Cardboard ballot boxes with zip ties easy invitation for voting fraud

By Peter Campion

After the past three years of Goebbelsian mind-control Covid propaganda and 35 years of endless Marxist agitprop about CO2-induced global warming, during which time precisely none of The Establishment’s dire doom-forecasts came to pass, everyone with the capacity for rational analysis has come to see “fact-checkers” as “fact-chokers”. Now, when The Establishment rolls out a fact-checking unit of any sort, intelligent people immediately realise that they have things to hide, narratives to shape, rorts to be protected, or all of the above.

Before we proceed to examine one such fact-checking unit, please consider which, of all our government agencies, has the greatest influence on our nations’ future policy settings. Which agency, above all others, holds the ultimate position of trust? Which agency do we rely on most to be utterly unimpeachable, fully transparent, and capable of operating entirely honestly regardless of being the most desirable target for infiltration and subversion by organised globalist activists?

That’s right, the Australian Electoral Commission.

If the AEC were to be heavily infiltrated by Soros-funded globalist agents, it would be a relatively simple matter for pre-poll ballot boxes to be opened after closing time and for the votes Klaus Schwab’s bosses wouldn’t like to be swapped for pre-prepared ballots they would approve of – specifically Greens, Teals, and Labor votes. Votes that bring Australia under tighter UN-WEF control faster than the controlled-opposition Liberals can reasonably achieve.

Now, with the “Voice to Parliament” vote looming, the AEC has announced a “Referendum Disinformation Register”. Yep, a fact-choking unit.

AEC ads, the official supporter of the referendum YES vote

At this point let’s consider why we even have a Prime Minister, who didn’t mention the “Voice” until the closing days of the 2020 election campaign, obsessing over re-inserting racial division into the Constitution – after we rightly removed it in 1967 – when only a miniscule group of political activists were asking for it. The “Voice” has nothing to do with Australia’s pre-1788 inhabitants and it will do nothing to improve the lives of the remote and rural aboriginal people who are so afflicted by the government policies in the socialist enclaves built for their “benefit” on their ancestral lands. No, the open-air prisoners in the remote enclaves are intended to continue as the permanent victim-class, to be used to bludgeon “whitey” as oppressors forevermore.

No, the real reason for the “Voice”, as we see unfolding in Canada and New Zealand, is not merely to create societal conflict and division, but to ultimately place our farmlands under UN control. In the globalists opportunistically twisted view, multigenerational family farms are “stolen land” so they should be “given back” to the “first nations” – that have done so well from Western civilisation – and to turn them back into unproductive feral-infested fire-prone scrub.

That theft and repurposing will be sold as essential to “save the environment” from the rare and vital gas that feeds plants, which the biosphere is desperately short of and which is physically incapable of “trapping heat”. Nor can methane trap heat, by the way, as anyone familiar with the physics laws named for Max Planck, Max Wien, and Gustav Kirchhoff can attest.

The depopulation of rural centres will work claw-in-gauntlet with their planned “15-minute cities” project, which will be open-air prisons we can never leave “because of CO2” while they continue to jet around the world in their Airbus ACJ350s.

By closing down our farms, the globalists can then force us to eat insects and lab-grown meat from the many factories they’re building. Imagine how much power and control they’ll have with total control of the food supply?

Humans don’t have the kind of digestive processes needed to break down the chitins in insect shells, as birds and lizards can. We’ll suffer immunological problems leading to a wide range of negative health effects. Their lab-grown meat comes from “immortal cell-lines”, which are basically tumours. Can you imagine the wealth that can be gained from vaccines and drug treatments from a human population eating cockroaches and cancer for dinner?

The globalists are a depopulationist cult. As they had engraved on their Georgia Guidestones, their intention is to reduce the human population to 500 million – down from over eight billion. This is why the stakes are so high for them to win the “Voice” referendum.

Which brings us to the AEC’s media release of April 13.

“The Australian Electoral Commission has today launched a Referendum Disinformation Register that will debunk mistruths spread about Referendum processes.”

There’s no mention of any mechanism whereby the AEC will correct the obvious flaws in its systems pointed out by Australians discussing these referendum processes. In fact, in my recent direct experience, they will only reject evidence that could lead to improvement of those processes.

