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Channel 9 runs analysis of the Tara shootout utilising the Port Arthur script

A well-selected Channel 9 team at the oval table reflects the correct amount of bias. The panel was factually misinformed and full of speculation to deflect the real story of the Train family.

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Did email reveal Train family as threat to MK Ultra web of control?

Nathaniel (left), Gareth and Stacey Train. Many questions remain unanswered.

AN email sent to Cairns News in 2021 by Gareth Train, one of the six victims of a police shooting in Queensland last year, indicates that his family was somehow caught up in the shadowy world of MK Ultra – a social engineering experiment employing drugs and mind control run from the 1950s by US and UK intelligence operations.

The sanitised Wikipedia article on MK Ultra is sufficiently horrific for the average citizen. What is worse are the details of how this program affected individual Australians, for instance, people like Fiona Barnett, Martin Bryant, members of the Anne Hamilton Byrne cult, the victims of the Chelmsford “hospital” experiments and others.

MK Ultra was a joint operation involving British Commonwealth and American intel agencies, foundations, think tanks, universities and drug companies that conducted a massive social engineering experiment involving drugging of selected people and broader populations with hallucinogenic LSD and other drugs.

Wikipedia notes it “also involved people being subjected to electro-shocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.” What Wikipedia’s entry failed to mention was satanic ritual abuse (SRA), which includes all those forms of abuse and torture, but which horrifically, is conducted on innocent children.

The objective of this sinister experiment is not only control of individuals but entire populations. Related to this are the multiple mass shootings over decades by disturbed – but controlled – individuals with multiple personality disorder who can be “triggered” to do certain things. A key institution in this is Britain’s Tavistock Institute that studies “social psychiatry” and brainwashing. The CIA also plays major roles.

A 1997 investigative report by Executive Intelligence Review notes that Tavistock’s “theory of turbulence” holds that entire populations may be driven into infantile regression by repeated terrorist shocks such as mass shootings. “Tavistock’s strategic mission is to replace a civilization of self-ruling, industrial nation-states with a ‘post-industrial’, globalized world ruled by a tiny oligarchy,” the report states. We can see, post the Covid plandemic, that this idea is far from a wild conspiracy theory.

The report noted the Tavistock-linked Australian psychiatrist, Dr Eric Cunningham Dax, first examined Martin Bryant in 1983-84, and “set the parameters for all his future ‘treatment’.” “In early 1994,on one of his trips to the United Kingdom, he (Bryant) checked into a hotel in Hereford, the super-sensitive home of Britain’s elite Special Air Services (SAS). Bryant started acting so strangely, that the hotel management notified the police, who notified Interpol, which in tum put in inquiries to the police in Tasmania, who replied that his slate was clean,” EIR reported.

The significance of the Train email suddenly came starkly evident after the Weiambilla shooting, which involved a strange series of events involving NSW and Queensland police – already noted by Cairns News. We have to ask the question as to whether the Trains knew too many names of those involved in the Australian arm of this program.

You need to understand that I believe nothing is going to stop the cabal from their Luciferian MK agenda that is coming to fruition……..My MK program story starts in my early childhood in Sydney and ends with the attempt to take and off me (sic) at the age of 6 and the death of my grandfather after I asked him what his involvement was,” Gareth Train’s email states.

This is when I went silent or quiet and chose to just get on with my life….I could write a book like Fiona or Brice but it would be short and pointy although I did find these women’s experiences interesting besides who would that serve? Who even believes truth when Hollywood has prostituted the MK story to death and placed it in the science fiction horror or action category.”

Fiona is obviously the Australian SRA survivor Fiona Barnett and Brice, Brice Taylor, an American woman who, like Barnett, went through the satanic ritual abuse horrors of MK Ultra and the related Project Monarch. Both have written books detailing their unbelievably horrific experiences as children born into families that submit themselves to the abuse and “rewards” of a network of prominent, influential people compromised initially by sexual acts and then a spiral of regression into satanic ritual abuse and murder of children and others.

