The LNP/ALP/TGA triumvirate is really after your kids with a vax that could kill them claims Dr Jane Ruby, a pharmaceutical specialist

Dr Ruby says young children do not need Covid vaxx and their chance of contracting a virus is very low. Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved vaccination for kids between 5 and 12 similar to the US where the roll out has started.

She says kids are likely to be seriously injured or killed by mRNA shots, experiencing cardiac issues, liver damage and bleeding through the skin.

Cairnsnews believes parents who allow their kids to be vaxxed should be prosecuted for grievous bodily harm or in the event of their deaths, manslaughter. So should those who administer it.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I don’t want my kids getting the vaccines
    Did they get their family vaccinated
    Probably not. If they did there’s probably something wrong with them


  2. Very authoritative info here:

    Barrister Raymond Broomhall- Audio only-DOWN UNDER THE PRISON ISLAND


  3. Urgent Message to Humanity – From Brave Aussies


  4. EMF radiation broadcasts can cause havoc and death to human cells! They’ve known about the importance and dangers of EMF radiation at least since the 60s and 70s.

    Yes, it can actually kill you but dowloading a video in 3 secs seems to be more important than breathing oxygen. Today’s saturation coverage of the atmosphere by EMF radiation has never been studied or assessed from a health point of view.

    Click to access Navy-Medical-Research-Institute-Military-Microwave-Radiowave-Report.pdf


  5. The British water supply is looking at being filtered by …. wait for it! Graphene Filter Technology! Can’t wait to have it in Oz so we can mix it in with our dental protectives such as fluoride, lead, dioxins and chlorine. Happy Days are ahead of us.

    G20 Contract Approved to Use TOXIC Graphene Oxide for Water Treatment in UK – The Same Substance Found in Covid-19 Vaccines.


  6. It’s a sad heartbreaking call isn’t it. They’re not just coming after you, they’re after your children. It’s abuse, it’s battery, it’s evil to the core. Talking about the majority I know here when I say, ‘ I’ve never met a mother who wouldn’t sell her soul to feed her children, I don’t know of a father who wouldn’t die for his family’, so I can’t judge them for their uninformed decisions. Yes, I get angry because while I’ve been fighting for their freedom they’ve been selling me out & they just don’t see (won’t look & inform themselves) of all the bs & lies behind this agenda. But I’m preaching to the converted here I guess… Loving Parents are making decisions that they think will get them through ‘tomorrow’. They think they’re doing right, but in reality they’re not & don’t want to be told that. It’s like the ‘battered spouse’, get through today by doing what will get them through tomorrow. But what if they’re not there tomorrow, who is going to take their children? The state? Don’t think for a minute that Grandma, or Auntie, or Uncle JoBlow will do a better job. They’re after your children! Wake t.f. up! Want to upset Mumma Bear, come after her cubs, want to upset Dadda, come after his family. But they just don’t see that it’s the establishment that’s coming after them. & I don’t know what t.f. to do about that. If only they’d turn off the mind jellying tv & use their newspapers for cleaning the fireplace… If only …


  7. Dr Ruby’s warnings surely leave no doubt in parents minds.

    Imagine this potential scenario though: The children are injected with graphene or other yet to be disclosed ingredients while their schools put in new air purification systems for disinfection of viruses by diffusing (ROS) reactive oxygen species into the air.
    (Studies show this may potentially cause damage to the lungs)
    Then their schools eventually switch over to WiGig (60GHz) components like 802.11AB without public notification.
    Then they put up high wire fences around the school with one way in and out (anyone else notice that happening now ?)…..

    In the USA, children were reportedly complaining of feeling very unwell including dizziness and headaches during their school hours and became resistant to going to school (like canary’s in a coal mine)….it was finally proven to have had nothing to do with the ‘Covid-19’ virus. Their school was toxic (similar to the above)

    60GHz is the absorption spectrum of diatomic oxygen molecules in the atmosphere that we all need to breathe.
    It is also on the radar spectrum.
    If you alter or interfere with the orbital spin properties of oxygen electrons you interfere with the gaseous exchange in the lungs where oxygen is absorbed into the blood stream.

    While the technology for 5G at 60GHz is not here in this Country yet, auctions for Telecommunications Companies are on the table and these millimetre wave rollouts are planned.

    This 2020/2021 ‘Pandemic’ has had good Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Police, and Lawyers stick their heads up and tell us some real truths at their peril….but the Telecommunications Technicians have been very silent.
    It’s their turn to speak.
    The Internet of things (IoT) is where all roads will lead within the next few years and we need to know that it is going to be safe.

