The genocide of Queenslanders

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Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Peter Aitken of Townsville: “LIfe will be miserable without being vaccinated, You won’t be able to hide, There will be no employment, We will be tracking you, You won’t be able to go anywhere.” ….. Unvaxxed Australians, your democratic freedom is officially removed by government illegal enforcement

By Peter Russell

This is an excellent Cairns News report and needs to be shared widely. It stacks up with what we already know, in that we have turned the tide in this war, so they need to escalate the fear and force in a last-ditch effort against us before they all end up at a Nuremberg 2.0 trial.

Knowing their plans in advance is a huge advantage for us which must not be wasted and no time to lose. The sooner our side establishes a “War Council” the better and consolidates our factions.

Also this morning, a whistle-blower at Qld Health confirms the plans with additional information about Phase 5:

Julz in George Christensen MP CHAT George Christensen MP The latest Nation First letter asks “What’s your view on medical apartheid?” Click the link to comment: Comment on ACL post listing churches opposed to Dan Andrew’s Bill against churches…

Below is copied from Ps Justin Robinson who called the motels and they are booked.

This is the email I received below.

Date: 11 November 2021
Subject: The genocide of Queensland

A whistle-blower at Queensland Health has revealed they have been forewarned to prepare for the coming ‘new’ plandemic for Queensland at the end of November/December with a major lockdown event.

They have already fully booked out the Gold Coast Novotel resort till February 2022 with Army personnel, that’s battalion strength (1000+), many other resorts are booked out with Army personnel for 3 months as well, feel free to contact Novotel to confirm this or go online…it’s true, something big is coming.

The ‘new strain’ they have been hinting that it will arrive in Queensland with a rapid onset on ”infections” forcing the government to bring in extreme lockdown measures, with a ramped-up vax campaign and possibly door to door inspections on who’s vaxxed and those that aren’t will be spirited off to the gulags.

Palachook’s last interview outside Bunnings Stafford in Brisbane a journalist said the true numbers of vaxxed in Qld was well below 60% not the purported 80% the Premier keeps going on about and her response was “I reject that claim”, the people of QLD are not like the rest of the sheep in the other states falling for this ridiculous narrative.

“Look at the numbers of sick and dead in QLD”

As this is not confirmed and could easily be construed as a conspiracy theory which funnily enough has been coming true, but it is hinted the new “delta strain” will actually be a form of haemorrhagic fever,

Ebola’s cousin Marburg backed up with ricin laced injections where death will occur over 36—72 hours post vax, all the while the government will be screaming at people to get vaxxed on tv, radio and possibly even loudspeakers from choppers like they did in Sydney and Melbourne.

The genocide of Queensland.



Further comment by reader Lin de Symonds

The deployment timeline of this International military operation of the UN has now come to hand. Briefly, here it is.

Sept 2019. WHO and the World Bank convene the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. GPMB. Essentially a board of directors for the directors of the multi-lateral partners and stakeholders. Tedros (former Ethiopian gook for Tigray LFA backed by the Chinese Communists) sits on that board as WHO director. Fauci is on it. Gates is on it. Whoever is the medical director for the Chinese CDC is on it. They brought out their first executive summary : “A World at Risk” and dictated that governments commit and invest in health preparedness under their obligations to the UN / WHO through the UN International Health Regulations (2005) . All Australian premiers signed off on IHR 2018.

This binds them to the IHR ‘core capabilities monitoring process’ which assesses governmental implementation of the objectives. These are set out in the eight core capacities at points of entry for IHR identified hazards – the first of which is bio-hazard. So nations are now committed to run these ‘monitoring exercises’ which have specific objectives and targets – like 100% vaxx rates.

Oct 2019. Event 201 kicks off Operation Corona. The WEF (World Economic Forum) partnered with WHO, the Gates Foundation and the Center for Health Security (Johns Hopkins University) to hold a ‘World at Risk’ workshop / exercise. This was a ‘table-top pandemic simulation’ to workshop the way the world is supposed to work when bio-security is the organising principle of international order. They ran a simulation of a novel coronavirus outbreak. The hypothetical virus had a transmission from bat cave to pig to human and it went live from Wuhan while the simulation was in progress.

