How the WEF is getting rid of farmers and fertiliser by eating insects and removing CO2

by staff writers

The insect farmer representatives of the World Economic Forum addressed a meeting of 100 primary producers at Mareeba, Far North Queensland recently, feeding the crowd with bread made from 336 crickets and wheat flour.

The WEF tentacles are spreading across the nation conditioning the population to eat insects while their climate change ‘great reset’ is disassembling farms, water supplies and food chains.

The WEF wants to get rid of livestock and replace nutritious meat with insects

When traditional food supplies are shut down, leftist WEF Director Klaus Schwab says “everyone will own nothing an be happy.”

Described as “futuristic farming themes” Cairns insect farmer Stirling Tavener of ‘Bugs Alive’ with the help of Alessandros Pizzeria and Antipasto Bar have developed a cricket meal bread which was available throughout the day.

He said crickets are considered environmentally friendlier and had a much lower carbon dioxide footprint than cattle, pigs and sheep, require less resources to produce but are high in protein, fibre and Vitamin B.

Green Food Australia managing director and founder Jess Uhlig tackled the vexed issue of how to remove fertiliser from agriculture by developing natural alternatives.

It seems the elephant at the meeting was totally ignored. Over the past decade Tablelands farmers have attended a number of gatherings to address declining food nutrition from depleted soils which after 100 years of continuous production has been ‘mined’ of nearly all essential trace elements and minerals necessary to produce healthy and nutritious food.

Will insect farms replace traditional food?

Kingaroy soil nutritionist and farmer Mr John Koehler told a meeting held at Yungaburra  some years ago that Australian soils generally, were simply a “medium to hold up a plant.”

He provoked a great deal of mirth when he told the meeting of about 50 farmers that there was “more nutrition in the cardboard box the produce was packed in than in the produce itself.”

“Our soils are seriously depleted of essential elements to produce any nutritious food including livestock,” Mr Koehler said.

“Today there is only half the nutrition in beef than there was 50 years ago.”

Mr Koehler was critical of carbon dioxide farming and its derivatives which would eventually kill all food production, something he says is a part of the world depopulation plan signed up to by Australia in the Paris Agreement.

“Jess Uhlig’s fanciful ideas about ‘natural alternatives’ continues the anti-scientific sophistry of the ratbag Prince Charles’ organic themes that there are natural minerals and artificial minerals,” he said.

“There is only one atomic structure for all elements on the periodic table. This garbage can only be marketed to the sheeple after years of the dumbing down of our children with their socialist school curriculum by the removal of any useful learning and replacing it with Marxist indoctrination.

“This has led to total ignorance of how creation works as evidenced by the more or less general acceptance that an essential and vital trace gas, carbon dioxide upon which all life depends, is a deadly pollutant and causes ‘climate change’.

“The great brainwashed masses suck in this total rubbish and struggle to find ways to ‘reduce our carbon footprint’ so as to receive the accolades of their fellow victims. The reality is that the more CO2 we can produce or rather release into the atmosphere to be usable to plant growth the better for all the planet’s ecosystems.

“The WEF and the United Nations Agenda 21 which Australia signed in 1992, is a plan to destroy the worlds population by about 95 per cent as they have committed to in their genocidal Bio-diversity Treaty that requires food production and the plentiful, cheap supply of energy stopped.”

He said the repair and rebuilding of soils on a massive scale worldwide needs to be a prime duty of all governments.

“The fertiliser industry should be taken out of the hands of global cartels and placed into farmer-controlled co-operatives with full government support. Organic fantasies are just that,” Mr Koehler explained.

“The minute you hear an expert dribble on about carbon footprints you must know that you have a real live idiot on the loose”

“If an essential element is missing from soil it has to be introduced from mineral deposits.

“The problem facing agriculture is that the proper balances and total necessary levels for each food crop remain a mystery for most so-called experts in our universities and the poor-quality graduates from these politically correct institutions.

“The minute you hear an expert dribble on about carbon footprints you must know that you have a real live idiot on the loose. Someone that sings off the politically correct music sheet just to keep their job, regardless of the consequences should be ignored.

“Proposals to eat disease carrying insects shows a damaged mind which has been ‘Aristotled’ not educated.

“These people were merely taught what to think, not how to think.

