Will farmers without the involvement of the traitorous National Farmers Federation hand the political corporations a Uluru-styled statement from the heart to keep unnecessary green power infrastructure and the corporations off their properties which will destroy the amenity of food production?


By Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

Landowners opposing tens of thousands of kilometres of unnecessary powerlines criss-crossing their properties will be wasting their time and scarce money engaging Australia’s legal industry to fight state and federal governments – the lawyers and the governments are one of the same.

To stop this unprecedented, massive intrusion which will stymie food production and rural social and cultural cohesion, farmers must combine nation-wide to deliver a Uluru-styled statement advising corporations masquerading as so-called governments they have no lawful authority over any freehold land or it occupiers.


Most readers of this news site and numerous other blogs including many in the legal fraternity have known for a decade the Liberal and Labor parties posing as government have no authority over you, your land or the defence forces.

The people, according to the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia have all the authority. Albanese, Dutton and the state Premiers know this well, after all why is Albanese, at the behest of the Communistic UN-WEF trying to make an alteration to the Constitution by way of a Voice referendum?

The Constitution exists and has the authority. Political party corporations have none. Stand your ground and let Albanese and the Premiers try to engage the army or the corporate police. Let the corporations feel the power of the people. The bush have much more capability than police and much of the army and it is doubtful the military would take lethal action against its own.

At this juncture a critical mass of urban television and phone junkies will wake up at the attempted overthrow of Australian food producers and join them on the lines.

Drugged up special operations cops are but a handful as seen in Victoria with the corporate thugs for hire during the covid protests firing rubber bullets at defenceless civilians. What will happen if real bullets are used?

All landowners everywhere will have to make a stand against the lunacy of renewable power which is unable to support any industry including farming. This is all a part of Agenda 30, when in 2030 Australia is to become completely de-industrialised, a Green Utopia with a handful of un-vaxxed patriots left to defend it against the Communist United Nations and the WEF political corporations.



Who will take a stand for the future of what’s left of our once proud nation, the legacy of a hundred thousand or more Diggers?