Palaszczuk’s turn to be a nasty fascist because you’re not compliant

The mind games they play are obvious to the thinker.


QUEENSLANDERS wake up! Your premier Palaszczuk and her senior bureaucrats are playing psychological games with you designed by elite government-corporate committees in the UK, France and the US.

Cairns News has previously reported on this, thanks to the the work of Brian Gerrish and UK Column who detailed the diabolical, highly manipulative work of various UK and French working groups set up for the objective of mass deception of the population. Palaszczuk and company are their sock puppets Down Under and you, the Queenslanders, are their target.

Firstly consider this, if 80% of the population is vaccinated and “protected” why are they punishing the 20% who aren’t? Epidemiologists suggest at least half the population are naturally immune to Covid-19 and those 20% are probably most of them. And of those infected by this virus, whatever it may be, less than 1% die and they usually involved comorbidities in the upper age groups.

No it’s not about the vaccine as much as forcing mass compliance and trampling those traditional rights and freedoms that the elites want to crush in order to implement their delusional “Great Reset” global society and its twin, Agenda 20-30. We suspect that the partly/fully vaccinated numbers are highly exaggerated and the pressure is on Queensland to “show a bit of brute force”.

Former Pfizer chief scientist Michael Yeadon, who has been warning us for at least 18 months not to take the vaccines because of their severely flawed safety data and dangerous nature, and has also put out warnings on the program of psychological and economic warfare against the global population.

November to March is said to be Phase 5, where the objective is to foment chaos and establish martial law by exploiting a shortage of goods and food, closing factories and shops and letting unemployment explode, pushing booster shots, imposing compulsory vaccination and amplifying the myth of variants, the efficacy of the vaccine and the immunity of the herd.

Phase 5 also supposedly will demonize the anti-vaxxers and hold them responsible for deaths, opposition leaders will be arrested and a digital identity imposed on everyone (QR code), martial law imposed to defeat the opposition and imprisonment or removal of opponents.

We don’t see all of this happening yet, but the possibilities are there with Palaszczuk’s prison farm at Toowoomba under construction, Scott Morrison’s digital ID campaign being pushed by his fellow Judas Christian Stuart Robert, the arrest of protest leaders in Victoria and NSW, warnings about “delta returning” after borders reopen.

There have also been unconfirmed reports of the Army mass-booking Gold Coast hotels over December and into early 2022, suggesting another round of house to house “vaccine marketing” as occurred in Western Sydney under Berejiklian.

Meanwhile the resistance is growing. Slowly but surely, more Aussies – even those who have been vaccinated – are waking up to this tyranny. Only the apathetic, lazy, TV-brainwashed crowd continue to buy into the idea that Morrison, the Premiers and the Chief Health Officers are protecting from a big bad virus.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Old story but no conspiracy there. Ed


  2. Having failed to migrate me to their internet banking program with promises of many freebies, the bankster in my life is now occupied updating my bank passbook of many years ago. And, wouldn’t you know it, the . manager assigned the Karen on duty to assist me with feeding all my coins into the machine that counts coin and then transfers the count to the new deposit. And the machine screwed up. Couldn’t get the coin count across and into the passbook. And then it chugged out all the coin. Wouldn’t you know it. The Karen glared at me with pure hatred.

    I felt like telling her – I am doing this for your kids and your grandkids you stupid twat but thought better of it. Instead, I decided that I was not feeling safe so decided to read the bank safety policy. [ This is the crap you have to listen to while you sit in their stupid phone cue. ]

    So much ado about the coin count and the bank book update. And this reminds of a joke (the only joke) from the movie Chernobyl.

    The miners are all sitting around and one guy says: what weighs 50 lbs, makes a shit load of noise and cuts an apple into three pieces? Answer: a Soviet machine designed to cut an apple into four pieces. Nobody in the bank thinks this is funny. But in the movie everybody laughs.

    So on the way home I call into the Op Shop. If I can’t find it at the Op Shop, I don’t need it, so I thought I would call in. And what do I find? One of those display screens that show photos from a pix file on a MOB phone. It runs on batteries and all you do is plug the MOB into the screen and it displays the photographs in succession . Now, as it happens, I know somebody with a pix file of pix downloaded from social media – all adverse reactions to the vaxx. This is just the thing for my next direct action.

