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ALP Albanese supports WHO Pandemic Treaty just like PM Morrison

UN Agenda 30 agreed to by the LNP/ALP will depopulate the bush

Letter to the Editor

If you read agenda 2030 you will see they intend to concentrate us in boxes in their “smart cities” with their Universal Wage. This is why there is a war on the bush – floods – fire – legislation conspiring to push people off the land. Eventually we won’t be allowed access to the bush. It’s all been planned for a long time..

Reference this US environmental mapping with the map of Cape York Peninsula we published recently and the similarity is striking.

from pcwp

Nearly 70 per cent of Cape York covered by nature reserves or national parks; little left for Aboriginal economic benefit

First published in April 2016

Aboriginal people of Cape York Peninsula are being duped and dudded by the State Government over large land ‘hand overs’ that the local communities believe will prevent them from earning income.

On April 7, another 54,000 hectares north of Cooktown was handed over to several tribal groups from Hopevale, adding even more locked-up land to the vast national park estate on Cape York.

Since the CYPLUS (Cape York Peninsula Land Use Study) research of the 80’s and early 90’s once productive grazing land has steadily been resumed by State Governments, mainly the ALP, to be gazetted as national park or some type of nature reserve.

Nature reserves, national parks, regional parks, timber reserves, environmental reserves and DOGIT land shaded areas cover at least 70 per cent of the Peninsula leaving small areas for grazing or commercial purposes that are not of any economic benefit to Aboriginal groups

Various Aboriginal corporations gratefully sign up to vast areas of former cattle stations, such as the Olkola people when last year they were handed five, once viable large cattle properties in central Cape York Peninsula totalling 1.5 million acres that used to run 30,000 cattle.

The Prescribed Body Corporation gleefully accepted the gift from the State Government, but seemingly did not properly read the paperwork. The PBC just helped the National Parks and Wildlife Service add another one million acres to their vast estate, on which no cattle grazing is allowed.

The remaining portion of Aboriginal Freehold can be used for grazing or selective timber cutting, but under the ALP environmental laws would have to be excluded from the nature reserves and park area by fencing it off.

The fencing would cost several million dollars and require maintenance on a weekly basis to be effective.

Indigenous leader Noel Pearson angrily said, “…again Aborigines have been duped by the Labor/Green bureaucracy.”

Noel Pearson sick and tired of being ‘dudded’ by the Labor/Green bureaucracy

Pearson heaped vitriol on the Labor and former LNP governments at a large meeting of stakeholders in Mareeba recently for dudding the communities of Cape York over land use.

“We have no property rights on Cape York and we need upgraded tenure. There are lots of fronts where all landowners are vulnerable,” he said.

Public servants who once worked for environmental lobby groups were targeted by Pearson for pushing extreme green agendas within government.

“These greens have infiltrated indigenous groups and government departments and it’s like a tag team, they are all the same, and have networked with all departments,” Mr Pearson said.

“Public servants should declare their association with environmental groups.

“The proposition there is going to be land clearing the size of Victoria, is fantasy.

“There are only pockets of land suitable for development.

“White people too have had many generations on this land and they have a great love for their land. It’s high time the law in Queensland started to respect that relationship.

“We spent five hard years and lots of money fighting Wild Rivers in court but we could have been doing other more productive things.

“We need another 10 independents in parliament to put us in a better position, given the absence of an Upper House.”

Bill Gates’ Frankenfood to replace beef follows on from burnt down food factories

(Natural News) From the halting of fertilizer and animal feed shipments to the waves of arson that have burnt down food factories in America, the Biden Administration seems to be strategically and nefariously deconstructing America’s agricultural infrastructure, but why? One reason is to convert the entire “meat” industry from real food into Franken-food. This plan, along with pushing blood-clotting vaccines for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), will ensure the population reduction plan goes into full swing sooner rather than later. Expensive and toxic test-tube meat made in a laboratory is coming to every store near you, and it won’t just be a choice, it will be the ONLY choice.

Bill Gates is busy with his depopulation plans such as engineered food shortages then soon to get rid of red meat and replace it with a Frankenfood test tube concoction.

