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Dodgy US ticketing company, Eventbrite tries to scuttle Melbourne meeting of Covid speakers

To all ticket purchasers for the Dr McCullough event, I am writing to you to let you know that the events with Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Melissa McCann and John Leake on the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney have not been cancelled and will be going ahead as planned. 

The US-based ticketing company Eventbrite decided to cancel tickets without our authorisation and refund the money to try to stop you hearing the speakers. The Gold Coast event is unaffected and is proceeding as normal. This morning I am putting in place new ticketing arrangements and you will be able to buy your tickets again. Once that is done we will advise you and give all original ticket purchasers 24 hours to repurchase the tickets before we open sales. 

I apologise to you personally for what has happened. It so important that you attend as these people will do anything to stop the truth being told. Thank you for your support. 

All the best, Clive Palmer

Treasurer Jim Chalmers, a Paul Keating clone, proposes more inflation, more wealth reduction, more unemployment and more misery

from Senator Malcolm Roberts

In a recent economic essay released for weekend newspapers, Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers has cobbled together some cliches about how best to run the world’s 13th largest economy. To summarise, it is a blueprint on how to destroy a $1.3 trillion dollar economy. Of course, Doctor Chalmers has learnt from a master at economic shrinkage, his PhD dissertation was on the economic and social legacy of Paul Keating.

Unfortunately for the Treasurer, his blueprint was released on a weekend when news hit that his tax on beer is set to rise sending the price of beer towards $12 a schooner. Just for the record though, and I’ll get to details soon, Chalmer’s blue print will surely classify your beer as a ‘bad’ investment, because it is full of carbon. Prices will get even higher.

Senator Roberts warns ALP policies of’ ‘çlimate taxonomy’ is sending inflation sky high and will finish off the faltering economy

We have to take our hats off to the spin doctor in the Treasurer’s office who released the essay to coincide with the increase in beer prices. 

Schooners of beer are exactly what the Treasurer’s blueprint boils down to. Prices of goods are inflating exponentially, and it is the main topic for discussion at kitchen tables right across Australia. Families are now having to choose between new school shoes or eating; getting the roof fixed or having a holiday at the beach.

A basket of goods that only cost $100 in 1990 set you back $217 in 2022. With sky high inflation, that $100 basket now costs us an eye-watering $234 in 2023, a nearly 8% increase in just one year. Unfortunately, prices will continue to go up. Much of Australia’s price rises in groceries and the bills we can’t avoid are even worse than the headline inflation rate.

Meanwhile in Canberra, the Treasurer is writing new short stories about how to add more pressure to our inflation cooked economy and what he can do to make life even harder for Australians.

Chalmers references the polycrisis of converging pressures. What we really have though in Australia is a pollie-crisis, due to politicians in Canberra making terrible decisions.

Australia’s inflation hasn’t been this high since the Keating days. Families should be terrified, because for those of us who can remember, Paul Keating sent mortgages to 19% and much of the country went broke.

Treasurer Chalmers is a Keating addict whose PhD was on the economic and social legacy of Paul Keating and his trademark 19% mortgages

The Treasurer’s neo-Marxist catch-phrase ‘sustainable finance architecture, including a new taxonomy’ to label the climate impact of different investments, has been a topic of much discussion in recent years. Soviet extremists on the left argue that this system is necessary for their fight in the climate change scam and promoting ‘sustainability’. Others, including One Nation, argue that it is misguided and ultimately harmful to economic growth and people’s prosperity.

First and foremost, using a ‘new’ taxonomy to label the climate impact of different investments is the worst and most damaging form imaginable of government intervention in the market. In short, Chalmers says he wants to classify all investments made, including in your superannuation, into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Ergo, beer full of carbon will be a ‘bad’ investment and need a higher price, while a tree (which is actually made of carbon like much of everything else) will be ‘good’.

This market intervention is the most serious and concerning idea that a government has offered since Ben Chiefly dabbled with communism in the late 1940’s.

