HAS the world gone mad or are we well into the throes of what some are calling 5th generation warfare?

Jeffrey Prather, a retired former US DIA intelligence collector and ex-DEA special agent “turned whistle-blower”, has recently had guests on his channel sharing disturbing evidence of preparations for a Marburg disease pandemic.

Unbelievable as it sounds, Prather and others claim the virus will not be spread naturally (it is not highly contagious), but supposedly will be triggered in the bodies of people who have received mRNA vaccinations, by bursts of 5G transmissions. It’s further claimed a gene crucial to mental stability, 1p36, will be erased by signals, creating a dreaded “zombie apocalypse”.

The zombie claims arise from the fact that a US Stratcom (Strategic Command) emergency training manual written in 2011 employs a fantasy story about a zombie apocalypse. The manual writers say it’s a great way to make an otherwise boring subject interesting and fun. But Prather and his circle say it’s a ruse and the intent is indeed to create some sort of disease apocalypse.

There’s also the 1982 novel The Marburg Virus written by Boris Johnson’s father. Used versions sell for $50 on Amazon. Maybe he’s just cashing in on a fad. Infowars carried an update on Marburg back in May, noting that the WHO issued an update on the Marburg outbreak in Equatorial Guinea at the end of March, concluding risk of the virus was “very high at the national level, high at sub-regional level, moderate at the regional level and low at the global level.”

The posting of the Prather video on this coincided with another Burning Man Festival out in the desert of Nevada. This year it rained, and the neo-pagan event attended by some 70,000 people turned into a sodden mess of mud. At one stage it was rumoured to have been shut down by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Apparently that wasn’t true.

Then rumours started swirling about someone at Burning Man contracting an ebola or Marburg-like sickness while access in and out of the festival site was blocked. In fact thousands left the festival early either on foot or by 4×4 vehicles. Porta-loos started overflowing too, which was not a great thing. But they burnt the big wooden man anyway and those who stayed behind reckoned it was all a cool thing.

It was later claimed that the ebola-marburg report came from “a parody site”. Another person posted on Twitter that the desert site is an alkaline flat, and that the mud (and dust) is toxic to skin. “This isn’t an Ebola outbreak. It’s alkaline burned skin and pneumonia.” Oh well, it was a sensational story for a short while. Beware the viral social media rumour.

But on a more serious note, as stated by Bill Gates’ vaccine pushing criminal combine (GAVI), in an April 2021 article, “Marburg is the deadly cousin of Ebola”, and is said to be capable of “killing nine out of 10 people it infects”.

“International travel has taken it from Africa to Europe twice in the past 40 years. Will increasing globalisation make this virus more likely to erupt around the world?” the organisation asks. One might ask them, if they are so concerned about this, why globalist organisations worldwide are funding mass, illegal migration from Africa to Europe. But of course, mass migration makes it all that much easier to find a “cause” for a new global panic. After all, there are endless bat caves in Africa to blame and Gates has repeatedly told us we should expect another pandemic.

There’s no doubt that Gates and GAVI are little short of bioterrorists. The delusional psychopath knows very well another plandemic will enrich him and his globalist cronies even more – or would it?

The GAVI article resurrects the old green monkey story used for AIDS and the bats in caves mythology pushed for Covid. They claim there is no medicine to the virus but also it “can be difficult to distinguish clinically from other diseases, such as malaria, typhoid fever, meningitis and other viral haemorrhagic fevers”. Really? So it doesn’t emerge like a zombie apocalypse?

GAVI claimed “there are currently no specific therapeutics for Marburg virus. However, supportive care including rehydration with oral or intravenous fluids can improve survival.” So again, is it really that bad? After all, there are only a total of 376 deaths related to it, and in what sort of physical condition were those victims in?

But what these GAVI liars were really saying in 2021 was that there was no patented Marburg vaccine or patented drug made by Pfizer et al to treat the viral disease. This is the same crowd of vaccine pushers who, through their CDC puppets, criminally lied about the ability of hydroxycholorquine and ivermectin to treat covid-19 and then banned them. Since Marburg is a virus, could it not be treated by those two common medicines by themselves or in combination with things like zinc and azithromycin?

But two years down the track and hey presto, there is a Marburg vaccine, which is interesting that it is for a disease that has killed fewer than 400 people worldwide, and according to the unidentified intelligence officer speaking on Prather Point, “Marburg provisions” have popped up in various pieces of legislation under the Health and Human Services department. He also said quarantine centres were being built with Marburg in mind.

“We know that Marburg is not particularly contagious, but it has an extraordinarily high rate of fatality and we know the mechanism by which this will be released and that is inside of these shots that people already received, inside the lipid nanoparticle, the hydrogel, there exists pathogens, inside the particles that have not yet opened,” the speaker said.

“Those pathogens are chimeric. They include e-coli Marburg, ebola staphlococcus and brewer’s yeast amongst others. We now that from the broadcast of a 5G system that is now employed across the United States and the world for that matter, when they broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute at three different times as a pulse, it will cause those nanoparticles to swell and release those pathogenic contents, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic.

“But they’ve already spent the money, it’s done. The Marburg epidemic for the purposes of the law has happened and now we just need the actual disaster to happen and there’s actually worse parts to it than that including the 1p36 gene deletion that effectively turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds our government has prepared for that.”

We might take some comfort in that the physical effects of various electromagnetic frequencies from 5G is not as straightforward as many people are claiming. One research article published on carries critiques offered by various technical experts, but these were all addressed and there certainly remains concerns about the effects of this technology on the human body.

But there you have it – the next big scary plandemic, worse than the first. One might ask that if this were true, surely such a plan deserves swift justice, perhaps even at a military coup level. We’ve heard those Q Anon stories about the white hats coming to save the day, and there might even be some truth somewhere in that. Otherwise we had better be praying.

Now we have to ask, is this person helping or hindering by raising these very scary scenarios? Exposing such a diabolical plan to the light is certainly necessary. The warnings recently aired by Alex Jones of a new Covid mask mandate prompted mainstream media to deny it all. If it happens now, they lose any remaining credibility they had. The surprise element was taken away, so maybe that’s the case with the Marburg threat.

There is psychological gaming involved in war, and the globalists would be well aware that there would be hell to pay if this diabolical Marburg scenario was rolled out. “Lord knows rich men north of Richmond, just want total control” went the recent viral YouTube song which hit No. 1 on the Billboard 100.

The astonishing rise of just that simple little country song sung by some hick from Farmville, West Virginia, tells us there is an awakening, regardless of the sophisticated psyops.

Gates and his cohorts should know, if they are not completely delusional, that lots of those “simple folk from Va” would just love to see him, and anyone willingly associated with him, swing from their necks, Hollywood western-style, from trees out the back of one of his ranches – or would it be more appropriate in a public park?