Cell-based, genetically modified meat is disgusting and a dangerous food experiment that will be all but FORCED on Americans, along with clot shots

Most meat-eaters refuse to eat meat grown in a lab, but if given no other choice, will probably convert. Food shortages are being engineered across the board in America, and it’s no coincidence about all the halting of feed and fertilizer trains, burning down of food factories, and boycotting imports from breadbasket countries.

Throwing gasoline on the fire in Ukraine (under the guise of NATO) is not helping the food shortage situation, all intended to drive Americans into eating only GMO-Frankenfoods for every meal and snack. Get ready for a gel-like substance grown in test tubes from the blood of animals, that’s genetically modified and mutated to cause sickness in anything that consumes it. No safety tests have been run for human consumption of Bill Gates’ GM meat, not for the short term or long term.

Once all animal feed supplies are destroyed and cut off from farmers in America, they will be forced to sell their farm animals for slaughter just to pay their bills, and then there will be no more livestock at all, just lab-meat made from stored blood. Fake steak. Fake burger. Fake chicken. Fake turkey. Fake pig.

Artificial meat is “built” with microbes and fungus, including fake meat, dairy, egg, and even lab-made “breast milk” substitutes

Ready to be part of the grand cancer experiment? No? Maybe you should avoid Franken-meat, and Franken-eggs, and Franken-breast-milk then. From Ginkgo Bioworks and Motif Foodworks, to Nature’s Fynd and BioMilq, lab-grown animal junk science is coming to stores near you, for good.

Wave goodbye to meat from actual animals that roamed the Earth. Wave goodbye to actual animal by-products like eggs and milk, because the Biden Regime, Bill Gates, and the other globalist pigs want everyone eating Franken-foods and getting injected with Franken-vaccines.

First Bill Gates pushed his nasty lab-grown meat stuff on third world countries, but now he’s pushing it on everyone, everywhere

Here’s Bill Gates trying to turn the world’s populace into Franken-Zombies who eat artificial meat every meal and get clot shots every 3 months until we reduce the world’s population by a few billion. Here’s Gates’ plan to end all real meat and sell just lab-concocted junk-science funk: “I do think all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste better over time. Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior] of people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.”

Bill Gates is very angry that Big Food won’t yet allow him to call this bloody-lab-funk made from cow abortions “meat.” He wants to end “meat” as we know it and substitute it all with his mass-funded lab concoctions.

That’s why rail carriers are being forced to halt shipments of grain to cow herds across America – it’s an engineered meat collapse to “shift the demand” to Franken-meat. Remember, the Health Ranger has called this out already in several articles, where halting this feed for animals is devastating the farmer’s ability to keep livestock alive and producing products without killing them all off to do it. America’s food infrastructure is being deliberately shut down, as Mike Adams has stated.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on food shortages and the best food to buy to prepare for the crisis.

Sources include:

Local Government partners with the UN to implement Agenda 21/30

by Alison Ryan


Local Government Councils work hand in hand with Federal and State governments and partner up with various UN bodies to implement Agenda 21 goals (UN SDG 2030). Under Liberal/National and Labor and Greens – it’s all been full steam ahead. Nowadays, Asian friends tell me the Australian education system is 2 years behind that in other Asian countries.

Soft touch and ignorant local government body passed a motion calling for a ‘climate emergency’

The top experts enlisted to create change in curricula for Global Education under the SDGs come from the ranks of the Trilateral Commission, such as Tom Kompas, Professor at the University of Melbourne, and ANU. Other Australian/NZ members on the TC list from the Asia-Pacific Group are:

Prof Quentin Grafton, Director of Food-Energy-Environment-Water (FE2W) Network, Chairman of UNESCO Chair in Water Economics & Transboundary Water Governance, Director of Centre for Water Economics, Environment & Policy (CWEEP) at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Convener Geneva Actions on Human Water Security, Convener Water Justice Hub

Allan Gyngell, Fellow Australian Institute of International Affairs (FAIIA),Convenor, Coombs Forum; Director, Crawford Australian Leadership Forum