The federal government classifying an Aussie family’s assets into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is a terrifying intervention. Firstly, it creates a level of uncertainty for investors, including you, as they may be unsure of how investments will be classified under the new system. Labor has a track record of changing the goal posts at any minute to suit any Greens, union or factional deal on the table. The classification system is purely subjective and cannot be based on evidence or data.

Secondly, it will lead to market distortions, as certain investments are favoured over others simply because of their classification as good or bad, rather than any economic, financial or productive merit. This will lead to a misallocation of resources, as investments that may not be the most economically efficient or profitable are chosen simply because they are classified as more ‘environmentally’ friendly. For example “this model of car (an Electric Vehicle) is ‘good’, while that diesel 4WD is ‘bad’”, even though Australia is not a country suitable nor ready for the forced uptake of 100% electric vehicles in any way.

The good or bad decisions are made based on the Treasurer’s mood as he gets out of bed in the morning. It is simply a chaotic system that is being proposed.  The Soviet-level bureaucracy necessary to write, disseminate and enforce this controlled economy will result in significantly higher taxes and lower economic growth – an inevitable result of bigger government. Higher taxes and debt will continue to be the Labor way.

Not even the Treasurer Jim Chalmers can afford a $12 schooner thanks to his own policies which affect ALP voters much more than any others

These plans will trash our economy. When the Government tries to pick winners, the country loses.

All realistic thinkers will reject and debunk the idea that we can accurately classify and label the ‘climate impact’ of different investments . Any policy setting Australia makes with the aim to ‘adjust’ the world temperature will barely be a drop in the ocean, even if you believe we need to do anything, which the science clearly says is neither necessary nor possible.

The emphasis on ‘sustainable finance’ and labelling the climate impact of different investments as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ misses the point that the issue confronting Australians is inflation and a lack of economic advancement. Controlling and directing the economy to favour only climate-friendly projects from ALP donors will not deal with inflation. Instead, concentrating economic power in the hands of a woke few, it will increase inflation.

One Nation proposes, and has always advocated for, systemic economic reform with the primary objective of reducing government waste to reduce the tax burden on families and eliminate government debt.

If Australians think it’s a rough deal that the Treasurer must raise tax on beer this weekend because beer is ‘bad’, they are best reminded that the cost of beer will be small fry compared to other cost of living pressures Chalmers will soon unleash.

The Treasurer can take away one important lesson from this battle, One Nation will fight the Labor party every step of the way. We will fight for lower prices, better working conditions and a safer economy. The Liberals may have abandoned the field to socialism, but we haven’t. When I ran on as a rugby and league halfback as a teenager and young adult, the job was clear; get that ball and drive it up the middle.

So Labor had better realise it won’t get away with trashing the economy just because of a fractious, demoralised Liberal party destined to become totally irrelevant. The Australian political landscape is now far more pluralistic as One Nation’s continuing growth demonstrates.

The Orwellian use of catch phrases like ‘sustainable finance architecture’ and a ‘new taxonomy’ to label the ‘climate impact of different investments’ is designed to hoodwink the public while winning back Labor’s Green voters, who already exist in this world of doublespeak and concocted reality.

Chalmers is proposing an unnecessary and frightening intervention in our economy that has already been screwed over thanks to years of government COVID restrictions. These measures have had questionable impact on our health, and have certainly decimated our economic well-being. Investors can no longer invest with certainty. Banks have introduced their own version of the Treasurer’s “worthiness” index that is forcing the closure of critical industries in mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

Chalmers is promising more of the same. More wealth reduction, more employment loss, more unemployment and more misery for everyday Australians.

One Nation is having none of this Soviet-style economic management. Let businesses get on with what they do best – creating jobs, creating wealth, and creating a future for workers and for all everyday Australians.

In our beautiful country the best method of providing a future for everyone has always been personal enterprise.

Petition of Right to Queen Elizabeth to restore Constitutional government in Australia ignored by Charles

How is it that any natural person outside of the private political parties can be brought before a court?

