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Listen to the voice of your Constitution

The Commonwealth Constitution of Australia has rarely been taught in Australian schools. Most adults are oblivious to its contents and meaning.

Consider why a government would want to change our Constitution by referendum to effect a racial division among Australians to enshrine a second voice for a small minority group?


Be the judges of The Voice


All Australians have a voice in our so called democracy. The government now is to present to we the people a referendum to give indigenous Australians who already have the voice of 11 sitting members along with every other Australian, to now get a second exclusive say in government agenda … VOTE NO

Aurukun murris smash cop car, giving them a Voice will not make one bit of difference

Aborigines already have federal and state ministers to represent them in Parliament, what do they say about the continual cycle of violence at Aurukun and the massive cost to taxpayers?

from ABC

Police say they expect to lay charges in relation to a wild rampage through a Cape York supermarket and an attack on a cop car.

On January 2, a large group entered the Kang Kang Rd supermarket before stealing items and causing extensive damage to the business.

Police are working with elders, community members, police liaison officers and support agencies following the disturbance.

The community of Aurukun at the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland. Picture: Marc McCormack

The community of Aurukun at the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland. Picture: Marc McCormack

Police will allege that at 8pm on Monday a mob entered the Aurukun Supermarket and stole cigarettes, electrical goods and cash before turning on police who had arrived to diffuse the situation.

Officers were initially unable to enter the supermarket due to the actions of the violent mob, including the alleged throwing of a brick through the rear window of a police vehicle.

The crowd eventually dispersed but not before making off with property from the store.

No injuries were reported by police.

Investigations, including sending additional detectives and scenes of crimes officers to Aurukun, continued on Tuesday with officers reviewing CCTV and interviewing witnesses.

The Aurukun Supermarket run by Island & Cape was targeted on Monday. PICTURE: Brendan Radke

The Aurukun Supermarket run by Island & Cape was targeted on Monday. PICTURE: Brendan Radke

In 2020 the New Year’s Day riot triggered by the murder of Austin Woolla caused significant unrest in the western Cape community that led to the torching of houses.

More than 300 residents fearing for their lives fled Aurukun for Cairns and bush camps in the wake of the riot and in October 2021 a jury found a 20-year-old man guilty of murdering Mr Woolla.

Numerous people were charged with riot and arson offences in January 2020.

Police say charges in relation to Monday’s disturbance are expected in the coming days.

Black entitlement to crime will not be solved by harsher penalties

By Lyndesy Symonds

The Australian population – in its demographics is the population that wants a free Australia and a fair-go way of life. Respect for rule of law and rights of others is integral to this project.

Failure of the Australians to have a robust conversation about racial realities and draw the line on the basis of what we believe and what we want for ourselves and our children will ensure our loss of country even if we were born on this continent. It will fragment into tribalism and a Marxist state will rule on the basis of the tried and true formula of crime, chaos and corruption.

We are seeing the rise of organised criminal gangs / networks among sectors of the population which are alienated from Australians and our founding jurisprudence and principles . And these sectors identify themselves by race or by religion in the sense of our religion is our race (o.r.i.o.n.) – namely Islam.

Failure to reckon with this is failure in moral and political will. But this failure does not mean that those willing to muster the moral and political will have stepped back from having this conversation and taking action in circumstances that demand action – self defense, defense of family and property.

And yet, a few Australian adults with, let us just say, capabilities in that McDonalds would have quickly sorted out the Black entitlement to crime situation – come what may.

In Australia, we are not yet in the position of being a demographic minority. Yet we are cowed by our traitor elites which use Black entitlement to crime to control us. Even so, those who are in the demographic minority still proceed to show us not to step back from the confrontation being forced upon us – whatever the cost might be at the hands of ‘enforcer Whites’ enabling and promoting Black entitlement.

In the following blah-blah-blah report, the video clearly shows that it is a Black child who attacked a White man in the swimming pool and when the man pushed the child away the others piled in on him. The White man is (of course) blamed for ‘the attack’.

Editorial: Australians should think hard about supporting the proposed referendum to guarantee Aborigines a place in politics. They already have many places and many voices in Parliament while the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is promoting a dangerous trip to anarchy.