*John R. Hewson, Former Federal Opposition Liberal Party Leader, Australia Professor and Chairman of Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, *Executive Committee

Tom Kompas, Director of Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU; Director of Australian Centre for Biosecurity and Environmental Economics (ACBEE); Editor-in-Chief of Asia and the Pacific Policy Journal, University of Melbourne

Mike Moore, Former New Zealand Ambassador to the US; former Director-General, World Trade Organization, Geneva; former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Michael Wesley, Director, Academic Outreach and Research, National Security College, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) at University of Melbourne
See: The Trilateral Commission

Michael McCormack (Nationals MP) is quoted: “local government should be recognised in the constitution”, from a news report on Monday 17 June, 2019, “Local councils vote for a referendum”.

Australia’s councils have voted to demand a referendum giving local government constitutional recognition.

The motion, calling for the government to initiate a referendum “at the earliest opportunity”, was carried 201 votes to three at the National General Assembly of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) in Canberra on Monday.

“Local Government presently depends on the continued will of the various State legislatures to empower local government to exist and perform various functions,” the motion put forward by Toowoomba Regional Council states.

“It seems preferable that the Commonwealth entrench the right for councils to exist and perform certain roles.”

If agreed to by the government, it would be the third referendum on giving local councils constitutional recognition after previous referenda held under the Whitlam and Hawke Labor governments both crashed.

It’s also not the first time ALGA has taken a crack at a referendum. A motion for a referendum within five years was passed at last year’s NGA but was given a polite thumbs down by the federal government, which said in a subsequent letter to ALGA it had no immediate plans to change the constitution.

Qualified support from the government in Monday’s vote came after Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack told delegates earlier in the day that local government should be recognised in the constitution to enable direct funding.

“I think, I believe, I know that local government should be in the constitution,” he said to applause from the audience.
“There is probably no more important thing than the commonwealth be able to fund local government directly, so that we can avoid going through the bureaucracy and so that we can get the money direct to where it needs to go, and that’s right on the ground.”

But he added a referendum had to be worded in the right way to convince the Australian public, and it had to be put to them at the right time.

“I know we’ve had referenda on it before, but next time when it goes up – and it has to, it should, it must – we have to get the wording right. And we have to put it in at a time when the Australian voting public is in the mood that they’re going to carry it.”

The referendum was among the first of a total of 121 motions that are up for debate over the next two days.

Motions to restore Financial Assistance Grants, support recycling and take action on climate change also featured heavily in Monday’s debate.

Motions passed at the ALGA NGA
# That the federal government declare a climate emergency
# That a minister be appointed to assist councils in their response the changing environment
# That the federal government establish a national strategy for climate change adaptation and resilience
# That the government consider indemnifying councils that take climate change mitigation initiatives
# That the current drought be elevated to natural disaster status
See: Local councils vote for a referendum – Government News

Regionalism is also a tool of the UN for integrating economies. The 5 UN Regional Commissions – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA) work like underground moles at the subregional and regional levels to make an end-run around national sovereignty.

Geo-engineered weather from Brisbane to Canberra. Tully or Babinda have never sustained rain like this

Tully and Babinda in Far North Queensland each year vie for the wettest town in Australia title where annual rainfall can measure up to 7900mm or 310 inches (1950). Rainfall in the Brisbane and Gympie areas this week has beaten every short term deluge by far since records started in the 18th century.

Overnight rainfall of one metre in the Gympie district this week causing record flooding is unheard of in wet Far North Queensland.

Watch the video to understand how it happened.

Aussie floods, weather manipulation, Agenda 21 and climate lockdowns

Link top video:

An excellent well researched video that should wake up even the most TV and phone manipulated and addicted drones in society. Sorry for the bad language over which we have no control.

Carbon dioxide lunacy will see 47 per cent of workforce lose their jobs in next 10 years

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset has been sold to the public as an opportunity to build a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. The ubiquitous sound bite of build back better, or “build back greener”, as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rephrased it, suggests that recovery from the economic devastation, following the alleged pandemic, is a chance for the world to “reset”.

