Climate change is all about robbing the planet by transferring your tax dollars to kleptocrats abroad

by Jim Rickards

Showing that the Green New Deal is actually the Green New Scam has always been easy.

All you have to do is refer to scientific facts rather than pseudo-science and phony models. Then you’re on the right track.

There are now so many polar bears some countries are considering hunting.

For example, did you know that polar bear populations have tripled in recent years and some countries are considering allowing a polar bear hunt?

That’s quite a contrast to the last lonely polar bear swimming for a melting piece of drift ice in Al Gore’s 2006 book and movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Did you know that the climate models used by the UN can’t even backtest correctly with actual data let alone forecast with speculative data?

Did you know that CO2 is not a pollutant? It’s actually plant food and we could use more of it if we really want a green planet.

Did you know that hurricanes, tornados and blizzards are neither more frequent nor more severe than in past decades?

Did you know that forest fires in California are caused by gross mismanagement of forests rather than climate?

This list goes on, but you get the point.

Most of the data thrown around by climate alarmists are either false or not nearly as troubling as it sounds when put in an empirical context.

To the extent the climate does change over time, it has nothing to do with CO2 and methane and much more to do with sunspots, ocean currents, volcanoes, the jet stream and other natural forces we cannot control.

That much is easy.

The difficult part in my mind has always been, why?

Why do so many elites and other supposedly smart people repeat scientific garbage ad nauseum to hypnotize large populations who lack the data or skills needed to tear the alarmist claims apart?

At the recent climate summit conference held in the luxury resort of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt called COP27, the parties agreed to transfer over $230 billion to poorer countries as “climate reparations” for damage supposedly done by wealthy nations.

Never mind that the delegates mostly arrived by private jets that spew more CO2 in a few hours than an automobile does in years.

Never mind that the largest polluter in the world, China, will not be contributing to the fund.

Never mind that the entire basis for claims of damage from CO2 emissions is bogus.

None of this can be allowed to stand in the way of the agenda.

The entire green new scam is just a device to transfer wealth from rich western nations to poor nations all over the world.

It’s a financial hijacking conducted by people who hate America and love wealth transfers to socialist and corrupt nations around the world.

That’s the dirty little secret behind the climate alarmist agenda.

It’s not about saving the planet. It’s about robbing the planet by transferring your tax dollars to kleptocrats abroad.

Forget about global warming. Just get your checkbook out and hand over the money.

Thank you for being a member of our community and have a great weekend. All the best,

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi aapkoning, Don’t worry, “the high % of people still wearing masks and standing in line to see if they have a virus that only exists in the mind” are also the ENEMY – proverbial albatrosses around our necks – and who we need to see the demise of ASAP. “Bon débarass” or Good riddance! Only then will the rest of us have some chance of regaining our liberty.


  2. Dandy, Most people do not realise, the human race is at war. So far we have lost the financial war.
    For more info: “The Richest Man in the World.”
    The freedom war we will lose if the citisen do not wake up. Based on the high % of people still wearing masks and standing in line to see if they have a virus that only exists in the mind. The mind is boggling and freedom will evaporate into thin air…

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  3. “Climate Change” is them telling you what they are doing.
    It is the ‘climate activists’ who are hellbent on changing the climate.
    They are screwed up in their heads.
    They want to block the sun.
    (or maybe they just want to block the Light because they love the darkness)

    Meanwhile zero carbon is just mockery.
    Carbon is an essential building block of life.
    You can’t make a good compost without it.
    Go figure.

    The poisoning of the skies via geoengineering ‘Scientism’ that is worth billions of dollars in grants is well underway around the world.

    “FrankenSkies: The Lies in the Skies Exposed” (2017) Ytube

    ZeroGeoengineering. com

    We feel sick and we don’t know why.
    It’s ‘co vid’ they say.
    Or it’s a cousin of a cousin of ‘co vid’.
    The most hated word in my lifetime that turned everything on it’s head.
    A ‘co vid’ spell that stole lives, stole the future dreams of the elderly, stole jobs, separated families and friends, trashed small businesses and made the rich richer.

    Yet all the while our skies are allegedly being sprayed with contrails of heavy metals.
    While no one looks up.
    Heavy metals that can cross over the blood brain barrier.

