AS much as many of us despise the domination of the two-party system by corporate globalist puppets, a party can still do great good with the right policies and decent leadership – Liberal Party people like Gerard Rennick, Alex Antic and Matt Canavan and others who are standing up against globalism.

But the dominant faction of the Liberal-National Party of Victoria is resisting the populist revolution and siding with the neo-Marxists. The Victorian Liberals are supposed to be an alternative to Dan Andrews’ Labor socialist Left, when in fact they are dominated by so-called centrists, who are “small l liberal” people who want to be accepted by the Left-dominated, globalist culture of Victoria that works through media, big business and academia.

These Liberal “centrists” despise the otherwise conservative-leaning traditional Liberal Party middle class and their National Party allies from the country regions, and especially those Liberals like conservative Christian Moira Deeming. She has been sacked from the Parliamentary Liberal Party and now represents her electorate as an “Independent Liberal.”

Deeming’s Liberal supporters have been running Liberty Forums, which are “dedicated to restoring Liberal values”, according to long-time party member Nigel Kibel. The group hosts various conservative speakers like Michael Sukkar, Kevin Andrews and Kevin Donnelly and attracts up to 150 at meetings.

Kibel’s Liberal Party friend Ivan Stratov, a forum participant, has now been expelled from the party supposedly for invalid membership, but in reality it’s because he’s accused of recruiting religious conservatives. But Kibel says neither he nor his administrative committee friends are overly religious and the Liberty Forum is people who simply believe the state party is going in the wrong direction.

The party’s upcoming state conference promises fireworks as Caroline Inge, the party’s Federal Vice-President seeks the Victorian presidency to start the process to win government in the state once again. “Under her leadership John (Pesutto) and the rest of the leadership group will not get their legal fees paid for,” Kibel posted.

Deeming was expelled because she spoke at a feminist-supported Let Women Speak rally in March featuring the outspoken UK activist Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker, who has been leading a global campaign against “transgender invasions of women’s spaces”. The rally in Melbourne was gatecrashed by the pro-trans far-Left mob supported by Andrews and also the anti-trans “Nazis”.

Just like Dan Andrews, Pesutto and his “centrists” support the WEF-UN backed cultural Marxist “transgender rights” movement that is pushing its twisted ideology into the school curriculum (it has already succeeded to a large degree) and into society in general.

If you wanted to discredit an anti-trans rights rally, who better than the Nazi boys to come and rain on your parade? Victoria Police suspiciously ushered the Nazi crew up on to the steps of Parliament where they did several sets of seig heils.

The media, of course, jumped on this sideshow and all of a sudden Deeming and Keen-Minshull were smeared by the Victorian Liberal Party leader John Pesutto as some sort of Nazi sympathisers. He demanded Deeming apologise for being there.

Deeming and Keen-Minshull, who is a former UK Labor Party member, were rightly outraged by this as were their supporters and later launched defamation suits against Pesutto and other party members. Pesutto, in order to confirm his trendy progressive credentials, doubled down and went running to the ABC to justify himself.

Straight out of the gates, Sarah Henderson, the 7.30 Report’s new political commissar, targeted Deeming for political assassination. “Moira Deeming has walked back her condemnation of the rally and its organiser. Will you move again to expel her from the Liberal Party?” she asked, her voice reeking of Orwellian undertones, implying that no decent Liberal Party person would dare question the trans-rights movement. And regardless of whether the Nazis gatecrashed the rally, the fact that they were there confirmed the organisers were “far right” and by implication pro-Nazi.

Pesutto responded with equally Orwellian language, saying he brought the motion to expel Deeming the previous Sunday because he was “very concerned that certain types of conduct of people associated with Moira Deeming and the conduct of that rally was totally unacceptable and I wanted a condemnation of that.” Pesutto, in other words, demanded political correctness, as the neo-Marxists would have expected.

As he began to explain how Deeming had failed to properly condemn the rally, Commissar Henderson butted in, saying Deeming, in a Tweet, had actually “talked to the organiser of the rally! And this was someone with very clear – and this is for the audience – very clear far right associations, many of which you detailed in the dossier you presented to your own party room. She (Deeming) said, speaking to that person, ‘Don’t worry, I never condemned you’.” For Comrade Sarah this was some sort of allegedly shocking political revelation.

And the ABC commissar persisted with her demands for political correctness, barely hiding her disgusted tone: “So I should ask you again, that is Moira Deeming walking back her condemnation, which is also supported in the statement she made this evening. Will you move to expel her from your party?” It was more a demand than a question.

Pesutto seemed unmoved, as if he actually agreed. “What I was going to say Sarah – and I understand the point and I understand the issue … there were a number of things put to the party room and believed by the party room and me. On that basis I had proposed a suspension, a nine-month suspension plus the loss of the Whip’s role.” Comrade Sarah gave a nod of agreement.

Pesutto, encouraged by more nods of agreement from Henderson, then went on to explain that if Ms Deeming misbehaved any more on social media “there would be repercussions” and the party room would be looking into this.

Pesutto seemed well prepared for all this, as if he knew the ABC would come out running a Red Guard-style “sorry session” and he went right along with it, tugging his forelock before the Commissar. And there we have the pathetic leadership of the Victorian Liberal Party being willingly bullied into a position set up by what looked like an organised operation to hijack an anti-trans rally.

Pesutto and his limp-wristed appeasers apparently don’t know that the transgender movement is a well-funded global front for cultural Marxism, that basically aims to smash traditional western Christian society and culture. Deeming and others in the Victorian Liberals know this and are fighting it tooth and nail.