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Schizoid Aussie agri-groups play COP27 games as Kiwi and Dutch farmers fight for their livelihoods

COP27 deleates meeting in Egypt and (inset) National Farmers Federation chairwoman Fiona Simpson, who is attending the conference along with members of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, which is pushing “food systems change” in order to accommodate “climate change”.

AUSTRALIAN farming industry groups are playing a silly and dangerous game with global environmental forces, thinking they can pose as “caring, sharing environmentalists” on stage with the COP27 crowd yet at the same time defend traditional livestock farming.

Among them are Fiona Simpson, president of the National Farmers Federation, who seems to have swallowed the environmentalist red pill. Simpson and the NFF CEO Tony Mahar, are hob-nobbing at COP27 with an Australian farm and forestry delegation.

On October 23rd, the Mahar issued a statement supporting the insane global “Methane Pledge” and then claimed halfway down the same statement that “Australian agriculture cannot and will not tolerate interventions like the New Zealand or the Netherlands governments are implementing which target and undermine agriculture’s productivity”.

Word Economic Forum “graduate” Jacinda Ardern’s Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act will shut down an estimated one in five farms, according to protesting Kiwi farmers. An action group called Facts About Ruminant Methane says a carbon price of $35/tonne will force an average dairy farm to pay over $60,000 if the full price is applied.

But the group points out the Ardern regime’s own Productivity Commission says the price of carbon will need to go much higher to reach a “low emissions” economy by 2050 – $75 to $152/tonne of carbon. But to reach “net zero emissions” the price would need to rise between $200 and $250 a tonne or $300k per farm, that would potentially bankrupt most of them.

To be fair to the NFF, Mahar and Simpson have stated that the NFF’s climate change policy supporting net zero carbon by 2050 has “two clear caveats” – “that there is an economically viable pathway forward and agriculture is not worse off.” But farmers in NZ and the Netherlands are already on the edge of being bullied and taxed off their farms. Do Mahar and Simpson somehow think that if they smile nicely, then they’ll gain some sort of immunity from the ravages of rampant environmentalism.

Cairns News has to ask whether the NFF will soon be on the “sustainability trail” with NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean, promoting synthetic meat production from vegan Sydney food factories. After all, “high-priced meat for the elite” would suit Simpson, Mahar and their buddies in the high-end, corporate livestock producers club.

But that’s not the end of story of the “clean and green” NFF. Simpson is also tied into COP27 through an organisation called the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), of which she is chairwoman. It sounds reasonable that a farmer representative lead such an organisation, but names are deceiving.

ACIAR’s headline mission is “implementing food systems change”. Naive minds might think that “implementing change” must be good, because, well, change has to be good, right? No, it’s all about “adapting” (read forcing) agriculture to conform with the global climate activists and their genocidalist net-zero carbon objectives.

Dutch and New Zealand farmers, who face draconian seizure of up to 20% of their properties supposedly to reduce nitrogen pollution, can tell us all we need to know about “adapting the food production system to climate change”.

ACIAR’s “research partners” are giving a presentation at COP27 on “implementing food systems change”. Seven of the eight speakers are directly involved in government, UN and NGO-funded “climate change research” activities.

One of them, Fijian Christian-Yves Amato-Ali, has a Masters in Climate Change from South Pacific University. Amato-Ali can thank ACIAR’s Pacific Agriculture, Scholarships, Support & Climate Resilience Program (PASS-CR) for helping him to “strengthen the climate resilience components of his work”.

How bizarre and shameful that the NFF, Queensland’s AgForce and the Victorian Farmers Federation are actually supporting global organisations working to reduce the global food supply and feed insect and synthetic protein to the masses in place of real animal protein.

Simpson and company would try to argue it’s a sophisticated political strategy, but they are by default allied with the crazies who go into supermarkets and tip out milk because they believe “dairy farming is causing catastrophic climate change”.

Simpson, AgForce and the VFF must be living in dreamland if they have not caught on to the WEF-UN-COP27 food control agenda that is actually pushing vegan diets over farm-produced beef, pork and lamb.

An example of this schizophrenic stance is the Victorian Farmers Federation statement on Dan Andrews’ utterly ill-informed plan to turn the state on to “95% renewable energy by 2035”. Rather than exposing the stupidity of the Andrews plan and the total lack of resources to cover the landscape with thousands of windmills and solar panels, the VFF president Emma Germano says: “There’s a real need to create a Victoria-wide strategic plan for renewable energy and transmission developments that looks at the next century of the State’s energy needs.”

What “real need” is Germano thinking of? The so-called “climate emergency”? And then she goes on: “We can move to renewables, but that shift must be gradual and well planned with agriculture in mind. Going too fast will mean the costs will be borne by farmers and regional communities, rather than being fairly distributed across the whole community.”