This was the launch of Operation Corona.

For Australia the logistics of this ‘way the world is supposed to work under international bio-security’ was mapped out in “Australia’s National Health Action Plan for Health Security” 2009-2017. This is where the IHR ‘core capabilities monitoring process’ folds in.

Because there are 8 core capabilities that require the UN member states to restructure along these lines of 8 identified hazards (for which there will be exercises) – watch this space. The Communist corporate agents impersonating a government will run these exercises and restructure accordingly.

The object of this exercise is to get all Australia vaxxed and all our health data on file with WHO. All of this will be folded into the one data base through the Australian Immunisation Register: AIR which comes under the Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015. That entire register must be enlarged and updated with all Australians vaxxed and boostered with the bio-weapon by 2023. And, of course, this will all fold into the genetic data base that is being built for Communist Chinese Social Credit system here. Good thing we have 5G and all that increased broadband and network power.

Now the Act of 2015 provides an opt out for the AIR register. Block the Communist Take Down and restructure of this country by opting out. OPT OUT. of AIR.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Greetings Editor and CN correspondents.

    This is a Big One and the internet censorship [Tip of the Hat to Frewen and Operation Covid Shield] is just as big.

    Henry Makow has this up on his website this am Dec. 7 2022 for OZ.

    “Melbourne Children’s Hospital tells parents to stay away due to ‘unprecedented demand’ ” In Canada, they can read The Guardian link to this story but it is blocked on my Australian server. Here it is from Makow’s website:

    Henry Makow’s comment – the steak and potatoes.

    Australia’s major Children’s Hospital is turning away sick children for the first time in its long history.

    “It’s being caused by staff shortages due to mass-firing of unvaccinated nurses and doctors, plus rapidly increasing vaccine related child-sickness.” They admitted it!

    Makow’s lead post for Dec 6 also contains information and leads on the same
    story with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

    Dec 6 – Hospitals Overwhelmed by Sick Kids. Dec 6 2022—hospitals-overwhelmed-.html?_ga=2.104366272.1301417238.1669843648-1369995310.1664405876


  2. Admiring the persistence you put into your blog and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Fantastic read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


  3. Yep I read that – so sad that in Australia we are discussing urban warfare tactics against our own – but this criminal Administration ( not a Government ) have declared war on us – on behalf of the controllers..


  4. Make sure you wait behind your door with a pike or a knife and take the first fucker to walk throught the door. YOU MUST MAKE THEM WORRY IF THEY WILL GO HOME THAT NIGHT BEFORE EVEN LEAVING!! This is essential, they will refuse to go if enough of them die and bring stories back of the nightmare of trying to vax or gulag you. This is where the Russians fucked up, it was written later by Solzhenitsyn.


  5. Yes, like India is doing….


  6. “because of our triumphant march across the planet, we have made the UN a weapon for our goals of seizing power over all kingsoms and nations. The Rebbe. Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Chabad Lubavitch.

    Chabad oversees both East and West / WW3 Plan to Destroy the West. Best to get across the Mad Plan sooner rather than later.

    The standard issue Communist genocide now underway throughout Australia is a UN operation being implemented through ‘multi-lateral’ partners and stakeholders, bad actors and corporate agents impersonating government authorities in all Western nations.
    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. it can not be overstated, Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the world’s media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” Aleksandr Solzhenitisyn

    Now he wasn’t talking about 6 major corporations – mere holding / shell companies for The Owners. He is talking about The Owners of the central banking cartel. They own the nations of both the Communist Eastern Bloc and the (now) entirely subverted Western Bloc as corporate assets of that cartel and crime syndicate.

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  7. It wont be ebola or marburg.. it will be 5g turned up.. time to burn every 5g tower down.


  8. It is difficult to see how people can go along with the obvious propaganda. This video does a good job explaining why we can’t reach people..