“We need laws that make it a crime to promote any of this carbon pollution fiction. These people are contributing to national suicide,” Mr Koehler concluded.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  4. Coincidence – 14 deliberately-lit fires in Mareeba area?

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  5. There was also an old movie made about ‘soylent green’ starring Charlton Heston.
    Soylent green is about the biscuit the starving people wanted, unaware it was actually manufactured from human bodies.
    They were starving and I think that was all they could get.

    In 4 States of the USA they are or have now passed bills to allow dead bodies to decompose for 30-45 days then be used as fertiliser.
    Called biomass.
    I believe they may have already started using it.

    Whether using dead humans for fertiliser, or directing humans to eat parasite riddled insects (particularly cockroaches), it all leads to the same thing.

    These people have no value on human life.
    That’s what we are up against.


  6. SO TOTALLY TRUE!! Insects not only poisonous with their chitin containing covering but carry diseases and our stomach not made to handle them – we are not birds… Elementary school material was that CO2 is necessary for life – plants breath in – humans breath out. Besides it is no wonder the soil is depleted when treated with Roundup = glyphosate that especially was made to eliminate the mineral contents. How horrible all this is.


  7. CO2 has almost no effect on global temperature, says leading climate scientist

    Chris Morrison
    The Daily Sceptic
    2022-09-24 17:48:00

    Forget ‘settled’ science or ‘consensus’ – that is a political construct designed to quash debate in the interests of promoting a command-and-control Net Zero agenda. One of the great drivers of continual changes in the climate is heat exchange within both the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface. Current understanding of the entire picture is limited, and it seems the opportunity has been taken to fill this gap by blaming carbon dioxide almost entirely for the recent gentle warming. A new paper on the so-called ‘greenhouse’ effect highlights the vital role played by oceans and water vapour flows. CO2 is said to have “minimal effect” on the Earth’s temperature and climate.

    The paper has been published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) and is written by meteorologist William Kininmonth, a former consultant to the World Meteorological Organisation’s Commission for Climatology and former head of the Australian Government’s National Climate Centre. Kininmonth argues that the oceans are the “vital inertial and thermal flywheels” of the climate system. If one wants to control climate, it will be necessary to control the oceans, he argues. “Efforts to decarbonise in the hope of affecting global temperatures will be in vain,” he adds.
    Comment: See also:

    Four leading Italian scientists say ‘climate emergency’ NOT supported by data
    “Nothing to do with man” – Astrophysicist says climate-cultists “are on a gravy train” to make money
    Former Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore says climate change based on false narratives
    Global financial system at risk from flawed climate models
    Declaration saying “There is no climate emergency” trends on Twitter – greenies have meltdown
    1,200 scientists and professionals declare: “There is No Climate Emergency”


  8. Thank you for drawing our attention to World Edible Insect Day Oct 23 Blisskit. CN can have a lot of fun with this one.

    WEID has yet to make the official UN list of days of communist observance but I think it has a good chance to become listed with other October Days of Observance right along with World Habitat Day – Oct 3 for the promotion of the sustainable, CO2 neutral habitat

    And it would fall just before Oct 24 United Nations Day. [I am sure we are all looking forward to that one]

    On a much brighter note, WEID Oct 23 would share the Feast Day of St John of Capistrano who preached Crusade against the Muslim Turks after the Fall of Constantinople. We need a modern St John of Capistrano to preach Crusade against the UN and their ‘multilateral partner’: the WEF and the whole swag of their bizarre ideas and politics.

    You Will Eat the Bugs

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  9. Lavrov, ‘Do you think the EU would fall for that old eating twenty carrots per day gives your pilots night vision?’

    Putin, ‘Hahaha, Нет Нет, oни не такие глупые… так ли это?’

    Lavrov, ‘Worth a try but, we’ll slip Boris a note saying we use dishwasher computer chips in our Beriev A-60’s.’

    Later in the EU, WEF crazy gives a speech, camera man distracted by Miss Universe Contestant #21, oops, cuts back to crazy, then to bewildered bloke thinking ‘wtf’, back to crazy and delirious applause.

    This is what WEF verified bugs do to you Blisskitt.