Indigenous leader and senator, Jacinta Price has started a huge movement which includes many indigenous followers who say NO to the referendum which she says will further expand the black versus white chasm.

The city vote on this vexed issue will determine the outcome of an expensive referendum being driven by the elite, massively, public- funded upper echelons of the black mafia which represents about 0.002% of the black population.. The elite have allies in the major media and the ABC propping up the seemingly failing UN agenda of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

We urge regional people who have not already done so to implore their city relatives and friends to visit the regions to experience first hand the indigenous way of life and how it can adversely affect every community in which they live.

It should be stated that it is a minority of black troublemakers who make life hell for the remainder but the MSM manage to deflect the criminality of the minority to make white people the culprits.

Get them to visit Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa, Walgett, Moree, Redfern, Sydney’s western suburbs, Darwin, Alice Springs, Broome, Melbourne, Adelaide and the outer suburbs of Perth.

Remind them to keep their car keys well hidden.

Senator Jacinta Price is the only real representative of NT Aborigines and entire indigenous population – says NO to the referendum question

The Uluru Statement from the Heart, signed by only 0.03% of the Indigenous population, demanding constitutionally enshrined identity politics – that’s unifying and representative of the entire Indigenous population.

A democratically elected Senator and Aboriginal woman, representing a Territory with a population that’s almost 30% Indigenous, who has a long-held and well documented belief that ALL Australians are equal – that’s divisive and ignorant.

PM Anthony Albanese is the representative of the communist UN who is enlisting all of the left brigade and the union Marxists to foist the Voice of 0.03% of pseudo blackfellas onto the Australian people to win the referendum for a black voice in Parliament, further dividing the nation into black and white.

Makes sense…

Of course it’s rubbish, and they know it too.

And it didn’t take much for the charade to drop and their true colours to show.

Somehow the Voice has made it acceptable for privileged blokes to attack Aboriginal women over their stance on Indigenous issues – and the lefties are all on board.

I mean, we all knew this would happen.

You can’t oppose a constitutional gravy train for those after taxpayer funded salaries, and not expect a few fireworks – but wow, that was quicker than I was expecting!

We don’t even have details on Albo’s Voice to Parliament and already its backers have sunk to name calling, intimidation tactics and racially motivated abuse to help bully their way to what they want.

When the Nationals stood before Australia and declared our opposition to the Voice, we did so because we knew no unelected body could speak for ALL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

How could it? How could a body of 24 people cherry-picked from the nearly 900,000 Indigenous Australians hope to speak for all of them without even consulting them first? It couldn’t.

And every day since that announcement, the Voice proponents have come after me in the media, telling everyone that I don’t speak for them, I don’t represent them, my views aren’t their views.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
Senator for the Northern Territory


We are not the same! We think differently! We have different views, opinions, beliefs, ideas and plans.

We are not a monolithic people destined to agree on everything!

We vote for leaders who best represent our individual views and we send them to speak those views in the nation’s parliament.

Just like every other Australian.

I know it, you know it, they know it.

That’s why Albo and his Referendum Engagement Group are changing the rules for referendums just in time for their Voice vote.

They’re throwing buckets of taxpayer cash at the Voice, they have the backing and big bucks from woke corporations and sycophants, they’ve played the game to build their Yes campaign, now they’re changing the rules to try and stop the No cause.

It’s undemocratic, cynical and dishonest.

Labor has changed the referendum rules to saturate the country with “education materials” on the Voice.

The Yes campaign will ramp up its bullying, gaslighting and emotional blackmail tactics – anything to get their own spoiled-brat kind of way.

And while we all waste our time and government money on this, nothing gets done to address the REAL problems.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Jacinta Price

Zali Steggall amends “election honesty” bill to censor referendum debate

Senator Lidia Thorpe, who represents the latest generation of far left indigenous rights activism and is one good reason to vote no in the referendum creating special Aboriginal parliamentary representation.
Zali Steggall in Parliament, giving notice of her updated Stop the Lies Bill.


THE people of northern Sydney must be wondering what they elected. Their so-called “independent Teal” MP Zali Steggall has not only announced her support for the Constitutional referendum giving Aboriginal Australians “special political representation”, but she is sponsoring a so-called Stop the Lies Bill that could effectively censor debate about it.