  9. they have ALWAYS been like this………..just Media NEVER exposed it


  10. Your last paragraph is correct about the situation this nation has allowed to happen to itself. Now we have deduced judicial redress is ruled out, constitution being obeyed is ruled out, redress of grievance is not an option as long as the duopoly party faithful keep keeping them in office..ED2


  11. If a solicitor is reading or the editor wants to contact one – it would be great to have an article addressing what legal options are available to the public:
    How can people protect themselves if somebody shows up at the door?
    Is there an option for a class action or an injunction?
    Who has the power to arrest the premier and the health bigwigs and under what charges?
    Or are we in a situation where Oz politicians have become so twisted, hateful and confused, they think they are reincarnated nazi’s and no longer abide by the law?


  12. All is well here Derek just a lul before the storm I suspect


  13. Hope all is good with you guys. Have not had anything for some time

    Sent from my iPad



  14. Ahhhhh, Calicivirus for humans. The 96 “escape” from CSIRO. The one that only kills European rabbits Haemoraegic, and the antidote to follow . We are the test.


  15. Fellow at work got double jabbed and said he had bad diarrhoea ,then i got really bad diarrhoea ,sickest ive been in years ,whether he ”sheded” it i dont know ,but it seemed like it to me


  16. Fello at work


  17. Interestingly, it seems once a country goes past 50% vaxxed, the first wave of self sustaining covid infections generated by vaxxed people then starts forever circulating in the community.

    Australia got to 50% vaxxed around August, so plus 4 months gets us to December, so this fits.

    Years ago I read that The Plan is to have a second vax that has a 24-48 hour kill capability.

    If we see an Ebola-like or Marburg-like infections, it will likely come from the vaccine itself.

    So when they ramp up the hysteria this time, make sure you stay calm and dont take any vax they offer, no matter what.

    Make sure you stock up on 3 months worth of food, otherwise they will get you to trade a vax in your arm for food in a camp….


  18. That is disappointing to say the least. I came across that on what I considered a reputable facebook site, perhaps fell through the cracks. However there was also discussion about Australia’s National Health Action Plan for Health Security. Here is the link for the newer version of plan 2019-2023, which I believe now includes approximately 196 countries.$File/Aust-Nat-Action-Plan-Health-Security-2019-2023.pdf


  19. My spam bucket runneth over this am from people who think they need to inform me about ‘delayed covid’. WTF is ‘delayed covid’? Is this the new cover porky for the ‘Delta Variant’ which is now pretty well busted as a code word for all the adverse reactions to the spike protein injection which are swelling the hospital numbers. If yes, then ‘delayed covid’ is real desperation. No wonder they have to call in the security forces.

    If ‘delayed covid’ is the new mantra, it would make a great meme.


  20. “It is error alone which needs the support of Goverment, Truth can stand by itself.” (Thomas Jefferson).We must get back to the Australian Constitution “It Embodies Justice, Democracy and Law, With Compliance by All People in All Places at All Times. (Bob Jarvis) read Section 51(xxiiiA) All the best Bob Jarvis.


  21. At least in WWII the governments stood up for it’s people. Our government is totally against us! We are on our own.


  22. Will do, sadly Oz People will discover how Little freedom they REALLY have………

    When all else fail’s……… for the hills !!..

    They have been planning this for over 100yrs ……….even 200yrs.

    am over 70 + Bad Heart condition! .drugged to death with meds!…….but will still run if I can…..with my crippled wife.

    Stay strong ………..

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  23. On 28th this month there will be a “Citizens Initiated Referendum” in SWITZ BY THE PEOPLE

    On whether they have the Cvid Passport………..

    for Australians………….. a smell of Democracy.!!!!!!!!………..

    Now you all will know, how HOPELESS the Aus Aborigines felt in the past !!


  24. Came across this today for those in Queensland and the rest of us is scary if true footage.
    Quarantine centre ? Prison more like it.

    EDITOR: It is a youth detention centre and been in operation for many years. Misinformation at its best including editorial from an ill-informed female. How rumours start and gain momentum.


  25. how about we follow our natural rights given to us by our creator god these rights are given to you at birth not by some out of control power mad politician hell bent on killing you and your family wake up people this is a war and your the target the sooner you realize this the better say no to the demons and wankers stand your ground peaceful non compliance is at this point at least for now the answer we they go kinetic than we respond the same and crush all these devil worshipers and Satan’s minions you have a right to defend your own body and property from an out of control government that wants you all dead you have a right to use what ever force is necessary at that moment in time to stop someone injecting you with a deadly poison time to say hell bloody no wake up people you don’t stop tyranny by voting them out you stop them by squashing them into dust and removing them from this earth and reclaiming your right’s and freedoms back that have been stolen from you.