    Every week-end we have these pop up mobile vaxx clinics in my area. They just arrive and park. They have got balloons, one of them does a sausage sizzle, super hero toys for the kids, vouchers. What they don’t have is a pop up display showing adverse events. So now it is off to the LGA to find out where the vaxx pop ups will be on the week-end.


  3. Historically, the nations which were labelled ‘fascist’ by the Revolutionaries were basically Christian and capitalistic which elected governments of national unity. The Liberals and the Marxists and Revolutionaries couldn’t use words like nation or patiotism as a smear so they settled upon ‘fascist’. Also these governments had jurisprudence from Roman Law (which symbol was the fasces) and the Holy Roman Empire – so they proved very difficult for the Revolution (begun 1789) to overthrow.

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  4. why slander fascists? they were ultra nationalists who promoted the well being of their people. at the expense of others. marxist communist trash are the biggest genocidal maniacs in the history of the human race who hate mankind and in every example ground their people into submission with local genocide. that is what australian governments are doing with their covid policies. waging war on their own people. they are freemason marxist trash.

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  5. Definitely a no compliance from me. I have been thinking about the bankster in my life and that entity’s collaboration with building the social credit system / genetic data base of the Chinese Communist Party for Australia. I am not happy about this.

    Direct action that is fun and free, legal and fair is called for, an action that will torment this particular entity financially, organisationally and digitally for the Australian cause. And deliver some supplies to the vaccinated Australians suffering from their prion disease. So I have been occupied with this problem over the course of several days. What am I going to do about this bank? It is for all intents an purposes a gook base.

    At last the solution. The bank book. Yes, the account is still open. And the book was never cancelled , it has been hiding in my file cabinet for years ever since I was ‘migrated’ to a card when I was given a personal loan. The idea at the time was that I could use both, but , of course, I went for the convenience of the card. And the bank book can come into service again. I am told this will require a an appointment with the manager. Great. I love appointments with the manager. And he is going to help me get started with internet banking and sign me up for all the freebies to judge by the emails they are now sending me.

    Unfortunately, this is war. I have now run off my copy of the privacy policy, the safety policy, the customer service police etc. I have my trusty pineapple in the tray of my mobility scooter. and have affixed the Australian flag in the upside down position.


  6. Video: “The PCR-RT is a Process. It Does Not Tell You that You Are Sick”: The Late Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the PCR-RT

    Nobel Prize Laureate Kary B. Mullis was the inventor of the polymerase chain reaction technique.

    Dr. Kary B. Mullis, who passed away on August 7, 2019 at age 74, stated emphatically that no infection or illness can be accurately diagnosed with the PCR-RT.

    “PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick”.

    “The measurement is not accurate”.

    Mullis described the PCR-RT as a “technique” rather than “a test”.

    It is a useful technique which allows for “rapid amplification of a small stretch of DNA”.

    Had Dr. Kary B. Mullis been alive today he would have been an outspoken critic of the Misuse of the PCR-RT by the WHO and national health authorities. The PCR-RT has been used as a so-called “test” to “detect” the spread of the virus as well as “measure” the incidence of SARS-CoV-2.

    The PCR-RT designed by Dr. Mullis is a technique. It is not a test

    This misuse of the PCR-RT technique has now been formally acknowledged in a January 2021 statement of the WHO.

    See: The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis


  7. The alternative view is that unfortunately, this is not true. Ms Hocroft withdrew her application as the NSW Commissioner of Police issued a directive requiring all police officers to be vaccinated. That undermined her challenge of the NSW Government health orders.

    For more information, contact Sage Solicitors.