    Aluminium causes Alzheimers it is claimed.
    Now add Mercury to the mix and watch the neurons sizzle.
    Then what? An amalgam? A scab? A protective plaque?
    But don’t worry, because there’s a pill for that.
    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    They have been spraying sulphuric acid for years the Scientists glowingly claim.
    But not enough to matter.
    Acid rain doesn’t matter?
    It matters to me.

    Clusters of people have stood up to this crack-pot-ology over the generations, but now here we are.
    On the precipice of losing the health of the planet to the lowest IQ.
    This was always a UN idea and the UN has taken control.
    The words echo back at them, “he who controls the weather controls the world” President Johnson (USA)
    Control never tasted sweeter.

    Hush little baby, now don’t you cry.
    Cos Daddy’s gonna sing you a lullaby.
    We will have our Bread and Circuses before we die.
    The Corporate Government loves us, they wouldn’t lie.

    It’s a sick, sick world.

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    True, currency and climate fear porn are not the ultimate goal, but tools to count up to Chaldean number 5.

    “The United Nations has been transformed since we last met here in Davos. The Organization has undergone a complete overhaul that I have described as a ‘quiet revolution.” . . . A fundamental shift has occurred. The United Nations once dealt only with governments. By now we know that peace and prosperity cannot be achieved without partnerships involving governments, international organizations, the business community and civil society. . . . The business of the United Nations involves the businesses of the world.” – 1998 Kofi Annan UN Secretary General

    “If we’re going to be serious about climate change in the emerging world, we’re going to have to really focus on the reimagination of the World Bank and the IMF. . . . They are the senior lender, and not enough private capital’s coming into the emerging world today because of the risks associated with the political risk, investing in brownfield investments — if we are serious about elevating investment capital in the emerging world. . . . I’m urging the owners of those institutions, the equity owners, to focus on how we reimagine these institutions and rethink their charter.” – 2022 Larry Fink five star General for Foreign Direct Investors.

    Thank to Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout .com for the above quotes, from her article, ‘UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System’.

    The only roadblocks to total rape and pillage of Mother Earth by the invisible FDI’s, are sovereign borders, political regulations like constitutions and 6 billion pesky slaves.

    I wish for Daviddd2 and the posse of CN Banditos the biggest of Big Kahoonas and a slingshot loaded with a million warheads, in our fight to free Australia’s slaves, as the mighty GFANZ acknowledges a thousand Goliaths in the FDI’s corner.

    Click to access GFANZ-Progress-Report.pdf

    My take: If they cannot have prosperity, we cannot have peace.

    On a side note, In the words of Mike Pompey at a meet the press, regarding China, “Australia can have trade or security but not both.”

    Today fockers from Labor, Liberal and National did a Pelosi, making an unannounced visit to Taiwan.


  5. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United [Communist] Nations must be served. And for Western nations and people that means De-industrialisation and Un-development. This Communist goal has been outsourced to ‘stakeholder partners’ like the WEF and WEFie assets infiltrated into governments around the world.

    The decision of the Netherlands government to take the land of 3,000 Dutch farmers is a Stalinist de-Kulakisation policy aimed at the class enemy. (See Stalin’s First Five Year Plan 1928 – 1932 which brought the Holodomor in Ukraine)

    War Against Humanity: Netherlands government to shut down 3,000 farmers

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  6. Brilliant Truth, we need more like you, exposing the Climate Change hoax , the killer Covd mRNA Nano particles, Graphene Injection, the Population reduction Mantra ,the lnsect Food push,all derisive bullshite by Greedy, Psychopathic, Satanic, Globalists and Govts

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________


  7. Elimination of CO2 is a suicide pact – Professor William Happer on climate change misconceptions

    Frank Pocius
    5 days ago
    When I was a child I asked my father what we should do in preparation for the recent forecast of gloom and doom. His response was that the disaster never comes true and there is always a new threat imagined every 10 or 12 years because the old threat never happenes. My children can’t believe that politicians would be so corrupt and use fear to distract and to control people. In my 76 years I have observed the failure of every prediction of gloom and doom so proving my father’s observations to be correct. One day, my children will no doubt reach the same conclusion and warn their children to fear only politicians wanting to create nuclear war.