  26. The Rhodesians are reaching out to the Australians. They know all about a Communist Take Over and Take Down. They understand UN electoral process and the Communist template for a failed Marxist state, namely: Zimbabwe. All legitimate institutions in systemic failure. Crime, corruption and chaos the new sistema. The standard issue genocide. Humanitarian crisis the basis of the economy, Human tsunami the only export. Finally the failed state is sold to Communist China for restructuring and incorporation into the emerging universal soviet.

    The new website that launched a little over a week ago is a one stop shop: faith, hope, practical help in terms of legal and health remedies, contacts. Medical and drug free alternatives, protocols – including homeopathy, medical assessments. Skillsets and organisation needed for the logistics of ground and creation of unvaxxed systems of resistance to help us when all the supply chains are broken. A great effort.

    We should start now building these organisations along the lines of food and water. My neighbours and I have put backyards together to re-invent the Commons. I spent last week-end planting the potato hill and making moringa powder from the moringa tree in my yard.


  27. Go to Brian Shaw’s site and then legal tag and download the Kim Beazley case and get VERY educated…blow your mind! I am ecstatic though, as it means my entire 16 yrs fighting Gary Morgan and his insurance co CGu in perth was fraudulent and even my lawyer can go to jail for 20yrs…I have been writing my book on it.(:


  28. Shocking, but expected.


  29. have you read any of brian shaw’s legal notes from cases? Brilliant! Go to his Kim
    beazely one and find out more than you could ever imagine(:



    This is an effing disgrace what’s currently going on I feel disappointed that we got so much come running this country the people are going to get hurt the most other people who are not away all the people with disabilities how are they going to stand up and be counted against the tyranny this is shocking disgusting


  31. Might have been simpler and more transparent if we just gave the keys to Australia to Bill Gates and Fauci, the lifeblood “donors” to the WHO. They’re the major donors for targeted funding which is around 80% of total funding. The Money Octopus has many tentacles.


  32. What a disgrace it is to live in Australia now the prime minister should hang his head in shame no one belongs in camps maybe put them im in one for all the lies and diciet over 2 years now im tired my family’s tired stressed our body our choice no force


  33. Truly evil.. I am calm knowing that Virus Theory is fraud – there is no virus as described – once you understand this then the fear subsides.

    However, can they propagandize the media, coop the medical system and send people into blind panic? – oh yes..This is what we have had recently, This is why it is so important to research the history and take independent advice on this – if we can’t rid ourselves of this virus fraud then it will just never end.. end well at least. ( I can provide links if people are interested)

    We are in WW3 – us – men and women in the image of our creator – and them – sycophantic parasitic scum – who is this hideous Health creep threatening us?


  34. I commented on a different post the other day about army guys running where I go for a walk. Missing for the last 2 days after appearing a fortnight ago. I guess it’s started. Will go for a look around the Novotel but yes, it’s booked out.


  35. Just in response to Lin de Symonds and in relation to the 2nd Edition International Health Regulations (2005) that Countries signed up to;

    There was a third (illegal edition) created in 2015/16 around the time Gates turned up to influence and that is the edition that Countries knowingly or unknowingly have signed off on, giving Dictatorial powers to Tedros and the WHO.

    Legally this has been under investigation by a previous employee of WHO that was directly involved in the writing of the International Health Regulations 2nd Edition and only by chance, discovered a third edition had superseded it.

    It was at that point, with the writing of the third edition that WHO became so utterly corrupt in the dark of night.

    One could argue that Australia could on the basis of illegality, pull out of the WHO if they so chose.
    Working for the World Health Organisation was once an ambition of worthy cause perhaps, but I would not want to be seen to have anything to do with them now.

    If the Australian Government doesn’t pull out, then they knowingly signed the third edition.
    They were either too lazy to do their homework and read the fine print or they are complicit in crimes against humanity by signing an agreement allowing the withholding of treatments that could have saved people’s lives.