  8. For anyone following the Court proceedings against Hazzard, the Hocroft vs Hazzard case was settled out of court in favour of the Plaintiff (Hocroft) Thank you Anestis Mantzouranis. This was the case of NSW Police officer Belinda Hocroft who was told that she needed at least the first shot by September 19th or she would be fired and not be able to return to her work. Belinda was represented by Charly Tannous of Sage Solicitors who argued that Belinda, a mother of four, was very concerned about the long term effects of the vaccine and felt it was a breach of her right to choose. This case now becomes a reference case for anyone else in the same position, and sets a precedent that proves that the Government claim of mandate is UNLAWFUL and INCORRECT. This should encourage everyone in the same position to hold on to your values, to fight back where you are being coerced and to know that you are on the right side of history! It sets a precedent for everywhere in Australia. We now have a reference. LETS GO FOR IT AUSTRALIA


  9. I tend to think these shabbos goy mason / crypto Jew Communists and traitors to Australia should enjoy their ‘such is life’ send off in places like King George Sq, Federation Sq, etc. By the time that list of Elite paedos under the 90 year suppression order gets read, the Australians will want to see heads on pikes on the SH Bridge.

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  10. Potassium Chloride is the required vaccine for our politicians, it works in American prisons.. ED2


  11. Dick cannot download without a web address for the PIC. We do not allow uploads here on comments.. send it to –


  12. @janice37. I feel for you, dear. I have 3 sons. All of them have succumb to the propaganda. One happily, the second with mild reservations, and the third against his will to keep his job, having just had his first son on Sept 15.

    Fortunately mum wasn’t jabbed when she was pregnant so her son was born healthy. I begged her not to get jabbed whilst breast feeding. I don;t know if she has succumb.

    I am terrified for little Elliot though. The world he has been born into..

    I’m sorry to say it’s a sickening feeling trying to deal with the reality that in all likelihood our children may be killed by this bio weapon. Will we see this as parents? Depends on whether they come for us and lock us up in concentration camps.

    I almost break down in tears every time I see my sons.

    But, we must remain strong. I would rather die on my feet defying the oppression than on my knees as a DNA modified zombie

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  13. Hi Editor Please put up this so people can see and Read. [image: Queensland Treason .png] Dick


  14. It has been stated that politicians DO NOT need to be vaccinated. I have now heard that doctors don’t need to be vaccinated either. With a bit of luck I am getting wrong information – if doctors don’t need ‘the jab’ why the hell does anyone else. I have stated before about some of this stuff – follow the money!!! Especially follow it to where the Pfizer money is going – Jeannette Young’s husband, Hazzard and Paleofshit’s father Baileqi among some of those who are draining our taxes. Oh and of course lets not forget the new NSW premier whose father is in the world banking system.
    Something is very wrong.

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  15. Here in the tablelands I’m just to busy to go to pubs clubs cafe restaurants theaters clubs gym’s (have my own gym just by working on the property) I care not for their mandates.
    I’m amazed that some of my family members and friends who I once thought to be very clever, are not that intelligent at all ( they got the jab). The brain washing from the MSM is very effective to the gullible.

    Put up your No Trespass signs, and make sure your gates are closed. Good luck

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  16. The Palechook logic is that the un-injected are infectious and are a threat to those who are injected and supposedly “protected”.

    It’s hardly an intelligent and ringing endorsement for the injections, let alone a scientific fact.

    The stupid bitch thinks she can inject people against dissent. She needs a set of stairs to fall down on. And fast.

    WTF! What’s happened to all the real no nonsense Aussies? Australians must have been dumbed down big time as this sort of shit would have got short shrift not so long ago!

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  17. contrast to this is only that we are honorable and taken the oath for ourselves” that our bodies are the holy temple for Us….”


  18. Of course Covid is back in force! How stupid does this govt. think we are?
    They tell us that the vaxxed can catch it and spread it, and that is what is happening…hence the large numbers, yet they , and the vaxxed, blame the unvaxxed!

    Latest funny one was that “The vaccine won’t work for me if I am near an unvaxxed person!” Whoever said that must have an IQ equivalent to their age!

    It is so ridiculous it would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious!
    The powers- that- be are lying clowns.What a circus!


  19. This Poor Woman Was Forced To Get Pfizer by Her Employer. She Got It On Saturday, and by Sunday This Started To Happen to Her



  20. This is an excellent report and needs to be shared widely. It stacks up with what we already know, in that we have turned the tide in this war, so they need to escalate the fear and force in a last ditch effort against us before they all end up at a Nuremberg 2.0 trial.