Steggall’s Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Stop the Lies) Bill 2021 amends the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to prohibit misleading and deceptive political advertising during federal elections; prohibit political parties, candidates and campaigners from impersonating or passing off material as being from another candidate; and create a complaints process through the Australian Electoral Commissioner who may order a retraction of the statement or apology to the affected party.”

Great, you say. Let’s stop all those political lies. Well, good luck negotiating all the bureaucratic and legal skulduggery if such a Bill ever became law. Besides, it already is an offence under Section 137.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) to knowingly provide false or misleading information to a Commonwealth entity or a person “exercising powers or performing functions under, or in connection with, a law of the Commonwealth”.

What would work more effectively to make politicians and bureaucrats more accountable would be citizen-initiated recall and referendum powers, which were actively campaigned for in Australia decades ago, but never gained traction.

But Steggall’s notice of intention to include Referenda in the Bill would present an opportunity for legal eagles working with activists to intimidate open and honest debate by the everyday Joe and Jill Blows. The so-called Uluru Statement from the Heart gives identity politics Constitutional status on behalf of the entrenched leftist Aboriginal activist elite. Will the next thing be to give the “LGBTIQ+ community” Constitutional recognition?

Senator Jacinta Nampijimpa-Price, who represents all Northern Territory people regardless of race, is not impressed with the so-called Uluru statement and posted her disapproval of Steggall’s plan on Twitter. “You know what’s a lie[?] Claiming the Uluṟu Statement represents Aboriginal Australia! It doesn’t, it represents 250 unelected individuals, rich corporates and the privileged guilt-ridden woke!” she wrote.

Senator Price couldn’t have put it more concisely. The Aboriginal land rights movement has generational links to old-guard Marxists from the Australian Communist Party and neo-Marxists and New Left ideologues in academia, the media and the Australian Labor Party. They have always played the guilt-ridden people who lack the wisdom and insight to see that Aboriginal social problems are much deeper than simply “white Australian racism”.

The latest manifestation of this neo-Marxism is the radical Victorian Greens Senator, Lidia Thorpe, who exhibits total contempt of the Senate she was elected to, and is prone to smearing anyone who questions or disagrees with her “black activism” as a “racist”. But Thorpe has no credibility after being revealed as having an affair with the leader of the Rebels bikie gang while sitting on a joint parliamentary law enforcement committee.

Steggall essentially represents the standard environmentalism and identity politics of the Liberal Party and Teal left wing. She is also a big advocate of “renewable energy” so it’s standing joke on social media for people to post memes of the beaches and suburbs of northern Sydney with windmills pasted over them.

The obvious flaw of the Stop the Lies Bill was even picked up by one of her supporters. “I like the idea of this… but can’t image how it could ever be policed,” she commented. Catriona Thoolen followed up saying: “That is actually the problem. Who can report the lies? Who decides what is the truth? How long would it take to make that decision? How many people would need to be employed to do the fact-checking? How do they check? Wiki?”

Senator Price is a Country Liberal Party conservative thinker (and Republican) who says there are more pressing issues than the Uluru Statement from the Heart, such as education funding for the Yipirinya School in Alice Springs and stopping “rivers of grog” flowing into Indigenous communities.

Speaking on a Q&A Show back in August, Senator Price rejected the referendum plan to “enshrine an Indigenous voice within the Australian Constitution” because she could see “another bureaucracy” arising and the dangers if things went wrong once it was in the constitution.

Senator Price said Indigenous communities such as the Gumatj had been able to advance without this supposed political solution. “What they have done with their country, the way they educate their young people, have industry up and running — they have their own bauxite mine. All those things have already happened and it’s all successfully occurred without the need for enshrining a voice to parliament to do so.

The Blackfella referendum should fail miserably

from Peter O’Brien

Professor Greg Craven of the Catholic University has a piece in the Weekend Australian (paywalled) posing ten questions for opponents of the Voice. I will attempt to answer those questions. What follows is the text of Professor Craven’s article with my responses indented after each question.

Referendums are much like marriages. Sooner or later, romance is confronted by reality.

