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Death of Cardinal Pell stirs emotions

by Lyndesy Symonds

Convictions of Mitred Paedos in the US have taken entire dioceses into liquidation and over the years the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has followed it all with excellent legal commentary – especially on the Big Ones. The CL dis-believed the charges against Cardinal Pell from the beginning and have quoted the High Court on his Vale which is just posted on their website.

“The assumption that a group of choristers, including adults, might have been so preoccupied with making their way to the robing roon as to fail to notice the extra-ordinary sight of the Archbishop of Melbourne dressed ‘in his full regalia’ advancing through the procession and pinning a 13 year old boy to the wall is a large one,” said the High Court.

“That is putting it mildly. It is preposterous. “ And this was a sham from the get-go and should never have made its way through the Australian Courts,” said The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

Comrade Premier Dan who goes through his 10 hankie boo-hoo for the victims of crime in the Catholic Church (and only the Catholic Church) is out of juice when it comes to victims of the standard issue Communist genocide with bioweapon that he is running in Victoria.

Dangerous Dan is smarter than the High Court, or so he thinks

Letter to the Editor

What a complete evil left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) war-criminal scum f—wit Daniel Andrews is,….announcing that a State funeral for George Pell would be offensive to victims of paedophilia!

Dictator Dan, and all the other corrupt left-wing extremists (Including 90% of politicians, journalists, police, and celebrities), get it through your thick corrupt skulls, George Pell was PROVEN innocent of ALL charges by SEVEN High Court Judges,….he did NOTHING wrong; he was INNOCENT!!!!

Anyone with ANY intelligence whatsoever, and anyone who bothered to check the evidence, and anyone who knows how a Catholic Mass is run,….would KNOW that the FALSE allegations against Pell were physically IMPOSSIBLE,….they simply could NOT have occurred! Physically IMPOSSIBLE,….end of story!

If Pell had been a Labor supporter, and/or a Muslim, instead of a ‘conservative’ Catholic, these FALSE allegations would NEVER have been raised by the corrupt left-wing extremist media (mainly the ABC), and would not have been interrogated by corrupt Communist Dan’s corrupt Gestapo!

SHAME on them all for killing an INNOCENT man!

Rusty Marsh

Cowra NSW

Hopefully Lindsay Fox had rails fitted to his steps before Andrews and Albo arrived at Portsea

from Brisbane Times and Cairns News

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was flown in Lindsay Fox’s private helicopter to a five-hour barbecue with the business magnate and Premier Daniel Andrews at the billionaire’s seaside mansion in Portsea last weekend.

The meeting between two of Australia’s most powerful politicians and one of the country’s wealthiest families was quietly held on Saturday afternoon after Albanese finished his official business in Victoria, and before he flew to the flood zone in Western Australia.

The Prime Minister’s Office did not respond over several days to requests for comment about his attendance at the social gathering and his use of the billionaire’s helicopter.

In spite of requests, there was ‘No Comment’ from the Prime Minister’s office about his weekend hook-up with transport magnate Lindsay Fox and dodgy Victorian Labor Premier Dan Andrews. Pic Brisbane Times

When the issue was raised with Albanese by a Nine News reporter during a press conference on Wednesday in Rockhampton, Queensland, he said: “I have private meetings all the time. And I have private meetings which are private meetings.”

Albanese travelled to Geelong on Saturday for a morning meeting and press conference with Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles. About an hour later, just before noon, he boarded Fox’s helicopter for the 10-minute flight to the trucking magnate’s seaside compound on the clifftops of Portsea.

The last time Dan Andrews attended a gathering at Portsea he ended up in intensive care for three months after allegedly falling down two steps at his rental house. Cairns News broke the story about Deadly Dan’s reported injuries which medical experts said were consistent with having been bashed and kicked severely while down.

There has been no mention of Andrews’ alleged assailant Luke Sayers who put him in hospital, being in attendance at Saturday afternoon’s barbeque.

The Fox family has extensive business interests at state and federal levels. Lindsay Fox has been described as Andrews’ “go-to billionaire” by senior Victoria Labor sources. Albanese and Andrews have also lauded the Fox family for their philanthropic endeavours, including attending the recent groundbreaking of the $152 million Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre.

Andrews,who arrived by car, and Albanese, had lunch with members of the Fox family inside the grounds of the sprawling mansion. Among those who attended was Lindsay Fox’s son, Andrew, who plays a major role in managing the family empire.

The prime minister took time out for a swim on Point King Beach. After the nearly six-hour visit he returned to Avalon Airport shortly after 6pm, again on the Fox family’s helicopter. The trip by road around Port Phillip Bay from Geelong to Portsea would normally take at least 2.5 hours.

Under parliamentary rules, the prime minister’s complimentary helicopter travel will eventually need to be declared as sponsored travel or hospitality in the register of members’ interests.

The premier’s office declined to comment on the nature of Saturday’s meeting, but confirmed Andrews had attended the barbecue. The chief executive officer of Fox Special Projects Group, Ari Suss, who often acts as spokesman for the Fox Family, did not respond to requests for comment.

