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Right on cue comes the monkey-pox amazingly arriving in Melbourne

Letter to the Editor

Yet again, further evidence of meticulous planning and what *they* have had in store for us for some time.

$119 million spent on another ‘vaccine’, expressly Jynneos, which incidentally, Monkeypox was mysteriously added to the smallpox ‘vaccine’ – and approved in 2019 by another Big Pharma giant Bavarian-Nordic.

Bavarian-Nordic have been involved all along with the Convid ‘vaccine’. Flying under the radar.
They are also a member of the Alliance for Biosecurity.

Another ’vaccine’ which they have approved for manufacture transfer was in place for 2020 – 2025.
Yes, through to 2025.
This ‘vaccine’ is for none other than TBE (Tick-borne Encephalitis). BOOM!

As with Lumpy-Skin-disease-Littleproud’s Japanese Encephalitis, this is a disturbingly recurring word.

from D Johnson


Newcastle to join in Smart Cities Alliance

by Alison Ryan

Klaus Schwab makes inroads to uniting Municipal (local council) and National governments, private sector partners and city residents, for delivering his solution of global governance, via his G20 Smart Cities Alliance.

This will be a Global Policy Roadmap for city policies on data and technology usage for the global smart city market.

Schwab’s WEF has chosen Melbourne and Newcastle to join in this G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.

Strong Cities has already tagged Melbourne and dictator like Premier Dan Andrews for the last 7 years who has had access to the SCN membership and:
Access to SCN restricted library content
Access to SCN training modules
Access to a global network of mayors and municipal-level policy-makers and practitioners
Participation in the SCN Global Summit and Regional Working Groups

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says Australia must leave the UN. We need an Aus-exit. UN and WEF piggyback together.

Link: One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts calls for ‘Aus-Exit’ …

Albanese to include local government in National Cabinet

by Alison Ryan

UN/WEF/NWO coming in through back door

Labor Party enforcer thugs run the union standover tactics

Local Government representation must be kicked out by our VOTES this election. Local Government is hiding in the parties and touting itself as a third level of government, unlawfully outside the jurisdiction of the highest law in our land, that magnificent guardian of our personal freedoms, the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. Let’s vote Local Government, their activists, their ignorant [or] traitorous MP enablers, who have made promises to Local Government to work in a national capacity, out of power.

We must vote out the parties in this election who have forsaken the Australian Commonwealth Constitution and who are actively working with the Local Government Groups to bring in what is another form of governance, if we want to live free.

Go to the websites of the parties and read their Media Releases. Are any espousing Federalism? Is it according to the Australian Commonwealth Constitution enacted in 1901 at Federation? Is their Federalism a “grass roots” democracy preaching Local Government and Regionalism = Nationalism? Or does their democracy rely on the powers of a parliament conforming in its structure to the Australian Commonwealth Constitution of 1901? Are any parties wanting to cut out State Government? What will this then be replaced with?

Albanese “Assume the position” is just another crook except he is supported and sustained by unions and corruption

Don’t be sold out to the Liberals, Labor, Nationals, Greens, or any other party that is preaching a new way of government. Only the Australian Commonwealth Constitution has the freedom safeguards in it to stand against the advancing army of the UN/WEF/NWO.
We have all had a taste of the globalist powers. Did their rules and regulations allow you to get on with your life and give prosperity to you, your children, and your country?

No. Millions have suffered and died from the imposed EUA mandates and regulations.

Whilst Australians have been getting on with their busy lives, our MPs have been outsourcing power of governance to non- elected “experts”, and to anyone who wants to get into the political system via Local Government and Regionalism streams.

At this point in time, our guardian Australian Commonwealth Constitution has been trashed, and we are on a soviet-council pathway to internationalist control.
Let’s look at the evidence. Look up these links. We are “nothing” to the new power structure that is forming here in Australia. God is with-holding still its total power, but we can see it forming. We are to resist this beast. We are to set ourselves AGAINST this beast system. We are to be vigilant and to know our enemy and his policies.