Blackrock Chairman Larry Fink In his 2021 letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, the chairman of BlackRock, also expressed his gratitude for BlackRock’s good fortune presented by Covid-19:

Sustainable Development Goal 11 (b) of UN Agenda 2030 states:

By 2020, substantially increase the number of cities and human settlements adopting and implementing integrated policies and plans towards … adaptation to climate change, resilience to disasters, and develop and implement, in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, holistic disaster risk management at all levels.

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, written in 2015, states:

The recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phase, which needs to be prepared ahead of a disaster, is a critical opportunity to Build Back Better.

With the 2020 emergence of the alleged global pandemic, human settlements have certainly been implementing plans. Fitting in perfectly with Agenda 2030, our leaders efforts to build back better are focused upon a recovery which appears to have been planned long before anyone had even heard of SARS-CoV-2.

A Vision for the Future

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) published their Vision 2050 document in 2010. Aiming to transform the global economy to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they said that a pathway would be needed. It would “require fundamental changes in governance structures, economic frameworks, business and human behaviour”. They envisaged two distinct periods of transformation.

The WBCSD is an organisation of 200 CEOs from some of the world’s largest global corporations. It is the hub for more than 60 national and regional business councils and partner organisations, including the United Nations, the EU Commission, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the World Wildlife Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and BlackRock.

They called the decade between 2010 to 2020 the Turbulent Teens. This would be the time to construct the mechanisms that would enable the fundamental changes to be established. Transformation Time would start in 2020, once the fundamental changes had been able to “mature into more consistent knowledge, behaviour and solutions”.

In their conclusion, the WBCSD suggested how the process of moving from the Turbulent Teens into the Transformation Time could occur:

Crisis. Opportunity. It is a business cliché, but there is truth in it.

While for many of us 2020 was a disaster, the WBCSD were among the central planners of the new normal global economy for whom the global pandemic could not have arrived at a more opportune moment. It was a remarkable coincidence that the right crisis opportunity arrived precisely on schedule. In 2020, they updated their Vision 2050. Recognising that the time to transform had arrived, they said:

Despite its enormous human and financial cost, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity to drive and accelerate change at a completely different pace than we may have previously imagined to be possible.

Yet they did imagine exactly this possibility. One WBSCD partner, the WEF, have also been counting their lucky stars. The Covid-19 alleged global pandemic was an opportunity to make the significant social, economic and political changes they had long been hoping for:

The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making … As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will … inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons.

In his 2021 letter to CEOs, Larry Fink, the chairman of BlackRock, also expressed his gratitude for BlackRock’s good fortune as he expanded on the unprecedented opportunity presented by Covid-19:

The pandemic has presented such an existential crisis … that it has driven us to confront the global threat of climate change more forcefully.. Markets started to price climate risk into the value of securities … then the pandemic took hold.. and the reallocation of capital accelerated even faster.
I believe that this is the beginning of a long but rapidly accelerating transition — one that will unfold over many years and reshape asset prices of every type … the climate transition presents a historic investment opportunity.

Fink’s comments outline how the Build Back Better Great Reset is intended to work. Some people seem to think that sustainable development has got something to do with environmentalism, saving the planet or some other vague “green agenda”. Unfortunately, they are way off the mark.

Corporate Glue

Sustainable development means stakeholder capitalism as the corporate glue holding together a global network of public-private partnerships that are collectively assuming the mantle of global governors. Under their stewardship, the international monetary and financial system (IMFS) is being transformed. The stakeholder partner network is busy capitalising a $120 trillion Carbon Bond market as the foundation of the new IMFS.

Environmentalist campaigners like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion perhaps imagine they are in the vanguard of a global environmentalist battle against climate change and the big polluters who are guilty of causing it. In reality, unwittingly or not, they are image leaders for the big polluters’ public relations department.

The same despised global corporations are key members of a global public-private partnership which is using the ruse of climate change to establish the new IMFS: one that will consolidate their global economic power and thus their worldwide authority.