In the lead-up to a referendum campaign, both sides revel in their own rhetoric, the wickedness of their opponents and the certainty of victory. Then the grinding slog of the campaign begins.

We have now fully entered the campaign phase over an Indigenous voice.

The fondest hopes of both sides have evaporated. On the Yes side – my side – the notion there would not be an organised No case, that it would all be a romp in the park, has collapsed. This will be as much a fight as any other referendum.

On the No side, the idea this referendum might be strangled before birth, that it could be argued away before even being put, is over. There really will be a titanic clash of constitutional wills.

I don’t believe the more informed opponents of this proposal wanted the referendum strangled at birth. Most want the referendum to go ahead so we can, hopefully, put this issue to rest. Unfortunately, we know that if the proposal gets up, its proponents will not regard the issue as settled. We will then move on to demands for treaties, ‘truth telling’, compensation and Aboriginal sovereignty. Opponents will likely accept the result. But if the proposal fails, the activists will not accept the will of the people, so expect them to double down on their claims that Australia is a racist country. So, either way, the issue will not be settled.

Being positive, this clash could at least be civilised. There will be good people on both sides. Debate certainly can be sharp but it should not be jagged.

More challenging, this is a debate that matters profoundly, not a tiff about my symbolic republic. Particularly for Indigenous Australians, someone could get seriously hurt by both campaign and outcome.

Oddly, few people realise there is not really a No side in any referendum. Rather, there are two Yes sides for different constitutional visions. In this case, one is for constitutional recognition, the other for a Constitution free of Indigenous emphasis.

Critically, each group bears the same onus of proof in demonstrating their proposal is cogent, compelling and will not harm the Australian polity. There is no such thing as “Just vote No”. You vote Yes to one or the other.

On this I agree with Professor Craven. We often hear the simplistic refrain ‘if you don’t understand it, don’t vote for it’. That is not a valid basis to vote No. If you don’t understand it, then you should find out about it. P/2

Albanese to include local government in National Cabinet

by Alison Ryan

UN/WEF/NWO coming in through back door

Labor Party enforcer thugs run the union standover tactics

Local Government representation must be kicked out by our VOTES this election. Local Government is hiding in the parties and touting itself as a third level of government, unlawfully outside the jurisdiction of the highest law in our land, that magnificent guardian of our personal freedoms, the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. Let’s vote Local Government, their activists, their ignorant [or] traitorous MP enablers, who have made promises to Local Government to work in a national capacity, out of power.

We must vote out the parties in this election who have forsaken the Australian Commonwealth Constitution and who are actively working with the Local Government Groups to bring in what is another form of governance, if we want to live free.

Go to the websites of the parties and read their Media Releases. Are any espousing Federalism? Is it according to the Australian Commonwealth Constitution enacted in 1901 at Federation? Is their Federalism a “grass roots” democracy preaching Local Government and Regionalism = Nationalism? Or does their democracy rely on the powers of a parliament conforming in its structure to the Australian Commonwealth Constitution of 1901? Are any parties wanting to cut out State Government? What will this then be replaced with?

Albanese “Assume the position” is just another crook except he is supported and sustained by unions and corruption

Don’t be sold out to the Liberals, Labor, Nationals, Greens, or any other party that is preaching a new way of government. Only the Australian Commonwealth Constitution has the freedom safeguards in it to stand against the advancing army of the UN/WEF/NWO.
We have all had a taste of the globalist powers. Did their rules and regulations allow you to get on with your life and give prosperity to you, your children, and your country?

No. Millions have suffered and died from the imposed EUA mandates and regulations.

Whilst Australians have been getting on with their busy lives, our MPs have been outsourcing power of governance to non- elected “experts”, and to anyone who wants to get into the political system via Local Government and Regionalism streams.

At this point in time, our guardian Australian Commonwealth Constitution has been trashed, and we are on a soviet-council pathway to internationalist control.
Let’s look at the evidence. Look up these links. We are “nothing” to the new power structure that is forming here in Australia. God is with-holding still its total power, but we can see it forming. We are to resist this beast. We are to set ourselves AGAINST this beast system. We are to be vigilant and to know our enemy and his policies.