Commencing on the morning of Monday, the 14th February 1966, no politically appointed
Judge/Justice in any Supreme Court of Queensland who has accepted payment in Australian
Decimal Currency for their private services to (the “State”) cannot impose any pecuniary penalty
in Australian Decimal Currency and cannot imprison any private person for any term of
imprisonment as held to -THE CRIMINAL CODE ACT, 1899 63 Vic. No.9 as they themselves
hold the authority of an individual person only.

I refer to the public Seal affixed to the Judiciary Act No.6 of 1903, any politically appointed
Judge/Justice in any private Australian Court, who receives their Salaries and allowances in
Australian Decimal Currency in any format which includes an electronic transaction in AUS$.

Every politically appointed Australian Judge/Justice each hold a signed person to person contract in De
Facto Relationships with the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Government, the Prime
Minister of Australia, and are paid out of the profits of the firm in the private currency of the firm
AUS$, which is an electronic currency as held to Electronic Transactions Act 1999.

The Judges/Justice so politically are inside the Council of Australian Governments or COAG and
only hold the single authority of the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Government the
Prime Minister of Australia who personally holds the Seals of the Corporation

No politically sworn and appointed Judge /Justice in any private positions in any private Australia
Courts, can impose any pecuniary sentence in Australian Decimal Currency upon any private
persons, and to be paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Australian Government in any

electronic transition or by the use of Australian Decimal Currency, held to Currency Act 1965 and
the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

No politically sworn and appointed Judge /Justice in any private positions in any private Australian Court, cannot imprison any person on the land of the Crown, for any purported Civil Law, Criminal Offence, of the privately elected Members of the Registered Political Parties of the Australian Government, the holders of the Seal affixed to the Crimes Act 1914.

Referendum to be a second voice in government for Aborigines only

Spanish socialists and corporate elite up to their eyeballs in WEF agenda

Not all Spaniards support their new socialist government’s agenda. Tens of thousands of Spaniards, most of them Vox Party supporters, came out in protest against the Sanchez coalition government early this January.

THE list of attendees to this month’s World Economic Forum reveals much about where governments are going with the WEF agenda.

A stunning example is the government of Spain, controlled currently by the long established Socialist Workers Party. Ironically, these so-called champions of the workers have sold out to the WEF’s global digitalization plan, strongly opposed by Italy’s growing populist movement that protested en masse earlier this month.

The WEF attendance list shows, for instance, Nadia Calvino, the country’s First Deputy Prime Minister, as Minister for Minister for Economy and Digitalization of Spain. No secrets there about where Spain is headed.

And then there’s Teresa Ribera, the country’s other Deputy Prime Minister, who is “Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain” – not just another environment minister, but a minister overseeing Spain’s “ecological transition”. Agenda 20-30 and great reset, here we come.

Spain’s prime minister is Pedro Sanchez, a slick, suave, cardboard cut-out politician, from a wealthy family and owner of an industrial packing company but also an avowed atheist and Marxist. Sanchez, the privileged capitalist, is also president of Socialist International.

Sanchez’s “social democrat” PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) governs with the support of a socialist left party called Unidas Podemos, a so-called democratic socialist alliance that includes communists and is supposedly anti-globalisation and anti-austerity. Good luck with that, boys and girls.

And right up there with the socialist champions of the workers on the WEF attendance list were the representatives of Spain’s corporate elite, such as Ana Botin, group executive chairman of Banco Santander, and JoséLinares Perou her CEO and “Global Head, Corporate and Investment Banking”.

Also listed were the two chiefs of BBVA, a multinational financial services company based in Spain and said to be one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Other Spanish attendees represented oil and gas and construction companies, media, entertainment and sport. No doubt about it, the globalist neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab has “penetrated zee Spanish”.