The Liberal/National Government of Scott Morrison has created their new NATIONAL FEDERATION REFORM COUNCIL. This is their National Council, a nice sounding term for the under-belly inter-national soviet congress that it really is – just being oiled ready to slip into their World Federation of States when their time comes. Think of their WHO Constitution and their WHO Treaty which is being laid for all nations. Oh, dear, is this why former Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, let Daniel Andrews call out Victoria as a Strong City – remember city is the new word for the old-fashioned shire council? Yes, all this has been planned. This is the Federation “reform” spoken of by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull and was promised to continue through the old COAG.

Our Australian Commonwealth Constitution is the highest law of the land. It overrides any States laws. Local Government is controlled by State Governments. They have the power to establish and abolish all Local Government bodies. There are several hundred Local Government organisations in Australia. All Local Governments are established by acts of the State Parliaments. Right now, Local Government advocacy groups and Regional Australia advocacy groups are doing an end-run around the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. There is no Local Government nor Regional Government jurisdiction in the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. Not granted by the people of Australia. Period.

Let’s look at the evidence. Look up these links. These groups are destroying the people’s Australian Commonwealth Constitution with the help of your elected representatives, the politicians.

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) was formed under former Labor PM Kevin Rudd. The ACELG is a Consortium of five – the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), the Centre for Local Government at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), University of Canberra, Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia. LGMA changed its name in 2015 to Local Government Professionals Australia.

ACELG has hosted an international roundtable on metropolitan governance with the “Forum of Federations, the global network on federalism and devolved governance”; (Link: About The Forum – Forum of Federations (, and the Major Cities Unit of Infrastructure Australia. Former Labor Senator Margaret Reynolds said ACELG made impressive progress in achieving its vision of Worldclass local government. Link: ACELG Annual Report – 2009 (

UTS says that the Australian Classification of Local Governments (ACLG) divides Australia into urban, regional and rural classifications. Link: future_proofing.pdf (

LGMA prepared the National Local Government Workforce Strategy on behalf of the ACELG which was released by Labor MP Catherine King. Link: Local Government Managers Australia – LGAM Knowledge Base (

Regional Australia Institute (RAI) says it’s at the forefront of a powerful national movement and it is pushing the Regionalisation of our nation. They will hold the Regions Rising National Summit, 17-18 August 2022 in Canberra. It aims to “Rebalance the Nation” through its National Regionalisation Framework. The RAI Board consists of former Leader of the National Party Mark Vaile, former S.A. Liberal Premier Rob Kerin, and other influential people. RAI calls itself an independent “think tank”. Link: Board ( Link: Who we are (

says ALGA Councils are committed to partnering with the next Federal Government. The President of ALGA Linda Scott stated on 22 April that she’s calling *for ALGA Climate Action, *putting ALGA on the National Cabinet, and *endorsing Federal Labor MP Mr Bowen as a working partner on climate action if elected to the Federal Government.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is joining ALGA in calling on the next Federal Government to include Local Government representation on National Cabinet. Link: Media Releases Archives – Australian Local Government Association (

ALGA says Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese will include Local Government in the National Cabinet. Anthony Albanese told delegates at the 27th National General Assembly of Local Government that people [HE] expected the three tiers of government to work together. Link: ALGA welcomes commitment to include local government in the National Cabinet – Australian Local Government Association

At the international level ALGA performs its function of representation through membership of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) and the United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC). Link: Inquiry into Australia’s Relations with China. Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References…sub67 File Ref: KW 33-1 13 June 2005 Dr Kathleen Dermody

ALGA makes an annual financial contribution to and participates in activities, conferences and meetings convened by both CLGF and UCLG ASPAC with individual Councils undertaking international relations based on their own strategic priorities. Link re: Commonwealth Local Government Forum – Wikipedia