    There has been a rapid installation of small cell antennae, those ‘rectangular boxes’ and surveillance cameras (particularly in Melbourne) as the City has been shut down and out of bounds for months.
    Just ask anyone who lives there what they see now.

    Can the Telecommunications Technicians unequivocally tell us that this will be safe in the future?
    My own Electrician couldn’t.
    He was looking for a place to hide….but said there wouldn’t be one.

    So how will we know the difference between symptoms of radiation sickness or another man made ‘virus’ into the future? Here are some symptoms identified for radiation sickness:

    Headaches, dizziness, nausea, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, difficulty concentrating, depression, anxiety, memory loss, insomnia, fatigue, tremors, muscle spasms, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint pain, leg and foot pain.
    Skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing, palpitations, arrhythmias, chest pain or pressure, low or high blood pressure. Pressure behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, cataracts. Digestive problems, abdominal pain, enlarged thyroid, dehydration….
    (Reference: 1972 Declassified Naval Medical Research Institute)

    Our wireless devices might be SMART but we quite possibly are stupid, because we choose to remain captive to a radiation soup we have brought into our own homes.
    A Google NEST (58-62GHz) provides radar mapping of chest compressions (sleep monitoring for you in your own home)
    See how that makes one feel in the morning.

    In relation to these toxic injections, the ever present danger, if it was me, I would be keeping my children home from school now for as long as and until.
    Are we not capable of educating our own?
    How do we know they are not going to ‘accidentally’ inject them as they have done in the past?
    They obviously don’t care about the children.
    They would know the data.

    Neither should we forget the images of people in Wuhan streets suddenly collapsing in early 2020.
    At that time Wuhan had been chosen as a test city for China’s 5G rollout.
    It remains an important point.

    “5G went live (temporarily) on 31 October 2019, almost exactly two months before the coronavirus outbreak began.
    In January, as the spread intensified in Wuhan, Huawei announced their support for the launching of 5G base stations in key hospital units across the city”
    (Reference: “Coronavirus, 5G and the EMF connection” April 7th, 2020)

    Wuhan was where this drama all unfolded and our lives were forever turned upside down.
    At that time I recall the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also saying under his breath (as seen) that “we are now operational”.
    Whatever that meant.

    Radiation will remain an unseen enemy that in the hands of it’s user could wilfully and silently choose it’s target.
    Without a trace.
    Project Bizarre reminds us of that.

    It’s time for those in that Industry to also speak up and tell us what we need to know.


  8. In the following link WA Premier McGowan finds himself at a loss to explain why the hospital system in WA is getting overrun. Then terms a new phrase “…delayed reaction to COVID…” …lol. Interestingly there is little or no COVID positive cases in WA. However there is plenty of vaccines. These scumbags are now drowning in their own BS.

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  9. Dr Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory (Part 1

    Biologist and Virologist Dr Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory (Part 1). German, with English subtitles, transcript here:… Unfortunately, no further parts with subtitles available.

    Original German video Pandemie Theater in full length w/o subtitles:… After the pandemic is before the pandemic. Problem-reaction-solution. Virus names change, the ploy remains always the same.

    Beware of the medical tyranny. We demand informed consent, free medical choice for consumers, patients and doctors.

    See also: Pandemic and virus lies: No more fake news – Jon Rappoport since 1988:

    Dr Amandha Dawn Vollmer: Coronavirus Tomfoolery – How the Virus Lie is Created

    Dr Amandha Dawn Vollmer: Coronavirus is not a Virus

    Torsten Engelbrecht & Dr Claus Koehnlein: Virus Mania. How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense (2007):

    “……….On his deathbed, Pasteur admitted the truth about his life’s work and studies, “The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.”
    But, by that point the damage was done. Germ theory had been swept into the mainstream and embedded in every facet of treatment protocols or recommendations for healthy living.

    “Louis Pasteur, Unchecked Fraud: The Unscientific Origins Of Germ Theory”

    Religion of Germs
    Modern medical practitioners, including alternative and functional medicine doctors, have accepted germ theory as law. The manner in which the medical establishment talks about germ theory would lead anyone who didn’t know better to believe that all germs have been thoroughly investigated and that their ability to cause disease has been absolutely proven. Neither of these statements are true.

    If Not Germs?
    In fact, Louis Pasteur got one thing right. “Terrain is everything.”

    Terrain theory suggests that it is our environment which contributes to disease, not tiny attacks by microorganisms. Toxicity of food, water, air, electromagnetic fields, and the mind are the only things that make us ill. Even genetic predispositions are due to the poisoning of DNA somewhere in the ancestry line. If the body becomes deprived of certain nutrients, the compounds that step in to fill the gap are oftentimes toxic as in the case of glyphosate exposure and sulfate impairment.

