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Brisbane turns on protest power again as the awakening rolls on

SOUTH-East Queensland people turned out in their droves again on Saturday to show the people of Brisbane that there’s movement out there that cares for our future.

As some 10,000 protesters marched through the streets Saturday shoppers, most wearing masks in stark contast to the marchers, stood in amazement that such a thing was actually taking place. Cairns News was there to capture the moment.

Tristian Triccy and his team from The People’s Revolution again did a brilliant job of running the event and keeping Queensland Police at bay. An incident with cops involving a couple of arrests was eventually cooled down and the boys in black kept their distance for the rest of the day.

As with Melbourne, the union movement showed up with CFMEU man launching into the mainstream ACTU, whose leadership show up at the World Economic Forum – the ultimate act of the scab, he said.


Massive Australian marches put rogue state COVID regimes on notice

The massive crowd at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens before it spilled out onto the streets for the World Freedom Rally march.
Creative and hard-hitting placards were out in force at the rally.

MEDIA and their government sponsors have tried to ignore a major World Freedom Day protest in Brisbane while trying to smear and understate the marches in Sydney and Melbourne over a few incidents where protesters clashed with cops. Marches were also held in Adelaide along with a vehicle convoy in Perth.

Brisbane notable because the turnout was double or triple previous rallies and estimated by organisers to be up to 15,000, indicating that the push-back against the great COVID con is gathering a massive, broad base of support. Brisbane train lines were “coincidentally” shut down for maintenance.

But the Brisbane rally was notably absent from TV news reports, or given minimal coverage like the ABC, who initially lied that only 1500 people were at the rally. Their reporter was given a tongue lashing on the street, as were others in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Queensland cops initially refused to issue a permit for the gathering when approached by the primary organisers, The People’s Revolution, a group with strong links to the local indigenous communities and well aware of the insidious nature of the COVID operation against all Australians. But when the TPR representatives said the march was going ahead regardless of their approval or not, the cops backed down and co-operated on the day.

On March 30, 150 members of the group fronted up to Premier Palasczcuk’s office to deliver a letter asking her to initiate a full inquiry into the management of COVID-19, investigating specifically the origins of the virus, accurate death and case numbers to justify the “pandemic” claim, proof of the effectiveness of lockdowns and masks and their negative effects, the banning of safe and effective treatments, and why provisional approvals were given to vaccines when there are still significant outstanding safety concerns.

As expected, Palasczcuk failed to deliver and TPR organisers promised further such action in much bigger numbers if Palasczcuk attempts another lockdown like the ridiculous but incredibly destructive lockdown charades happening in NSW and Victoria.

Unlike previous World Freedom Day rallies in Brisbane, Saturday’s one took to the streets of the Brisbane CBD before the speeches. Shoppers and residents lining the streets were staggered by the size of the human convoy filling block after block.

Unlike Brisbane, cops in Sydney and Melbourne came out in large numbers, forcing themselves onto the large marches on the streets defying the lockdown orders, resulting in some incidents with 57 arrests in Sydney. Queensland police made no attempt to intimidate or interfere with the gathering and march, and simply carried out the usual traffic control functions.

In Berejiklian kept a low profile after the march, probably sulking over the rejection of her totally stupid call for a “national emergency” and splits in the Liberal ranks by members including her parliamentary deputy and Treasurer Dominic Perrotet who are unhappy over her and Health Hazzard’s ridiculous lockdown.

This indicates the pressure is beginning to take its toll on the NSW Liberals. Even Dictator Dan down south seemed to back off and was talking about “a path out of lockdown”. Last week Alan Jones went on his Sky News program to declare that Berejiklian had “lost her right to govern”.

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