UCLG, UCLG-ASPAC, ICLEI, CLGF are members of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments. The Global Taskforce convenes the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments, the joint voice of local and regional leaders from around the world. Link: Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments – Habitat III (
Link: World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments | Global Taskforce (

Regional Development Australia (RDA), formerly the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government was a Labor Government department under Simon Crean who was the Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government. This department existed between September 2010 and December 2011. Within this department an Administrative Arrangements Order took hold of the Jervis Bay Territory, the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the Territory of Christmas Island, the Coral Sea Islands Territory, the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Commonwealth responsibilities on Norfolk Island, Constitutional development of the Northern Territory and the ACT, Planning and Land Management in the ACT, Regional Development, Matters relating to Local Government, Regional Australia policy and co-ordination, and Support for Ministers and Parliamentary secretaries with regional responsibilities. There you have it. The Fabian PM Julia Gillard and her government undermining the Australian Commonwealth Constitution for the future federation of socialists. See Link: Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government – Wikipedia

The $1 billion Regional Development Australia Fund was set up following Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s signed commitment with Federal Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. Link: Regions livid at city fund | Farm Online | Australia

This is an election like no other, in that people are more passionate and keen to make their vote count for freedom. A vote for freedom means STOP THEIR PLANS.

Remember the ALP, LNP and Greens when you vote

Farmers gather at Victoria Parliament to protest against AusNet transmission line project


Hundreds of farmers have rallied outside Parliament House in Melbourne to demand the Victorian government refuse to approve energy company AusNet’s proposed Western Victorian Transmission Network Project (WVTNP).

Key points:

  • More than 300 people gathered on the steps of Parliament House to protest against the WVTNP
  • AusNet has proposed a corridor for a 190-kilometre electricity transmission line from Melbourne’s north-west to Bulgana, near Ararat
  • A government spokesperson says the project is currently going through a full EES process

The controversial project proposes 500-kilovolt high-voltage transmission lines that, if installed above ground, could be 85 metres high and would transport renewable energy from Bulgana, north of Ararat, to Melbourne.

Emma Muir, who farms at Myrniong east of Ballan, organised the protest via the Stop AusNet’s Towers lobby group.

“We’ve brought our tractors, we’ve brought our horses, fire trucks and our community to say this is no good and we want another solution,” she said.

“We’ve come to Melbourne today because the politicians won’t come to us.

“We’ve asked repeatedly for the Premier and for the Minister for Energy and Environment to meet with us and discuss this project.

“They’ve refused to come, so we’ve come here.”

Hundreds of farmers protesting in Melbourne.
Hundreds of farmers who oppose the WVTNP gathered at Parliament house.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

‘Wake up, you dickheads’

Ballarat Potato Growers Association chairman Chris Stephens said the project put the region’s ability to produce food in jeopardy because of restrictions on machinery and irrigation near easements and under transmission lines.

“The WVTNP means the loss of over 1,000 hectares of the most productive land in Australia,” he said.

“The loss of our overall efficiency and profitability — we’re going to loose several highly productive industries.

“Wake up, you dickheads.

“Where is the justification in building 1960s technology infrastructure — a cheap and nasty transmission line? There is none.”

A man holds up a protest sign outside parliament in Melbourne.
Potato farmer Chris Stephens says Victoria’s food production will be at risk if the WVTNP goes ahead.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Mr Stephens said the region’s potato industry alone was worth $1.3 billion annually.

“If there is one thing I thought the pandemic would have made clear it’s that food doesn’t magically just appear on supermarket shelves or in the window at the drive-through,” he said.

“In Victoria we have some of the best dirt, the best climatic conditions, the cleanest water and the most dedicated farmers in the world.

“Why would we want to risk our food sovereignty or our ability to provide for ourselves?”

People holding banners ride horses down a city street.
Farmers rode horses down Spring Street to voice their opposition, which they say has been ignored.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Consultation process slammed

Victorian Farmers Federation chief executive Jane Lovell said producers whose businesses would be affected by the transmission lines were an afterthought in the consultation process.