If you’re not entirely convinced that Spain’s corporate community have been entirely captured by green ideology, there’s Luis Cabra, deputy CEO of the famous global oil and gas company Repsol. Imaz carries the title “Director, Energy Transition, Technology and Institutional Affairs”. Luis was at Davos with his CEO Josu Jon Imaz.

These oil executives must be wondering just how things will go when they have “transitioned” to solar panels, batteries and windmills. Will Repsol logos still be adorning electric cars and motorcycles as they whizz quietly around the tracks, taking half-hour pit stops to recharge. “Transitioned” motorsports sounds like a much quieter pursuit. Hopefully the nasty tendency of vehicle batteries to self combust will be sorted out by then.

Sanchez has been hailed by Californian professor Jacob Soll, writing in the leftist news site Politico, as a shining success story for the European left. But Sanchez’s government is strangling the farming sector by cutting irrigation water supply under the guise of “fighting climate change”. What Sanchez, like the Dutch government, is doing is taking control of and reducing food supply. Part of the truly diabolical WEF agenda.

Sanchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers Party has a long history. In1921 it split because the “social democrat” wing did not support the PSOE’s integration in the Communist International founded by Vladimir Lenin two years prior.

The result was the formation of the PCE, a merger of the Spanish Communist Party (Partido Comunista Español) and the Spanish Communist Workers’ Party (Partido Comunista Obrero Español). The PCE was first legalized after the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic in April 1931. The republic was “the first democratic regime” in the history of Spain.

In 1936 General Franco led a military coup against these growing leftist forces. It degenerated into the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. While Franco’s brutal rule during the war has been perpetually condemned by western leftists, the war subsided and the country moved ahead under his rule. He was as much a popular figure among Spaniards as he was a hated figure.

As noted by Encylopedia Britannica: “The period of ostracism finally came to an end with the worsening of relations between the Soviet world and the West at the height of the Cold War. Franco could now be viewed as one of the world’s leading anticommunist statesmen, and relations with other countries began to be regularized in 1948. His international rehabilitation was advanced further in 1953, when Spain signed a 10-year military assistance pact with the United States, which was later renewed in more limited form.”

The country prospered economically in the 1960s and Premier Franco gradually began loosening his hold on power, appointing Prince Juan Carlos as his successor on the monarchial throne he re-established by referendum in 1948.

Britannica notes further: “He (Franco) demonstrated marked political ability in gauging the psychology of the diverse elements, ranging from moderate liberals to extreme reactionaries, whose support was necessary for his regime’s survival. He maintained a careful balance among them and largely left the execution of policy to his appointees, thereby placing himself as arbiter above the storm of ordinary political conflict.”

Franco resigned his premiership in 1973 but kept his functions as head of state, commander in chief of the armed forces, and head of “the Movement” or Movimiento Nacional, a form of government set up by Franco during the Civil War in 1937, which included a single political party, an employee-employer organisation, and village representatives. Public servants were obliged to swear an oath to its principles.

Very interestingly, Wikipedia notes that the National Movement drew from Spain’s imperial past and declared its independence from the “purported Judeo-Masonic-Marxist international conspiracy, a personal obsession of Franco”. It appears Franco, most likely activated by the anti-masonic writings of various Popes, knew what he was up against as the forces of the left rallied in Spain in the 1920s and 30s in cahoots with the great Soviet experiment financed by certain Wall St banks.

A Catholic website discussing freemasonry states: “Masons were prominent in the French Revolution and the Irish rising of 1798. They helped lead the South American revolts against Spain as well as the unification of Italy. Discarding even the pretense of Deism, Grand Orient Lodges ceased to revere the Bible or any Volume of Sacred Law. They dominated the bitterly anti-clerical French Third Republic (1870-1940) that confiscated all Church property in France. They persecuted and slaughtered Catholics after the Mexican Revolution and during the Spanish Civil War. Even in today’s European Union, Masons favor radical secularization.”

