry Dan, that worn-out old political correctness strategy is failing.

Andrews’ only option now is the predictable political course of digging in, getting his expanded powers and then switching to Mr Nice Guy nearer the next election, during which he and his cronies will employ every dirty trick in the book to get themselves across the line.