“It seems like a lot of decisions have been made and it doesn’t seem like farmers have actually been invited to the table to have their concerns heard,” she said.

But it’s not just farmers who oppose the project — tourism operators as well as people living in the region for the lifestyle also attended the rally.

People speaking at a protest.
Actor Stephen Curry’s “castle” is in the path of the proposed power lines.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Actor Stephen Curry lives in Gordon, 25 kilometres east of Ballarat, and says his home is in the corridor of the project.

“AusNet and the state government plan to knock down our entire property, including our house, and 3,000 native trees,” he said.

“And that’s all in the name of sustainability, which is rubbish — it’s all in the name of saving money.

“I’m disgusted.”

An angry farmer in tractor protesting at Parliament House in Melbourne.
Tractors, horses, fire trucks and agricultural vehicles formed a procession along Spring Street on Tuesday afternoon.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

Plan to keep fighting

Ms Muir said Stop AusNet’s Towers would rally again if the state government did not reject the WVTNP application.

“We’ll come back if we need to — we need to be heard and we need to be listened too,” she said.

“We in the regions want the people of Melbourne to have renewable energy, but it doesn’t have to be at our cost by ripping up our beautiful land.”

Tractors driving down Spring Street in Melbourne.
Farmers say large farming equipment is unable to be used under powerline easements.(ABC Rural: Jane McNaughton)

A government spokesperson said the Minister for Planning had determined that an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) was required and would assess the comparative effects of different feasible routes, alignments, design and operational alternatives for the project.

The effectiveness of the proposed measures to avoid, minimise and offset any environmental impacts will also be examined.

“This project is currently going through a full EES process — the most transparent and rigorous environmental and planning assessment framework available,” the spokesperson said.

“The EES process gives communities the chance have their say on the impacts of the projects and see the studies which inform the panel’s assessment.”

An AusNet spokesperson said the companyfully understood the concern and uncertainty a project of this size could create for local communities and families.

“We are continuing to engage and consult with communities and landholders, right along the route,” they said.

“We are actively seeking their feedback and listening to their concerns.

“We have met with the Curry family, including Stephen and his father, and visited their property to discuss their concerns, as well as conduct a series of studies, including ecology and cultural heritage, on the land.”

Labor MP Adem Somyurek blows whistle on Dan Andrews’ corruption

Dangerous Dan’s Red Shirts scam coming to bite him

Daniel Andrews’ political manoeuvres and ‘catch me if you can’ haughtiness may be coming to an end.
A motion to refer Victorian Labor’s 2014 red shirts scandal to the Ombudsman and potentially the state’s anti-corruption watchdog passed in Victoria’s Upper House – 19 votes to 17 – when Labor MP, Kaushaliya Vaghela, sensationally crossed the floor to vote against her own government on 9 February, 2022.

Former Labor minister Adem Somyurek put forward the motion into what he has described as a “gold-standard rort”.

Ms Vaghela was initially part of Mr Somyurek’s Moderate Labor faction before he was kicked out of the party for branch stacking in 2020. Following the vote, Ms Vaghela posted a statement on social media, telling her followers that branch stacking was “endemic” in the Australian Labor Party and that it has been for decades.
She told that she was a former staff member for the Socialist Left faction and knew all about their branch stacking activities and their electorate officers being used for factional purposes. She stated that if branch stacking and factional operatives working in electorate officers is corrupt, then the Socialist Left and all the other factions must be investigated.

Mr Somyurek claimed the red shirts scandal was designed by Mr Andrews ahead of the 2014 election. It centred around Labor’s misuse of $388,000 in taxpayer funds by paying casual electorate officers to don red shirts and campaign for the party in marginal seats. Daniel Andrews was desperate to win. (Daniel Andrews) did something well beyond what he should’ve – he crossed the line; he designed this system.
“He told me personally that you’ve got to take part in this process whether you want to win or not.”

The Premier was called corrupt and faced questions over the police investigation into the red shirts scandal, during Parliament question time.