The global oligarchy behind the “global control” narrative require national networks of controlled, compliant people in places of influence – corporate CEOs, politicians, judges, police, military, clergy, academics, editors, actors, scientists and others – who can be relied upon to advance their agenda. One of those notables in Australia was psychologist Dr Anthony Kidman, father of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman. Dr Kidman fled to and then died in Singapore in September 2014. He had become the subject of a complaint to police from Fiona Barnett, alleging pedophilia crimes, also involving a Sydney pedophile ring.

Gareth Train’s email continued: “…….My comments are not for me but for the sleepers out there from the program I believe there are many question look back into your childhood and choose not to allow the programming to take over….. You see in my experience everything is a choice. I know that sounds harsh when I have mentioned Fiona and Brice#s experiences and it’s not a judgement on them but my experience. Obviously the trauma abuse and torture isn’t a choice for a child but giving over yourself into the program was a choice for me and I chose not to give in to look evil in the face and see it for what it was. Were the doctors running their own side projects I don’t know probably. I don’t think the controllers are aware of the extent of MK projects in Australia.…”

So we can deduce that Gareth somehow became exposed to MK Ultra through his family at a young age, but at some stage was able to exercise his choice not to be involved in or perhaps not triggered by psychological conditioning. It appears his grandfather was involved and died after Gareth later queried him about his involvement. We don’t know if the circumstances were suspicious, but it is implied.

Fiona Barnett, in a Facebook post, made an interesting observation about “undesireable” people who were systematically harassed or gang-stalked by ASIO and other authorities. “Gaslighting, community smear campaigns and property damage (etc) are other forms of abuse also used to destabilise the targeted individual in ceaseless attempts to push them to breaking point, and have them either retaliate aggressively towards others and incarcerated or institutionalised. The main drive of this program is to isolate the targeted individual and make them believe that everyone in their community is against them by recruiting members of their community (who have been lied to by authorities) to participate in this program under the guise of it being a mass surveillance operation.”

This seems to correlate with the story of the Train brothers, who appeared to be driven to a point of desperation where they expected a showdown with police. Gareth’s email continued: “I returned to uni as a mature age student to get a piece of paper to allow me to work in the child protection field to assist child victims in their efforts to escape their abusers and to assist the law in the prosecution process. Needless to say the system is corrupted beyond redemption but is but a reflection of our society that just doesnt give a shit. When a QPS sgt can shoot and kill a cat disembowel and leave it with two 12g shotgun shells for my wife and I as a threat to stop talking about his love of underage girls you understand that little can be down (ed: done) when all the control systems are operated by sick evil people…..I want to share enough for people to understand the nature of the enemy…I want to assist those in their understand who can see. I dont want or need to be the subject of a story for that to occur. Death comes to us all but I will allow God to choose the hour so threats from meat muppets dont create fear for me……Gareth Sent from my iPhone….On 2 Jun 2021”.

So Gareth reveals another possible motive for the shoot-out – his exposure of the corrupt character of an unnamed Queensland police sergeant. But Gareth, having worked in the child protection field, must have come across other such sordid stories.

When his brother Nathaniel, a teacher, came up against systematic examination cheating and other major problems in his school at Walgett and raised it with MP Mark Latham, the NSW Education Department repeatedly fobbed it off. Did Nathaniel too become some sort of official target or did he simply become uttterly disillusioned with a system whose corruption by MK Ultra he knew too well?

Nathaniel wasn’t the only person driven to the edge by an uncaring, lying, self-preserving bureaucracy at the NSW Department of Education. Former principal Stuart Copeland aka “Stoo Cee” wondered out loud on social media whether Nathaniel had been driven to extreme behaviour by the same bureaucrats that harrassed him but who he eventually won against in court. “For me it was hell on earth and has cost me so very much, including the huge effects on my personal mental health.” Stuart’s Facebook post referring to Nathaniel is still on his page.

Australia took part in the dark international “MK” social engineering operation, conducted primarily by the CIA and the UK MI6 and in particular Tavistock (not mentioned by Wikipedia) which trained staff at the Office of Strategic Studies (the CIA precursor) and the Strategic Bombing Survey in the WW2 period. Tavistock was particularly interested in those soldiers who suffered shell shock – not for compassionate reasons but more for the lab data.