  36. In her 2021 interview with attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich Dr Astrid Stuckelberger expressed her shock on finding that the third edition of the International Health Regulations, which came into force in 2016, has made the WHO a dictatorship. She stated that, when the WHO Director-General directs, all signatories have to obey under law. This is reflected in Australia in sections 477 (1)(c) and 478 (1)(c) of the Biosecurity Act 2015.

    Holly Mclean and Ben Huf wrote a very useful Research Paper titled “Emergency Powers, Public Health and COVID-19” in August 2020. On page 10 there is a diagram showing how the WHO communicates with the Department of Health, which then communicates with all other government departments. The DoH is the focal point required by the IHR, to act above the government.

    As a democracy, we elected politicians who agreed on our behalf that Australia should become a signatory of the IHR. In effect, we have signed away our democratic rights.


  37. VACCINATION: an injection which FORCES your body to produce spike proteins.

    SPIKE PROTEIN: spike protein by itself (without being part of the corona virus) can damage endothelial cells and disrupt the blood-brain barrier.

    COVID DEATH: a death occurring within 30 days of the deceased being tested as covid positive; including falls down stairs, car accidents and drug overdoses.

    COVID PANDEMIC: a more than normal number of covid deaths accompanied by the global eradication of Influenza.

    IDIOCY: Australian politicians surge to police states and diktats due to a “never isolated virus” which has around HALF the Australian annual road accident fatality rate.

    STUPIDITY: the state of doing NOTHING to cure idiocy.


  38. The “new strain” could be right on schedule, as per the modelling on how long it takes for one’s immune system to be disabled on a day by day basis from the toxic injections already received.

    (this modelling was based on animal years in which animals who had the toxic experimental injections died)

    Could get interesting given the “new strain” will likely hit the Frontline Hospital staff and those who received the mandated shots first.

    Depending on who got what batch.

    We know for sure the Politicians got the saline batch and/or the special fake retractable needles made for them so they should be fine.
    (how fortunate for them)

    Question is, will it be the claimed Marburg Hemorrhagic fever (needing more toxic boosters to keep one’s job)….or just a derangement syndrome from being injected with genetically modified spike proteins which have been targeting the ACE2 receptors in their brain, eyes, blood vessels, lungs, heart, kidneys, small intestine, placenta and prostate?

    Best thing to do for the next few months will be to bunker down or at least stay away from the genetically modified unless one wants to be blamed for their choices (yet again)

    It’s really sad but they need to own this.
    They signed their consent to participate in this risky worldwide clinical trial.

    If however, the vaccine injured are foolhardy enough to participate in a third booster shot (which allegedly has ricin in it) then they are more addicted to the fear porn than previously thought.

    Just like junkies it won’t end well.
    A drug pusher is never your friend.


  39. Arendt’s ‘Banality of Evil’ comes to mind.


  40. We need a cull of these people


  41. so much for Law, democracy………my wife and I are fleeing away from Oz OS .


  42. How do we opt out of AIR?


  43. Omg I’ve only ever had one parking ticket n one speeding fine in 40 yrs of driving..never been imprisoned never broke the law never shot or stabbed anyone yet dye to MY CHOICE MY BODY not to inject something that’s proven to cause harm n death, I will be in a class of a TERRORIST?????? What the fuck


  44. It is devilish to treat the unvaccinated as if they are dead! Only the dead can not partake in live activities.Any Government that forces the living to live as if dead are in a BAD way! Isaiah says “Woe to them that say Evil is Good and Good is Evil”

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  45. Uhhh, guys? Ayn Rand thought she was writing fiction.


  46. Time for that declaration of sovereignty.


  47. Wonder how much longer before all this blows wide open and everyone knows?


  48. The Official Narrative is down around their ankles. So now they call in the security forces.

    Call to mind the wall-to-wall Communist agents impersonating a government which voted Dec 2020 to put foreign military and security forces on Australian soil and indemnify them from all criminal and civil liability. [ Defense Force Amendment Act 2020 ]

    So when they kick in the door to haul Granny off to covid concentration camp and pepper spray her in the face – they are not LIABLE. The National Polituburo indemnifies this crime. When they kick in the door to vaccinate your toddler with a military grade bioweapon – they are not LIABLE. The National Politburo indemnifies this crime.