Not only did the claimed global pandemic deliver the right crisis at precisely the right time, in another truly remarkable coincidence, it accustomed us to the behavioural changes required to live in our new, sustainable IMFS. Reduced travel, limited access to resources, low employment, austerity, reliance upon state financial support and new forms of currency based upon sustainable, stakeholder metrics are all part of our planned net zero future.

WEF partners Deutsche Bank are certainly among the global corporations who are aware of this. They published an article in November 2020 in which their senior analyst Eric Heymann outlined what a carbon neutral economy portends:

The impact of the current climate policy on people’s everyday lives is still quite abstract. Climate policy comes in the form of higher taxes and fees on energy. If we really want to achieve climate neutrality, we need to change our behaviour in all these areas of life. A major turnaround in climate policy will certainly produce losers among both households and corporates.
In addition, prosperity and employment are likely to suffer considerably. There are no adequate cost-effective technologies yet to allow us to maintain our living standards in a carbon-neutral way. That means that carbon prices will have to rise considerably in order to nudge people to change their behaviour. Another (or perhaps supplementary) option is to tighten regulatory law considerably.
To what extent may we be willing to accept some kind of eco-dictatorship (in the form of regulatory law) in order to move towards climate neutrality?

This is congruent with the observations of both the former and current Bank of England Governors. Prior to his departure as governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney warned that companies unable to meet the SDG regulatory standards “will go bankrupt, without question”, In other words, lines of credit, without which even multinational corporations cannot hope to function, will be limited only to those who can afford to implement the required changes.

More recently — now as the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, the UK Government’s Special Advisor to the COP26 conference and a Board Trustee of the WEF — Carney reinforced his message and signalled to his stakeholder partners how the new IMFS would select the corporate winners and losers.

There will be industries, sectors and firms that do very well during this process because they will be part of the solution. But there will also be ones that lag behind and they will be punished.

The winners and losers dichotomy won’t just apply to corporations. The new stakeholder IMFS does not appear to be based upon mass employment, either. Recently, the UK Government released their Green Jobs Taskforce Report. Promising a glittering future of employment opportunities, they cite the International Energy Agency (IEA) report Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector. The IEA, in turn, had stated:

The transition to net zero brings substantial new opportunities for employment, with 14 million jobs created by 2030 … In our pathway, around 5 million jobs are lost … meaning structural changes can cause shocks for communities with impacts that persist over time.
This requires careful policy attention to address the employment losses. It will be vital to minimise hardships associated with these disruptions … locating new clean energy facilities in heavily affected areas wherever possible, and providing regional aid.

Pivotal Jobs Page 2

Message from Ottawa protesters and their legal counsel, keep coming to Ottawa

A blueprint for Australia’s restoration – install Bosi as administrator

Letter to the Editor 

There has been a lot of discussion about what effective action can be taken by the Canberra protesters to end the dictatorship of the fake Government with regards the scamdemic and the economic crisis created deliberately to usher in their “Great Reset” Better known as the great fascist/socialist theft of everything. 

Petition the Queen to appoint a new GG and state governors then call for elections without any political parties

Firstly there must not be any appeal to this fake Government as that only gives it a semblance of legitimacy.  To go to its Courts is similarly useless as its Judges are not lawfully appointed Judges under our Constitution, but are private employees of a private company calling itself “The Australian Government “. Not of the Commonwealth. Not under the Crown of Elizabeth the Second.

Rod Culleton’s actions are wrong because he is trying to get back into their private Board Room, masquerading as a Parliament. He is only giving them a excuse for legitimacy. Culleton knows that there is no lawfully appointed Governor General, yet he Petitions him, why?

One of your contributors called for a properly constituted Court based on the Nuremberg precedent to be set up. The people at the Canberra gathering could set this up in the proper Parliament of the People and begin laying charges of genocide and treason against the entire Parliament and the Bureaucracy that has assisted the scamdemic rollout. These actions should begin immediately. Our Parliament building,  created by the founding fathers is the appropriate place.

Remember that The Continental Congress first meeting and the American Declaration of Independence happened BEFORE the people held any power to enforce their declarations NOT after.

 They built the framework for National Government first. The Kings men and compromised Americans killed most of the signatories before the final victory. 