The MKUltra network was eventually revealed to be extensive in Australia, involving many academics in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. This network was investigated in great detail by Steve McMurray in a report released in 2015 called MK Ultra in Australia.

When Chelmsford Private Hospital’s “deep sleep therapy” was discovered to have killed 24 people, the scandal hit national and international headlines, but not as a secret global experiment in mind control. It began its operations in mid 1963 in a large house that had previously been a geriatric hospital.

The head doctor was Harry Bailey. McMurray notes that Bailey “like most Australian doctors connected to MKULTRA, studied at The University of Sydney”. “He graduated in 1954 and later that year, he received a 15 month, World Health Organization fellowship to study the methods of MKULTRA doctors Ewen Cameron and William Sargant. He had been instructed in Psychosurgery, Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and Deep Sleep Therapy (DST).”

In the late 1950s, Bailey headed the Cerebral Surgery and Research Unit at Callan Park Psychiatric Hospital. In September 1957, the Sydney Sunday newspaper expressed alarm when it got wind of Bailey’s LSD experiments on people. “Human guinea pigs in test: A Sydney mental specialist and 15 other volunteers deliberately sent themselves temporarily insane in recent mental research tests,” the paper reported. The article noted Bailey promoted LSD as a hopeful method of treating mental cases and said that these experiments would hopefully trace the section of the brain which is affected by schizophrenia. In 1959, Bailey became the Medical Superintendent of Callan Park.

Another unofficially acknowledged Australian arm MKUltra-style experimentation surfaced with the revelation of the Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult on a country property at Eildon, north of Melbourne. It was called The Family and consisted of adopted children (up to 28) and adults. One of the members, Leif Meynell (aka Leif Hamilton), was a live-in lover and third partner of Julian Assange’s mother Christine. One of the cult children looks remarkably like Julian Assange.

Hamilton-Byrne, an American, and her husband Bill Byrne administered LSD to the children and locked them in dark rooms while under the drug’s influence – an act of psychological torture. They were also subjected to beatings, starvation and brainwashing. The children wore identical clothes, had their hair dyed blond and were were told they would take over the world one day. It was MK Ultra on a local scale, but never named as such by police investigators or the media.

Hamilton-Byrne won the trust of academics and government officials in Victoria who she targeted through her yoga classes. She and her husband fled to the US after police raided the property in 1987. Hamilton-Byrne was eventually arrested in the US with the help of the FBI in 1993, but was only prosecuted for minor offences in Australia and never charged with abuse. She was only fined $5000 for falsifying documents of three of the children.

Serious investigations initially involved a team of Melbourne detectives but were then cut back to the work of one detective Lex de Man, who became the “go-to guy” for subsequent media stories and documentaries on Hamilton-Byrne. De Man, of course, never publicly spoke of MKUltra and its Australian network as revealed by McMurray.

Law enforcement in Queensland must report interactions with ‘extremists’ to counter-terror teams

From Russia Today

Queensland Police make world headlines for their campaign of *McCarthyism yet they work for the Communist ALP

Queensland police are required to report interactions with people who “allegedly hold a range of ideological beliefs” including “conspiracy theorists,” according to an email sent to all members of the Queensland Police Service on Thursday and seen by ABC News.

Comrade Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will get corporate Queensland Police to flush out Christian extremists, communists, and Marxists in the population. Comrade Annastacia had better start with her Labor MP’s first, along with Victoria Labor, they form the greatest hotbed of extremists and Marxists ever assembled in Australian history.

Police must record interactions with such individuals in the state’s QPrime database “at the first available opportunity,” the email states, explaining that in addition to “conspiracy theorists,” “religious, social or political extremists and sovereign citizens, as well as people with ideologies relating to capitalism, communism, socialism or Marxism” also fit the bill.

ABS Census reports 44 per cent of Australians are Christian

Officers were also told to report “all matters that indicate concerning or escalating behavior due to ideological beliefs, including religious and single-issue ideologies” and advised of the “risks” inherent in dealing with these groups.