The Liberal/National Government of Scott Morrison has created their new NATIONAL FEDERATION REFORM COUNCIL. This is their National Council, a nice sounding term for the under-belly inter-national soviet congress that it really is – just being oiled ready to slip into their World Federation of States when their time comes. Think of their WHO Constitution and their WHO Treaty which is being laid for all nations. Oh, dear, is this why former Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, let Daniel Andrews call out Victoria as a Strong City – remember city is the new word for the old-fashioned shire council? Yes, all this has been planned. This is the Federation “reform” spoken of by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull and was promised to continue through the old COAG.

Our Australian Commonwealth Constitution is the highest law of the land. It overrides any States laws. Local Government is controlled by State Governments. They have the power to establish and abolish all Local Government bodies. There are several hundred Local Government organisations in Australia. All Local Governments are established by acts of the State Parliaments. Right now, Local Government advocacy groups and Regional Australia advocacy groups are doing an end-run around the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. There is no Local Government nor Regional Government jurisdiction in the Australian Commonwealth Constitution. Not granted by the people of Australia. Period.

Let’s look at the evidence. Look up these links. These groups are destroying the people’s Australian Commonwealth Constitution with the help of your elected representatives, the politicians.

The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) was formed under former Labor PM Kevin Rudd. The ACELG is a Consortium of five – the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), the Centre for Local Government at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), University of Canberra, Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia. LGMA changed its name in 2015 to Local Government Professionals Australia.

ACELG has hosted an international roundtable on metropolitan governance with the “Forum of Federations, the global network on federalism and devolved governance”; (Link: About The Forum – Forum of Federations (, and the Major Cities Unit of Infrastructure Australia. Former Labor Senator Margaret Reynolds said ACELG made impressive progress in achieving its vision of Worldclass local government. Link: ACELG Annual Report – 2009 (

UTS says that the Australian Classification of Local Governments (ACLG) divides Australia into urban, regional and rural classifications. Link: future_proofing.pdf (

LGMA prepared the National Local Government Workforce Strategy on behalf of the ACELG which was released by Labor MP Catherine King. Link: Local Government Managers Australia – LGAM Knowledge Base (

Regional Australia Institute (RAI) says it’s at the forefront of a powerful national movement and it is pushing the Regionalisation of our nation. They will hold the Regions Rising National Summit, 17-18 August 2022 in Canberra. It aims to “Rebalance the Nation” through its National Regionalisation Framework. The RAI Board consists of former Leader of the National Party Mark Vaile, former S.A. Liberal Premier Rob Kerin, and other influential people. RAI calls itself an independent “think tank”. Link: Board ( Link: Who we are (

says ALGA Councils are committed to partnering with the next Federal Government. The President of ALGA Linda Scott stated on 22 April that she’s calling *for ALGA Climate Action, *putting ALGA on the National Cabinet, and *endorsing Federal Labor MP Mr Bowen as a working partner on climate action if elected to the Federal Government.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) is joining ALGA in calling on the next Federal Government to include Local Government representation on National Cabinet. Link: Media Releases Archives – Australian Local Government Association (

ALGA says Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese will include Local Government in the National Cabinet. Anthony Albanese told delegates at the 27th National General Assembly of Local Government that people [HE] expected the three tiers of government to work together. Link: ALGA welcomes commitment to include local government in the National Cabinet – Australian Local Government Association

At the international level ALGA performs its function of representation through membership of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) and the United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC). Link: Inquiry into Australia’s Relations with China. Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References…sub67 File Ref: KW 33-1 13 June 2005 Dr Kathleen Dermody

ALGA makes an annual financial contribution to and participates in activities, conferences and meetings convened by both CLGF and UCLG ASPAC with individual Councils undertaking international relations based on their own strategic priorities. Link re: Commonwealth Local Government Forum – Wikipedia

UCLG, UCLG-ASPAC, ICLEI, CLGF are members of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments. The Global Taskforce convenes the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments, the joint voice of local and regional leaders from around the world. Link: Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments – Habitat III (
Link: World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments | Global Taskforce (