The rally organizers should immediately send a Petition to Her Majesty for Her to appoint a Governor General and State Governors. And to appoint a administrator to carry out the cleanup. Riccardo Bosi would fill that position admirably. Also to begin having all members of the fake Parliaments arrested and charged with treason. 

She must be petitioned to take all measures to have the 162 tons of our gold from the Treasury, that Howard and Costello sold off without any lawful Authority. 

This belonged to the Crown held in trust for Her Subjects as a backing to our currency The Pound.

These two should be charged immediately for this crime.

Anyone calling for us to become a republic ought to be aware that when we do, all the land becomes security for the vast debt that these bogus “government’s ” have incurred. At present at law Elizabeth holds the Land title and She cannot mortgage it to any Bank.

 The full responsibility for this unsecured debt lies with the members of the Political parties,  not the people. They are counting on bluff and ignorance of the people. 

Australian’s of aboriginal descent need to understand that the “Native Title” stunt isn’t for their benefit. That title has already been stolen from them in Mabo 2. It was just a Socialist ploy to pry primary ownership of title from The Sovereign. 

So Rothschild could get their hands on the land title for security.

If Elizabeth refuses to act on the people’s Petition then a peoples provisional Government can be set up. The first action after laying charges of genocide and treason is to declare all land titles to belong to whoever currently holds them as inalienable allodial title. Giving the owners total ownership of the land all minerals, vegetation and water. 

The Army and police can either join and declare their allegiance to the Nation as a sovereign entity or else be declared outlaws. Later all gold produced should be purchased by the Treasury and became a backing for the currency. All foreign owned land is to be sold back to Australians within six months.

Total control of our fuel reserves and the building of refining capacity is high priority.

All existing media owners have to stand trial for their involvement in the scamdemic and the bioweapon rollout.  These are things we all can work towards.

Yours sincerely 

J. Madison 


WA Labor Premier McGowan being managed by Jesuits

Letter to the Editor

Your faithful reader “Eskimo Joe” objects to published articles, linking the Catholic Jesuits to the ” FREE” masons. Is he serious? He is either a Jesuit himself or a delusional apologist. 

The old powerful, satan-worshipping families of the collapsed Roman Empire created the Papacy as their vehicle to regain power. They formed up various “orders” of lunatics and criminals to specialize in various functions.  

WA Premier Mark McGowan sold off West Australia’s land titles office for $1.41 billion to cover the WA Catholic church’s sexual abuse victim’s compensation

For example they formed the Dominican and Franciscan orders to act as police and executioners.  This benevolent lot tortured to death and murdered perhaps millions during the Inquisition,  or what Christ in Revelation chapter 7 verse 9 to17. called “the great Tribulation “. That is when they weren’t interfering with little children. One of the perks of their orders.

The Augustinians were originally a scholarly order but are today diverted to invent culture for “First Nation” people, in order to overthrow Sovereign Nations.

The Benedictine order specializes in Cultural Change, to better target populations centuries ahead so it will be easier to bring about their global Government. e.g. the destruction of Western European Christian society by introducing the drug/ rock/ sex counter culture.

I knew a former Benedictine monk from Canada. He spilled the beans on how they operated. 

He said that one of the methods used to break and dominate new recruits, was forcing them to drink the urine of the senior priest, and worse. Very Christian. 

The Jesuits came later. Apart from straight out murder, they are trained in Law and are skilled at infiltrating any opposition entity and undermining it.

They are often Professors of Law or Judiciary. 

Propaganda, spin and damage control are specialties. 

Lets look at some current examples of Jesuit involvement in political crimes.  Several months before Mark McGowan became Premier of Western Australia, two persons were at a restaurant in Perth. McGowan and another man were dining at a adjoining table.

One of these knew McGowan and went to his table. The other man, an Italian was introduced to him as the man who was going to make him Premier. After some polite conversation, it transpired that this man was McGowan’s media and policy adviser. 

This person eventually gave out his business card. 

On it were two addresses.  One in Perth and one in Rome. After looking at it one of these men commented that address was actually in Vatican city.  McGowan’s Italian advisor agreed. 

