Did email reveal Train family as threat to MK Ultra web of control?

Nathaniel (left), Gareth and Stacey Train. Many questions remain unanswered.

AN email sent to Cairns News in 2021 by Gareth Train, one of the six victims of a police shooting in Queensland last year, indicates that his family was somehow caught up in the shadowy world of MK Ultra – a social engineering experiment employing drugs and mind control run from the 1950s by US and UK intelligence operations.

The sanitised Wikipedia article on MK Ultra is sufficiently horrific for the average citizen. What is worse are the details of how this program affected individual Australians, for instance, people like Fiona Barnett, Martin Bryant, members of the Anne Hamilton Byrne cult, the victims of the Chelmsford “hospital” experiments and others.

MK Ultra was a joint operation involving British Commonwealth and American intel agencies, foundations, think tanks, universities and drug companies that conducted a massive social engineering experiment involving drugging of selected people and broader populations with hallucinogenic LSD and other drugs.

Wikipedia notes it “also involved people being subjected to electro-shocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.” What Wikipedia’s entry failed to mention was satanic ritual abuse (SRA), which includes all those forms of abuse and torture, but which horrifically, is conducted on innocent children.

The objective of this sinister experiment is not only control of individuals but entire populations. Related to this are the multiple mass shootings over decades by disturbed – but controlled – individuals with multiple personality disorder who can be “triggered” to do certain things. A key institution in this is Britain’s Tavistock Institute that studies “social psychiatry” and brainwashing. The CIA also plays major roles.

A 1997 investigative report by Executive Intelligence Review notes that Tavistock’s “theory of turbulence” holds that entire populations may be driven into infantile regression by repeated terrorist shocks such as mass shootings. “Tavistock’s strategic mission is to replace a civilization of self-ruling, industrial nation-states with a ‘post-industrial’, globalized world ruled by a tiny oligarchy,” the report states. We can see, post the Covid plandemic, that this idea is far from a wild conspiracy theory.

The report noted the Tavistock-linked Australian psychiatrist, Dr Eric Cunningham Dax, first examined Martin Bryant in 1983-84, and “set the parameters for all his future ‘treatment’.” “In early 1994,on one of his trips to the United Kingdom, he (Bryant) checked into a hotel in Hereford, the super-sensitive home of Britain’s elite Special Air Services (SAS). Bryant started acting so strangely, that the hotel management notified the police, who notified Interpol, which in tum put in inquiries to the police in Tasmania, who replied that his slate was clean,” EIR reported.

The significance of the Train email suddenly came starkly evident after the Weiambilla shooting, which involved a strange series of events involving NSW and Queensland police – already noted by Cairns News. We have to ask the question as to whether the Trains knew too many names of those involved in the Australian arm of this program.

You need to understand that I believe nothing is going to stop the cabal from their Luciferian MK agenda that is coming to fruition……..My MK program story starts in my early childhood in Sydney and ends with the attempt to take and off me (sic) at the age of 6 and the death of my grandfather after I asked him what his involvement was,” Gareth Train’s email states.

This is when I went silent or quiet and chose to just get on with my life….I could write a book like Fiona or Brice but it would be short and pointy although I did find these women’s experiences interesting besides who would that serve? Who even believes truth when Hollywood has prostituted the MK story to death and placed it in the science fiction horror or action category.”

Fiona is obviously the Australian SRA survivor Fiona Barnett and Brice, Brice Taylor, an American woman who, like Barnett, went through the satanic ritual abuse horrors of MK Ultra and the related Project Monarch. Both have written books detailing their unbelievably horrific experiences as children born into families that submit themselves to the abuse and “rewards” of a network of prominent, influential people compromised initially by sexual acts and then a spiral of regression into satanic ritual abuse and murder of children and others.

The global oligarchy behind the “global control” narrative require national networks of controlled, compliant people in places of influence – corporate CEOs, politicians, judges, police, military, clergy, academics, editors, actors, scientists and others – who can be relied upon to advance their agenda. One of those notables in Australia was psychologist Dr Anthony Kidman, father of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman. Dr Kidman fled to and then died in Singapore in September 2014. He had become the subject of a complaint to police from Fiona Barnett, alleging pedophilia crimes, also involving a Sydney pedophile ring.

Gareth Train’s email continued: “…….My comments are not for me but for the sleepers out there from the program I believe there are many question look back into your childhood and choose not to allow the programming to take over….. You see in my experience everything is a choice. I know that sounds harsh when I have mentioned Fiona and Brice#s experiences and it’s not a judgement on them but my experience. Obviously the trauma abuse and torture isn’t a choice for a child but giving over yourself into the program was a choice for me and I chose not to give in to look evil in the face and see it for what it was. Were the doctors running their own side projects I don’t know probably. I don’t think the controllers are aware of the extent of MK projects in Australia.…”

So we can deduce that Gareth somehow became exposed to MK Ultra through his family at a young age, but at some stage was able to exercise his choice not to be involved in or perhaps not triggered by psychological conditioning. It appears his grandfather was involved and died after Gareth later queried him about his involvement. We don’t know if the circumstances were suspicious, but it is implied.