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  8. I read and understand your concern, I live in Southern NSW, Australia near the snowfields and observe massive environmental carnage for the sake of lining the pockets of the wealthy. We recently suffered outrageously massive forest fires across our landscape and most of the damage was introduced Pine species, planted to produce cheap timber for export purposes. Millions of acres decimated along with houses and farm buildings. Where is this leading ??? Nothing worthwhile is being done by government or Private Industry to prevent this manmade disaster occurring another ten odd years into the future. The infrastructure here for human habitation is minimal, thousands of humans could be settled, the land could be properly managed, BUT ” NO” the government and Industry exploit and DESPOIL beautiful areas for filthy financial gain for the already wealthy. As you began “It has nothing to do with saving the Planet”? That is a weak excuse is a transparent fabrication .?

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  9. Agree with Paul Hogan and DJohnston and tonyryan…. It’s more about control and domination. They can already print as much money as they want.

    Once global mastery and servitude is in place money will take the form of dog treats.

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  10. Why is Jim Rickards published here? when there are hundreds of writers who actually understand the scam and can point to the motivations of those who drive the war on CO2. This jerk has no idea.

    Rickards should have started with the scam’s author, Maurice Strong, and the investment bankers who have funded him for five decades. Then, he should have identified the true origins and membership of the absurd IPCC and why the scam was launched in the first place. Instead, we must be forced to vomit in response to that ludicrous cliche… “conducted by people who hate America and love wealth”. WTF. The architects of the AGW scam live in New York, fool.

    And the reason people despise America is that it has invaded and stolen the resources of 60 sovereign nations since WWII. The White House preaches that it is “protecting Freedom and Democracy” while it destroys every actual democracy and installs ruthless dictators. It’s CIA has murdered more than 120 national leaders who were good and patriotic representatives of their people. So of-fucking-course everybody hates America, including an increasing percentage of decent Americans.

    Please, no more of this quasi-literate ignoramus, Rickard.

    And, for the record, yes, some plutocrats will make money from carbon trading, but the actual motive is the destruction of national industrialisation, or what is left of it after free trade wiped out 90%.

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  11. Absolutely spot on!! Paul Hogan. Just as the entire NWO agenda is NOT about money OR their reliance upon it to relentlessly drive the agenda. Even Schwab, long ago was quoted as saying as much! They operate from a bottomless pit of generated money. NOT costing them a dime lol

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  12. Climate change is about YOU, not about the money, they don’t need money they print money whenever they want. You ARE carbon made, and the carbon reduction is about you, they want much less of YOU – less footprint…

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  13. If there is a single reader here on CN who ever has, or worse, still swallows all the CC bs…then they obviously took a wrong turn on their way to MSM lol


  14. Climate change is an unprecedented scam designed to prohibit the use of natural fuels and energy. Its aim is to ensure that NO nation on the planet can use its natural fuel resources as a source of energy.

    Wind and solar will not do the trick, but the Cold Fusion nuclear technology that’s about to break out will! The Money Changers are gradually establishing a complete global monopoly over energy and are banning and phasing out any alternatives, the use of which will be strictly prohibited in order to “save the world” from “a climate disaster”.

    A complete global energy monopoly in the hands of a limited 0.01% of the population will provide them with unprecedented global, economic wealth and astounding political control for the monopoly holders. Those who resist will be “bombed” into submission.

    We in turn will bow and pray to our saviours and we will be eternally grateful to them for “saving” us and the world.

    Remember! You heard it first on CN. lol

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  15. Never truer words have been spoken, the whole climate bullshit story in a nutshell. don’t be fooled sheeple they are robbing you blind of every dollar they can get from your hard earned money.
    Nave a great day?


  16. Oh and regarding the recent FLOODS in Victoria: more land was released by the “govt” for building homes IN THE FLOOD ZONE REGIONS!!! Done deliberately to support the notion that we really must do something about this terrible (fabricated) “climate change”!!!!!!!