The guidance comes after a deadly shooting in Wieambilla in December left two officers and a civilian dead, in addition to the three shooters. Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train reportedly gunned down constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold and injured two other officers on their property, also killing neighbor Alan Dare when he was drawn to the scene by the noise. The Trains were then killed by specialist police following an hours-long standoff.  

Authorities are calling the incident a “religious terror attack,” citing the Trains’ Christian fundamentalist beliefs, a strain known as premillenarianism, whose adherents prepare for and anticipate the End of Days. A police investigation concluded the family had “acted as an autonomous cell” to carry out the attack, Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford told reporters on Thursday. 

Christian extremist ideology has been linked to other attacks around the world but this is the first time we’ve seen it in Australia,” the deputy commissioner said, acknowledging that there was no evidence the family had identified themselves as “sovereign citizens.” Stacey Train’s diary reportedly described police as “monsters and demons.

Police were potentially “lured” to the Trains’ farm in search of Nathaniel, a high-school principal who had been reported missing by his estranged wife in New South Wales and was wanted on firearms charges.

Much has been made of Gareth Train’s postings on online forums, where he described Covid-19 as a “neurological bio-weapon” and the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, which led to sharply restricted gun ownership for civilians, as an operation to “disarm the Australian population.” 

*McCarthyism, name given to the period of time in American history that saw U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin produce a series of investigations and hearings during the 1950s in an effort to expose supposed communist infiltration of various areas of the U.S. government. The term has since become a byname for defamation of character or reputation by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations, especially on the basis of unsubstantiated charges. –

A voice of sanity after the hate speech by Qld Police vilifying all Christians

By Ron Chapman

I agree that the Khazarian Mafia aka the Talmudists who call themselves “Jews” but are not, have been the demonic controllers of our world and cause the dystopia in which we live.

In Oz the Talmudists appear to have worked through the Masonic filth but of course they have now infiltrated and dominate Roman Catholicism and virtually all religious and cultural control structures and our governments.

Does Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford support the killing of nine month-old babies which is the policy of her corporate employers? She obviously doesn’t like God by her recent anti-Christian speech.

This massacre fits the mould.
Deputy Queensland Police Commissioner Tracy Linford alleges that three individuals gunned down by police at their home on a bush block miles from anywhere “acted as an autonomous cell and executed a planned attack directed at police” at Wieambilla in December2022. Apart from killing two Police officers that “autonomous terror cell” apparently also caused the death of a neighbour.

The Commissioner in charge of the Queensland Police corporation, Katarina Carroll, said on 14/12/22 that Police will investigate whether officers were lured to a remote Queensland property to be killed in a shooting rampage along with a neighbour. She also said:
“We’re definitely investigating every avenue, whether it be premeditated, some of the stuff that’s online from these people. We will investigate what they have been doing not only in recent weeks, but in recent years, who have they been interacting with, family, friends, their online presence”.

The Police narrative is that:
Four armed officers had gone to the remote property to investigate a report about Nathaniel Train going missing from New South Wales in October whereat they came under fire.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb [Another female – this time in charge of the NSW Police corporation in the most populous Australian state] said Nathaniel Train had been reported missing to Walgett police, in the state’s north west, but she did not say by whom. She also alleged that: Those officers were responding to a routine job. “They were ambushed and they were executed”.
THAT prejudges the event and prejudices the public’s perception of it as well as any coronial inquiry.

Moreover, Webb also said “specifics” of the missing person’s TIP-OFF would form a large part of the investigation. Why was the term TIP-OFF used if this was just a routine missing person inquiry?

As with Port Arthur, WACO, Ruby Ridge and all the other such events, the only information given to the general population comes from the Queensland and NSW’s armed state security corporations, suitably distorted and embellished by the MSM.

We’re told that it is customary to send four officers to rural locales to check on missing persons and that the officers were happy and jovial. WHY are we told that? Is the Queensland Policing corporation so well staffed that it can routinely send four armed and happy Police officers into the bush on routine inquiries?

The few available objective facts appear to be that at least two of the now dead occupants of the rural dwelling had lost their jobs as experienced educators because they refused to allow government health authorities to inject them with unknown experimental substances: an action tantamount to rape.