Regional Development Australia (RDA), formerly the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government was a Labor Government department under Simon Crean who was the Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government. This department existed between September 2010 and December 2011. Within this department an Administrative Arrangements Order took hold of the Jervis Bay Territory, the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the Territory of Christmas Island, the Coral Sea Islands Territory, the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Commonwealth responsibilities on Norfolk Island, Constitutional development of the Northern Territory and the ACT, Planning and Land Management in the ACT, Regional Development, Matters relating to Local Government, Regional Australia policy and co-ordination, and Support for Ministers and Parliamentary secretaries with regional responsibilities. There you have it. The Fabian PM Julia Gillard and her government undermining the Australian Commonwealth Constitution for the future federation of socialists. See Link: Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government – Wikipedia

The $1 billion Regional Development Australia Fund was set up following Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s signed commitment with Federal Independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. Link: Regions livid at city fund | Farm Online | Australia

This is an election like no other, in that people are more passionate and keen to make their vote count for freedom. A vote for freedom means STOP THEIR PLANS.

No Australian States left in Federation

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, well said in your about the Editor post.
However it is the 1985/86 Australian Act by Bob Hawke and it has no relevance to the Federation because there is no States left in the Federation.
SS106, 107 and 108 states that all Colonies shall becomes States with the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia and they are all bound by the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 UK, proclaimed in September 1900 and came into effect on the 1st January 1901.

Six States formed the Federation NSW, VICT. QLD, TAS. S.A. and W.A. who joined the Federation by July 1900.
August 1902 NSW changed their Constitution without following the indissoluble Commonwealth Constitution without going to the people of NSW for a referendum as required by law.
Then in 1904 WA did the same as well as Qld in 1924, plus do away with the Senate without referendum. 1934 Tas. and SA followed suit, also against the Constitution and that now only leaves Vic. because all the other States left the Federation and revert back to Colonies without a referendum.

1975 Vic. finally changed their Constitution without a referendum and that left no State in the Federation, so how can the States and Hawke form the 1985/86 Australian Act when no States are part of the Federation.
They outsmarted themselves as treasonous traitors to the people of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Thank you
Bernie Drew

Australia already a republic says a reader

Letter to the Editor

On Monday May 22nd at Cairns Magistrates Court, the most important event since Federation will take place. Retired police officer Mr. David Walter will present his defense against an attempt to jail him from matters following on from a Court bankrupting him for refusal to pay moneys not owed by him to shires for rates in which he owns no land and costs awarded against him in a matter he was a non party to.

He has summonsed to the Court the following people. The Queensland Premier, Governor and Police commissioner. Mr. Malcolm Turnbull and the Governor General Peter Cosgrove. They are called as witnesses for the defense and as no one is above the law in Australia they must appear.

This culminates a 12 year campaign by Mr. Walter to see justice done for a number of his friends who had their property stolen by persons proported to have the lawful authority of the state of Queensland.

Mr Walter took this fight to State Courts, the Federal Court, the High Court and finally to the Privy Council and the International Criminal Court.

His case simply argues that the people have a contract with our Sovereign through the Constitution of 1901 through which she holds our rights, and secures title to property in a contract with we the people in Common Law.

We have no such lawful agreement with the Members of political parties, calling themselves Governments “of Australia, not of the Commonwealth” and registered in the USA. as Private Corporations and political subdivisions of the American Government. They never paid the Crown for her lands nor paid the people for their titles, they just simply stole them. They removed our titles from the Crown and placed them in their private Corporations registered in Washington D.C. where they have borrowed against these stolen assets.

From Whitlam until now, no so called law has had Royal Asset. We the people were never asked at referenda to give consent to any of their actions. They have contracts only with members of other political parties not we the people. The best word to describe their actions since Whitlam is treason.

No lawful contract exists between the people and these private corporations calling themselves “Australian Governments”, registered in the USA and using a currency deemed by the High Court in 1988 to be not lawfully “of the Commonwealth of Australia” to pay Governors, Judges and police to tax, fine, regulate, license and imprison Subjects of the Crown.

Even Peter Beattie in his Annotated Constitution of 2001 declared that he couldn’t remove the previous Constitution or remove the Common Law rights of the people and “that to do so, without a referenda of the people it would be dangerous to do so”. Yet these private corporations calling themselves Governments have done exactly that. Come and see it all fall.

John Keeler


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