“For the first time, the AEC’s disinformation register will also include a section to help readers identify the tactics used to spread electoral disinformation. This follows recent research that indicates that ‘prebunking’ can be an effective tool in helping citizens to reject disinformation when they encounter it.”

Straight out of the Covid playbook. Here’s an example from the Referendum Disinformation Register.


The AEC will be throwing out ‘No” votes.

“‘Correct Information’

Ballot papers are tracked at all stages of transport, counting and storage. Ballot papers are counted by 100,000+ temporary staff, supervised by permanent AEC staff and observed by scrutineers (non-AEC staff) – ensuring transparency and accuracy.”

A well-funded long-term campaign to stack the AEC’s full-time and casual ranks with globalist activists would make it a simple matter to throw out the ‘no’ votes and replace them with ‘yes’ votes. A fact-choked assertion of transparency and accuracy is not evidence of transparency and accuracy.

Over seven days I contacted the AEC by email four times with well-reasoned arguments for tightening up their systems instead of “pre-bunking” Australians, but I only received two replies. Apparently my questions became impossible for the AEC to answer.

One such question related to ballot box security, where I pointed out that I unlock zip-ties all the time here on the farm.

“In regard to the (ballot box) locking mechanism, I have checked this with the AEC’s election policy and supply chain staff. They are not aware of any reports of the use of a tool to undo tamper-evident seals and do not believe it to be possible to remove them by using a probing tool. However, if you have any evidence of this, please let me know. I’d be happy to pass it on for investigation.”

I asked for five or six leftover zip-ties from 2022 so I could make a video of me unlocking them. No response.

I’m blessed with good tool skills, so I started to wonder if a commercial zip-tie releasing tool existed that could be bought in bulk and distributed for use by the sort of low-info ideologues who would steal the voices of a nation’s people. There is, The Cable Tie Opener.

My email chain includes seven more areas of concern to me as a former federal election candidate, none of which could be answered satisfactorily by the AEC. Basically, the AEC cannot prove that the last pre-poll supervisor out the door of an evening didn’t double back and swap ballots he didn’t like for ones he did like. And yes, the contents of the pre-poll ballot boxes can swing elections.

Sadly, the AEC is not open to criticisms and suggestions for improvement. Instead they resort to the logical fallacy of appealing to their own authority as “experts”. Rightio then, we’ve all seen the standards of covid and climate experts and the incredible damage they inflicted on our society and economy.

While I can see no practical way to reform the AEC so that only citizens vote, they vote only once, that the ballots cannot be swapped once lodged, and that the ballots are properly counted, while our parliaments remain infested with globalist activists – all busily enacting policies that harm Australia and her people – this is how I would do it.

Voting must be on paper, in person, with ID, on the day. Postal votes must be only from those overseas or in hospitals or care homes, with all ballots to be received by election day.

Ballot boxes must be large – too large to fit through the door of the polling centre once their component panels have been carried inside and assembled, heavy, and constructed of transparent materials. They must be kept under strong lights, under video surveillance that is continually streamed live online and stored in the National Archive for any citizen to access in the future, and under constant observation by party scrutineers and members of the public. Scrutineering must not continue to be limited to political party nominees but opened up to any interested person.

At close of voting, the ballots must be counted with the same uninterrupted security and scrutiny, and it must continue uninterrupted until finalised – with counters working four-hour shifts.

Computers or scanners must not be used in the counting, tallying, or reporting – it must all be done by accountable individuals with at least two different candidate’s scrutineers or members of the public per staff member at all times. If the ratio of scrutineers/public to staff members falls, the counting must pause until replacement scrutineers/public can get there.

The AEC does not want to know about suggested improvements such as these, hence their Commissioner says “the AEC will not tolerate the spread of mistruths about our referendum processes” and “if you spread incorrect information about the process we run – deliberately or otherwise – we will correct you”.

Until the AEC’s Commissioner is told by the federal parliament to implement reforms such as these, we must presume that the legacy, globalist-controlled political parties are rigging our elections/referendums in order to exclude pro-freedom, pro-prosperity parties/concepts wherever they possibly can. Everyone who can physically scrutineer at a ballot count should study the AEC’s scrutineer’s handbook and contact a pro-freedom, pro-prosperity party and nominate to be a scrutineer.


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