FIRSTLY, If we did not have a rogue government, that has gone anti-Australian and anti-Constitution over many years, by following a Globalist plot, culminat-ing in the Draconian measures we have already seen in the ‘COVID’ scam and power grab (especially in Victoria), these three, their neighbour, and two police officers would not be dead, and their families would not be grieving today over their senseless loss of life – in short, the government position and attitude to all law-abiding citizens backed these people into a corner. Admittedly, the Trains’ response to government was the final catalyst causing all those deaths, but the rogue government that took away the legitimate jobs of two of them because they exercised their basic rights (to refuse a ‘non-mandatory’ injection), is not blameless, nor are any police and other officials who enforce such wickedness blameless. Those enforcers might have the rogue courts on their side, but in due time, they will answer to the real Judge, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jesuit (Roman Catholic), Francisco Ribera, in 1590 wrote a 500-page commentary on The Revelation (Apocalypse)suggesting a distantly-future individual Anti-christ would rise at the very end of the Christian Era to overthrow Protestant understanding.Protestant Churches have officially held the position that the Pope is the Antichrist since early 1500’s.

SECONDLY, Such rogue governments in all the English-speaking World today, having begun in a distinctly Christian framework, under The Westminster Sys-tem (Protestant, Bible-based) in the U.K., have deteriorated, via the infiltration of Satanic agents, particularly the Jesuits and the Freemasons, re-educating the population for generations, so that our governments now despise Biblical Christianity and persecute law-abiding citizens.

THIRDLY, such rogue governments now call ‘Right Wing Extremism’, the very Biblical Christianity which is the spiritual and legal Foundation on which our nation and the whole free world are built. This is just more propaganda in the Global (= Catholic) conspiracy to stamp out real Christianity from the world.

FOURTHLY, ‘Extremism’ is a modern propaganda word, which ‘governments’ use to demonise anything they see as a threat to their Marxist / Fascist absolute rule. It was first applied to ‘Radical Islam’ – now they have to audacity to apply it to Christianity!

FIFTHLY, ‘Propaganda’ is a Roman Catholic word – look it up in the dictionary if you don’t believe me!

SIXTHLY, It is a well-known fact that over many decades now, police officers have been urged to join either one of the two Antichristian power structures (Catholicism or Freemasonry), if they want to get on in their profession. Chris-tian policemen have been persecuted for refusing to do so. So, for many decades now, the police force has been a sort of Mafia organization, which ‘owns’ its members. I’m sure there have been many honest cops who have bucked the sys-tem, but how many I wonder? How many police officers refused the ‘jab’ on conscientious grounds? Some, at least, lost their jobs for doing the right thing there. Some, at least, don’t want to subject their families and their own con-sciences to unhealthy ‘health’ measures, nor have anything to do with a vaccine which has been produced via the abortion industry. And some, at least, will not deny their Christian faith by joining a Satanic order of Baal-worship, which is what Catholicism and Freemasonry are.

SEVENTHLY, Satan hates Christianity and Christ more than anything else. Therefore, Satan’s keenest followers, (especially the Papacy and its chief agents: Jesuits, Freemasons, Marxists, & Fascists), are hellbent on eliminating Christi-anity from the world. They won’t succeed, because the “fire” “from God out of heaven” is going to “devour.. them” in the end (Revelation 20:9).

EIGHTHLY, The Trains got one thing right: the governments of today’s world, including our own, are almost fully Satanic, and the chief advocates and perpetrators of their usurped rule over us, like Chief Health Officers, some police officers, and some other governments officials and enforcers, are obviously de-mon-possessed (they are, at the very least, pathological liars, who will say any-thing to maintain their perceived position of power, or keep their jobs, not car-ing how many innocent people they destroy – Have you seen the catastrophic rise in suicides and health issues in recent times? This did NOT happen in a political vacuum – to every effect there is at least one definite cause!), BUT this doesn’t give us the right to shoot people.
N.B. Jesus declared the Jewish regime of His day to be demon-possessed – and their stubborn dishonesty was the tell-tale sign (Matthew 12:41-50, Matthew 23).

NINTHLY, Many Christians have been deceived by a Futurist (Dispensationalist) system of interpretation of Bible prophecy, which originated in 1590, by the Jesuit (Roman Catholic), Francisco Ribera, who wrote a 500-page commentary on The Revelation (Apocalypse), suggesting a distantly-future individual Anti-christ, who would rise at the very end of the Christian Era. Ribera did this to overthrow the standard Protestant understanding, that the Antichrist (the “beast” of Revelation chapters 13-17) has always been the Papal System of the Roman Papacy (If you don’t believe me, look it up in Britannica!). All tradi-tional Protestant Churches since the Protestant Reformation in the early 1500’s, (Church of England, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist etc.), have officially held the position that the Pope is the Antichrist. If the Trains had known this basic Biblical fact, that there is not some future Boogey-man Anti-christ yet to come, but the Pope IS the Antichrist, they, and the other victims might well be alive today.

Don’t blame Christians (extreme or otherwise) – blame the real culprit, the Ro-man Antichrist, for the whole ‘shooting match’, and the cause of all oppression and wars and persecution of Christians, since that Antichristian organisation began to form under Constantine (C. 313 A.D.).

Sincerely in the service of Christ, Crown, Constitution, & Country,
Trevor W Sullivan,
Nanango Christian Faith Centre.