Echuca hotelier and 50 locals fight Andrews’ health fascism orders

HOTELIER Trevor Andrews at Echuca on the Victorian side of the Murray River knows something is seriously wrong when a state government orders thousands of small businesses to shut down while leaving the big corporate businesses open.

On July 17th, after the fifth lockdown of Victoria was announced by the lawless, corrupt dictator Dan Andrews and his circle of COVID con artists, Trevor Andrews decided it was time to take a public stand on behalf of the small businesses sector, the economic lifeblood of the state, and announced on his social media that his Pastoral Hotel was staying fully open for business. In earlier lockdowns he also refused to shut the doors.

Locals were only too happy to support Andrews and rocked up for meals and drinks. Word soon spread and 12 local cops and three health inspectors from Melbourne arrived at the hotel. Andrews was handcuffed and taken away to the local station. He was subsequently charged and bailed on a good behaviour bond to appear before a magistrate on December 14th.

The local cops also leaned on the locals who supported the “open for business” hotel and fined 50 of them $1817 for failing to comply with a health order. Cairns News understands most, if not all of the fines will be challenged. Many fines against Melbourne people for disobeying so-called health orders or directives were thrown out because of various legal flaws.

Andrews was reluctant to speak to Cairns News because of his good behaviour bond, but insisted someone had to take a stand for the states decimated small businesses. He believes he can raise constitutional arguments against his $22,000 fines and has taken on legal advice. He said the reports that he would use Section 51 23(a) of the Constitution were not quite correct and he was looking at other provisions. A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover the costs of an expected legal fight against the fines.

The Pastoral Hotel is just one of 3000 licensed premises in Victoria, and two other hotels in the state reportedly opened up in support of Andrews. “I was hoping other businesses in town would open up as well. I guess I’m the one taking the rotten tomatoes but I’m glad I did it anyway,” he said. “If these COVID cases were deaths on a daily basis we’d have something to be worried about.”

“Coles and Woolies can have 100 people go through their supermarkets just in an hour. But you won’t even get 100 people in some of these small businesses in a week,” he said. He also noted there had been no reported case of COVID-19 in Echuca, although official reports had 10 “cases” in the Campaspe Shire with none “active” on July 29.

Trevor Andrews is not the only small business operator in Victoria to defy the unjust and fraudulent lockdown orders. Cairns News has heard of others around the state doing or considering doing the same, but many more are needed to join the resistance to make it effective.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Mexican space Invader


    Yes you are correct. I wish I kept a letter written to the said person you mention that essentially told that entity that she was withdrawing her citizenship from Australia because of the reason you say around “more blatant” . This particular membership is rampant (like a real cancer – I could challenge any member on this one but it would be pointless) all over the world and if you do your research on the mystery religion and what is right at the core of it all you will see exactly what is occurring right now. People get distracted by the show that is being brought to us by our D grade actors.

    Just look in to their eyes the portal of their soul and it’s all there. It is morally reprehensible.

    The goal is very simple really. A mark on each person that interfaces with some kind of A.I which essentially controls our thoughts and actions completely- you think TV mind control is bad. This will essentially mean you have no choice of thought or action. Bingo you can guess what comes next. Laugh, hate whatever you want but this is creeping closer each moment.

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  2. Vic,
    I agree with you,BUT, the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is not the Commonwealth of Australia Parliament, the latter is governed by the 1901 constitution, the former is an American invading company and has no regard for 1901, they have their own constitution,and indeed cannot even SEE the Commonwealth of men and women they only see the legal fictions…’persons’. To vote for them is an act of war.Their census is nothing more than a stock take of their property …Persons.
    Until the Commonwealth band together and hang the traitors (still the penalty for treason), nothing will change. Swearing allegiance to the paper “queen of Australia” is high treason.


  3. All the people who are resisting these unconstitutional control orders where ever you are,
    Film all the uniformed traitors, and any so called health officials, put in a counter law suit against or 100K each.
    None of them are lawful constitutional officials or police officers,
    Make it constitutional matter so it goes to the High Court of Australia, do not use the 78B forms, they are not constitutional.
    Our commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted is our supreme law book.
    Any laws, statutes and rules made outside the constraints or Authority within
    This Constitution are all null and void .
    All state statutes must comply with it,
    Or they too are null and void.
    And the only quarantine the federal legisltatures can implement is restricted to the 12 nautical mile perimeter around Australia..
    Medical conscription of any kind is treason.s51:xx111A of our constitution
    Says so.
    Scott Morrison has instated emergency powers, where did he get that Authority from, must have come from the back of a Weet-Bix packet because there are no emergency powers in our constitution.
    More blatant treason,
    Scott Morrison is a FREEMASON, lying
    Pedophile loving globalìst dictator.
    He has never sworn the lawful oath or affirmation to the Crown, therefore he is a traitor.and every politician that was and is sitting in the parliaments since february 1960 are not and never have been our lawful government.
    These QR codes covid sign ins, the lockdowns, the masks, the fines everything associated with are all acts of treason.every, violent cop, every politician involved, shop owners who force compliance are all committing treason.
    Our Constitution says so.
    There is much much more one thing though, covid 19 is re-branded hayfever with an enhanced compute modeled additive designed to scare the he’ll out of the world’s population so they will line up like good little sheep to get this covid jab , this is researched fact,
    It’s the jab itself that was designed in labs that is the real killer,
    And Fauci used 191 billion US dollars since 2009 to invent it.
    It even has a form of lead in it that is totally toxic to humans.drs say, there is no scientific reason why this lead should be in the Jab. Except as a bio weapon to kill you. Drs also say this jab will kill up to 95%of those who get the Jab within two years.
    The is lots more, please watch all of Wayne Glews Video’s, if you can’t acessthem on FB or YouTube etc, send him a friend request on FB.
    His videos will show you, that you do not have to put up with this garbage.
    VIC Sturgeon a constitutionalist
    Where all our laws reside.

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  4. Thanks for that Old Kodger .. people can click the link you have produced and read the story. I too have senior moments..ED


  5. Ed,
    I must apologize for my failing memory. Your request for information prompted me to go search for the original info.It subsequently turned out to be The Port of Bourke Pub not Dalby…obviously a senior moment. the info came to me through an associate, and was a report by RebelNews
    there was other info on the email but I don’t know how to enter that onto CairnsNews.
    My apologies


  6. CXan you send details of this Mr Moon case, our research cannot find anything???


  7. Addendum to my previous post
    Send the police a copy of your fees and charges, your time is not free, a good place to start is $100 000 to appear in court. These charges are NOT for adjudication by the judge, they are YOUR business charges, Give the police the opportunity to withdraw if they do not like them, if they continue, they have agreed to them.
    Send them in a registered letter “To The Appropriate Person” and require a signature of receipt, so they can’t claim to have not got them.
    Good Luck, We need more people like you.


  8. He needs to contact Mr Moon of the pub in Dalby who had exactly the same police rant chucked out of court.


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