Two months after this massacre there’s no real information as to the nature and cause of injuries inflicted on the two brothers and the wife of one of them or how or why what appears to have been a ‘shootout’ occurred. Rather we get a lot of libellous assertions about the allegedly dangerous Christian beliefs of the dead civilians by senior Police spokeswomen who allege that they BELIEVE that the three civilians killed by Police were Christian terrorists who were “anti vaccination” and hence anti-government. Given that at least two of them lost their employment because they refused to accept the jabs (that are incorrectly called vaccines since they don’t prevent any illness), that seems reasonable but it doesn’t make them murderous terrorists. The experience of Ned Kelly and his mother comes to mind.

The Police also assert that the civilians they killed at their rural residence in the bush were Christian extremist ideologues who falsely believed that Christ Jesus will return to the Earth and provide peace and prosperity. There is nothing extreme about that belief. Apart from the fact that many, many Christians believe it, it is also true. Jesus returned with Christ Michael Aton, the God of this universe, in the 1950s when the Urantia Book got published.

Since 1987 they have been overseeing the activities of the Global Alliance that is currently eliminating the Khazarian Mafia and its minions and enablers globally. Once Russia cleans up the Ukraine and the current Talmudic monetary system collapses, Trump, Putin, Xi and the BRICS+ will usher in a new global monetary system in which every national Treasury will emit interest free money and income taxation will cease. That will signal the start of the New Millennium and abundance for all.

Needless to say, all Australian governments and their various corporate organs like Police forces, will be abolished and the Talmudists and their lackeys running those corporations will be appropriately dealt with.
Good times are just around the corner Pilgrims!

Peace and Blessings,

Christian Faith Centre responds to atheist police officer Tracy Linford who demonised Christianity

FIRSTLY, If we did not have a rogue government, that has gone anti-Australian and anti-Constitution over many years, by following a Globalist plot, culminat-ing in the Draconian measures we have already seen in the ‘COVID’ scam and power grab (especially in Victoria), these three, their neighbour, and two police officers would not be dead, and their families would not be grieving today over their senseless loss of life – in short, the government position and attitude to all law-abiding citizens backed these people into a corner. Admittedly, the Trains’ response to government was the final catalyst causing all those deaths, but the rogue government that took away the legitimate jobs of two of them because they exercised their basic rights (to refuse a ‘non-mandatory’ injection), is not blameless, nor are any police and other officials who enforce such wickedness blameless. Those enforcers might have the rogue courts on their side, but in due time, they will answer to the real Judge, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jesuit (Roman Catholic), Francisco Ribera, in 1590 wrote a 500-page commentary on The Revelation (Apocalypse)suggesting a distantly-future individual Anti-christ would rise at the very end of the Christian Era to overthrow Protestant understanding.Protestant Churches have officially held the position that the Pope is the Antichrist since early 1500’s.

SECONDLY, Such rogue governments in all the English-speaking World today, having begun in a distinctly Christian framework, under The Westminster Sys-tem (Protestant, Bible-based) in the U.K., have deteriorated, via the infiltration of Satanic agents, particularly the Jesuits and the Freemasons, re-educating the population for generations, so that our governments now despise Biblical Christianity and persecute law-abiding citizens.

THIRDLY, such rogue governments now call ‘Right Wing Extremism’, the very Biblical Christianity which is the spiritual and legal Foundation on which our nation and the whole free world are built. This is just more propaganda in the Global (= Catholic) conspiracy to stamp out real Christianity from the world.

FOURTHLY, ‘Extremism’ is a modern propaganda word, which ‘governments’ use to demonise anything they see as a threat to their Marxist / Fascist absolute rule. It was first applied to ‘Radical Islam’ – now they have to audacity to apply it to Christianity!

FIFTHLY, ‘Propaganda’ is a Roman Catholic word – look it up in the dictionary if you don’t believe me!