    Actually these Communist Agents have always worn the Official Narrative around their ankles while they broadcast the covid fear porn and compliance Party Dictates 24/7/365.

    The week WHO declared the ‘global pandemic’ March 2020, the official UK government website stated its scientific assessment of covid-19 “no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID)”. This was from the beginning. CoVID-19 was not and never has been a medical emergency or any type HCID. And this assessment would have been available to the Australian Health Commissars and all CoVID cadres. So WHO had to rejig all the standard definitions of : ‘pandemic’, ‘cases’, ‘vaccination’, ‘vaccinated’ etc in order to gaslight billions of people with their covid crap.

    For example, a pandemic is now officially ‘a rise in quantifiable case numbers’. Cases of what? You name it – BS from the politicians (big numbers there), nits, homophobic micro-aggressions could all qualify as ‘pandemic’ under the WHO definition.

    Covid stands for certificate of vaccination identity. This was always about the vaxx which is an S1 spike protein bio-tech cytotoxin and bioweapon. The nature of these vaxxes clearly point to a depopulation agenda.

    Just like traffic casualties are counted as ‘covid’ deaths, the ‘official’ definition of vaccination keeps changing so that casualties and mortalities of the spike protein injection can be classified as ‘unvaxxed’. They died of ‘covid’. Now these are morbidities and mortalities of a ‘covid variant’. Note the use of the term variant. Natural viruses like coronavirus and influenzas mutate. They have mutations. But a biotech protein synthesis where there are hundreds of PATENTS – all variants of the SARS-Cov-2 S1 spike protein synthesis. These are all VARIANTS of the different vaxxes / batches / dispatches.

    Meanwhile these lying sods are collapsing the health systems of the most vaxxed countries (Western nations) under a tsunami of bioweapon casualties.


  49. Just rang Novotel and yes fully booked but said not legally able to tell by who, Shit, this is a bit scary mate. Allan


  50. We have to pray all the Alliances are ready to go real soon. I was happy to see the DUMB taken out near Marble BAr…my #1 enemy has at least 11 mining leases in that area and I know of 2 that are not actually mines…all funded by Ry mgn mkt rsch…go figure!


  51. I am not surprised at the announcement that a worse virus is coming.
    Last year we watched, and heard, Bill Gates say in a video that
    ” A worse pathogen was coming, and the death rate would be much higher!”
    He is behind this…he thinks he is God! Why doesn’t someone stop him?
    He has poured money into all labs making vaccines, so now controls them.He also controls the media in the same way.


  52. Many of us including myself, are suffering from some form of anxiety, even PTSD if you’ve experienced long term health problem due to being jabbed, lost your job,:you’ll know what. So what if you sue the perpetrator of this, Guess who? on mass.

    I suffer periods of anxiety, insomnia, irritability (my poor husband), can’t concentrate or remember things I can’t really handle any news anymore about Covid19 , I have bouts of tears thinking about my parents whom I’ll never see again and my grandchildren whom I worry about their future.

    The below information was on CarterCapner Law.

    Can compensation be claimed for Psychological Injury where there is no physical injury?
    In most cases, yes as long as it results from an accident or event in which you were involved, witnessed or are in a close family relationship to someone killed or injured in the accident.

    An uninjured occupant of a vehicle involved in a motor accident can for example sue the at-fault driver if they sustain PTSD, adjustment disorder or depression by reason of the calamity eg the death of another person in the same accident.

    Emotional distress / Psychological Injury can also arise in the workplace where the events complained of do not constitute reasonable management action, eg bullying

    An employer is entitled to investigate the employee’s circumstances and – even if the employer has come to an incorrect conclusion – instigate disciplinary e vaccinaction. But it must investigate and counsel the employee in a reasonable manner. Conducting disciplinary action by telephone without any forewarning and without giving the employee opportunity to respond will – if psychological injury results from the episode – usually be something for which the employer is responsible

    Another example of a “pure psychological injury” is “nervous shock” which can occur from being an eye-witness to a serious accident where someone is fatally injured; or for family members of someone killed in an accident, from being told of it and having to deal with its aftermath, eg in the intensive care ward or the identification of the deceased’s body.
    A train driver who witnesses a suicide on rail tracks can also sue the deceased’s estate for the resulting “pure psychological injury”.