Fiona Barnett, in a Facebook post, made an interesting observation about “undesireable” people who were systematically harassed or gang-stalked by ASIO and other authorities. “Gaslighting, community smear campaigns and property damage (etc) are other forms of abuse also used to destabilise the targeted individual in ceaseless attempts to push them to breaking point, and have them either retaliate aggressively towards others and incarcerated or institutionalised. The main drive of this program is to isolate the targeted individual and make them believe that everyone in their community is against them by recruiting members of their community (who have been lied to by authorities) to participate in this program under the guise of it being a mass surveillance operation.”

This seems to correlate with the story of the Train brothers, who appeared to be driven to a point of desperation where they expected a showdown with police. Gareth’s email continued: “I returned to uni as a mature age student to get a piece of paper to allow me to work in the child protection field to assist child victims in their efforts to escape their abusers and to assist the law in the prosecution process. Needless to say the system is corrupted beyond redemption but is but a reflection of our society that just doesnt give a shit. When a QPS sgt can shoot and kill a cat disembowel and leave it with two 12g shotgun shells for my wife and I as a threat to stop talking about his love of underage girls you understand that little can be down (ed: done) when all the control systems are operated by sick evil people…..I want to share enough for people to understand the nature of the enemy…I want to assist those in their understand who can see. I dont want or need to be the subject of a story for that to occur. Death comes to us all but I will allow God to choose the hour so threats from meat muppets dont create fear for me……Gareth Sent from my iPhone….On 2 Jun 2021”.

So Gareth reveals another possible motive for the shoot-out – his exposure of the corrupt character of an unnamed Queensland police sergeant. But Gareth, having worked in the child protection field, must have come across other such sordid stories.

When his brother Nathaniel, a teacher, came up against systematic examination cheating and other major problems in his school at Walgett and raised it with MP Mark Latham, the NSW Education Department repeatedly fobbed it off. Did Nathaniel too become some sort of official target or did he simply become uttterly disillusioned with a system whose corruption by MK Ultra he knew too well?

Nathaniel wasn’t the only person driven to the edge by an uncaring, lying, self-preserving bureaucracy at the NSW Department of Education. Former principal Stuart Copeland aka “Stoo Cee” wondered out loud on social media whether Nathaniel had been driven to extreme behaviour by the same bureaucrats that harrassed him but who he eventually won against in court. “For me it was hell on earth and has cost me so very much, including the huge effects on my personal mental health.” Stuart’s Facebook post referring to Nathaniel is still on his page.

Australia took part in the dark international “MK” social engineering operation, conducted primarily by the CIA and the UK MI6 and in particular Tavistock (not mentioned by Wikipedia) which trained staff at the Office of Strategic Studies (the CIA precursor) and the Strategic Bombing Survey in the WW2 period. Tavistock was particularly interested in those soldiers who suffered shell shock – not for compassionate reasons but more for the lab data.

The MKUltra network was eventually revealed to be extensive in Australia, involving many academics in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. This network was investigated in great detail by Steve McMurray in a report released in 2015 called MK Ultra in Australia.

When Chelmsford Private Hospital’s “deep sleep therapy” was discovered to have killed 24 people, the scandal hit national and international headlines, but not as a secret global experiment in mind control. It began its operations in mid 1963 in a large house that had previously been a geriatric hospital.

The head doctor was Harry Bailey. McMurray notes that Bailey “like most Australian doctors connected to MKULTRA, studied at The University of Sydney”. “He graduated in 1954 and later that year, he received a 15 month, World Health Organization fellowship to study the methods of MKULTRA doctors Ewen Cameron and William Sargant. He had been instructed in Psychosurgery, Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and Deep Sleep Therapy (DST).”

In the late 1950s, Bailey headed the Cerebral Surgery and Research Unit at Callan Park Psychiatric Hospital. In September 1957, the Sydney Sunday newspaper expressed alarm when it got wind of Bailey’s LSD experiments on people. “Human guinea pigs in test: A Sydney mental specialist and 15 other volunteers deliberately sent themselves temporarily insane in recent mental research tests,” the paper reported. The article noted Bailey promoted LSD as a hopeful method of treating mental cases and said that these experiments would hopefully trace the section of the brain which is affected by schizophrenia. In 1959, Bailey became the Medical Superintendent of Callan Park.