But the website questions the link to Judaism, claiming it was Scottish Christians who founded the first lodges and a Protestant clergyman who wrote the first lodge constitution. “Not only is Marxism an entirely different entity, Communist regimes have always suppressed Masonry, as did Hitler and Mussolini,” the writers claim.

The book Freemasonry and the Vatican (pp 69-78) by Viscount Leon de Poncins, tackles the Judeo-Masonic links in a very balanced manner, citing opponents (e.g. A. Mellor) and supporters of the alleged links. But one of the most illuminating quotes is from Rabbi Eli Benamozegh’s 1914 work Israel and Humanity which states “What is certain is that Masonic theology corresponds well enough with that of the Kaballa.” The Rabbi goes on to state that Rabbinical works in the early Christian-era prove that “the Haggada was the popular form of a secret science, whose methods of initiation bore the most striking resemblances to Freemasonry.”

The book also discusses at length the revolutionary nature of the lodges and the links between Masonic doctrine and Marxism along with satanism, naturalism and freemasonry. Fast forward to the 2020s and we can see these ideologies running rampant. Naturalism most notable as environmentalism – a sort of new global religion mixed in with neo-Marxism and the brazenly satanic anti-Christian popular culture as demonstrated by the likes of Madonna and the global fashion brand Balenciaga.

This is underlying reason we see the bizarre alliance of corporate capitalism and neo-Marxism under the World Economic Forum, funded by American Jew Larry Fink, said to be the world’s richest man in terms of wealth his BlackRock company controls. Fink is at the top level of a new class of global multi-billionaires – not exclusively Jewish but certainly strongly influenced by them.

How quickly the Spanish will transition to their new digital system is unknown, but Sanchez and his socialists look positioned to be one of the countries that lead the way. Or will they fall again to a populist counter-revolution as faced by their forefathers some 86 years ago? The so-called “far right” Vox Party, which won 52 seats in the national assembly, is now the third largest party in Spain.

The Vox Party is not buying into the left’s “humanitarian” campaigns against “gender-based violence” and other such causes.

Labor should not complain about huge debt, it was left by Labor

Letter to the Editor

In the opinion of most intelligent people, the former Rudd and Gillard Labor/Greens Government, in power between 2007 and 2013, were recognized worldwide as the worst government in Australia’s history.

In November 2007, Howard and Costello’s Coalition Government left Rudd and Gillard with a PERFECT economy and a $22 BILLION SURPLUS,….which Rudd’s and Gillard’s incompetence (both economic illiterates!) quickly DESTROYED, and left us with a $600 BILLION “DEBT”, a destructive Carbon Tax, Mining Tax, and over 50,000 illegal Boat-People (Criminals).

NOTE: There was NO Covid 19 pandemic, or any other reason or excuse, to BLAME for THEIR economic MISMANAGEMENT!

In 2013, after winning a landslide election, new Coalition Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, successfully began the massive task of repairing the destroyed economy, and paying-off the massive $600 BILLION “DEBT” left by Rudd and Gillard!

Like NO other former PM (or future PM), Abbott actually kept his election promises, and immediately ‘stopped-the-boats’, abolished the Carbon Tax and Mining Tax, and began ‘paying-off-Labor’s-massive- DEBT’,….$600 BILLION!!!!

The corrupt left-wing extremist (Communist, Nazi, Marxist) portion (90%) of the media, with the help of left-wing extremist Malcolm Turnbull, refused to accept the vote and voice of the Australian people, and after TWO years of relentless attacks and white-anting, THEY brought-down Tony Abbott!

Turnbull and Morrison were hopeless PM’s and economic managers, but it was NOT THEIR fault that Australia had never recovered from the huge mess and massive $600 BILLION “DEBT” that Rudd and Gillard had left behind in 2013, and THEREFORE it was NOT Morrison’s fault that Australia was forced to go much further in to debt in order to get us through the Covid 19 Pandemic (SCAM). If Labor/Greens had NOT destroyed the economy and left the massive $600 BILLION “DEBT” between 2007 and 2013, Australia would have been in much better shape to get-through and survive the pandemic!