SIXTHLY, It is a well-known fact that over many decades now, police officers have been urged to join either one of the two Antichristian power structures (Catholicism or Freemasonry), if they want to get on in their profession. Chris-tian policemen have been persecuted for refusing to do so. So, for many decades now, the police force has been a sort of Mafia organization, which ‘owns’ its members. I’m sure there have been many honest cops who have bucked the sys-tem, but how many I wonder? How many police officers refused the ‘jab’ on conscientious grounds? Some, at least, lost their jobs for doing the right thing there. Some, at least, don’t want to subject their families and their own con-sciences to unhealthy ‘health’ measures, nor have anything to do with a vaccine which has been produced via the abortion industry. And some, at least, will not deny their Christian faith by joining a Satanic order of Baal-worship, which is what Catholicism and Freemasonry are.

SEVENTHLY, Satan hates Christianity and Christ more than anything else. Therefore, Satan’s keenest followers, (especially the Papacy and its chief agents: Jesuits, Freemasons, Marxists, & Fascists), are hellbent on eliminating Christi-anity from the world. They won’t succeed, because the “fire” “from God out of heaven” is going to “devour.. them” in the end (Revelation 20:9).

EIGHTHLY, The Trains got one thing right: the governments of today’s world, including our own, are almost fully Satanic, and the chief advocates and perpetrators of their usurped rule over us, like Chief Health Officers, some police officers, and some other governments officials and enforcers, are obviously de-mon-possessed (they are, at the very least, pathological liars, who will say any-thing to maintain their perceived position of power, or keep their jobs, not car-ing how many innocent people they destroy – Have you seen the catastrophic rise in suicides and health issues in recent times? This did NOT happen in a political vacuum – to every effect there is at least one definite cause!), BUT this doesn’t give us the right to shoot people.
N.B. Jesus declared the Jewish regime of His day to be demon-possessed – and their stubborn dishonesty was the tell-tale sign (Matthew 12:41-50, Matthew 23).

NINTHLY, Many Christians have been deceived by a Futurist (Dispensationalist) system of interpretation of Bible prophecy, which originated in 1590, by the Jesuit (Roman Catholic), Francisco Ribera, who wrote a 500-page commentary on The Revelation (Apocalypse), suggesting a distantly-future individual Anti-christ, who would rise at the very end of the Christian Era. Ribera did this to overthrow the standard Protestant understanding, that the Antichrist (the “beast” of Revelation chapters 13-17) has always been the Papal System of the Roman Papacy (If you don’t believe me, look it up in Britannica!). All tradi-tional Protestant Churches since the Protestant Reformation in the early 1500’s, (Church of England, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist etc.), have officially held the position that the Pope is the Antichrist. If the Trains had known this basic Biblical fact, that there is not some future Boogey-man Anti-christ yet to come, but the Pope IS the Antichrist, they, and the other victims might well be alive today.

Don’t blame Christians (extreme or otherwise) – blame the real culprit, the Ro-man Antichrist, for the whole ‘shooting match’, and the cause of all oppression and wars and persecution of Christians, since that Antichristian organisation began to form under Constantine (C. 313 A.D.).

Sincerely in the service of Christ, Crown, Constitution, & Country,
Trevor W Sullivan,
Nanango Christian Faith Centre.

Police demonise Christian population by ridiculing God claiming Tara shooters were ‘Christian extremists’

From ABC and Cairns News

Deputy Queensland Police Commissioner Tracy Linford said alleged Tara shooters Nathaniel, Gareth, and Stacey Train acted as an autonomous cell and executed a planned “attack directed at police” at Wieambilla in December.

They allegedly shot Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, Constable Matthew Arnold, 26, and neighbour Alan Dare at their property in the Western Downs on December 12.

“We don’t believe this attack was random or spontaneous,” Deputy Police Commissioner Linford said.

Gareth, Nathaniel and Stacey Train shot by special operations police in December 2022. The majority if not all state Labor politicians are atheists or worse because of their policy of allowing nine month old babies to be killed at abortion clinics so it comes as no surprise that their senior police officers reject Christianity.

“We do believe it was an attack directed at police.

“There was significant evidence of advanced preparation and planning.”

Police found camouflaged hiding places at the property, barriers such as dirt mounds and logs, six firearms, three bow and arrows, a number of knives, CCTV, radios, mirrors on trees, and a trap door under the house, which might have enabled an easy escape.

