So you want to be a Stasi-style COVID fascism enforcer? Sign up today!

The Spectator UK asked the question “Will there be more COVID marshals than East German Stasi secret police?” These new bureaucrats have essentially become the behaviour police, enforcing social distancing and other such nonsense.

DAN Andrews’ and his Labor Party regime in Victoria have a nasty new surprise for the people under his so-called road to freedom – East German Stasi-style state supported snitches to harass the unvaccinated and enforce COVID tracking and tracing.

They are to be appointed everywhere – at gymnasiums, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga and dance studios, indoor basketball courts, at golf and tennis clubs, basketball centres, rifle ranges, community facilities, theatres, cinemas (including drive-in cinemas), art galleries and museums, arenas, stadiums, amusement parks, aquariums or zoos, convention centres, casinos, brothels, nightclubs, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, funeral homes or crematoriums, real estate inspections and auctions.

They’re already in the UK and they’ll be coming to every Australian state, unless the people – employers and employees and the general public – boycott them. But no doubt there are legions of lily-livered employers and power tripping employees to fill the roles.

Cairns News has received reports of a Victorian regional library barring unvaccinated people and others being refused medical procedures such as ultrasound or other treatments for serious illnesses. “Today we counted 10 COVID marshal cars all coming from the same direction. They are the Brown Shirts of the current age. Poor businesses get harassed and patrolled regularly,” a woman posted on social media.

“I was not even allowed to sit outside at a cafe the other day because I have only had one jab!” a woman from Bendigo posted. “They’re asking all over Lillydale (a Melbourne suburb),” another said. “Got turned away four times because my next jab isn’t due until Friday.”

This from people who are not even refusing shots, but who have been forced – against the federal Privacy Act 1988 – to disclose their medical status and denied entry to public facilities based on that status.

So who makes up this new Brown Shirt army of Andrews dictatorship enforcers? You the employer and you the employee. Both are being forcibly co-opted into this bureaucratic terrorist network.

Employers must appoint one or more workers as a COVID marshal who is responsible for monitoring compliance with the work premise’s “COVIDSafe Plan” as dictated by state bureaucrats and other “industry specific obligations”.

The employer must ensure the COVID marshal completes training in accordance with Victorian Department of Health guidance, have the COVID marshal at the work premises whenever workers are on-site and keep records of duty rosters for the COVID marshal.

A background article from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner on vaccination and privacy rights as an employee is very clear that medical status is protected by privacy law. “Consent must be freely given and constitute valid consent. This means that your employer cannot pressure or intimidate you to provide information about your vaccination status where they are relying on your consent as the lawful basis for collecting it.

“Your employer should provide you with adequate information about what information will be collected, why it is required and what it will be used for, prior to you giving consent. Your employer should also tell you whether the information will be disclosed to any third parties.”

But does Andrews respect Commonwealth law? Not at all. He only respects law that cements power to himself and his circle of quislings, such as the universally condemned Pandemic Powers Bill that he will push through the Upper House with sleazy pork barrelling deals with The Greens, The Reason (Treason?) Party and the Animal Justice Party.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. “Hmmmm… This sort of career choice might prove rather popular with ED sufferers.”

    Hahahahaaa that gave rise to a good hearty laugh! a necessary dose of levity to break the monotonous sounds of the jackboots marching into Victoria.

    This man is seriously depraved in the the lengths that he will go to to meet his masters’ directives. Anyone who looks at this and still believes that this ‘Is for their Health’ is about 3 IQ points away from diagnosed, clinical retardation!

    These people live somewhere in the suburbs of Melbourne, Wodonga, Traralgon, Port Campbell or Portland. I would not be surprised to hear consistent reports of these “covid rule enforcers’ meeting with unfortunate ‘stair fall injuries’ over the next few months

    Couldn’t happen to a more worthy bunch of tools.

    Anyone who seriously applies for a job like this needs to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror, the next time they look the face might be a little more swollen, purple there will be fewer teeth than there are now.


