This sick menace to Australian society must go.


DAN Andrews and his gang of vaccinazis seem quite happy to let sick Victorians die rather than allow them to get medical exemptions from the shots. One brave country doctor was risking his profession by issuing exemptions regardless, but has already faced a knock on the door from the Andrews gestapo and patients blocked from consultation.

Cases are being aired on social media of people with serious illnesses being denied vaccine exemptions because doctors fear the consequences of doing so. Others are being denied surgery because they don’t have proof of vaccination. In other words, you can just go and die if you don’t get your Covid shots.

We don’t know who man on the Cafe Locked Out video is, but we have no reason to believe he is making up stories. His daughter appears to be one of many people who are being denied medical exemptions from vaccines by the thug Andrews and his thoroughly corrupted circle of quislings.

The man interviewed on the video says his 29-year-old daughter suffered from a burst cyst of the brain six months ago. While receiving medical attention she was told that because of her condition, a vaccination might kill her and advised against it.

But according to her father, doctors fear they will be deregistered if they give her a medical exemption. There are a number of “guidelines” for medical exemptions issued by federal government agencies, but they are highly restrictive.

“They’re not giving exemptions to anyone, at all,” the father said. “So basically she has to take the vaccine, even though she could die and if she doesn’t die and she gets observed with a really bad reaction, they’ll consider it, maybe.”

So Victoria’s health policy is as good as someone holding a revolver pistol with one bullet in the chamber to someone’s head and if you don’t get the bullet, then they will give you some medical treatment. It’s murderous, evil and against any semblance of the rule of law.

Watch the video here

ATAGI, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, which provides medical advice to the federal government on COVID vaccines, has released “expanded guidance” on which conditions may warrant a temporary medical exemption, and even that agency seems highly reluctant to offer exemptions – not that they should. An exemption should be between a patient and their doctor.

Meanwhile, Cafe Locked Out has run an interview with a Melbourne man who says he attended a doctor’s surgery in Colac in western Victoria in order to get an exemption. The surgery was swamped with a waiting line of some 50 people at 9.30am.

And then some 10 members of the local police force arrived and asked to see the doctor, described by the visitor as Polish or Eastern European. After an hour or so he announced “sorry people, it’s all over. I’ve tried my best”.

At that stage police, acting on the orders of their Andrews-appointed thug chief commissioner, simply lined up in front of the surgery to block entry. What an absolute disgrace and affront to freedom. If courts do not deal with Andrews lawless regime then Victorians and all decent, freedom-loving Australians need to punish the Australian Labor Party at the Federal election in May.

That said, Morrison is complicit with the demon premier of Victoria and must be punished too. It is time to drain the swamp.