    Knowing their plans in advance is a huge advantage for us which must not be wasted and no time to lose. The sooner our side establishes a “War Council” the better and consolidate our factions.

    Also this morning, a whistle-blower at Qld Health confirms the plans with additional information about Phase 5:

    “… the new ‘delta strain’ will actually be a form of haemorrhagic fever, Ebola’s cousin Marburg backed up with ricin laced injections where death will occur over 36—72 hours post vax, all the while the government will be screaming at people to get vaxxed on tv, radio and possibly even loudspeakers from choppers like they did in Sydney and Melbourne… The genocide of Queensland.”

    more >

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  21. 80% vaxed ? Not according to the qldcovid19 website. There are approx 5.2 million people in Qld. According to the Gov , they have administered 2.6 million jabs. Thats around 50%…. But I saw last week on their stats that only 58000 had been jabbed. Typical lying losers. I pity the idiots who obey these liars. Then again liars believe in liars.

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  22. The deployment timeline of this International military operation of the UN has now come to hand. Briefly, here it is.

    Sept 2019. WHO and the World Bank convene the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. GPMB. Essential a board of directors for the directors of the multi-lateral partners and stakeholders. Tedros (former Ethiopian gook for Tigray LFA backed by the Chinese Communists) sits on that board as WHO director. Fauci is on it. Gates is on it. Whoever is the medical director for the Chinese CDC is on it. They brought out their first executive summary : “A World at Risk” and dictated that governments commit and invest in health preparedness under their obligations to the UN / WHO through the UN International Health Regulations ( 2005) . All Australian premiers signed off on IHR 2018.

    This binds them to the IHR ‘core capabilities monitoring process’ which assesses gov’tal implementation of the objectves. These are set out in the eight core capacities at points of entry for IHR identified hazards – the first of which is bio-hazard. So nations are now committed to run these ‘monitoring exercises’ which have specific objectives and targets – like 100% vaxx rates.

    Oct 2019. Event 201 kicks off Operation Corona. The WEF (world economic forum) partnered with WHO, the Gates Foundation and the Center for Health Security (Johns Hopkikns University) to hold a ‘World at Risk’ workshop / exercise. This was a ‘table-top pandemic simulation’ to workshop the way the world is supposed to work when bio-security is the organising principle of international order. They ran a simulation of a novel coronavirus outbreak. The hypothetical virus had a transmission from bat cave to pig to human and it went live from Wuhan while the simulation was in progress.

    This was the launch of Operation Corona.

    For Australia the logistics of this ‘way the world is supposed to work under international bio-security’ was mapped out in “Australia’s National Health Action Plan for Health Security” 2009-2017. This is where the IHR ‘core capabilities monitoring process’ folds in.

    Because there are 8 core capabilities that require the UN member states to restructure along these lines of 8 identified hazards (for which there will be exercises) – watch this space. The Communist corporate agents impersonating a government will run these exercises and restructure accordingly.

    The object of this exercise is to get all Australia vaxxed and all our health data on file with WHO. All of this will be folded into the one data base through the Australian Immunisation Register: AIR which comes under the Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015. That entire register must be enlarged and updated with all Australians vaxxed and boostered with the bio-weapon by 2023. And, of course, this will all fold into the genetic data base that is being built for Communist Chinese Social Credit system here. Good thing we have 5G and all that increased broadband and network power.

    Now the Act of 2015 provides an opt out for the AIR register. Block the Communist Take Down and restructuring of this country by opting out. OPT OUT. of AIR.


  23. What is truly worrying is that it is a dictatorship in Queensland we have no Senate to vote against their agenda.

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  24. VIDEO

    Aussie Health Chief: “Life Will Be Miserable Without Being Vaccinated. You Won’t Be Able to Hide. You Won’t Be Able to Go Anywhere.”

    Would you rather die from a heart attack from vaxx-induced myocarditis or be lonely and unemployed? The choice is yours, goyim. These terrorists need to be stopped!

    Read the post:


  25. And I don’t know if you’ve seen the even more secret facility at Brisbane.
    You get the idea after a couple of minutes


  26. I live on the Gold Coast. In recent weeks there has been an obvious increase in very fit, very athletic young man jogging, very fast. Short haircuts. Very suggestive of what I’ve seen in other army places. That’s my thoughts from before I read this article. Plenty of other people out there doing the fitness thing but they’re nowhere near these guys.