On being asked by one person what function did he carry out there he answered that he was a journalist and also a member of the Order of Jesuits. 

McGowan became Premier and shortly after the Catholic church had a huge payout to make to the victims of their paedophile priests. 

McGowan unlawfully sold off West Australia’s titles office in 2019 for hundreds of millions and used this money to pay for the Catholic Church’s settlement  to its child abuse victims. Public money to pay the private debt.

Liberal Party members and many citizens went to their party heads who just all happened to be masons. They were told to drop it. Nothing was done. No connection eh Joe?

About 3 months after McGowan’s election,  he called a meeting of all CEO’s from shire councils. 

It was held at a northern suburb venue. No press allowed.  All CEO’s were lodge men. They were warned to secrecy about the meeting agenda. 

They were told that they must support the implementation of the infamous Agenda 21 of the UN as the State Government demanded.  They all agreed.  Except one has spilled the beans.

 This Agenda 21 is included in the Popes Paris Accords on “climate action”. Another depopulation scam especially targeted at Protestant countries of the West. No connection eh Joe?

Corporate fascism has been the business model for the Vatican ever since it put Mussolini and Hitler into power. Nothing changed.

Again after the last WA election, the remaining two Liberal Party members raised the vote fraud issue with their party heads,  mostly Freemasons. It was discovered that the global vote processing Spanish company Scytl and its spinoff Dominion had their office in the WA electoral commission building. They were told to drop it. No connection eh Joe?

This entity with links to China and the Vatican was involved in the massive fraud that installed Joe, head of the Biden crime family, in the White House. 

An Italian Government-owned military satellite was used to transfer the vote changing data into the American system. Who would have the power in Italy to get such a act of war against another country approved? Who would dare?

 Reminds us of another time and a Jesuit John Wilkes Booth. It is the old trick Joe, each gang blames the other but they are all parts of the same Beast.

 The Freemasons,  the Jesuits and the cabbalistic Jews all have one thing that unites them, they are all Christ haters and are servants of the demonic. 

Joe, you should read Revelations chapter 17 if you want to see their future. You have already lost.

A year or so ago, the protests of a lot of decent, moral Catholic laypeople in the USA began to shed light on the operations of Church owned corporations in doing very wrong things to make a profit.   e.g. the use of organs from murdered babies of the abortion clinics to be used by cosmetic and vaccine manufacturers. 

It transpired that the cash transfer from these companies, from the USA to the Vatican was over $300 billion annually.  What is it from Australia?

Joe, it is no surprise that Jesus showed in Revelations chapter 18 the final destruction of the Papacy and the reaction of the worlds business leaders to its final end.

Many years ago, a group was discussing the mess Australia is in. One person commented that the Jesuits founded and still ran the Freemasons to undermine the Protestants and to act as a front for them.

A person at the meeting then revealed that he had been a Mason from his 21st year. He was told that the Lodge was formed to stop the Catholics from grabbing power as they had until Luther’s Reformation. 

He said that he had no more interest in the lodge after an experience a few years before. He had amazing communication skills and the lodge wanted to take him up high to “fit” him for public office. 

He resisted these overtures,  but eventually gave in and was taken to Brisbane to meet some “important ” masons. Most were very mediocre,  but he was finally told that he was to meet the most senior mason in the State. 

This person was  a secret member and not to be spoken about. It turned out that he was the Catholic Archbishop. Our friend asked to leave, saying that it was all too complicated for a bush boy.

It is no accident that the first American Constitution had a ban on any Lawyer entering the Congress or Senate. It took years for the Jesuits to get that removed. The law profession is where the Jesuits congregate.  That was the reason for the ban. 

The destruction of our constitutional government has mostly been at the hands of lawyers, becoming members of Parliament. Joe, quit while you are ahead.


James Lewis. 

Ray Hadley a ‘rabid anti-vaxx hate peddler’ listened to by sheeples

Letter to the Editor

Another tragic death of a innocent child from the population culling program of Scomo and Albo on behalf of the psychopaths who run the globalist masonic/ Jesuit “new world order”. 