Albanese has extensively documented his recent official travel on social media, and he posted a photo with Andrews on Saturday with a caption stating it was “great to catch up with my friend … in Melbourne today after my visit to Geelong”. However, there was no mention of his time spent with one of the wealthiest men in the country. Andrews, a prolific user of social media, was also silent. Andrews, made no mention he attended the Fox mansion for a barbeque.

Fox has made no secret of his ambition to develop his company’s privately owned airport, Avalon, into an intermodal transport hub that can open up new and more efficient passenger and freight routes between Australia and South-East Asia. For the family to realise this ambition, it would require assistance from the Victorian and Commonwealth governments.

The federal government contributed half the construction cost of Avalon’s international terminal and, in October 2019, Andrews led a government delegation to Vietnam to help the Fox family secure a deal with budget carrier VietJetAir to run direct flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Avalon.

However, before the pandemic struck, Avalon’s daily commercial passenger traffic comprised just one Air Asia flight to and from Kuala Lumpur and a handful of Jetstar shuttles to Sydney and the Gold Coast, the latter secured by a $12 million subsidy by the Andrews government.

Andrews was criticised by the opposition in 2021 over his close relationship with one of Australia’s richest and most influential families. In January 2021, the premier and his wife, Catherine, visited the family’s compound, where they dined with Lindsay Fox and his wife, Paula, tech entrepreneur Andrew Bassat, and Luke Sayers, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers chief executive.

At the time, Linfox, the logistics group founded by Lindsay Fox, had tendered to build a quarantine facility at Avalon Airport to house international arrivals in Melbourne during the pandemic. The Linfox bid for the facility was unsuccessful, and a 500-bed facility was ultimately built by a different bidder in Mickleham, in Melbourne’s north.

Then-shadow treasurer Louise Staley demanded Andrews distance himself from any government decision because of his friendship with the Foxes.

“Given the extent of his personal relationship with the Fox family, the premier should recuse himself from any cabinet deliberations on a quarantine facility or other decisions affecting the commercial interests of Linfox,” Staley said in February 2021.

Staley had asked Andrews in parliament how often he had visited Fox’s Portsea mansion. The premier ridiculed Staley as a “conspiracy theorist”.

Editor: Who would have thought that Albanese would associate with Andrews socially in light of Andrews’ alleged sordid, ruthless reputation.

Deadly Dan cranks up the ‘Smart Cities’ cellular existence in Melbourne so he can have total control

Nothing much new for the New Age New York mob

Melbourne people love Dangerous Dan so we are sure this NWO concept will fit well for them.

Pedal-power Utopia

The cult of Daniel Andrews

A Peta Credlin investigation explores the motivations behind the Victorian Premier’s rise to power and his leadership of the state.

What boggles my mind is how the Victorians have still got this man as their premier.

Anyone outside of politics would be jailed for doing what he’s done . Zero accountability for politicians needs to end .

There is very little hope for returning democracy to Australia from the vice grip of our unaccountable corrupt duopoly governments when voter support them and electoral fraud keep returning the problem to power.

Melbourne Children’s Hospital cannot admit more patients because Dictator Dan sacked most of the staff

by Lyndesy Symonds

This is a Big One and the internet censorship [Tip of the Hat to Frewen and Operation Covid Shield] is just as big.

Henry Makow has this up on his website this am Dec. 7 2022 for OZ.

“Melbourne Children’s Hospital tells parents to stay away due to ‘unprecedented demand’ ” In Canada, they can read The Guardian link to this story but it is blocked on my Australian server. Here it is from Makow’s website:

Henry Makow’s comment – the steak and potatoes.

Australia’s major Children’s Hospital is turning away sick children for the first time in its long history.

“It’s being caused by staff shortages due to mass-firing of unvaccinated nurses and doctors, plus rapidly increasing vaccine related child-sickness.” They admitted it!

Makow’s lead post for Dec 6 also contains information and leads on the same
story with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Dec 6 – Hospitals Overwhelmed by Sick Kids. Dec 6 2022—hospitals-overwhelmed-.html?_ga=2.104366272.1301417238.1669843648-1369995310.1664405876

Murdering babies is a thriving multi-million dollar industry, an Australian success story

Letter to the Editor

Yeah we have mentioned to our children what is happening.

The problem seems to be – at least here in Australia – that almost no-one wants to know.

Maybe it’s because your normal average folk can’t bring themselves to imagine, let alone accept, that there are Satanists here who have control of every level of Australian governance and who ritually sacrifice children and burn newborn babies alive, drink their blood and eat their flesh – and have been doing so for many decades.

Maybe it’s all just too hard in such a busy dog-eat-dog society where you have to hold down three jobs to afford all the luxuries and modern comforts to which we think we’re entitled.

Feminazis for abortion, simply communist tools-Pic Bendigo Advertiser

BUT it’s not so easy to dismiss the fact that “full term abortion” of new-born babies by shoving a steel tube into their skull and sucking their brains out DURING BIRTH is now legal in every Australian state. That’s the undeniable, irrefutable truth – a thriving multi-billion industry providing enormous commercial volumes of baby flesh and organs to whoever has the cash to pay for them – an Australian success story!