Thankfully, on the 15 Feb 2022, the Victorian Ombudsman confirmed a review into red shirts investigation referral amid internal Labor turmoil.
Victorian Ombudsman confirms review into red shirts investigation referral amid internal Labor turmoil | Sky News Australia

Let’s keep high hopes for the demise of political corruption in Victoria.

Dangerous Dan gets a message from a crowd

Police THREATEN jail unless Rebel News Avi Yemini REMOVES this video

The Victorian police came knocking at reporter Avi Yemini’s home to THREATEN him with JAIL if he doesn’t take down a news video that we recently published. But Avi’s refusing to cower: WATCH & SHARE what they’re so desperate to hide.

Another Covid mandate-related suicide attempt in Dan Andrew’s NWO Melbourne

Horror: Australian Man Sets Self On Fire Over COVID Vaccine Passports
by Jamie White
January 3rd 2022,

Desperate citizens are now resorting to self-immolation to voice their frustrations with government’s oppressive COVID measures.

A Melbourne man immolated himself in front of horrified onlookers in protest of the nation’s draconian COVID vaccine passport system.

One of the bystanders captured footage of the heartbreaking incident over the weekend, explaining the man had been screaming about vaccine passports and a “digital ID.”

“He just f…..’ blew a car up,” the man recording said as flames billowed out of a car down the road. Video

“Dan Andrews, this is on your f…… hands, you dog,” he added, referring to the Labor Victorian Premier.

Victoria police officers and firefighters reportedly managed to douse the man with water as he emerged on fire from his burning car and rush him to the hospital.

One of the bystanders who helped restrain the man until he was fully put out told The Herald Sun that “he was on fire.”

“His skin was burning,” she said. “He was off his face screaming about mandates. His skin is stuck to my shirt.”

One witness Lydia O’Connor said she was at a nearby cafe when she heard the man’s screaming about COVID mandates.

“He poured gas on himself and on his car. It was on purpose,” O’Connor said. “He was screaming about mandates.”

“He was screaming, ‘no vax ID’ and throwing books,” she added.

Another witness confirmed he was screaming about Victoria’s vaccine mandates.

“I will never erase his wailing pain from his burns from my ears,” Barryman said.

Australia has descended into a full-blown tyranny over the last two years, implementing harsh lockdowns, universal vaccine passport requirements, and even COVID internment camps.

And despite the emergence of the mild Omicron variant, Australia has seized it as an opportunity to roll out even more COVID restrictions, such as renewed mask mandates, mandatory testing for interstate travel, and steeper fines for COVID rule violators.

In fact, Australia’s chief pharmacist Trent Twomey, a Cairns chemist, said citizens must “accept” endless booster shots because COVID is “going to be with us for many years.”

Federal Liberal Member for Leichardt Warren Entsch is inoculated in Cairns with mRNA shot by head of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Professor Trent Twomey. We hope it is the real thing for Mr Entsch unlike his leader Scott Morrison who got a placebo and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk who got her jab with the safety cap still attached. Pic Tropicnow

Cairnsnews has some news for the closely-tied Liberal Party member Mr Twomey, that pharmacies will disappear just as quickly as those killed by mRNA vaxx deaths. Many reputable doctors and researchers world-wide have warned of the deaths of tens of thousands in 12 months to three years time. In the US it has already started.

Myrtleford case sends warning shot across tyrant Andrews’ bow

Victorian political tyrant Andrews is under growing pressure.


VICTORIAN magistrate Dunn’s striking down of a misprision of treason and fraud at common law charges against Victoria’s dictator Dan Andrews at Myrtelford last Friday has set up Andrews and the state government for further court action over illegal changes to Acts of Parliament.

The magistrate was surrounded by police when he made his decision, raising suggestions that police were expecting or seeking to provoke some sort of violent confrontation.

Police also arrested a man at the venue, an act conveniently caught by the 7News clowns who turned up at Myrtelford, no doubt tipped off by the state government who wanted to disrupt and distract from the actual case. The man, Desi Freeman, was later released.

