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Corrupt Queensland Labor Party caught out

The Qld labor Party engaged Professor Peter Coaldrake, a staunch ALP member and Palaszczuk puppet to write a report on corruption among the public service. Coaldrake has long been the apologist for the ALP. He was engaged to write a report ensuring rural industry training was shut down in Qld and that is exactly what happened two years ago.

Peter Coaldrake. Hands up for a Labor stooge.

Coaldrake is a Labor stooge who does just what this horrible woman asks. She says she will have a Royal Commission if Coaldrake asks for one. She is the laugh of the week. If Coaldrake did ask for one it would be premised on very narrow guidelines which will give the answers the ALP require. But there is a big problem for Queensland because the Crown was removed in 1991 from all statutes and no Royal Assent can be given to bills from an illegitimate Governor.

Hope this helps those seeking justice


Letter sent last March, they were warned! They can’t say they were just doing their job this time and it’s time they were held accountable.

States must protect people from potential harms arising from and during scientific research. States have the obligation to protect people from being used or exploited in harmful scientific experiments, as well as the obligation to set safeguards to prevent harm caused by research or experimentation.

The length of this letter is due to the extensive use of direct extracts from various official documents. All the legal information regarding informed consent is here and it is in you and your centre’s/departments best interest to heed this warning. A media release outlining the contents of this letter, as well as the intent behind sending it, will be sent to all major and community media outlets for the sake of transparency.

As we have seen in the past, medical professionals can be held criminally responsible for their role in medical experiments gone wrong. It is for this reason we are sending this letter to inform you today and our only intention is to save lives by ensuring medical professionals are doing their best to adhere to the applicable laws and do no harm during this mass clinical trial. Medical professionals don’t always get it right, but we hope that, armed with this information, unnecessary mistakes will be avoided.

From the outset, we need to be clear on an important aspect of the vaccine rollout: the federal minister for health, Greg Hunt has described the vaccine rollout as the “largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever”.

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Palaszczuk’s turn to be a nasty fascist because you’re not compliant

The mind games they play are obvious to the thinker.


QUEENSLANDERS wake up! Your premier Palaszczuk and her senior bureaucrats are playing psychological games with you designed by elite government-corporate committees in the UK, France and the US.

Cairns News has previously reported on this, thanks to the the work of Brian Gerrish and UK Column who detailed the diabolical, highly manipulative work of various UK and French working groups set up for the objective of mass deception of the population. Palaszczuk and company are their sock puppets Down Under and you, the Queenslanders, are their target.

Firstly consider this, if 80% of the population is vaccinated and “protected” why are they punishing the 20% who aren’t? Epidemiologists suggest at least half the population are naturally immune to Covid-19 and those 20% are probably most of them. And of those infected by this virus, whatever it may be, less than 1% die and they usually involved comorbidities in the upper age groups.

No it’s not about the vaccine as much as forcing mass compliance and trampling those traditional rights and freedoms that the elites want to crush in order to implement their delusional “Great Reset” global society and its twin, Agenda 20-30. We suspect that the partly/fully vaccinated numbers are highly exaggerated and the pressure is on Queensland to “show a bit of brute force”.

Former Pfizer chief scientist Michael Yeadon, who has been warning us for at least 18 months not to take the vaccines because of their severely flawed safety data and dangerous nature, and has also put out warnings on the program of psychological and economic warfare against the global population.

November to March is said to be Phase 5, where the objective is to foment chaos and establish martial law by exploiting a shortage of goods and food, closing factories and shops and letting unemployment explode, pushing booster shots, imposing compulsory vaccination and amplifying the myth of variants, the efficacy of the vaccine and the immunity of the herd.

Phase 5 also supposedly will demonize the anti-vaxxers and hold them responsible for deaths, opposition leaders will be arrested and a digital identity imposed on everyone (QR code), martial law imposed to defeat the opposition and imprisonment or removal of opponents.

We don’t see all of this happening yet, but the possibilities are there with Palaszczuk’s prison farm at Toowoomba under construction, Scott Morrison’s digital ID campaign being pushed by his fellow Judas Christian Stuart Robert, the arrest of protest leaders in Victoria and NSW, warnings about “delta returning” after borders reopen.

There have also been unconfirmed reports of the Army mass-booking Gold Coast hotels over December and into early 2022, suggesting another round of house to house “vaccine marketing” as occurred in Western Sydney under Berejiklian.

Meanwhile the resistance is growing. Slowly but surely, more Aussies – even those who have been vaccinated – are waking up to this tyranny. Only the apathetic, lazy, TV-brainwashed crowd continue to buy into the idea that Morrison, the Premiers and the Chief Health Officers are protecting from a big bad virus.

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