  10. The like button turns it’s back on me Blisskitt so I’ll leave a like here . ⭐️ 🐜🐜


  11. Channel 9 news article and video (2mins or so) promoting chocolate crickets.

    ‘The Margaret River Chocolate Company claims to be the first boutique chocolate maker to offer insects in their treats.
    “We believe there is huge potential for interesting and delicious chocolate insect combinations that are healthy, environmentally friendly and a rich source of protein,” company co-founder Martin Black said in a statement.
    “Obviously we are not going to stop making any of our delicious tried and tested favourites, but if we can open people’s minds and taste buds to alternatives, that’s all part of the adventure.”
    The company is also trialling a chocolate bar with ground crickets and mealworms.
    Black said crickets and mealworms can be farmed very efficiently and have a very high nutritional value.
    The insects are rich in protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid and various vitamins. All nutrients consumers aren’t getting much of when they enjoy a Milky Way or Kit Kat.
    The company’s statement notes the cricket clusters will be available “just in time for Halloween”. ‘

    And who knew October 23rd is World Edible Insect Day (WEID) ?

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  12. PileAShit as are ALL politicians are Murderers on a massive scale imo.. jus wait and watch people start dropping from the poisoned injections, they have poisoned the rainforests, for years and now we got WEF ‘farmers’ .. they can get fukt too.. Cairns is a shithole run by CCP Labor operatives.. bring on the Russians

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  13. I would like to see an experiment where Schwab, Gates and Soros are put into a sealed glass cage and all the CO2 is sucked out of their air. I want to see how long they will last … after all they believe ZERO CO2 is a good thing! I want them to PERSONALLY prove it!


  14. everything that eats, farts so crickets and all bugs fart.


  15. MR Koehler, finally a voice of reason!


  16. And here is a report everyone should read from the Institute of Public Affairs on Australia’s response to COVID. It is damning and I will continue to post.

    Click to access 220921-IPA-Report-Hard-Lessons-Reckoning-the-economic-social-and-humanitarian-costs-of-zero-COVID.pdf

    I know the history I’ve been taught is largely full of lies. And I acknowledge all of you who have extensive knowledge about the goings on from Jews to all the world wars etc etc etc. So everyone spruiks if you don’t learn history it will be repeated. Just remember each individual has their own unique history. However, we are in the here and now and present looking to tomorrow. No amount of history lessons is changing that. So on that premise like I do with dementia I am very forceful in my views, I do not hold back. I just hope all of you while debating history are exactly the same otherwise the cause is lost.


  17. This stuff is readily available. I know a family who do practical jokes. The dad bought cricket flour online (about 2 months ago). All his kids ate it, because they were none the wiser. When he told them the truth, 2 threw up, one said it was good. I pretty sure I have swallowed a few insects in my time and I still alive. However, as studies show people will simply cease to exist on this food. Insect farms are full of parasites. The high in protein garbage is just that ‘garbage’. Takes a lot of crickets to fill a belly. But I have plenty in my backyard, noisy buggers. So guess we can all survive by feeding our own crickets and being able to catch them FFS.

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  18. For many years I have promoted the use of Mineral fertilisers derived from crushed rock. My experience showed me that soil needs essential minerals to feed plants of every kind. The typical farm needs a mix of calcium, phosphorus, selenium, potash, molybdemun, zinc, copper, found in various rock formations, of basalt, granite, lime, bentonite, coal fines, dolomite, gypsum, and more trace minerals to ensure a healthy crop, free from pests, and weeds too, as healthy soil supports strong growth in plants.

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  19. Please tell the farmers to not go to their meetings! We want fruit and vegetables and beef and chicken! ________________________________

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  20. Pat from Vic – ” Go find and watch the movie Soylent green.”
    “That’s how serious this is – that’s the sort of people we’re ultimately up against.”

    Seen the movie, we are about to live it.

    The grubs who want to harm, kill or enslave us, will not care what we eat. They will not be eating the same as us. That is why they will not be living amongst us, they will do as they please. We will not be a part of their world, unless we are their servants. They will control all of the land, water, food, etc

    You will not be allowed to collect and store your own water, no back yard gardens, no growing any food.
    There will be no choice, eat what you are given or starve.

    A year ago most Australians would have laughed if they were told that they would be eating insect chips and bread. News, already here – enjoy.

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  21. Veronics said – “Insects??? What’s next???”

    Go find and watch the movie Soylent green.