  2. Oh yes, I can see this happening.
    There will be many signing up.
    All the wanna be’s, the one’s who would put up their hand to be School hall monitor who no one liked. The ones who feel powerless and grab any chance to get any power over people and the list goes on.


  3. davidd2 – all I have to see is the snarky square posted at the door of the establishment to get a pretty good idea they are assisting the PRC with their data base and social credit system. I always ask the staff, in a friendly , unmasked way: Do you have to be vaxxed in order to work here? If yes. Then the owners and management have crossed the Australian line and as far as I am concerned that line is on parallel with the 20th in South Vietnam and the Zambezi in the 1960s. Unlike South Vietnam and Rhodesia, the Australians have not drawn the sword against the armed aggression against the world-wide Revolution. But take-down by Communist subversion achieves the same result.


  4. It’s already here in WA. They walk around our shopping centres etc and say sweet FA to anyone about covid rules. The taxpayer paid pay must be great though!


  5. lindesymonds: “The question now is: what side of this standard issue Communist genocide are people on?”

    In that case we’ll need red stripes for those who cross the yellow line in the sand. lol


  6. knowing the govts are all in gitmo may help to know they won’t get far…and with such a strong force of people..stay strong, calm and ride the storm people.


  7. There is nothing normal about yellow stripes, bracelets (or stars) in Australia.

    The question now is : what side of this standard issue Communist genocide are people on? It is one side or the other. On either side of this thing, the leaders come forward and recognized for who they are.


  8. Shops which discriminate against and boycott NORMAL people should be marked with a yellow stripe so we all know to avoid them. Whether I’m vaxxed or not, I’d rather eat in the gutter than in a restaurant run by an idiot moron. 🙂

    In the end, the MORONS will lose as we discover just how many useless and unnecessary things we can really do without and how much money we can save ditching them.

    But I’d still like to see a yellow stripe as a badge of their discrimination and idiocy. If nothing else it will serve to remind me of normality. 🙂


  9. Hmmmm… This sort of career choice might prove rather popular with ED sufferers.


  10. If these enforcers met with masked attackers in a few locations who disappear into the night then there would be a big exodus of this type of nazi enforcers running around.


  11. My wife and I have been members of the NSW Mid Coast Councils library for over 25 years.
    We will not be jabbed and therefore have been denied entry into this library.
    The Liberal Christians don’t need to burn the books anymore just stop access.


  12. Hi Editor,

    There’s a movement in Vic.

    It needs to grow. This is beautiful.

    Music will bring us together. This will spread the message.

    It takes positive vibes like this to wake up the nation.

    What do you think? They’re doing such a fabulous job, it gives people hope.

    Thanks for your great work


  13. I wouldn’t like to be one of those marshals. I’ve heard they’re all going to be subject to ‘blanket parties’ and de blasio style rubbishing. Don’t know if it’s true but I won’t be taking the chance. Besides, I’m not a complete prick.


  14. Step O'Rafferty

    My days of going to the local library ended recently because they have chosen to discriminate against me. My friend, who has been having a coffee in the courtyard of our local cafe almost every day for years has been told that he cannot sit in his favourite spot again. “You can have take away” the waitress said to him. In other words, “We’ll take your money but you can fuck off!” I hope a natural alternative economy is going to be born from this nonsense and our non GMO economy will be free from tyranny. (All vaccinated people are now GMO’s)


  15. These are the Comrade Political Correctness officers. Pop Quizz. In the movie Hunt for Red October, when it was decided to make a break for freedom and change course, who is the first guy to get popped? Think again Karen. Think again Kevin. There have already been plenty of deaths and pathology from this bioweapon. Once our politburos flatten the mortality curve on the wrong axis from these injections – where in this country are you going to be able to live as a former covid political correctness officer, snitch, tracer and enforcer. Better think about this now.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. His story repeats itself! Now heard it more often….However we fought so many wars in the last 60 years so this Shall Never Happen Again!! Have we forgotten That statement?, Mass hypnosis then and Now…


  17. Allan Maxwell Pleming

    We need a term to label these people “Ankle Grabbers” perhaps…..if people refuse to do this king of a job Andrews will have to do it himself!


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