Another unofficially acknowledged Australian arm MKUltra-style experimentation surfaced with the revelation of the Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult on a country property at Eildon, north of Melbourne. It was called The Family and consisted of adopted children (up to 28) and adults. One of the members, Leif Meynell (aka Leif Hamilton), was a live-in lover and third partner of Julian Assange’s mother Christine. One of the cult children looks remarkably like Julian Assange.

Hamilton-Byrne, an American, and her husband Bill Byrne administered LSD to the children and locked them in dark rooms while under the drug’s influence – an act of psychological torture. They were also subjected to beatings, starvation and brainwashing. The children wore identical clothes, had their hair dyed blond and were were told they would take over the world one day. It was MK Ultra on a local scale, but never named as such by police investigators or the media.

Hamilton-Byrne won the trust of academics and government officials in Victoria who she targeted through her yoga classes. She and her husband fled to the US after police raided the property in 1987. Hamilton-Byrne was eventually arrested in the US with the help of the FBI in 1993, but was only prosecuted for minor offences in Australia and never charged with abuse. She was only fined $5000 for falsifying documents of three of the children.

Serious investigations initially involved a team of Melbourne detectives but were then cut back to the work of one detective Lex de Man, who became the “go-to guy” for subsequent media stories and documentaries on Hamilton-Byrne. De Man, of course, never publicly spoke of MKUltra and its Australian network as revealed by McMurray.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. Lets not allow this to be used against the people of this country. Please read and share for peace and sanity.

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  4. I have known for some time that the mass shootings were mostly the work of controlled people known to authorities as suitable candidates for manipulation, but I did not know about MK-ULTRA and that it went so deep starting when children were so young. I don’t know if there have been any real self motivated mass shootings. CPS, well their job is well know.
    CN is certainly at the world forefront of exposing the real news.


  5. Thanks, Sandpiper. My previous, misspelt effort was actually preceded by this one with the videos.


  6. Correct according to CN extensive Port Arthur library.Ed

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  7. A few things come to mind. Like the recent COVID psy-op best represented by this video, Mass Psychosis:

    I think this one is well on target.
    Also, see this video about John Gittinger, the father of all this MK Ultra stuff:

    The great G Edward Griffin once interviewed Gittinger, and asked him why he was so interested in psychology?
    The answer was, of course (and like all research): “So we can control it (the minds of people)”.

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  8. Athough Martin Bryant may have been under the influence of MK Ultra there is no proof that he was involved with the killings at Port Arthur. In fact all the evidence dug up by private investigators proves that Bryant was not even at the site of the Broad Arrow Cafe at the time of the killings. This is why the criminal “justice” system would not allow him a trial.

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  9. This systematic abuse was rife in the Boys Homes of NSW in the 70’s and 80’s; Bashing’s; Starvation; Solitary Confinement; Sexual abuse and Group Torture; Not to mention there was no “education” as such, just abusive control over the entire population of the institution; Made to stand at Full (Military) Attention for hours on end on a tarmac “square” in the hottest part of summer days was a regular fun thing for the Institutions “officers” to force on the “inmates”; Inmates ranging from 10 to 16 years of age; No Hats; No water; No shelter; No food; Young boys dropped all over the “square”…… If you moved at all, you got punished; Usually a few hits around the back of the head with a leather bound diary; Or made to do “push ups” on the hot tarmac until you couldn’t hold yourself up anymore and got dragged away to isolation; Or beaten by a few “inmates” chosen by the “officers”; There was always the old go to of Standing at Attention under the TV facing the wall in the Rec Room for a week or two for those who simply could not continue; The odd break of scrubbing the showers with a toothbrush was welcome relief….for a few hours; Many lesson were learned in these places and none of the lessons had anything to do with being a good “citizen”;

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  10. Tony B, Part your Quote: “The victims of the Chelmsford “hospital” experiments and others.
    Can remember that well – when the whole lot finally leaked out in the Press, years ago…
    What an EVIL period in Australian history…

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  11. Russ Dizdar wrote a book called the” black awakening “which deals with MK ultra and Monarch programing, also SRA, his team deprogram these people, and the only way to deprogram any of this ritual abuse is to bring them to Jesus, as this form of abuse is demonic possession, there is no other way, its a real eye opener, and pure evil.
    Russ and Shelly Dizdar are both dead and gone to be with the Lord, they got to close to the truth and were done away with in simplistic terms, this ministry is still running without them. this kind of abuse is rife in this country its all hidden and permeates right up into the establishment, how else are they going to get favors from Satan other than ritual abuse of our most vulnerable, and children via a living blood sacrifice and cannibalism.
    demonic possession is very real as ive been involved with quite a bit of deliverance to get rid of these spirits in people, they are vicious and evil and real, they hate leaving their host, so deliverance is for Christians only for a permanent solution, its not for non christian as the relief is only temporary ive seen this with my own eyes, and scripture supports this. Luke 11: 24-26 and in Mathew it mentions the same.

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  12. They actually tell you in the Bourne films


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