I doubt the figure quoted is 6 little children. At least 2 were killed five months ago in Hazzard’s criminal forced injection of school kids in Sydney. One ward in Perth Royal hospital is entirely filled with sick and dying young people with myocarditis after the kill shot. Nearly 40. Adelaide is just as bad. Doctors are threatened against talking about it by their psychopath Premiers.

I have sympathy for the poor little boy,  very little for his parents. No  doubt they have ignored the huge street protests of over 1.5 million people across Australia in  the last six months as just a few irresponsible Anti Vaxxers. 

No doubt  like so many sheep in our doomed country they followed faithfully the mainstream media lies about this deadly scamdemic and the need to be made “Safe”. With a “safe, effective vaccine”. Baa.

The same corrupt lot who have just got a $100million reasons to lie. The tax free dollars oils the lying mouths of such sociopaths as radio 2GB Hadley. A rabid “anti vaxers” hate peddler. 

The term Anti-Vax was created as a policy to silence real scientists and reputable Doctors who began airing concerns about what big pharma’s vaccine cash cow was doing to kids a decade ago. Anyone who uses the term is a payed agent of big pharma. A whore. A mouth for rent!

Just like the CIA invented “conspiracy theory ” as a loaded epithet  to negate real evidence that the Rockefeller/ Jesuit/ paedophile network better known as the CIA were involved in murdering, compromising or simply taking over the Government of many once Independent Nations.  

I bet these parents had happily dismissed the alarms concerning these lethal gene altering toxins, by Anti- vaxers as just rubbish. The father said he “trusted the Government,  that they were “necessary and safe”. Baa.

Firstly these injections aren’t vaccines.  They are experimental gene therapies also containing some very toxic substances. Years ago they were tested on animals with a 100% death result. Now they are safe??

Why did you not listen to those of us who have been warning about Agenda 21 for the last 3 decades. Did you just dismiss this as another “conspiracy theory “? 

You are in good company.  A million idiots also ignored all this. Now many will pay with with their lives in the next few years. Baa.

How can you trust a Government that has signed a binding International agreement to kill off 11 out of twelve of us by 2030 to “keep you safe”? Baa. Baa.

Why didn’t you hear alarm bells, when we were told that this deadly virus could kill off half the population. Where were the mounds of dead lying in the streets?

What did you think, when you were told by the media lackeys that just one shot would stop you catching or spreading the sniffles? 

Then it was 2. Now you became one of the dreaded “Un-vaxxed” if you haven’t had three.

Now the good news we are told,  is that we can get a “booster” every 3 months, or until you are dead, whichever comes first. Didn’t alarm bells ring?

These criminals invented the story of  “variants” to continue the lie to explain why the last 1,2,3,4,or 20 shots didn’t help. Do you understand that OMICRON Is a anagram of moronic.  The virus was never the focus. It was the vehicle to get sheep to submit to blackmail and the kill shots. Baa.Baa.

What did you think when the corrupt AMA and TGA banned the very effective treatments of Ivermectin and HCQ and threatened doctors who had been successful prescribing them. So they could push their lying narrative of “safe vaccinations ” as the “best way forward”. Didn’t alarm bells ring? Baa Baa

 So don’t try and shift blame to the criminals in Government, which is nothing more than a private company and the TGA . Your stupidity and need for a keeper so you can avoid the personal responsibility of a citizen, killed your son. Just like millions across the world. Baa.

Nothing can bring him back. This is a terrible loss and one which is going to escalate massively in the next couple of years as the consequences of playing God with our DNA begins to unravel. 

No doubt you and your wife rushed in to get the kill shot. You don’t have many years left if the advice of hundreds of good scientists is reliable.

Devote your time to stopping this genocide, try to save more little children from a similar fate. Don’t let the loss of your son be for nothing.  Fight to bringing the perpetrators to Justice. Lists are being prepared of those who organized or aided and abetted this crime.

Help with that work or something else useful. Don’t console idiots. Fight to bring justice and to protect the innocent little ones.

from James Lewis 


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