Is Germano really suggesting electric tractors are the future? People are already learning how ridiculously quick the batteries on electric-engine utes fade when you pull a loaded trailer. The mind boggles over the charging and battery power required to run a tractor with a plough behind it.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte is a senior member of the World Economic Forum

Meanwhile Brietbart in the US reports that Dutch Farmers Defence Force leader Mark Van den Oever has vowed to launch more protests in response to advice from the government’s mediator, who has called for the forcible relocation of farming firms and the seizure of up to 600 farms deemed to be “the heaviest nitrogen emitters”. We predict the NFF’s Simpson will either be nodding her approval or showing her approval by silence.

Former Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Johan Remkes, who was the chief mediator between farmers and the government over nitrogen emissions, laid out a plan for farms located near “protected environments” to be forcibly relocated, and up to 600 farms that emit the most nitrogen to be “seized”.

Van den Oever called the scheme “completely wrong” and that the farmers of the nation would “give the old-fashioned gas again, count on that” — in reference to the widespread tractor protests by farmers over the summer.

The Farmers Defence Force leader said ministers had ignored the concerns of farmers and that the globalist government of Prime Mnister Mark Rutte “imposes far too much on businesses”. Another spokesman for the group Sieta van Keimpema described the measure as a “red line” for farmers.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his intentions to cut nitrogen emissions from livestock farms in half by “the magic year” 2030 in order to meet the demands of the European Union’s Natura 2000 scheme, which requires that all EU member-states remove industry or farming from areas deemed to be of “ecological importance”.

The government said in order to meet the EU goals, some farms may have to reduce emissions by as much as 95 per cent and that up to 30 per cent of all livestock farms may be shut down permanently.

In July, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek told Brieibart her country was being used as a testing ground for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, saying that “all these policies are out of those institutions and they are being implemented in our country first, we are sort of the pilot country together with Canada for this agenda.”

Vlaardingerbroek went on to claim that the push from the government to seize farmland was, in fact, more a result of the migrant crisis than the alleged climate crisis, explaining that the government wants the land to house migrants. While not widespread as of yet, this has already occurred, with the province of Flevoland buying up land in Noordoostpolder to build an asylum processing centre on the site of a former farm. 

National Farmers Federation, which doesn’t represent family farmers, wants them to make way for China

National Farmers Federation solution is to get rid of the farmers

Farming is an essential service

Barnaby Joyce joins in the chorus to throw farmers off the land

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter has today slammed the National Farmers Federation (NFF) after they appeared on national television and announced they were lobbying the government to provide financial incentives to drought-affected farmers to leave their land; a campaign which is being echoed by the National Party.

A livid Mr Katter said, “Your solution is to get rid of the farmers. It is in the back of the mind of every intelligent Australian ‘why do you want these people out?’ So your big corporate masters, Chinese investors, prominent amongst them can buy them out and we can have corporate farmers.  The city suits and foreign nations will be our farmers and we peasants will be out there working for nothing in little towns that are vanishing. That is the solution by National Farmers Federation.”

The NFF, a farming lobby group, proposed six measures to the Government last week, one of which was an incentive payment to leave the land. Other measures in the proposal were rate relief to help pay local government charges, payments that are the equivalent to Newstart allowance, $2,000 top-up of the Assistance for Isolated Children allowance, two-year interest free government loans and a plan to work with state and territory governments to eradicate feral pigs.

Senator Barnaby Joyce

Former Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce has joined into the NFF chorus to get rid of family farmers saying if they can’t make a profit they should get out. Liberal policies for decades have ensured farming is the most over-regulated industry in the nation and almost impossible to show a satisfactory return. There are no Nationals left, just Liberals wearing Akubras. Lost is recognition by political parties that Australia will starve if we lose any more family farms. With less than 120,000 remaining farms, we have reached the point of no return. The Liberals and ALP will allow China to take over economically distressed farms.

While the NFF has been critical of the ad-hoc response to drought by the Government, Mr Katter believes that exit packages are not the answer.

“The KAP, the political party I belong to, says Reconstruction Bank. It’s just so simple that you’ve got to be curious why they won’t do it.

“The Reconstruction Bank, through the Government, can borrow at, probably, a bit below 2% so it can lend at 1.9%. Where aa farmer now owes an average $1 million, he has to find $54,000 a year to pay to the bank. Under the Reconstruction Bank he’ll now be paying $16,000 to the bank.

“The Reconstruction Bank buys bad ‘in danger’ debts at a discount. The farmer will then owe the Reconstruction Bank not the full $1 million he owed the bank but only $850,000 giving him leeway to buy fodder.”

Mr Katter also took aim at the Government’s sorry attempts at financial assistance for primary producers, “The Federal Government claiming they have done something with the farm and financial assistance grants, that one is one huge whopper. Hungry Jacks would love that one, that’s the biggest whopper of all.

“It was the Rural Action Council of Far North Qld, secured at Wayne Swan and Kevin Rudd’s Drought Summit that gave us that concession. The tragedy is when Rural Action was screaming against former Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson’s, dreadful comment that “we don’t need 240,000 farmers in Australia we only need 120,000”, well the National Party has achieved its objective, we now have less than 120,000 farmers and of those farmers around one in 10 have been on welfare payments, the Family Assistance Grants, given to us, not by our traditional party, the National Party, but by our traditional enemies the ALP.”