Deputy Commissioner Linford said police had been investigating Stacey Train’s diary, as well as the trio’s texts, social media postings and 190 interviews. 

“What we’ve been able to glean from that information is that the Train family members subscribe to what we would call a broad Christian fundamentalist belief system, known as premillennialism,” she said.

Deputy Police Commissioner Linford said the trio saw police “as monsters and demons”.

She said the COVID pandemic, climate change, global conflicts and social disparity contributed to their belief in their system.

Linford derides the return of Christ

“Whilst the behaviour was similar in some respect to sovereign citizens, we don’t believe this was connected to a sovereign citizen ideology, we believe it’s connected to the Christian extremist ideology,” she said.

“There was a belief that Christ will return to the Earth … and provide peace and prosperity.

“But it will be preceded by an era, or a period of time of tribulation, widespread destruction and suffering.

“They started preparing for the end of days.”

Deputy Commissioner Linford said police had garnered from Stacey’s diary, which was written over the last few years, that there was “not one catalyst event” which led to their extremism, but Nathaniel’s heart attack in 2021 made him more religious.

Other factors included Nathaniel and Stacey losing their jobs — as a principal in Walgett primary school in NSW and head of curriculum at a school in Tara in Queensland — because they did not get the COVID vaccine.

Anti-vaxxers are anti-government

“They certainly had their views around anti vaccination, and as a consequence of that, anti-government,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner Linford said police do not believe any other people were locally involved in planning the attack.

“There is absolutely no evidence at this time that there is anyone else in Australia that participated or assisted in this attack,” she said.

However, police are working with the FBI in the United States over people who commented on the Trains’ social media posts.

Christian extremist ideology linked to other attacks

She said Christian extremist ideology has been linked to other attacks in the world, such as the Waco massacre in the 1990s, but this was the first time it had occurred in Australia.

She said the coroner will make the final determinations on the motivation and what led to the attack.

The four officers went to the property to follow up an outstanding warrant relating to firearms and a border breach by shooter Nathaniel Train, as well as a missing person report.

Nathaniel was reported missing by his wife in NSW and after crossing the border during COVID restrictions, he went to the Wieambilla property owned by Gareth and Stacey.

An officer visited the address in August last year and later tried calling the Trains.

“I don’t think there’s any question that they would have known that at some point in time police were coming, but whether or not they would have anticipated it was specifically that day, we wouldn’t say that,” Deputy Commissioner Linford said.

“The way that they had set their property up, there are clear indications that they had done a lot of planning.”

She said police did not know Nathaniel was residing at the address at the time of the siege, but thought he could have camped in bush nearby.

Police knew Nathaniel had firearms

Deputy Commissioner Linford said police would have anticipated that Nathaniel had three firearms with him, but he didn’t have any previous serious criminal history.

“There was nothing to indicate to the members that would have attended on that day, that they were going to be ambushed,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner Linford said there was no indication from Stacey’s diaries that she was a victim of domestic violence and “she clearly had a view similar to what we saw from Nathaniel and Gareth”.

Furthermore, there was no particular “ringleader” among them, she said.

“When you have three acting together, it’s challenging to say it’s a mental health issue,” Deputy Commissioner Linford said.

Police have taken statements from the family of the trio.

One of the major flaws in the police investigation is daughter Madelyn’s claim that her mother Stacey hated guns, and that Stacey attempted to flee the house but was shot because she was “carrying a weapon.”

Daughter of Tara shooters throws a curved ball into the official narrative

“Police said she was armed but mum didn’t like guns so I don’t know what she was armed with,” Madelyn, daughter of Nathaniel and Stacey Train said.

The real story is that police have changed their story at Tara

by Lyndesy Symonds

The QPC in the Big Pineapple has flipped their script on several points. Their Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) is now is serious trouble with the target population which is now undergoing a makeover by ‘our Covid online team’ to fit The Train Profile of the OCT : CoVID Correctness Deniers, Anti-Vaxxers, Preppers, Off-Gridders, Bushies, etc.

“The real story is that the police have changed their story”

On multiple points.

So now the idea is to rescue the OCT by attempting to make-over the target population into, you know, ye olde standby : ‘terrorists’ in the public mind.