Let’s not forget, it was Labor/Greens who were PUSHING the Morrison Government to go FURTHER in to DEBT (Handouts, etc.) during the pandemic, and PUSHING them to EXTEND the handouts! So, they are ALL to blame!

Albanese, Chalmers, and the rest of their Commie mates now keep referring to “Liberal DEBT”, when in FACT, it is LABOR’S DEBT!

Once again, let’s NOT forget, ALL the former members of the disastrous/incompetent Rudd/Gillard (Labor/Greens) Government are ALL still there in this new Albanese government,….minus Rudd and Gillard! NONE of them have the right to criticize ANYONE!

This new incompetent/irresponsible Labor/Greens Albanese government has firstly blamed the former government (their fault!) for Labor/Greens economic mis-management,….and then it was the fault of the war in Ukraine (even though power and fuel prices were rising BEFORE the war started!),….and now they are hinting at blaming the Covid situation in China (their fault!) for Labor/Greens economic mis-management!

from Rusty Marsh

Cowra, NSW

Flood disaster relief for regional Queensland

Disaster assistance is now available to seven more flooded local councils following extreme monsoonal rainfall and flooding across regional Queensland.

Support has been approved through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) in the local government areas of Burke, Doomadgee, Lockhart River, Longreach, Mareeba, Mount Isa, and Townsville.

Federal Minister for Emergency Management Senator Murray Watt said this assistance will provide financial support for counter disaster operations aimed at public safety and the restoration of essential public assets such as roads and bridges to get the communities back on their feet.

“As flood waters have receded, we’ve acted swiftly to extend immediate financial support to affected councils,” Minister Watt said.

“The Commonwealth and Queensland Governments have worked closely over the past few weeks to support 26 councils across Queensland so they can get back on their feet sooner.”

Queensland Acting Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Mark Furner said today’s funding announcement will assist these councils with restoring damaged public infrastructure and alleviate the financial burden on these impacted communities. 

“This January monsoonal rainfall has seen extensive flooding, damage to public infrastructure and road closures across Queensland, including the continued isolation of Burke and Doomadgee Shires,” Minister Furner said. 

“It’s important Queensland communities know that all impacted local government areas are being supported, no matter how remote, with assistance to clean-up and recover.”

The jointly-funded DRFA assistance is available in the local government areas of Barcaldine, Barcoo, Boulia, Burdekin, Burke, Carpentaria, Cook, Croydon, Diamantina, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Kowanyama, Lockhart River, Longreach, Mackay, Mapoon, Mareeba, Mornington,Mount Isa, Napranum, Northern Peninsula Area, Palm IslandPormpuraawTownsville, Whitsunday, and Winton.

Information on disaster assistance can be found on the Government’s Disaster Assist website at and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s website at

New $30m police academy for Townsville will not solve Labor’s unprecedented juvenile crime wave

The Premier today announced a new Police Academy for Townsville, as she revealed artist impressions of the new state-of-the-art Queensland police precinct.

The Academy will join the previously announced $30 million police facility – due to replace the Kirwan Police Station- with preliminary works on the facility already underway at the site of the former 1300 Smiles football stadium.

New police recruits will not fix the rampant, unprecedented crime wave tearing Queensland apart. Labor is bereft of any sensible solution such as remote sentencing to isolated stations

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Queensland was in the midst of the biggest investment in policing in Queensland in more than three decades.

“The Townsville Police Academy will continue to play a significant role in the development of the next generation of police officers,” the Premier said.

“Recently we saw one of the biggest ever in-take of recruits to the Townsville Academy to undergo their comprehensive six-month training course.

“61 new recruits from all walks of life, aged 18 to 53 signed up to the academy, where they’ll undergo rigorous training with an acute emphasis on domestic and family violence.

“They will engage in cultural training, co-facilitated by external practitioners and people with lived experience. The course will focus on trauma-informed and victim-centric policing responses.