    In all cases – if a breach of duty and causation can be established – the resulting damages include expenses (past and future), lost wages and future economic loss. The resulting damages ordered to be paid can be very large.

    What are the psychological injury symptoms?
    Psychological injuries – whether or not the condition arises from a physical injury – can involve a wide range of symptoms.

    Unlike physical injuries like broken bones, disc injuries or damaged joints, diagnosing and treating psychological damage is not always a straightforward process.

    Emotional trauma comes in many forms, and not everyone who sustains a psychological injury will experience the same set of symptoms. Depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, post-traumatic stress can feature some or all of the following:-

    Mood swings
    Chronic anxiety and fear
    Withdrawing from friends and family
    Difficulty concentrating
    Long and unexplained periods of fatigue
    Loss of appetite
    If you think you may have suffered emotional trauma, seeking medical attention can help clarify the nature of your injury.

    Compensation claims involving psychological injuries must be supported by proof of negligence for compensation to be awarded. In addition to supporting your recovery, seeking medical treatment for your injuries helps establish the requisite medical evidence in support of your claim.


  53. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    It’s time we Hunted them for they are Hunting us…..this will not stop until they also feel Fear!


  54. Am I the only one thinking that the military being in Qld/Australia is not part of the worldwide martial law that is supposedly coming rather than Palletofshit and her jab fest?
    I prefer to hope for the former…..


  55. Governments, media and drug companies are all trying to kill us off. Why are most of us so complacent?


  56. Hi Editor I don’t know how to send this so have sent in word and PDF. Please put it up so people can see and read the difference. Thanks Dick


  57. Privacy Policy for the Australian Immunisation Register includes opt out information.

    “No. Once you have been vaccinated, you cannot opt out of your information being put into the Register where the Register Act requires reporting of the information.

    However, under the Register Act you can opt out of having your vaccination information being made available to third parties……

    If you do opt-out, this means that no third parties (including your healthcare providers) will be able to view any of your information in the Register. Your decision to opt out will apply to all of your vaccination information (you cannot opt out for specific vaccines).”


  58. Debra, [24.10.21 13:52]
    [Forwarded from Nicholas Veniamin]

    Ladies and Gents.

    I’d like you to emotionally and spiritually prepare for what is about to unfold here on Earth.

    The next Plandemic is going to be the Marburg virus.
    This is a hemorrhaging fever similar to Ebola with an 88% mortality rate.

    Now firstly don’t worry, the ones pushing this agenda won’t release anything that would kill them. This will be a fake Marburg.
    Many of the covid vaccine injured are displaying clots and uncontrollable bleeding. This will be claimed to be Marburg. GAVI and the WEF are already making announcements about the virus.

    They’ve already developed a PCR test for Marburg, even though there is no official ‘pandemic’ yet.

    More worryingly, they’re already rushing through a ‘vaccine’ for Marburg.

    Even more worryingly, the main ingredient in the new vaccine is Ricin. One of the most toxic poisons on the planet.

    They will allow the vaccinated to travel globally this Christmas.

    They’ll need a cover for people bringing ‘the virus’ back to their home countries.

    A new pandemic will be declared, they’ll claim there is asymptomatic spread.

    The media will pump fear harder than we’ve ever seen.

    People will lose their minds believing that there is a pandemic of something with an 88% chance of making them bleed out and die.

    At this stage jabs will be mandatory and the police and military goon squads will be in full force trying to ‘save humanity’ and dragging off people who refuse the Marburg vaccine to the now built concentration camps to be forcibly injected.

    The Ricin ‘vaccine’ is the real death shot and there will be billions of people lining up for it and fighting to be at the front of the lines.

    If you think you’ve seen panic during COVID, multiply that by 20 or 30 X with what’s planned and is coming up.

    Keep your families very close, hold the line and spread this message far and wide.



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