“If the KAP gets a commanding position in the Parliament, as Knuth, Katter and Dametto have said again and again, they will immediately reintroduce the reconstruction bank which was successfully run for over 100 years in Queensland.

“We have already lost half of our farmers in the last 20 years. Clearly it is the intention of the NFF, and their political wing, the National Party, to get rid of another half. The farmers are doing it tough? Their solution: get rid of the farmers.”

Live sheep exports to be banned by treacherous Liberals, cattle next


by Gil Hanrahan

The farming industry’s beloved Liberal National Party is about to betray them again when Liberal MP Susan Ley will today introduce a private member’s bill into the Lower House that would ban live sheep exports to the Middle East during the northern hemisphere summer months in 2019 and close the sector down entirely in five years.

The last major double-cross for agriculture by the Liberals was in 1999 when PM John Howard introduced the Environment and Biosecurity Conservation Act which was the key for the states to introduce severe vegetation management laws.

How much more government intervention the industry can take is anyone’s guess but soon over-regulation will choke all primary industry to a standstill regardless of the political hue in Canberra.

The last bastion of neo-liberalism, the National Farmers Federation and Meat and Livestock Australia have committed their final Judas act by rolling over whenever pressure is applied by activists.

Animals Australia activist and former policewoman, Lyn White is trying to shut down the farming industry in Australia

The traitorous ABC troll responsible for shutting down the live cattle export industry based on false and misleading television footage of Indonesian-bred cattle being mistreated by bribed abattoir workers is Susan Ferguson.

Coincidentally she is the wife of Q&A presenter and ALP sycophant Tony Jones.

Ferguson and the Animals Australia snake Lyn White aided and abetted by the ABC shut down the live cattle export trade overnight in 2011.

It is on the record these misguided, athiest animal rights activists indirectly caused a number of suicides across the agricultural sector.

As a consequence a group of cattle producers is suing the Federal Government for $600 million in compensation after live exports to Indonesia were banned by the Gillard administration.

Now it seems the trendsetters of the left division in the Liberal Party have joined in to support the Liberal backbencher’s anti-export bill.

Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said Labor will lock in its support for what will be known as the Live Sheep Long Haul Export Prohibition Bill.

Livestock producers should be aware these fifth-columnists won’t stop with sheep. Those opposed to live export are rounding up their forces right now to shut down cattle exports.

These pagans believe animal rights take precedence over human lives in a similar fashion to the Queensland Labor Party and it seems the Liberals who continue to allow tourists and North Queensland inhabitants be torn apart by monstrous crocodiles.

The sheep meat industry and producers had better take a strong stand instead of simply rolling over as normal. If they leave it to the producer bodies they might as well hand the farm keys to the Chinese now.

What will their starving, urbanised grandchildren say?

Katter warns Minister to tread carefully on cattle issue

Katter warns Minister to tread carefully on cattle issue

4 December 2013: KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has met with the Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop in Canberra to discuss the live cattle industry, prior to the Minister’s trip to Indonesia tomorrow.

“We said to the Minister that in light of the precarious situation with our beef trade, the Cattle Crisis Council, myself and the Indonesian Ambassador have worked almost all year getting the restoration of the market and building the beef highway to Indonesia and this all could be in jeopardy,” Mr Katter said.

Cattle welfare and minimising the costs of transporting cattle for graziers was also on the agenda.

“Currently the centre of gravity in the beef industry is the gulf. The idea of sending the cattle east-south-east, in the opposite direction to Indonesian, means an extra three days in a boat and an extra $100 in a truck – is completely ludicrous.

“I’ve asked the Minister to reallocate a portion of the $50M allocated from the former Rudd Government to Indonesia for beef research into upgrading the Karumba Port so that it has the capacity for larger live export vessels.

“We are tenaciously opposed to any sale of Australian land and we feel there are ways around this with agistment, particularly, with our First Australians in Northern Australia, who are getting no money from their land.

“We want First Australians to work the properties themselves. If we can develop areas currently empty of cattle then the Karumba Port upgrade becomes an absolute necessity.”

Mr Katter said there has been arguably a seven per cent increase in the total beef market that was secured by the efforts of many in re-establishing the cattle trade with Indonesia.

“If that seven per cent vanishes then even five per cent over production will drive the price of beef through the floor, on the other hand five per cent under production will drive the price through the roof.”

Mr Katter said a five per cent increase in demand should have a great upward pressure on beef prices for next year and he wanted the Minister to understand the importance of the visit tomorrow for the future of Australian graziers and the beef industry.

“It is my duty to make the Minister well aware of the dangers of blowing us back to where we were at the beginning of the year, in terms of access to the Indonesian market.

“These discussions will be integral to Australia and north Queensland and I came away from the meeting a little tiny bit reassured.

“We have put our point of view very clearly to the Minister,” Mr Katter said.


For information on Bob Katter’s role in the 43rd Parliament click here:

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