“We are going to be training even more recruits like this into the future, and a new state-of-the-art training facility at the new Kirwan police precinct would be a significant drawcard for recruits to North Queensland.

“While it will also provide the Queensland Police Service with greatly enhanced operational training capability.”

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the significant investment cemented the QPS’ commitment to delivering world-class policing services into the future.

“A brand new police academy will help us usher in a new chapter of modernisation of training for our recruits and officers in North Queensland,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“We are embarking on the largest ever police recruit campaign and we know having state-of-the-art training facilities right here in Townsville will be a great incentive for would-be recruits.

“The multi-purpose police complex at Kirwan will not only provide services for the local community but will become a policing hub, boosting our capability across the region.”   

Acting Police Minister Mark Furner said the design work will ensure the new facilities at the old football stadium site will be first class.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing the outcome of this exciting venture for the QPS and the community,” Minister Furner said.

“The existing Police Academy in Townsville has done a great job of preparing new recruits for more than 25 years.

“We have excellent, modern training facilities for police in Brisbane, and now is the time for north Queensland to be equipped with similar cutting-edge training capabilities.

“We are making the biggest investment in police personnel in more than three decades and it is only fitting we provide police with the best possible training facilities.”

Member for Thuringowa Aaron Harper said today’s announcement is a win for North Queensland, and will ensure community safety remains at the forefront for years to come.

“Today is a great day for Townsville, as we welcome the announcement of this new police academy.

“Not only will this see more of our best and brightest progress thorough a state-of the art training facility right here in Townsville, but I expect the construction process will lead to more good jobs for North Queenslanders.

“I have always said that this facility will be something special, and the release of these comprehensive plans prove that.

“I thank the QPS, and the Palaszczuk Government, for paying homage to North Queensland’s footy legacy, by ensuring the new complex’s design honours the former stadium.”

Member for Townsville Scott Stewart said the State Government was continuing to back the Queensland Police Service.

“We know the important job our police do each and every day serving our community and that’s why we always back them with good facilities and equipment,” Mr Stewart said.

“It’s exciting to see the plans for this state-of-the-art facility, which will be great for our police graduates.”

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers welcomed the announcemt.

“The QPU welcomes today’s announcement as a new Police Academy in Townsville  is sorely needed and is a tangible example of this Government’s commitment to police in regional Queensland,” Mr Leavers said.

“I also thank and acknowledge the Premier and Police Minister’s commitment to work with me to focus on increasing police numbers and address police recruiting in Queensland through a whole suite of innovative and nation leading measures that we are working on.” 

Forget “Invasion Day” – my neighbours are more worried about home invasions, Alice Springs is falling apart

by Senator Jacinta Price

As you and I were celebrating our wonderful country with family and friends, the inner-city elites were marching in the streets, setting Australian flags on fire, demanding we cancel Australia Day.In stark contrast, Alice Springs – my home town – was on fire with crime and violence.Forget “Invasion Day” – my neighbours are more worried about home invasions.

Senator Jacinta Price: Forget the Voice and forget the activist rubbish!

“Genocidal colonialism” is usually the last thing on your mind when a gang of machete-wielding thugs bursts into your house in the middle of the night.That didn’t stop the woke elitists taking to the streets in Sydney and Melbourne and Canberra, though.You and I have heard their arguments before.

The activists scream about reparations while trouble-free white Teal voters feel good about themselves for standing up for ‘justice’ (before heading off to their beach holiday retreat for the long weekend).But this time there’s a sinister undertone to their protests.While the professional activists and white managerial strivers shout to the wind about the injustices of Australia Day, Alice Springs is falling apart.While they will go home and sleep soundly, Indigenous women and children are scared in their beds as alcohol fuelled violence rages around them.It’s gotten so bad Albo finally realised he had no choice but to turn up.I’ve been calling on the Prime Minister for months to take a break from his overseas trips, visit the Territory and take some real action.