  27. Palaszczuk is just the latest incarnation of the unprincipled, gaslighting, manipulative, not to say psychotic politician always lurking in our midst, now glorying in her moment in the sun, lording it over the hapless citizenry. None of the medical arguments make the least bit of sense. They don’t have to. They are just the open deception providing cover for Palaszczuk to conduct her all-Ozzie version of tyranny. Psychos love deception. And they love YOU to know that THEY are deceiving you. They exult in it. It makes them feel good.

    But in reality Palaszczuk has always been lurking in the shadows. Along with a host of wannabe tyrants, authoritarian creeps, gargoyles, and ‘strange orders of monsters’. Even during the down under days of endless summer and no tomorrows. Personally, I attribute the beginning of the rot to the ‘greatest prime minister’ Australia ever had … Robert ‘Ming’ Menzies. Yes it was Ming, that bum-licking ‘monarchist’ who bent over backwards to kiss the arse of ‘The Crown’. It was indeed Ming who handed over control of the Australian economy to the ‘Crown Corporation’ when he sold off the reserve bank functions of the Commonwealth Bank in 1959 or thereabouts. Again, no more ‘federal’ than the ‘Federal Reserve Bank of America’. Or the ‘Bank of England’ for that matter. All privately owned by the same crowd of generational Satanists. Give the Devil control of your currency, and you will end up with a Palaszczuk and a host of other willing servants of the Money Power.

    I hope Bosi interviews leader of the Australian Citizens Party, Craig Isherwood. This party is focused on returning Australia ‘to the banking and economic development policies that will grow our productive economy and secure the future well-being for all Australians’. Without banking reform, the people can never claw the country back from the nightmares like Palaszczuk and Andrews who currently run rampant through its institutions. But not before they do untold damage to the nation.

    There is a lady sweet and kind,
    Was never face so pleas’d my mind;
    I did but see her passing by,
    And yet I love her till I die.
    – Thomas Ford, 1580-1648

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  28. Let’s call it for what it is, it’s not rewarding the vaccinated because they are just going back to pre-covid. This is a deliberate, calculated attack on people who have intelligently weighed up the information and made a free will choice not to be vaccinated at this time with an unproven vaccine that has been shown to kill and or to render people previously healthy now reliant on some form of help for the rest of their lives. Also those with myocarditis will most likely need heart transplants. If those people vaccinated believe in free will then stop bitching about those who have used their free will choice not to be vaccinated.
    It is obvious that we are getting to the point where there will be no free will and the vaccinated when it is accepted that they are the spreaders of any variant will be reliant of those unvaccinated to look after them.

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  29. I don’t believe that 80% of Queenslanders are jabbed. I’m hoping that Cairns/Tablelanders don’t fall for her shit next week. It just amazes me that there so many gullible people in the world and unfortunately, my daughter is one of them.
    Hold the line Queenslanders….

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  30. George Christensen from Nation First, by George Christensen
    Sat 13/11/2021 8:36 AM

    “It doesn’t matter whether the States are governed by either the Labor Party or the Liberal and National Parties: they are all segregating people on the basis on whether or not they’ve participated in a medical procedure that is only provisionally approved.

    This can aptly be described as medical apartheid.

    The Liberals and Nationals have done it in New South Wales and Labor are doing it in Victoria (with gusto). To an extent, it is also being deployed with government-imposed ‘no jab, no job’ mandates in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Now, it’s Queensland’s turn, with the Palaszczuk Labor Government banning non-vaccinated residents from being full participants in society from 17 December. From that date, I will personally be joining the ranks of the new “untouchables” in this modern caste system, unable to set foot in a pub, club, café, restaurant, cinema, theatre, art gallery, museum, sports stadium and many other venues.

    Basically, they’ve Victoria’ed my Queensland”.


    What do you see when you look into the eyes of the QLD premier?

    Proverbs 30:17 – The eye is the window to the soul


  31. [cid:image002.png@01D7D877.67D8D390]


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