    If you think that’s a stretch, you should understand that Satanists right here in Australia already cook babies alive and then eat them.

    That’s how serious this is – that’s the sort of people we’re ultimately up against.


  22. Veronica, it is a pipe dream to think that our ancestors lived in the land of milk and honey. Life was bloody hard for all but the very, very p[riveleged. It is only as the industrial revolution gained momentum that ‘we’ have had the luxury of not growing our own fruit and vegetables. In order for that to be maintained we need heaps more carbon dioxide in the air as plant ‘food’. We also need fertilisers and not human dung to grow the stuff we eat. If we are to follow the direction sent by Schwabbenklaus and his ilk there will be mass starvation and a breakdown of the rule of law and it will become the survival of the fittest.

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  23. by staff writers – “These people were merely taught what to think, not how to think.

    That could be said about many of the new age / new world indoctrinated professionals / experts, such as scientists, doctors, nurses, etc.

    They are not able (allowed) to think outside their boxes. Whatever their controlling organizations say is what will be done, no questions asked, just follow the directions of their departments and the tightly controlled narratives of their schools of knowledge.

    For example: A Doctor or Nurse is told that a vaccine is safe to inject into any man, women, child, or baby, and not to worry that it is an experiment and the ingredients of the experiment are not listed, not supplied, not given out to the clinicians or patients. And that there will likely be harm and / or unknown adverse results inflicted due to the experiment.

    The what to think types would likely just do as directed. Not their job to actually think about adverse results, harm or deaths.
    The old worn out excuse ” I was just following orders”

    It is almost criminal. No, had a think about it (I have had training in how to think) it is in fact criminal or at least professional negligence.

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  24. An excellent and thoroughly truthful article.

    Meanwhile, isalom219 said – “Klaus Schwab need to stop his mad cow disease…”

    IMO that’s the wrong attitude – Klaus Schwab doesn’t give a rat’s arse about what the lowly useless eaters might think.

    What Klaus Schwab really needs is an industrial-sized enema, starting at the top of his fat ugly Satanic skull and proceeding all the way down to the tip of his geriatric fungus-infested toenails.

    Or any other procedure that will accomplish his permanent removal from our planet. I’d even be happy with dissolving him in saturated sodium hydroxide solution and flushing him down the sewers – exactly as he and creepy Bill have planned for us (but let’s have them go first).

    Maybe even just bury the psycopathic bastard in a very large compost heap – but please don’t put any of that contaminated compost in my garden, thank you very much.

    Otherwise just hang them all or line them up in front of a firing squad – whatever works is fine by me.

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  25. We have to have lots less carbon dioxide considering it is around 0.040% of the gas in the air we breath. Seems to me it is just another total lie from politicians and the Devos devotees. All professional liars.


  26. Klaus Schwab need to stop his mad cow disease .. enough is enough of his sick plan trying to control normal people ..

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  27. This am when I was out on my morning walk I saw an iceberg with a polar bear in an Hawaiian shirt streaming South along the ocean horizon. It was enough to cause a complete ASD meltdown in Time’s Person of the Year and her fanbase. That bear was definitely making CO2 emissions and rude gestures with his paw.

    As far as I am concerned, ‘climate change’ is the coverstory for the weather events caused by Big Tech geo-engineering.


  28. Good comments Mr Koehler, well spoken!

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  29. Insects??? What’s next??? I agree that we have to become less dependent on chemicals and return to real farming: organic! And grow real food again. Having lived on farms. I know that it is possible and feasible, after all our ancestors used composting and manure and grew quality fruit and vegetables 🍅

    Sent from my iPhone


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  30. Utilising the principle that all forms of life are entitled to fight in self-defense, I suggest we acknowledge that life is carbon and carbon is life; that the precious 0.038% of the atmosphere (sorry if I misrecall the %) upon which all plants rely on for survival; and speaking for the herbivores who rely on the said plants; and cherishing the carnivores who need plump herbivores for tucker; we now need to fight for their survival. And ours. Also considering that a greenie is the product of zero intellectual stimuli and nutrition, education would take up time we just don’t have. I therefore suggest we all get our hands on mRNA jabs and remdesivir and inject some commonsense into the poor things. My doctor assures me these are safe and effective.

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  31. nothing like a good T bone steak, medium rare, veggies and a pot of beer yum

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