Triccy Van Rye talks to a 9News reporter. He also spoke to other TV news crews, whose coverage in the end was highly edited. 9News devoted the biggest part of its bulletin to the AFL and NRL semi-finals.


MEMBERS of The People’s Revolution (TPR) presented the case for true Indigenous rights at a rally in Brisbane on Saturday, showing that those rights are also the rights of all Australians to live as “sovereign, organic and spirit-filled” people not separated by a constitutional definition or owned by a corporation.

TPR leader Tristan “Triccy” Van Rye called out the “red flags” of the Yes campaign – government expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars pushing one side and the corporations including the mining giants all backing the Yes campaign.

“In a referendum both sides of the story are meant to be put to the people, then the people can make an informed decision and make a proper vote, but we’re not getting that and that’s why we’re here today, to try and offer that from the people who the best about themselves, not some white corporation,” he said.

Van Rye said there was also another red flag sent to him in the mail by the head lawyer for the Australian Electoral Commission, demanding that TPR make a public announcement that the no-vote stickers be withdrawn because they lacked an “authorisation”.

“How many hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on the yes campaign and how many ‘authorised by’ stickers have you seen on any of it? None,” he said. He also hit out at the AEC’s “partial rigging” of the referendum by allowing a tick in addition to a written ‘yes’ on the ballot papers while an ‘X’ would not be considered a valid no vote.

He noted that the AEC had spend $365 million on the referendum so far while AEC commissioner Tom Rogers was on a salary of $600,000. All this money was basically being spent on a seriously flawed referendum that looks like it wants to swing the vote the yes way.

Meanwhile Van Rye faces charges brought by Brisbane City Council at George St Magistrate’s Court on October 6th, in relation to the Block the Bill rally on March 22, last year. He invited supporters to attend.

Also speaking were local aunties from local tribal groups. The fiery Aunti Karen Goori challenged all present to stand up as “organic, spirit-filled human beings”, not slaves of the corporations. She called the Voice out as a diversion.

“We all know they come to cause the instability of the country, don’t we? But guess what the people have been doing, they’ve been looking at their hidden history, their hidden laws and ‘look out!’, this shouldn’t be for me! I’m an organic, spirit filled human being, I am not your property!

“That’s what we’re standing here today united, saying we’re not the system’s property. Just like we did 200 years ago on Mt Cootha with the Irish…the Irish and the tribes stood united against the man-made British Empire 200 years ago, right here in these lands…We’re standing here united today declarin’ our sovereignty!”