This is real desperation.

Do you know a nurse who worked on the hospital wards right through the (supposed) global CoVID pandemic of 2020 and then opposed the mandatory injection in 2021. This sheeple now fits ‘The Train Profile’ by refusing to do the right thing in order to keep the community safe.

The United [Communist] Nations – UNESCO, Twitter, the World Jewish Congress and the European Commission launched their social sanitization campaign: #ThinkBeforeSharing back in August 2022.

Despite this campaign, many knew before QPC flipped the OCT the first time that the Tara Massacre would be used as a catalyst for this type of campaign. In the exact way that the Australian CoVID Regime of the UN attempted to stitch up the unvaxxed sheeples as ‘the pandemic of the unvaccinated’ and put this cohort in the frame for the waves of prion disease now sweeping Australia from the mass injection of the population with patented, biotech prion diseases.

DOB in a CoVID Denier is the latest installment of the ‘DOB in a CoVID Non-compliant sheeple/s’ who are breaking lockdown rulz, not social distancing, not masking, etc.

Former union heavyweight John Wilson comments on Tara shooting

Download link:

John Wilson was the former head of Trades Hall Council in Canberra, State Secretary of the ACT CFMEU, Senior Industrial Officer for the Commonwealth Public Service Union and the Federated Clerks Union in Queensland.

Fundraiser set up for Allan Dare at Tara

A fundraiser has been organised by Western Edge Fire Service at Tara to support Allan Dare’s family after Allan was shot in the back at the Wiembilla siege.

If you would like to support the Dare family please donate to the following account.

**Western Edge Fire Service Fundraiser
for Allan Dare**

BSB: 034-073

ACCOUNT: 236706

Police timeline not adding up at Tara

Letter to the Editor

Yeah I completely disagreed you look at any of the comments of any story about this and it’s nearly a 50/50 mix of people who aren’t believing a f*** word of this I’ll tell you straight up there’s something that stinks in Belgium … 6 or 7 cars rushed out of Toowoomba here at precisely 1:15 Monday afternoon furthermore compare that with the Shadows being cast in all the news stories of the vehicles turning up road blocks/ ambulances ect and also look at those and you can clearly see this was not after 5 p.m. as depicted if this shooting started at 4:30 pm what a load of s … why is there up to 5 hours not accounted for in this timeline .? ….if the original shooting didn’t start until 4:30 backup and help would have been well after 5 ..?

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Welfare check ending in brutal execution?

Letter to the Editor

Most people are so busy fawning over the loss of “two brave wonderful souls” (the cops) that they are doing backflips to get noticed as The Prime Bootlicker. There’s no other act in town. Never mind the neighbour who lost his life, and never mind what actually went down between the cops and the property owners. Most media coverage of this, and open public response to this, is sickeningly over-strenuous fealty to the cops, no matter what.

Seems to me there’s a lot more going on here than just ‘respect for law enforcement’ – there’s fear of them manifested as faux support for the goon squad. There’s unthinking fealty to cops as if they alone keep society civilised. The odious virtue-signalling.

So even before we know what went on (and most likely we never will), the sheep are falling over themselves to lick pig boot most vigorously. Yet these same sheep will yell about defunding the police because of harsh treatment of the dark-skinned. They will join in whatever chorus is expedient at the time; they’ll be most agreeable to whatever is the popular narrative at the time.

The worrying aspect to all this is that even if the confrontation between cops and property owners in this case was a clear-cut case of police brutality fought off with arms; we’ll never hear a thing about it. Further, the home owners might well have left or posted evidence of police misconduct and we all know that will be hastily swept away. We simply cannot know if this was, as the MSM claim, a set-up execution of cops. We also cannot know if there was police culpability in it. We also cannot know if this was an entirely justified shooting of cops because they came to kill first.

All we keep getting told is the entirely unfeasible rot that cops attended the house in a friendly ‘welfare check’ that ended in a senseless brutal execution of two completely innocent cops. And we are all left wondering why on earth would these people do such a horrible thing, out of the blue, with no explanation.

Occam’s Razor does not even need to be unsheathed. This is a giant hopper-load of rot.

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