    People talk about certain things that help boost the immune system — or help with the flu or whatever the illness of the day is — but really those things are reducing inflammation and ultimately removing toxicity in the body. Supplements like spirulina, vitamin C, and turmeric support the body’s detoxification pathways such that your body is “immune”, or unaffected.

    The true key to lasting health and avoiding disease is maintaining a pure mind-body-spirit environment where you are nourished in each aspect and avoid poisons like toxins and negativity.

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  10. It certainly isn’t malpractice as they have all been made aware of the dangers by now, so any death is a murder for those involved. Nuremberg 2.0 can run for a decade but will be worth it.

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  11. DesperateRefugee

    Those who knowingly administer it should be charged with murder.
    The TGA, AMA and political Ghouls responsible for this should be summarily executed.

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  12. There’s no way I will let them touch my child or me and my family. Theses people are so evil when are they going to realize that they can’t just force another human being into a death sentence that is what it is. They’re so blinded by their greed selfish ambitions they’re already dead themselves as it is, they don’t have life anymore, life is precious we are all here once to live life to the fullest. Not to be cut short because of a person or a bunch of corrupt pharmaceutical industry and their puppets timeframe agendas. We can turn the heat up and turn the table around on them with people power and I believe that God Almighty Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. Will and are protecting us. Here in the Northern Territory we have never had a coronavirus case in Our Aboriginal communities so they are trying to figure out a way to bring in the disease and affect us. It’s not working so they are trying get rid of us with the jab. They have targeted us so they can try and take over our land up here. They have been making deals with Northern Land Council they have been fracking without our knowledge on the land allowing people to fish in our waters giving vouchers to tourists that comes up here. This government is disgusting.

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  13. Mass psychosis in action. The herd lacks immunity from it. Its immune system is destroyed by constant injections of fear, manipulation and systemic brainwashing and propaganda.

    The antidote of common sense and truth has been entirely obliterated from our everyday reality.

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  14. Home
    1. WA Government
    2. Publications
    3. Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021

    Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021

    An authorisation by the Chief Health Office under the s. 197 and s.198 Public Health Act 2016 (WA) to authorise relevant Australian Defence Force employees to supply and administer the COVID-19 Vaccine.

    An authorisation by the Chief Health Office under the s. 197 and s.198 Public Health Act 2016 (WA) to authorise relevant Australian Defence Force employees to supply and administer the COVID-19 Vaccine.

    Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021
    PDF (12.5MB)
    Page reviewed 10 March 2021

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  15. answers great…I agree, this is a plan so evil that some people, even parents deny still. The Holocaust on Children which I referred to for so long is going to be even more expanding now. It is a parent, yet those felt guilty when Not could effort buying them the most expensive shoes. But Now…..cannot see any more the seriousness of this! Sinister Forces never stop on their own, but only Stop when they are being! Stopped!

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  16. We are going to pay a price for ignoring nature and history.

    Both entities taught us that if someone is intent on killing you and your children, you are justified in the self-defence of killing the intending killers.

    Civilisation replaced immediate self-defence with police and armies. Unfortunately, police are vigorously protecting the killers and the army is MIA.

    The price of transferring your right to self-protection to the enemy is extinction.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  17. And yet, despite what we already know, we once again exist in an era of FILICIDE (the act of a parent killing their own child). The normal instincts a parent would have – to protect their own offspring have been destroyed so completely through the simple and relatively easy process of gaslighting through a TV screen.

    Who would have thought a box of electronics (NOTE – with an OFF AND ON SWITCH) would become the tool of mass genocide? A tool that the victim could not even perceive walking away from.

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  18. Prosecutions should be from the very top, all the way down the line. Politicians, bureaucrats injectors etc.

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  19. Totally agree with your last sentence about those pushing to have children injected which of course includes politicians making it compulsory.

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  20. In the People’s Republic of Canada, the Comrade CHO Dr Theresa Tam, a lying skank if ever there was one, now is telling all the beavers over there: it is the 11 year olds, yes – the 11 year olds – who are swelling the numbers of ‘positive’ cases. Positive for what? I would say, positive for being in the target group for the PRCanada’s decision to inject them with a prion disease that may kill or injure them immediately or blight their lives and then kill them down the track.

    These Communist governments just pull the ‘positive’ case numbers out of the covid wazoo to gasbag the public and draw a target on the group of people they are going after with a bioweapon.

    A standard issue Communist genocide is being visited upon all Western nations. Time for all wombats here in the in the PRAustralia to start digging a pit for these bastards.

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