This week – after months of avoiding us – Albo finally got on the private jet to Alice Springs.But so far all we’ve heard from him is talk.He doesn’t have the courage to take REAL action in a way that will actually curb the violence and chaos.To make matters worse, Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney has rolled up to complain that if only we had a Voice to Parliament we could have stopped this earlier.What a crock.Let me tell you, Linda, I am Indigenous.I’m from the Northern Territory.I have a voice.I am literally in the Parliament.And you didn’t listen.I told you abolishing cashless debit cards and opening the floodgates of alcohol would cause absolute chaos and it has.

The alcohol bans have to come back, not just for a week, but fully and properly.I have put forward a law in the Senate that will help fix these issues.Albo and Linda need to come to the table and get it passed.Forget the Voice. Forget all the activist rubbish. The safety of Indigenous women and children has to come first.This Australia Day, it’s time Albo gets serious and stops talking about problems and starts fixing them.

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister to hunt down all those unvaxxed

Daughter of Tara shooters throws a curved ball into the official narrative

“Police said she was armed but mum didn’t like guns so I don’t know what she was armed with,” Madelyn, daughter of Nathaniel and Stacey Train said.

Aborigines want you to pay them rent on your home for evermore, on top of an annual $35 billion government handout

Letter to the Editor

Momentum is building for a campaign that would call on Australian property owners to pay a percentage of their income to traditional land owners out of respect for their ancestral land claims.
The scheme, Pay the Rent, would work as a voluntary weekly payment to a body led by Aboriginal elders and managed without interference from the government.

Fighting, drinking illicit grog and pillaging homes are quite normal Aboriginal behaviour in Alice Springs. Pics The Australian

The program has been operating quietly in Victoria, with veteran Aboriginal rights activist from Melbourne Robbie Thorpe – who organised a similar scheme in Fitzroy in the 1990s – suggesting non-Indigenous Australians give up one per cent of their weekly wage.

Decisions about the distribution of money paid into this fund will be made exclusively by a Sovereign Body, composed of Aboriginal people from a range of clans and nations,” the Pay The Rent website states.


This initiative operates on the understanding that Aboriginal people should have control of any rent received.

Paying the Rent is about non-Indigenous people honouring the Sovereignty of Aboriginal people; it is a somewhat more just way of living on this stolen land,” the scheme states on its website.”


Cara Peek, a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and lawyer who co-founded Cultural IQ, an organisation providing culturally appropriate training in Australian businesses, said Australia was ready to have conversations about financial reparation.

“People are often looking to find a way to support Indigenous communities and acknowledge the historical nature of our lived experiences as first peoples,” Ms Peek told

“A Pay the Rent scheme is also quite poignant in that owning property is a privilege in this country, and as much as people may struggle with mortgages, many people can’t even get a mortgage or bank loan. That is the case for many Indigenous Australians.”


“In response to an common argument that non-Indigenous Australians had just as much right to land because they were born in Australia, Ms Peek strongly suggested education as the answer.

“If you can afford property, you are well above in terms of privilege and opportunity than most Indigenous Australians,” she said, describing it a “moot point”.

“If you want to know why you should consider that [paying the rent] then you need to educate yourself.”

Ms Peek suggested the Cultural IQ educational program she co-founded with her sister and that is set to launch on January 26.

“That helps people understand and unpack their cultural bias and where they’ve come from, and also how to meet first peoples in the middle,” she said.

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from Bliskitt, Queensland

Editor: The Aboriginal industry gets $35 billion from the federal government every year, and now they want you to pay them rent on your land for which you worked for a lifetime.

The vast majority of blackfellas sit on their arses for most of their lives collecting money to do so and still they want more. Tell the sycophantic Labor PM Albanese NO. The militant Murris should remember they would not exist in any capacity if the Japs had got into Australia. They should shut up and be thankful for Captain Cook, the ADF and everything that followed for their benefit.

Just remember most Australian state school curricula teaches kids Australia Day is ” ïnvasion day.”

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