Dictator Dan knows all about the profit potential of butchering newborns – that’s why he blocked legislation to require painkillers for the children during their slaughter, because contaminated organs can’t be harvested and sold for profit.

Yet people still deny and just don’t want to know what’s happening in their communities, right here in their midst. It’s like an enormous “blind spot” masking the Australian reality. In one sense, I get it – all those so-called “Christians” HAVE TO BURY the truth or face up to the fact that their silence is COMPLICITY in the Australian GENOCIDE of innocent newborn babies.

Unfortunately, they can run, but they can’t hide. Even people claiming the “Christian” mantle go to Hell – as a matter of fact, by my understanding, most of them do.

In Europe it’s illegal to deny the German Holocaust of the Jews back in the 1940’s, but it’s apparently verboten to ACKNOWLEDGE the Australian Holocaust of newborn babies now underway here in the 2020’s.

from Pat


Insurance investigator makes complaint to Victorian Anti-Corruption Commission about Dan Andrew’s alleged fall on two steps

International tourists beware – do not visit Melbourne,Victoria or you may never get home

For years Cairns News has understood Victorians to be a different breed but Saturday’s election result defies belief.

Apart from predictable voter fraud, masochistic Victorians have shown the world that mRNA vaxx, combined with deployment of 5G EMF by Telstra, lying doctors, subliminal advertising, Marxist ideologues of the ALP and a treacherous media has worked quite well on the minds of the masses.

The brainwashing did its job and they voted for the ALP.

Cairns News will not bother with any Victorian news in the future. We will leave that to the commos of the ABC and their bedmates in the print media after all that is what the Labor voters of Victoria deserve.

Brain-dead Victorians who support the fascist policies and actions of a psychopathic Premier should feel right at home when next locked up in some Coronahoax or manufactured climate catastrophe.

But Deadly Dan’s health system dystopia is catching up to him fast as more and more vaxx victims die by the dozens every day across the state in their overwhelmed hospitals.

Naturally Dan’s controlled doctors blame a virus that has never been isolated anywhere in the world when acclaimed medical experts such as Dr Robert Malone who developed mRNA technology has told the world the vaxxes are killing thousands every day with millions more to come.

Now that Dan is again bunkered down he will be set to crunch any opposition in true Nazi style.

We suggest those oppressed citizens throughout Victoria who want to exit the communist enclave get out as soon as possible before Deadly Dan closes the borders.

Your Covid passports are on the way and you will not enter or exit the state without one. The ALP’s private Robocops will meet you at Checkpoint Charlie and next time they fire on you it will be with lead projectiles not rubber.

International tourists beware, unless you are a card-carrying commo, a poofter or dyke, a pedo or transvestite, or one of Greta Grunterberg’s boyfriends or girlfriends you will not be welcome in the shady state.

‘Sack Dan Andrews Party’ is a dirty trick to keep this dictator in power


AN election-manipulating dirty trickster has set up a fake minor party to trick Victorians into helping Dan Andrews retain power.

The Sack Dan Andrews Party has been set up by “election consultant” Glenn Druery, a specialist in using Victoria’s so-called group voting ticket (GVT) system in the Upper House to channel the flow of preferences.

The GVT consists of a list of written preferences that parties instruct the Victorian Electoral Commission to adhere to when distributing votes. It allows micro-parties to be elected with just a few hundred votes or even fewer.

Druery used it at the last election to give Labor control of the current Upper House of the Victorian Parliament. He previously worked as chief of staff with Derryn Hinch’s party.

Without winning control of the Upper House, Labor would be forced to compromise most of its legislation, and be held accountable for its radical left anti-family policies such as that which now allows schools to help “transition” children to a different gender without the family’s consent.

Andrews’ radical gender policy also criminalises parents and others who attempt to counsel or stop children going through the process. But Druery, who gets handsome commissions for “working his magic” on preference flows, the only thing that counts is keeping Labor in power.

Druery doesn’t want the Liberal-National coalition to win power because they are expected to get rid of the group voting ticket, which would ruin his election fixing business. He claims he would help the Liberal-Nationals gain power, but only if they pledged not to change the GVT system.

In a leaked video of a Zoom call, Druery said he wouldn’t support anti-gay Christian candidates, although he is reported to be supporting the “anti-abortion” ex-Labor Party wheeler-dealer Adem Somyurek who is running for the Democratic Labor Party (DLP).

The secretly recorded call has been make public by Heston Russell of the Angry Victorians Party and has been widely circulated. Heston told Avi Yemini of Rebel News that Druery sets up parties with cash and pushes those voters to whoever he wants. Druery charges a $5000 signing fee and $55,000 per winning seat that he arranges preferences for.

The Liberal Party’s candidate for Mulgrave, Michael Piastrino, told Yemimi the situation was “corruption at the highest level” and disgusting.

According to The Spectator Druery could arguably be in contempt of Parliament for unduly influencing an MP through having a financial lien on them by garnishing a sizeable part of their salary in return for getting them elected. The Victorian Liberal party will refer Druery’s activities to the state’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

Andrews’ private police cover up details of his collision with a young cyclist who was nearly killed

Deranged New York Covid cops might have trained in Victoria

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