Misprision of treason is the offence of failing to report or concealing treason, which in the case of Victoria refers to the state’s removal of Queen Elizabeth II from the Oath of Allegiance and the removal of the Crown from a Western Australia act that incorporates the Commonwealth and substitutes the governor of the state for the Queen.

Chiropractor Anthony Herman awaits the start of his case with a bottle of kombucha.

The private prosecution by chiropractor Anthony Herman against Dan Andrews was mysteriously struck down by the magistrate in the midst of a chaos related to the court’s WebEx online electronic filing, which is accessible to the wider community. Some 250 people traveled to the north-east Victoria town to hear the case.

The media claimed the action, listed as No.1 on the court list, was struck down because the charges had not been served. But the informant Herman (coached by Brian Shaw) was waiting and ready to proceed with the charges in a building near the court linked to the court room. Herman was unaware that the case had been struck out when the system appeared to break down.

Former ASIC senior lawyer Graeme Little, who provided live streaming of the day, said the outcome would merely spur the participants on to further action, possibly seeking a rehearing. A defendant in a traffic matter at the court was using the same background papers as Herman. His case was adjourned to April 2022. Little said another case using the background papers had “caused a kerfuffle” in the County Court of Victoria.

The chaotic online activity was jumped upon and mocked by AAP court reporter Karen Sweeney, who posted dozens of the comments that appeared on the WebX system on Twitter, one after the other, but with no reference to the actual charges. Some of the comments appeared to be coming from people who simply wanted to disrupt the hearing.

“A few people have asked why it was struck out. The order issued by the magistrate says ‘charge issued not served’. Charges have to be served on a person before a court proceeding can actually begin – if you don’t, there’s nothing to actually begin,” the reporter concluded, as if the whole thing was a joke. No Ms Sweeney, misprision of treason is a serious issue and just because the average reporter is ignorant of such law doesn’t justify unethical, biased coverage. The Age newspaper referred to the case as a circus.

Although Brian Shaw the co-informant’s previous efforts to charge politicians with misprision of treason failed to gain traction back in the Rudd-Gillard era, the political atmosphere at this time is radically different with tens of thousands of Aussies out on the streets every week and government sliding even further into an illegal morass.

Bernie Finn MP, one of those “dangerous” Liberal Party rebels, made the following comment about the case: “Despot Dan is due to appear in the Myrtelford Magistrate’s Court next Friday morning in what should be a most interesting and important case. Let’s not forget the world famous gangster Al Capone ended up going to prison for tax evasion.”

Finn’s comment came despite him being among Victoria’s 137 politicians all facing a common purpose indictment in the same charges as Andrews. That matter will be dealt with by a Grand Jury accessible to the public on a website run by the Peacemakers.

Today, private prosecutions are mostly used by municipal councils, building authorities and animal welfare groups, but are also employed by members of the public who believe the authorities have dismissed their claims for justice.

The newspaper said the case against Andrews faced significant challenges, with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions likely to take control of the matter before it gets off the ground. The CDPP supposedly has the power to overtake and discontinue private prosecutions should it find it has no reasonable prospect of a conviction being secured on the available evidence or was ‘not in the public interest’.

In July, a private prosecution against the Chief Magistrate of Victoria Lisa Hannan was dealt with in Victoria under similar laws, showing those in the media mocking the case that the private prosecution process is very real.

Desperate Melbourne woman sets herself on fire to protest “Vaccine Mandates” but media stays silent

Incidents like this show that the New World Order Covid-Tyranny by the Australian government has driven its citizens to a state where they feel they have nothing left to lose. This poor Melbourne woman doused herself from petrol cans in her car before setting herself on fire. She was holding a sign which read: “No One Cares, The Mandates Are Killing Us”- Of course, Channels 7, 9,10 and the ABC are silent because they are complicit and willing partners in this assault against humanity.

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