  17. Also in Victoria the last logging business was shut down by Comrade Dan and we are not allowed to go 4 wheel driving (one by product of which was clearing a path for the firetrucks!) AND we are not even allowed to go into the bush off a “formal track” as in one allowed by the State Parks. SO apart from the horrible wind that Tony B mentioned above firetrucks will not be able to access any fire once it starts!!!! AND FULLY AGREE THAT THE WIND IS JUST ONE PRODUCT OF GEOENGINEERING!!!!


  18. You are on the money Cairns News …. all about collecting more revenue and causing rage.


  19. Tony B.. excellent article,,you hit the nail on the head,same with those terrible bush fires NSW 3 years ago..also the aluminium particles in these chem trails ,burn fiercely in these poorly managed forests,,poor management caused by the greens.who don’t seem to know shite about looking after this planet


  20. Yep its all about the money and control of population , about 12 months ago we had a really freaky wind event go through the central highlands area here in Vic. it flattened parts of the wombat state Forrest, and I mean flattened, I grew up in this area and I really enjoy this Forrest, ive never seen this kind of destruction apart from bush fires.
    the state government has done nothing to clean it up trees are just left there, so what happens in a couple of years when it all dries out, its a disaster waiting to happen, they should let people in there to clean up, it would be a great source of fire wood but no.
    Ive been around to various parts of the Forrest, and filmed the damage, and screen shot images from google maps, just in case it gets covered up, anyone from Melbourne doubts this go up there and have a look for yourselves,you city people really need an education as to whats going on, go to the Lyonville mineral spring, then drive between Bullarto and Daylesford, this will give you an idea of the damage to this Forrest,when you walk amongst this damage its mind boggling, these places are only an hour or so out of the city.
    Ive spoken to people who live in this Forrest and they described the sound like standing next to a jet engine when this event happened, This in my opinion is Geoengineering, and weather control and modification no doubt about it, also it will be a catalyst for the climate change idiots to enforce their agenda when that Forrest burns, and it will burn if nothing is done about it, its all part of the satanic agenda 21, get people out of the country areas and rack and stack them in cities with draconian , communist rules to control them and social credit, I just wish people would wake up and get their heads out of the bucket of sand.but unfortunately most of them will drive their heads deeper into the bucket.
    This communist, marxist ,corrupt Government wants to lock these places up and keep us out, I would like to remind these clowns especially if they read this is that the Forrest belongs to the people of Victoria not Government, the people could manage this resource better, so butt out and do what you were elected to do, and for once listen to the people that you are suppose to serve, not your corporate masters who are un elected, these officials couldn’t run a chook raffle in a pub let alone this Forrest, the parks people cant do anything because of the greenies I have that from a third party, sorry for the rant but it really pisses me off, I really love this Forrest, especially the areas where people dont go to, its really old and the wild life is incredible, if you live in the region I really encourage you to go and have a look at the damage for yourselves and make up your own mind.

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  21. Climate change is also the cover story for the geo-engineering side of the UN depop Agenda 21. ‘Burn em out’ and ‘Flood em out’ geo-engineering is about getting human populations off their land – like farmers. Climate Change is also about more UN rulz and control at the level of micro-management. I confidently predict ‘climate lockdowns’ will be on the list of Things To Do for the UN CoVID Regime in Australia and other Western nations.

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  22. I agree Climate change is all about money.


  23. Great post, Jim….and so true.
    I can’t remember whether I have posted the following on Cairns News previously, but as it’s very appropriate to what you posted, I will write it again.
    Back about August, 2019, a relative of mine travelled by cruise ship through the Arctic circle, leaving from Europe, to see for himself if what the authorities were saying about low numbers of polar bears, climate change, global warming etc was true.
    The polar bears were thriving and causing problems in small communities, because of that fact!
    When they arrived at the North West Passage, they had to travel in a convoy with other ships, led by an ice breaker, because of the ice!
    Note that that was at the end of summer…not the middle of winter!
    These elitist globalists have underestimated our intelligence.They are so egotistical and arrogant they think we are stupid, when the opposite is true of about 50% of the world’s population.
    That fact will help us in THEIR downfall.
    The other factor in our favour is that they can’t stand being exposed…they can’t stand the truth coming out.
    The fact that they block any truth they are aware of, is proof of that.
    We must keep up exposing them

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  24. theoneandonlynostradamus

    I see they’ve let the Lunatics out for the weekend again!


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